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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  January 26, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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president trump is expected to sign an executive action launching a voter fraud investigation. he's said he believes millions of people voted illegally in the november election. there's no evidence to support that claim. this afternoon he spoke at the republican's retreat and doubled down on his campaign promises. mr. trump promised to rebuild infrastructure, renegotiate trade deals and build a wall on the border. just moments ago white house press secretary sean spicer says president trump wants to pay for the wall with a 20% tax on items coming from mexico. earlier today nieto cancelled a meeting planned for next week at the white house. president trump told him, don't come if you don't plan to pay for the wall. meanwhile, people continue to leave the government as the new administration takes shape. today we learned that the
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morgan has left the agency. he was asked to resign. the "washington post" is also reporting the state department's entire senior management team has resigned. we want to go back to president trump's plan now to deport undocumented immigrants. >> he signed an executive order that threatens to withhold federal grants from so-called sanctuary cities. >> the district is one of those cities. city officials threatened to sue the federal government if any funding is cut. mark? >> there's no question that d.c. is a sanctuary city. d.c. issues provisional driver's license to illegal residents. police do not ask residency status. the mayor wants to create a legal defense fund for immigrants who need help defending their status. d.c. gets $3.5 billion a year in federal grants. some of that is for law enforcement so it's et
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more than $2 billion is medicaid matching funds. that leaves about $1 billion in annual federal grants d.c. depends on. today the deputy mayor told me not only is the district not going to back down, like other ñ cities, they're prepared to fight the white house in court. >> the lawyers in the city both with the mayor and the attorney general are looking at this order. i would say mayors and governors across the country are as well. they have just on first impression deep reservations about some of the legalities, even following through with the intent of the executive orders. that will still have to play out. >> deputy mayor donahue told me he thinks being a sanctuary city is a matter of public safety. otherwise many will not call 911. as the deputy
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lot of mayors and city councils across the country are threatening legal action across the president. others are applauding his move. one is laura wilkerson. an undocumented immigrant beat her son. >> i'm sorry, get in line and come in the front door. the law's in place you have to enforce it. to hear more from laura tonight on the nbc night lie news. she's speaking to congressional republicans in philadelphia and then plans
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to -- she's hoping to persuade him to trade with britain and to stay committed to the nato military alliance. the two leaders are expected to hold a news conference tomorrow. the other big story, it is not that cold, it's not raining, but those whipping winds could cause some problems. let's go to doug kammerer. >> we are really seeing those winds. that's going to continue right on through the next couple of days. wind bringing in the change. that change going from very warm temperatures. 52 in d.c., but already 36 in hagerstown, 27
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we have seen these go down hour by hour here. we'll continue to lose those numbers as we move on through. those winds at 50 miles an hour this afternoon. we've already seen them. that's why we have a wind advisory. everybody in the brown until 7:00 tonight. once again, winds at 40, windchills by later on this evening will be in the upper 20s and low 30s. we're in for a much colder time. metro has taken serious action against 15 more track inspectors after that derailment at the east falls church station. metro claims inspectors falsified reports and weren't doing their job prior to a derailment at a crossover plan last summer. >> reporter: the number of metro employees now fired after that
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35 metro employees were facing some sort of action because of their involvement in this scandal. 21 have now been terminated from the agency. the transit agency's largest union not happy at all. there were people on board that train that day last july when the derailment happened near east falls church. >> systemic issues we were having in that department. so that's what we're addressing. again falsification of records. >> reporter: so many members of metro'strack inspection team now gown that other consultants are being brought in to pick up where they left off. we're learning new details about an incident at
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national airport where a door opened before the drain reached the stop with people of board. the train operator accidentally hit the door button while he was taking off his jacket. the operator was praised for the way he handled the smoke incident in 2015. but a metro source says he did not follow proper procedure on tuesday. a taste of something stronger first at 4:00 why the liquor laws could have a wider selection. some of you have discovered soft proble some problems when you unwrapped it.
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a rough commute this morning on the beltway in virginia. chopper 4 showed us back to back crashes that led to some long delays. near the dulles toll road first responders had to shut down go lanes of traffic. at the same time on the inner loop several cars crashed on the express lanes on route 123. the hottest seasseason's ho hatched a lawsuit. just days after christmas many
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customer service when the hatchimals didn't hatch. now a california mother has filed a class action suit, calling it bait and switch marketing. the company has defended its product saying it's sending refunds and replacements to customers whose hatchimals didn't work. virginia is one of the few states in the country that refuses to still 150 proof alcohol but that may be changing. it applies to neutral grain spirits like everclear. virginia would be able too restrict sales at certain stores near campus.
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the winds continue to gust and the colder air is moving in right now. i'll show you what you wake every tv doctor knows scrubbing is serious business. they also know you need to get your annual check-up. now with one touch using the mycigna app you can find a doctor in your plan's network to save money. need to be thorough.
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ready for more huge crowds here in washington for the third time in a week. this time tomorrow the national mall and
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fi filled with tens of thousands of people for the annual march for life rally. students are among a huge group traveling from boston to attend the march. more than 800 anti-abortion demonstrators left from cardinal spellman high school. some say they don't expect a change in the abortion laws despite president trump saying he'll nominate an anti-abortion justice to the supreme court. a lot of folks here in our area already getting excited. thousands of them will attend an evening prayer service to kick off the march for life events. >> reporter: it has been a week of democracy and voicing democracy here in the nation's capital. we saw the inauguration and protests of the inauguration. we saw the women's march on saturday.
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underway for the march for life. this is george mason university. you can see a cutout of the holy father, the pope right there. life is very good. that's the theme put forth by the catholic diocese here in arlington. let me show you what they're preparing for tonight inside the eagle bank arena. all of these seats are anticipated to be filled. they have 8400 seats available and they have sold 8400 tickets. it is sold out. people eager to voice their opinions, to march for what they believe in. they say that's carrying through for the march for life. we anticipate this to be crowded not only tonight, into tomorrow morning. ahead of the march there will be a rally here. i want you to meet one family in
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warrenton virginia. why they say the women's march on washington has helped their cause. it's pretty interesting to hear. you heard david talk about the big crowds. metro is bumping up service for the march tomorrow. extra trains will be running between the morning and. evening rush hours on every line and all of the midday track work has been cancelled. metro is encouraging people going to the march to travel outside the normal rush hour period if at all possible. the commute is a nightmare for drivers in blooming on tblo illinois, today because of ice. there have been dozens of accidents so far today. a fedex truck slipped and ended on its side. back in the day when men wore hats, this would be a hold onto your hat kind of day. >> how long do we have to hold on? >> i think at least through the day today and even through
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going to be dealing with that wind. if you are heading down to the march tomorrow, bundle up. temperatures already falling, but the wind has been the factor today. take a look right now. we'll show you where those winds are, currently gusting upwards of 30-40 miles per hour around the area. 37 in d.c., 41 in annapolis. the wind is there. all you have to do is step outside and see it. and we've seen plenty of sunshine today. that's actually because of the wi ó'=j] #&hc% towards the east. minor wind damage. already had a couple reports of trees down in parts of montgomery county. the winds will start to subside a little bit. but we're still going to stay rather windy. current temperature 52 degrees and windsut
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miles an hour. that's sustained winds at 30 at the airport. we'll continue to see those winds through the evening hours. temperatures are already coming down, 44 in hagerstown, the windchill in hager stown in the 30s. the rainfall, the snow, nothing around our region. we're not going to see anything else. we saw a few showers this morning. those all moved out very quickly. now what we're watching, back to the mountains. we've got some moisture moving in. this is not going to get over the mountains. it's going to move right up along the mountains. there's a winter weather t(qb=uclqiç
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and we're going to track a couple of systems now. you see one on monday, another one on wednesday, another one next weekend. these are little clipper like systems. you hear that term in the winter months, these clippers, these little fast systems move on through. we've got one sunday night into monday. could give us some flurries, maybe a couple of snow showers. high temperature of 39 on monday. we stay rather cool, below average for the next ten days. cooler air finally trying to make its presence known here in winter. it is as recognizable as it is controversial, but the big mural
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a thing of the past. also, how are you doing with your
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super bowl sunday is just ten days away.
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frito lay is launching a new chip bag. it's a limited edition party safe bag for tostitos chips with a built-in breathalyzer. the bag also comes with a code for $10 off your uber ride. their goal is to remove about 25,000 drunk drivers from the road. how are you doing with your resolution? many people made them. some of us aren't keeping them. exercising more is always one of the most popular resolutions. >> we're only 26 days into the new year. some folks have already given up. it's tough. we're working for you to get some ideas on how you can reboot those resolutions. >> reporter: we start the new year with lofty exercise goals. quickly get overwhelmed. then our backsides are back on the couch.
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experts suggest making exercise resolutions easier to achieve. >> set a goal, but do mini checkpoints along the way to keep yourself inspired. >> reporter: instead of vowing to run a marathon, start with a 5k, even just one mile. if boredom is the problem, find a workout buddy to keep yourself motivated and accountable. classes can keep exercise fresh and exciting. sometimes workouts are put on hold if there's an injury. as long as it's not a significant problem, a doctor may be able to help alter your exercise routine. the experts we interviewed simply works around her recently broken wrist. >> i'm still being active. i can still do cardio, but i can't do weights. >> reporter: last, take the work out of a workout and play instead. shooting hoops, even running around a playground are great
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>> important thing there is to stick with it even if you can only stick with a little of it. >> it looks so easy in the video. they've got t-shirts and shorts on and beautiful trees. yeah, a little tougher when it's windy and cold outside. >> you need a little more vote investigation or maybe some p b partners. the women's march on washington becoming a part of washington history. how the smithsonian is already working to remember last weekend's huge event. we all know traffic around here is usually some of the worst in the country. why one study says it's so bad we take up two spots on the list. windy may be an understatement this afternoon. storm team 4 iseeping an e kye
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now at 4:30, we're showing you a live picture of the white house. president trump is back after a trip to the republican retreat in philadelphia. >> any minute now we expect him to sign an executive action ordering an investigation into his own claims of fraud. >> reporter: good afternoon from the white house. president trump, who some in his own p
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himself into distraction since he came here to the white house, today warned his fellow republicans to focus and to hurry up. into marine one for the first time and air force one without a wave, moved fast. president trump told republican lawmakers meeting in philadelphia, kill obamacare and cut taxes. >> now we have to deliver. enough all talk no action. >> reporter: slamming preoccupied politicians. >> these people are not in that category, you understand. it's a different group. i think. >> reporter: but the president is dwelling on another issue, unproven voter fraud that he believes cost him the popular vote, ordering, he says, a federal investigation. the president clearly wants to keep a campaign promise, to keep the gitmo terrorism prison open and bring back water boarding, convinced by experts that the
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intel. >> does it work? does torture work? and the answer is yes, absolutely. >> reporter: his pentagon chief and cia head reject that and republican leaders did today. >> torture is not legal. we agree with it not being legal. >> reporter: it's a problem for british prime minister theresa may who's on her way to the white house. >> we do in the sanction torture. >> reporter: mexico president enrique pena nieto cancelled his trip to d.c. after president trump yesterday ordered the wall and repeated today that mexico will foot the bill. president trump said meeting now with pena nieto would have been fruitless. he said it was a joint decision to cancel. wh medical experts are speaking out against president trump's tough stance on immigration, arguing that it harms children's health. the american academy of
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hurt immigrant children. doctors say the kids live in constant fear their parents will be deported and that can harm the developing brain and trigger health problems. doctors also note some immigrant children have already been victims of violence and trauma as they escape their homeland. all of those signs held high during the inauguration and at the women's march last weekend may find their way into a museum. after all the crowds left the national mall, the american museum of natural history dispatched its crew to pick up the signs left behind. curators say the different messages can be a unique chronicle of history. for the women's march, similar actions are being taken in other cities where demonstrations took part. some museums and libraries are posting messages of social media asking people to donate their signs. it started as
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traffic stop, but it led to a major cigarette smuggling boost in our area. today the maryland transportation authority announced police caught a man traveling with more than 1200 cartons of untaxed cigarettes in his car. that's worth about $77,000. they made this bust on monday along i-95 in hartford county after stopping the man for speeding. those cigarettes, if sold illegally, would amount to a loss of more than $24,000 in taxes for the state of maryland. the i-team is investigating the illegal tobacco trail in our area for years, going undercover to show how cigarettes are smuggled out of virginia. up north in new york city we easily found and bought smuggled cigarettes in shops there supposed to be sold only in the commonwealth. traffickers can make big profit selling the smokes for more than they paid here in our area. in northern virginia there is word that a companyal
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consolidating operations and adding to its work force. the $7.5 million expansion will add 40 new jobs over the next five years. storm team 4 is keeping an eye on pretty windy afternoon out there. you canzgeyakhñçó see the flag flapping in the breeze outside our studios here in northwest d.c. amelia is in the storm center. how long do you expect the wind to stick around? >> we're going to see strong winds until about 7:00 p.m. but even overnight today and throughout the day tomorrow and saturday as well, it's still going to be breezy out there. the cold air is quickly moving in. we're at 52 degrees here in washington. the winds out of the northwest at 30 miles an hour. we are dealing with windchill temperatures. the suburbs north and west of town feeling like
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30s. feeling like 37 in gaithersburg and 31 back in winchester. more january type air moving in and that's going to be with us through the weekend and beyond. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning we're finishing up the workweek but you want the warm jacket. it's feeling about 27 in washington, 23 in frederick. coming up at 4:45, i'm going to be walking you through your weekend letting you know how the weather will impact both your saturday and sunday. prince george's county hundreds of students and staff members are ending this school day after spending part of it on lock down. a shooting near oxon hill high scho school forced the school on lockdown as a precaution. there is a suspect in police custody. heads up for drivers around manassas park. crews are going to beak
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repairs to the bridge along old centerville road and bull run. that bridge is nearly 50 years old and the repairs are expected to be done by the fall. the washington area has some of the best law schools in the country, at least from the perspective of highest salary. the law school grads with the highest average salary come out of cornell with an average $183,000 a year salary. columbia law grads are in second place. nyu comes in third place. followed by the university of chicago. harvard university rounds out the top five. georgetown, uva and gw all made the top 20. you may be doing it right now. are looking at our smart phones a little too much. but the age group that's the most guilty may not be the
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you think. and three days now and still no sight of that mssing i y27mky y16fy
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from your tv to your fridge, oprah winfrey is teaming up with the craft company to bring you a new line of packaged foods. the hope is that they will make nutritious food more
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you've got about ten days to buy all your chips guacamole and over stuff for your super bowl party. the national retail federation says americans are going to spend about $75 on game day festivities. total spending is expected to top $14 billion across the country. analysts predict about 188 million americans are going to watch the super bowl this year. if you ask anybody which age group spends the most time on social media, they will probably tell you millennials. however, a new study says that perception is wrong. a recent study says general xers spend the most time on social media. millennials spend just over six hours online. and folks over 50 spend about four hours a week
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as a g en xer guilty as charged. how these cars are focusing on safety and privacy. plus, it is a washington institution and a controversy. why the owners at ben's chili bowl say that famo mural is usgo
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and we're partnering with cigna to help save lives. we are the tv doctors of america. by getting you to a real doctor for an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. doctor poses. learn your key health numbers, and take control today.
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four things to know on this thursday afternoon. the white house says one way to pay for the wall along the southern border with a 20% tax on items coming from mexico. shawn spaean spicer says it isn policy proposal. it's just one example of how to pay for it. tomorrow is the annual march for life rally here in washington. tens of thousands of anti-abortion advocates will march to capitol hill. with crowds and stepped up security, you can expect road
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see the full list on the nbc august app. parts of our area are under a wind advisory. storm team 4 will have an update for us and a look ahead at the weekend in just minutes. the doors opened on a yellow line train before it reached the stop. the metro train operator at the controls is the same man involved in that deadly smoke incident at la font plaza. transportation reporter adam tuss will update this story in about 15 minute. the huge mural of bill cosby at ben's chili bowl is no more. the owners of this d.c. landmark decided to paint over it. >> reporter: people have been coming by all day to look at this, because it looks pretty different if you're used to seeing the mural here. the mural, bill cosby, president obama, all of it gone, painted over quietly in th
4:46 pm
the night. so now it is just a white wall. it says new year, new mural, i love ben's, i love d.c. now the owners put all that on the wall. they are inviting other artists and really anyone who wants to to add to it. they want to use the space to promote peace, love and unity. what about the old mural and bill cosby? we know that some folks didn't like cosby up there since the sexual assault allegations. the mural was even defaced at one point. but cosby, as you may know, is a friend of the family and they say a long time supporter. so we did ask the question and kamal ali told us the decision to paint over the mural has nothing to do with the cosby scandal. >> he's done a lot for us. he's been with us for over 50
4:47 pm
member, you take the good with the bad. you know, you don't condone -- you love them for who they are and we all make mistakes, so you deal with that. >> reporter: coming up, more from the ali family about this decision and also how you can weigh in on what should go up on this mural now. we've been asking a lot of you to weigh in on facebook. how do you feel about the bill cosby mural outside ben's chili bowl being painted out? so far, a lot of you say this was long over due. if the traffic in our area drives you up the wall, you're not alone. in fact, a new survey puts both washington, d.c. and arlington, virginia, near the top of the worst cities in which to own a car. here are the top five cities on the list. newark,
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followed by san francisco, the district, oakland and then arlington. these rankings are based on time spent in traffic, car ownership costs, parking availability and public transit and walking options. picture this, sefrveral of your neighbor's homes being broken into, knowing that yours may be next. in one local neighborhood people worked together to put a stop to it. that's just one of the stories for you this afternoon. >> this neighborhood really took things into their own hands. new at 5:00 tonight, the tool they used to help spread the word. it's something that you can use too. also, a local high school basketball coach is leading his players to victory. but after some tough times off the court, the team is giving him something special in return. and some new easy ways to save at the grocery store. all you need is your smart phone. we are talking new apps tonight
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at 5:00. in virginia, a big highway project kicks off in fairfax coun county. ground was broken on the jones branch connector. it will connect tysons to scotts crossing road on the other side of the beltway. >> the jones branch connector is significant because it supports fairfax county's redevelopment goals for tysons, which includes pedestrian friendly streets with multimobile forms of transportation. a lot going on here in d.c. this weekend. the washington auto show is in town. >> not to mention some pretty sleek cars to check out. however, another big feature is the latest in
4:50 pm
susan hogan spent the day at the convention center and joins us now with a little sneak peek. >> reporter: at the auto show, no doubt there is major cool factor here with some real high end sports cars. but also i've noticed the big, big thing here is all about safety. the manufacturers are really pushing that. i want to show you this really cool thing. if you come here this weekend, this is one of my very good friends, this dummy. toyota has virtual reality. you can sit in this car, put on the virtual reality goggles and it will take you through some of the safety features on how to prevent a crash. it will show you as you're driving some of the features that it does offer. coming up tonight at 5:00, we're going to take our show on the road and we're going to go into a chevy bolt ev which is an all
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electric car. we'll take you on the road coming up at 5:00. it's going to be a busy weekend down at the washington convention center. we invite you to join chuck bell for an inside look at the washington auto show's hottest rides. watch our drive time special at 11:30 sunday morning right here on nbc 4. i heard doug earlier mention windchill again. >> yes. so we're going to be dealing with windchills tomorrow and saturday. temperatures going to feel like they're in the 30s when you factor in the winds. >> not bad for january. >> you took the words -- chris, do you want to do the weather? >> i'm heading over to the screen right now. >> feeling like winter at least for the next ten days. wait until you see the numbers on the ten-day forecast. it's finally feeling cold and chilly for an extended period of time. no more 60s on the board. in addition to that, it is going to be
4:52 pm
saturday. a lot of people asking on twitter and facebook are we going to have any snow. how about some flurries maybe on monday. right now just about everybody except southern maryland and down around fredericksburg through the northern neck under a wind advisory until 7:00 tonight. we could see some gusts up to 50 miles an hour. we have had reports of trees down. current temperatures, well, it's kind of a wide range, from 52 in washington. then you look further back to the west, 41 in winchester and 42 in petersburg. tomorrow morning, the 30s dprgr us. by lunchtime it's breezy and 43. then we kind of hang out in the low to mid 40s throughout the afternoon and evening hours. with the wind, it will feel like the 30s. the commute is
4:53 pm
ways and definitely heading into work you want the sunglasses. coming home, a little bit more cloud cover. mostly to party sunny skies for your friday. if you're just having dinner out, it is friday after all, you want the warm jacket and you'll be just fine. this is a great weekend for skiing. it's going to be dry. more clouds around on sunday. looking okay for a run this weekend. and of course we have the auto show going on indoors where it's nice and warm and climate controlled. on saturday, a high of 43. 44 on sunday. flurries around on monday. highs on monday only in the upper 30s. look at the rest of the ten day. we're kind of in the 40s as we close out january and begin february. missing for days, the new search efforts
4:54 pm
virginia zoo. why the folks search ing are no
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4:56 pm
4:57 pm
i'm out here for a purpose. >> getting an education on how to find a lost animal. >> think if you're the red panda, where you would you want to be? . >>reporter: they're searching for sonny, the red panda that went missing from the virginia zoo. sonny was last seen here in her exhibit monday with her mate thomas. when zoo workers arrived tuesday, only thomas was around. zoo officials say it's matie ii for the red pandas and maybe thomas got a bit frisky. >> he may have been after her for a long time. it was rainy the night that we think that she had gotten out. she could have slipped, he could have pushed her. >> off
4:58 pm
in the park. zoo officials believe she's not far from home and most likely hiding in a tree. search parties continue to look. >> so we know exactly what it looks like which is good. >> reporter: wanting to shed some light on where sunny is hiding. >> reporter: nearly two dozen metro employees fired after reports of falsified inspections. i'll have the story coming up. plus storm team 4 keeping track of dangerous winds out there and how they're impacting all around our region. and a look at what's coming next. >> an executive action by the president puts billions of dollars in funding at risk in the district. we begin tonight with new
4:59 pm
metro. one investigation winding down, another into a dangerous incident just getting underway. thanks for joining us. >> we are learning tonight about new disciplinary actions taken in connection with a train derailment in northern virginia last summer. the agency now says 21 workers have been fired. it accuses them of falsifying reports. >> that all comes amid shocking new details about another incident this week. adam tuss joins us with an update from reagan national station. >> reporter: this was the same train operator involved in the deadly la font plaza smoke episode nearly two years
5:00 pm
this all happened outside the reagan national station on an aerial structure. the picture is shocking. look closely out that open door and you can see that the train isn't on the ground. the train was on this aerial structure just outside the reagan national metro station. this picture from a rider shared with the "washington post." now news4 learned that the train operator involved in this incident is the same train operator involved in the deadly smoke incident two years ago. >> i wish none of these would happen. i think forever you're always going to have something happen that is crazy. >> reporter: sources say the door incident was more than that, that the operator did not follow proper procedure when the doors opened too soon. he should have walked around the train after it happened, making sure no one fell out or was


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