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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  January 23, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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first, chuck bell is back with sheen ma parveen this morning. this is not what we like to see to start the workweek, my friend. >> not at all. it is a monday and unfortunately there's nothing but clouds and rain drops and wind and ugliness through your monday. there's a look at national airport, socked in with low clouds and low visibility. for us today, breezy and wet this morning. grab the biggest umbrella you can to try and stay dry. gusty winds could be up to 40 nearly 50-mile-per-hour gusts this the afternoon. do know that it is going to be an impactful weather day. toll, turning breezy. monday morning is all about the rain drops. here is sheena parveen tracking it on radar. yes, the rain this morning, welcome back, chuck. we missed you. the rain is going to stay in the forecast. this morning, ho
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much around. it's misty outside. we have wet roads and that is getting windy. right now, 47 fwres in the district. 7:00 a.m., windy with showers around. gusty conditions. more showers trying to move in. noon, we've be heavier rain. let's check the roadways this morning with melissa mollet. good morning. taking a look right now at a couple of different problems here, sheena. southbound 3. >> do you like that? very classy. >> we have lots of different moving parts and with never know which way to go. and a new problem at qb parkway with the downed tree. southbound after 123, a crash reported there. really going to start slowing things, no
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few minutes. ramp crashed on both sides of the tollway. seven locks shout down between glennen drive .rose dale drive. we'll talk about it. other problems we have in virginia, and do travel times coming up in had about ten minutes. team coverage on this weather alert day. >> she is on the beltway in pribs georges county. how is it looking where you are right now? >> hey, eun, good morning to you. we're actually now in green belt on new beltway road. i hope you can see the flag blow on that checkers fast food restaurant. it is a windy, misty rain. we actually rolled down the windows and the water just smacks you in the face here. you can see ton
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that road spray will come up oi on you with a car in front of you. staying on top of the conditions this morning. back to you now. >> thank you, mollett. angie goff is following some news about deadly tornados. >> one woman is very, very lucky to be alive. this woman says she woke up pinned to her bed after a tree smashed through her roof and into her home. she was seriously hurt, but expected to be okay. in georgia, a trail of wreckage remains scattered a across the state. the worst of it, a mobile home park 60 mouth south of albany. president donald trump saying george will get federal help. back to you, aaron. >> all right, angie, thank you. ap
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donald trump will begin his first full week in office. >> here is a look at four things to know about the day ahead. the president will have a breakfast and listening session with business leaders. he is expected to sign executive orders and meet with congressional leaders from both parties the today. >> the white house says they are at the beginning stages of discussing the move from tel aviv to jerusalem. white house pretty secretary sean spicer will hold his first official press briefing today. he accused the media of fally reporting the number of people who attended the inauguration. and the senate committee will vote on the nomination of rex tillerson. marco rubio could be a key vote here. it is 6:04. lawyers are planning to file a lawsuit against donald trump. the nonprofit group of citizens for responsibilities in ethics
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interests put the president in violation of the constitution by receiving payments from foreign governments. the white house says, quote, the president has no conflicts. kellyanne conway says the president will not release his tax returns. it res vers campaign promises to do so after an audit is completed. conway on meet the press coined the term "alternative facts" when asked about sean spicer's comments about the crowd size of friday's inauguration. cooperating this morning, san antonio's police chief call aes shooting inside a mall senseless. one person is dead and several others hearse. two people tried to rob a kay jewelers store. another person who had a permit for a concealed weapon shot one of the suspects. we're told that suspect is in critical condition this morning. the other suspect was arrested. and right now,
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the person who shot at one of their officers. someone opened fire on a police cruiser early this morning. the bullet hit the cruiser's rear window. the suspect's car was a late middle 90s black sedan with white molding on the doors. coming up at 6:30, we'll have a live report from the scene from news 4's derrick ward. a man is facing attempted murder charges now after police say he kid snapped and assaulted a grocery store employee in gaithersburg. mocht gomry police say james odum held a woman at knife point on saturday. the victim told police odum dragged her to the back of the store, choked her and said he was going to kill her. when bliss say when another customer came into the store, odum stopped and ran out. today, the woman convicted of killing her husband's ex-wife will be sentenced in 2013. the woman traveled to montgomery county to tennessee to help her husband kill hiswi
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germantown. the couple was tried together in 2014. the husband was sentenced to life in prison and she was granted a new trial because of ineffective counsel. she was convicted a second time in november. some good news if you are headed out of town today. united airlines is flying again after a nationwide ground stop. this was the scene at reagan national as flights started to get back to normal. the outage came down on low bandwidth. international flights were not affected by the ground stop. the flights resumed around 9:00 last night. patriots fans and falcons fans, you are almost there.. there is only one game left in the nfl season in two weeks. new england and atlanta are facing off in super bowl li. the falcons have the best offense during the regular season. a
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defense. what a matchup. it could come down to the quarterback, though, matt ryan and tom brady. brady is making his nfl record seventh appearance in the super bowl. he's a favorite to win the mvp this year, even though he was suspended for the four games of the season. matt ryan also considered a contender for the mvp. the game sunday, february 5th. i'm a huge skins fan. i don't really have -- >> a dog in this fight, right? >> yae right. the falcons have never won a super bowl. patriots fans, don't call me. i'm just pointing that out. just stating a fact, there you go. . millions marched around the world for a cause that kicked off here in d.c. what's the next step to take action after the women's march? plus, former president bush and his wife are about to be
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for the last three years in a row, the planet has broke b temperature records. >> either is now 8 degrees warmer than in the late 19th century. scientists say the warming trend can be changed by making cleaner energy choices. wet weather instead of hot weather seems the be in the forecast today. you need an umbrella and keep in mind, it's going to be windy today,
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so the umbrella might be blowing inside out for a time. monday chute, this morning, 8:00 a.m., wet roads will have showers around. mostly lighter showers, i think, by 8:00 a.m. by noon is when we'll have steadiering, heavier rain moving in. not too much of a temperature difference as we go through dayed the. by 5:00 p.m. for your evening commute, the rain still lingering. here is a look at the radar. most of the area may be seeing misty conditions. rain south of fredericksburg. later into today, we'll take a closer look at the timeline of th that. brand new problem in virginia we've been talking about this morning. sounds like we have a cyclist that was just hit here, rockville pike at jones bridge road. as sheena was saying, this had problem in virginia, mcclain, kirby road and
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southbound gw parkway a downed tree. so a couple of problems there on gw parkway. 66 inbound is pretty slow. so is quantityco to the beltway on 95. all of this thanks to the rain, generally speaking. the top of the beltway, okay. >> the debate over the size of friday's inauguration crowd continues this morning after white house pretty secretary sean spicer slammed the media for what he called false reporting on the issue. kellyanne conway went on "meet the press" and said spicer used certain facts. >> why did he do that.? it undermines the entire credibility on the white house press office on day one. >> don't be overly dramatic about it, chuck. year saying it's a falsehood and
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facts to that. conway went on to echo spicer's claim that it wasn't possible to count the crowd. conway sthaugd chuck todd's insistence on asking why spicer delivered a demonstrably different -- >> basically, it's igniting a standoff between the trump administration and the media. for example, posts like this one from reuters defending the photo of the crowd at the inauguration. kellyanne conway responded to the whole situation on twitter about "met the press" got the facts wrong. >> the president took the twittory react to the women's march on washington. watched protests yesterday but was under the impression that we had just had an election. why didn't these people vote. then he took a softer tone writing, quote, peaceful protests are a hallmark of our democracy. even if d
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to express their views. organizers are trying to keep up the momentum after saturday's marches. accord iing to the women's marc website, they are had launch ago new campaign. it's called ten actions for the first 100 days. it includes asking women to write a postcard to their senators about what matters to them host. other women's groups are encouraging women to run for local public office. d.c. police arrested another protester from friday's inauguration clashes. investigators say dane powell threw rocks at officers. he's from largo, florida, and escaped duringing all the chaos. 230 people were rested. 50 people claim they were wrongfully put in custody. rm toer first lady barbara bush could be released from the hospital today. and he sh her husband had at a houston hospital right now. mrs. bush was treated for bronchitis. she could have left the hospital this weekend, but she chose to stay with her husband. president bush had breathing problems and is in the icu. h
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though. it is now 6:16. goinging this morning, at least 18 people have been killed over the weekend across the south after powerful storms swept through. take a look at this. this is a tornado that was reported. it caused death and destruction. >> mike seidel is in nashville, georgia, with a closer look at some of this destruction. mike, good morning. >> good morning. we have 14 of those 18 killed here in georgia. yesterday morning, a tornado came right through here hitting its trail on a mobile home park. there seven died. .then we had four additional deaths and three in albany yesterday afternoon. we're about 3 1/2 hours south of atlanta. you get a sense of the strength of the winds. remember july 4th weekend, that delreicho hit. this trees has to be about 150
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that's about a 12 to 15 foot root ball. get a look at the damage on this house. there was a family a home, a couple and their young twins and they're fine. but not so lucky down the street. an elderly couple in their 80s in a firm home with brick construction when a tree fell on it. they had a 35-minute warning on this twitter. but, again, it's those nocturnal tornados. they're 2 1/2 more deadly than twisters in the daytime. like this one hitting at 3:45 in the morning, they were asleep. they either didn't know about the watch and the warning and unfortunately we had devastation and deaths. 14 here, four on saturday in hattiesburg, mississippi, bringing the death toll to 18. cleanup will continue today under fairer skies and the threat of severe weather has left us for the time being. back to you in d.c. >> mike, it looks like you have a survivor, a friend with you there at
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>> yeah, right down here. this kitty cat, i think the cat lives with the family here and just showed up this morning and he's taken a real liking to me. come here, kitty. say hi to the folks in washington. well, maybe not. >> careful there, mike. >> i picked him up -- i picked him up earlier and he was a little tense, but doing okay. well fed. i think, again, lives here at this house. >> mike seidel live for us in georgia. thank you, mike. >> no wonder the cat is skittish, considering what -- what it went through. >> i flew back from atlanta on saturday and there were tornados only about an hour's south of atlanta's airport. you know the information that give us information, we had a 120-mile-per-hour tailwind flying from atlanta to washington coming up about 3:00 in the afternoon. so that shows you the real power that mother nature was working with, not j
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for us, we are in store for a windy and wet day today. it's already wet and foggy outside this morning. won't be cold. temperatures are in the mid to upper 40s. we'll stay mostly in the upper 40s. might get over 50 degrees for a time today, but expect the steadiest of the rain to come in late morning through lunchtime today. and winds could gust 25 to 35 miles per hour. maybe even stronger than that nearer to the chesapeake bay. here this morning, thunderstorms coming across the virginia/north carolina border headed up into central and southwestern virginia. more storms from virginia beach down into the outer banks. wind advisories for the washington area, gale warnings on the bay. this first pocket of heavy rain will go into parts of the shennendoah valley. here is a look at future weather. by 9:00, heavy rain, out towards the i-81 corridor. best chance for heavy rain. here is lunchtime right in the heart of the city here. heavy rain, fairfax, montgomery and loudoun coes
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coming in potentially around 4:00 in the afternoon. both the morning and the evening commute will be hit hard today. arlington, the district eastbound of the bay and eastern shore here. again, closer to the bay and at higher elevations along the crest of the blue ridge. winds could gust as much as 50 miles per hour at times. so the next five days look like this. rainey and windy today. showers ending early tomorrow. breezy tomorrow. mildest day, best day of the week will be wednesday. cooling trend as we head towards thursday and friday. we'll give you the whole ten-day forecast and a closer look at the weekend coming up at 6:51. for now, melissa mollet on a monday morning. good morning. rockville park at jones bridge road. do have a crash involving a cyclist. we just got off the phone with montgomery police. they say that is the same thing they're hearing and they're on their way now with fire and rescue. westbound 7 on the beltway, stay left to get by a new crash in mcclain.
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there in potomac. seven locks closed between glennen drive and rosedale drive. southbound 301 near 197, left lane there is blocked. beltway at whichever road. this is how it looks almost everywhere. beltway is okay, but nice and wet everywhere this morning. be back in ten minutes. we'll see you then. new at 6:30, chelsea clinton defending a trump. which member of the new first family she is sticking up for. but if first, officer to the rescue, a driver saved from a fiery crash. up next, hear from the prince geor ge
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time is 6:25. this morning, baseball players and fans are remembering a player who died the you're looking at video of a memorial for ventura. he was a pitcher for the kansas city royals. he was killed in a car crash in the dominican republic yesterday. he was 25 years old. this is video of the scene of that crash which is still being investigated right now. ventura won the world series in 2014 with his team. a prince georges county police officer insists he is not a hero after he pulled somebody from a burning car. >> was driver near route 301 when he value a big plume of smoke. the other driver was trapped. piazza and some
6:26 am
into action grabbing fire extinguishers and went to work. >> another citizen used my knife to cut the driver's seat belt off and that's when we started working to get him out of the vehicle. i think it's really great that citizens and, you know, of prince georges county can work together. that's what we did in that situation. the driver is expected to on survive his injuries. officer piazza would like to thank them. >> we'll tell what you one driver did that may have saved their life. and it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. four things to k no
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felonies aalert, a new investigation after someone shot at a police cruiser. expect new xrve orts from president trump and who will lead the cia. bad batteries, samsung and cell phones, we're hearing an explanation for the first time. news 4 today starts now. it is 6:30. good morning p good morning to you. >> news 4 is working for you monitoring conditions outside. it is very wet and a wind advisory is in effect. >> that means it will be a messy commute. here is a live look at 270. expect the rain to slow you down out there and don't forget about the winds. >> we have our team of storm team 4 meteorologists on this weather alert day. chuck and sheena have four things to know for us. hey, twice. >> good mortgage to you.. yes, indeed.
6:31 am
workweek. wind and rain will slow down your plans. four today on your way out, it's as ugly as a monday can be. rain and wind will impact you from start to finish today. and it will be a wind driven rain at that. winds could gust over 40 miles per hour at times this afternoon, so really hold on to your hat. could get a clearing in the day late in the day for tomorrow. wednesday will be the nicest day of the week. for you cold weather haters, no bitter cold in sight. let's talk temperatures and rain drops, sheena. >> good morning, guys. welcome back. temperatures not too bad. we have the rain moving in and the wind is around, too. and that wind will stick around in the day today. keep that in mind. right now in the district, 47 degrees. windy, showers around by 7:00 a.m. by noon, i think we'll see even heavier rain across the area. locally, we're seeing misty conditions, wet roads
6:32 am
morning, light rain near fredericksburg, remington. down to the south, we have more heavy rain moving in. that area that i circled, that's what we're going to be watching as we go through the late rain and closer to lunchtime. new problem out there on the roads. >> this is outer loop, the ramp to georgia avenue. we have a crash slowing things down just a bit here. rockville park at jones bridge road, sill have this crash in report of a cyclist struck trying to get more information about that one here from montgomery county police. they were just respond whg we talked to them a couple of minutes ago. webb, doesn't seem so bad this morning. inner room and outer loop, no major issues on the beltway. seven locks shut down between glennen drive and rosedale. travel times in ten. it's 6: 32. breaking news in fairfax county. shots ring out in the great falls area. some someone shot at a police cruiser on georgetown park and
6:33 am
derrick ward is live from the scene now with more on the search for a suspect. derrick. >> well, good morning, eun. this all started with a traffic stop. i want you to take a look. we are here along georgetown pike. take a look at a map. gives you a sense of the area. the actual traffic stop started down on ad hoc road. what happened was this cruiser ended up with a bullet hole in it. take a look at that cruiser. it was towed away from the scene not too long ago. it was about midnight when the fairfax county police cruiser tried to pull over a car. as that car pulled over, a passenger jumped out of that car and started running. a cruiser started to follow the passenger. the car kept on dune the road a bit and started heading towards the cruiser. when they got close, several shots were fired from that cruiser. at least one shot hit the
6:34 am
a bullet hole over the passenger side rear wheel. from what we know, both the driver and the occupants of that car and the person who jumped out are not in custody, but police are looking for a four-door sedan. it's either a late 90s early 2000 months squaw or toyota. it's white with black molding around the doors and a passenger window is shot out. it was last seen westbound on georgetown pike. and we are told that the cruiser's on-board camera may have captured some of that harrowing incident. and no one injured that we know of at least in the cruiser at this point. we have live here on georgetown pike. derrick ward, news 4. back tu. 6:34. new this morning, one person unaccounted for after a fire tears through a home in clarksburg. this happened on hanes road just after 2:00 a.m. and had had is all that remains of that home after the fire. hanes road is closed now between lewis dale road and prices distillery road.
6:35 am
begins his first full week in office today. he is kicking off with a busy schedule. this morning, the president will hold a breakfast and listening session with business leaders. he's expected to sign executive orders, as well. later today, he will host a reception can congressional leaders from both parties and on tri, he will meet his first foreign leader as president. that's british prime minister theresa may. and this morning, the national parks service is cleaning up after the inauguration and the women's march on washington. >> crews have on remove all the structures they built for the various events. last night, they began tearing down the stage from the make america great again concert. that will last until thursday. also theed, crews will continue picking up the while decking that was placed on the mall to protect the grass that was recently installed. >> if that hadn't been down, we would probably be looking at some significantly different. that did its job. it could be march before lafayet p
6:36 am
dismantling the grand stand and viewing stands is a big job since it has concrete footing and hard wired electric i. and a victory for metro. i pl it played a key role in transporting all those people over the weekend. soort, more than 1 million people used metro for the women's march. that is the second busiest day in the transit history. metro served more than 2 million people from friday to sunday. former first daughter chelsea clinton is making it clear it is not okay to target presidential children. >> she took to twitter to defend barron trump. she posted, barron trump deserves a chance, every child does to be a kid. stanning up for children means opposing presidential policy. some calling the post hypocritical. protests and
6:37 am
inauguration day. why lawyers say police arrested people who did nothing wrong. plus a flooding emergency. a car is washed away. we'll tell you how the driver escaped. an
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good morning, everyone. 6:40 now on a monday morning. and it is not going to be a pretty day to be outside. no heavy rain around the area just yet. for now, the heaviest rains across virginia and those are peeling their way up into the mountains of west virginia. we'll have pockets of heavy rain around here between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 and
6:41 am
temperatures will be up around 50 this afternoon. the winds could gust up to 40 miles per hour at sometimes today. the raincoat, hat and the biggest umbrella you have. the daily grade for the day today, it's the worst. rain and wind on a monday, temperatures near 50. ten-day forecast in ten minutes. good morning, melissa. >> morning. outer loop to georgia avenue, a crash there. hearing about another problem on 395 so we'll talk about that. lee highway, a new accident there, as well. travel 250i78s, 66 inbound and 95 north are very as low as slow. this likely because of rain across the area this morning. 270 was okay, now not looking so hot. 36 miles per hour here. and top of the beltway, 95 to 270, also pretty slow. listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car this morning opinion. trap
6:42 am
how woman woman woke up after tornados drove through the south. how she tried to use searry to get help. and why some claim trump may be violating the constitution. >> right now, we're headed to montgomery county. there is a report of a downed tree blocking traffic in both
6:43 am
6:44 am
rainey commute, wind advisories from the radar to the s.
6:45 am
team 4 coverage. dude, i think that's a tornado. >> a winter twist wither, trees topple. new stories of survival after a deadly weekend. >> if you would have just seen, you would know it's nothing but god. on the agenda, executive orders, national security inauguration crowds are still top of mind. sean spicer, our pret press secretary, gave alternative facts to that. >> wait a minute, alternative facts? right now, it's k67 45, it is a wet mess and the whipped is a factor on this weather alert day, too. a live look here at i-66. >> the weather will impact your morning and it will get heavier throughout the day. and we have team coverage for you. we've been out on the roads all morning from d.c. to prince georges county. we
6:46 am
with mollett green who is monitoring the conditions for drivers. >> good morning, guys. we're in bethesda now. we came out here after we first learned about this large tree falling on to some power lines. the crews just told us that a tree was on fire a little earlier. right now, they're disconnecting the power. we're just south of brantley boulevard. that is what's going on right now as the crews try to figure this out. and make sure safety is of utmost importance in this area. there was a fire. right now, they're disconnecting the power. back to you. >> mollett, thank you. we will have team covera
6:47 am
minutes. as you head out this morning, you can see the live radar on your phone with the nbc washington app. 6:46. we have breaking news in bethes bethesda. >> aaron and eun, a cyclist has been struck on rockville park at jones bridge road. we're trying to get more information, find out is the person okay, did the driver stay on the scene. we do know that the road, all the lanes of traffic right now do remain open. stay with news 4 for updates. back to you. donald trump hs a big agenda for his first 100 days in office. and much of that work begins today. >> there is a lot on the trump administration's to do list. today, we're expecting new executive orders. president trump's meeting with congressional leaders and a debate and vote from mike pompeio. all this comes as the white house clashes with the media over the inauguration's crowd size which led to a heated interview on "meet the press." >> why did he do that? it undermines the
6:48 am
office -- >> no, it doesn't. don't be so overly dramatic about it, chuck. what it -- you're saying it's a false hood .they're giving -- sean spicer, our press secretary, gave alternative facts to that. >> conway went on to echo spicer's claim thaint was not possible to count the inauguration crowd. the senate foreign relations committee will vote on rex tillerson for secretary of state today. all eyes will be on marco rubio to see how he decides to vote. so far, he hasn't publicly stated his intentions. earlier this month, he had a heated exchange with tillerson over russia in his confirmation hearing. and lawyers are planning to file a lawsuit against donald trump. they will file that suit today. group says the business interests put the president in violation of the institution because he received payment from foreign governments. while white house aides hope hicks say the president has no conflicts. some o
6:49 am
were arrested during the inauguration protests have been released. hundreds of protesters appeared in d.c. superior court over the weekend. part of the judge's release order told the protesters to not get arrested again in d.c. 50 protesters are claiming they were wrongfully arrested. a man is now facing attempted murder charges after police say he kidnapped and assaulted a grocery store employee in gaithersburg. montgomery county police say james odum held a woman at knife point at the food express on saturday. the victim told police odum dragged her into the back of the store, coke her and said he was going to kill her. police say when another customer came into the store, odum stopped and ran out. we've been staying on top of breaking news this morning. fairfax county police are searching for the gunman who opened fire on one of their police cruisers. the shooting happened on georgetown pike and rossmore court earlier this morning. derrick ward is live at the scene now with more on the search for suspects. derrick. >> well, good morning.
6:50 am
but the investigation continues. take a look. this is a police cruiser that was involved. it was about midnight when police tried to pull over a car on georgetown pike near ad hoc road. as that happened, someone jumped out of the passenger side of the car and started running. the cruiser starts following that person that is running. the car that he got out of drove down the road a little bit, but then it starts heading towards the cruiser. at some point, shots were fired from that car at the cruiser. no one was injured inside the police car. and both the car as far as we know and the person who was on foot did get away. but police are looking for a four door sedan. it's a late nients or early 000 toyota or mazda with black trip or black holding around the doors and the passenger side window is broke b. derrick ward, news 4. we are tracking severe storms in california, too, this morning. it's raining there right now. but look at this
6:51 am
video where a car washed away. you can kind of see -- there was a woman inside that car. we're told that she actually managed to get out right before things got really scary here. look at that. you would. she was trying to get home from work, apparently. the rain knocked out power to tens of thousands of people in that area. emergency officials say this is the strongest storm in california in years. >> that is a car the imagine if there were people trapped in that water. technology helped save a woman after a tree came crashing through her roof. >> this happened over the weekends in mississippi. this is what the woman's home looked like after that tree smashed right into her bedroom. the trunk came down on her bed and she was trapped under it. the woman says she tried to get her cell phone's voice command to work, her sear iri, so she c dial for help. but when it didn't work, she was able to dial 911 herself. >> i could tell i was
6:52 am
tree off and then i could breathe again. >> if you would have just seen, you would know. it's nothing but god. i mean, it's a miracle. the woman is recovering from a head injury and a fractured pelvis. >> and when you look at the damage, the fact that she is alive, it does look like a miracle. wow. mind blowing. wow. 6:5 right now. nothing severe around here today, just that kind of annoying rain, right? yeah. the rainfall amounts won't be the biggest thing to worry about today. it will be those gusty winds out there. one of those days when the umbrella flips inside out or just rains and comes right under there, as well. >> but it could be worse. do you want to know how? check out our graphic here. one year ago today. >> oh! >> oh. >> works for you guys. i loved it. the blizzard of 2016 began one year ago today. anywhere between 20 and 40 inch hes of snow across the news 4 nation last year. and kids loved it. school was closed all week
6:53 am
perfect for sledding and snow man making. this year, no such luck, but make sure you follow us. have your nbc washington app downloaded and fired up for our weather alert day today. find me on twitter and facebook by looking for chuck bell 4. the sliding scale of misery for today, problems ga lower. steady rain and gusty winds for today. for tonight, really just back to inconvenience with showers off and on. not quite as windy tonight with temperatures in the 40s. and then for tomorrow, mostly the rain should be over with before lunchtime. might get a sliver or two of sunshine tomorrow afternoon as northwest winds begin he. they blows those clouds out of here. for a check on the wind very advisories in future weather, here is sheena parveen. we have the wind advisories out there. winds are kicking up across the area. so we're nearing that advisory level, but the wind will go until later on this afternoon. keep that in mind as you grab the umbrella. around the district and mooft
6:54 am
have the wind advisories. we're talking about wind gusts anywhere from 40 to 45 miles per hour. windy and rainey day today. temperatures won't be budging too much, though. 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts currently in the district. 29 in manassas. here is future weather. we get closer to 9 oshg a.m. steady rainfall developing. but lunchtime, that's when we'll see the heaviest of the rain. for today, light showers hanging around. could be seeing snow falling in the higher elevations. let's take a look at that ten day. chuck. >> yes, indeed. no cold, cold, cold air in sight for you. those of you that hate winter weather in the 50s with rain and wind today. breezy in the firsts. wednesday is the pick of the litter up near 60 and sunshine. a little colder as we head towards the weekend. good morning, melissa. good morning. 395 at duke street, had an earlier crash. that is out of the way. still had delays in the main ind
6:55 am
angie goff was talking about this problem from the live desk. a cyclist was hit. do not have any lanes blocked right now. outer loop ramp to georgia avenue, top of the beltway typically slow. earlier problem there is gone. maplesville road, a crash reported there. seven locks shun down between glennen drive and rosedale live. 270 northbound/southbound here at shady grove road looking okay right now. 66 and 95 pretty typical. same thing bottom of the beltway and all of these routes through prince georges county. it is 6:55 suspect samsung says it's figured out why its fwal axy note 7 phone ones were catching fire. >> in a new report, engineers say they've learned there were two different problems with two different batteries. one of the batteries had a design problem. the other had a manufacturing problem. samsung representatives say they will keep working to earn back customer trust. it is 6:a 56 just
6:56 am
now here are four things to know before you head out the door this morning. president trump meets with business leadersed. he tweeted the week will include a heavy focus on jobs and national security. more on the president's first week coming up "on the "today" show. look for updates on this story on the nbc washington app. and right now, fairfax county police are searching for the person who shot at one of their officers. someone opened fire on a police cruiser on georgetown pike in great falls early this morning. follow derrick ward on twitter for updates. and patriots fans and falcons fans are dancing this morning. they are the two teams headed to super bowl l had i on february 5th. if you like one of those teams, good luck. >> should be a great game, that's 230r sure. >> i'm torn. i was born in boston and raised in atlanta. >> who are you goc to root for? >> i'll come up with something. >> nicest day looks look it's
6:57 am
typically chilly as we head towards the end of the week and the weengend. still some some delays inbound 395 at duke street. earlier crash is out of the way and rockville pike at jones bridge road is slow, as well. >> we appreciate you waking up with us been. we'll be back in 25 minutes with weather, traffic and any breaking news. hope to see you then. until then, enjoy your day. >> make it a great monday, everybody.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. breaking overnight, a string of tornadoes crazy devastation across the south. at least 18 people killed, entire neighborhoods wiped out. >> just smooterings of what used to be homes thrown into the woods. and a new weather threat. a nasty nor'easter taking aims at millions. defendants in chief. the new president being formally sued this morning over hi hotel and television interests, as another debate swirls around false statements. are we entering a new era. >>su


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