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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  January 24, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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surge. tax tax preparers say this might be a tough one for a lot of people. >> these people aren't people making a lot of money. this is their biggest check. they need to pay off their credit card bills from christmas, get the car repaired and to wait 30 days really could hurt them. >> to protect yourself from scammers experts say you should file early, before a criminal can. you should also avoid giving out your social security number over e-mail or by phone. "news 4 today" starts now. 5:00 on the dot. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we're working to get you out the dar this morning. >> melissa will have the latest on the roads in just a minute. she's seeing trouble already this morning. let's start with chuck bell and sheena parveen. it's cold. it's wet. thanks, guys. >> you're welcome. >> anything we can do to help. >> messengers, aaron, they're just the mess edgers. >> that's right. not a very pretty morning outside today.
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yesterday turned out to be. cloudy skies. everywhere is still wet from the overnight rains. and plenty of puddles outside this morning. so be on the lookout for that. these little light rain showers and wet snowflakes as well. one of my weather watchers in the panhandle of west virginia, wet snow early this morning. send me a picture and we'll share it with everybody else. if you're thinking about the weekend good news it will be dry both days but it will be chilly with highs by the weekend only in the upper 30s to right around 40 degrees. what about the rest of today's forecast? let's go over to sheena and find out more about that. >> you know today is going to be a bigger improvement than yesterday, chuck. yesterday we had the rain and the wind and today we're going to get away from all that. except this morning it's damp and chilly before you walk out. make sure you grab a warm jacket. here's a look at the feels-like temperature because we still have that breeze out there feels like 30 degrees in the district. we have 20s on the map, gaithersburg feeling like 29 as well as leesburg. winchester feeling like 24 degrees. your fitness forecast for today, if you will be out there exsi
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a.m., wet pavement, still 37 degrees, by noon 41. and by 5:00 p.m., temperatures right around 47 degrees. we'll see some clearing, drier conditions. an update on the crash with melissa mollet. >> brand new problem before old georgetown road. this crash on the left side of the roadway. we are going to probably see some slowdowns if this hangs around too long this morning. still some roadwork hanging around westbound 50 after eaton place. you can see 66 and 95 not so bad. right now 270 from 70 down to the spur, you can see we are nice and clear there. so no problems through that area. same thing if you're headed northbound here this morning. new problem northbound 295, the ramp to the inbound 11th street bridge. we're going to have more information on all of this coming up. >> thank you, melissa. it is 5:02 and we continue our team coverage of the weather impact on your morning commute >> the rain has stopped falling for most. but it could still be slick out there. justin finch
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what are you seeing? >> aaron, good morning. some good news out here. the rain as you mentioned slacking off out here. take a look in front of us here. we still have a bit of a sheen on the roadway here on montrose road right under the woodmont country club here. the rain we have seen has been a light, steady rain, just enough to kind of annoy you out here. but also, give the streets this kind of slick effect here which can also be risky if you're speeding, as this car is in front of us here along the roadway here. so as you make your way to work and school this morning be mindful the rain is slacking up. it is still falling a bit. misty, and causing the streets to get kind of slick and risky if you are not being careful. back in to you. >> all right, justin, thank you. it's 5:03 right now. turning to president trump's first 100 days. and a live look at the capitol this morning. capitol hill where it is sure to be a busy day. >> between hearings and votes, dozens of lawmakers are expected to take a hard look at several of president trump's cabinet
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picks today. senate committees are scheduled to vote on transportation secretary nominee elaine chao, and commerce secretary nominee wilbur ross. a senate panel will also vote on senator jeff sessions' nomination for attorney general and the banking committee will vote on dr. ben carson for secretary of housing and urban development. >> you can also expect these cabinet nominees to be in the hot seat for nomination hearings. congressman mick mulvaney is up to direct the office of management and budget, health and human services secretary nominee, congressman tom price will testify before the senate finance committee and linda mcmahon begins her confirmation hearing to head the small business administration. >> the working families party is organizing a rally in front of local u.s. senate offices around the country. they're calling on lawmakers to vote no on the president's cabinet. it is the first event of what they're calling resist trump tuesdays. organizers say more than 30,000 people joined an emergency call last night to learn how to take action against the president. the cia has a new director this morning.
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>> i michael richard pompeo. >> do solemnly swear. >> do solemnly swear. >> mike pompeo was sworn in last night by vice president mike pence. the senate confirmed pompeo's nomination after democrats forced a three-day delay. pompeo is now the third member of the president's cabinet. a full senate vote is the last step before rex tillerson may become secretary of state. the nomination for the former exxonmobil ceo has passed through the senate more win relations committee. the full senate vote is expected soon. in one of his first executive actions, president trump ordered a federal hiring freeze. there are a few exceptions. the military, public safety, and public health. this is expected to be part of a bigger plan by the president to reduce the federal workforce. ahead at 5:15, news 4 breaks down how this will impact local federal workers. >> some breaking news about britain's plan to leave the european union. >> angie has the latest on the brexit case from the live desk.
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britain's supreme court says that the government must get parliamentary approval before starting that process of leaving the european union. now this could delay prime minister theresa may's plan to start negotiations by the end of the month of march. now, this gives pro-eu politicians hope that they will be able to soften the terms of the uk's withdrawal. now looking ahead we do know that prime minister may will meet with president trump this week. now back to you. >> all right, angie, thank you. 5:06. a developing story in annapolis this morning. police calling the investigation of the city's second murder this year an active situation. officers found a man who'd been shot on madison street around 8:30 last night. he died at the hospital. police are offering a $2,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. last year, annapolis saw a spike in homicides requesting from one in 2015, to 10 in 2016. 5:06 now terrifying moments for an alexandria mom. a man nearly stole her car with her child inside.
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this happened yesterday in the bradley shopping center parking lot on king street. the woman left her car running as she went to the atm. the man jumped into the car and started to drive away. police say when he saw the child in the back seat he stopped and escaped in a waiting car. alexandria police are now searching for that suspect. the child was not hurt. today you can meet alexandria's new top cop. michael brown officially started as chief yesterday. he joins the force from the national highway traffic safety administration. he spent most of his career working with the california highway patrol and later served as a state commissioner. a public welcome reception for 6:00 tonight at alexandria's city hall. the montgomery county executive has vetoed a measure to boost minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020. last week the county council narrowly passed the bill in a 5-4 vote. county executive ike legate says he will recover if changes
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made. >> after this situation the governor of minnesota plans to go back to work today. you can see governor mark dayton there collapsing as he delivered his state of the state address last night. he also banged his led on the lectern. but he was conscious minutes later and was able to walk out of the capitol building on his own. the governor's office says that dayton simply fainted after standing for 40 minutes. former president george h.w. bush is still in the hospital now but doctors say his condition is improving and he could be discharged later this week. the former president was released from icu yesterday. the bush family tweeted this photo and says the president and former first lady quote thank their fellow americans and friends from around the world for their prayers and good wishes. >> nice to see them doing better. smiling for that photo. >> be out soon, good. >> all right it's 5:08. we want to check our forecast now with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and sheena parveen. good morning to you.
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we'll be right back with that forecast. stay with us. >> and time to rethink mammograms. why some say the screenings actually lead to overdiagnosis. >> i have my own club. >> that's going to happen every time? >> and the oscar nod goes to -- who is expected to get an academy award nomination in just a few hours? 5:09. stay with us.
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5:12 your time now feels very january outside. >> and guess what? it is january. >> spot on. >> there you go. look at this, aaron gilchrist, sheena spar convenient, tell us more about what we can expect. >> i'm starting to think that aaron is really not liking the weather this morning. >> nothing. >> he's not a fan. it's damp and chilly outside. and we even have a few sprinkles around. as far as the temperatures are concerned, they're feeling quite a bit colder than they actually are. here's the feels-like temperature. mostly below freezing for everybody. so you want the warm jacket before you head out. your commute this morning. wet roads, 8:00 a.m. a few sprinkles around, 37 degrees. by noon we're dry but still some wet roads and this afternoon we will see more clearing. on the radar, though, we have a few areas of some snow showers right around bluemont. rest of the area, chilly start to the day. let's take a look at the roads this morning with an update on a crash and melissa
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the ramp to the inbound 11th street bridge do have a crash with a vehicle facing the wrong way. last report is that we didn't have any help there on the scene. so hopefully they get out there soon to help this person out. outer loop at the end of the on-ramp from rockville pike so that crash has changed a little bit, as well. that is still blocking the left lane there, at the top of the beltway. westbound 50 after eaten place, work zone with that right lane the only thing getting by. taking a look at 66, fairfax county parkway to the beltway. you're on time at nine minutes. listen to wtop when you hop in your car. >> thank you, melissa. one of his first executive orders president trump ordered a major change to shrink the federal government. a federal hiring freeze is now in effect and it could have a big impact. >> we're live on capitol hill now to break down what this might mean for thousands of local federal workers. >> well, the concern is many could feel the punch right away. labor lead
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move, point to possible disruptions in government services and programs, or backlogs there. and they also say taxpayers could feel it a lot more, too, by having to hire more outside contractors to come in and do some of the work. now the president, it's no surprise, he said he would do this in his first 100 days in office by executive order. we should point out this does exclude the military, public safety, and public health. you should know, job vacancies not filled as of january 22nd cannot now be filled with this move. now we spoke to the washington business journal about the federal hiring freeze, and its impact on the workforce. >> it should be of great concern to all of us in greater washington, because if the president chooses to take agencies and move them to places that are a lot less expensive than here, it might not be the
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it would be those mid range jobs. >> now in the 6:00 hour we're going to expand more on moving federal jobs way outside of washington. and what that will look like in the capital city. back to you now. >> all right, mollette, thank you. >> two d.c. council members want to send a message to president trump about protecting human rights in the district. they plan to introduce the sense of of the council resolution today. the measure reaffirms the district's goal to protect the civil liberties of all district residents. a significant crowd is expected for friday's march for life and rally. it is an annual anti-abortion demonstration on the national mall. the rally will start at noon with the march expected to start at about 1:00 p.m. white house aide kellyanne conway and other government officials are expected to speak. march organizers say conway is the highest ranking white house official to ever speak at the march. metro plans to runxt
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trains for the march for life. trains will run every eight minutes on each line between the morning and evening rush hours. that means there will be extra service every two to four minutes at stations in the downtown area. metro's also canceling all mid-day track work and encouraging participants to travel outside of the normal rush hour period. a major victory for wounded warriors who want to start a family. the government now says it will help injured veterans pay for in vitro fertilization. the new medical benefits were just adopted by the department of veterans affairs. one military couple who lobbied for that change in d.c. is now celebrating. >> we fought for our country, but it's not right for them to take our privilege away to have a family. and i think us having a family as vets is the closest we can get as a society to be normal. >> veterans who want to receive fertility treatments need to contact their local v.a. for more information.
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controversy is brewing over whether breast cancer screenings lead to overdiagnosis. a study published in the annals of medicine found a third of women diagnosed with cancer in denmark did not have malignant tumors or some had slow growing tumors that did not need immediate treatment. guidelines in the u.s. have not changed. guidelines call for women to get a mammogram if they are 40 years old or older. right now parts of the northeast are seeing significant flooding as a nor'easter hits the coast. >> katherine craig from our partner station in new york is live in long island for us. good morning. >> good morning to you. what a rough morning it is for the people here on long island. we're in the town called freeport and we actually had to move our news van. a couple of hundred yards back because the water is rising. not terrible here. but if you look further down the street, the sidewalk is covered is water and then there's an area of high water right in the
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cars further down the street are submerged. up to the door handles. we also want you to take a look at this video because from this nor'easter, a powerful nor'easter, there was wind damage in the communities of boheme yeah, the strong winds knocked down trees, a similar scene in some other communities here on long island. meanwhile a tree fell onto a car in the town of melville. the winds caused so much damage widespread across long island nassau and suffolk counties and then there's flooding here as well. at one point the utility company out here pseg, they had 17,000 customers without electricity because the winds knocked down trees that fell onto power lines, at this very moment there's still 2,000 customers without electricity. and also where we are, freeport, long island, high tide doesn't hit until about 5:40 this morning so the water is only going to continue to rise. we'll send it back to you eun an
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>> what a miserable situation. live for us there on the new york city coast. thanks, katherine. >> the wind and rain we had yesterday. >> and you can see it. we can feel it here. even this morning. >> yeah, as the storm is just now starting to work up the delaware coastline there we're starting to get the cold air filtering in behind it. windchills have been dropping below freezing and windchill won't actually freeze water so we're not looking for any ice on the roads but at higher elevations, there are wet snowflakes. this picture just in to storm center 4. >> oh, no. >> up in lyndon, virginia, many, many thanks for this picture about two inches of wet snow, mainly on the grassy areas but be on the lookout there. some of the high spots here right along the crest of the blue ridge up into the panhandle of west virginia, we are getting reports of some wet snowflakes this morning. so just use extreme caution. here in and around the city, not much of an issue at all as it's just some light raindrops. temperatures in and around town, and at the airport 39 degrees. it will be all raindrops around the c
5:20 am
below freezing. northwest winds at 17 miles an hour. so breezy and cold and wet this morning. temperatures mostly in the 30s. now, we'll climb back up into the upper 40s to maybe around 50 around town today. highs in northern maryland, only in the mid 40s. could get as much as 53 or 54 degrees down toward stafford and fredericksburg. misery impact, nothing more than incveniently wet and cold this morning. no worries for tomorrow. that will be the best day of the week. and the weekend looks much cooler. but staying on the dry side. if you want to send me one of those pictures of some a.m. snowflakes my twitter handle is @chuckbell4. you can find me on facebook as well. here's your five-day forecast. breezy round for today with drying out later this afternoon. nice and mild for tomorrow. maybe a little sprinkle or two early thursday morning. and then turning colder just in time for the weekend. only thing people hate more than cold is traffic. melissa, how is that holding up? >> lovely. if you're at rockville pike, i'm going to
5:21 am
just cleared out of the way. northbound 295, the ramp there to the 11th street bridge, crash one vehicle facing the wrong way. that is still being reported. and hanging around. new problem in northbound 95 at the 234 dumfries a crash on the right shoulder no problem. on 66 bottom of the beltway, branch avenue, pennsylvania avenue, indian head highway, everything there is rolling along just fine. we're going to take a live look at 95 in maryland. coming up. >> thank you, melissa. this morning, many will be watching to see whether the academy awards will nominate a list of diverse actors for hollywood's highest honor. >> the academy overhauled its process after a lot of backlash for having all white acting nominees two years in a row. >> you could just write your own rules, you know, write something that's as interesting as you are. >> what do you think? >> "la la land" expected to snag the most nominations later this morning. its lead actors ryan gosling and emma stone will also likely be up for individual acting nominations. other movies to watch out for are the coming of age tale
5:22 am
story of black women impacting space program "hidden figures." both really good movies. manchester by the sea's casey after fleck and denzel washington could give ryan gosling a run for his money. and natalie portman is favorite for the best actress award for her role as first lady jackie kennedy. >> and you can watch the nominations for the 89th academy awards live on the "today" show this morning. 5:22. our time right now a murder mystery deepens in prince george's county but it's not just who killed the woman in temple hills. it's also the nationwide search to identify her. >> it is a proposal that could change area classrooms. why armed guards could soon be at your kid's schools. and minimum wage workers in our area will have to wait for a raise. what one official wants
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an annual power cost adjustment on bills. the average home's power bill from novec will again go down in 2017 by nearly $11 a month. making down a very good direction for power bills. there are times when it's nice that things go up. and it's sometimes even better you're watching "news 4 today."
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chaos in a massachusetts courtroom. a relative of a murder victim jumped a barrier and started screaming at the accused killer. one person was arrested and the courtroom had to be cleared by police. the suspect is accused of strangling the mother of his two children. could armed security guards be coming to virginia schools? the house of delegates has given preliminary approval to a bill that would allow retired police officers to carry guns while working as school security guards. the house voted on monday to advance that legislation. governor terry mcauliffe vetoed a similar bill last year saying he had concerns about whether the armed guards would have enough training. a republican delegate said he added new training provisions to this year's bill to address those concerns. house democrats voted against the measure. it is video that went viral of the inauguration day protests. a limo up in flames. new this morning we hear from the man who rented that ride for a day in d.c. his message for
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>> but first, don't head out the door before we fill you in on the tuesday forecast. we're back with four things to know just ahead. plus staying fit without joining a gym. the smartphone apps that will motivate you to get moving in your own home. your time is 5:27.
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>> plus it is day four for president trump and his first actions already impacting thousands of d.c. area workers. what the changes could mean for your job. and one of the president's earliest of orders now in a race of his own. the promises as he runs for virginia's top job. >> this 4 "today" starts now. good morning to you i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. it's another morning that we may find hard to motivate ourselves to get out of bed and get out the door. it is cold. >> you want to stay under the covers. >> it was raining when i came in. >> so some roads are still wet. melissa mollet will have more on that. but first sheena parveen and chuck bell, good morning. >> good morning. it wasn't raining when i came in. maybe aaron should get up a little earlier and come to work. >> i think aaron has a case of the mondays still. >> i know. he was in there -- >> maybe we need to hire some new meteorologists. that's what we need to l
5:31 am
monday? i'm like no, it feels like tuesday. a terrible tuesday but it's anything but monday. cloudy, cold, damp, a little sprinkle of light rain. maybe some wet snowflakes at higher elevations along the crest of the blue ridge. not a pretty way to get the day started. there will be some improvements later on this afternoon. breaks of sunshine. temperatures up around 50 today. looking wonderful for tomorrow. near 60 tomorrow. turning colder as we head towards the weekend. the whole ten-day forecast comes up at 5:51. sheena, who is talking about some tips. >> i can't blame aaron. it feels colder outside this morning. feels mostly at or below freezing for the area. we still have that cold feels-like temperature. 39 is the actual temperature in the district. feels more like 31. we still have that breeze out there so it is damp and cold this morning. most temperatures again there you see them feeling below freezing. culpeper felling like 33 degrees. leesburg, 29. gaithersburg feeling like
5:32 am
now as we go through the day today, here is what's going to happen to the temperatures staying in the upper 30s this morning and closer to lunch time, about the mid 40s. clouds are going to hang around. but a big warm-up comes tomorrow. let's take a look at the update on the crash out there with melissa mollet. good morning. >> good morning. northbound 295 the ramp to inbound 11th street bridge still has that crash with a vehicle facing the wrong way. you're starting to see those backups building. hopefully they're going to get that out of the way soon. northbound 95 after 234 dumfries we still have that crash on the shoulder. over all beltway looking pretty good right now. no big problems inner loop or outer loop as promised live look 270 at shady grave road and another one 95 at powder mill. travel time in ten minutes. >> thank you, melissa. it is 5:32. here are the top stories we're following this morning. president trump has ordered a federal hiring freeze. there were a few exceptions. the military, public safety, and public health. ahead at 6:00 news 4's
5:33 am
impact. montgomery county lawmakers will have to try again if they want to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. the county executive vetoed a measure that passed last week but says he will consider changes if they're made. >> we are following a developing story in fairfax county police are asking for your help to find this white sedan. take a look. they say the driver shot at an officer in great falls sunday night. >> we brought you this breaking news yesterday morning. the officer tried to pull over that sedan on georgetown pike after it ran a red light. the car never stopped but a passenger jumped out. then the driver sped down the street, circled back toward the police cruiser and opened fire. the police chief says they want to find the suspects before anybody gets hurt. >> i can't beg enough for help from the community to bring me suspects for justice. they're armed and dangerous and willing to kill a police officer. that means they're willing to kill anybody to make good their escape. >> we should note that police officer was not hurt. >> a virginia man will spend the rest of his life in prison for
5:34 am
the explosives went off near the homes of two stafford county sheriff's deputies. it was part of a 2012 crime spree that spanned thousands of miles. lawrence stewart pled guilty to attempted murder. he is already serving a separate life sentence in montana. 5:34 right now. a woman will spend the rest of her life in prison for helping to kill her husband's ex-wife. the murder happened in jermantown in 2013. prosecutors say her husband was tired of paying alimony so the couple decided to kill the wife. the couple was originally trying to do this together in 2014. the husband was sentenced to life in prison. she was granted a new trial because of ineffective counsel. she was convicted a second time in november and sentenced yesterday to two life sentences, plus five years. prince william county's cory stewart is kicking off his campaign for governor of virginia. >> this whole thing is not about me, it's not about any other politician. it's not about politician
5:35 am
it's about the direction of virginia and making sure that we take virginia back. >> stewart is battling ed gel uspy, frank wagner and denver riggleman for the republican nomination. donald trump won the presidency but he lost the popular vote. coming up, who he's blaming for more than 3 million votes against him. and you saw the video of a limo on fire on inauguration day. new this morning, hear from the man who was supposed to be inside that car. >> but first, back on the field. why kirk cousins' season isn't over quite yet.
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you're watching "news 4 today." the redskins have been out of the playoffs for weeks but it turns out kirk cousins' season isn't over yet. he is heading to orlando for this weekend's pro bowl. he was called up yesterday to play in matt ryan's place. ryan, instead, will be playing in the super bowl for the falcons. it is the first time cousins will play in the pro bowl, and it is the first time since 1999 that a redskins quarterback has earned a pro bowl nod. congrats to kirk cousins. should be awesome. now let's check the forecast with storm team four meteorologist chuck bell. i'm h
5:39 am
more awesome than right now. >> how you do like him now? >> that's right. >> the weather, a little on the iffy side early this morning. let's go over to the radar. light snow showers mixing in across the high spots there along clark and warren county. pretty much right along the spine of the blue ridge. bluemont down to lyndon, virginia. don't rule out a little bit of wet snow on the ground first thing this morning. in and around the city it's just light raindrops if anything. not everybody's even seeing rain or snow early today. not everyone's going to get much. but there's still plenty of puddles left after all of yesterday's rain. so bus stop weather, 30% chance of a sprinkle or flurry early this morning. temperatures mostly in the mid to upper 30s now up near 50 later today. but windchills this morning are down below freezing. so you'll need your winter coat for sure. put your hat on, as well. may want to have the little pocket size umbrella. again not expecting a lot of rain or even a wet snowflake or two. but because of the clouds and the chillyness and the
5:40 am
in at a c-minus. northwest winds later on this afternoon up around 15 to 20 miles per hour. another breezy day but not as wet or windy as yesterday. earlier, melissa mollet was doing this. i didn't know whether she was verklempt or drying her nails. >> a combination of both. a combo of both. northbound 295 the ramp to the inbound 11th street bridge. you can see that red and that delay, one vehicle is facing the wrong way, because of this crash and right now we know the left side of the roadway is blocked this morning. taking a look at travel times. 66 inbound, and 95 northbound you can see no big problems here this morning. 270 south and the top of the beltway looking pretty good. nice and green there. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car today. >> thank you, melissa. a scare during a state of the state. a governor passes out on the podium. it's the video everyone will be talking about today we'll fill you in on what happened. plus a trump administration is wasting no time getting to work. his executive actions could have a big
5:41 am
the changes that will hit d.c. perkers es
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right now on "news 4 today," a murder mystery going national. >> she's someone's child. and we want to go to that family and let them know, you know, what it is. what happened to their loved one. >> why police say identifying the shooting victim will help them get a killer off the streets. had an agenda to do property and physical harm. >> a man finds himself at the center of the inauguration protests. his rented limo set on fire. this morning the message he has for those protesters. hatchimal lawsuit? they were one of the most popular holiday gifts this year. why parents are now suing to get their money back. stay in shape without leaving your home. the free fitness apps that will get you off the couch and moving this winter.
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your time is 5:45. want to get right to angie at the live desk following severe storms up the coast and the impact their having. >> and it's big impact. good morning to you. millions from the mid-atlantic through new england are on alert now to hunker down as a dangerous nor'easter moves up the coast. take a look. this after strong winds and rough surf battered the new jersey shore. and parts of brooklyn. we know that more than 12,000 are without power in new jersey right now. amtrak train service is restored after being suspended between jersey and new york city because of downed power lines. now, new england braces for possible snow, rain, and offshore winds that forecasters warn could reach hurricane levels or higher. aaron? >> all right, angie, thank you. a live look at the roads right now in virginia. or maryland. the rain is moving out of the area but you are still going to encounter some slick conditions on your drive to work. >> news 4's justin finch joins us livem
5:46 am
on the conditions there. how is it looking? >> good morning. just stuck my hand out the window here to feel the rain for myself. it's still very light. still very much coming down, and impacting the roads we are seeing this morning. let's show you the view in front of us here on i-270 north here. as you can see, traffic is building up. we have some rainfall on our windshield here and also the streets are still very slick in parts. we've seen ponding in some areas, too. as you make your way out this morning you are going to see the roads are kind of dry, and also wet in patches out here. these are the kind of conditions you don't want to just speed down just takes a little bit of water to lose control or perhaps hurt yourself or someone else. so as you make your way out on the main roads and even on the highway here you will see there are some spots, mist kind of building up from the tires from the vehicles here on the roads. so it's still worth taking it very carefully out here and also being very alert as you drive out this morning. back in to you. >> justin, thank you.
5:47 am
>> right now, this 14-year-old maryland girl is missing. the frederick police department says maria vasquez lines disappeared more than a week ago from her home in frederick. if you've seen her please call police. a temple hills man who pled guilty to weapons charges in connection to the shooting of three people, including a firefighter, will be sentenced in march. police say darrell lumpkin shot and killed prince george's county firefighter john ulmschneider last april. he also shot his brother and another firefighter. the first responders were sent in to lumpkin's home to check on his welfare. a grand jury did not charge lumpkin in umm snyder's death. he faces up to 15 years in prison on the weapons charges. marcus kohlberg was just doing his job when police say an suv slammed into a parked car and then hit the 30-year-old sanitation worker. he was killed while loading bags into the back of a laurel city trash truck yesterday morning. hi
5:48 am
above and beyond his duties, and they are devastated by his death. the driver of the suv was not injured, and is being questioned. 13 before the hour right now. before police in prince george's county can focus on who killed a young woman they have to figure out who she is. police just released these additional sketches of the victim. her body was found on january 15th in the parking lot of the lynnhill condo building in temple hills. investigators say she has distinct tattoos that could help identify her. they read just love, no lies, peace, the initials jms, and crybaby rip jalen. >> it's someone's child. and we want to go to that family and let them know, you know, what it is. what happened to their loved one, who she is. there's no other way we can start this investigation, truly, without identifying who she is. >> police say the victim is between 25 and 30 yiers old and is 5'6" inches tall. if you know who she might be cota
5:49 am
d.c. police plan to release surveillance videos to track down inauguration day rioters. most of the 230 people arrested were not d.c. residents. interim chief police defended the use of police force to control crowds and break up riots quickly. d.c. police are now preparing for friday's march for life. new this morning, we're hearing from the man who rented the limo that was set on fire during friday's protests. daniel dier, a minister from indiana, his wife, and another couple were in d.c. for inauguration festivities. he says the driver dropped them off to attend an event and was later told protesters attacked the limo. dier says he never dreamed the limo he rented would be caught in the crosshairs of protesters. >> these people were indiscriminate on whoever was in that vehicle. you know they had an agenda to do property and physical harm, obviously. to people. so we feel blessed that everybody's okay. >> dyer says there's a bet
5:50 am
way to discuss our differences. he says he hopes and prays that there can be some reconciliation in this country. all right. ten minutes before the top of the hour right now. i wish i had put on gloves this morning. >> that's how old he is. >> aaron really does not like the weather -- >> no, we don't like cold weather. >> and when you mix in rain with it. >> i don't blame you. >> when it's damp outside it just feels so much colder. and it is damp outside. the roads are still wet. be cautious of that as you leave the house. the morning commute for today's outlook, really not bad. aside from the wet roads we're not dealing with that rain like we had yesterday. we're not even dealing with wind, as strong as we had yesterday. and for recess chilly and damp but i think the kids will be outside today. just a warm jacket. the evening commute the roads will be drier. they'll be drying through the day. 23 you're exercising low impact and you'll need just a warm jacket this morning. feels-like temperature below freezing for most of the area the district feeling like 31 degrees. feels like 29 in gaithersburg. leesburg feels like 27 degrees. culpeper feeling like 30.
5:51 am
we've seen a few sprinkles on radar. but those have really come to an end. i think the clouds, though, might hang around for awhile today. and that will give us around 50 for a high this afternoon. so here's future weather. we go through the afternoon, 3:00 p.m., clouds maybe a little bit difficult to break up but we'll see some developing sunshine later in the day. and then we go through tomorrow, more sunshine. look at that south wind developing. that's going to bring us unseasonably warm temperatures, we're talking about 60 degrees normal high is 44. so quite a bit above normal by thursday early showers moving in for the morning commute but otherwise the rest of the week not looking too bad at all. for today, 50 degrees for a high temperature. damp and cold this morning. afternoon clearing, so we will be seeing big improvements, especially when you compare it to yesterday. take a look at some, 60 degrees after we start with some chilly temperatures and for the rest of the week into the weekend a little colder. let's get an update on the roadways. good morning, melissa. >> hi, sheena. right now a
5:52 am
northbound 295 as you're trying to get onto the 11th street bridge. left side is blocked. that crash with a vehicle facing the wrong way this morning. northbound 95 after dumfries crash on the right shoulder. a little bit of a slowdown there. 66 west of ox road you can see we're looking good into town and out of town. big look at the beltway. no major problems inner loop and outer loop, everything there is running just fine. 270 southbound we are pretty slow here as you're coming out of frederick. after you pass the pike it loosens up and you're okay down to the split. >> all right, melissa, thank you. president trump is pushing a debunked claim as to why he lost the popular vote. sources tell nbc news that he spent ten minutes of his meeting with congressional leaders last night discussing that topic. >> news 4's tracie potts is live on capitol hill with more now. tracee, good morning. >> eun and aaron, good morning. he says it was because of millions of illegals, as he put it, last
5:53 am
workers in this country who don't have the right to vote. voting anyway in the election. this is a claim that has been widely debunked by the evidence out there that there were not millions of people who were not registered to vote who voted. however, he repeated that when he talked to lawmakers last night at the white house. it shows that this white house, while trying to move forward, is still very focused and very concerned about media coverage and about issues stemming from this election. >> and, tracee, there are a lot -- there is a lot of interest in sean spicer's first official white house press briefing yesterday. what were some of the headlines coming out of that? >> yeah, kind of a do-over after the kind of contentious meeting that he had with the press over the weekend. number one, he talked about the un -- the unverified information that he told over the weekend saying we never intend to lie. to the press during these briefings. but he also talked about what they consider continuous negative coverage of this mi
5:54 am
they're opening four seats via skype to reporters outside, they have to be at least 50 miles outsited of washington, d.c. in the administration's opinion to try to balance some of the coverage out there and give these reporters outside of d.c. an opportunity to have direct access to the spokesman for the president. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. tracee, thank you. and coming up at 6:00 we'll have a breakdown of some of president trump's first actions and a look at today's confirmation hearings on capitol hill. this morning we can tell you exactly where marriott is building its brand-new headquarters in bethesda. the company is taking over two entire blocks starting at the corner of norfolk avenue and wisconsin avenue going south and west. that's just north of the bethesda metro station. the project will involve lots of new construction including a 22-story office building and a flagship marriott hotel. it will cost $600 million to build that whole campus. it should be complete by 2022. the most sgh
5:55 am
the holiday season is facing a class action lawsuit. a california woman is suing the maker of hatchimals claiming the toy she bought for her daughter never hatched. the lawsuit claims millions of children and families were disappointed, calling the toy a bait and switch marketing scheme. the toymaker spin master encourages customers to contact customer service if their ohio didn't hatch. >> 5:55 now. have you kept up with your new year's resolution to be healthy and fit? >> a little bit. >> don't feel bad if the answer is no. >> we are working for you this morning if you need a little encouragement. we found four apps to help you stay on track and the best part is, they're all free. >> first, the daily workout free personal workout. if you don't have time for a full workout, you can customize it based on your schedule. if you have five minutes, you can use this app. choose your own personal trainer, and focus on everything from your abs to your legs. >> second the strong tracker workout for strength training. this is really for toning up. even beginners can figure this out, or if u
5:56 am
advanced, it has barbell routines. >> third, the johnson & johnson seven-minute workout. the app learns your workout style, strength and goals, and adjusts to what you need. you can do one, two, or three circuits, and you can go seven minutes or longer. fourth, this is another seven-minute workout. thips one is called the 7-minute workout free daily app. its voice prompted so you don't have to keep checking your phone to see if you're reaching your goals. and you can time your workouts, and your breaks. >> those are the four things to know about free fitness apps. i think these fitness apps are a great idea. the problem is finding self-motivation to say i'm going to take these seven minutes out of my day and stick to it. >> do you use an app? >> no. >> but you're pretty dedicated anyway. >> i try to be dedicated. you know why? because i like to eat. >> i've tried two apps. and we didn't get along. >> no? maybe we have to try -- you have four to choose from. >> they kept lying to me so i was like, i'm not going to stand
5:57 am
>> those darn apps. >> all right coming up on 5:57 right now. and next at 6:00 governor collapses during an annual address. now we're learning his medical history has been a problem in the past, an update on his condition coming up. plus breaking news about brexit. the overnight ruling that could stall britain's plans to leave the european union. plus, she is paid to write jokes. now one of them could cost an "snl" writer her job. >> the tweet about a memer of b
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now on "news 4 today," freezing the federal workforce. president trump's first actions already playing a big impact on our area. what it could mean for your job. >> plus a minimum wage increase veto. thousands of workers won't be getting the raise they hoped for. what's next in the fight for a bigger paycheck. and as the storms move out of our area, they're causing big concerns for our northern neighbors. we'll show you how the northeast is preparing. "news 4 today" starts now. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. it is not as windy or wet outside as you head out the door today. still cold out there, though, right? >> it's not going to be a beautiful day out there at all. melissa mollet will have a look at the roads. they've been busy this morning. first our forecast from chuck bell and sheena parveen. i like that
6:00 am
despite the yuckiness that we feel this morning. >> sheena. i lick that you smile. >> i think it's all relative, it's going to be a nice day. >> sun is coming out, right? >> well, nicer than yesterday. it's going to be nicer than yesterday. >> which is all that matters. we have an upward tick in the forecast tend. outside, still reflective lights on wet roads and a lot of puddles for kids to jump over this morning. cloudy and wet and cold. a little bit of rain and snow can come to an end. it will be breezy and cool. right along the blue ridge here, we have seen a little bit of wet snow early this morning. mostly just rain drops. temperatures are above freezing, not expecting anything to stick to the roads. got this picture from one of my twitter followers. teri c.i.t.e.s. krietser in lin virginia. >> we've been


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