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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  January 20, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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talking to some of the thousands of people heading to the ceremonies. the metro is packed this morning and we are riding the rails with you this morning. melissa mollet has more on the roads that closed overnight. >> we begin with sheena parveen. everybody is going to be talking about the weather. sheena, you've been warning us about the rain that is coming today and some of it is already here, right? >> yeah. we have a couple light showers, but we've been watching it all week. it's mostly going to be on the lighter side. the majority of it is still off to our west and has not moved in yet, but it will be around noon today. here it is off to my west. this is the beginning stages. warrington, 66, light rain. off the to our west, we have a bigger area of rain. that will be moving in later today. by noon, 46 degrees. light showers around 3:00 p.m.
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let's take rds now. >> good morning. so a couple of reminder here as far as what is shut down here overnight. gw parkway, the ramp to memorial bridge, you cannot get into the city that ray here today. key bridge, for example, is open today so that's a good route into town, out of town. all of those purple closures, again, have been in place since about o'clock a.m. yet. >> our team is all across washington this morning bringing you the news as it happens from packed metro trains to capitol hill. we begin our covera
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molette green on the national mall. wove seen protesters take to some of the streets they're in d.c. >> you know what with, aaron? i haven't seen any protesters yet. we've been hearing chants of usa. this gate is set to open at 6:00. so in just minutes, i can't tell from my vantage point that they started to let people in because i'm way in the back here. this crowd has swelled to several hundred here at third and indiana. much bigger than when we got here at 4:30 had morning .there were about 20 people out here. lots of faces in the crowd, young, old, everything in between. people from all over. texas all the way to connecticut. i spoke to one young man who
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this political shift. >>. it's important because i want to see all the work we did to get president obama in place to go much better than what it has been for the last eight years. in your country, you feel you're wrong unless you agree with democrats. it's time for real hope and change when it comes to that. >> so so far, a peaceful group. when we get inside, there's a lot you cannot bring. you can bring the small tote-like umbrella pes don't bring drones, selfie sticks, nothing like that. checking out a complete list of that inside our nbc washington app. again, these gates are opening in just minutes and there are folks all over. this guy with his trump hat and everybody else waiting to get inside to see this transition of power. back to you. >> mollet, thank you. it's 6:03. right now, beam are heading
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the national mall as the new commander in chief. >> many of them are taking to metro to get there. news 4 reporter adam tuft is live on the train riding with the people. good morning. >> good morning. we just passed the west fall station line. take a look at everybody in here. are you guys excited about inaugurationing day? >> yeah! >> okay. we have some excited people here. you know, people started lining up pretty early this morning. metro opened at 4:00 this morning. they'll be running until midnight tonight. talking to people from tennessee, detroit, austin. virginia. wherever. we've got people from all over. people are excited. look listen to this one woman we caught up this morning. >> we're going to see donald trump and make history. >> you brought the little ones, too, right? >> oh, yeah.
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things patriot. >> also want to remind you that five metro stations are closed for security reasons today. take a look at this map we have for you. pentagon is a new one this year. the you're familiar with the smithsonian and those stations down being closed, but pentagon is a new one this year. back here live on the train with everyone who is excited to see the swearing in of the president today. it's going to be an exciting day. could be raining later on today. rush hour service on metro until 9:00 tonight. back to you guys. adam, thank you. inauguration security is tight across the district this morning. >> and the police presence rose as folks head down to the capital. justin finch is live for us with what you can expect. justin. >> aaron, good morning. you can see right now, police right over my shoulder here setting up about to make their way through the rear of the capital here.
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morning. police and military mbs making their way towards the back of the capital where we are to set up and secure this inauguration. here are a long pennsylvania, too, the souvenir stands are begin to go set up here. i'll walk and show you you a few more stands. we have some interested buyers here lining up to look at this donald trump and make america great gear that's stacking up on tables all around here. deplorable n' chief t-shirts. they're still unpacking and preparing their tables here. this guy, jason nelson, came in from houston, texas, and he said he is not worried about competitioning. take a listen. >> it's history. first of all, a president that old. then, you happen, somebody that really doesn't have a lot of political experience, as they say, you know what i mean? so we kind of have to roll with the punches. that's where we're at in america right now. we're a roll withhe
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so that's it. check out the product. it speaks for iftsdz. >> a lot to choose from here. beanies, baseball caps, t-shirts, sweatshirts, all this stuff is $20 and jason says there's a lot of money to be made out here this morning all over the inaugural site. back in to you. >> justin finch live for us on capitol hill. thank you. now, since there are dozens of road closures in effect, many of you may be considering using a ride sharing app to get downtown. be aware that surcharges will likely be in effect, so your trip could get pricey. we've been checking uber all morning. the surcharge is fluctuating. if you won't be in the district this weekend, you should expect more traffic. virginia and maryland officials are taking precautions. the maryland highway admin b administration suspended all non-emergency lane closures until saturday. in
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lanes on i he-395 are closed. hov restrictions will be lifted on i-66 and on 95 southbound, the express lanes are expected to open earlier by noon. 6:08. traffic will continue to be a concern tomorrow because streets will remain closed for the women's march. the event starts with a rally from 10:00 a.m. until 1:15 near the capital at independence avenue and third street southwest. from there, participants will march towards the white house. several roads in that area will be closed from 3:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. the full list of road closures is in the nbc washington app. search women's march. metro will also open early at 5:00 a.m. and run additional trains every 4 to 6 minutes. organizers have hired private security and have been coordinating with d.c. police and the national park service. so from the moment our team came into our news room early this morning, even last night, the number one trending topic on twitter worldwide was the
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hashtag thank you obama. it is still up there right now. and overnight, we saw actors, activists, senators, and even the b.e.t. network tweeting messages of thanks to our outgoing president. some said they were glad he was a class act in office, others thanksed him for his efforts in promoting equal rights. many saying they were honored to be there for our first black president. >> in his last hour, the president issued 300 com commutations, more tan any he other president. we should remind you to join us for our live coverage of the operate. jim and doreen will be with you. we'll have s
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brotman. >> from the politics to the parties, washington, d.c. becomes the center of social life weekend. we continue our coverage with a look at the inaugural ball and what's still ahead. good morning. 50i78 erica gonzalez live outside the whoutsite house acr the street from the viewing stand. a view you won't believe, coming up next.
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6:13 right now. we've been warning you to anticipate a good bit of rain today on this special day in
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team 4 meteorologist sheena parveen has a look at our forecast. sheena, good morning. >> good morning, guys. the rain is still off to our west. a few very light showers. that's it pore now. we have some very light showers. there you see more rain off to our west. that will be here by the middle of the day. take a look at future weather. 10:00 a.m., still to our west. by noon, you'll need the poncho of jacket, maybe a small umbrella. let's take a look at the roadways with melissa. >> new problem on the inner loop of the beltway route 1. not seeing a lot of slowdown right now. 95 northbound, no issues and maryland 270 south and the top of the beltway outer loop is looking quite good right now the listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car today. we're following a developing story in australia. three people are dead and more than 20 others are hurt after a man deliberately ran down pedestrians near a mall. look at he
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australian police are not linking this had incident to terrorism. the driver is in custody and is believed to be connected to a stabbing earlier in the day. it's 6:15 ask we want to get to the airport at the live desk now. >> we're following the case against "el chapo," the mexican drug lore. >> "el chapo" guzman is in the united states and headed to federal court later today. he arrived in the u.s. overnight and in the '90s, he was indicted in drug charges. he is facing charges in several jurisdictions, accused of run ago massive trafficking operation which funneled millions of dollars backs to mexico and orchestrated murders and kidnappings. he actually escaped from prison in mexico twice. he was finally recaptured last year. 50-year-old guzman is looking at the possibility of life in prison. back the to you.
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people all over the world are talking about the right here in washington. this morning, we are seeing a similar message on many newspapers and magazines. some have a more negative message. one german newspaper calling mr. trump "the destroyer." others such as "the daily mirror" in england says the world is holding its breath. and england's "i" paper says today is the day the world changes. >> the head of homeland security jay johnson personally inspected the viewing stand where president trump will watch the parade. erica is live there at the national mall. >> good morning. we are, in fact, live on a riser. we have just outside the white house which means we are just across the street from the reviewing stand behind me. take a look at this sensational view that we have this morning. it doesn't get much better than this. as you mentioned, this is where the president and the firm family will be as they watch the
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avenue. let's take you through kind of the run of show, how things are going to be looking today. you know about this church service that happens early this morning at st. john's episcopal church. this is known as the president's church with a reserved pew, in fact, pew number 54 reserved for the president and his family. about an hour later, they will go to meet with the obamas for coffee and for tea. and then this is when things get really exciting and intense. ushers and the white house staff have about five hours to move the obamas out and move the new first family into the white house. after that, of course, the oath of office and then we'll be here for live coverage of the nearly parade. and then on my facebook page, i posted a cool video so you can see a behind the scenes look of what it looks like here on the risers with all the other media organizations. live outside the white house, erika gonzalez,
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glitz and glamour of the red carpet to the nearly ball. many we spoke with were not happy with the election results, but they say they want to unite despite political differences. they also pointed out the peace ball was not meant to be a protest of the new administration, rather a call to be active in democracy. and remember, news 4 has you covered on this inauguration day. download the nbc washington app to watch our inauguration cafe. the news 4 team including eun and me will be joined by special guests to talk all things d.c. and all things inauguration. wendy and david will kick things off at 7:00 a.m. from the bayou bakery on capitol hill. donald trump plans to keep his personal twister account. as for the obamas, follow them
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@michelle obama. 6:19, our time right now. tenially, inauguration day we're thinking about how many layers we have to wear, whether it's going to snow, how many hand warmers we're going to need. >> yeah. not this time. but this morning, you will need a layer or maybe a raincoat of whatever you're wearing. we're around the 40s in the area. later today, we're going to stay in the 40s, mostly mid to upper 40s. take a look at the radar. so we're talking about rain today. we have a few sprinkles, a few light showers moving into parts of loudoun county and some up to the north and west. for the most part, it's this area of rain that you see now back off to our west. that will be moving in later on today. mostly the middle of the day. so right around noon. in the district right now, we're at 40 degrees, so nod too bad. frederick, the coldest at 3 degrees. watch as we go through time on future weather. 10:00 a.m., we're dry in the district. rain off the to our west moving
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not a washout. no thunderstorm. so at least that's good news. 3:00 p.m., start to go clear and through this evening, we have dryer conditions, but we have fog developing and some drizzle for tomorrow. for today, the swearing in and the parade. 9:00 a.m., 43 degrees. by noon, best chance of light showers, 46 degrees. 48 by 3:00 p.m. maybe a few left over. 47 by 6:00 p.m. and i know some areas do have school today been so by 7:00 a.m., if you're waiting at the bus stop, 42 degrees. 3:00 p.m., 47 degrees and a chance of showers. tomorrow for the women's march, fog and drizzle in the forecast, but dryer as we go through the afternoon with temperatures in the 50s. let's check the roadway these morning. any delays out there? good morning, melissa. >>.choer 4 has a gorgeous shot of this historic day of downtown washington. you can see the capital there. in the front, there's the washington monument as the chopper pans and zooms for me over to 66. again, 66 inbound. hov restriction res lifted today.
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that if that is your chosen mer. we've been talking about that, as well. gw parkway, the ramp to memorial bridge, shut down to any vehicles or folks trying to walk across the bridge there. southbound rock creek parkway is closed@at virginia avenue. vre, operating on an "s" schedule. and marc also on that special schedule today. brunswick and penn line only, no camden line. it is a scene we see every four years in the nation's capital. throngs of people lined up to get the closest seat they can for the swearing in of the next president of the united states. you can see the folks here at the red gate there on capitol hill. ticketed guests who are making their way to see donald trump be ebb inaugural rated.
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welcome back. you are looking right now live at pictures of the capitol on this historic morning where in just a few hours, donald trump will be sworn in had as the next president of the united states. 6:25 is our time right now. we are not only working for you to cover today's inauguration, but tomorrow's women's march on washington. those of you who are here for that march can stop by a new pop up feminist apparel store this washington. it's called the outrage and it started out as an online shop. it opened the brick and mortar store just a few weeks ago. the store offers all kinds of feminist products including t-shirts, sweatshirts, posters and the proceeds will go the to -- profit of the proceeds will go to women's rights organizations, including planned
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store and we've got posters everywhere. it's clearly a feminist apparel business and people walk in had and they're like, yes! this is amazing. it's been incredible. >> the store's lease goes through the middle of the teb, but they're hoping to find a permanent location, too. how metro is dealing with early morning crowds. >> plus, timing the rain. what to expect and the four things to know about the forecast. i'm julie here the at the capital where the stage is set for donald trump to be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. coming up, who will be in the seats to watch the ceremony and who is not. robert: i've always had high blood pressure. but now i was getting these terrible headaches. and i was tired literally all the time.
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protests erupt. smoke, fire and police crashes as security teams are on high alert. metro on inauguration day, what you can expect as you head out this morning. celebrations
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joins supporters at union station. now had he's waking up ready to become the next president of the united states. it is 6:30 right now. thanks for joining us. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. good morning to you. here is what we're seeing so far on this inauguration day. security is on alert. we've seen a lot of activity on capitol hill hours before donald trump will take the oath of office there. >> this morning, people were stacked up at the security gates to get into the national mall, on to the mall. some people venturing out as early as o'clock this morning. the big weather story is the rain and it all comes down to timing. we begin with storm team 4 meteorologist sheen that parveen. >> we've been talking about the rain all week for today. no thunderstorms, but if you are heading out to the inauguration, you will want the raincoat or
6:31 am
ponchos. the rairis still off to our west and heading in our direction. it will be here closer to noon today. that's what a lot of models are agreeing with. 43 degrees by 9:00 a.m. chance of a shower and 46 by noon. maybe scattered showers by 3:00 p.m. but start to go clear out. by 6:00 p.m., we're drying out ask temperatures still in the 40s. we'll take a look at your weekend, coming up. with the rain coming, it's important to know what you can and cannot bring down to the national mall. security gates are open now. the crowds came early. >> hundreds have been waiting to go through security. that is where we have molette green on the national mall this morning. set the scene for us. >> hey, aaron. i'm in the middle of a huge crowd here at third and indiana. we have been expecting the gates to open at 6:00, but now folks telling me they're thinkinging the gates will open at 6:30 here. so a bit of a delay, but folks,
6:32 am
as you can see, as irene pans the crowd, they're patiently waitingi waiting for their turn to get in and go through thes massive amounts of security that await inside, as well. many people came here and took metro right to judiciary square and walked over here. some people coming from as far away as texas. i talked to folks coming -- who came here from all along the east coast. they say all to witness history. >> crazy. i was already on the on other side. it's like there's tons of people on that side. but the thing is, you need a ticket to get over there. so you're really excited. >> yes. trump is going to make america great again? yes, i hope. >> okay. so folks here have come with very little on them. you cannot bring a whole lot here, maybe a small tote, umbrella and a little bag.. the but those large
6:33 am
you can't bring the selfie sticks. definitely don't bring drones or coolers. we've got a whole complete list compiled for you inside our nbc washington app. but right here at the red gate, we're still waiting for folks to start going in and going through security checkpoint inside. when they get in, their tickets will allow them to stand up, all day, through inauguration right behind the reflective pool. that is the latest live from this part of downtown d.c. back to you. >> molette, thank you. we'll let me know when those gates open at the checkpoint. one of the security challenges is controlling the flow of both supports and protesters. >> megan mcgrath is live at union staegz with more on the people coming into town for today's historic event. megan. >> yeah. i've got to show you something that happened behind me here real quick. these guys, they're from tennessee. this gentleman here is from
6:34 am
albany, new york. they're from different stooidz sides of the ifphilosophy here, but guy from tennessee, pro trump. the gentleman from new york is not. the guys from tennessee came and asked if they can take a picture with the protester here in union station. we've seen a lot of people with different ideas, different if a loss ees. some are here to protest, some are here to celebrate. but everybody is getting along here. it's been a very good atmosphere. >> to come to stand up for mr. trump, to alleviate the racial situation, let america ow and let the world know that he's a good man and he's fought a racist. >> and a lot of us don't agree with what trump is kind of putting forward, which is a lot of the hateful speech and the violence and everything. >> and just something to mention about union station, the great hall is -- was closed here this morning because they're still cleaning up after an event last night. looks like they're finishing that up and that should reopen here soon so you'll be able to use those mistaken doors here at union station. back to you guys. >> thank you,
6:35 am
the inaugural events or protests, we are monitoring events for you. >> metro loeped at 4:00 this morning. it will close at midnight tonight. when we're talking about metro this morning, the biggest way for so many people to get downtown, you just talked about the hours. want to talk about the stations closed. a archive, mt. vernon square, smithsonian and pentagon closed the. . chopper 4 over downtown with us this morning with this gorgeous picture. take a look here at some of the closures there. pennsylvania avenue. you can see the huge police presence. it is a very large fwrid, abogr 100 blocks total. travel time, ten minutes. president-elect donald trump is energizing his supporters. he spoke at two events last night in the district. first, there was
6:36 am
station to thank their top supporters and the transition team were all there. >> we are going to make america great again, greater than ever before. thank you very much, everybody. >> after the dinner, mr. trump tweeted thank you for a wonderful evening in washington, d.c. 6:36 is your time now. here are four things to know about other news this morning. alicia schmul is sentenced to 45 years in prison for her role in a brooelths brutal home invasion. she and her husband were convicted last year in the murder of alicia's former boss, leo -- in an assault on her f m former boss, leo fischer and his wife, sue duncan. >> metro's general manager says he will not tolerate threats or discrimination. this after a noose was found inside a facility break room.
6:37 am
trying to find the person who hung that noose inside the carmen turner facility last week. former president george w. bush says his father and mother are doing much better. he posted this picture on instagram last week thanking people for their prayers. doctors are consider wlg to take out a breathing tube inserted this week. it was used to help clear his airway. removing that tube would allow bush to breathe on his own. in his final act, president obama granted 330 commutations. this was the largest single batch of white house commutations in history. as our inauguration day coverage continues, we've been monitoring social media and we are tracking the hashtags of protesters that are busy tweeting and posting. >> from the press building to others promosting more protests this morning. we're watching it all for you. our inauguration coverage continues.
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good morning. it's all about the weather for inauguration, especially during the swearing in ceremony. so the first thing you need to know, 12:00 p.m. today, light rain. temperatures about the mid 40s and the inaugural ball later on. we'll see dry conditions. for the women's march tomorrow, fog ask mist in the morning. the radar is dry, but a few light sprinkles near leesburg. the main area of rain is off to our west. expect light rain right around 12:00 p.m. today. maybe moving in about an hour or sooner. let's check the roadways with melissa mollet. >> right now, chopper 4 is showing us this gorgeous shot. you can see all the closures along pennsylvania avenue. that is a fraction of what we're dealing with on the roads. as far as closures downtown. let's take a look outside of the area. when we're talking about travel times, anybody having to go to work today, 66 inbound is fine. 95 northbound, no
6:42 am
same thing top of the beltway, outer loop over to 270 is just fine. it will take you about nine minutes. listen to wtop 103.5 fm for all the latest closures if you have to hop in car today. our news 4 team is out in full force on social media, as well. mark seagraves is catching up with volunteers. >> and molette green is on the national mall. our inauguration coverage continues, next.
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from metro to security checkpoints, we are on the ground as crowds roll in to see what is coming next. >> we are going to see something that is goinging to be so amazing. >> in just a few hours, donald trump will be sworn in here at the capitol. >> i don't care, frankly, if it's going to be beautiful or if it's going to rain like crazy. >> and i have your forecast hour by hour. >> and i have your first 4 traffic to get you around the road closures. >> from the steps of capitol hill to the protests around
6:46 am
region, our news 4 team is working for you. >> your inauguration day coverage continues right now. >> the trump era in washington is here. >> hours from now, donald trump takes the oath of office to become the nation's 45th president. and we're starting to see the crowds coming in by the bus loads to the national mall. news 4's molette green is monitoring the developing situation live. >> i can't tell. could you tell? >> molette, are you there? >> hey, everybody, yeah. we are moving inside now. the guides opened about ten minutes ago. as you can see, those folks here at the red gate are making their way through skoort been this crowd swelled to about 300 or so from when we got out here this morning. there were 20 people, just 20
6:47 am
loads of beam people going inside. these people will be standing up behind the reflecting pool. our coverage continues now with news 4's justin finch at independence and pennsylvania avenues. >> we are now here at independence and pennsylvania. we have seen security -- in the short time of just -- >> all right. a little trouble with his microphone there. we're going to check back with him in a bit. metro opened early this morning to get to the national mall for inauguration. >> adam is live on the metro. riding the rails, adam? >>. >> yeah, absolutely. we've seen a goodlty of crowds on metro this morning. compared to years past, certainly lighter in terms of the inauguration crowds that we've seen. there have been a lot of people from all over the country excited
6:48 am
this morning. metro opened at 4:00 this morning. they'll go until midnight tonight. be aware of that. we have rush hour service in effect until 9:00 tonight. i also want to remind you that five metro stations are closed for security reasons. take a look at this map that we have for you. pentagon is a new closure this year. metro will be your best bet. it may have been running smoothly this morning. everybody in a good mood, a festive mood. everybody excited for this inauguration take. back to you. >> adam, thank you. and as we continue our team coverage this morning, we are turning our attention to capitol hill. that's where ticketed guests will have a prime viewing spot for today's inauguration. >> julie kerry is live with auto will at which guests will be there and who plans to sit out the festivities there. >> hey, good morning, guys. we have a
6:49 am
we are on the top row of the press riser. the stage is set below me, but a lot of activity. we've been here about 90 minutes the whole time they've been arranging and rearranging the chairs the bringing out the plastic to put over the vip chairs to keep them dry. the president-elect said he envisions a ceremony that is elegant, very special and beautiful. the set up here, very much like brier inaugurati prior inaugurations and that is part of that tradition of that seamless transfer of power. one thing that will be different this time, the number of house democrats who will not be in their seats. more than 60 of them significant out in protest. on that list, three virginia congressmen, including gerry conley and don beyer. anthony brown and muriel bowser does plan to attend as does governor terry
6:50 am
as for former presidents, jimmy carter flew up from georgia yesterday. george w. bush, the 43rd president will be here, along with former president bill clinton and hillary clinton. it will be around noon today that donald trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. chief justice robert will be administering the oath. donald trump will place his hand on two bibles the, the lincoln bible that was used by president obama and a bible given to him by his mother. he said his inaugural address will be relatively short. his aides say it will echo a theme we hear in a lot of national addresses, one of national unity. at that dinner last night, the president-elect said he doesn't mind if it rained, joking if it does really pour, it's okay because people will see it's any real hair. i'm hopin
6:51 am
we get through this without any prime seat for what's ahead in the coming hours. back to you now in the studio. >> julie, thank you. the president-elect and vice president elect will begin their day by attending a prayer service at st. john's church. after that, they'll head to the white house for tea with the obamas. then they'll travel to the capital for the swearing in ceremony. donald trump will take the oath of office around noon. >> news 4 has you covered on this inauguration day. >> it starts in just a few minutes. wendy is at the bayou bakery on capitol hill with more on what you can expect. hi, wendy. >> hi, you guys. actually, i'm in the middle of pennsylvania avenue and you can see the capitol directly behind me. and what we are going to do today is do something a little bit different. instead of being in the studio all day long, we are going to go right over here to the bayou
6:52 am
run! the bayou bakery is at ninth and pennsylvania avenue in southeast. it's a really cooling, old building that's part of the old naval hospital. and david gloss of the bayou bakery over in arlington, he opened this up about a year and a half ago. we're going to do something we're calling the inauguration cafe and it's going to be kind of just a -- just kind of hanging out today, talking to a bunch of people. we have a a lot of guests coming in who are going to talk to us about, oh, fashion in the next four years, real estate, what kind of impact donald trump and his administration might have on our city after eight years with democrats. what republicans kind of bring to the table. this is the door -- this is called the feed room. this is where we're going to be. hello, hello. >> good morning. >> okay. david, wake up. hon thee, we've got company. wake up. >>
6:53 am
rieger unscripted. >> the only filter is for the coffee. and this is david, who is the -- we have david gloss who is the chef here and the guy that s brains behind all this. thank you for letting us invade. . >> welcome. come on in. we can fit more people in here. >> we can and we've got a few of our folks behind us. but we're going to get going here at 7:00. it is going to be unscripted, as you can see. we're miking up here. this is how we're going to do it. >> and united states kind of like -- i keep using the word salon. i may have been to paris too many times. but it's going to be the type of thing where we want to have conversations and dialogues with people and just find out sort of what the mood is. and the vibe and oh, wow, look at the food. >> it just came out. >> oh, my gosh. this is going to be great. thank you so much. we're going to go live on the nbc
6:54 am
few minutes. so 7:00, so watch tv or switch over to your tablet or your phone. we're going to be everywhere today. and eun and aaron, you guys are coming down to join us, as well. so we'll see you in a bit. >> looking forward to it. thank you. sheena, what have you got for us? >> we've been talking about the rain, so that is the big story today. a lot of people standing out there for the inauguration. some areas you can have a small umbrella, but some areas you cannot. they just have a raincoat. here is a beautiful look at the capitol building. there's rain moving in in the had district right now, 41 degrees. so the temperature slowly rising. closer look at the radar, the district is dry, but you see the rain just off to our west near the shennendoah valley. and here it is, it's head b b our way. it will mostly be here around noon today. the rest of the area, we're looking at mid to upper 30s currently. a cool start. 10:00 a.m. rain, still off to
6:55 am
noon, light showers. i don't see anything very heavy, definitely no thunderstorms. then we go into tonight, dry for any inaugural balls you're going to. for today, 9:00 a.m., 43 degrees. chax of a shower. light shower by noon leaving in the afternoon. tomorrow or the women's march, fog and drizzle in the morning. by the afternoon, temperatures in the 50s. heavy rain moves in on sunday. lasting through monday. and that's going to be heavy rain with a lot of wind. let's look at the roadways. good morning, melissa. taking a look at a couple of things around town this morning. chopper 4 over 16th street here. you can see the white house in the distance, a gorgeous shot there this morning. look at that zoom. and you can see some of the closures there. a lot of these closures are ahead and up to the left, but a lot of closures downtown. this is the grid. we have the full list on the nbc washington app. that is as massive list. gw parkway, to memorial bridge, that is shut down. and two problems, we are dealing, 95 northbound at
6:56 am
inner loop at van doranan, new problem and outer loop road to telegraph road, that ramp is open but the lanes to huntington avenue are blocked. the vve operateding today on an "s" schedule. it is 6:56. here are four things to know this morning. in a couple of hours, president-elect donald trump will attend a prayer service with his family at st. john's church. he'll be sworn in as president around noon. protests are starting around the district as one turn intense outside the national press club last night. police had to use teargas and riot gear. if you're taking metro to the inauguration, all smoking, eating, drinking prohibited on the trains and metro will be open until mid might. and you're looking at live pictures of bayou bakery. there's david culver getting ready. download the nbc washington app to watch it. coverage begins at 7:00 a.m. and look at the forecast today. we're talking about light
6:57 am
swearing in ceremony. highs in the upper 40s. tomorrow, fog and drizzle for the women's march. we're in the 50s. and heavy rain sunday coming with a lot of win. that's going to last into monday. the rest of next week, looking fantastic. >> that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes with another local news update. >> make it a great friday, everybody.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. the inauguration of donald trump. billionaire who turned the political world upside down. his unconventional campaign. takes the oath of office in a matter of hours. the incoming president firing up his supporters at a late-night welcome concert. >> it's never been a moment like this. it's something very, very special. >> more than a million people expected to descend on the nation's capital today. among those looking on, four of the five living u.s. presidents. hillary clinton, the woman he defeated, one of the most unusual and divisive elections in history. more than 60 of her fellow democrats refusing


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