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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 22, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EST

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got from fairfax county police. just got off the phone with one of their spokespersons to learn this is happening in the mt. vernon area. we should first tell you this is a shooting involving a young teen. i've been able to confirm it's a 14-year-old who was shot. this happened near virginia hills avenue and the parkway. we know that area is actually shut down. this is an investigation that is now lingering on into its eighth hour. it started at 1:00 in the morning. the teen who was shot was rushed to the hospital. we're told the injuries, while serious, are not life threatening. the 14-year-old is in stable condition. police say there is no threat to the general public. we're working to get a few more details, even have our own christian wright headed that way to gather those details from the scene. we'll keep tabs on it from the live desk. >> thank you very much, david. unfolding story there. want to welcome everyone in on this sunday morning. a lot going on this weekend. it has been a busy c
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i'm angie goff. >> i'm adam tuss. we want to talk about the weather. the fog was an issue this morning. it's lifting out. tom has more. >> good day to exhale. the fog is beginning to lift around much of the area. a live view from our storm team 4 tower camera. just an hour ago couldn't see the ground. the camera is up there about 300 feet above the terrain. now we can see a little bit of american university there as the overcast is beginning to lift a bit. we still have a little bit of patchy drizzle around. the dense fog advisory has been trimmed back. does not include anywhere in virginia. just northern virginia county, howard. visibilities may still be about a quarter of a mile or less over the next hour or two. it's in effect until about 10:00 this morning for much of that region. later today, hour by hour, temperatures will be hovering in the upper 40s through 10:00 a.m., low 50s 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. a little bit of light rain coming in around 6:00 p.m. that's going to be continuing into the evening hours this evening and may get heavy
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commute. new hour-by-hour timing on that coming up this half hour. >> all right, tom. thank you very much. we're getting new reaction this morning from president donald trump on the women's march on washington yesterday. >> we want to go back to news 4's david culver. he's at the live desk with the details. >> among the first tweets from the president this morning, he points out that more people watched his inauguration on tv compared with president obama's second in 2013. he then followed it up with a tweet reacting to yesterday's women's march. this is his first response to that march. here's what he said. quote, watched protests yesterday but was under the impression that we just had an election. why didn't these people vote? celebs hurt cause badly. he does have a very busy day ahead of him meantime. he's scheduled to see the swearing in of some of his high-level staffers. tonight he's going to attend a reception. this is for law enforcement and first responders, specifically those who helped support the
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as for the white house staff itself, they're actually going to get an ethics briefing today. they'll also be briefed on how to handle some classified information. we'll keep tabs on all that. back to you guys. >> thank you, david. a lot going on. meanwhile, women's marches flooded streets around the world. here in d.c., it overwhelmed metro stations and downtown streets. i actually shared some of this video on twitter that adam shot. the long lines that wrapped around the greenbelt station. once the demonstrators were able to get to the national mall, they were armed with signs and using their loud voices. they were sending raw messages to the new trump administration, many of them were. simply put, they want to ensure the progression of rights and social equality and not backtrack. >> thank you, angie. well, it was crowded all over the place. d.c.'s homeland security director estimates the women's march on washington crowd
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not one person was arrested though. it's a stark difference from the day before when 217 out of control protesters were arrested. yesterday's march was peaceful and went well into the night. >> we actually came out for the inauguration, believe it or not. i took my brother. he's a big trump fan. he came with me to the women's march. so we have different views on things, but we love each other and came together. i went with him yesterday, he came with me today. >> i'm 14. >> did you ever imagine you'd be out here in your nation's capital? >> i did not think i needed to be, but when the time come, the time comes. you have to make a difference. >> celebrities like madonna alicia keys, and well-known activists led the charge on the national mall. you can download our app to look back on what will surely be remembered as quite a historic day here in d.c. fans of nbc washington on facebook can't stop commenting on this story. the white house got mad at the press for the overall coverage of the size of the inaat
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people who were there. >> reporter: the national park service twitter account retweeted this post, side-by-side images of the 2009 and 2017 presidential inaugurations. the account then went dark until this tweet that says, we regret the mistaken retweet was posted. >> these attempts to lessen the enthusiasm of the inauguration are shameful and wrong. >> reporter: white house communications director sean spicer brought up the issue at a press briefing he claimed many news images had been taken in ways to minimize the size of crowds on the mall during the inauguration. he added -- >> this was the largest audience to ever witness and inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe. >> there are maybe thousands of people that weren't in there to be represented in that photograph. >> reporter: judy gilbert and her family were on the mall for president trump's inauguration. she thinks any gaps in the crowd
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were not due to a lack of attendees but problems with access. >> i also know that there were hundreds, maybe 2,000 people that weren't allowed in the mall because of security. and they were being blocked by the disrupt group. >> we were here both days. we believe for sure there was more people here today. >> that was jackie benson reporting. this weekend's events are making headlines across the country, really across the world. >> and you can take a look at the front pages outside of the museum this morning. that's where we find derrick ward with a look at reaction to the inaugural events that happened this weekend, as well as the marches. hi, derrick. >> reporter: good morning. you know, a century ago this is where you would have come to read the broad sides, the big news of the day. that's before newspapers were delivered and mass produced. the tradition is being carried on here at the museum. you see some of the headlines from the march yesterday. the new
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up this morning. this entire route that the march was on was packed. it was an estimated 500,000 people, twice the expectation. 3 million people marched worldwide. of course, the new administration has blasted the organizers of the march and talked about the makeup and the rhetoric from some of the speakers. they say specifically that the anti-abortion groups, while they were here, were removed from a leadership role or partnership sta status. we did talk to some folks still in town about what it was like to be here at this event. >> it was amazing. there was so much positive energy. couldn't believe how much people showed up. the kids we were with, you know, it's changing the world for them. >> reporter: and folks are still coming by to take a look at this. you still see some pink hats here. one of the things that someone remarked to me is about how things have gone orderly in terms of cleaning up. we heard no arrests or anything
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there's almost no sign it happened, except the headlines. it's written in ink. we're live at at the nuseum. derrick ward. >> interesting look there. time right now is 9:07. damage and debris not far from the deanwood metro station last night. take a look at this video. several parked cars appear to have been hit overnight. this happened near minnesota avenue and quarrels street, which is near the border between d.c. and prince george's county. we reached out to police and are waiting to hear back about what may have happened. you're going to need the wipers a little bit while you're out today. tom is tracking the rain. plus, out west flooding is a major concern. the dangerous rescues as flood waters force people from their cars and homes.
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you can see the suspect's car speed through an intersection, which then t-bones another car. three people jump out and flee the scene. police were able to track down all three of the suspects. the person in the car that was hit was taken to the hospital. their injuries are not known. a helicopter and team of divers swooped in to rescue two men stuck in a washed out creek in arizona. the rescue was all caught on camera. the pair was trying to cross the creek when rushing water spun their car out about 20 feet from the bank. one of the men rescued says it happened so fast that they had no time to react. no one was hurt. meanwhile, high water in california also created a dangerous situation. 21 people had to be rescued from flooding after a levee broke. this is the second time flooding has happened in two weeks in that part of the country. the water is too deep to drive through. in some spots, it's expected to get worse.
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on the way and people may be forced to leave their homes again. well, it is a foggy morning outside. we're going to see some rain in the next 48 hours. tom is tracking when you can expect showers in your neighborhood. damage and debris as a tornado tears through mississippi. the destruction as families clean what's left of their up
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good morning. the dense fog advisory has been
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gray, northern montgomery county, howard, points north where there still could be visibilities a quarter mile or less for another hour or so. a little scattered drizzle right now. just cloudy during the afternoon. temperatures hour by hour just going to make it into the low 50s. some rain on the way tonight into tomorrow. new timing in just a few minutes. >> thank you, tom. cleanup and recovery is under way in mississippi. take a look here. at least four people killed in this destruction. my goodness. gabe gutierrez shows us the damage from hattiesburg, mississippi. >> reporter: the destruction in mississippi is overwhelming. >> you can hear, like, glass shattering. you can hear the roof caving. i feel like i'm blessed to be alive. >> reporter: donna thompson says
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the terrifying tornado was over in seconds. >> it was dark. people were everywhere. i didn't know who was still alive, who wasn't. i was scared. >> reporter: at least four people are dead, more than 20 others injured. search and rescue teams are looking for more. >> i know what the families go through when they say tornado. it's devastating. it really is. >> reporter: near downtown hattiesburg, william carey university is shut down, students evacuated, cars tossed, dorms damaged. >> we got everybody into the bathrooms, and it got pretty bad out there. just wind and power went out, lightning striking all around us. >> reporter: overnight, howling winds knocked out power to thousands. the fast-moving storm system spawning more than a dozen tornadoes, leaving a trail of damage across three states. and flooding communities in alabama and georgia. in
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declared a state of emergency. >> all of the sudden the windows come in and the house gets floating. i'm going through the room, trying to dive on my daughters. >> reporter: darrell mcmorris somehow survived the chaos, pulling his fiance and two daughters to safety. >> all that came crashing down on me. and i had to -- i got strength from somewhere. like i said, god wasn't ready for me to go. >> reporter: the national weather service now says the tornado that shredded this neighborhood with at least an ef-3, packing winds of more than 135 miles an hour. >> that was nbc's gabe gutierrez reporting. and in italy, an intense rescue mission is under way in the mountains of central italy. take a look. an avalanche buried a hotel there three days ago. nbc's reports more people are still being rescued. >> reporter: just as hopes were beginning to fade, this incredible moment. this 6-year-old emerges from the ruins of a mountainside hotel, cold after being buried for nearly three days but well enough to ask for her favorite cookie. rescue teams say pockets of air
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what kept nine people pulled from the rubble alive. they were taken by a helicopter to a nearby hospital, but the mission isn't over. at least 20 people are still missing, and time is running out. for families desperate for word of loved ones, there's anger. this man's son has yet to be found. he says, you need to ask them why they didn't get people out the day before the tragedy. they left them trapped in this hotel. prosecutors have opened an investigation. five bodies have been recovered so far. emergency crews say they'll continue working day and night until everyone is accounted for. nbc news, london. some new additions are coming to pennsylvania avenue starting tomorrow to help out bicyclists. crews will start to install rubber par s
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the bike lanes. they prevent drivers from making illegal u-turns across the bike lanes. more rubber stops will be added starting tomorrow morning. that's good news. those bike lanes right down the middle of pennsylvania, you have to protect them a little bit. >> also, it's been confusing for a lot of drivers as well. >> absolutely. >> so let's talk about the weather. the fog is starting to lift finally. it doesn't look like we're going to get many peeks of sunshine. >> yeah, none at all. but that shouldn't stop you from getting outside and maybe getting in a bike ride. just dress somewhat warmly. although, certainly it's another un-january like day with temperatures here already well above our average high for the day. there is northwest washington. we can actually see it now. i was unable to get our camera to see anything from this elevation of 300 feet, where it is now. that was about an hour ago. now the fog is lifting. the overcast is lifting up a bit. we will have improved visibility. so if you do plan on getting in some exercise today, by noontime we'll be hovering around 50 degrees. just cool andp
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we'll be in the low to mid-50s by 3:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m., light rain moving in. if you want to get outdoor exercise, do it before 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. that's likely when we'll see some of that rain moving in. right now no rain in the metro area. we have this rain here down in the carolinas and off the coast. much of this is going to be heading out to sea. the general flow in the atmosphere is going to be bringing more moisture in. much of that rain that we see to our south, this is by 5:00 p.m. that's going to be on the eastern shore. a little light rain in the metro area, northern virginia, and into maryland. that's going to be between 6:00 p.m. to midnight tonight. after that is when we'll get some waves of more moderate showers coming through from time to time. that's going to be between 6:00 to noon tomorrow morning. some blustery winds as well. maybe gusting to 30 miles an hour. that does move on through. in addition, cold air comes in, changes the rain over to maybe wet snowflakes out here in western maryland, panhandle of west virginia. that's going to be continuing
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shenandoah valley until about 10:00. so for the monday commute, it'll be wet all day. temperatures in the upper 40s in the morning, near 50 noontime. low 50s in the afternoon as the rain tapers off by late afternoon. still wet roads all throughout the day tomorrow. then finally some welcome sunshine back on tuesday afternoon with highs mid-50s. wednesday looks like a beautiful day. up near 60 degrees. snow lovers, still have to break out the crying towels. no snow all the way for the next ten days. although, it may be subfreezing in the mornings friday, saturday, sunday, and monday. afternoon highs in the 40s next weekend with some sunshine. at least it's going to feel a little winter like next weekend. that's the way it looks. with donald trump picking former georgia governor sonny purdue as his agriculture secretary, trump's cabinet is now cleat. and here's a breakdown of that cabinet by the numbers. >> 13 of the traditional 15
9:22 am
13 of the 15 are white. >> now, nine of those 15 are the people who have never been elected officials or have run for office, while 6 of 15 are either politicians or former political candidates. >> just 2 of the 15 are women, compared with four for barack obama's first cabinet. one is african-american, which equals obama's first cabinet. >> there are no latinos and no politicians from the opposing party in trump's cabinet, versus two latinos and one republican in obama's. >> trump's team has defended the lack of latinos, saying they're focused on hiring te inine inin people and uniting the country. and coming up, celebrating donald trump's presidency. how russian lawmakers are welcoming the new administration and how long until president putin and the president of our country may meet in person.
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well, it looks like some in russia are embracing president donald trump. some russians threw parties to celebrate his inauguration. some russian lawmakers are welcoming the new administration. >> trump is a real american, and of course he will be
9:26 am
>> a spokesperson says putin is ready to meet president trump but adds that make take months. as expected, "saturday night live" took a jab at the new president. >> you don't say. while we didn't see alec baldwin's portrayal of the new president, "snl" took a different approach using a fake vladimir putin to hit the crowd size of his inauguration. >> donald, let's talk as friends. you're not off to a great start, man. i thought you'd be better at this. however, i'm glad to see so many people showed up to your inauguration. oh, wait. that's the women's march. here is inauguration. >> at the end of the show, the "snl" cast paid tribute to former president barack obama. they stood in front of a large black and white portrait of the former president and sang "to sir, with love." didn't they give him a mug or something? >> they give him a mug at the end.
9:27 am
around the world, how the women's march is spreading its message to cities across the globe. and we have your forecast coming up. we're off to a foggy start. soon heavy rain will be here. tom is updating the forecast with your hour-by-hour timing on the showers.
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9:29 on this sunday morning. here are the top stories that we're following for you. no arrests made during the women's march on washington yesterday. the d.
9:30 am
crowd size there exceeded 500,000 people. it's a busy day for president trump. the president will oversee the swearing in of his high-level staffers. he'll also attend a reception for the first responders who supported his inauguration. white house press secretary sean spicer slammed the media yesterday, criticizing the reporting on the size of friday's inauguration. he claimed, quote, it was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe. this busy news weekend just doesn't stop on more on tap today. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm angie goff. if you're hoping for the sun, today is not the day we're going to get it. tom kierein is actually here tracking some rain drops on the way. >> hey, tom. >> yeah, i'm out here on the storm team 4 weather desk in northwest washington. don't let the gray sky keep
9:31 am
from getting outside. it's fairly pleasant. temperatures are hovering in the upper 40s. here's live view from our storm team 4 prince george's county camera at national harbor. you can see the gray sky there reflected in the waters of the potomac river. throughout the day today, we'll just stay cloudy. some light rain arrives by 6:00 p.m. out of and on light rain this evening. some heavier downpours for the morning commute tomorrow. >> tom, thank you very much. breaking news. two people are dead after a car crash earlier this morning. >> news 4's david culver is at the live desk with the details. >> a very busy morning, adam and angie. it continues now. this all started at 1:30 this morning. deputies tried to pull over a driver. we're told that driver then took off, evading deputies. the deputy went after him. a short time later, the
9:32 am
tree near where you see on that map right there. evergreen mills road and stone springs boulevard. the deputy pulls the driver out of the car as the car catches fire. the two passengers died at the scene. their names have not yet been released. we do know who the driver is, according to deputies. 25-year-old david brown. he's been charged with reckless driving. angie? >> all right. thank you, david. a day after the inauguration, women's march crowds filled the national mall on this foggy day. so many people turned out for the event that the actual march never really moved much and instead the crowd stretched along what was supposed to be the two-mile route. jay gray takes you into the middle of what exploded into an international movement. >> reporter: the streets and national mall started to fill early, some climbing trees, others standing on cars. 500,000 or more taking over the
9:33 am
>> you're just going to run into barriers. you have to head north. >> reporter: the direction for most here was clear, evident from the homemade signs that so many were carrying and the words that echoed from the crowds. >> this is what democracy looks like. >> reporter: and the stage, where dozens of celebrities joined the grassroots effort. >> if we do not stand together, march together, fight together for the next four years, then we will lose together. >> reporter: unity shared by tens of thousands topped in pink. >> it is a symbol of the woman grabbing back. >> reporter: and while the new president was the primary target for many of the women and men here, the message runs deeper. >> to me, it's about what we're for instead of what we're against. we're for women. we're for equality. >> reporter: there were hundreds of sister marches across the country, but the flash point was washington. >> this is important for me right now to engage in our democracy. >> reporter: a march and message that hundreds of thousands across the country hope will resonate in the nation's
9:34 am
jay gray, nbc news, washington. >> and many of you have been sharing pictures from the women's march on washington on social media. here are a couple. my daughters deserve to be treated fairly and with respect. this is another one that shows a sign which reads "she's someone," and then crossed out are titles beneath it. this picture shows participants actually stacking their signs to try to replicate the illusion of a wall. and this little girl is holding a sign which reads "coach once told me that i run like a girl and i told him that if he runs faster then he can too." we'd love to see your picture aens hear your thoughts about the march. well, you may have noticed those pink hats being worn yesterday. some of them were made here in d.c. earlier this week, we talked to organizers who knitted the hats
9:35 am
they told us that wearing pink is a powerful statement about being unapologetically feminine as well as standing for women's rights. it's also a symbol of solidarity, referencing president trump's comments about grabbing women by their private parts. tens of thousands of women around the world held sister marches for the women's march on washington. they flooded parks, streets, city squares from sydney to mexico city. nbc has a report on that. >> reporter: a big day in washington, but countries around the world also reacting to friday's inauguration of donald trump. hundreds of women's marches this saturday all across the world, sister rallies to the main event in washington. one of the biggest was right here in london. we saw tens of thousands of demonstrators taking to the streets just after midday. >> the very first day of his presidency is marked by an international wave of protests. that is historic.
9:36 am
they were carrying were about gender equality and congresswomen's rights. clearly a lot of folks intending to send a message to donald trump as well. some of the protesters expressing outrage over what was perceived as sexist behavior by him on and off the trail. >> we want to make a deference in the world. women shouldn't be treated badly because of their gender. >> it's a free world. he thinks it's okay to grope women. what message does that send to all men of the world? >> reporter: the crowd in london was diverse. men, women, families. the mayor of london was also present. he's made no secret of his disdain for president trump. organizers say the turnout here in london was anywhere from 80,000 to 100,000, the second largest outside of the united states. nbc news, london. well, some of the inaugural day protesters have been released. one by one, some of the 230 people arrested were set free outside of d.c. superior court. police were doin
9:37 am
just in case. crowds chanted as each person came out of that courtroom. part of the judge's release order told the protesters to, quoted, not get arrested again in d.c., end quote. a spokesperson for the u.s. attorney's office says many could face a sentence of up to a decade in prison and up to a $25,000 fine. moderator chuck todd will speak with senate minority leader chuck schumer and counselor to the president kellyanne conway. chuck will join us for a preview at 10:15. many of us are waking up to thickin thick fog. tom is updating the forecast. and developing right now, dozens killed as a train goes off the tracks in india. the massive rescue effort as crews cut riders out of coach cars.
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a mysterious homicide in prince george's county has police searching for clues. they say a man's body was found in the woods yesterday afternoon. police say there was trauma to his body, but they have not released any information about the victim. no suspect has been identified. train tragedy in india. at least 32 people dead, 50 hurt after a train derailed in southern india around midnight. rescue crews tried to cut out the mangled coach cars in an effort to rescue riders. workers used flashlights to peer through the windows there. police say most of the dead and injured were in sleeper cars. a massive earthquake has struck the solomon islands in the pacific ocean. the pacific tsunami warning center says that it could create tsunami waves on nearby islands. there have been no immediate reports of deaths or damage. these islands are part of the geologically active ring of fire. right now a live look at or
9:41 am
a round of heavy showers is headed our way. tom is tracking the timing that you're going to wt to watch an
9:42 am
9:43 am
good morning. some low clouds and light mist falling in the immediate metro area. these areas in gray, we have a dense fog advisory. it's been canceled for all of virginia, but still in effect in these gray areas in maryland and west virginia. it's been extended nnt
9:44 am
1:00 p.m., where visibles could be a quarter mile or less. definitely have your healths on when you're out there. for your fitness forecast for today, don't let the low clouds and fog scare you away. get out, get some exercise. temperatures by noontime near 50, hovering in the mid-50s mid afternoon. some rain arrives by 6:00 p.m. and continues off and on into this evening. new timing on that rain into monday coming up. >> tom, thank you very much. president donald trump's first full day in the white house was a busy one. started with a prayer and ended with sharp criticism of the media. nbc's brian mooar has a look. >> reporter: president trump began his first full day in office on a traditional note at a national prayer service, but he veered into unconventional territory hours later during a peace mission at the cia. >> i am so behind you, and i know maybe sometimes you haven't gotten the backing that you've
9:45 am
>> reporter: after weeks of dismissing intelligence community findings about russia hacking the election and claiming the cia's director leaked fake news, he now professes deep respect. >> i am with you a thousand percent, and the reason you're my first stop is a that, as you know, i have a running war with the media. they are among the most dishonest human beings on earth. >> reporter: he accused the media of piping a feud that doesn't exist, then claimed reporters lowballed crowd estimates for his inauguration. >> it looked like a million, million and a half people. they showed a field where there was nobody standing there. >> reporter: new press secretary sean spicer made the case in an unusual saturday briefing at the white house. >> this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe. >> reporter: this was the view from the washington monument as donald trump took the oath of office, an image that's now the subject of debate.
9:46 am
washington. president trump will meet with his first foreign leader this week. british prime minister theresa may is expected to visit trump on friday. the president will also meet with mexico's president at the end of the month. they're expected to talk about trade, immigration, and security. of course, president trump has proposed building a wall along the southern border and insists that mexico will pay for it. prayers are being offered for the new president and the nation. washington's archbishop cardinal donald whirl celebrated mass last night at the cathedral of st. matthew the apostle. he offered a special prayer for those part of the new administration. he asked the congregation to use religion as a way to unite the country through change. >> we bring our gifts, our vision, our hopes, our aspirations as we open a new chapter, and we pray that god's spirit be with all of us. >> the cardinal was also part of the national prayer service held for the trump and pence families
9:47 am
earlier in the day. pope francis says he wants to see what president donald trump will do before giving an opinion of him. he spoke with a spanish newspaper saying he doesn't like to evaluate people too soon. when asked about populist style leaders, he warned against looking for a savior during times of crisis. former first lady barbara bush might get out of a houston hospital today. she's been recovering from a case of bronchitis. however, a family spokesperson says her family, former president george h.w. bush, is expected to stay in intensive care for a few more days. the 92-year-old is being treated for breathing problems from pneumonia. well, the first family, meanwhile, is settling into their new home on pennsylvania avenue. >> donald trump jr. posted this video to instagram and twitter. it shows his wife vanessa throwing the bowling ball down the white house bowling lane. don jr. took notice and said
9:48 am
quote, doing pretty well considering she's in heels. by the way, the bowling alley has only one lane. i think that's a mirror right there. it was first built by president truman back in 1947, then in 1969 president nixon moved it to its current location, which is in the basement under the front entrance. >> that's awesome. i mean, any time you want to go, just go down to the basement. >> the grandkids are going to love that. >> that alone is worth being president. your own bowling alley. >> my father used to say that's not thunder, they're just bowling up in heaven. >> love it. >> no thunder for us today, right? >> no thunder today, but light rain likely coming in by this evening. so between now and then, plan accordingly. should stay dry. just a light mist is falling out of the low overcast. here's how low the overcast is. this camera is about 300 feet up. that's about the bottom of the clouds.
9:49 am
right down at the surface, not much fog around. chill iy and damp here through e morning hours. just cloudy and cool this afternoon. by 6:00 p.m., some light rain begins to move in. don't have any right now, but there's some down to the south here just along the coast. that's going to stay east of us during this evening. this other area of rain coming into mississippi, this is the one that's likely going to be coming up our way. that's going to be later in the evening. so by 5:00 p.m. or so, maybe a little bit of light rain breaking out. by 8:00 to 9:00, just occasional light rain, moderate showers until mid mignighmidnight. it's after midnight and during the morning commute monday that we'll likely get mod rerate to heavy downpours. then it breaks up and tapers off after noontime during the day
9:50 am
by 6:00 p.m., may get some wet snowflakes mixing in with the rain drops in this lavender zone. likely no accumulation there. maybe only minor on some grassy areas. for the monday commute, it will be wet. wet roads all throughout the day on monday. those moderate downpours in the morning through noontime may cause some ponding of water in low-lying areas. in addition, blustery winds tomorrow morning, gusting up to around 30 miles an hour for your morning, waiting at the bus stop and for the metro it's going to be a blustery and wet, and then that rain tapers off in the afternoon with highs reaching the low 50s. storm team 4 ten-day outlook, finally getting sun back tuesday afternoon with highs mid-50s. gorgeous day on wednesday. sunshine with highs around 60. then starts getting chilly after that but remains dry into next weekend. may have our first freezing temperatures in the mornings on friday, saturday, sunday, and monday. first ones in a long time, that is. that's th
9:51 am
from d.c. to across the world, the similar scenes playing out from coast to coast, including right up to trump tower. we're back aft e
9:52 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can deliver internet speeds differently. welcome to 8 and a half maple street. it's half a house. and even though it only has half the headroom, half a hallway, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons. because they have fios, the only 100% fiber optic network with uploads as fast as downloads, their half house has full internet. cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of their downloads.
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but they think it's a little odd to pay for uploads that aren't up to speed. get 150 meg internet with equal uploads and downloads, tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year. cable can't offer speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. well, congressman john lewis joined big crowds at the women's march in atlanta yesterday afternoon. they walked from the center for civil and human rights to the state capitol. lewis boycotted president donald trump's inauguration, saying that he did not consider him a
9:54 am
dozens of other democratic lawmakers joined the boycott. meanwhile in chicago, at least 75,000 people were expected to attend the women's march there, but the estimates grew to roughly 250,000. that's according to accordingers. due to the large record crowd numbers, the march transitioned to a rally in grant park, which is in downtown chicago. and from chicago to the big apple, where tens of thousands of demonstrators marched in new york city. >> and the march stretched from the united nations headquarters to trump tower. nbc's michael george was there to record their messages for the new president. >> reporter: unprecedented. hundreds of thousands marched on trump tower, demonstrators as far as the eye could see, all hoping to send a message to president trump. >> so it's very important for us to speak our minds and make it known that now that he's the president, we still have a voice. >> reporter: many told us this is the first time they'd ever participated in a protest. they came from new york, new jersey, and connecticut. women and men. >> why? because it affects everybody. it affects usll
9:55 am
>> we believe it's important that trump and his administration understand they are public servants. >> reporter: the march attracted many celebrities, like whoopi goldberg. >> i think it's phenomenal because, you know, if we don't do it, who's going to fight for us? >> reporter: and protecting the protest, hundreds of members of the nypd. but the protests remained peaceful, even into the night, and even as a small group of pro-trump supporters confronted the crowd. demonstrators told us they felt they were able to send a message without violence. >> it empowers people to speak their voice. and it doesn't have to be violent. it can be peaceful. from coast to coast to around the world, how the well, the fog is slowly clearing, but heavy rain is coming our way. tom is updating the forecast with how you can plan ahead for the monday morning commute.
9:56 am
i'm kristen wright in fairfax county. a teenager shot in a residential neighborhood in alexandria. how he is doing and what neighbors saw overnight.
9:57 am
9:58 am
as you know, i have a running war with the media. >> this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period, fr both in person and
9:59 am
right now on "news 4 today," seeking the truth. the new comment from president trump and the dispute whether video tells a different story about inauguration crowds. spreading a message. from d.c. to around the globe, millions are calling on donald trump to hear out their concerns. first was the fog, now the rain we have to be concerned about. storm team 4 tracking showers and how you can plan for downpours headed our way. heading into the 10:00 hour on what has been a busy couple of days. >> that's right. and now weather-wise, we are bracing for some rain that's actually going to spill into our next workweek or so and impact your morning commute. let's look ahead with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. >> hey. right now things are fine. just some low clouds, a little bit of light mist falling in some areas this morning. otherwise, just some low cloud cover. the dense fog we had earlier this morning, much of it is beginning to dissipate. there's a live view from our
10:00 am
camera overlooking national harbor. all these areas in gray are under this dense fog advisory. it's been extended now until 1:00 p.m. it's been canceled for virginia. that's just to our north. visibilities in those locations could be as much as a quarter of a mile or less here for another few hours. and then some of that rain arriving later this evening as temperatures will be hovering just in the low 50s this afternoon. the rain coming in maybe around 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. could get heavy at times monday. a look at that hour by hour coming up in just a few minutes. >> all right, tom. thank you very much. we have breaking news out of fair ffax county this morning. mt. vernon police say a teen has been shot. >> kristen wright just arrived at the scene. what have you found out? >> reporter: well, this kid is only 14 years old. police telling us that he is in serious condition but stable. now, he was shot somewhere in the block here


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