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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  January 21, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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peaceful protests and demonstrators still going strong on the streets of d.c. >> those who came here who wanted their voices heard also take an extra step to make sure president trump hears their message. it started early as hundreds of tan
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downtown d.c. for women's rights. >> one of us can be dismissed. two of us can be ignored. but together we are a movement and we are unstoppable. >> and the message stretched around the world. >> president trump's first full day in office began in prayer and ended with an attack on the media. >> this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period. both in person and around the globe. a day of demonstrations continue into the night. thanks for joining us. i'm erika gonzalez. >> i'm jim handly. but the people who packed our city streets tonight weren't necessarily the same folks who flooded the district earlier in the day. >> darcy spencer is live with more on these new rallies that are popping up all over d.c. tonight. darcy? >> reporter: erika, things see
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to have settled down. we are live on 13th street in northwest washington not far from metro center. we want to draw your attention right here to the sidewalk. you can see hundreds of signs from today's women's march have been left behind. those women wanting to make sure that their voices continue to be hea heard. demonstrators marched through downtown washington carrying signs and shutting down streets. it follows the women's march. some who were in town for that event stayed to continue speaking out against president donald trump. >> and i'm 14. >> you're 14. did you ever imagine you'd be out here in your nation's capital -- >> i did not think i ever needed to be. but when the time comes, the time comes. you have to make it. >> reporter: the marchers made their way to trump tower, the site of recent demonstrations on pennsylvania avenue. they also marched through the capital, where they h
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rally with a heavy police presence. >> whose house? our house! >> reporter: there were also protesters at thomas circle. the demonstrations were peaceful. no reports of any arrests. police blocked streets so marchers stayed safe. many left their signs behind, a lasting and colorful reminder of the day's events. >> we actually came out for the inaugurati inauguration, believe it or not. i took my brother. he's a big trump fan. and then he came with me to the women's march. so we have different views on things, but we love each other and we came together. i went with him yesterday, he came with me today. >> reporter: now, back out live, you're looking at some of the signs here. one of them saying "never take progress for granted." these are some of the signs that we've seen laid out on sidewalks and areas all around the downtown area. again, people wanting to leave that lasting sign that they were here t
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demonstrations. and they're saying they're going to continue to have these demonstrations moving forward. we are live in northwest. darcy spencer, news 4. >> thanks, darcy. as you mentioned, the demonstrations began today with a women's march on washington. the rally filled the national mall. celebrities like madonna, alicia keys, and well-known activists like gloria steinem led the charge on the main stage today. we knew it would be big, but no one expected crowds to be this enormous. d.c. homeland security director estimated the crowd exceeded 500,000 people today. it was so big the leaders couldn't lead an organized march. many did on their own through the streets of d.c. and on to the white house. >> i woke up scared the day after the election, and i thought there's an erosion of human rights, erosion of civil rights, erosion of a lot of different rights and i just want to make sure people know we're watching. >> the sheer numbers. people are going to have to start listening a little bit
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people came and how far we came. >> we're not hoping for anyone to fail. we're hoping for the best. and we hope that there will be equal rights for everyone. >> a good majority of the demonstrators took metro to and from the march today, making it one of the busiest days in all of metro history. we haven't heard of any major problems. just large crowds at all the stations. it has also been a very busy few days tore d.c. police. check out the scene tonight outside d.c. superior court. police out in full force. some in riot gear. crowds waiting outside for some of the 230 people arrested yesterday during violent demonstrations. the crowd chanting as the protesters were released one by one. most of those arrested were charged with felony rioting. part of the judge's orders for the release of those protesters was "do not get arrested again in d."
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continue to stand together to protest president trump. followers of nbc washington on facebook just can't stop commenting on this next story. the white house taking on the press for how it covered the inauguration yesterday. news 4's jackie bentsen joins us live with the story behind the crowd size controversy. jackie? >> reporter: well, jim, this involves a federal agency making an apology on its twitter account. no one can remember a federal agency making an apology on social media like this before. the national parks service twitter account retweeted yesterday this post by "new york times" correspondent binyamin applebaum, who described it as side-by-side images of the 2009 and 2017 presidential inauguration. the account then went dark until this morning, when this tweet that says "we regret the mistaken retweet was posted." >> these attempts to lessen the
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are shameful and wrong. >> reporter: white house communications director sean spicer brought up the the issue at a press briefing this evening. he said many news images had been taken in a way to minimize the size of crowds on the mall during the inauguration. he added -- >> this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe. >> there are thousands of people that weren't even in there to be represented in that photograph. >> reporter: judy gilbert and her family were on the mall for president trump's inauguration. she thinks any gaps in the crowd were not due to a lack of attendees but problems with access. >> i also know that there were hundreds, maybe to a thousand people that weren't allowed in the mall because of security and they were being blocked by the disrupt group. >> reporter: victoria prera and robin parrot were in the mall area both friday and during today's women's march. >> we were here both days. and we believe for sure there was mo
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>> reporter: now, the agency, the federal agency that would be able to give some type of official estimate to this, the national park service. they stopped doing that after the million man march back in 1995. live on the national mall, jackie bensen, news 4. >> thank you, jackie. meanwhile, social media lighting up with reaction to the press secretary's comments. sean spicer trending right now on facebook and hashtag spicer facts trending on twitter with a noticeably sarcastic tone like this one. "the washington monument is further away on fridays, period. #spicerfacts." this one here, "vinegar and oil combine seamlessly. period. #spicerfacts." still there, were plenty of spicer defenders. this one woman tweeting this picture, saying the mainstream media was still lying, agreeing with the president that she estimated there to be about a million to a million
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people. another woman using this picture with this gif, "women? there were women in d.c. today? i didn't see anything." with this gif. and then this last tweet as well. "the women who voted for trump are not at the women's march because they are enjoying their families, jobs, and lives." the hashtag for make america great again. lots and lots of twitter and facebook posts using the hashtag spicer facts. so what do you think? we've been asking you on our nbc washington facebook page. if you think the white house should comment on today's marches. you can choose no, yes. but i think he won't or yes and i think he will. so far the majority of you, about 70%, say you think president trump should respond but that he won't. you can go to our facebook page to tell us what you think, and we'll update the results later in our broadcast. a state of emergency in mississippi tonight after a deadly twister. rs what leade are doing right
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a curfew is in place in parts of southern mississippi tonight after a series of tornadoes ripped through that state. four people were killed when one tornado barreled through a trailer park, and the governor has declared a state of emergency. tornadoes ripped trees from their roots, tossing cars around, and sheering roofs off buildings. thousands of people losing power in all this. a murder mystery tonight in akakeek and prince george's county police need your help. police found a man's body in the woods near matawon and gardner roads. police are not saying how he died nor have they released any information about the victim.
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seen on our air tonight were demonstrating against donald trump. >> but you're about to meet one group who is thrilled he's president. >> we together are powerful, and we are a force that cannot be wsmissed or
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and remember, the constitution does not begin with "i, the president." it begins with "we, the people." >> that was feminist icon gloria steinem at today's rall
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across the country and around the world millions of women held large demonstrations for women's rights just like the one on our mall here today. there was a rally on every continent today. go to the nbc washington app to see photos from here to antarctica. russia seems to be embracing president donald trump. some russians threw parties to celebrate his inauguration. remember the u.s. government has accused russia of attempting to interfere with the election to help trump win. these some of those images. trump has challenged their findings and has spoken glowingly of president vladimir putin. some russian lawmakers are welcoming the new administration. >> trump is a real american and of course he will be pro american but it doesn't mean he should be anti-russian. >> putin has denied the hacking accusations. a spokesperson for the russian leader says putin is ready to meet mr. trump but adds that meeting may take months. president trump is lining up his first
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leaders as president. first on friday he'll meet with british prime minister theresa may at the white house. and at the end of the month he'll sit down with mexican president enrique pena nieto. the white house announced today that the pair will discuss trade, immigration, and security. you may have noticed those pitching hats with kitten ears being worn by participants at the women's march today. some of them were made right here in the district. earlier this week we talked to organizers who knitted the hats for the march, and they told us that wearing pink is a powerful statement about being unapologetically feminine as well as standing for women's rights. it was also a symbol of solidarity, referencing president trump's comments about grabbing women by their private parts. the people who came out for the rally and march have been very active on social media. >> they sure have. we're seeing a whole lot of pictures of the creative signs that folks brought with them to the march. there are so many, i posted some on my facebook page tonight so you can see them for yourself.
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asked you to chime in on our nbc washington facebook page, do you think the white house should respond to today's marches? since our last check, the answer yes. but i think he won't is still the most popular answer in our poll. it's misty. it's damp out there. and there's also some areas of very thick fog. the national weather service has issued a dense fog advisory for all of the counties here in gray. this is going to go until 5:00 a.m. in the morning. this includes frederick and anne arundel counties. i do have a feeling, though, that they'll extend this advisory. i'll show you the visibility in just a moment potentially into areas like montgomery, loudoun, prince william and faulkner counties, fog impacting the area until about 8:00, 9:00 a.m. we're talking about visibility potentially a quarter of amile or less. so fur traveling late tonight, early tomorrow morning you want to use the low beams. current visibilitieig
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gaithersburg down to about a quarter of a mile. martinsburg as well. but we're still pick up fog here in leesburg, manassas, and culpepper as well. hearing reports of it on wgop radio this evening. not only that but some rain showers moving through the area. rain here in parts of southern maryland down to around the fredricksburg area and the northern neck. showers will continue to favor areas south and east of washington overnight tonight, but we could get some rain here in the district as well. you'll see this on future weather. i'm starting you off at midnight. notice some scattered showers in the metro area but again, most of the rain is to the south and east. as we move toward 7:00 a.m., well, all of the showers, most of the showers pretty much out of the area, but it will be cloudy. and then for most of the morning hours tomorrow we're looking dry. future weather wants to bring in a few scattered showers around the midday and early afternoon hours, but i think we'll make it until about 3:00 before we really start to track rain moving back into the area. and then showers continue at times sunday night and then monday, well, it's just a rainy
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day. pretty much from start to finish. even some pockets of heavier rain around monday morning. so your hour by-hour for tomorrow, 48 degrees at 7:00 a.m. still fog and maybe a shower around at that point. lunchtime mainly dry but oversxas low 50s. then we hang out in the low 50s for the afternoon and evening hours. 53 degrees at 3:00 p.m. and by 7:00 p.m. scattered showers still likely. and we're at 52. right now, though, temperatures are in the 40s. 48 in washington and leesburg. 46 for those of you in frederick. as we look to your monday, the morning commute, well, we have heavy rain around. it could be a slow go. you want to keep that in mind. recess for the kids on monday likely indoors. the evening commute, maybe a shower. and if you're thinking about heading to one of the local ski resorts, i was planning on doing that on monday, rain is in the forecast. so probably not the best idea to go. on monday more rain. heavy rain at times. we could see around an inch. 56. windy on monday and tuesday as well. tuesday a high of
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really nice on wednesday. and then, guys, well, next weekend it's feeling more like january with highs in the upper 30s and low 40s. >> all right. now we're talking. thank you, amelia. the wizards haven't had much success on the road this season. >> but they had a chance to extend their winning s
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chris miles here in the csn studios. the wizards and the caps have combined to win 17 of their last 19 games. that's a great way to start the new year. both teams had tough road games tonight, though. the wizards in tonight and the caps in dallas. let's start out in the motor city. wizards down by 16 to
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fourth quarter. trey burke was the national player of the year when he played at the university of michigan. right at home in detroit. jason smith also getting in on the action. the wizards' bench cut the deficit to just seven! big game for smith. 16 points. 21-year-old kelly ubricht also with double figsz off the bench. he pulls the wizards within three. two minutes to play. morris scores two of his team-high 19. and the wizards take the lead. ten seconds left in the game. markieff's brother marcus. the wrong twin for the win at the buzzer. marcus morris with 25 points. wizards lose for the first time in five games 113-112 the final. >> we just competed. you know, we battled and we fought. one rebound short of winning that game. but give them credit. they made the play at the end of the game to win it.
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annual fathers and mentors trip tonight in dallas. andre bartkowski doing something no caps player has done before. he scores the first goal of the game and becomes the first player in team history to score the opening goal in four straight games. caps up 1-0. second period, caps shorthanded and jamie benn strikes. the stars ahead 3-1 by the second intermission. tonight's theme of comebacks continues. third period, washington on a power play that's blood in the water for the great a, alex ovechkin scores his first goal in a week and a half. power play. this time it's t.j. oshie lighting the lamp. we're tied at 3. the game remained that way at the end of regulation so we needed overtime. 20 seconds into the extra session, jay beagle gets his tenth of the season. caps win 4-3 in o.t. virginia taking on clemson.
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first half. this three from nba range helps him become the fourth player new. va history to score 1,000 points and notch 500 career assists. second half, francis with the pass to mario shayocks and he had a career-high 19. cavaliers win easily 62-49 for their 15th win of the season. navy going for their fifth straight win as they visit army. final seconds army down two. jordan fox, the dish to thomas funk with a finish. that sends the game into overtime. the extra session belonged to the mid-shipman tom lacy. only had seven points but he scored two big buckets in o.t. navy scored 19 points in the extra five minutes and they win 96-80. championship sunday in the nfl. the final four teams will play for the right to go to the super bowl. the packers, falcons kick off at 3:05. the nfc championship game. steelers-patriots kick o
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game. aaron rodgers, matt ryan, ben roethlisberger, tom brady will make an epic group to take the field tomorrow. wizards play their third straight game on the road tuesday in charlotte. caps are back at home on monday. jim, erika, getting ready for a playoff run for both of those teams. >> all right, chris, thanks so much. and we thank you for having us in for a second historic day in our nation's capital here. >> that's right. that is the end of our broadcast. you have a new "saturday night live" coming up next.
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>> announcer: and now a paid message from the russian federation. [ applause ] >> hello, america. yesterday we made donald trump the 45th president of the united states.
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we did it, huh? and today many of you are scared and marching in the streets you are worried that your country is in the hands of this unpredictable man, but don't worry. it's not. relax. i got this. putie is going to make everything okay. i promise that we will take care of america. it is the most expensive thing we have ever bought. i know many of you americans are skeptical of president trump. many russians were skeptical of me at first, too. but today nobody ever seems to hear from any of them. it's like they're gone. it always works out. so why are american women protesting? in russia, women have no reason to protest. listen to this woman. >> hello. i am olya, a russian woman.


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