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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  January 30, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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out here. the roads don't look terribly slushy. we're seeing steady snowfall here. we'll show you some video we shot earlier. you'll see snow on cars but it's not sticking to these treated roads and sidewalks here so that's a good thing you will see. we did see some thicker flakes out there, what appears to be rain underneath there as well so that will be something you want to accommodate as far as your commute out here this morning. roads are still being treated as we speak at this time so give crews some space to work but for the most part we're starting to see traffic build up. so far, no so sad. back in to you. some breaking news in the brikt. a pedestrian was hit near
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pon -- dupont circle. >> some good news for early commuters. northbound lanes were shut down. if you want to take a look here you can see how close this is to dupont circle. the pedestrian was hit by the driver of the car. we just don't know the extent of the injuries. we do know they were taken to the hospital. we have called out to find out more and we'll update you here in the nbc washington app. also breaking right now, fairfax county police say a stabbing suspect is somewhere out there right now. they say three men tried to go into a bar this morning but it was after hours and police say those people were denied service. there was afi fight and one pern was stabbed. two people were taken into custody but a third suspect is still missing. call police i
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now to a developing story that dominated the news all weekend. thousands from across the country spent the weekend voicing concerns about president trump's order. airport from new york, los angeles, from houston to orlando and philadelphia all saw demonstrations and for the second night in a row demonstrators and immigration attorneys packed into the dulles international airport. they demanded that anyone detained under president trump's orders be go. they also want the ban lifted. >> the fact that we have a ban on people fleeing from murder and killing, people who are seeking refuge is completely irrational. there are many refugees who really helped our soldiers
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defluoroable. here's more information on the executive order. it includes a 90-day ban on travel from these countries. iraq, syria, sudan, libya, somalia and yemen. anyone from war torn syria is indefinitely blocked from entry. and here's four things to know. today the council on american islamic relations will file a federal lawsuit or it will challenge the constitutionality. a federal judge in new york says that nationwide there will be a stay order and this came down of a petition was filed by the aclu. it prevents the people who are detained and have proper
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requires that the government provide a list of names to those people to this aclu. they plan to go through the list to make sure that everyone gets released and a virginia district judge issued a temporary restraining order papers for all to be permitted lawyers. trth is defending it. he released a statement yesterday reading in part, to be clear this is not a muslim ban and as the media is falsely reporting this is not about religion, this is about terror and keeping our country safe. the president is also striking back. the joint statement by mccain and graham wrong and said senators should focus their energies on border security
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world war 3iii. and we'll have a deeper look into what this order means for green card holders. it is 4:35 now. >> chuck bell watching this very closely because we want to know how this is going to affect our die. good morning. >> snow falling outside this morning. big fat flakes like i mentioned earlier and it's still coming down. >> the roads were heavily treated with chemical yesterday before the sun even went down. four things to know about the weather. we do have a weather alert for you this morning more the light snow around it's going to add up to no more than an inch. slightly higher accumulations south of the d.c. metro as opposed to north and another clipper comes our way late tuesday into wednesday. cold weather for most of the week and we're keeping
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there might be another system coming our way on sunday. that main burst of snow headed out before 7:00 this morning. another burst of snow flakes and know showers coming up later on this afternoon. for more on that and a check on radar let's go over to sheena. as far as the morning commute is concerned a lot of what's falling now will be leaving the area. for most of the roads, they're wet out there. we're starting to see that snow making its way out but some still falling especially in parts of virginia. that continues near annapolis, even south toward charles could bety, that's where we still see that snow falling. treated roads mostly just wet so still the winter advisory until 7:00 a.m. about a coating to an
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not see that snow falling. 33 in the district. annapolis 34. some of that snow falling and it may be melting on most surfaces. it is now 4:37. we're following that terrible story out of canada right now. several people were killed inside a mosque. >> the world is reacting. more on this. >> good morning. this is as we get some new information from the prime minister who is characterizing this attack as a terrorist attack on muslims. six people are dead. eight badly hurt as we look at video of the aftermath right here following that shooting at a mosque in quebec city. two people we also know have been arst
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in the u.s. as you mentioned some police departments including new york's saying they are stepping up patrols around mosque as well as other places of worship. know that there will be solidarity rallies across quebec city in honor of the victims. we are tracking snow on this weather alert day. how much you'll have to brush off your car. >> we will shelter freaks and outcasts, those who have no homes. we will get past the lies. we will hunt monsters. >> hollywood weighs in on president trump's executive order. the strong words from the cast
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this just in to our news room, fairfax county public schools are opening two hours late. offices are opening on time. >> we knew this was more of a southern event which is a little bit atypical. >> the storms gliding just down to our south and it's out of on abundance of caution for the delay there in fairfax county and that's not a bad idea to give everybody extra time this morning. snowfall amounts are the biggest we've seen. half an inch right around central fairfax county. a little light snow here early to
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won't be a big long lasting event but enough snow to whiten the ground here. and that is light to moderate snow now moving into parts of southern maryland. southern prince george's county down around 301. temperatures right at the freezing mark so road chemicals are very effective at these temperatures. so most of the roads are just wet but there will be enough snow to whiten the ground especially on untreated and grassy areas. mid to upper 30s so you'll need your winter code and gloves here this morning. the daily grade, melissa comes in as a c minus. your whole forecast coming in a moment. >> most of those roads as we've been saying are mostly just wet so talking about white here and you can see some of that mois chour the -- moisture there. you'll see a little bit of white a
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no major problems as far as any slowdowns or slick spots. taking a look here 95 from 32 down to the beltway, on time there. same thing if you're headed northbound through that area. 270 right now pretty clear of any snow that is falling. you can see the radar showing the areas that may have more of an issue. see you back here in ten minutes. thank you. a controversial presidential order and a divided country. the comments from both sides now being shared by thousands online. >> strong words from hollywood. the glitz and gram of the s.a.g.
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live pictures for you on the
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as we've been seeing snow fall across the region. st. mary's public schools will open two hours late today. >> and we imagine stochool officials are trying to make this decision on what to do about school this morning. stay with us and we'll have continuing coverage of the forecast and any school delays. the executive order doesn't affect green card holders moving forward, but what i'm suggesting to you is that customs and border control i would suspect with a person traveling back and forth to somalia or yemen they might ask a few more questions when someone'si coming back and forth. >> we want to get right to edward lawrence who is live on
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so priebus, i guess he was talking about the president's executi executive orders and do you think he muddied water when he mentioned the green card holders? >> at first everyone with a green card was detained from those seven countries coming into the united states. now the white house is backing off of that saying that green card holders aren't affected. buzz there may be some extra questions for those coming in and they will still be allowed into this country. >> we've seen a lot of legal action over the last couple of days here. what's the impact of this going forward? >> more lawsuits actually. there's a lawsuit expected to be filed and that's going to challenge the entire executive order on the basis that it discriminates against
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the united states, but this new lawsuit is going to challenge the entire order. >> all right. live on capitol hill for us. >> all of the divisive issues so far, the ban has created a major split. some republicans condemning it, some supporting it. john mccain tweeted he fears the ban may -- when you factor out all the media hysteria, he's running for governor of virginia. the current govern nor also tweeting he's a democrat of course and he says i urge them to return the united states to its place as a beacon of hope for all. it's 4:48 now. hollywood is also
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president trump's travel ban had this to say at last night's awards. >> we will shelter freaks and outcasts, those who have no homes. we will get past the lies. we will hunt monsters and when we are at a loss amid the -- we will punch some people in the fact when they seek to destroy. >> wow, there you go. there were other surprises. stranger things won the best awards and that british drama did sweep the acting category picking up best acting awards and davis won best supporting
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washington. that entire cast was amazing. so many ensemble movies this season. >> the tv shows, stranger things is -- >> it is strange but it's one of those brain -- it messes with your head a little bit. 4:50 right now and as the new administration looks to replace the affordable care act, tomorrow is the enrollment deadline. cc health link is helping people sign up. if you live in the district and you need help you can call 855-532-link. today a new marijuana law takes effect in maine. it's a voter approved initiative to end marijuana prohibition. the law makes it legal for adults to possess 2 grams of
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all right. we're joined now in studio. don't you think chuck made this happen? he was talking about friday how he wanted snow and we were looking at him like you've got to be kidding me. >> that's exactly what happened. right? i'm telling you. >> that's exactly what happened and here it is. it's falling this morning. those big flakes just smack on your windshield and here's a look at the radar. the snow is around early but notice the motion of it from west to east. it is on its way out of the district. it was still moving through parts of maryland especially if you are in annapolis and st. mary's county and even points east of that. we're still seeing that snow falling across part of the area so this morning mostly wet roads. there you see it lightening up and moving out. bowie seeing some light snow naks but as we go south that's where we're stilli
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falling. about a coating to an inch here possible and this still fell at a pretty good clip so we are seeing cars coated in snow, the ground coated in snow as well and that's still falling. in some areas with untreated roads we'll see this stick, but otherwise, mostly wet roads around the district with all the treatment. mount vernon 33. so we will be watching these temperatures closely. here's a look at few dhuture we. see it moving out by 7:00, 8:00 this morning. most of the area won't be seeing any snow falling. that's noon today. could still see some flakes around and then we go into early tomorrow morning. one weather system could try to drop very early but then through the day tomorrow we are on the dry side and not
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today. by 7:00 this morning, still the chance of a snow shower but overall the snow is leaving by noon. could seize some flurries with a passing snow shower, but cold and cloudy. we'll stay in the 30s. make sure you have the heavy coat this morning and again, if you are leaving any time soon you might need the windshield wipers too. high temperature, passing snow shower around midday. mainly drier through the afternoon. cloudy and cold day today. take a look at your ten-day forecast. an early snow flurry still in the forecast. but by wednesday we're watching for some more. we're not as cold tomorrow and wednesday but after that we do get colder going into the weekend. we're dry mostly thursday, friday, saturday and another chance on monday. let's check the roads this morning. >> new problem southbound 95 here at virginia. this is nearrf
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parkway and remember, that section may have a little more accumulation than other spots through the area. southbound 95, this is a two-car crash there in the left lane. 66 looks okay. looking here at prince george's county, you can see we still have this radar snow falling there right now. 198 in maryland, no problem and you'll be on time. >> thank you. major companies are responding to president trump's executive order. the action starbuck social security taking nationwide. >> right now we are tracking road conditions throughout our area this morning on this storm team 4 weather alert day. we're seeing that stafford county public schools are going to be closed today as a result of the weather.
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welcome back. the coffee giant starbuck social security responding to president trump's immigration ban by hiring refugees. starbucks says it will hire 10,000 refugees over the next five years. ceo said the company will hire employees worldwide and in the u.s. he says the focus will be on to
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hooig hi hire immigrants. air bnb will give free housing to refugees or anyone who is not let on a u.s. bound site. the offer was tweeted over the weekend. it operates in nearly 200 cities around the world. >> self-driving cars might be in the future, but another way to get around may come sooner than that. >> some university of washington students are developing a tricycle. the engineering students received a $75,000 grant from amazon to develop this idea. their professor will tell you it is still in the testing phase. >> you don't have to come into conflict with how the world really works and mother nature is not always cooperative. >> as we have seen this morning.
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open sourced for anyone to use. >> i'm glad he said it. it needs more testing. >> i still say it's not good for us. makes us lazy. >> many of you are still deciding where you're going to watch the falcons take on the patriots. >> or what we're eating. >> nearly a third of all americans will watch the super bowl but for many it won't be at home. the national retail federation says that's the number of new tv sales is down this year. all in all people will spend about $75 each on food, drinks and decorations for the big game. for many the draw is the commercial. >> we only see it during the super bowl and people laugh and share it on social media over and over again. >> love those commercials and in case you're wondering a 30 second ad during the super boco $5 million. think about all the eyeballs. >> stay with
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news 4 today continues right now at 5:00 a.m. and right now at 5:00 a.m. we are tracking snow falling across the region right now. >> we have team coverage, reporters and meteorologists and melissa to help you get ready for the day ahead. >> it is 5:00 a.m. >> we did see those snow flakes coming in as we were heading to work and we have some skchool closings and delays. fairfax county schools running two hours late. >> we'll get the rundown for you. >> ewith efairfax county schooln a two hour delay. >> maryland, charles county and st. mary's county schools are on a two hour delay as well. all this running at the bottom


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