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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  January 25, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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for navigational use. electric scooters are being recalled. this is the safe-start electric scooter. they pose a fall hazard for the rider. they were manufactured between september 10th and october 11th and sold exclusively at target. news 4 today starts now. >> it is 5:00 a.m. hello. hello. how are you? >> i'm good. >> it's wednesday. we made the halfway through. >> we did. we want to get right to this forecast this morning. we're at 47 degrees. not a shaby way to start. >> not at all and the best thing is the temperature is going up. >> oh, yes it is. but first i want tatto tell you guys. we were talking about the germs. we use the knuckle. >> but then you end up with a dirty knuckle. >> okay. ,
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restaurant is the menu. >> well, now we know but the temperatures are going to be nice today. >> it's a tough place to be a germophobe, this world is. chilly, not cold this morning. a great afternoon coming our way. a little chance for a sprinkle or two for tomorrow. weather impacts tomorrow, just a drizzle drop or two. nothing more than an inconvenience. but it it will turn windy and cooler for tomorrow. we'll have the whole weekend forecast coming up at 5:21. for now, sheena's got more of the details on how nice today will be. thanks for the clicker. today's going to be fantastic and temperatures are unseasonably warm, almost 15 degrees above normal for this time of the year. it's 47. it almost feels like that cool spring morning outside. by 7:00 a.m., 43 degrees. so you will want a jacket but not a heavy jacket and probably won't need one this
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lunch time we're already in the 50s and you can bet we'll be soaring near 60 degrees today. coming up let's check the roadways this morning. good morning, sheena. we've got an early crash going southbound putting it down your trade zone avenue. the right side of the roadway is getting by. otherwise our beltway's been pretty quiet. nothing wrong going on early. there is an early delay building very quickly on 270 southbound passing 109. nothing in the roadway. there may have been earlier activity but it looks a lot better now than it did a couple minutes ago. nothing in your way. back to you. thank you. 5:02. angie goff working to get new information about a hit and run. >> fairfax county police looking for the driver of a car that struck a pedestrian. take a look at some of
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we shot. that is video of the fireworks fire. this one out of central china where someone tried to light fireworks outside of a store front and that actually ignited more fireworks causing a series of explosions. as a result, five people died. an investigation is ongoing. now back to you. and right now before you send your kids out the bus stop this morning. take a good look that phoat the. they say he's armd and dangerous. they believe rolen sims shot at someone while they were sitting at a bus. >> it just trouble. it's troms its the kids. kids are running everywhere. >> now no children were hurt here. they say this was a domestic incident and that the woman involved was recovering.
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just call 911. and here at nbc 4 we are committed to raising awareness in our neighborhoods. you're going to find phone numbers in the nbc washington app. just search "safe at home. " president trump says he will follow through on one of his campaign's biggest promises. he's calling today a big day on national security and said quote among other things we will build the wall. sources tell nbc news the president is expected to sign an executive order to begin paying for a wall on the u.s./mexican border. also today we expect an kbiv o executive order to crack down on so-called sanctuary cities. that's where they don't cooperate with federal immigration authorities. around here alexandria, arlington and fairfax counties. there are hundreds of sanctuary cities around the country. news 4's
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have details on what these orders do and why the trump administration has ordered a media blackout. the yellow line will have one fewer train for you to board. metro took a train out of service after a door opened before the train arrived at its destination. news 4's justin finch will have a live report on that incident. get ready to run into road closures this morning in fairfax. cham bridge road is closed between fairfax boulevard and eaten place for about a year. construction crews are working to improve traffic conditions for drivers and pedestrians. your best bet will be to choose another way to work. it's going to be really congested over there. want you to take a look at your tv screen. this man is missing. he needs his medicine, we're told. saturday is the last time anybody saw
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he was spotted about 5:00 in the evening. police would like to hear from you. by 2020 prince george's county is expected to have a new state of the art medical center but a fight is brewing over money. larry hogan released a budget that cuts $22 million from that regional medical center. and baker will talk about how the cuts could effect the future success of that hospital. the governor off minnesota says that he has cancer. but his doctors say that is not why he fainted earlier this week. you see the video here. they say this likely happened because he was standing for so long. i think he was 40 minutes into the speech. they discoved the governor's cancer and confirmed it about two weeks ago. a lot of people have been wondering how former president george h.w. bush is doing right now. he is still in the hospital. but a family spokesman says he is speaking well and
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phone calls. he's being treated for pneumonia. >> we know he went into the hospital i think it was two saturdays ago. right now he's out of the icu and could be discharged sometime this week. tough guy. always has been, right. >> very nice. for the first time this week you probably won't need to use your wipers on the drive to work. a closer look at that when we tune in with chuck bell and sheena you can now make two all beef patties with special sauce from home. how some people can get their hands on mcdonald's special sauce starting tomorrow. they're going to sell that? and a hesds up for some people living in maryland. why you shouldn't be
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you're watching news 4 today. budget concerns are on the agenda for metro tonight but some may be wondering why it was working while the train was in service. right now it's 5:10. we want to get to breaking news about an attack overseas. angie goff is follow dg tails. at least six people are dead, more hurt after a gunman stormed into a hotel. you saw that
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there. that was a suicide car bomb that actually exploded at the gate of that hotel right before the ram page, the shooting ram page began. the violent islamic extremists groupalltia bob has claimed responsibility for the attack. dozens of law makers are believed to have been staying at that hotel. that's the latest from the live desk. back to you. >> it's 5:11 right now. if you're about to step outside we'll get you caught up on the forecast. >> we like the way the temperatures are going. >> yes, we do. i do and i think your really going to like them this afternoon. wait until you feel what the high is knowing to be. one of the colder spots. so it feels more like a cool spring morning through most of the area. mostly in about the mid-40s. but your commute forecast is looking really good. 43
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53 degrees, dry roads and perfect weather if you want to eetd outside. look at that high of 60 degrees. that's around 15 degrees above normal. so it will feel very nice and dry this afternoon. let's check the roadways with jack taylor. good morning. our accident early is on 301 going southbound after central avenue towards trade zoneb. authorities remain on scene, otherwise the beltway is very quiet. dry roadways nice change of pace. all your travel lanes are open. a broken down vehicle on south capital street. sounds like we woo have a right lane taken away. back to you. thank you. 5:12. you're riding metro. it's something you never expect to happen. the doors open early. >> it happened to commuters last night on a yellow line tra
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station on what metro is doing to make sure it doesn't happen again. pretty scary stuf, justin. >> reporter: scary indeed and we are told metro is looking into this claim and officials say the train involved has been pulled from service after riders got on social media to report this scare. they say their red line train stopped close to 5:00 p.m. toouds and for a few seconds the train doors opened. not far from the regan national stop. that train was pulled from service and metro reports no riders were hurt but this does come as the director of records are expected to hold a public form on safety, budget concerns and service cuts. you can imagine they will have a lot to talk about. at 7:00 p.m. when that meeting takes place. back to you. live at the
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station for us. we told you earlier how president trump is expected to talk about national security today. he's also talking tough on crime in chicago. now threatening to send the federal government into the city. he said if chicago doesn't fix the horrible carnage i will send in the feds. he also sielted statistics that police later corrected. and reverend jesse jackson saying quote we need a plan, not threat. since the mid-90s with more than 750 murders. and this morning d.c. leaders are also calling on the white house about a posting about alternative facts on the white house website. it claims murders in d.c. have risen 50%. back in july then candidate trump sited the same false statistic at the rnc. >> at the nation's capitol killings have risen by 50%. >> and that statement would have be
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the homicide rate fell 17% in 2016. howard university professorer carr says false information hurts more than just people who call the district home. you the federal government. people are supposed to be able to rely on your data. these assertions may then shake the confidence in domestic population and international population as well. d.c. mayor released statement saying in part alternative facts about the district's homicide rate is a disservice to our police officers. she asked the white house to take down that information. a job fair at national's park is rescheduled for january 31st. it was called off after a frightening situation yesterday. they say a man was shot in the face and policedo
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the shooting was random. no arrests have been made. and when it comes to combatting crime, counsel member vince gray says he hopes one of his new bills will help. he increted a bill that will give officer as one-time retention bonees to stay with the department instead of retiring or transferring. the current police force is about 500 officers short of its recommended staffing level. the mother of a uva student who murdered his girlfriend will appear on the "today" show. you may remember when he was convicted of killing her. and hugly's mother will talk about a justice system that failed her son. >> and the criminal justice system gets it right but it doesn't always get right. he had absolutely no intent to heard her. she was h
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interview right after news 4 "today." children with adhd are visiting their doctors very often. nation wide children with adhd go to the doctor 6 million time as year and say boys go twice as often as girls do. most of the time doctors are prescribing medicine such as ridline. the american lung association is giving out grades for each state for their tobacco control efforts. no state received all a's and several failed every category including mississippi, and west virginia. wa wa improved its score for cessation services. >> making it easier for medicaid enrollees to quit. increase funding for their quit line. as for the other states, maryland got d for access while washington received a in
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you love a big mac? >> you know every once in a while you got it go in. >> i'm with you on that one. you're going to want to grill this phrase into your memory. there's a big mac for that. you're go having to to recite that tomorrow if you want a bottle of big mac sauce. mcdonald's is giving away 10,000 bottles in the this give away. it's going to be on a first come, first serve basis on select locations. we've got the locations around here. >> that makes more sense and it's the promotional effort, not something they're going to sell in the stores. >> i might have to get one? >> the sauce or the big mac? >> both. if you're a fellow trekky, you're going to like this next story, amazon's alexa will now answer to "computer." >> apparently amazon upgraded
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basically turn your living room into the star ship enterprise. you can say "alexa", "echo", "amazon" or "computer." she will turn on appliances or buy items online. we've told stories and we say alexa buy me a chocolate cake, all the sudden looking online for bakeries. >> and i think you can use alexa to order stuff. you have to save your credit card information in there. use a password so it doesn't just buy stuff randomly. >> i like this idea though. computer. you know the big mac song? pickles, onions, lettuce on a sesame seed bun. >> you guys have a few years on me. >> he just called you old. >
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but i didn't want you to feel singled out. as we transition to weather gracefully now. if you've been thinking riltser been chilly for january but not cold. this january has been almost six degrees warmer than average and we'ver only dropped below freezing six times in the first 24 days of the month and so far not even a half an inch of snow this january. we dropped below freezing 19 times last january and all snow loves, almost 19 inches of snow. outside a mostly clear sky a light west breeze and temperatures already above our average highs this time of the year. that storm is now off the coast of nan tucket and moving off to sea. our next little chance of the weather maker is this one here, bringing snow. could have some flight delays there. most of that energy and moisture will bypass
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but the cold front will bring clouds in late tonight and could bring out a sprinkle or two around this time tomorrow morning. our average low now this time of year is 28. so we're way above average and temperatures will climb quickly courtesy of near 100% sunshine to near 60 downtown, 54 in haguerstown. here's your five-day forecast. near 60 today. quite a west to northwest wind tomorrow. and a lot more clouds and cooler as well. still not cold and a little chance for a springal or shower early tomorrow. overnight lows finally back down below freezing for saturday and sunday morning. sheena and i will be back in a few more minutes. good morning. chuck, good morning. we have a problem with a broken down vehicle. not good way to start your morning
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blocked but no help so far. you're going to find going south after central avenue, we've got an accident and the right lane is getting by and this is morning number one as we've been reporting northbound on 123 between fairfax boulevard and i 56. road improvements will end in one year. back to you. thank you. president trump gets ready to take action on immigration. what we're learning about his expected announcement. they are the cars of the future and we're getting a closer look at how they aim to keep you safe.
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why did he do that? it undermines the credibility of the entire white house press office on day one. >> don't be so overly dramatic about it, chuck. you're saying it's a false hood and they're giving, sean spie,
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alternative facts to that. >> so by now you've seen it. white house advisor, kellyanne conway coining the term "alternative facts" when asked about the white house press secretary's claim that the inauguration crowd was the biggest ever. something has happened as a result of this. george orwell's book "1984" hit number one. it's a tale of a society where facts are distorted and suppressed in a cloud of news speak. and was first published in 1949. >> i remember reading flat high school. i don't know how much i remember it now. >> new speak? >> yeah. i remember it was typed in and everybody heard the same controlled message. well, chances are some of your have some sort of technology in your car that tries to make your ride safer. >> well, now the actual road itself could start communicating with your car about dangerous situations.
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can tell you when you're approaching a work zone, a sharp curve, or if you're going to rr fast and tell you when a light is turning red. news 4 transportation reporter says it's now up to the construction and road crews and each state department of transportation to work with ought so makers to make the roads safer. several auto makers will show off self-driving car's at d.c.'s ought so show on friday. it is 5:27 and today is the day you might want to go outside. you might. details on wednesday's warm up and how long it will last. new at 5:30, missing family mystery. a vamuirginia mother disappears after learning that their house burned down. and a new health warning for your family. a new norovirus outbreak is spreading.
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right now at 5:30, immigration overall. it is day five of the trump administration and today everybody will be talking about his next executive action. safety and budget concerns are on the agenda for a public forum on metro tonight but some may be wondering why the trn
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plus put away the heavy jacket for today. how long we can enjoy a break from the chill in the middle of january. news 4 today starts now. and doesn't that sound nice after a few days of rain and dreerry we're going to have a little warm up? >> this winter confusion continues today. when you go out this morning, you probably want to bundle up like you have all week. >> this is weather we've been craving on these dreary winter days. in to tell us whether our commute will be nice. >> he's melissa's producer.. traffic producer. doing a great job. >> on his debut on news 4 today. >> got to record that one. >> he's ducked out on camera a few times in the past. now that he's been seen on camera, he's on the
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union. a winner of a wednesday today. it will turn a little cooler for tomorrow maybe a sprinkle or two early tomorrow but on the whole good car washing weather. can probably drive clean car through most of the weekend but a much more typical of january weekend. and chuck, we like these temperatures because it's not bitter cold. not that bone chilling cold. kind of feels like a nice spring or fall-like morning. we're going to be way above normel for this time of the year. right now we're at 47 in the district. west wind is going to turn south. so take a look at what the temperatures are going to do. by 9:00 a.m., still mid to low 40s. so if you're heading out for lunch, happy hour or dinner, you should probably eat outside. by happy hourti
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we'll talk more going into the weekends. good morning. this is morning number one. you've seen the signs. for a while this is it. 123, fair baks -- between fairfax boulevard and i 66. this is road improvement. the detour is in place. morning number one. the broken down vehicle is on south capitol street taking away the right lane. they're headed to the scene. 95 northbound in virginia trying to move up from dale city. you can see an early slow down and the roadways nice and dry. thank you. 5:33. here's a look at some of the morning's top stories. president trump expected to sign an executive order to begin paying a
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this morning metro's yellow line will have one fewerer train for you to board. they took train out of service afterer a door opened before the train arrived at its destination. and some elementary school parents may be cautious about their kids getting to school today after a man shot a woman at bus stop yesterday morning. prince george's county police looking for rolen sims monopoly they say he's armed and dac dangero dangerous. now to a story we've been staying on top of since it broke monday morning. >> they arrested a man who they say shot at a fairfax county police officer. it turns out he was already behind bars on an unrelated charge, a flashing a gun. police believe he shot at a blees cruiser after afrss tried to pull him over. the oofrs wasn't hurt. and new this morning, montgomery county police say
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he was arrested in connection to a home invasion robbery and kidnapping. they say on monday night he and one other suspect were wearing ski masks when they robbed a home. they're still searching for the other suspect. a mother in baltimore will begin making a funeral plans for six of her nine children. they died in a house fire earlier this month. she escaped with three of them. she was released from the hospital friday. the cause has still not been found. in virginia a mystery in virginia beach following a house fire there. police say this woman and her son and daughter are missing. on sunday a space heater sparked a fire at her home, however they were allegedly not for when it happened. family and friends are very concerned. feeling a
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to be found. our daughter, of course. >> family and friends say it is not like lamping to not reach out to anyone. texting, making falls, even eating are things that should not be done behind the the wheel and soon a crack down could mean big trouble for some drivers who get caught. comi coming. plus, leave the wallet at home and check out with your cell phone. the new way you'll be able to pay at target. and a new look that dweek mi
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♪ you're watching news 4 today. if you see s.w.a.t. officers and hear gun fire in fredric, maryland, don't worry. it's all a movie. a production company will be filming. officers will be dressed using simulated weapons. they'll be filming between 6:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. your time is 5:39. squat down there chuck a little bit. there you go. tell us about this forecast coming up today. yeah we're reaching for the sunshine. a great day to be outside. ial arer be out there running with the dog. you
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afternoon walk yourself. >> i'll watch you run with the dog. i'll be at the finish line when you're done with a martini. >> well, now we're getting somewhere, yes indeed. it is a pleasant enough morning. temperatures are already above our average high so you may need a little bit of a fleece or a hat. now all sunshine, all the time today. afternoon highs near 60 degrees. nothing more than a layer of warmth for you this morning. so you can leave the hat, scarf, gloves all at home for today. more about that coming up and sheena's got your whole 10 day at 5:51. a-plus, 60 in january. man, i haven't h had an a-plus in a long time. after 50 near the hawkins road over pass. sounds like
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authorities are on it scene. and we're getting a lot heavier. 270 southbound down towards 109. it's your volume out of fredric leaving 89 and still have that broken down vehicle in the right-hand lane. they're dougoing to try to move that as quickly as they possibly can. a scare on metro. the train doors opened before riders reached their station. we're working to find out what happened next in a live report. and tips to make sure your kids don't come homesick and at 6:00 a search for a man who opened fire at a school bus stop.
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they should stay in jail for life after what he did to my uncle. >> right now on news 4 today a child
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she watched as her uncle was ran over. distracted driving crack down. virginia law makers want to make the roads safer but it may mean you need to change your habits. the trump administration says it's temporary but what does it mean to your rights for information. a new way to pay at target. how the superstore is making it easier to check out using your cell phone. your time is 5:45. some scary moments on the yellow line last night. one of the train 's doors opened before it arrived at the national airport station. that incident will likely come up today. justin finch live at the huntington metro station with more on this meeting. justin. >> reporter: good
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due for a lot of feedback, especially considering what's on their agenda which includes talk of hikes and service cuts and metro wants to hear from its riders. they first pitched those changes in october after reporting it took a hit. so potential job cuts are on the table and metro may seek more funding from d.c., maryland and virginia in an effort to ramp up its service. those virginia members of the board of directors are hosting at the greater rust een chamberf commerce. >> live for us this morning. developing right now fairfax county police are looking for someone who struck a pedestrian and drove off. police say a man was hit around the intersection of green berry
5:47 am
there are lot of town homes in ate the area. the man is in critical condition. a father and husband is suffering from life-threatening injuries. police say he was struck by a hit-and-run driver. his 11-year-old niece was one of three children who saw it happen. she says her uncle was standing near a car when the pick up truck slammed into the parked car behind him and then into him. she's hoping the hit and run driver will be found and arrested. >> i don't know if it was a man or a woman but whoever it is better get caught and they're going to be in jail for life and they should stay in jail for life after what they did to my uncle. >> they believe the truck sped away towards the prince william parkway. it's described as a white ford f to 250 or 350. and is missing the passenger side view mirror. a
5:48 am
their luchb loved one had had been murdered after showing you her picture on the screen. police now say this is 26-year-old tukeisha hughes coats from d.c. they contacted detectives. detectives are now working to identify suspect squs and the motive. and an update about an explosion in somalia. live from the live deck. there is a new teth toll and we learned eight people are now d . this after a gunman stormed into a hotel. what you saw there was the suicide car bomb that exploded at the gate right before the shooting rampage began.
5:49 am
esponsibility for this attack. we know dozens, including law makers were believed to have been staying inside that hotel that time. the story continues to develop. stay with nbc 4. now back to you. angie, thank you. we have a news 4 your had health alert for you this morning. it is peek moro virus this evening. using hand sanitizer isn't the same as washing hands. you can handle them with disposable gloves, wash in very hot water, disinfect all your surfaces with a beach-based cleaner. one maryland mom said the sickness came out of nowhere. >> they were fine one min squt the next they were laying down and very sick. each year about 20 million people become sick with
5:50 am
70,000 end up in the hospital. let's talk about germ infested things we touch pretty much on a daily basis. these were published in new york magazines. hand towels, reuseable bags, coffee pot handles, elevator buttons. all these nings are touched a lot and usually not kings very often. or at least not often enough. the magazine also says toilet seats are one of the cleaner seats we interacted with. and you don't generally touch that with your hands. now back to politics. five days into president trump's first 100 days. this video whereon
5:51 am
gathered in song and dance. they say the pipelines are bad for the environment. similar protests broke out in washington. it followed president trump's executive order that paved the way for construction to continue on the dakota access pipeline. supporters say it will create thousands of jobs. a contract freeze and a media blackout at the environmental protection agency. >> as the agency moved to delay implementation of 30 rules finalized in the end of the obama administration. what does this mean? >> reporter: no new projects. a media blackouts. not allowing questions to be answered about it. they want to get everyone on the same page. obviously the obama administration epa had different priorities going after climate change and stuff. the trump administrn
5:52 am
justification is they want tamake sure whatever information is coming out of the epa is reflecting the priorities of the new president. >> and we expect him to sign executive orders on border security. >> reporter: the one we know for sure is he's going to shift federal funds around to start building that wall he talked so much about that he mom promised he would pay for. issue is, if it cost more than the money available, then just him signing an order is not going to be enough. >> tracie potts on the hill for us this morning. we're really excited today because of the weather. it doesn't take that much but the fact we're going to reach a temperature we havant seen a few days. >> i'm very excited about it i
5:53 am
>> get over the hump. >> we're going over it now. 47 degrees right now in the district. so it feels kind of cool outside. i would not say this is a heavy coat type of weather unless you are in fredricsbering and we are mostly in the mid-40s this morning. pleasantly cool this morning. you do need a jacket through the afternoon. normal high 44. we're going to get closer to 60. more sunshine in the forecast too. after all the cloud cover we've seen lately. isolated showers possible late tonight and maybe early tomorrow too. for today the out look as far as the weather very low. dry roads. will be fantastic for the kids. spring-like temperatures and dried roads as well. if you're exercising today, especially this afternoon you'll probably want the
5:54 am
we stay dry. south wind unseasonably warm temperatures moving in p. tomorrow we are dry most of the day. there'ser the average high of 44. tomorrow 60, and then we drop off for the weekend. so enjoy today because we do start to feel more like winter for your weekend. 60 for a high temperatures, mostly sunny skies and look at the dry stretch we have. much colder on monday. good morning. and that's always a help when the roads are dry. 66 eastbound we had a crash at the beltway. everything got put on the shoulder. it shouldn't cause much of a delay but every once in a while a flashing light could slow you down. trouble spot right now on metro is on the orange line-up. there was an earlier train
5:55 am
chances are you have some sort of technology in the car that tries to make the ride siefer. >> well, now the actual road itself could start communicating with the car. censors and systemed could tell you when you're approaching a work zone and alert you when you're distracted and tell you when a light is turning road. it's now up to the construkds and road crews to work oddo makeardser. several altmakererered will show off self-driving cars friday. should students home schooled in the commonwealth of virginia be able to participate high school sports? they signed a bill yesterday that would allow home schooled students to
5:56 am
the eighth grade. they say if they compete, they should be required to meet the same academic and disciplinary standards. the bill now goes to the state sennet for consideration. if you want to get your kids interested in science and math aio can get toys delivered to your doorstep to encourage that kind of learning. you pay $20 a month and they will hand pick toys based on the age of your kids. good morning. i'm kate rogers of cnbc headquarters. allowing custermers to pay for items with an app on their phone. the retailer isn't giving anymore specifics. target would join a small but kroided market. with cnbc morning business report, i'm kate ro
5:57 am
at target. $600 worth of junk shows up on my door. the shooting at school bus swupt putting parents on edge. plus breaking her silence. hear from the mother of the uva lacrosse player convicted of killing his girlfriend. and new overnight, make a big mac at home. mcdonald's releasing a limited amount of its special
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. news 4 today starts now. right now on "news 4 today" bus stop scare. a woman shot in front of elementary school students. the gunman that's still out there armed and dangerous. plus taking action on immigration. president trump promised a wall. what you need to know about his latest executive action. and a warm up for your wednesday. sunshine and spring like but it won't last long. we have your storm team 4 forecast. good morning everyone. >> so don't worry about bundling up. you can leave that heavy coat add home y.
6:00 am
details on that. ja taylor's in for melissa. but first chuck and sheena, this is one of those days where the kids leave clothes at school. a sweatshirt disappears. >> shedable layers. that's definitely in fashion. it's the failure to get cold this january that's quite outstanding. we have had nine days so far this january we have failed to drop below 40 degreed. that's the saektd highest number on prekdered. and a chilly start this morning. mild temperatures. cloudy skies, maybe a risk of a quick shower or two. but for now more on sood's tech nackialer weatherer. ance


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