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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  January 25, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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thanks for joining us for news 4 midday. >> weigh want to get a check on the forecast. chuck tell us more about news about the weather. >> we need chuck's microphone. do you have one? is it turned on? we're going to get to chuck in just a minute while he gets his microphone on. >> breaking news in the search for a man police say opened fire at a school bus stop.
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elementary school in oxen hall with more. molette? >> reporter: we just heard from prince george's county police, they arrested the suspect about 15 minutes ago, rowland simms is now in custody facing a number of charges in this case, including first degree attempted murder. two patrol cars remain posted right here outside of forest heights elementary school and they also have patrols set up at the school bus stop where all of this happened earlier this morning. those patrol cars were there to make sure kids got on those buses safely this morning. >> students and parents returned to their neighborhood bus stop but it's not back to business as usual. a police patrol car sits at the corner of chester and win tlop, another down the street on the lookout for a gunman. >> they are going to catch him. he'll show up sooner or later.
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confrontation escalates steps from tony williams' house. 42-year-old roland simms tried to grab a child and ended up shooting a woman in a terrifying scene that happened right in front of a handful of children waiting for a school bus. >> and anything could have happened to the little kids out there. don't do that with kids around. it's senseless. yes. >> reporter: this morning, parents are a bit uneasy coming back here despite the police presence. robert dawkins would now like to see this bus pickup area relocated. >> could probably get the bus switched over. don't want to stand here now. >> reporter: police protection remains outside forest heights elementary and no outside activities at this school today. >> now when all of this happened, there were about 10 to 15 children
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stop and luckily, none of them was injured. the woman who was shot and grazed by a bullet is expected to recover from her injuries. that is the latest live here from oxen hill. >> protesters have raised a banner above the white house that says resist. here's video of that. green peace says several activists climbed a crane and then rolled out this banner and it is more than 2,000 square feet. greenpeace says it is a deliberate protest against president donald trump and his actions on the environment. >> the man convicted of killing montgomery county police officer is asking a court to reduce his prison sentence. his attorney says that he quote, has at all times behaved as a model prisoner. and the attorney also said he remains truly con trite. he was driving drunk at three times the legal
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hit leotta over a year ago. he died a week later. developing right now, marc suspended service near the college park maerk station. check for breaking news updates in the nbc washington app when we learn more about this crash. also developing right now, a very serious accident in frederick maryland, a dump truck crashed and caught fire on i-70. west boubd bound lanes are shut down. they did not tell us how many people were hurt. metro is investigating reports on something you never expect to happen on your train, doors on a yellow line train opening before the train arrived at its destination. the metro riders tweeted it happened on elevated tracks
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force stop. metro says it is looking into reports that the train questioned has been taken out of service. major traffic construction project will affect your drive around town. chain bridge road is closed between fairfax boulevard and eaton place and will stay closed about a year. construction crews are working to improve traffic conditions for drivers and pedestrians. there are detour signs in place but the best bet will be to choose another way to get to work. avoid that area. >> new at midday, a big defeat for the fastest man alive. was just discall fied meaning the jamaican relay team has been stripped of the gold medal from that year. bolt still keeps the rest of his eight olympic gold medals. >> in about two hours from now, president trump is expected to sign executive orders to begin
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and mexico. tracye potts has details. >> we build build our own pipeline. >> reporter: now he wants to build on his campaign declaring on twitter, today will foeng focus on national security and we will build the wall. president trump heads to the department of homeland security this afternoon to sign what's expected to be several executive orders on borders and immigration including building a wall with mexico. the white house chief of staff has said he'll hold off on deporting draemers and children brought to the country illegally. >> today i still have protection from the partition and have a work permit. but we know president trump will sign it later in the week. >> he insists 3 million undocumented immigrants voted in the election. >> he continues to maintain that belief. >> there's no evidence and republicans are frustrated. >> i would urge
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not -- this is going to erode the ability to govern this country. >> reporter: the democrats want to work with the president on infrastructure projects to create jobs. >> we're challenging him to join us, even if republican colleagues aren't for it. >> reporter: we're also learning more about the orders coming today, president trump expected to sign one that prioritizes deporting immigrants who committed crimes. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. the president is also expected to sign executive orders to crack down on so-called sanctuary cities, those are areas where local officials don't cooperate with federal immigration authorities. we're talking about washington, prince george's and moent gomry counties and alexandria and arlington in virginia. earlier we reported that fairfax county was a sanctuary city and since learned that is not the case. we apologize for the error. toyota will add 400 jobs and $600 million to boost production
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it is seen as an attempt to apiece donald trump and preempt criticism. it is part of a pledge to invest an additional $10 billion in the u.s. over the next five years. d.c. leaders are calling out the white house for posting alternative facts on its websites. it claims murders in d.c. have risen 20% and candidate trump cited the same false statistic at the rnc. >> in the nation's capital, killings have risen by 50%. >> that statement was accurate in 2015 but according to d.c. police, the rate fell 17% in 2016. howard university professor greg karr says false information from the white house hurts more than people who call the district home. >> you're the federal government. people are supposed to be able to rely on your data. they may then shake the co
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domestic population of the united states but international population as well. >> d.c. mayor bouser released a statement, alternative facts about the district's homicide rate is a disservice to our police officers. >> job fair national park is scheduled for january 31st after a frightening situation yesterday. police say a man was shot in the face outside of the liquor store and then ran towards a crowd of job seekers. the man is in critical condition and they do not think it was random and no arrests have been made. many of you are wondering how former president george h.w. bush is doing this morning. he is being treated for pneumonia but still recovering but a family spokesman says he is sleeping well and talking to physicians and returning calls and feeling better. >> doctors say the president could be discharged sometime this week. it was a story that dominated the news for years. >> now the mother of a convicted killer is
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>> and the criminal justice system gets it right but it doesn't always get it right. >> hear from the moer of the th
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the murder of uva student yardly love shocked our area and the country.
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huguely was convicted of her murder. >> now for the first time his mother is speaking out and sharing his life behind bars. janet shamlian has more. >> reporter: it was a shocking crime, weeks from graduation uva lacrosse player love found face down in a pool of blood in her apartment. a jury found at the hands of her boyfriend george huguely, guilty of second degree murder and sentenced to 23 years in prison, no chance for parole. his mother marta is this morning breaking her silence. >> why are you speaking out now? >> janet, i would never spoke initially out of respect for the love family and secondly, because i wanted -- i believed our criminal justice system works and the criminal justice system gets it right. but it doesn't always get it right. >> martaxts says her son
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lesser charge calling it a drunken accident. the jury heard evidence he kicked down love's door and admitted to grabbing her by the neck but did not choke her. love's injuries came from the two falling off the bed. >> he had absolutely no intent to hurt yardley. >> reporter: she points to comments made after trial in charlottesville. >> there's nothing in the evidence that suggests he entered with the specific intent of taking her life. >> reporter: does it still permeate? >> every day. it's right here all the time. it's on -- it's -- it doesn't leave you. this kind of sadness and and i know i can imagine for sharon love it's even more so. >> these photos she provided to "today" are first of huguely since imprisoned four years
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like? >> he has a roommate and they are in a pod of about 40 or 50 gentlemen. he plays cards and he studies and has a job so he wipes tables down in the common area. >> reporter: george she says is finishing his college degree through a university of ohio correctional program. family members take turns visiting. meanwhile love's family filed a $30 million wrongful death suit against huguely. his attorney matt green says the civil trial is a second chance to set the record straight. >> there's no disadvantage to anyone for the truth coming out and for people to understand what actually happened. this is our opportunity to do exactly that. >> reporter: the loves declined to be interviewed for this story when asked if huguely meant to kill her daughter one year after the vird, sharon love nbc 29. >> i know he did kill her. i know he did. i can't imagine that
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i don't know what was in his head. >> reporter: the case shed light on domestic abuse on college campuses where alcohol abuse and emotions can run high. sharon love started the one love foundation in her daughter's honor to fight the culture of abuse. george huguely will be in his 40s when he's released. his mother knows there's no such looking forward for the family of yardley love. >> people will look at this and say how can i feel compassion for this mother or for her son. because there is a life that is gone and that family is in a kind of hell that you will never know. >> i know that there's nothing compares to what they are suffering. i only have sorrow
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them. i can't -- i don't have words to describe the loss of her life. and i'm so sad and sorry that yardly is gone. >> a mother's heartbreak for two lost futures. for today, janet shamlian, nbc news, washington. now turning to an issue that divided a lot of parents. should students home schooled in the commonwealth be allowed to participate in high school sports. they passed abill to allow home school students to participate after the eighth grade. there are many opponents including terry mcauliffe. they say if home schooled children compete, they should be required to meet the same academic and disciplinary standards required of students in public schools. the bill goes to the state senate for consideration. the frederick county school system has new social media guidelines banning posts that are considered mocking or disrespectful. th
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ran the district social media site had this twitter exchange and corrected the spelling of the world tomorrow, this happened on january 5th and she was fired a week later. school employees have to go through a mandatory social media training session. >> if you worried about losing the air pod ear phones for your iphone, a new update could ease your concern. the find my iphone app will be updated to locate air pods if they are in range of any ios device and able to play a sound on either or both air pods to help people track down their location. >> people still going to lose them. >> you're right. >> nearly 9,000 children electric scooters are being recalled, the pulse safe start transform electric scooter. it's being recalled because they pose a fall hazard to the rider. they are sold exclusively at
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bug to avoid is the norovirus. they are even forcing some schools to close. here's nbc's tom costello. >> good day, not a very good day for a lot of people nationwide and here in the d.c. virginia maryland area who might be sick in bed. fektous disease experts say the noro virus is one of the most contagious and heartiest known. it spreads especially fast where people share close quarters like hospitals and schools the symptoms are enough to send you to bed for years, stomach pain and sometimes fever and body aches. it is spreading mystery across the country. some moms dealing with multiple kids sick at the same time. >> my middle child had it saturday. sunday my older one had it and then tuesday after school, my youngest one got it for the second time. >> in one chicago high school, more than 1,000 students and 50 teachers caught the
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few days. classes canceled. outbreaks in rhode island causing several schools there to close to disinfect classrooms and cafeterias. even though it is often called stomach flu, it's actually not related to the influenza virus. doctors say it is highly contagious. >> and if you are near someone who is vomiting, the person vomiting creates a little aerosol, if you're close enough you can literally breathe it in and then you'll get sick 24 to 48 hours later. experts say the virus can live on surfaces like bedding and countertops making it even tougher to fight. the best defenses are the most basic, frequent hand washing with soap and water, hand sanitizers are not enough. disinfect contaminated services with a beach based cleaner. if you're feeling sick, stay home. even after the worst of your symptoms pass, you can still make others sick. while norovirus can be deadly, the m
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most recover after a few miserable days. >> the cdc says the increase in cases pretty typical for winter on average there are about 19 to 21 million each year. there's not enough data to know whether this season is especially bad but if you or someone in your family has caught it, you know how unpleasant it can be. i'm tom costello, news 4 here in washington. your next trip to target is about to get easier. >> we have details on the company's plans for mobile payment. you're watching news 4 midday. gh'll be ri
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have you ever lost your keys or wallet? who hasn't, right? you might need this. these are called pixcy points, you place them on everything you might end up losing then use your cell phone to find them using august meanted reality. only available for iphones but should be ready for android phones later this year. >> or just don't lose it. >> i'll put them on my children. >> you haven't lost one yet. >> i know, right? >> target is about to simplify your checkout experience. >> plans to launch its own payment app this year to allow you to store credit card information and avoid having to dig through your cash or wallet for cash. they have not released specifics but it will help the store compete with apps including apple pay and walmart pay. one thing about using cash
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agree, when you see the money, you're likely to spend less. >> realize what you're doing. >> with an app you don't see it and all of a sudden -- >> you're broke. >> grilling equipment, things i don't need. >> for me the issue is you have a $20 bill, the minute you break that, even if you buy a pack of gum, it's gone. >> gone. >> now a pack of gum is $20. >> this is why i have no cash ever. >> we're looking for a nice day to be outside today. typical january chill returns as we get into friday and the weekend. if you really like the milder weather, today is the one and only day this week. it's already 52 in washington. 59 down on the grounds of the university of virginia down there in charlottesville. 50 in winchester, virginia and 50 in frederick maryland and 52 by the bay in annapolis. as you plan the remainder of your afternoon, sun goes down at 5:22 this afternoon. then it will b
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clear for the early parts of the evening hours but clouds roll in later this evening into the yoifr night hours tonight. highs today upper 50s to low and mid-60s to our south and west. you can stay ahead of the forecast,ave the app downloaded and find me on twitter and look for me on facebook as well. i'll have the latest forecast tweeted out there. for tomorrow it will be a cloudier day than today for sure. not a big rain chance tomorrow. couldn't rule out a quick sprinkle of rain early tomorrow, probably before 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning. after no more than a quick sprinkle, temperatures top off in the low to mid-50s and light south wind will be a west wind tomorrow at 15 to 30 miles per hour. a blustery and cooler day tomorrow. then the chillier weather settles in for friday and saturday and sunday. our average high this time of year is 44. that's right on average for friday and our overnight employee, the average low this time of year is
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weather comes back in time for the last weekend of january and first week of february is going to be a little on the cool side as well. i'll give you the whole ten-day in a few minutes. for now, back over to the news. >> when it comes to the leading cause of preventible death, smoking still tops the list. >> see how where you live ranks when it comes to laws
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protesters still on top of a crane near the white house. this is a live picture. you may be able to see a couple of people up there. they raised a banner that says resist. greenpeace says seven activists climbed at crane this morning and then rolled out this banner. it's more than 2,000 square feet in size. greenpeace says it is a protest against donald trump and actions on the environment. preventible cause of early death is tobacco. the american lung association is issuing grades and health reporter erika edwards has a look how our area scored. >> reporter: in 2016, california became the second state after hawaii to raise the legal age to buy tobacco products from
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>> it's time for the change. long due. >> earning the golden state glowing remarks from the american lung association. >> really had a banner year this year as far as tobacco is concerned. >> reporter: the lung association released grades for each state tobacco controlled efforts. no state received all a's and several failed every category, kentucky, mississippi, north carolina, texas and virginia. one state emerging from the fog is west virginia. the state improved its score for access to smoking cessation services from an f last year to a b this year. >> making it easier for medicaid enroll ees to quit and increase funding for the quit line. >> reporter: the investment for the quit line was $3 per smoker. now it's nearly $9 per smoker. erika edwards, nbc news. >> nearly 95% of smokers try their first cigarette before the age of
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it undermines the credibility of the entire white house press office -- >> no it doesn't. don't be overly dramatic about it, chuck. you're saying it's a falsehood and they are giving sean spicer gave alternative facts to that. >> by now you've seen it. kellyanne conway coining the phrase alternative facts. something interesting has happened in the past few days as a result of this, since conway made that statement, george orwell's book, 1984 hit number one on amazon. the book is a tale of society where facts are distorted and suppressed in a cloud of news speak. it was first published in 1949. >> building a wall. president trump is expected to sign an executive order today that makes good on his big campaign promise. nbc's gadi
11:33 am
border wall already in place. >> reporter: we do know what a border fence looks like. he doesn't want a border fence but a border wall. but this fence is part of 700 miles of border fencing that separates the united states from mexico. this fence cost $6.5 million a mile to build. trump wall will be considerably higher than that. but people on that side of the border and this side of the border that live in the community say this fence is not particularly effective because people can jump this fence, climb this fence and in about 15 seconds it's up to border patrol to apprehend these people. we also know that donald trump wants mexico to pay for the wall. mexico says they are not going to pay for this wall. and it is still unclear how much this wall will cost. reporting gadi schwartz. >> arnold
11:34 am
francis' weekly audience. they have been outspoken in the fight against climate change. >> oh, baby, we'll introduce you to a mom welcoming a pretty big bundle of joy. wow. wait until you hear her reaction to his hospital we
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smoking, obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels are high recognized risk factors for heart disease. depression is also a significant risk factor. here to talk more about the connection between depression and heart health, appreciate you coming in. recent study out that said depression accountses for 15% of cardiovascular deaths. can you tell me more about the setting? >> this is a european study and they were trying to determine how significant risk of a risk factor depression is for
11:37 am
depression is right up there with high cholesterol levels as well as obesity. the risk is the same as that which you get for those things. the only two things that still carry a greater risk for heart health and heart death is obesity and smoking. >> do we know why depression has such a significant impact on heart health? >> let me go back. i meant to say hypertension and smoking. >> risk was the same as obesity and high cholesterol. >> do we know why there's such a connection? >> this is not something new. we've known there is this connection. there's felt to be a few reasons behind this. one reason is because we know when people have a heart attack or when they are having cardiovascular disease, that's stressful for people. as a result of that, they end up making potential lifestyle changes or if somebody is depressed they end up making lifestyle changes that are then going to increase the risk of heart disease, things like drinking more
11:38 am
less. then the other thing that we know that depression increases anti- -- inflammatory hormones. these are things and inflamation is involved in heart disease. we also know that stress in and of itself causes the stress part of the brain, fear part of the brain to activate the bone march row and there's evidence that depression causes platelet to be more sticky and those coming together is what cause some of these plaques that can cause a heart attack. >> how big an issue is this? how common is depression in people with heart disease? >> very common. this three times more common in people with heart disease than the general population. so about 30% of people with cardiovascular disease are going to have depression and if you're somebody who's had a heart attack and you're depressed, your risk of dying from a heart attack is over twice as great as if you had a heart attack and
11:39 am
this really goes to show this incredible connection between mental health and physical health. >> let's define depression. how do you know the difference between depression and just being sad or being stressed? >> depression is being sad and stressed on steroids. here's when you're going to have lots of sleep problems and low energy and you're going to have thoughts potentially about wanting to hurt yourself. you're going to have trouble concentrating. you're going to have trouble going about your daily life. i would say that it doesn't almost in a way doesn't even matter because the studies have also suggested that just being under a lot of stress and having sort of subthreshold depression in and of itself is a risk factor for worsening heart disease. either way, if you're having emotional difficulties, it's important just for your heart health to go seek treatment. >> i was going to say, a few seconds left, what advice do you give people in light of this connection between depression and heart health? >> don't take mental health as something that's a luxy.
11:40 am
health is critical in involving your physical health as well. you have to treat it the same way. go get some help. that may end prolonging or saving your life. >> thanks, we appreciate you. >> my pleasure. >> you'll have to see this to believe it. one baby might be making the record books, this is a bundle of joy who came into the world waying a whopping 13 pounds. can you say wow. >> wow. >> the australian couple was shocked how large their son was. >> i dreamed of a little fat baby, always wanted a little fat baby and i've got a big one. >> her dreams came true, didn't they? the baby may have made the record as the heaviest baby born in australia's victorian state. >> look at that little face. >> little? >> he looks like a 6-month-old. >> 6-year-old. >> where's my steak. >> put it right there, ma. >> big one.
11:41 am
on average how big were yours? >> 6 3,6 6. >> that's a big baby. the best way to keep your spirits up is to get outside and soak in sunshine here in the winter and do a little exercising as well. if you see running around mall this afternoon, neither one of us will bite. clear skies, and nice day in progress. we've been not anywhere near cold this month with the exception of the first couple of days rif at new year's. for the whole month we're 6 degrees warmer than average and we've only dropped below freezing six times in the first 25 days of the month, only six days left to go. and haven't even had a half inch of snow so far. compare that just to a year ago and january we had 19 out of the 31 mornings below freezing and
11:42 am
last year. 19 inches. weather impacts for today, nothing to worry about, sunny and nice. tomorrow a little inconvenient first thing in the morning cloudy skies maybe a sprinkle or two early. then later on turning a little bit on the windier side and then turning cooler. as we head towards the weekend, straying dry and colder and finally more chill hours during the overnight hours this weekend. both saturday and sunday morning should be down below freezing and afternoon highs at or slightly below average. saturday will be the sunnier of the two days this weekend. sunday staying dry but more cloud cover. the storm that brought the wind and rain on monday is leaving the west coast. the next weather maker that is back out here across parts of the midwest, most of that moisture will be bypassing us. as the front comes by, couldn't rule out a quick sprinkle between 3:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. there's the ten-day forecast. dry weather through the weekend
11:43 am
there might be a little chance for a rain shower on monday. as of now it looks like the chances are below 30%. >> thank you, chuck. right now we have breaking news out of northern virginia, an amtrak train struck a tanker truck north of quantico. these are live pictures. we're told this is a northeast regional train and there are about 95 people on board. no one was hurt. we'll be posting breaking news updates about this incident in the nbc washington app. this is by cherry hill road, the crossing there and traveling from norfolk to new york. amtrak has suspended service temporarily. we'll bring you updates on when you can get openings there on the rails.
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the consumer products safety commission is calling for safer lithium ion batteries. samsung blames overheating and fires on problems with the manufacturing and design of the phone's batteries. the tech industry needs to modernize safety standards for consumer electronics. amazon is launching a new subscription service, offering educational toys for $19.99 a month. they will ensure they are age appropriate. that means they'll be focused on areas of science
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with your cnbc morning business report, i'm kate rogers. >> more signs of a healthy economy this morning. the dow jones industrial average hit a major milestone reached 20,000 points for the first time ever today. the s&p 500 index hit an all time high and stocks have been shooting up since around election day but slowed down around the new year. >> mcdonald's about to give away 10,000 bottles of its special big mac sauce. the bottles will be given away on a first come first serve base he can tomorrow at select locations. in celebration of the new mac junior and grand mac burger sizes. check out our app for location info. >> that sauce xpars nothing to what i'm going to show you next. millions around the world will celebrate the chinese new year and herald in 12 months of the rooster. the tradition to welcome in the new lunar new year and honor history and culture spans over
11:48 am
a big part of the festivities involves food, my kind of tradition of course. joining us to talk about the holiday is the chef from hazel, a restaurant. white hot right now, chef. >> thank you. >> tell us about hazel. >> we do medium sized globally inspired plates. our food is always fun and lively and very fun shareable place to hang out. >> i can taste the influence of asian flavors in your dishes. where do you draw your inspiration? >> a lot in korea and japan. my wife is korean and had hopes to be that way after ten years of a relationship. >> and eating and cooking together, right. >> making dumplings for us. tell us about the dumplings. >> we'll make our pork and shrimp dumpling, we want to utilize sweet shrimp. >> why sweet shrimp? >> the flavor is better and it tastes good. >> that's the best reason, right?
11:49 am
right? we're going to season this up really nice so we have black vinegar, we'll pour that in. >> black vinegar. >> i love you brought the ingredients in the little jars. >> and then we have soy sauce. >> smoked soy. >> adds another layer of flavor. chopped garlic. >> garlic and ginger, xal ons somewhere? >> yes, there are. do you want to do this? >> it's almost like -- >> we have a mixture of chilly flakes and chinese five spice that blends every together nice. then we have the scallion and du dumplings, we'll use mushrooms, it's really fun. >> and you mix all of that up. >> i feel like explain to people why you're mixing -- the reason why dumplings is such a traditional part of the lunar new year festivities. >> one thing is they definitely
11:50 am
so a little thing of -- box of a treasure there and people enjoy that. we want to have wealth and the more dumplings you eat, the richer you'll be. i hope everyone devours. >> gorges themself on the dumplings for good fortune. >> i can eat a lot in one sitting too, it's pretty wild. >> then we have our mix here. then we're going to make dumplings. we start with the skin -- >> my mom says i'm not very good. the making of the little corners -- >> the pinching -- >> it takes some time. i got kicked out of many kitchens because of my poor pinching skills. >> just using a little water? >> to adhere here with the flour and we'll pinch in the middle and corner. >> while you're doing that, i have to ask about your panda sauce. it is delicious, it is better than srirac.
11:51 am
pandas. >> that's correct. >> it's a secret recipe but can you give us an idea what you're offering here in the panda sauce? >> of course, it's definitely inspired by both korean barbecue sauce and sriracha sauce. we have a green chili paste and sesame that helps round it out and garlic and ginger, spicy and sweet. >> you steam these in the basket? >> we like to steam them first then pan fry after that. >> can i taste it? >> go ahead. >> so good. really good with panda sauce, right? >> we have it right here. >> thanks so much for joining us and happy new year. >> i have a dumpling for u. >>yo
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the panda on the lam. >> you've been thinking about this for 15 minutes. >> all day. >> you knew you were going to do that. >> this is sonny, a red panda that is now on the loose in norfolk, virginia, the zoo staff at the virginia zoo says she was missing from her enclosure tuesday morning and they've been searching all over trying to find her now police have stepped in and they are also looking around the city. they are asking people to send in photos. this panda was actually from our area. in front royal until last summer d
11:55 am
school. >> that's a different panda from rusty who escaped from the national zoo and wandering around my neighborhood for a while. >> i asked the zoo if they are related. i'm waiting for an answer. >> they are conspireing. >> trying to have a little meeting, that's all. >> if you're a fellow trekky, you'll love this. amazon's alexa will answer to computer -- >> see this is samantha, our producer knows, amazon upgraded the assistant to turn your living room into the star ship enterprise. his is already like that. alexa, echo, amazon or -- >> computer -- >> alexa will turn on appliance, buy items online -- >> she can do with the computer of star trek, computer tea, earl gray hot. >> this is how you order your tea at home? >> i'm glad you said it. let's go to the next story. >> about to boldly go where -- >> just when you didn'
11:56 am
smarter, here's three amazing reference apps that might help you every day. >> terminology is part dictionary and thesarus and research tool. makes it easy to explore words and phrases accessing web and other apps for more detail and sharing. it can be extended with custom actions. you can select text anywhere and look it up in terminology. free for ios with a version available for purchase. the encyclopedia of world science and mystery is a great reference app for general knowledge. over 77,000 audio and images from the most trusted sources and major publishers. the app is free for ios if you want to know about anything about the big or little screen, imdb is the app
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source for movie and tv and celebrity content, boasts a catalog of more than 3 million titles and 7 million credited celebrities and actors and actresses and directors and crew members. you can make your watch list and receive alerts for show times and breaking news and more. free for ios and android. you want more information about all of this, no problem, just head over to my pc mike tech blog. there's my address on your screen. i've built in direct links to everything you just saw. until next time, i'm pc mike for nbc news. >> there's your ten-day forecast. nice and mild, kind of blustery tomorrow but not terribly cold. more typically chilly weather moves in for the second half of the weekend. the weekend and we should stay at or slightly cooler than average through most of next week. >> that is it for "news 4 midday qult. we're back this afternoon first at 4:00.
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♪ we're live from new york, in five, four, three, two, one. [ applause ] >> oh. what a beautiful day in new york. the skies are blue. not too cold out. it's about 40 degrees today. after 30 hours of nor'easter natalie, as kit calls it, i'll take it, we are here on the plaza. just outside my other home here the "today" show. >> in front of the fire, right? >> feels really good right now. >> i have to say how great. this is natalie, this is your stomping grounds right here. >> so fun. >> you get up early to host the 7:00 to 9:00 with matt lauer and the gang. for me it's like spring break. >> i know. spring break for you is like final exams. our night out,


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