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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  January 26, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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him the interest rate would go up. navient declined to comment. after several thousand similar complaints, the federal government filed a lawsuit against the company last week. we are explain whag record numbers for the dow jones industrial jones means for your retirement account. the dow closed at 20,068 for the first time ever. floor traders say the record high is partly to do with president trump's promises for lower corporate taxes and fewer regulations. corporate earnings add an improving global economy are helping the number soar. news 4 today starts now. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm erika gonzalez in for aaron gilchrist. we are working to get you up and out of the house on time this morning. >> sometimes it's a struggle. we'll check in with jack
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flying solo as chuck is on assignment. even if it's not as good as yesterday, we'll sill take some mild temperatures, sheena. >> i will take it. we'll be about 10 to maybe 15 degrees above normal for this time of the year. we're looking at unseasonably warm temperatures today, especially this morning. we're now up to on 50 degrees in the district by 7:00 a.m. right around the upper 40s. chance of a shower. we'll have rain up off to the west and south. by 9:00 a.m., cool. 49 degrees. by noon, we're looking at the mid 50s and it will be getting breezy. take a look at the rain off to our west and down to our south. we'll see a few showers move in this morning. let's check the roads this morning. good morning, jack. good morning, good morning. we start things off this morning, it's very light, it's very quiet. i appreciate the dry rods and i appreciate the light volume at this hour. if you're going to head out, now is the time to do it. there's a couple of clouds moving through.
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maryland 195 near 198. nothing to slow you down here. alive look at virginia along 395 passing duke street. you'll run without any issue in the main or hov lanes. back the in to you. jack, thank you. so you've seen them around our area, pop up protests now sort of becoming the new normal as people lash out over president trump's policies. yesterday, seven people scaled a crane near the white house and hung a banner that read "resist." they spent 15 hours on that plane and once they came down, d.c. police slapped them on the cuffs and took them to jail. >> thank you, green peace. >> thank you, green peace. >> justin finch is now live at 15th and ell treat to explain how yesterday's protests could be just the beginning of these demonstrations. justin, good morning. >> good morning. that's right. the people who come an deered that crane yesterday are environmentalists. one day
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protest at 15th and elm landed seven people here in jail. metropolitan police were waiting whens those demonstrators climbed down about 10:00 last night after ascending that crane close to 4:00 a.m. wednesday. all seven arrested now face charges of second degree burglary, unlawful entry and destruction of property. they're trained climbers with green peace and all eyes were aimed high as they hung that resist banner blocks away from the white house. a counter to the environmental policies of the trump white house which moved to free several environmental protection agency contracts and grants. back live as you can see, work here t on ground is resuming as normal. now, police are emphasizing their support of citizens right to protest. however, they stress that demonstrations like this one can tie up traffic here on the on ground and the response of their officers to other emergencies in the area. but we do know as you mentioned,
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being planned right now and will happen. >> thanks, justin. and a few blocks away from justin's location, immigration activists blocked traffic on 15th street new york avenue. this was the culmination of a vigil and rally against president obama's immigration policies, which include building a wall along the southern border. the group says they will protest every time a new immigration measure is unveiled. and to talk about that wall is having an impact on the country's relationship with mexico. >> right now, their president is responding. mollett green has that reaction. >> he said mexico does not believe in the wall and that mexico will not pay for any wall. he's set to come to washington in just days to meet with president trump, but he
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say whether he will cancel or make the trip in that address last night. president trump just signed an executive order speeding up construction of that border wall. back to you. >> molette, thank you. the president plans to build a border wall and those plans could be one of the big issues he talks about in his speech to republicans. he's headed to philadelphia for their annual retreat. . lawmakers are looking for guidance on paying for the wall and new immigration enforce many measures. by now, you've heard a lot about executive orders. president trump has issued four so far focusing on issues like immigration and the affordable care act. they affect how the congress price. congress can cut the legs out from earn some of these orders by denying fund to go carry them out. >> more than 8,000 teams are
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arena at george mason university tonight for the 12th annual life is very good prayer and rally. this is an anti-abortion life event for tomorrow. here is a look the at the route of the march. it starts at noon on the grounds of the washington monument. the march happens every year during the anniversary week of roe versus wade. the rally will have speeches from pro life advocates, including the counselor to president trump kellyanne conway. because of that, there will be extra security. there is a lot of excitement for the march. >> what i can tell you is that we've seen an increasingly palpable enthusiasm this year. i think in large part because of the some of the demonstrations that have occurred over the course of the last week and also just with a hopeful outlook in terms of pro life policies in the couple of years ahead. earlier this week, president trump signaled his intentions to nom knit an anti-abortion justice to the supreme court next week. and you may
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alternate route through washington tomorrow because of the march. there will be more than a handful of road closures for the event beginning as early as 6:00 al. everything should be clear by the time you head out tomorrow evening. we are following a developing stovdevelop ing story this morning. prince georges police are investigating a deadly crash on what's being called a dangerous roadway. this happened had on indian head highway at barry road just before 8:00 last night. you may have heard about this intersection. this is, in fact, the 15th person to die on indian head highway since 2014. and you may remember last week we told you about a aaa study that details how deadly that road has been in recent years. you can find that study in our nbc washington app. right now, this 19-year-old woman is missing. this is chelsey nicole hill last seen tuesday at her home on madison street located
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across center street. call frederick police if you know where she might be. this morning, many families are waking up homeless. leaders are working to find out more about these individuals and how to help them. this is a look at the work that went on well into the night in d.c. mayor bowser led volunteer teams around the city to record information from homeless people about their experiences and circumstances. we've got new details this morning from metro. the transit system says one of its operators is to blame for opening doors on a train before it arrived at the station. the incident happened on the yellow line train heading to the reagan airport station. that train operator has been taken out of service until the investigation is complete. meanwhile, more road construction beginning today in tyson at 1:00 this afternoon. vdot will break ground on the jones break connecter.
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east and west. you won't be able to use that connecter until last in the next year. she could turn the world on with her smile. and today, we are remembering actress mary tyler moore. ♪ >> i couldn't believe that i was being called in to read for it. >> it also produced one of television's most memorable final episodes. >> she was 80 years old and she died last night. moore was a comedian, but also a trailblazer for women. she often joked about women's issues he on the mary tyler moore show. oprah said moore was her heroine. oprah is one of all kinds of celebrities, paying tribute online. people are tweeting. she said she wants to cry. people are sharing their favorite photos and quotes and people are also leaving flowers on her star at the hollywood walk of fame. apparently the show -- she was a trailblazer not just for who she wa r
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character, she was single and 30 and she was a working woman in the journalism field. so she meant a lot to a lot of people. >> especially to a lot of us in had this news room who are remembering her this morning. you might want to throw your umbrella this your bag this morning. i did this, erika, i was prepared because there is a line of rain. >> storm team 4 meteorologist sheena parveen will let us know whether when you're drivinging to on work you'll needs those wipers. >> okay. there's a long list of things keeping most of us from get ago good night's sleep. this time next week, president trump says he will name his pick for the united states supreme court. a look at some of the top contenders. it was my family. as i said, the dialogue in that last episode, thank you for being my family. it was very difficult to say good-bye.
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it's perfect. it's beautiful. there's nothing we would change about it.
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wait just a a moment, because this surveillance video is about to show you how intense those storms were out in southern california. here it comes. this is inside a restaurant. look at that giant wave that just comes through. that's a 25 foot sea wall and then this happened. the restaurant totally flooded and you can see that water making a complete mess of things merchandise. >> thankfully, no people were in the restaurant. the storms
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forp several deaths and, man, those people out west have really dealt with some destructive weather. >> meanwhile, for us, mild, mild, mild. >> yesterday was very mild. we're going to be unseasonably warm after the rain moves through. currently on the radar, sh showers to other west the morning. some spots will see ray. annapolis towards laurel, we have light sprinkles currently. for your commute, a showers of showers around 8:00 a.m. the the it will be windy. we'll talk more about the winds coming up. let's check those roads this morning, though, with jack taylor. good morning. >> hey, sheena, good morning opinion that is always an interesting scenario when we get water on the roadways. for
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66 headed eastbound, get a look near 123, muth to worry about here. we're in good shape on the beltway. topside outer loop coming in from 95 towards georgia avenue. volume is still light and you're running without delay. erika, eun, back in to you. in northern virginia, police are searching for th person who shot and killed a man over the weekend. stafford county deputies say the victim is this man, jorge mellow. so far, no arrests have been made. please call crime solvers if you have any information about his death and, of course, you can remain anonymous if you get any information there. we have new kwomts in a case that has captured headlines for more than 40 years. a virginia judge now says a man charged with the disappearance of two young maryland sisters could face the death penalty. shooep sheila and catherine lions vanished in 1975. detectives say they were walking tr theiro
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mall when they went missing. lloyd welch is accused of killing them. their bodies have never been found. welch's trial is set to start in april. now to president trump's 100 days in exactly one week the president says he will afouns his pick for the supreme court. the list is set to be down to three leading contenders. all are federal appeal escort judges and were aopponented by george w. bush. neil gorsuch is a favorite among conservatives. tease because he says the federal government has taken on too much power. now there is another name, 51-year-old tomsace hardiman. he -- the right to have a gun outside the home. he was also the first person in his family to go to college. justin williams pryor is considered the least likely candidate. he is an outspoken opponent of roe versus wade. whoever the president
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would replace justice scalia. white house adviser kellyanne conway will be a guest on the "today" show this morning. she could face questions on president trump's contenders for the supreme court. a high schooler in northern virginia is planning to serve his country. now he has an important choice to make between four different military academies. he was accepted into the air force academy, the coast guard academy, the naval academy and west point. there are only five military academies in the united states. he got into four. timothy parks said says he's honored and he's excited. >> being able to be in that environment where i can develop myself to later serve my country, i think that's what i'm looking forward to the most. >> listen to him. >> is he's so well spoken. my xwns. park attends trinity christian school where he already has an impressive record. he takes nine ap classes. he's the captain of his school's
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>> what? >> plays the cello in the orchestra because, you know, he has time. park says he's leaning towards west point right now, but he's not made a decision yet. >> these are the days when i think what did i do in high school? what did i do? amazing. >> nothing like that. >> congratulations. >> absolutely. remember that name. he's going to do big things, for sure. 5:18 is your time now. this story is something we could all relate to. it's in news 4 health, if you find yourself waking up more tired than when you went to bed, you're probably not getting enough quality sleep. erika. >> yeah. the national sleep foundation came up with this list of key deterrents for good sleep. spending more time in bed watching tv than sleeping, 85% of the time you spend in bed should be spend spent sleeping. taking longer than 30 minutes to fall asleep. this is my problem. even when i'm tired. so waking up no more than once per night and being awake
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>> let me tell you, everyone person on this shut works miracles with coffee and concealer. that's all i've got to say. make sure to give your partner an extra kiss on your way out the door. today is national spouse's day. more than a thousand married people took a survey and came up w top five things that they appreciate about their spouse. hard worker is number one followed by i can be myself around my spouse. makes me laugh came in at number three. brains was rounding number four and number fives was my spouse is supportive of my goals and desires. so as for annoyances, i think we could all write a couple of things on there. selective listening topped the list. imagine that, right? >> we don't have selective listening when you're sitting there going, i just said that. i said that yesterday. i said that yesterday. >> it's all relative, right? >> that's right. center. >> it's hard work. so happy national spouses day to my hubby spp. >>
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there's a national something for everything. >> i love national doughnut and free food days. >> i love language. we have a now showers trying to make their way into the area right now. it's 50 degrees in the district. so a mild start to the morning. everyone else is mostly in the 40s or 50s. frederick coming in at 39 degrees. bus stop forecast, this morning, 7:00, 8:00, there's a chance we'll see showers around opinion i think we'll see showers through the area. it will mostly be on the light side, upper 40s. by 3:00 p.m., dry at the bus stop. the winds will pick up amaze gusts and 30 miles per hour. here is a look at the radar. mostly on the dry side currently. the area to our south could try to move up before that area off to our west. but it's mostly light showers around laurel and also near the baltimore area just some very light sprinkles. here is future weather, though. 7:00 a.m., showers mostly to the south of the district. stti
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we get windy this afternoon and we're talking about gusts near 30 miles per hour. still an unseasonably warm day. about the mid 50s or so. tomorrow we're coolinger and that cool air will last into the weekend. so today, 56. tomorrow, 45. it will be a 10-degree drop. we go into saturday and sunday, temperatures staying seasonal for this time of the year. let's get a check of the roads. so far they're dry. >> we'll see how long that can last. it it's quiet for now. for now, nothing that should slow you down. we've got headed towards the 11th street bridge, 295 either direction, we're in good shape. nothing on pennsylvania avenue coming in on the douglas bridge, as well. headed on to south capital street. so far, so good. back in to you. >> thank you, jack. social media trolls, president donald trump, a look at how some employees at federal agencies are
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their message. new information coming into the live desk about that deadly avalanche in italy. why search teams say they are done loor fog survivors. i would like to know why the last associate producer before me made $50 a week more than i do. >> oh, because he was a man.
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breaking news right now about the search for avalanche survivors. >> we just got word from italy officials, the death toll stands at 29 and it comes a week after search efforts started near that isolated hotel in central italy. nine people were pulled out alive in the first days of the rescue. eun. >> thank you molette. 5:25. federal aid is on its way to help people in georgia and mississippi clean up after those deadly tornados. president trump approved disaster relief funding last night. some of the worst damage was in albany, georgia. officials say it will take months and nearly $100 million to rebuild. at least 15 people were killed and 43 hurt when
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storms moved through georgia this past weekend. a top north korea official says the country is ready the on fire a long range missile capable of reaching the west coast of the united states. bill keneaneally sat down for t exclusive interview and he says they are ready to fire a missile for the first time at any time, but there is no sign north korea can do that. meanwhile, the u.s. is due to hold joint military exercises with south korea in a few weeks. last year, it held these exercises with nuclear bombers. we could be in for another un seasonabseasonably warm day. storm team 4 meteorologist sheena parveen is back with the four things to know about your forecast. and the feds slap a major lawsuit against a popular student loan
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good morning. welcome to news 4 today. >> we have beautiful weather. let's turn to sheena parveen. >> good morning, yes. and if it would only tb to get warmer. yesterday, unseasonably warm. we hit 61 degrees yesterday afternoon. did you guys enjoy it? >> oh, it was so
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just to have the sunshine on my face for a few minutes made all the difference. >> it was very nice when you get out in the sun. all that vitamin d makes you happy this time of the year. today we're going to be above normal again, but this morning, the first thing of the four things you need to know, a chance of a morning shower early. we have rain on the radar approaching. winds will be gusting once the rain leaves near 30 miles per hour. windy day. unseasonably warm. still above normal for this time of the year in the 50s. as we go through tomorrow in the weekend, we'll see bigger changes. we'll be back into the 40s. so feeling more like winter as we go into the weekend. here is a look at the radar. rain to our south and off to our west. we have light showers now developing across the area near columbia and north of fairland. we'll watch these very closely. otherwise, a nicer day is he had setting up for us today. let's take a look at the roadways with jay taylor. >> i think my roads are doing better than your weather map for now. we'll see how long that lasts. a little bit of volume
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virginia, 95 northbound quiet. 270 coming out of frederick, number 123, this is our long-term closier. that will be blocked off for a year for road improvements. not too bad so far, but this is only morning two. 295 going northbound, after benning road, still in place. it's blocking the right lane of three. southbound is completely unaffected and northbound moves without delay. erika, eun, back to you. it's 5:31. here is a look at our top stories we're following this morning. seven protesters scaled a crane to send a message to president trump. they're now behind bars. you can expect the president's plans to build a border wall to be one of the issues that he talks about in his speech to republicans. he's headed to philadelphia to speak at their annual retreat. lawmakers are looking for guidance from the president on paying for the new wall. and new immigration enforcement
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expect questions about replacing the affordable care act. the 44th annual march for life event is tomorrow in d.c. and the national parks service estimates a crowd of 50,000 people to participate. the march will close off several roads around the national mall. check our nbc washington app for a list of those closures. the man who struck and killed a montgomery county police officer hopes good behavior will help reduce his prison sentence. in court filings, the attorney for luis says he has behaved as a model prisoner and is completing rehab programs. he was driving drunk at three times the legal limit when he struck officer noah leotta over a year ago. he was sentenced to ten years in prison. to prince georges county now where a local liquor board administrator has turned in his resignatio
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documents, david son took kickbacks for votes on the local board. a liquor board commissioner also face charges in association with this ongoing case. we have an update to a story we told you about yesterday. you remember the man police say shot a woman in front of elementary school children, he has surrendered to police. authorities say roland sims shot a woman at a bus stop tuesday morning after he tried to grab one of the girls. more than a dozen students were at the bus stop at the time. the none of them was hurt. the victim is expected to recover. harsh words from prince georges county leaders. they say politicians are playing games with the county's health care. the new prince georges regional center is expected to help the county's broken medical system. officials are counting on a new cardiac surgery wing to make some money. but the
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commission system is expecting approval for another park program 30 minutes away. >> prince georges county is goinging to stand firm on this cardiac care. but guess what? the session is not going to come to an end on april 10th. >> both hospitals should be able to support their community wes quality heart surgery programs. preschool for every child in montgomery county. the county is considering providing an early start to children's education. leaders are hosting half a dozen people involved in new york city's pre-k for all campaign today. in new york, tens of thousands of students are enrolled in universal pre kind kinde kind k programs. students who attend prince georges county are graduating at record levels. more than 81% of its seniors graduated last year, the highest rate for the district since 2010. w
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percentage compares to other districts in the state of maryland. that's coming up in just ten minutes. the company many of you pay to heat your homes will soon be sold to a canadian energy company. atla impasse reached an agreement to buy the parent company holdings been if that deal is approved, washington gas would continue to operate as a stand alone utility here in d.c. driving around potholes ask cracks in the roads can be frustrating. we've been there. but now the state of maryland is rolling out some high tech tools to find out where the road perhaps are before you do. the state highway administration is using a vehicle that's packed with 3d lasers, high definition video and a state of the art gps. the equipment allows engineers to see things that the engineers can't with their own eyes and it can spot even the slightest imperfection. >> this truck can test roads from 19 to 55 miles per hour
5:36 am
the road and see a crack at 55 miles per hour, that is hard. this truck can do it. >> crews analyze the information to figure out which roads should be repaired first. the road tester truck costs about $1 million. but state highway officials say the vehicle is an investment and it can be used all year long and in the long run saves money. take auto look at your screen now. and the rain that storm team 4 radar shows is heading our way. meteorologist sheena parveen will let us know, we're going to need the little umbrella or if this is callport big umbrella. we are one of the one day away from a massive march on the national mall. how the march more life could impact your commute. >> it does seem that you've been asking a lot of very personal questions that don't have a thing to do with my qualifications for this job. >> you know what? you've got sponge. >> well -- >> i hate sponge!
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take a look at this cutie. she is a new baby gray seal born saturday at the national zoo. >> and the new pup's mom is the
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in a zoo. the pup's father is a gray seal named gunther. gray seals were once endangered but now are lefts as a species of real concern. and that's all the great work at the national zoo with conservation. i love yesterday. we'll take a little more of that, right? >> i will say a lot more of that. i know this time of the year, there are many people who don't sxm people who do want snow. we do not have snow in the forecast any time soon. sun grasses later today, light jacket maybe and an umbrella only this morning. we have a few light showers trying to move in, but overall, we're starting off on the mild side. 50 grets in the district. the west whipped will start to warm us up this afternoon.
5:41 am
into parts of prince georges county near bethesdbethesda. these are light showers. 43 in gatingerburg, 43 in leesburg. not too bad. let's check the roadways this morning. some light spots, possibly. >> here is that possibility. and i'm hoping this isn't one of them. on the beltway, near the dulles toll road, people are saying they passed an accident there blocking the left lane. that could cause the potential of a slowdown. for now, volume is still very light. 95 in virginia going northbound. getting heavy near the prince william parkway. 270 southbound, there's a delay up top. we have a live look towards the urbana sprit. volume is still fairley light. back to you. a teacher under fire for lying about cancer. why he told the lie in order to get time off tr work. >> it is the largest student loan collector in the country, and this morning, it is facing a slew of lawsuits. w n
5:42 am
and all eyes are sure to be on wall street this morning as the dow is set to open for 20,000 for the fst right when i walked in the door of bassett you could tell the quality was there. the quality of what we do is phenomenal. it's perfect. it's beautiful. there's nothing we would change about it.
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dropout rates are down in maryland, a live report coming up. a warning if you or your
5:45 am
certain company. and president trump gets ready to head to philadelphia to address his party. but he's not the only one. the other world leader expected to attend. right now, let's get to the live desk and molette green. she's learn background a mass shooting in chicago. s what's going on? >> a very disturbing set of events in chicago on the southside there. six people shot during an outdoor memorial service for a gun violence victim. now, witnesses say a group came through an alley and opened fire critically adjourning mourners. however, chicago police, they have not given details about the extent of injuries. a community activist says it is possible the mother of the person being memorialized was among those hurt. now, just this week, president trump threatened to send in the feds if the that city can't stop the deadly violence. back to you now. >> thank you, molette. 5:45 right now. this 19-year-old woman
5:46 am
she was last seen tuesday at her home on madison street located across center street from carver park. call frederick maryland police if you know where she might be. this morning, there is positive news for parents and students in maryland. many of its schools are reporting higher graduation rates. >> megan mcgrath is live with a breakdown of those graduation rates. some good news this morning, megan. >> yeah, encouraging news for educators in maryland. high school graduation rates are up and dropout rates are down. let's take a look at the specific numbers here. statewide, more than 87% of high school students graduated. that's up six points from 2010. but dropout rates fell below 8%port very first time. good news there. let's take a look at the local numbers here. prince george's county show improvement. more than 81% of seniors
5:47 am
that's up 276 points and is a record high in prince georges county. in hont gomry county, the graduation rate is 89.83%. that's a slight increase. charles county, 92%. here is some bad news, though. frederick county saw a drop in graduationing rates. they're at 92% down from 93.4%. back to you guys in the studio. >> megan mcgrath, thank you very much. we all probably know somebody that's struggling to pay off students loans. the debts can be crippling. that was the case for this student, matt portwood who took out a $41,000 loan from navient. after he couldn't make the payments any more, the interest rate jumped to 21% and he now owes nearly $130,000. portwood says navient never told him that the interest rate was going to go up. navient declined to comment. that company provides services for one in about every four student loan borrowers in this
5:48 am
complaints, the federal government filed a lawsuit against the company last week. more than 8,000 teens are expected to come through the eagle bank areen ma at george mason university tonight for the 12th annual life is very good prayer ask rally. this is a prelude to the anti-abortion life march tomorrow. here is a look at the route for the march. it starts at noon at the grounds for the washington monument. the march happens every year during the anniversary week of roe versus wade. ask because of that, you will see va security. events organizers say there is a lot of excitement for the march. what i can tell you is that we've seen an increase xwl palpable enthusiasm this year. i think in large part because of the some of the demonstrations that have occurred over the course of the last week and just with a hopeful outlook in terms of pro life policies in the couple of years ahead.
5:49 am
obama signaled his intentions to nominate an anti-abortion judge to the supreme court next week. and you may need to find an alternate route through downtown washington tomorrow. there will be more than a handfield of road closures for the event beginning at early as 6:00 a.m. everything should be clear by the time you head out tomorrow evening, but look on the nbc washington app for a full look at the closures. a maryland electrical company says the trump organization has not completely paid for the work done at the trump hotel on pennsylvania avenue. aes electrical says that it was paid $15 million. but that leaves a $2 million balance. that's how much a lawsuit is seeking. in a statement, the trump organization spokesperson said filings like this are not uncommon, quote, if developments of this scale and complexity, end quote. the white house says president trump has completely divested himself from his companies. a new trump tower
5:50 am
, units priced from $550,000 up to $8 million. this is scheduled to be finished late next year. the trump organization is not the developer. this is being marketed under a licensing agreement for the trump brand. a protesters arrested for his part in inauguration daypro tests will appear in court this morning. investigators say dane powell threw rocks at officers. he's been charged with assault on a police officer. president trump will take his first trip aboard air force one today. he is head to go philadelphia to meet with congressional republicans. >> and that's where he is expected to address them at their closed door strategy session. news 4 tracie potts is live on capitol hill this morning. so what are some of the issues that the president could face questions on? >> sure. health care, international affairs and, of course, immigration. especially now that he is insisting o
5:51 am
ordered some -- to start building this wall that he insists mexico will pay for. in a new statement, mexico's president said says, again, absolutely not. but republicans still unable to clearly explain how the u.s. is going to get reimbursed for this. democrats say it could cost american taxpayers $14 billion and there are already dem strait administrations outside that hotel in philadelphia where the president speaks today. >> and british prime minister theresa may is expected to speak at this retreat. is that mormal for foreign leaders to address a gathering like this one? >> it's the first time we've seen a british prime minister at the republican retreat. she's coming before her meeting here with president trump tomorrow. we have a sneak peek at some of her comments today. she's going to talk about what she calls the special relationship between the u.s. and the uk and putting together a one on we know strait trade deal after brexit is done. they're pulling out
5:52 am
>> tracie, thank you. could we be witnessing a digital insurrection against president trump? over the last few days, some official media accounts have tweeted messages that seem to be at odds with the president's agenda. for example, the defense department publicized articles about a iraqi refugee who -- turning now to the weather, it is late january and no sign of it anywhere. >> i like it. a lot of people were out yesterday exercising b, running. wore a t-shirt. >> a t-shirt, even today you can have on. look at the temperatures by lunchtime, 55 degrees. a lot of computer models, show temperatures start to go dip after noon today. so i think that will be the warmest point of the day right in the middle of the day and those winds increasing through the afternoon. so your
5:53 am
a.m., 40 degrees. by noon, dry, but it will get windy. 55 degrees by 5:00 p.m., windy and dry. 52 degrees. if you want to head outside and do any exercise out will. 50 right now in the district. it is a mild morning, fredericks, up to 41. leesburg, 43. culpepper is at 53 impress. yesterday morning, culpepper and fredericksburg were around freezing. so it is very different in those areas this morning. we have the clouds and a few showers moving in with that mild air. mainly to our west and south, but around the district, we have a few light shaurgs moving into parts of prince georges county and farther south in parts of charles county, walldorf we're seeing light rain showers. by 6:00 a.m., we'll still have some around mostly south and east of the district. but we'll be watching that closely. 9:00, the rain starts the to clear. it's not going to be a heavy morning type of commute rain, but keep that in mind. windy later in the
5:54 am
clearing, sunshine but winds could be gusting near 30 miles per hour. high today, 56 degrees. morning shower, afternoon sun, coming up, we'll take a look at your extend forecast. let's check the roads this morning with jay jack taylor. good morning. >> good morning, sheena. the problem is in virginia on the inner loop of the beltway. authorities have arrived on scene and they're taking care of the left lane. one piece of fire equipment appears to be involved in the accident, so this will hang out for a while. for now, it's a minimal delay moving north of 66, but that could continue to grow. otherwise, for now, you see everything else is pretty much green around some of those clouds. but all in all, not a bad start to this morning's rush hour. erika, eun, back in to you. >> thanks, jack. well, the unthinkable happened in dallas. a teacher's aide caught red handed lying about having cancer 37 just last week, students and teachers presented kevin maybell with $10,000
5:55 am
wish him well before surgery. here is the thing. may candidates bone never had cancer. he just needed time off to attend a sentencing hearing in west virginia. he pled guilty to using government credit cards to buy impasse for his personal vehicle. when questioned about it monday, he vnlly told the school he lied about having cancer. he lost his job and says he will return the cash and cards. it's not just about the lying, the betrayal, i'm sure the students felt. now 5:55. stafford county is preparing for a big influx of students and the school district wants to know whether you think redistricting will help. county leaders are holding a meeting tonight to get community input on that redistricting. there is a public hearing about this in march. good morning. ooid i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. wall street could be set the to move even higher into unchartered territory after the
5:56 am
first time ever. this is the second fastest 1,000 point move by the dow, taking 42 trading sessions. the dow is up 9% since the election on hopes of economic growth under the trump administration with more spending on infrastructure. our appeal of regulations and tax cuts. some investors say dow 20,000 is more psychiatric logical than meaningful. we'll see what happens today, guys. back over to you pop. many of you will be paying attention to how the dow jones industrial opens today after yesterday's record numbers. but what does this all mean tore your retirement accounts? financial advisers suggest invefrting gradually as the market fluctuates. floor traders say that record high is partly to do with president trump's promises for lower corporate taxes and fewer regulations. corporate earnings and an improving global economy are helping these numbers soar. you can soon season see oprah's name in the freezer section in your grocery store. she is
5:57 am
new packaged food line. it will be called meal time stories. the goal is to make real nutritious products more accessible to everyone. she says 10% of the profits made from the sales will be donated to charities focused on endsing hunger. metro doors opening up while you're riding? >> metro admits it happened .now is explaining how. we have new details ahead at 6:00. we are now in for the activists who climbed that crane to send a message to the trump white house. the details up next. plus, outrage over immigration reforms. more protests overnight against president trump's newest executive action. how they are stripping money from our local governments, coming up. and we are remembering the life of mary tyler moore. the celebrity tribute toes this hollywood star.
5:58 am
5:59 am
now on news 4 today, protesters wraefted after climb ago crane and the charges these activists face or their protests 250 feet above the ground. plus, president trump joins the republican retreat.
6:00 am
his next four years in the white house. and it's another day where you won't need to bundle up, but you may want to grab the umbrella instead. we have your thursday forecast. what would you say if the station manager kept crowding in and saying, this is our woman executive. >> what do you say? >> this morning, mary tyler moore, we'll show you how other people and celebrities are paying tribute to the woman who paved the way for so many actors after her. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm erika gonzalez. we want to get you ready for your day while getting ready for our team. >> i'm telling you, sheena, it felt so good. we want to keep it going. >> 61 in the district. 51 degrees. this is


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