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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  January 24, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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news4 midday begins with breaking news. >> good morning. i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm melissa melee. >> what's happening? >> lots of d.c. prison the scene with taped-off blocks from south capital down to half street right here near nats park. witnesses tell me that shots rang out down the street, closer to south capital. lots of folks were gathered here at nats park, outside the center gate area for a job fair at the time. one woman told me she heard the gunfire and then saw
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man running in their direction. >> did you hear the shot? >> yeah, we heard the shots. pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. about eight shots. about eight shots fired. >> reporter: now, the folks who were at the job fair at the time scattered, of course, when they heard the gunfire and saw that injured man running in their direction. at this point, we know that a man was shot or suffered multiple gunshot wounds, and taken to a hospital. we don't have an update on his condition, and no word yet on suspects in this case. but a large area around nats park is blocked off. no getting through here as police continue to investigate the scene. that is the latest, live from nats park. back to you. >> thank you. mork breaking news as we continue a serious incident at union station. a man injured and taken to the hota
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a very hectic scene just in the past hour. police telling us they were trying to figure out if this was a shooting or a stabbing. union station is still open to travelers. police now working to find out who might be responsible. turning now to the weather. it began kind of chilly this morning. but there is a warmup on the way. >> makes me like you even more, meteorologist chuck bell. hi. >> gone from the one to the two on the likability. >> working your way up. >> improvements i happily accept. wind chills down below freezing for most of the morning ride into work and school. and now skies which had tried to clear out a little bit are back over from partly to mostly cloudy here as colder air aloft. i don't think we have much of a threat of rain, but remain some sprinkles in northern parts of the shenandoah valley, all the way down into the far western tip of loudoun county. so our friends and neighbors near front royal and gainesville and the plains could get hit by
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shower or two. that's about it. temperature wise, we see gusty northerly westerly winds and wind chills back in the 30s. a chilly day outside today. afternoon highs in the upper 40s to right around 50 around town. farther south towards fredericksburg and stafford, into the low 50s. you'll have extra sunshine. but on the whole plan, a fairly chilly afternoon. most everyone back in the mid to upper 30s by tomorrow morning under a mostly clear sky. how mild, coming up in a few more minutes. >> thanks, chuck. at this hour, we expect the president to sign a new executive order regarding the keystone and dakota pipelines. this comes as he continues to focus the early days of his administration on jobs. news4's tracie potts has the latest. >> reporter: overnight, a u.s. intellig
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the fbi found no wrongdoing in phone calls. national security adviser, mike flynn made to russia. another cabinet member cleared. >> this morning, mike pompeo begins his first day as cia director. heads to the whitehouse for one-on-one with president trump this afternoon. r rex tillerson on track for next week with one reluctant republican on board. >> i'm concerned that perhaps he will not be as forceful an advocate for human rights and democracy as i with wish to see. >> reporter: today the parade of business leaders at the white house continues. president trump meets with automakers. >> he looks forward to hearing their ideas to bring more jobs back to this industry in particular. >> reporter: the president's warning, high tariffs for goods made overseas. >> and they do things to us that make it impossible to sell cars in japan. and yet they se
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hundreds of thousands on the biggest ships i've ever seen. we have to all talk about that. it's not fair. >> reporter: after ordering a federal hiring freeze and pulling out of trade deals, at least one more executive order is expected today. and the trump organization is now confirming the president resigned from all of his positions for their 400 affiliated companies the day before the inauguration. tracie potts, nbc news. d.c. police plan to release surveillance videos to help them track down inauguration date rioters. most of the 230 people arrested were not d.c. residents. the chief defended the use of police force to break up riots. they are now preparing for friday's march for life. and we are hearing from the man who rented this limo set on fire during friday's protest. daniel dire, a minister from indiana, his wife and
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couple were in washington for inauguration festivities. he says the driver dropped them off to attend an event. he was later told that protesters had attacked the vehicle. dire says he never dreamed the limo he rented would be caught in the cross-hairs of protesters. >> these people were indiscriminate on whoever was in that vehicle. they had an agenda to do property and physical harm, obviously. so we feel blessed that everybody is okay. >> dyer says there is a better way to discuss our differences as people. he says he hopes and prays that there can be reconciliation in our country. today the fairfax county school board will take steps to make sure drivers stop for school buses. the school board will have a public meeting to discuss readopting school bus cameras. last year the general assembly approved the updated measure after tweaking language for allowing tickets to be sent in the mail. the cameras would take a photograph of a car passing a s
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flashing lights are on or that stop arm is extended. the fine for stop arm violations is $250. today's public hearing is at 4:30 in falls church. an update today on a case that had a lot of people talking about the dangers of fake election news. edgar welch is accused of opening fire. he was there to allegedly investigate the false pizza gate conspiracy theory. no one was hurt in the shooting. lawyers are updating the status of welch's case today and could set his next court date if convicted. welch faces as much as 35 years in prison. the search continues for this girl missing in maryland. her name is maria vasquez lanez, she is 14 years old. the frederick police department says she disappeared more than a week ago from her home on rutledge place in frederick. if you have seen her, you should call police.
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police need your help identifying a murder victim. she was discovered in the parking lot of the lynn hill condo complex in temple hills. investigators say she has distinct tattoos that could help identify her. those tattoos read, "just love," "no lies," "peace" and the initials "jms" "cry baby, r.i.p., jalen." >> it's someone's child and we want to let them know what it is, what happened to their loved one. and there is no other way we can start this investigation without identifying who she is. >> police say the victim is between 25 and 30 years old. she is 5'6". if you know who she might be, contact the homicide unit. temple hills man will be sentenced in march. this comes after he pleaded guilty to a weapons charge in connection with a shooting of first responders. police say daryl lumpkin shot and
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county firefighter john oilim schneider last april and also shot his brother and another fighter. the first responders were sent into his home to check into his welfare. a grand jury did not charge him in the death. he faces up to 15 years in prison on the weapons charges. we are learning new information now about that avalanche in italy. it was awful, you know. it killed 15 people and 14 others missing. all people were inside a hotel that was buried in snow in that avalanche last week. firefighters say they finally dug into the central part of the hotel where they found some of those victims. nine people amazingly pulled out alive. three of those survivors are still in the hospital. flowers, teddy bears and photographs part of a growing memorial to the victims of a deadly attack in australia. police say a man deliberately drove into a crowd in the city of melbourne last week.
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20 others were hurt. reports say people donated more than $500,000 to help the families of the victims. security teams in tokyo are already training for a possible cyberattack. ahead of the 2020 olympics. officials are working to increase infrastructure security, including railways and public transit. security teams learned how to deal with online attacks that could bring down websites and resources. new this morning, great britain has another hurdle if it wants to leave the european union. the country's supreme court ruled that the british parliament has to approve the brexit process before it can begin. that decision will likely slow down prime minister theresa may's plan. it could also allow lawmakers to change the terms of the prime minister's plan. we are still monitoring the scene at nationals park right now. >> here is a live look out there at this hour. police tell us, again, on
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taken to the hospital after being shot outside a job fair there. we have crews on the scene still working that story for you. keep up with us here on our
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welcome back. a powerful nor'easter is slamming parts of the east coast this morning. it's bringing heavy rain and near hurricane force winds,
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flooding. as the weather channel's stephanie abrams tells us, the threat isn't over. >> high tide at 8:30 this morning and taken a couple hours for water to recede. this was under a foot of water to the green suv. you can see trash taken out of the garbage cans, due to the tide being so high. and the docks, as well. the docks were high. this dock was, you know, coming all the way up to about here. so things are starting to die down here, which is good news. and it will to do so. we can take you back over to more ocean front and show you the white caps we have seen, as well. i clocked winds about 30 miles per hour where we're located here. we have seen a little bit higher gusting, 50 to 60-ish miles per hour. that, of course, is making the boats rock around, and making for a very rough day on the ocean. i have a feeling not too many people are going to head out into the ocean, but people in new england today, it's the kind of day where you forget your gloves, you're bummed out
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will be moving out, and conditions are going to continue to improve. pat and melissa, back to you. >> this is -- the fight -- >> after this scare, minnesota governor, mark dayton is going back to work today. he collapsed last night during his state of the state speech. it happened about 40 minutes into the address. dayton's chief of staff says the governor quickly recovered and will discuss a budget proposal today. he turned 70 years old this week. good news for former president and first lady bush, george h.w. bush and barbara bush still recovering this morning. she was released from a houston hospital yesterday. now we know the former president could be discharged later this week. he's being treated for pneumonia, and he's now out of intensive care. the former first lady was being treated for bronchitis. well, the vacation is over for former
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>> the motorcade for former president obama and the first lady was spotted monday morning on its way to the airport. the pair vacationed in the coachella valley. it was not all sunshine in california, though. some of the trip was filled with fog and rain. we're told that mr. obama was able to get in a couple rounds of golf at the private club of oracle founder, larry ellison. teenagers may be losing sleep because they can't stay off social media. a new study finds one in five teens regularly peek at their phones overnight. no surprise those teens are three times more likely to feel tired all day at school. experts recommend eight to ten hours of sleep a night for teens. if i could get six, i would be -- >> you've been doing well, huh? >> i would be looking good! let me tell you. well, you may have seen this study popping up on your facebook time line. it's about bnt toast causing cace
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from fiction. a certain compound is produced when starchy foods are fried for too long. it can increase your cancer risk. however, the study has only been conducted on animals. cancer research uk said the link was not proven in humans. still, the uk's version suggests carefully following cooking instructions and avoid burning any food. we're 24 days into the new year now, and you may be having trouble keeping your new year's resolutions. "news4 today" is working for you by letting you know about four free fitness apps that can help keep you on track. >> first, the daily workout free personal workout. if you don't have time for a full workout, you can customize it based on your schedule. if you have five minutes, you can use this app. choose your own personal trainer and focus on everything from your abs to your legs. >> second, the strong tracker workout for strength training.
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even beginners can figure this out or if you are more advanced, it has barbell routines. >> third, the johnson & johnson seven-minute workout. the app learns your workout style, strength and goals, and adjusts to what you need. you can do one, two or three circuits, and you can go seven minutes or longer. >> fourth, this is another seven-minute workout, the seven-minute workout daily app. it's voice prompted so you don't have to keep checking your phone to see if you're reaching your goals, and you can time your workouts and your breaks. >> those are the four things to know about free fitness apps. >> it was the hottest toy of the holidays. now it is facing a class action lawsuit. >> meet your new hatchable! >> california woman is suing the maker of hatchimals claiming the toy never hatched. the lawsuit claims millions of children and families were disappointed, calling the toy a it
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scheme. toy maker spin master encourages customers to contact customer service if their toy doesn't hatch. right now you can begin to file your tax returns, but you might have to wait longer for that refund. that's because the irs is trying to crack down on scammers. according to the irs, scammers made off with more than $3 billion in 2014, and last year, there was a surge in phishing and malware scams. so oh to weed out fraud, the irs will delay refunds for 40 million americans. >> these people aren't people making a lot of money. this is their biggest check. they need to pay off credit card bills from christmas and get the car repaired. >> to protect yourself, experts say file early before a criminal can. you should also avoid giving out your social security number over e-mail or by phone. sierra, nevada, is recalling a number of craft beers because of concerns about breaking ss
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different brews sold in 36 states, including d.c., maryland, virginia, and west virginia. the company says the packaging flaw could cause a piece of glass to break in the bottle. the effected beers were produced between december 5th and january 8th. sierra, nevada, says customers who have these recalled beers are eligible for a refund. in news4 your health, a new study says many of us aren't checking on your health as often as we should. according to the nonprofit orlando health, 60% of women believe they should start getting heart screenings when they turn 30. the american heart association says that should start when you're actually 20 years old. that's because you can begin to develop plaque in your arteries when you're a teen. we have a link to that study on the nbc washington app. we put a lot of products on our faces. but some of those products could be harming your health and even the environment. >> haylee hernandez explains why micro beads are being put
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the microscope. >> kim chang says exfoliation is an important step in your beauty routine. the benefit is, it keeps us looking young, vibrant and sloughs the skin, which encourages it to absorb moisture. >> two to three times a week is typically a good time. >> reporter: but these exfoli t exfoliants are accused of harming the environment and us. >> it's going into the ocean, and the fish are actually eating these micro beads, which are plastic beads, getting in their belly and eventually it will turn up on your table to eat. >> reporter: she says that's dangerous, because the plastic is porous and absorbs harmful chemicals. because of that, president obama signed a bill to ban them, because of the suspicion of the ingredient threatening sea life. they are made of nylon. last year, crest removed these from toothpaste. some dentists complained of infections. so maybe you're wondering if you should even go near beads at
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but recommends organic beads made of jojoba, silt or earth, it's a natural sed men tear occurring rock. you still need a type of bead, a chemical or a bead to exfoliate. >> it gives you something to think about when looking in the mirror in the morning. no playoffs, no problem. >> we'll tell you where the redskins qb
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that is the sound and that's the sight of japan launching its first military communications satellite. it comes at an important time, because of north korea's missile threat and increased military activity on the part of china. the satellite is designed to allow japan's military units to talk to one another over a faster network. the satellite covers the area from the pacific to the indian ocean. well, the redskins have been out of the playoffs for weeks, but kirk cousins' season isn't over just yet. he's heading to orlando for the pro bowl. he was caught up yesterday to be in matt ryan's place. it's the first time cousins will play in the pro bowl and it's the first time since 1999
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redskins' quarterback has earned a pro bowl nod. >> pretty cool. >> pretty cool. >> extra fun to watch. >> it would. and it's great trivia, and i don't know the answer, what's the last redskins quarterback in '99. who was that? >> i'll google that for you. >> that's what google is for. where is siri? >> in the meantime, it was so good to see sunshine this morning. >> and you're lucky. your walk in the parking lot may be the sunniest all day. >> it was great, though. >> i bet it was. the first sliver of sunshine since mid to late last week moved into the area. but almost as soon as the sun started to warm things up again, oh, the clouds are back. look at our tower camera here. lots of clouds have bubbled back up into our skies right now. and they're racing on by in a fairly stiff northwesterly breeze. this is going to be with us for the remainder of the day. big area of low pressure, the nor'easter now off the delaware coast. the main center of low pressure is spinning moisture back up into new england. it's all rain at the
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elevations inland and back out to our west, winter storm warnings from the twin cities through iowa. that will be by passing us to the north, though it will bring a little chance for a sprinkle or two i think early on thursday morning. for today, though, look at that spin out there, very unsettled weather down at the beaches and the coastline for today. and on the back side, that northwesterly flow, look at these wave clouds bubbling up here along the ridges of the appalachians here. and western loudoun county and northern fauquier county into the shenandoah valley so a blustery and chilly day today. look at lyndon, virginia, more than just conversational snow out there. the road beds were warming up where everything pretty much melted as it came down. a quick peek at the five-day forecast. cloudy and breezy for today. more details on the weekend and the ten-day forecast coming up. >> thanks, chuck. and the nominees are in. >> breaking down which
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game night is our daughter allie's favorite night. and knowing that her favorite general mills big g cereals are gluten-free, like honey nut cheerios, rice chex and lucky charms, she can enjoy it her way. try new very berry cheerios. the taste of real fruit in every bite. so berry good.
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you're watching news4 midday. an update to the breaking s
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this morning. a shooting on south capital street within a few blocks of nationals park. >> mark segraves and molette green on the scene right now. follow them on twitter for updates. mark says, according to d.c. police, a man was shot behind the cap liquor store. then he reportedly ran to nats park and was found near the center field gate. there was a job fair happening inside the ballpark. it's been cancelled and nearby buildings are now sheltering in place. >> the man was shot several times. we're working to learn what his condition is. marcus coalberg was just doing his job when police say an suv slammed into a parked car and hit the 30-year-old sanitation worker. he was killed while loading bags into the trash truck yesterday morning. his co-workers say he always went above and beyond his duties and they're devastated by his death. the driver of the suv was not hurt, and is now being questioned. a woman will spend the rest of her life in prison for
11:32 am
ex-wife. the murder happened in germantown back in 2013. prosecutors say her husband was tired of paying alimony so the couple decided to kill the ex-wife. the husband was sentenced to life in prison. core was granted a new trial because of ineffective counsel. she was convicted and sentenced yesterday to two life sentences, plus five years. right now on capitol hill, there are several confirmation hearings under way for president donald trump's cabinet picks. nick mulvaney is testifying before the senate budget committee. he is the nominee to direct the office of management and budget. health and human services nominee, congressman tom price, is appearing before the senate finance committee. and linda mcmann begins her confirmation hearing to head the small business administration. prince william county's corey stewart is kicking off his campaign to becom
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me. it's not about any other politician. it's not about politicians at all. it's about the direction of virginia, and making sure that we take virginia back! >> stewart is battling gillespie and denver riggleman for the republican nomination. ralph northim and tom perriello are competing for the democratic nomination. close attention to president trump's plan to increase border security. jane wells shows us the challenges to securing the southern border. >> well, you found anybody yet? >> reporter: bob is focusing on the end of america. no, really. he's patrolling the physical end of the united states. its southern border, where his ranch is just a stone's throw away from mexico. and where a wall and a fence have not stopped trespassers. >> so it's a national security problem the government doesn't car
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>> reporter: he has spent an estimated 20,000 over the years repairing damage caused by illegal immigration. it's an old story, the image most americans are accustomed to seeing from the border. [ speaking in spanish ] but there is also this image. shoppers from mexico spending money in american stores. people who have legally crossed the border to buy better quality goods. >> upwards of 95% of our business comes from mexicali. >> reporter: store owner, robert, says sales are up double digits since the election in large part to the devalued peso, which some blame on the incoming president. >> look at all these customers that are coming in. these are mexicans coming in. they're coming across the border with money. they're buying goods here. you know, their money is employing people here in the u.s. what's the problem? >> reporter: he recognizes that immigration is a problem. but he says building a wall is not the answer. this rancher could not
11:35 am
more. he wants an even better wall to slow down traffic. and in the meantime, he will continue his own border patrol, calling authorities when he finds a trespasser. >> as an american, i'm protecting the country as best i can on my property. and the way i feel, if you don't think that's right, why don't you go live in cuba? today you can meet alexandria's new top cops. michael brown officially started as chief yesterday. he joins the force from the national highway traffic safety administration. spent most of his career working with the california highway patrol and he later served as a state commissioner. public welcome reception is set for tonight at 6:00 at alexandria's city hall. prince womenial county police could be the next agency to wear body cameras. chief barry bernard told inside nova that a 60-day trial run was successful. it will cost more than $600,000 to start the program. county supervisors willed
11:36 am
approve the plan. a virginia man gets a life sentence for detonating pipe bombs near the homes of two stafford county sheriffs deputies, part of a crime spree that spanned thousands of miles. scott macfarlane first released details and images of these crimes and has new information you will only see her on news4. >> the man's name is lawrence stuart stewart has pleaded guilty for a set of attacks in stafford county. he is already serving a life sentence in montana for tossing home made explosives toward state troopers. the troopers weren't hurt. a manifesto recorded by stewart were obtained in a recent news4 i-team investigation. stewart was running from the troopers as they tried to arrest him for what he has admitted doing in virginia. detonating a series of home made explosives near the homes of two sheriffs deputies. no one wa
11:37 am
either, but stewart now faces two life sentences. one in each state. the prosecutors told the i-team, it was important to see both cases through. >> this defendant showed clear cold blooded premeditated intent to kill. and we saw that through the bombs he made in advance of the incident and the video he made. he made it clear his intent to kill law enforcement. >> and the news4 i-team found home made explosives are increasingly common in the d.c. area. about 600 cases investigated by police in virginia, d.c. and maryland, just since the start of 2014. scott macfarlane. news4 i team. this just in. police in prince george's county have finally identified a young woman killed earlier this month in temple hills. you may remember seeing these sketches on air at the top of the hour. police say the family of the victim saw the pictures on tv and called with information. she is 26-yol
11:38 am
teesha hughes coates of r street in northeast washington. she was discovered in the parking lot in the lynn hill condo building. investigators can use the information to track down her killer. all eyes on hollywood this morning. >> did your favorite movie make the cut? >> the nominees for supporting actor are -- >> we're running down the list of top nominees and a few shock
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. what are you going to do? >> have my own club. ♪ >> that's going to happen every time? >> i think so. >> no, no, no. >> it's been a record-setting morning for movies and the oscars haven't happened yet. >> mark barger breaks down the brand-new academy award
11:41 am
>> "la la land" distanced its way into the territory this morning, a record-tying 14 academy award nomination that joins "titanic" and "all about eve." >> fasten your seat belts. it's going to be a bumpy night. >> along with best picture, it also grabbed emma stone and ryan gosling for music and writer/director damian she'sel. "moonlight" earned eight nominations overall, and "arrival." "hell or high water" and "lion." >> "hidden figures" and "hacksaw ridge" and "fences" and "manchester by the sea." that film's star, casey affleck, is upr
11:42 am
"la la land"'s gosling and washington and andrew garfield and mortonson for "captain fantastic." it was a record-setting morning for meryl streep, for "florence foster jenkins" the 20th of her career. emma stone of "la la land" and it's bell uper of "elle." ruth negga for "loving". overall, accounted for seven of the 20 acting nomination after two years of criticism over the lack of diversity among oscar nominees. mark barger, nbc news. >> quite a mix there this year. >> yeah. >> i have a lot of watching to do. >> apparently. >> i've only seen one. i'm way behind the curve too. >> and we're mibehind on the su. but you say it's going to come back? >> we have been sunshine starved the last couple days.
11:43 am
not a lot for today. you'll get your slivers of sunshine today, especially the farther east away from the mountains. but most of us will have to wait until tomorrow morning before we get a full dose of needed sunshine around here. there's the view looking northbound from down near national airport up over the river, and toward the national cathedral. that's the way it looks if you look northbound. lots of clouds out there. and from our tower in northwest looking back southbound towards capitol hill, still clouds. so a mostly cloudy sky, pretty much all over the area. as far as the weather impacts on your day-to-day, no more than an inconveniently chilly breeze. a passing sprinkle or two. northwest winds today, 15 to 25 miles per hour. now for tomorrow, nothing to worry about. that's going to be the nicest day of the week. plenty of sunshine up near 60 degrees for tomorrow. and i'm optimistic the weekend will be dry, but it isn't going to be near 60 degrees at all. most of the clouds, as you can see here in the shenandoah valley and along west of the brew ridge. you'll get more sunshine as you get toward the bay. on the eastern shore, it's cloudy
11:44 am
out a passing sprinkle or drop around the d.c. metro area to points north and west. not expecting a big impact from that. but just know that if you get hit by a drop, i told you so. there could be at least a drop or two. another little chance for a drop or two early thursday. then we dry out thursday afternoon. friday, saturday, sunday, breezy and chilly and on the cold side by sunday. and another little channels for maybe a rain or a snowflake coming up monday of next week. that is the world's first-ever double back flip on a snowmobile. rider daniel bowden pulled off the student yesterday. he was racing with snowmobilers to see who could complete the stunt first. he holds the world record for longest snowmobile back flip, launching nearly 150 feet. >> that terrifies me
11:45 am
are you looking for a new career? that guy might want to think about a new career. we're breaking down the top-paying jobs and
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11:47 am
wall street will try to rebound from monday's modest losses. the dow falling for a sixth time in seven sessions yesterday on continued uncertainty over president trump's policies. you want to look for econom
11:48 am
earnings from a five dow components, 3m, dupont, johnson & johnson, travelers and verizon. the dow dropping 27 points to 19,799. the nasdaq down two to 5553. and florida is making a bid for a piece of the forecast-growing auto parts market. creating a new brand called omni craft to independent repair shops to fix competitors' cars and trucks. having parts could help increase business for dealers and offer an opportunity to convince customers to check out a new car on the showroom floor. with your business report. president trump is turning over his business to his two adult sons with the move aimed to putting questions to rest about possible conflicts of interest. the latest moves, do they go far enough? here is kristen welker. >> reporter: after years of serving as his real-life apprentices, donald trums
11:49 am
reins of his business, the trump organization, tweeting out a picture of eric and don jr., with a caption, a new era has begun. a 19-page resignation letter reads, "i donald j. trump, hereby resign from every office and position i hold" and a document filed shows eric trump is now the president of trump international hotel's management. press secretary sean spicer telling reporters monday. >> he has resigned from the company as he said he would, before he took office. don and eric are fully in charge of the company. he has taken extraordinary steps. >> reporter: but conflict of interest questions are still swirling. president trump first announced his intention to turn over his business to his sons during a press conference in january, when he was still president-elect. his business ties long a flashpoint, mr. trump insisted he would not take any actions that would create conflict. >> i could run the trump organization. great, great
11:50 am
-- the country. i do a very good job. but i don't want to do that. >> reporter: still, the just-released resignation letter doesn't meet the standards of some independent experts who have urged mr. trump to liquidate his holdings and set up an independent trustee or a blind trust. on monday, a group of lawyers and ethics experts, some with democratic ties, filed a lawsuit against the president. the suit suggests president trump is breaking the emoluments clause in the constitution which says a president can't accept gifts from a foreign government. the president firing back. >> mr. president, reactions to the lawsuit today. >> without merit. totally without merit. >> reporter: his adult children often by his side at home and abroad. while handing control to his adult sons, will it be enough, now that he is president? >> eric trump formally taking control of parts of the company will not silence ethics credits who say divestment is the only
11:51 am
being enriched by the fact he's president. we told you that marriott is building a brand-new headquarters in bethesda. it is taking over two whole blocks at the corner of norfolk avenue and wisconsin avenue. the project includes a 22-story office building and a flagship marriott hotel. it will take five years to build. if you want to make a whole lot of money and be happy at work, you may be in the wrong career. >> a new report from glass door finds jobs that require science, technology, engineering and math stem are among the most satisfying. glass door looked at a number of openings. company satisfaction ratings and salary. four of the five top jobs in the survey were for tech workers. data scientist, that took the top spot. the highest-paying jobs is solutions architect at $125,000 a year. if i onlykn
11:52 am
architect was. maybe i would hire one. >> sounds like a high-tech answer man? >> yeah, i guess so. takes all your problems away. bigger isn't always better when it comes to baby announcement. >> we'll tell you why one couple's stunt got them into a little bit of hot water. you'
11:53 am
11:54 am
a lot of people are saying she broke the rules governing political discourse. now a writer for "saturday night live" is suspended indefinitely.
11:55 am
katie rich. that tweet said, quote, barron will be the first home-schooled shooter. he actually goes to private school. she was referring to the president's 10-year-old son, barron, who is now staying with his mother in new york. rich deleted the tweet and deactivated her account over the weekend. then she reactivated the account and apologized, saying, quote, i sincerely apologize for the insensitive tweet. i deeply regret my actions and offensive words. it was inexcusable, and i'm so sorry. live from new york! for the 17th time, alec baldwin will host snl for his historic 17th time on february 11th. baldwin has made a lot of appearances on snl this season. as republican nominee turned president, everyone will be watching to see if the president's speech from the white house about this upcoming episode. trump usually does not approve of baldwin's impersonation, and ed sheeran will be the musical
11:56 am
guest. . it's a boy! >> oh, my. that explosive announcement was not the big celebration it was intended to be. according to the omaha world herald, it ended up with a $1,000 fine. the paper says this couple in nebraska blew up a target with a rifle shot to announce they were having a baby boy. people nearby thought something was wrong. the local sheriff charged the couple with a misdemeanor, which could also actually carry jail time. we're going to turn to the weather and things are going to turn sunny after how long, chuck? >> well, it's going to be quite the fight to get sunshine back for today, especially areas out north. you can see all of the clouds rippling right over the ridge lines here. partly at times, mostly cloudy. you'll get sunny breaks today, but that's about it. after the sun goes down tonight, skies will clear out nicely. so that by the time we get to wake-up time tomorrow morning, skies will be clear, winds will be light and coming back from the south. tomorrow
11:57 am
winner. mostly sunny all through the daylight hours tomorrow. milder, too, with highs near 60. but by late tomorrow night into early thursday, here's midnight going into thursday, skies going mostly cloudy. again, we could have a couple rain drops to content with around here. mainly during the first half the day on thursday before we dry back out again thursday afternoon. the all eyes toward the weekend. the weekend is looking dry, not quite as warm as it's going to be tomorrow. 50 today, 60 tomorrow. after the rain chance early thursday, dry weather for friday, saturday and sunday. but typically cold. daytime highs only in the upper 30s and low 40s. overnight lows finally back down below freezing, which is good news for the farmers around here. our fruit trees need the chill hours in the winter months. will stay on the chilly side on into early next week. >> all right. want to keep those trees happy. but 60 will feel good. that's it for news4 midday. we're back on the air first at
11:58 am
any time with the nbc washington app.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
we're live from new york in five, four, three, two, one. >> yeah. >> look at that weather right there. nor'easter natalie still in full force, as natalie morales has swept into the city. taking over the "today" show, delivering big. >> i almost blew you away last night. i had to hold kit down at one point during the stormy conditions. >> we really. >> we'll tell you all about that coming up. meanwhile we're celebrating the oscar nominations today. we have our good friend dave carter here. we will run it all down with you. what we love is first of all "la la land," 14 nominations, tying for the all-time record with


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