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tv   Today  NBC  January 21, 2017 7:00am-7:59am EST

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good morning. the presidency of donald trump. >> i donald trump do solemnly swear. >> wakes up in the white house this morning. the new commander in chief wasted no time. >> then sharing a first dance with the first lady to the tune of a sin na tra classic. ♪ ♪ i did it my way >> this after trump
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dark -- >> this american carnage stops right here and stops now. >> and promise to give power back to the people. >> from this day forward a new vision will govern our land from this day forward it's going to be only america first. >> that same afternoon president obama flew off to start a new chapter of his life this has protesters took to the street. hundreds arrested a limo set on fire. hundreds of thousands set to march on washington today. and cities around the country to demonstrate and trump prayers service and begins to take on enormity of the job this morning. we have it covered. the fashion and thehu
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challenges he facing as he starts his first full day in office today, saturday january 21st 2017. >> from nbc news this special edition of today the presidency of donald trump. >> welcome to this special edition. i'm craig melvin. >> good to be down there for transfer of power. >> talk about a change of scenery, our nation's 45th commander in chief. >> it's not going to be's for him. first hundreds of thousands of people arriving in washington, d.c. as we speak this morning for women' march. it's being seen as protests of the new president.
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away. >> we have all angle covered for you. to the protests and world reaction. let's start it off with kelly o'donnell at the white house. good morning. >> good morning. there are no big bold letters on the facade behind me today this new home for donald trump. he will begin today in office attending national prayer service and get to work making this a working day. it comes after a whirlwind of parties and pat gentry. >> reporter: for all the bigger than live ways donald trump have healed the spotlight. >> now the work begins. >> reporter: this public display of affection a first dance with first lady melania trump. seems like something new ♪ i did i
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>> reporter: three officials ina inaugural balls. >> this is first responder, yaur amazing people. >> a night of glits and high kicks. >> long day of ceremony from that oath to the oval office hours later where he set behind same desk. he signed executive orders outlining his intent to repeal obamacare after-hours predecessor cleared the office. >> reporter: turning to mike pence who
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secretary james mattis and john kelly. earlier outside of the white house, the parade on pennsylvania avenue. the family gave son barron front row seat any ten year old would love. picture of a country in decline. >> this american carnage stops right here, and stops right now. >> fuelled with campaigned-style nationalism. >> well will follow two rules buy americans and higher americans. >> he showed asking that they be honor withed applaud. >> there's nothing more i can say because i have a lot
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respect for those two people. >> reporter: that's executive ordbo omare trying take first step of repealing, that is limited in its power urging the agency that have involvement begin to dial things back. congress approve nominees for cabinet post. it expected he would visit cia as early as today. >> let's get to hallie jackson she live from the white house. that's where president trump expected to attend prayer service. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. president waking up in the white house for the first time. first thing heading here to the national cathedral for the prayer service where he will be joined by vice president mike
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this is long time tradition dating back to george washington. lot a lot of things there's a little of controversy surrounding it. there's concern given past comments about mexicans, muslims and others. the president will have a busy day. you heard kelly possibly visit to the cia that's unlikely to happen. there's a lot of folks expected to be at this service including family faces from the campaign trail. he is somebody who is apart of the president's national diversity counsel back when we was cabinet trump. a busy day for the president here in washington. >> meantime protesters are
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hundreds of those of women are expected to march on the nation's capitol today. a window burning, police firing tear gas to stop them. nbc ra scone is on the jacob good morning. >> channel, good morning. organizer says they expect up to 200,000 people today. they will march from pennsylvania avenue town to -- half until people. a demonstration they hope will be peaceful than yesterday. >> you're going to march on washington. >> reporter: they are pouring into capitol from across the country. expecting more people than the
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peaceful demonstration. after a violent day of protests on friday. >> they throwing stuff at the police. >> reporter: clashing with police for hours. officers in riot gear. >> i don't know what it was about but people got aggressive. a lieutenaot of people are angr now. >> reporter: protesters breaking windows and starting fires. the driver said he was hit with a brick. thousands descending during the inauguration. most of them peaceful. >> do not -- >> reporter: but overshadowed by agi tators.
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police say protesters threw rocks at bottles. head to head. >> here in d.c. police arrested 217 people and charged them with rioting. they have to appear in court this morning. in addition six police officers were injured. police are hoping today will be different. >> thoughts and prayers with the officers in recovery. in london as well, a protest getting under way there just a few minutes ago. all of these protests come with many folks ap prehennive about trump and his ties to the
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russia. nbc chief global correspondent is live in moscow. bill, good morning to you. >> good morning, craig. president trump is being welcomed. beyo beyond -- in moscow, a party. >> reporter: russian celebration welcome here as never before. >> so help me god. >> reporter: they heard him talk of new aligns and believe trump will mean better relations. >> both for american and for russia. >> in russia we respect him. >>
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>> reporter: many see him as a gift to russia. >> it looks like christmas gift with beautiful -- we don't know what in fact. >> america first. >> reporter: trump's inago -- inago ral address prepare for the worst. >> protests against trump in germany where leaders are warning of a rough ride ahead. in the middle east divided opinions. meanwhile in north korea long range missile attempt on the way. global challenges are is begun for president trump.
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around the world. trump is fourth u.s. president that relationship will be watched closely than any other. craig, channel. >> thank you. >> let's get perspective on the start of the trump era. nbc analyst is hosts on the radioshow host. good morning to both of you irchts good morning. >> let's talk about president trump's inaugural speech. it's getting everybody's attention. this american carnage stops right here and stops right now. everyone talking about that word carnage. can you talk about how this address really stacks up.
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president let's bind up the nation's wounds especially like the campaign from last year. we heard yesterday traditional of campaign speech. you have an effort by president to say to opposition i know you didn't voted for me but rest easy there's ways we can do thing together. not much of that. >> what about your opinion. >> i want to say michael and lester and chuck. it's grown on me. it was honest. it is serving notice on bureaucrat elites donald trump is concerned about people left behind. we will see a movie called moonlight honor it's about real america that washington e
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while i like his graciousness at the lunch-on because the honness city is bracing when we. >> you ak non-the speech was dark. >> it was grim. it's grim out there had many places and president trump was speaking to the forgotten people. in one respect, yes it didn't have the bind up the wound of lincoln's second inaugural but it had a message about ha america has to do. hobby lobby came down to years ago. >> it's clear what
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order -- this at the capitol after the inaugural address. there's something i want to say because i was honored when i heard that president bill clinton and secretary hillary clinton was coming today. and i think it's appropriate to say and i would like you to stand up. >> michael, what do you make of that moment at the lunch on. i think it was lovely but the problem is that moment was seen by very few people and heard pi them compared to number of people who heard his address. and i think the thing is if donald trump were coming into -- if he had being coming into the ip augu inaugural 72% approval rate like president obama, during the transition he went interest the high 40s in the
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polls are right approval of about 8 to 10 points lower. that's not right direction. if his intention is to confront congress and say you better fear me because i'm more popular, that's not way to do it. >> thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> what can we expect. >> let's take a look here it's a 1 hyundai sprint. one of the area donald trump made noise about in the campaign. what can he do in the early days of his presidency. he started when it comes to obamacare -- health care policy if
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supportersling gering out what would they replace it with. they have to come up with something. that's a big process. that's something ahead. immigration. daka defefred action of children it came to this decision to come here. obama administration has offered protection to them. the trump administration going to -- administration target deportation, how many will stay here. that's the question as well. building the wal, donald trump says he will get mexico to pay for it. how about nafta he said he want to renegotiate that. russia, you
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is there a visit with putin. how about the last minute sanctions will donald trump keep those or will he keep those. >> let's get to the other top stories right now. >> search and rescue teams are heading to -- people trapped in their homes. officials are asking the public to avoid traveling. more coming up in a moment. >> heavy rain causing damage. president obama plane was diverted. the hillside gave way and 20 people had to be rescued as the flash flood wrecked their cabin. >> more survivor out
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hotel buried days after it it happened. life from london, lucy, good morning. >> reporter: after searching in subzero temperatures tears erupted overnight as more were pulled from central italy. buried by heavy snow after a series of devastating earthquakes and worse storm in italy's history. nine have been rescued four of them are children including a last member of the family trapped. a six year old girl one remain rescued overnight reuniteding a family of four.
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rescue search for hoping for more survivor 30 people trapped when the hotel was destroyed. >> at least four body recovered so far. channel that girl, the first thipg asked for or yoe cookies. it feels like springtime. for the next several days, we have tornado warning. we have become talking about that same energy moved into the all
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we're seeing spring like weather. today as well overnight hours. be aware of that. by tomorrow we're look at severe weather threat. find wa way to get warning. that's a look at big picture. >> we have light fog. over cast a little mist falling from low women' march. near 50s degrees. late tonight rain move through. winds on monday. dry after that. windcy
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>> thank you. still ahead. download a look back at week that was. including president's nominees. >> first this is today on nbc.
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still to come from feminist to after all. look at the women gathering in -- also size matters. why some folks at interior department are in trouble a day after inauguration day. first these messages.
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this is new 4 today news break. hi, everyone 7:26 is your time today. today hundreds of thousands of people are expected to rally in it is d c for women's rights. to march from independence avenue to the white house. d.c. preparing for crowd control. now all of the people heading to today's march are urged to take metro. it opened up two hours early to accommodate the
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use capital station to avoid over crowding. federal try anning el i -- y 25%e equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy.
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a lot of people will be standing outside today. check in to find out what they have to deal with weather wise. >> we have low clouds. beneath that light fog a little light mist falling from the fog. noontime cloudy and cool. 50 degrees. climbing upper 50s. during the overnight hours rain moving in. fog as well. sunday highs in the mid 50s. afterat
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high near 50s. >> we'll be back for another update. back to today. ♪ ♪ more than this i did it my way ♪ >> an appropriate song indeed. first lady enjoying their dance. that song, frank sinatra won the office by doing his way. the most prestigeous address 1600 pennsylvania avenue. here is look at what's making
7:31 am
headline. president trump attend prayer service at the cathedral. women's march on washington protesters are planned in all 50 states today. >> california suffered severe weather this morning. the former first family plans to enjoy post president vacation in palm springs. >> former bush are in good spirit. their health improving. the former president will remain in icu for observation her is comfortable and stable condition. mrs. bush will stay over the weekend as precaution. we're told they watch friday's inauguration
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>> it was a whirlwind week in washington. from the to fierce confirmation hearings it was a week to remember. >> reporter: donald j. trump sworn in. he promises to make america great america. >> from this day forward it's going to be only america first. >> president trump taking obvious after aty multious week. >> on education. >> correct. >> health care. >> i'm very frighten about what you're going to do and so are millions of americans. >> and the e
7:33 am
you are going to be head the agency to protect environment and your personal persons is climate change is immaterial. >> meanwhile, former president obama in final press conference emphasis magnitude of the job. >> understand that there's going to be consequence. >> commuted sentence of chelsea manning. >> i feel comfortable that justice has been served and message still sent. >> another president in the news george h.w. bush in the hospital. >> even though they are facing difficulties there's not a lot of money to be made betting against
7:34 am
>> reporter: rescue workers -- to get to surviveors. >> the mysteries may remain just that after nearly three years the search now suspended. >> it left in march of 2014. the flight dropping off radar. >> when you look at amelia air heart which took a hundred years to locate that wreckage this could be -- >> a brawl was intense. >> immediately after the game, a time and head coach walk off the
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>> al according to guest host lifting al row ker may become the latest trend. >> it's easy and you don't have to get to a gym. >> he makes it look so easy. al roker said don't try to pick him up. >> watch this, boom. >> so simple. >> you couldn't pull that off a few years ago. >> no he not. >> peterson is back with the look at the west of the forecast. >> drought, drought. where the rain. we're looking at storms in the west coast. several storms making their way
7:36 am
pushing down through southern california as we go through tomorrow evening. let's talk about the amount. when you say southern california you're looking at over 3 inches of rain. there's flooding concerns. heavy mounts of snow four to 6 inches of snow. the we're talking huge, 20 to 35 feet. this is dangerous especially when you combine that with high tides. that's what we're look at. closure look at home. >> right know we have patchy dense fog. points north and west. visibility are down up der
7:37 am
this will be dissipating by mid-morning. light mist falling today cloudy in the upper 50s. rain after midnight. high in 50s. try after that. >> i have new -- look at that 76 degrees. >> still ahead, al roker can he keep his streak alive forgetting greeting by bribing them with candy, can he pull it off. >> a look at women coming washington for that big march after this. yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that...
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could have a midnight snack. it's not even midnight, it's 10:43. well...let's have a 10:43 snack. quietly, though. yeah. ok. yoplait. pssst. yoplait custard's back. my dad called them up and asked for "the jennifer garner card" which is such a dad thing to do. after he gave his name the woman from capital one said "mr. garner, are you related to jennifer?" kind of joking with him. and my dad was so proud to tell her, "as a matter of fact, she is my middle daughter". so now dad has the venture card, he's earning his double miles, and he made a friend at the company. can i say it? go ahead! what's in your wallet? nice job dad. . one day after hundreds of thousands of trump supporters watch president of the united states.
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>> hundreds of thousands of women are set to march on washington. this live look here, london, england. everyone were celebrities to activities to normal moms. nbc kate snow has the story. >> i know this is not rationale but i was not so shocked that hillary clinton lost. the shocking surreal issic thing is that donald trump won. this is a man who i don't think really deserves to have lunch in the white house much less live there. >> reporter: about the now 45th president of the united states. >> the election of donald trump is a disaster except for one thing our constituti
7:42 am
begin with i, the president, it begins with we the people. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands are effected to be here on the women's march on washington. >> vi never seen such an out pouring of anger and outrage and energy. >> reporter: the marriage is a familiar -- now 82, stien num still cares that to your knowledge and many are traveling in to hear what she may say. a lawyer she never considered for running for public office until election day. >> as a muslim to make sure that our voices ares heard. why can't be run. we should run. before she rups she
7:43 am
march, a single mother, she brings her boys with her. >> to me it's great i have two boys to be femmist. >> reporter: for it's different kind of running for her. >> i view the -- the things trump was saying seemed so bombastic particular on twitter that he would be president. >> reporter: when word spread of the march she decide to run the 256 miles from her harland neighborhood to washington and she was not alone. men when women making each step count and doubling her goal. >> the idea which i think lots of women
7:44 am
idea are powerful movements. >> my daughter looked a me does donald trump believe his climate change. i said not yet but we have a lot of work to do. >> reporter: 50% of white women voted for donald trump. >> that is watt real ba reefment voted for trump. i thought what human values. >> reporter: for all these women, their wedmessage is clea. message trump is on notice. >> they are ready to march. >> i'm marching because there's nothing more powerful than a group of women who know what they want. >> i'm marching because i want to represent everybody who is
7:45 am
election. >> i'm marching for positive reasons much more than for anti-reasons we're a majority moment to bring the majority movement to washington seems exactly the right thing. >> reporter: nbc news washington kate snow. >> a lot of people want to know about the fashion from the first lady to first daughter. we have that covered for you in the orange room after this.
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7:49 am
ralph lauren. she showed up elegant style in this gown. plus ivanka has moments of her own. there's one person who stole the spot line kellyanne conway gucci. people make try the nutcracker, ll cool j. even old new england patriots lo go. kellyanne get on the fun. trump revolutionary. she
7:50 am
she received many compliment including bill clinton. the coat retails for p $600. -- $3,600. >> thanks. >> up next still to come. donald trump is only president in town. frank underwood from house of cards is back whethand ready to washington upside down. this is today on nbc.
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still to come getting down to business what president trump has on his agenda and in the coming days. >> a day of pomp and pan
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. this is news 4 today news break. 7:56 is the time right now. we'll start with what is a busy day here in washington.
7:57 am
are gathering in downtown d.c. for the women's march on washington it starts on 10:00 this morning. the march will start at 1:15. unruly -- some protesters got violent. six officers and one other person got hurt. we'll check in with him next.
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7:59 am
finally start to -- when d do you think this will lift. >> dense fog is further to the north and west. climbing into the mid upper 50s. 2:00 p.m. mid 50s. temperatures will be upper 50s. fog developing late tonight. off and on light rain. after that we dry out and it
8:00 am
highs in the 40s. david. >> starting at 8:30 this morning. hope to see you then. good morning. the presidency of donald trump. i donald trump do solemnly swear. >> the 45th president of the united states. the gnaw -- commander in chief. begins. then sharing a first dance with the first lady with the tune of sinatra classic. this hours after painting a picture of what's to come throughout president of donald trump. >> against


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