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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  January 27, 2017 5:00am-5:59am EST

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more, but the key is being prepared before you go. >> it does take time. i don't want to lie to you. for me to get together a big shopping trip i will usually spend about 45 minutes making sure i have the mobile apps lined up and the sales lined up. >> i love it. the savings do come at a price. many mobile apps collect personal information about your shopping and your social media habits. there's the catch. welcome back. it's 5:00 a.m. good morning to you. >> we are working for you on this friday morning to get you out of the house on time. >> we'll take a look at the roads with melissa but first we want to check in on the weather. chuck spent a little bit of time at the car show. i thought you were going to bring me a porsche.
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>> or a coupon at the grocery store like we just showed you. they're the same thing. right? >> that's the lady i get stuck behind is the lady with all the coupons. >> then they write the check. >> i'll pay the extra 50 cents you're going to save so we can all get out faster. >> colder day though today. >> quite a bit colder for today and weather headlines and sorry i didn't have my computer uploaded. computer, there we are. clear skies out there. we'll see an increasing number of clouds especially in the afternoon hours. gusty, northwesterly winds, still blustery enough and we might be able to wring out a passing snow shower or two. you won't need the shovel. these will be conversational flakes flying by and the farther north and west the better chances you are of seeing the occasional snow flake or two. i don't think'
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>> not at all and once they pass by you don't have to worry about them. they'll be pretty to watch. the breeze is still out there so it's making it feel colder this morning so you will need the warmer jacket. 43 degrees right now in the district. we're dry. by 8:00 a.m. it will still be cold around 40 degrees and that breeze will be making it feel colder across the area. by 11:00 a.m. closer to lunchtime, breezy, and as we go into 3:00 p.m. don't be surprised if you see some flurries across the area. feels like 37 right now in the district. feels like 32 in leesburg. let's talk about the metro now with some events going on. >> so remember for the march for life today on metro trains going to be running every eight minutes to kind of help with that impact. additional eight-car trains are running and regular parking all day today. now, as far as the road closures we're talking about two that would impact your morning
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commute. 15th street between independence avenue and constitution that shuts down at 6:00 a.m. see you back here in ten minutes. thank you. we'll see you then. we want to get to the live desk right now. >> she's got some information about a deadly crash. >> it's in fairfax station, virginia, and police are investigating what happened there in the 7,600 block of cliffton road. that's by the intersection of wolf roan shoals road and there's a shell gas station nearby. police confirming it is a one-car accident involving two people. one died, the other is injured. we'll keep you posted on this story inside our nbc washington app. back to you. >> thank you. it is 5:03 and the man accused of being a sexual predator walking the streets of washington will appear in court. >> michael hill yard was
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arrested for groping a woman wednesday morning and that was his second arrest this month for the same crime. >> we're joined live with more on the disturbing criminal history. pretty extensive, justin. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. hard to believe but police say this guy has a record of 70 arrests. at least 20 for sexual offenses. that cases like this are dangerous and frustrating. now, we don't have an approved photo to show you just yet, but he was caught overnight wednesday as you mentioned after a woman called 911 reporting a man groped her on the 1,600 block of 7th street northwest and with her tip police picked him up soonafter. the thing is, that came about two weeks after this. arrested january 13th suspected of being involved in one of three groping reports in the logan circle area but he was not jailed. instead he walked out a day later with ord
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accusers and u mental evaluation and with a record of almost two dozen sexual assault arrests police say he could be tied to even more offenses. >> we do believe that there are other victims and a lot of these incidents they're quick, they happen fast. he was committing these in these same general area. we know for sure that there are going to be other victims out there. please come to us. >> reporter: and if you believe that you or anyone you know fell victim to him or anyone else, again, the district, give the police a call. back in to you. >> all right. thank you. a 15-year-old has been arrested and charged with sexually assaulting two people. d.c. police say the first assault happened last tuesday in front of a home on north 8 thd street northeast. the teen slapped someone on the butt who was walking her
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over. and the 15-year-old approached someone from behind and touched them inappropriately. a man will appear in court on charges that he murdered a d.c. yoga teacher on christmas day. they say he beat, sexually assaulted and strangled her last month. at the i'm of the murder johnson was supposed to be under gps monitoring but he never picked up the device. since the killing d.c. has revised a law making punishments for moving ankle monitors tougher. happening today tens of thousands of antti abortion advocates will be on the national mall for the 44th march for life event. the rally gets started just before noon. vice president mike pence will be the first vp ever to speak at the march and there will be extra security as you can imagine. we'll explain what that can mean for you and your commute. >
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diplomacy challenge at the white house. he'll meet with british prime minister and there is a lot at stake. the country is in need of a quick trade agreement with the u.s. the two will try to compromise over nato and how to defend the threat of terrorism. trump told fox news water boarding is not a form of torture and is an effective way to gather useful intelligence. the heads of the cia and the pentagon were blind sided by an order that suggested that the u.s. could reopen prisons overseas to resume water boarding. >> the people that we're going against, they don't wear uniforms. they're sneaky, dirty rats. and they blow people up in a shopping center. and they blow people up in a church. these are bad
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it's foolish and naive to oppose the use of water boarding. cia director and defense secretary have both denounced the practice. we want to get back to the live desk, just finding out about a call between the president and russia. >> yeah, just in, this call now confirmed, set for saturday between the two leaders. president trump and vladimir putin. this is going to -- this kremlin says it will be a big move to normalizing relations between the two countries. president trump also set to talk the same day with germany's leader, and that phone conversation is expected to focus on russia. back to you. thank you. it is 6:08 and we wanted you to take a look at this video. this is the united airlines flight that had to make an emergency landing in nashville. a hot spot on one of the
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is to blame for turning the plane around. crews had to spray the engine down with water after landing. everyone evacuated safely. imagine parking your car at the mall and coming back to this scene. a fire broke out last night on the third level of a parking garage at montgomery mall in bethesda. five considers were damaged, two destroyed. fire and rescue say there was $75,000 worth of damage. fire investigators are looking now into how that fire started. you're probably going to want to crank up the heat for your drive into work this morning. s we're back with a closer look at that and your commuter forecast. and why the agency let them go after a recent train derailment. >> reporter: road closures and enhanced security. the march for life is this
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so the upside is the winds have died down but it is going to be significantly cooler. >> and on the real upside we're talking about maybe some snow flurries in the area. >> we're like wait a minute. >> i'm talking to the wrong meteorologist then. >> the winds not so much, the warm air, yes. i will take the warmth any day, but yeah, sure, the
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through the afternoon. we have a possibility of seeing some flurries. this morning though, feels like 37 degrees so it's going to be breezy today. not nearly as windy as it was yesterday. as far as your commuter forecast is concerned though, expect dry roads this morning. temperatures this afternoon mostly many the mid-40s though. let's take an updated look at the crash this morning. >> just got off the phone with police. this is a little bit different than how it looks right here. southbound branch avenue near allentown road, we noi now have two lanes getting by so all lanes no longer blocked. it should be cleared out in the next 15 or 20 minutes. northbound 295 after benning, still have that work zone blocking the right lane and as you look at the beltway, everything there is rolling along just fine. i'll see you back here in ten minutes.
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you can see just how packed this evening's prayer service was last night. it was in fairfax. teens from across the country attended the event which was a prelude to today's march for life at the national mall and all of that of course is a lead-in to the big event today. >> antti abortion advocates will be marching along the national mall. we're live with how this could impact people's commute this morning. >> reporter: well, it certainly is going to have an impact. we'll see road closures, some of them starting at 6:00 in the morning. this is constitution avenue. everything is open, but in a couple of hours all of that is going to change. we're going to start seeing stretches of constitution as well as other roads begin to close in the area so keep that in mind as you make your way to work. you can see the stage. we're here at 15th and constitution on the grounds of
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heis will give you an idea of area that is being impacted. this is the march route. they'll be going up constitution avenue to the supreme court and the u.s. capitol. we'll see closures starting around 12:30. also some other closures starting at 6:00 a.m. 15th street for example between constitution and independence. madison and jefferson drive between 14th and 15th so those will impact your early morning commute. metro is going to be your best bet. this is video from marchs in the past. we are expecting a large crowd. it's going to be very busy down here. they're enhancing service between the morning and evening rush hours. trains are running every eight minutes. they'll have more eight-car trains. also be sure to load up your smart trip card before you come. you don't want to get
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long line there inside the metr when everybody else is in the station with you. also expect enhanced security. more on that coming up later in the show. >> all right. thank you. it's 5:16. president trump's plan to build the wall at the mexican border could cost you more money at the grocery store. the white house is considering a 20% tax on mexican imports to pay for the wall. american shoppers would likely be more to pay for mexican products to cover the tariff. mexico is america's third biggest trade partner and second biggest agricultural provider. the import tax is one of several options being considered. we are hearing some really promising news coming out of houston. george h.w. bush could be out of the hospital by this weekend. he's taking his last round of antibiotics and he's being
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new -- pneumonia. president bush is 92 years old and just a few days ago doctors moved him out of the intensive care unit. the am track unit involved in a crash that killed eight people and injured hundreds more are blaming the company for the wreck. the company failed to address reports that people were throwing objects at trains on that section of track. he says he was left disoriented or unconscious where something hit his train and that caused the crash in philadelphia in 2015. federal investigators say he was simply distracted by those reports, that he accelerated and caused the crash. metro says it's now fired 21 employees since last summer's train derailment at the east falls church station. that is one third of the track
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derailment. we also learned more about an incident this week where a train operator opened the doors of the train stopped high above the ground. the operator told metro officials his elbow accidentally hit the door button as he was taking off his jacket. metro says he didn't follow proper procedures. he's now off the job pending an investigation. virginia is only one of two states in the country that refuses to sell 151 proof alcohol but that could be changing. the house passed a bill to allow some of those sales. opponents say it could endanger college campuses already dealing with high rates of underage drinking. last year the governor vetoed a similar bill. well, how much do you reall
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big mac? apparently some people think the bottles of that special sauce are worth big bucks. this morning, some of those bottles they were giving away are going for $100,000 on ebay. this is bananas. come on, just go to mcdonald's and get a big mac. >> buy some thousand island dressing. >> mcdonald's gave away ten thousand bottles of the special sauce yesterday to roll out their new minimac or mac junior and it's usually not available to take home the sauce, but you know people were going to do this. you know when it's something unique people are going to ebay, try to make some money. >> it would be cheaper to buy the big maces and scrape the bottle to fill the bottle. >> people point fingers and laugh. first world problems. really? we're selling10
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os big mac sauce? come on, people. >> i know they're going on ebay, but come on. >> another way to spend 100 grand is at the car show where i was yesterday. i had a great time yesterday. the car show runs between now and february the 5th. certainly worth going on down. a lot of cool cars. some of my favorites. of course i spent a lot of time at the porsche display but there was a very nice little audi. this is the tensil cylinder her. that one, it's expensive, but that one, you saw a convertible that's about $58,000. so certainly expensive but that little blue audi, 189,900. by the time you put the
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tax on it, it wo mthat. back here maybe it comes with a radio. last january was -- or this january mild, mild. we're nearly 7 degrees of average. this january with not everyone a half an inch of snow. a ton of snow last january and the january before that, a little cooler than average and only about 3 inches of snow which we normally get five to six inches of snow so this will go down as a failure for the snow perspective. breezy at times for tomorrow. sunday we will start to see an increase in clouds late in the day and there might be a flurry or snow shower, but that could linger into your monday morning so we'll watch that very carefully as a little alberta clipper comes zinging on by. melissa will also
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ahead of the traffic and she's here right now. >> so a reminder here because of the march for life some changes on the roads and the rails. the rails here, on metro rail service for the march, trains run every eight minutes. additional eight-car trains are running. now the road closures that start at 6:00 a.m. 15th between independence and constitution. southbound branch avenue to allentown road, two right lanes getting by. that problem, work zone still blocks the right lane northeast. she was abducted, locked in her trunk and had no idea where she was. how one quick thinking 911 operator managed to save her. peace of mind for a group of neighbors after police arrested a suspected serial burglar. the app they are now turning to to make sure they don't fall victim again. and hollywouf
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you're going to want to hear this. 911 dispatcher's quick decision to text a victim probably saved her life. >> she called 911 after being locked in the trunk of a car. this happened after a d disagreement with her boyfriend. >> what is going on? >> i'm inside of a car trunk. >> right after that exchange the line goes dead. 911 operator quickly picked up his phone and started texting the victim. he was able to ask her what kind of car she was in and where she thought she may be headed. police spotted that car, rescued the woman and arrested the
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make tv crime series has died. mike connors died yesterday afternoon at the age of 91 from leukemia. let's show you a live look outside this morning where some of you could be seeing some snow flakes. can you believe that? start of the week, end of the week very different. chuck bell is back with the four things you need to know about the forecast. >> it is a d.c. landmark, but you will notice something new the next time you visit ben's chili bowl. why the restaurant painted over its famous mural. >> and they claim they can cut your groce ♪
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the moments that connect us happen one morning at a time, and one cup at a time. folgers, the best part of wakin' up.
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welcome back. it is 5:30. it's friday. we're all here. good morning to you. welcome. i'm eun yang. >> and in fact we all did make it to friday so we want to make sure you get off to a good start. >> we start things off with chuck bell. erika and chuck are so excited about these snow flakes. i don't know, we're ready to go to florida. chuck, we haven't -- it's the end of january. where's the snow? >> you're not kidding. where is all the snow this year?
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snowfall, but the pattern is changing over to a colder one and that brings opportunities for snow flakes back into the picture. you could actually see snow today. flakes, yes, shovels, no. it's not going to be shovelable amounts of snow. but the colder pattern is here for most of the next seven days or maybe as much as the next two weeks. may have two or three more chances for some snow coming up as we get into monday, wednesday and not this weekend, but the one after that, snow chances yes, but no big snowstorms appear all that likely. so i'll keep an eye out for the snow flakes. as far as temperatures on your friday planner let's go over to sheena for that. >> you're going to want a warmer jacket this morning than what you had yesterday morning. the feels like temperature coming in at 37 in the district.
5:32 am
frederick feeling like 29. so that breeze is out this but not as windy as tour de france yesterday. a cooler day today. we're in the 40s. take a look at your weekend forecast though. we're talking about it feeling more like it should this time of the year, normal high 44 degrees and in fact, tomorrow and sunday, both days will be in the mid-40s for a high temperature. morning lows right around freezing. let's check the roadways. some updates on something out there. >> something out there. this southbound branch avenue stilling hanging out at allen town road. 66 and 95, no big issues there. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway is running along just fine this morning. 270 south from 7 odown to the spur, you're on time as well. 5:32 now. here's a look at the top stories. today is the 44th annual march for life event. tens of thousands of antti abortion
5:33 am
mall. vice president pence will be the first to speak at the event. today a man accused of groping more than 70 women will appear in d.c. court. the most recent incident happened on 7th street early wednesday morning. donald trump will meet with british prime minister at the white house with britain leaving the european union the country is in need with a u.s. trade agreement. friends and family will gather for a funeral for the funeral of a laurel worker killed this week. an suv slammed into the back of his garbage truck and it pinned him. he worked for the department of public works for 13 years and is being remembered for his smile and his strong work ethic. d.c.'s georgetown
5:34 am
hotel says a bomb threat forced the ho toll the evacuate. the hotel says guest safety was its primary concern. well, if you are many the other room you might want to come and take a look at this new video sent to us of a man wanted in a string of pharmacy robberies. he hit this cvs in bethesda early yesterday morning and assaulted a clerk. a few hours later another armed robbery at a right aid. the suspect made off with cash in two-his robberies. how one alert residence can make a difference. this is somebody that lives in fairfax county that's helping to stop a serial burglar. residents were on edge after at least eight homes were broken into. a resident out walking his dog
5:35 am
some of the bushes and he called police. nicolas was arrested and get this. he allegedly had jewelry on his person as well. residents say that it is important for neighbors to be alert. >> communicating with each other so that everybody knows what's going on, and everybody can, you know, watch out for -- watch out for each other. >> and one way neighbors are on the lookout for one another is through the next door app. this allows neighbors and police to post developments of what's going on in the community. virginians convicted of marijuana possession would no longer lose their driver's license for six months under a bill moving through the general assembly. that bill would remove the mandatory driver's license suspension for adults convicted of possession of up to a half ounce of marijuana. the state senate is expected to give final approval to the bill yesterday. a house subcommittee advanced a similar proposal on wednesday. >> little
5:36 am
homes in northern virginia. they'l homes for at least another month. they told the city of manassas that they couldn't afford to repair the water and the sewer system. the city bought the park and told the families to vacate. a variety of charity groups have offered to renovate those properties so that families can stay until the end of march. you've probably heard a lot about d.c.'s landmark restaurant ben's chili bowl. the restaurant has been a must stop for a whole lot of famous people and a lot of locals too and presidents. president obama visited there. this morning the mural outside of ben's chili bowl is gone. the family painted over some of the murals including the one of bill cosby. you can see now the wall outside of ben's is white. there's some writing on there. the owners say
5:37 am
new year it's time for a new mural. the restaurant is taking suggestions about who you want to see up there next. a lot of famous people and civil rights activists, martin luther king, jr.'s name, the obamas, you know, just to name a few, so you know, if they're taking suggestio suggestions, just going to put that out there. >> can you imagine jim vance's picture on the outside of there? take a look outside this morning where a lot of you are waking up to temperatures in the 30s and 40s. how to dress the kids when we check back in with weather. >> they are the grocery apps taking hold of shoppers everywhere. how much money they can actually save you. >> and an area mom demanding answers. what her daughter's school is saying after her three-year-old wanderedway from class. a
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it's perfect. it's beautiful. there's nothing we would change about it.
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welcome back. we want to get right to the forecast now. chuck bell, waiting in the wings. >> absolutely right. it is going to be a noticeably colder day today than yesterday. we made 61 yesterday and this morning those are snow showers flying in. winds out there 15 to 25-mile-per-hour. t
5:41 am
snow flakes and if you get a picture send it on in to me. temperature wise, mostly near 40 at the bus stop. windchills back in the 20s and could see those snow showers almost any time today. your hat and your scarf certainly a need be. not a bad january day. temperatures in the upper 30s to low and mid 40s. ten day forecast coming up in ten. good morning. right now southbound branch avenue, still have this problem with just the two right lanes getting by. should be cleared out of the way and you can see that slowdown we had a little bit earlier is gone. taking a look at travel times here. 66 into town and 95 northbound, you can see no major problems there. 270 southbound and in the top of the beltway 95 over to 270 again on time. thanks. arrested for nearly two dozen sex crimes.
5:42 am
a at why. >> and imagine finding a tod at an intersection on your drive to work today. that's exactly what happened to a driver in d.c. earlier this week. and now the little girl's mom is demanding answers from the three-year-old's school.
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5:44 am
>> to have a phone call like that is just devastating. >> n
5:45 am
thought she left her daughter in good hands until the three-year-old was found in the middle of an intersection. what the school now has to stay about the incident. >> how could a man with 20 sex offenses continue to walk the district's streets? a live preview of that case coming up. they claim to save you money and they are free, but are all those grocery coupon apps really worth it? the catch some might not be willing to go for. your time is 5:45. a disturbing story out of the district now. a man who's been arrested for groping 70 times could have more victims. >> today 57-year-old michael hilliard will appear in court for an assault earlier this week. justin finch joins us from the courthouse with more on the
5:46 am
and about his long criminal history. >> reporter: good morning. a long history indeed. police say that cases like this are very frustrating. authorities say they arrest these suspects and they are free to offend again. and hopefully that cycle will end with this case. we don't have an approved photo to show you just yet. the 57-year-old arrested overnight wednesday for groping a woman on the 1,600 block of 7th street northwest. it turns out he was barely two weeks out of the system. last arrested january 13th, suspected of involvement in at least one of three groping cases in the logan circle area. he reportedly was released a day later, ordered to avoid his accusers and undergo mental evaluation before a court date next month. that is chilling for those who walk our streets expecting to feel safe and police say on his record, some 70
5:47 am
other victims and a lot of these incidents they're quick, they happen fast. he was committing these -- in these same general area. we know for sure that they are going to be other victims out there. >> reporter: his charges include felony kidnapping so he remains in custody until his court appearance today. thank you. the man accused of murdering a d.c. yoga teacher had also been arrested half a dozen times but wasn't kept in jail. johnson will have a court hearing if the murder of tricia mccauley. she was found beaten and strangled in her car last month. at the time of her murder, johnson was supposed to be under gps monitoring but he never picked up the device. d.c. has revised the law to make the punishment for removing ankle monitors tougher. shib w
5:48 am
by a police officer. >> what's >> we're just getting some details on what happened right outside of a public safety building. police shot and killed a man that they described as suspicious. parked in a car, a good distance away from the actual entrance of that building. georgia's bureau of investigations is handling this and will determine if the man who was shot and killed was actually armed. upset relatives at the scene say -- describe him as 24 years old saying he had no criminal history. back to you. all right. thank you. now in news for your health and you might find this a bit shocking. scientists say they've grown human cells inside big embryos and they say this is a step towards growing livers and other human organs inside of pigs for transplant to people. they were grown for just a few weeks. these animal to human experiments have raised ethical
5:49 am
concerns and in 2015 the government stopped using tax dollars to fund such experiments. this story is one that may make a lot of people concerned. there's a new study that says young girls don't believe they are as smart as boys. researchers at new york university say that the idea belongs to develop -- the begins to develop in girls as young as six and during that study girls associated the word smart and talent with pictures of men. scientists say these gender stereo types link to big aspirations. well, ask anyone what age group spends the most time on social media and they'll probably tell you millennials. >> but, a new study says that is wrong. a recent study says gen nexters spend the most time on social media. nea
5:50 am
millennials, that's that 18 to 34 group spent a little under that, and people 50 and older spent a little over four hours a week socializing. a new push for california to secede from the u.s. the group is collecting nearly 600,000 signatures to force a vote on the november 2018 ballot. the proposal makes no mention of president trump. similar atemps to establish california as a nation or break it into multiple states have failed. there is a lot at stake as president trump welcomes his first foreign leader at the house today. he will meet with britain's prime minister. >> tracie potts joining us now live on capitol hill. >> reporter: hey, good morning, everyone and president trump told everyone i predicted that.
5:51 am
the white house today to talk about the u.s./u.k relationship in a post brexit world. she wants a trade deal with the united states and she's under pressure to boost their economy by coming up with a one on one trade deal but also there's some areas of disagreement between her and president trump. comments that he's made about torture that she has denounced. so while economy and trade will be a big focus, not to mention the war on terror, the war against isis, what's going on in syria, we also are expecting to see that there are differences wean the two which may or may not come out when they hold a news conference later this afternoon. >> and the president has promised to build this wall and have mexico pay for it but there's a lot of disputes since mexico's president responded. >> reporter: mexico's president says if that's the case i'm not coming to washingn.
5:52 am
so that meeting is now off. texas pushing back saying there's no way we'll pay for the wall. experts say american taxpayers would just end up footing the bill pr the wall if that's the case because the companies would pass the 20% on to consumers in the higher prices for those goods. >> thank you, tracie. all right. time to get a check of your weather. >> finally friday. we made it through the week. yesterday was windy but it was kind of mild. >> i'll take the mild weather for the wind. >> so will i. >> what a change now. >> it was all because of the winds. they brought in the cooler air and this morning we're feeling a lot colder. 37 degrees is what it feels like. actual temperature is 43, but it's going to be breezy today. just not going to be as windy as yesterday. here's the feels like temperature across the rest of the area.
5:53 am
currently. fredericksburg you feel a little bit above freezing. winchester 23 and over the higher elevations could be our first chances for some either light snow showers or snow flurries this morning. later on this afternoon though i think the rest of the area has a better chance of seeing some snow flurries passing by so your fitness forecast today, breezy, 7:00 a.m. 40 degrees but it will be feeling colder with the winds. so colder today than it was yesterday. about 15 degrees or so colder and by 5:00 p.m. we could see snow flurries passing by. so today is actually a seasonable day. this is where we should be this time of the year. >> those are some snow showers up to our north and west. some possibly over the higher elevations right now. we'll be watching that for later on today. here's a look at the temperature trend. yesterday we hit 61. today 44. mid-40s over the weekend. normal high is 44 so
5:54 am
like winter. so for this afternoon some snow flurries around. it will be breezy and take a look at the next several days. look at those temperatures. we don't have that mild air anymore. but monday morning we have a slight chance of some light snow showers. 39 for the high temperature. rest of the week we'll stay right around 40 degrees. i know erika and chuck like know. you and i are going to have to head to the bahamas. >> that sounds like a plan. thank you. >> let's go. >> okay. >> you're under arrest. >> so you may remember this video that went viral. police have dropped charges against a woman and her daughter in fort worth texas after the video was made public. you can see an officer tasing the woman after they begin to argue. the mother called police for help in a dispute with her neighbor. the officer was suspended and e reassigned to a different neighborhood. a
5:55 am
believe what happened to her three-year-old daughter. the girl wandered awra from school during the day. >> someone found the girl about 150 yards from the center. the child's mom told news 4 the incident happened during nap time and that's when the teacher's aide noticed the little girl was gone. >> what if she never came back? what if my daughter was hurt or hit or anything? >> a spokes person for d.c. public schools says they are investigating the incident and quote, we have measures in place to ensure that students and staff are in a safe learning environment at every school and if those structures broke down, we're going to work to restore them. it is 5:55. the former secretary of health and human servicesi
5:56 am
will take over her new job on the 1st. >> google maps can tell you how hard it is to find a parking space before you leave the house. it's in 25 u.s. cities including washington. google uses a similar method to estimate busy times at local businesses using historical data. all right. these are some numbers to wrap your head around. the average family of four spends about $250 a week on groceries and sometimes more. that's a lot of money. >> there's a lot of ways you can save and one of those being an app. so coupon experts say you can cut your grocery bill in half with a couple of different apps. these are a couple of the top
5:57 am
one family says able to save between 4 and $5,000 a year on their grocery bill. their top tip is to be prepared before you go to the grocery store. >> it does take time. i don't want to lie to you. for me to get together a big shopping trip, i will usually spend about 45 minutes making sure i have the mobile apps lined up and i have the sales lined up. >> the savings do come at a price though. many mobile apps collect your personal information about your shopping and your social media habits. so you got to, you know, weigh it out. >> she did say it also takes 45 minutes to get ready before you go grocery shopping and that's a lot of time most of us don't have. road closure, d.c. streets shutting down ahead of the march for life. the first closures take effect in minutes. >> new information this morning about a metro mishap. doors opening before they come
5:58 am
why the worker being blamed ♪ new year, time to get rid of stuff. simplify, declutter, unplug, purge, or even quit cold turkey. i raise turkeys without growth-promoting antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. if you're looking for little ways to simplify life, feeling good about what your family eats is a pretty simple place to start. my name is tammy plumlee, and i raise honest, simple turkey for shady brook farms.
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right now the cold weather is coming back. storm team 4 tracking your friday forecast including some flurries on the way. >> and march for life, thousands expected to fill the streets of downtown washington and the road closures are just taking effect as you head out the door. >> plus, new video overnight. shoppers shocked to find their cars destroyed after a fire breaks out in a mall parking garage. good morning, everyone. welcome to friday. >> you are going to want to bundle up this morning as you head out the door. >> a big change. right? a warning thatu
6:00 am
yesterday's winds knocked down tree branches all over our area. one fell on to a car in arlington. while a man was driving and many remain on the roads. melissa is back with those warnings. >> but we want to start with chuck bell and maybe some snow sightings a little later? >> a couple of snow flakes around. i know most people just happy that it's friday. as i was talking to sheena, she said she took the struggle bus. >> i didn't take it, i'm still on it. >> apparently that's what happens when you don't get enough sleep. you take the struggle bus in to work. >> a bit of a windchill, so be ready for that. have your coat ready to go. this afternoon passing snow flakes, maybe a snow flurry or a


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