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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 29, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EST

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weekend. we have every angle covered as we continue to follow this breaking story. we are going to check in with news 4's derrick ward in just a moment. >> first, we want to wish you a good sunday morning as we hit the 9:00 hour. i'm adam tuss. >> an i'm angie goff. we have some clouds today. for the most part, things are going to remain dry. >> not too bad today, but maybe a snowflake or two, lauryn. >> we're seeing a few flurries out there right now. really, we're watching tonight. i'm talking about after 3:00, 4:00. we'll start to see rain showers moving in, could have problems tomorrow morning for the commute. we're going to get into all that. first, i want to point out some of these snow showers out there right now. you can see we've got the clouds. it was a beautiful sunrise that came up just about 20 minutes after 7:00 a.m. again, the clouds are going to continue to fill into the region. we're seeing a few snow showers out here in the shenandoah valley. also over here into southern maryland, a little bit of rain
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over the bay. mainly because of the warm waters. again, scattered flurries right now. temperatures in the 30s. we're going to top out in the mid-40s today. we're going to talk about these snow showers that are coming for us later on this evening through tomorrow. we'll time it out for you and get accumulation totals. >> we'll be listening for that. breaking news at airports across the nation. emotional crowds have been protesting against president trump's travel ban and executive orders. >> news 4's derrick ward is live at dulles international airport with what's going on there right now. good morning, derrick. >> reporter: good morning. well, it's a bit quiet out here now, as quiet as airports get. you might say extreme vetting and extreme reaction have been the order of the last few days. of course, protests were the first reaction we saw to that executive order signed by the president, banning immigrants from seven countries. take a look at a map,
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show you some of those countries. those protests sparked here at dulles airport and airports across the country. people from those countries within hours of that executive order being signed were either being turned back at points of them bar kags or detained once they got to the u.s. we talked to some people. there are stories behind those numbers. there was a woman here last night waiting for a nephew. >> i am very, very concerned. i'm an american citizen. i've been here in this country over 30 years. all my daughters are here, born here as citizens. so is my husband, who's here over 40 years. we are the fabric of this society. i am very concerned, and i'm going to tell president trump, rescind your executive orders. they' g
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america. my country that i love. and we cannot take this. we will not be quiet. we will not sit still and take this. >> reporter: more protests are expected later today here at about 1:00 p.m. casa of maryland is expected to be here protesting that executive order. we're live at dulles international airport, derrick ward, news 4. >> derrick, thank you very much. and just take a look at these videos from other international airports. people chanting, holding up signs all night in new york, dallas, san francisco, and chicago. according to a department of homeland security official, in the first 23 hours of the president's order, 109 people were denied entry upon arrival in the united states. 173 other people were denied boarding on incoming flights from seven countries you see on your screen here. here's the response from the department of homeland security about the order from that federal judge in new york. quote, the department of homeland security will continue to enforce all of president trump's executive orders in a
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and security of the american people, end quote. they also say that the u.s. government retains its right to revoke visas at any time if required for national security or public safety. now, the federal judge issued the order last night after lawyers for the american civil liberties union filed a court petition on behalf of families from the ban tned countries. >> we asked the judge to hold everything in place. we believe this executive order is clearly unlawful, but we said to the judge we understand she may need time to figure that out to block the removal of everyone nationwide who's been caught up in this unlawful executive order. she agreed. the government may not send anybody back until she finally rules. everyone now who came is safe. >> and we know there are a lot of moving parts to all of this. we're going to do our best to give you the four things to know about thev
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first, president donald trump signed that executive order, as you know, on friday. it puts that 120-day hold on entry of refugees to the united states and indefinitely suspends the entry of syrian refugees. the order also suspends entry for 90 days from iraq, syria, iran, syria, somalia, and yemen. now, second things get stickier. yesterday a federal judge in new york issued an emergency order temporarily barring the u.s. border agents from deporting people from those seven countries. third, the judge's action is important because foreign-born u.s. residents who could have been barred from re-entering the united states under the immigration order have been allowed back into the country. finally, something we've been seeing at dulles international are people with temporary restraining order papers. they were granted by a u.s. district judge and require all
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permanent legal u.s. residents to be permitted lawyers, as is required by federal law. meanwhile, president trump says his immigration crackdown is not a muslim ban. he was asked about his executive order yesterday, specifically whether the government was prepared to implement it. here's what he said before many of the protests we saw erupted overnight. >> we're totally prepared to work it out very nicely. you see it at the airports. you see it all over. it's working out very nicely. we're going to have a very, very strict ban, and we're going to have extreme vetting, which we should have had in this country for many years. >> now, you can expect the president's executive order to be a big topic this morning on "meet the press." moderator chuck todd will have an exclusive interview with virginia senator tim kaine. chuck is going to join us for a live preview here in the studio at about 10:15. and there are two protests planned for today in response to that travel ban.
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dulles international at 1:00 p.m. the women's march organization is planning protests around the nation. one of those protests is planned for d.c. at 1:00 p.m. right outside of the white house. well, we are following two breaking news stories this morning. we're finding out what we know about a homicide investigation at a local bar and restaurant. and a middle school on fire. look at this video. the intense flames that tore through the building overnight. it's 9:0737. right when i walked in the door of bassett you could tell the quality was there. the quality of what we do is phenomenal. it's perfect. it's beautiful. there's nothing we would change about it.
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breaking news at 9:09 this morning. a homicide investigation under way at a bar and restaurant in bowie. overnight ambulances could be seen leaving from outside the blue sunday bar and grill. bowie police say three men were found with trauma to their occupier bodies, two pronounced
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hospital in critical condition. a maryland state police helicopter was scene leaeen lea scene. dozens of montgomery county firefighters have been working to battle flames at this old middle school gym overnight. the fire is now contained, but they continue to put out some hot spots this morning. investigators are trying to figure out what called that fire. fire crews say there was a partial collapse but no one was hurt. a new middle school opened this school year. time right now is 9:10. a murder-suicide in mcclain. fairfax county police say a man fatally shot his wife and son before turning the gun on himself. investigators have spent the last couple days looking over evidence at this house, the family's home. they say the 52-year-old killed his wife shirley and then their 16-year-old son james. police say a family member found the crime scene and called police on friday. police are still trying to figure out what led to those killings. well, you might have to wake
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tomorrow morning. lauryn is tracking how much snow you might have to brush off the car. and we're staying on top of breaking news. protests across the country in response to president trump's executive order on immigration. the challenges now being faced at airports from east to west. st with us. ay
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now we're seeing a few flurries out there right now, ut
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or trying to wonder what happens when you come back from church services, looking fine, which the exception of a few flurries. even through this evening, roads will just be wet. by tomorrow morning, we could have a little bit of accumulation on the ground. kids, do your homework. we're going to talk about the snow and accumulation totals and the ten-day forecast coming up. >> all right, lauryn. thank you very much. protests have broken out at airports across the united states as many people take a stand against president trump's executive order. >> we go to the protests in los angeles. >> reporter: walking out among protesters after ten hours on an immigration hold, this woman is grateful to be back home and free to leave l.a.x. >> it was really hard to stay there for ten hours and do nothing. we were really scared. at first they told us we have to go back to our country. >> reporter: she has been in the country for six years and has a green card. a massive crowd protesting for
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bradley international terminal. inside, more confusion and frustration as immigration attorneys continue to work for the release of possibly dozens detained under president trump's executive order. >> if they hadn't deported him by two hours, he would have been here. >> reporter: a federal ruling blocking those deportations came tonight, too late for this man's uncle from tehran. put back on a plane after he was held at l.a.x. more than 20 hours. >> we can't wait to talk to him and let him know that not only were we there with him in spirit, real l.a., real america was out front. he was not alone. >> reporter: frustration only grew as reports of a visa holding student was put back on a plane to iran tonight. no shortage of frustration out here, but there is gre growing comfort from what many say is a unifying protest. originally from iran, she has a
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>> would you do this to your children? muslims are good people. they're not terrorists. >> well, white house chief strategist steve bannon's role appears to be expanding in all of this. president trump signed an executive order yesterday reorganizing the national security council. it includes giving bannon a seat on the principal's committee. "the washington post" reports those are the meetings of senior national security officials, which include the secretaries of state and defense. and the white house is now the working office for a whole new group of advisers who spent the past week settling in. >> nbc's peter alexander stepped inside the walls of the west wing to see how proximity to the president means power. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: inside the west wing, they are president trump's inner circle, his most trusted advise advisers. by his side during an improbable
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front row of swearing in and signings. jared kushner, steve bannon, chief of staff reince priebus, and counselor kellyanne conway. >> so this is it. >> this is my new office. >> conway invited nbc news into her new west wing office that has a history of housing power players like karl rove, valerie jarrett, and even hillary clinton, tasked to lead her husband's health care agenda. >> each of them served a two-term president. i feel like it's good luck. >> this office is good luck for you. >> yes, it is. >> every white house, every west wing has power plays right now. kellyanne conway, steve bannon, reince priebus, jared kushner. will everybody be able to work together? >> we already do. remember, we were a very cohesive team during the campaign. >> no clashes? >> no clashes that i can report. i know everybody wants the intrigue story, but we're very cohesive, very collaborative. part of it is that we came out of the campaign, you know, the walking wounded and prevailed. we work for a president who's
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different points of view. that's the way he's run his businesses, i understand, for years, which is take the counsel of many different folks, weigh the option, and the decision is his. >> reporter: but as trump's team settle into place, white house veterans say turf wars are inevitable. >> it's highly unlikely there's going to be a power play going on because there always is. i don't care how you structure it or allocate the management of office space. even closets on the first floor next to the oval office are viewed as an office opportunity. >> reporter: already real estate is at a premium with the oval office the center of power. on one side, a small office traditionally for the president's personal secretaries and aides. on the other, a newly formed corridor of influence. the big corner office reserved for the chief of staff, reince priebus. the top deputy traditionally serving as the president's gate keeper, guardian of his schedule. next door, steve bannon.
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the controversial former head of breitbart ring-wing news. then the office closest to the president, jared kushner, ivanka trump's husband. already proving himself as a force behind the scenes. >> does provide significant opportunity to walk into the oval office without a lot of people seeing you walking in. that's a good thing for the president if he needs that help. it's a bad thing for the chief of staff if it's done without the chief of staff knowing about it. >> reporter: kellyanne conway's exclusive perch right upstairs. but in the white house, this seasoned adviser says the president doesn't come to you, you go to him. >> i never take the elevator. always the stairs. >> get the exercise when you can. >> you get the exercise, but it also takes 12 seconds. >> hard to keep up with this new president. >> reporter: peter alexander, nbc news, the white house. all right. time right now is 9:19. the sun is up. we're going to turn our attention today. it's a little cold. >> and clouds. >> did you see how quickly they rolled in?
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to nice weather. adam said it was nice yesterday. i thought it was a little nice. it wasn't that bad. those winds died down earlier than i anticipated. as we continue through the day, i think we're going to start to see some snow showers moving into our region after about 4:00 or 5:00. i know we've got a few flurries out there right now. not going to amount to much. there is some snow showers out there right now. if you're headed to go skiing, lucky you. my goodness, they're getting lots of snow up there by wisp and into white tail. today, as we said, increasing clouds. we have some snow and rain showers on the way. then scattered lights snow showers tomorrow. temperatures a little chilly, stuck in the 30s. we've made it to the 40 degree mark here in the d.c. area. 45 is where we'll top out today. that's well above that freezing mark. again, we're going to see rain and snow showers this evening. most of the day going to be dry with the exception of the few flurries we're seeing out there right now. we'll zero in on them. you can see them coming through
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towards southern maryland. once they get over the bay, they turn into rain due to that warm water. again, just a few flurries. not going to amount to much. road conditions tomorrow, just on the wed side. by tomorrow morning, they could be slick in spots, then just wet as we get through tomorrow night. highly isolated stuff moving through our area. as we head into the overnight and those temperatures fall, this is the time that i do believe that we could get a little bit gathering on the roadways. i know vdot is out there treating the roads. i'm not expecting widespread problems. a coating to an inch possible. we'll keep the chance for scattered snow showers through the day tomorrow as winds pick up. feeling like the 20s, air temperatures in the 30s for your monday. we have that ten-day forecast. we'll take you all the way through the next ten days coming up in just a little bit. i'm mark murray of nbc news. >> and i'm kerry dan.
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[000:21:58;00] if there's one word that described it, it was this. chaos. >> trump misstated the size of his inaugural crowd and mischaracterized some of his past statements about the intelligence community. >> by the next day, he was making claims so far unsubstantiated that more than 3 million people voted illegally in the 2016 election. >> and he also started a war of words with mexico that sewed plenty of confusion about trade and our relationship with our neighbor to the south. >> trump used executive actions on imgrarks on health care, and on trade. but his skirting the truth meant that trump's message in his first week was very muddled. >> and it doesn't help the white house inadvertently started a meme that describes trump's pension for circulating information that isn't necessarily true. that term, alternative facts. and still to come, the biggest names in hollywood and trophies up for grabs.
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only fios can. well, you don't have to hop a flight to celebrate the chinese new year. there are plenty of festivities going on in our region to help welcome in the year of the rooster. today from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m., head to fair oaks mall in fairfax for the annual lunar new year festival. it is free to the public. and catch a parade in the district's chinatown.
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all of the fun happens there actors will be giving actors tonight. that's the name of the award. tonight is the 23rd annual screen actors build award. the competition is expected to be tight this year. emma stone favored to win best actress for her role in "la la land." critics say natalie portman could walk away a winner for her portrayal of jackie kennedy. also, two powerful performances by denzel washington and casey affleck. as for the prize of best ensemble cast, favored to go to "moonlight." i need to see all of these movies. i'm slacking. >> me too. taking a look outside. nice little shot there. snow is on the way. a dusting could impact your plans for the workweek. lauryn closely tracking the timing that you're going to want to watch out for. and we have breaking news we're following across airports in the country nationwide. protests in new york to los angeles to here at home in washington. the challenge for travelers
9:27 am
trying to return and the growing frustration at thes
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y25eiy y16fy 9:29 and we are following breaking news that's impacting families across the nation. you're looking at a protest that went on well into the early morning hours at dulles international. >> news 4's derrick ward is live at dulles right now. do we know how many people have been detained there? are they still being held?
9:30 am
>> reporter: well, number was anywhere from 40 to 60. we don't know if they're still being held or not. but that judge's restraining order would have some effect on that. taking a look at the terminal here where the arrivals come, it's not unusual to see signs at an airport. of course, the signs here are a bit unusual. that one there is offering legal assistance to folks who may need help getting back into the country. this is of course since that restraining order was put on by that judge. take a look. protests were here yesterday. a big one yesterday afternoon. we're expecting another later today. those seven banned countries, people coming from those countries have had trouble getting to the u.s., either being detained on that end of the trip or turned around or detained once they get here. maybe 60 people were at one point detained here at dulles international airport, but the protesters came out in support of them and in opposition to that executive order. one of the people who were here yesterday was senator cory booker. take a listen.
9:31 am
>> my message is to everybody. believes in our values. do not let things like this go on. do not be silent. let your voice be heard. stand up, march, protest because this cannot happen in a country this great. we cannot allow ourselves ever to become a country that doesn't stand up and defend religious freedom, that doesn't discriminate against people because of how they pray. we are a great country. this is not who we are. >> reporter: now, that restraining order only affects folks who were being detained or somehow delayed at the airport, and there has to be more legal arguments on the other end of that. it was temporary. in the meantime, folks say today plan to keep up the protests at places here like dulles. live at dulles international airport, derrick ward, news 4. we want to welcome everybody in as we hit 9:31 on this busy sunday morning. >> a lot of developments over the past 24 hours following them all closely. hi, everyone.
9:32 am
i'm angie goff. >> and i'm adam we're also talking about the weather. that could have an impact on your rush hour tomorrow morning. lauryn ricketts here with that. >> we're looking a the a few flurries right now. i believe we're going to see a few snow showers during the overnight, which could impact, of course, as you said, your monday morning commute. just in time as we start the workweek. current temperatures out there right now, you can see we've got some 30s up to the north. here in d.c., we're coming in at 40 degrees. i want to say most of your day is going to be dry. we have a few flurries out there right now. that's not going to amount to much. clouds are increasing right now. as we continue through the afternoon and evening, after 3:00 or 4:00, that's when we'll start to see snow and rain showers moving in, widely scattered. then they'll start to fill in more during the overnight, but not expecting much snow accumulation. we'll continue with scattered snow showers through the day on monday. we have your full forecast.
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we're going to time out that snow coming up. this couple chanting "usa" before wiping away tears upon entering the country. they were detained after the president's new executive orders. legal u.s. permanent residents and vee a holders from seven muslim majority countries won't be allowed back for 90 days. a woman who was born in syria but last living in egypt was reunited with her daughter. >> the ones without visas, they're tired and on the floor. they're treating them really bad. she said i hope you guys can go in there and see the situation is horrible. >> well, the executive order also suspends all refugee admissions to the u.s. for four months and bans the entry of syrian refugees indefinitely. >> and at least a dozen refugees were detained at new york's jfk airport last night. you can see right here. nbc's michael george takes us
9:34 am
into this pool of protesters. >> reporter: it was an unprecedented protest at jfk's terminal four. more than a thousand filled not only the sidewalks outside but every level of a nearby parking garage. >> it's illegal. it's immoral. it's shameful. this is america. we're a country of immigrants. >> reporter: they demanded the release of a dozen immigrants an refugees detained at jfk because they come from the countries listed under president trump's extreme vetting executive order. among those detained, a refugee who worked with the u.s. military in iraq. after he was freed, he said this about america. >> america is the greatest nation, the greatest people in the world. >> reporter: among the protest crowd, a group of rabbis who compared what's happening to refugees today to jews being turned away from american shores during the holocaust. >> we have promised our muslim neighbors that were there to be any danger to them, we will be there. >> reporter: the protest tied up traffic at jfk and the air
9:35 am
train. ordered the trains to start again. at the brooklyn courthouse, there were cheers as aclu lawyers convinced a federal judge to order a temporary injunction, preventing all those detained nationwide from being deported. >> whether president trump enacts laws or executive orders that are unconstitutional and illegal, the courts are there to defend everyone's rights. >> in new york, that's where a federal judge issued a nationwide stay order. it was requested by the american civil liberties union. essentially it does two things to president donald trump's travel ban executive order. first, it prevents people detained here from being deported. second, the order requires the u.s. government to provide a list of the names of people who are detained. the aclu plans to go through the list to make sure every person is released. now, according to the aclu, with the judge's order if they're
9:36 am
here with proper visas, they can stay. virginia governor terry mcauliffe denounced the executive order. he spoke in front of dozens of protesters at dulles yesterday. they voiced their concern that the order sends the wrong message. they believe it could spark global repercussions. >> we cannot tolerate this type of activity. so we're very concerned. discriminatory tactics breed hatred. it will breed hatred toward our nation and it will breed hatred toward americans around the globe. >> his comments drew applause from people in the crowd behind him. the governor has asked attorney general herring to see if he could legally help anyone who may be detained in virginia. protesters voicing their opposition to president trump's executive order are getting backing from some prominent democrats. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren joined protesters at logan airport in boston and railed against the president's
9:37 am
actions. about. it is the reminder that in america, we do not say no to people based on their religion, not now, not ever. >> well, warren told reporters she didn't have exact information about status of people being detained at logan airport. she also made her way into the middle of protesters and led a chant, denouncing the president's actions. meanwhile, president trump signs three new executive orders yesterday. the first places a lifetime ban on administration officials from lobbying for foreign governments. it also imposes a five-year ban for other lobbying. he also signed an order calling for the reorganization of the national security council to respond to new threats. that includes a seat on the principal's committee for the chief strategist, steven bannon. and president trump is expected to speak with more foreign leaders today. he's scheduled to speak with the king of saudi arabia, the crown prince of the united arab
9:38 am
emirates, and acting president it comes on the heels of his conversations yesterday with several leaders, including german chancellor angela merkel and russian president vladimir putin. well, the cold is here and the snow is next. lauryn is updating the forecast. and a landmark and a famous icon all on its own. the new push for who should be painted on the side of ben's chili bowl. stick around. right when i walked in the door of bassett you could tell the quality was there. the quality of what we do is phenomenal. it's perfect. it's beautiful.
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9:40 am
there's nothing we would change about it. a fight between a father and a son led to a brutal murder in charles county. this is according to charles county police, who say that carlton bell sr. was found dead inside a waldorf home on friday. after the fight, police say the son got into an accident and is now in the hospital. he's expected to face murder charges. changing gears here at 9:40, a new mural is going to be
9:41 am
painted on the wall chili bowl. >> the big question that's been circulating for half the week is just who will be honored on that famous restaurant's building. we do know there's a new petition calling for fallen d.c. firefighter kevin mcray to be part of that mural. the lieutenant died fighting a fire on 7th street northwest in 2015. the owners of ben's chili bowl are taking votes now about who should be painted on there. the new mural should be finished in the spring. if you go to their website, they have who they've listed as well as an opportunity to write someone in. >> and we have someone we think should be written in. >> a lot of people are saying they're surprised jim vance's name wasn't on the original ballot. there has been this movement to write him in as well as mr. mcray. >> i'm going to through in one for dave chappelle too. >> that's right. it's cold outside, and some of us may see snow by the end of the day.
9:42 am
lauryn is closely tracking how much is going to fall. mexico, and the question of how to pay for it. how the president's agenda could mean paying more when you go
9:43 am
9:44 am
shopping. a former baylor university student has raised serious allegations against the school in a new lawsuit. according to court documents that, former student lives in
9:45 am
virginia. nbc's jacob rascon explains what we need to know. >> reporter: a new lawsuit against baylor university alleges a culture of sexual violence at the football program far worse than school officials have acknowledged. a baylor graduate identified in the institute by the pseudonym elizabeth doe alleges she was raped by two football players in 2013. the lawsuit claims without names or other evidence that she is aware of at least 52 acts of rape between 2011 and 2014 by not less than 31 different football players. last year baylor fired coach art briles and removed president ken starr after an internal investigation determined football staff mishandled or ignored reports of sexual misconduct. the university responded citing unprecedented actions to past and alleged sexual assaults. we've made great progress in implementing 105 recommendations to strengthen the safety and security of all students and restore faith in the university. baylor, the latest university athletic program embroiled in
9:46 am
controversy. the university of minnesota football players accused of sexual assault. princeton has suspended its male swim team, harvard its male soccer team, and colombia part of its wrestling team while those universities investigate allegations of offensive and inappropriate communication. >> most universities have taken steps to prevent cultures of violence, but we still see it happen, and we still see lawsuits surrounding it. it's a topic that will need to be addressed with much greater scrutiny in the years ahead. >> reporter: some baylor graduates defended the athletic program on social media. nbc news has not verified the claims made in the lawsuit. the university is still recovering from scandal, now back on the ropes. jacob rascon, nbc news, dallas. about a week before president trump was sworn into
9:47 am
office, the d.c. camera network was reportedly hacked. d.c. police in the district's technology office told "the washington post" that hackers infected storage devices that record data from surveillance cameras. that means 123 cameras were not able to record anything between january 12th and the 15th. the secret service tells "the post" that public safety was never jeopardized. city officials say no ransom was paid, and they resolved the problem by taking devices offline and removing the software. an investigation is under way to figure out who is responsible. d.c.'s mayor is reinforcing her commitment to make the district safer. mayor bowser visited stewart hobson middle school yesterday to talk about crime. this footage is from the district's cable access channel. she met with leaders from across the city to talk about transparency and job training programs. >> there's no greater crime fighting tool than to make sure everybody, no matter where they live, has the opportunity to get a great education and good paying job. >> the mayor's office says in
9:48 am
2016, overall crime was down the president's plan to build a border wall and potentially pay for it with a 20% tax on imports from mexico, that's also sparking big concerns. >> specifically, a lot of you have that question, what's it going to mean for us, for consumers who live here in the u.s. nbc's tom costello spoke to people in rockville, maryland, who are worried about the impact it could have on their wallet. >> reporter: a 20% tax on mexican imports could mean americans will be paying 20% more for a long list of items. a $17,000 car suddenly $20,400. a $1,000 flat-screen tv, $1200. imported machinery, food, and alcohol, all more expensive. >> it's sad because not everybody can afford it. >> reporter: at a grocery store in maryland, concern. >> a lot of people won't be able to afford food. i just don't understand the concept. >> reporter: mexico is america's
9:49 am
third biggest trading partner with jobs on both sides of the in florida, this man owns a small business that grows produce in mexico during the winter, then imports 20 truckloads a week to u.s. grocery stores. >> if this tax comes to fruition, then tomatoes will be selling for $2.49 a pound instead of $1.99 on your retail shelf. >> reporter: but the u.s. also exports $230 billion in goods every year to mexico, including food. a lot of u.s. farmers depend on that trade. in snow-covered minnesota today, farm bureau president said one out of every three acres of corn and soybeans is exported to mexico and farmers fear a trade war. >> we need access to those markets. they're a growing economy, growing markets. we don't want to do anything to jeopardize any trade. >> reporter: among trump supporters, mixed reaction from pittsburgh --
9:50 am
>> politicians always hit you it doesn't matter what they say. >> reporter: to texas -- >> personally, if i have to pay a 20% import tax to build this wall that will slow down illegal immigration, then i see it as a win-win. >> reporter: by one estimate, a $15 billion wall could cost each u.s. household $120. tom costello, nbc news, rockville, maryland. a lot of people here talking about the weather. whenever we make the mention of snow, people have even more questions. we are broadcasting live on facebook right now at nbc washington's page. what about tomorrow's evening rush hour? any snow later in the week? >> we'll get to that. i'm going to tweet out a graphic later on. tomorrow evening looks fine. mainly what we're concerned about is going to be tomorrow morning. guys, we're not expecting that much. >> but it doesn't take that much. >> y'all know how it works around here. we get a little bit, and a little bit goes -- >> some delays. >> some delays. a little bit goes a long way around here. i do believe we could have some delays. i'm also on wtop. i've also heard they're already treating the roadways out there. pretreateding them. so that's going to help as well. let's go ahead and get into it. we have an increase in cloud cover.
9:51 am
temperatures around 40 right now. yes, that is above that freezing mark. well above that freezing mark. so we're really not looking at much accumulation tonight. but we will see some snow showers by the end of the day. also some rain showers. we're seeing some snow flurries out there right now. you can see most of our area -- man, if you're skiing, it looks good out there today. here we go. we've got a few snow showers, flurries coming through the northern shenandoah valley. then we also have a few snow showers that moved down to southern maryland, now over the bay. it's just some rain because of the warm air temperatures over the bay. so again, we'll have some isolated flurries as we continue through the morning. temperatures topping out in the mid-40s for daytime highs. more rain showers and snow showers after about 4:00 tonight. let me go ahead and take you hour by hour. this is 5:00. here are some of those rain showers down to the south. a few snow showers coming through. then it kind of breaks up. we could have one or two as we continue into the evening but
9:52 am
highly isolated throughout this evening. be slick tonight. just a little on the wet side perhaps for those areas that get a little snow and rain. temperatures will continue to drop overnight. about 32 degrees at 3:00, 4:00 a.m. that's when i think we can have some accumulation on the roadways with this snow coming through. again, that's right before the morning commute. we could have a few delays tomorrow. i'm not expecting cancellations. winds will pick up after noon tomorrow. that means some more scattered snow showers but no additional accumulation through the day tomorrow. so let's break it down. tomorrow's temperatures are going to be in the 30s. most areas seeing under an inch. a dusting to an inch of snow. that is it. it is going to be blustery tomorrow afternoon. so it's going to feel like we're in the 20s. leave yourself some extra time for that morning commute because there could be a few slick spots with that temperature under that 32-degree mark. blustery tomorrow afternoon. decreasing clouds as we get into tuesday. windy on tuesday. look at that temperature. i think we'll deal with that. 50 degrees. maybe a few rain showers north on tuesday. otherwise, pretty quiet as we
9:53 am
head through the week. we could have anotherst week. not confident on that just yet. we'll have to watch that. still a long ways away. be careful tomorrow morning. >> we'll see how your confidence builds throughout the week, lauryn. thank you very much. it is not the super bowl, but kirk cousins gets to hit the gridiron today. the next challenge for captain kirk as he enters the off-season. it's 53. 9: right when i walked in the door of bassett you could tell the quality was there. the quality of what we do is phenomenal. it's perfect. it's beautiful.
9:54 am
9:55 am
there's nothing we would change about it. time right now is 9:55. skins quarterback kirk cousins
9:56 am
is pro bowl. he's replacing super bowl bound atlanta falcons qb matt ryan. this is cousins' first trip to the pro bowl after throwing over 4,000 yards and 25 tds this season. he's going to enter the off-season as a pending unrestricted free agent. well, in the future, get this, we might all be using self-driving cars to get around. >> and you seem pretty excited about this. you like this idea. >> it's going to happen. there's no stopping it. >> but here's a question for you. how about self-driving bikes. some university of washington students are developing an autonomous tricycle. the engineering students received a $75,000 grant from amazon to test out this idea. it takes a lot of work to get the bike to stop and go, but that's part of the fun for these students. >> enough to come into conflict with how the world really works. mother nature is not always very cooperative. >> well, the technology created
9:57 am
will eventually be open sourced >> very cool. all right. it won't be long before, get this, snow could start falling around here. lauryn is closely tracking when you might see a coating on the roads and on your front door. >> reporter: getting into the u.s., these days you might need a lawyer if you're from certain countries. they're here at dulles rport. we'aill to thrive in an ever-changing environment, companies must adapt. but one thing should remain constant - a financial relationship with someone that understands and cares about your business. pnc corporate and institutional banking offers strategies tailored to your company's needs. know that our dedicated teams of local experts
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offer insight to help you achieve can help your company grow
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at immigration crackdown. right now on "news 4 today," protests from dulles international to airports coast to coast. >> we're going to have a very, very strict ban, and we're going to have extreme vetting. >> we are a great country. that's not who we are. >> travelers left in limbo, and more than a hundred detained. the tense moment as protesters and immigrants make their voices clear. >> america is a country for all. >> travelers detained, a country divided. protests at airports from dulles to l.a.x. with hundreds voicing their opposition to a new executive order from donald trump. >> and a federal court took action against that order. the decision played out in front of thousands traveling this weekend. we have every angle covered as we continue to follow this breaking story. we're going to check in with


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