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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 21, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we are transferring power from washington d.c. and giving it back to you the people. >> a transition of power and a show of force. we need to make our voices heard. >> hundreds of thousands banding together, a day apart for two different times. >> we're going to do great things for your country i. our nation is facing a tremendous challenge. >> starts now on news for today. good morning on this saturday morning. we're bring team of reporters to cov
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march. derrick ward is going to introduce us. >> and adam tuss is joining us. able able to get around toum. gives us a feel for what to expect as well as the message they are hoping to accepted. >> take a look at screen, washington, d.c. at white house. full day of a new presidency. >> on this saturday january 21st. i'm david culver -- heading out today tom, what do you expect. >> we have low clouds. north and west we have
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fog advisory in effect until 9:00 this morning. we have visibility under a quarter of a mile. we'll have that with us here through about 9:00. temperatures in mid and upper 40s. climing up to 50s in the afternoon. >> thank you tom. this weekend our countries witnessing a true transition of presidential power. >> you can see it illuminated with light and security. >> rioters marching through the street. let's show a map right now. this is the map for the women's march on washington. in red are the closure. >> it would be the first women' march on w
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big crowds from all over the country vlg country. >> we have a lot of folks visit here in washington. start with the route. >> good morning on this misty morning. the main stage for women's march on washington. in the crowd a mix of men and women coming to together to send a message on trump administration in his first full office. many coming for this march and many wearing the hand made pink hats we have heard so much about. they are getting in place for the rally. we are here right now. 10:00. we're at independent and southwest. more than 400,000 people are expected to
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morning. one day after the trump inauguration they want to send a message to the new administration. take a listen. >> when women united they can be powerful and listen to the people. i. trump said i want to be a president for all-american. he has to listen to all-american and respect them. >> you are looking now at a family of four who came down from wisconsin for the rally today. back to you guys. >> justin, thank you. >> we continue to have team coverage. >> the women' march on washington. as you know the big thing happening today, if it you plan to join you may want to know how to get there. >> transportation reporter adam tuss has all of us covered. he is
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where tour buses are parking. you have a crowd out there. >> absolutely. happy to be here on this saturday morning. have a great day. we have a crowd in from massachusetts here. they just get in off bus they holding their banners. they wanted to come down here to prove a point to show solid darety with one another. tour buses are starting come to the rfk parking lot. it was about 2,000 tour buses expected to be here today. if you're going to take metro. the system opened at 5 this morning. you should be seeing trains every four to six minutes in the core of the station. capital south to get down into that
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the federal triangle will be closed for security purposes. the metro are running on the blue, orange and silver lines. we saw crowds yesterday but not to the levels of the preinauguration. we see what tomorrow brings and today brings. stay on top of the development. >> where lot is going to get full. >> really busy for a saturday. behind us where now president trump was sworn in. >> as you mentioned very busy. he has been non-stop since being sworn into office. his schedule included three balls.
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museum. this president trump final ball. it was to honor service members and may tribute to veterans first responders. they loved the couple's first dance. the president and thread danced with touched by that. president trump made a few remarks saying he is ready to get to work. >> i'll tell you i'm with you all the way. you have somebody that's going to be a long side of you. we're going to do it together. not only the support you have given me the courage that you show is incredible. >> thank you all for your servi
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lady. we will fight, we will win, and we will make america great again. thank you. >> soldiers over seas congratulated trump. in northwest washington kristen wright news 4. >> last tweet we -- a mo superiority have been peaceful. >> people running through the street after police deployed. police made 217 arrests. at least six officers and one person got hurt.
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is waking up as a private citizen. change in flight plans that changed that vacation. >> we're waking up to foggy morning. rain may
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you're listens and looking at cheers and applause for the first family. this morning tooer waking up in palm springs. they had a change of plans their plane had to be diverted about 50 miles because of bad weather. they had to be driven the rest of the way. the former pres
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back to work. >> they are waking up inside the white house. >> they begin with the inner faith prayer service. washington national cathedral at 10:00 this morning. you will see them arrive for a morning of prayers and music participate in morning. the traditional of national prayer service back to the first inauguration of president george washington. >> president trump has a busy day. the goal to help accomplish within his first 100 days in office. we're going to look at that. >> we now crowd of people are heading to washington, d.c. for the first ever women's march on
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good morning we have dense fog. we have visibility in both location under a quarter of a mile in effect until 9:00 this morning. temperatures holding stead in the 40s. a look at rain chance for the next week in a few minutes. >> thank you tom. many of you have
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participate to the first ever women' march on washington. >> you want to be ready for the crowd in downtown d.c. what are you seeing out there. >> reporter: we're at the place where the march is schedule to end here at the intersection of pennsylvania and e. the white house complex. some of the bleachers are in place but this one is promising to be non-violent. about 250,000 people are expected to come here. the organizer were dem monize and threaten over the course of this campaign. the message is women's rights equal human rights. take a listen. >> i feel like as
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campaign has shown me how far we have to go. because obviously, trump won the presidential on campaign based out of love and sexism and race. for me this was a wakening point because now i know what we need to do. >> that march gets under way this morning. the mayor gk going to be here. and cher is going to be here. if you're coming down get down here early. we are live in northwest. >> thank you, derrick. you want to see things wrap up. president trump looking to get to work. chris christy well ker telling us about his plan in action. >> reporter: less
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after taking the oath of office. >> the gnsenate confirming nominees -- trump administration getting right to work to spending obama executive order. source say his next action focus on trade, immigration and health care. >> it's going to be definitely in the first few days. >> reporter: within a stroke of a pen you can start building. >> i'm going to start building mexico will reimburse us. >> reporter: mr. trump is expected to order construction on the southern boarder. try to deport some 2 million undocumte
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>> president trump will reverse order granting legal status to 700,000 undocumented immigrants brought to u.s. as children. he does have power in the area of immigration there's a due process that has to be followed in deal with the individuals. >> reporter: 200 possible executive orders. like drilling in the arctic plus hoping to make god on this campaign promise. >> we are going to drain the swamp. >> that is nbc chris enwelker reporting. it's going to start at 10:30. >> we need extra
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chuck tomorrow. the fog this morning. >> it was a little mist falling downtown. >> the visibility right in town not to bad. here is a look from tower camera. we have a little light fog. you need a jacket but you'll be comfortable with a sweater. you will not need an umbrella. the morning maybe misty, noontime cloudy and cool temperatures in the upper 50s. advisory in effect until 9:00. visibility is under a quarter of a mile. temperatures in the 40s. reagan national at 48 degrees. tonight, 9:00, we're going to see some
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by 11 pm it tame tapers off. into sunday evening. it maybe another round of -- upper 50s tomorrow. it may be heavy at morning. drying out after that. we get mild again on january up near 60 degrees on -- highs in the 40s. nice pattern over a next ten days. thank you, tom. 6:21 a legacy of
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the women' march on washington will feature a lot of familiar faces. that list goes on. the participate pants are pushing for the economics rights and quality. >> a man filled two buses were heading to
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>> 90-year-old woman. >> when dal ya joins the crowd. it won't be her first brush with political activity. a half century later, he target the new president. >> how could i not go. i think our nation is facing a tremendous challenge to get through this presidency. >> reporter: her life story is rich and colorful. prize winning ball room dancer. they will march as she rolls in a wheelchair. >> we'll all about there telling mr. trump that he is not going to chan
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in this country. we is not going to run over women's rights. >> reporter: lightly different. his license plate spell out mission all one are we. >> i help to accomplish building bridges that is created an environment where people are willing to talk to each other. >> reporter: he booked two buses his dining room table is logistic tor getting people to the march. >> in the degree of energy that these folks have is just absolutely amazing. i have never seen anything in my almost 70 years to equal this. >> reporter: in mountain cary.
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i'm julie carry. news 4. >> we'll tell you about the lesson hundreds of thousands want the new president to hear. >> women lining around the block for store goals where women's right
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a new day, a new first family waking up here in washington. >> promises of a unified nation as we watch division in some cases destruction on our capital street. >> we'll be there telling mr. trump that he is not going to change our rights and freedoms. >> making their voices heard for the women' march on washington. >> together we are make a difference. >> our coverage continues right now on news 4 today. >> march on washington it is historic weekend here in d.c. >> hundreds of thousands are coming here to the washington mall when we have every angle for.
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morning, january 21, 2017. good morning. with so many people expected to be outside sod. we had rain this morning waking up to mist and fog. >> you can see it at the capitol let's get over to tom who is tracking it. >> about 9 this morning. these areas in gray where the dense fog is. showing visibility near zero. use low beams. chilly in damp and dry turg the afternoon as we climb into upper 50s. rain tonight. come up this half
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>> more than 200,000 peoplecy they will attend women's march on washington. with more on how this massive gathering has turned into a rally cry for women' issues. >> reporter: good to see you too. the mall behind me, we will see more crowd here today. but this was planned before the inauguration of donald trump the organizeers say it's not about him, they are not targeting him, they are targeting all politicians with the message. >> busload from all over the country are arriving for today's march on washington. >> we're coming washington to say listen, not on our watch. we will not oppress us we will stand up. >> reporter: there agenda, equal play -- >> we're gg
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wonderful weekend. >> reporter: president trump dancing the night away. his first executive order waiving or delaying fees for obamacare. >> inauguration day. >> i donald trump -- >> reporter: marred by demonstrators. we. >> i saw a man on the ground he was covered in blood. >> reporter: in washington, d.c. just blocks. business and vandalize more than 200 people arrested. >> we will not tolerate vandal in the destruction of our neighborhood. >> reporter: like this human chain today's demonstrators hope their event is peaceful. >> different group, different
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here is the plan, rally at 3 and independence, walk across the mall. it's not clear if the president will be there. he and vice president pence are heading to the cathedral for prayer. live from the national mall, trace -- >> how many people showed up? >> you know what, not really, those pictures comparing yesterday ears arials to 2009 the first obama inauguration, social media tweeted out but the national doesn't do the official count any more. they doesn't do them but, someone retweeted those photographs on the twitter and it has been taken down. >> tracy braking everything down for us. thank you much
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spent yesterday in the church basement they were making sign. the group spans generation they want to be heard by the new administration. >> we have been disrespected for too long particularly by the latest gentlemen to reside at the white house and we need to make our voices heard. >> that's the woman with a deep rooted history of her own. she was arrested as a freedom rider in the 1960s. >> there's a new mop up store called outrage. it it started online and opened physical store a few weeks ago. some customers have had to wait as long as
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it do nats part of the process to women's rights organizations like planned parenthood. >> people come into support we have posters everywhere. people are loving it. it's amazing. it's incredible. >> the stores goes through the middle of february but are hoping to find a permanent location. >> we want to take a live look at the national mall where the crowds are starting to fill out for the women' march on washington. >> use your high beam it's a foggy start to this saturday. we have rain on the way. we'll check in how to plan
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. some good news this morning for former president george h.w. bush is breathing on his own. his wife is in the hospital with him. she is recovering and doing better. the former president was admitted for mu moan ya -- showing group traveling to washington whether by plane hitting the road by bus. we're seeing pictures were inside and outside the bus. metro trains are filling up as well. a lot of people making a lot of signs. a lot were made yesterday. a lot of people were work well in the morning.
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this twitter picture shows boots along with that. they read these boots were made for walking. >> hundreds of thousands are expected for the women's march on washington. we'll get into message they are trying to spread to the president. new nbc investigation is revealing the high cost
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hi, today's show is next on nbc 4. craig, you moved quickly. >> the joys of air travel. i enjoyed see you yesterday. >> did you really watch? >> i did. >> nice see you too by the way. good morning coming up on this saturday today. the nation 45th president today. the challenges ahead for him what he had plan for the first 100 days in office as he attend a prayer service. >> ahead this morning protesters taking to theee
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in washington, d.c. the women' marn expected to draw hundreds of thousands today. in the streets of washington, d.c. >> plus on the day for the history books. farewell for former obama. >> those stories and more with we get started on saturday morning here on today. >> thank you to much. get some rest. both of you. >> thank you. see you about 15 minutes. as craig as you know mentioned we are covering what is the big story here on this saturday the women's march on washington. justin out early this morning. >> looks like the crowds are building. >> you're absolutely right. in the shadow of the washington. the rally set tor
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let's show you where this is beginning at independence avenue and 3rd street. people are expected to show today women of course but many as well. on its first full day in office. marchers say they are here to advocate for women's rights. reproductive rights, a among many others. several celebrities on the guest list today. >> i'm excited, as shoon as i heard about it i don't remember if this was immediately after the election but the first time i heard, i said i have to take my daughter, my granddaughter and we have to
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>> we heard a lot of that family decide to come down here together. the main stage as you can see building up their. someone up there and crowds are building in front here. there's no backpack allowed. no weapons as well. as anticipation builds toss it back to you before it's too late. >> it would be helpful to know how to get to the march. >> people are tweeting pictures of the train. live this morning tour bus from across the country. in fact coming in and parking and setting up shop. what you are seeing adam. >> take a look. we're starting to see the intensity
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it's going to be a busy day. they expected 2,000 tour pousz to come into the city. compared to 3 or 400 from yesterday. the system opened at 5:00 this morning. every four to six minutes in the downtown core of the system. capital south best way to get to the march. federal triangle is closed today. they felt the need to come here. we talked to for a little bit. >> i woke up scared the day after the election, i thought civil rights erosion of a lot of different rights. i want to make sure people know we're watching. >> we want to be together with people that feel together. we want to
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we're not okay with it. >> certainly lot of activity expected in the district today. give yourself extra time. there's road closure around the national mall. back to you. >> thank you. >> having a president of the united states includes a lot of logistic. >> pack down to everything down to the white house podium, every time he travels. >> here is investigative correspondent with more. >> reporter: documents some of them top secret. designed to ensure president trump survives threats. >> it's
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logistics. >> reporter: what's never been fully reported before are the details of what happened whether or not the president leaves washington. he can take many planes. air force one, comet goes and two back upload the on cargo planes the presidential limo called the beast. two back up seds to protect from -- secret service and white house staff. five helicopters are packed everything down to the white house podium goes. even just to new york. >> since 9/11 we have seen substantial change in number of threats at
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its participation. >> reporter: these days the military is indeed heavily involved. for example, our senior intelligence officials tells nbc when president trump is in new york recurrence drones control the sky. fbi agents are deployed the and military aide is always along. communication are key. the president needs to be able to talk too anyone, anywhere including vladimir putin and 18 other world leaders. none of this is cheap with a price tag of $5 billion a year. if president trump decides to spend week end in
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the price will rice significantly. >> that is a lot of moo la. >> all right to folks planning today. >> the pavement is wet this morning. looking at this live view. overlooking washington don't have a lot of fog. we have a light mist falling. a light jacket for the afternoon. we will not need um bret la this afternoon. it would be damper this evening. we do have dense fog advisory until 9:00. we will have that den fog for a couple of hours. temperatures upper 40s. reagan national 48.
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rain. patch of rain coming through 6:00 a.m. on sunday. the rest light sprinkle off and on into evening. storm team 4 upper 50s with that light rain on sunday. then on monday, moderate down pore will be near 50s. that rain will be ending. an inch or two on monday. tuesday we dry out. chilly next weeks end in the 40s. >> the oval has a new look.
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out with the old in with the new. president trump is redecorating the oval office. the president replaced barack obama cur tans with gold ones. golden rug with garland edges. >> which has been used by president for decades. a president can
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office any way he like. what we do know is that president is now awake according twitter account. a tweet coming down. fantastic day in washington. thanks for the great reviews of the speech. the president of the united states waking up for first full day with the potus title. >> mention of the oval that's something they do when they exchange administration. bill clinton had to golden curtains. >> see what it looks like inside. from the outside a foggy start. >> just a little bit of fog in the area. a little light mist falling from a couple of hours. cloudy for the rest the day. there's some rain moves in after
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by dawn. around moderate to heavy rain. taper off on monday afternoon when upper 50s. drying out after that. next weekend in the 40s with n sunshine. >> the women's march on washington live team covering will continue at 8:30 this morning. >> getting around road blocks we'll have the story covered
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good morning. the presidency of donald trump. >> i donald trump do solemnly swear. >> wakes up in the white house this morning. the new commander in chief wasted no time. >> then sharing a first dance with the first lady to the tune of a sin na tra classic. ♪ ♪ i did it my way >> this after trump


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