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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  January 31, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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morning. melissa is in traffic. she is pumped, poised, primed, ready to go. doing a little dance too apparently. >> that's a lot of pressure. first our meteorologists, chuck bell and sheena telling us what we can expect with the snow. >> not much though. it's not going to be like yesterday so that's good at least. a few flurries in parts of the area though. >> and these are conversational snow flakes that are buzzing on by. might be enough to briefly whiten the ground especially northern montgomery county and winchester. those are about the only spots that are likely to even see snow flakes. south of the city where there was the big winters yesterday, two to three inches down there, that's where you'll see the least amount of snow for today. skies are mostly cloudy. flurries mainly to the north. dry weather from washington southbound. later this afternoon, clearing skies and
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it a milder day for sure. we stayed in the 30s yesterday. most places today should be 50 or better. but turning colder and a little chance for some wintry weather as we get toward the second half of the weekend. the whole weekend forecast coming up in a few more minutes. for now more on the details of how chilly it is currently. >> the wind is making it feel colder across the area so before you head out, grab your warm winter jacket. this is the feels like temperature when you factor many the wind. feels like 24 degrees. gaithersburg still feeling like the teens. 26 is what it feels like in culpepper. 24 in leesburg so everyone is feeling below freezing this morning. 7:00 a.m., 29 degrees. by noon you'll start to notice the winds picking up but that's going to be a wind direction. that will be warming us up more than yesterday. 46 degrees by noon. by 4:00 p.m. today, low 50s and by 7:00 p.m. this evening right around 50 degrees so not a bad
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to how cold it's going to get this weekend. we have a problem out there on the beltway. melissa? >> this is between 66 and 7. broken down vehicle blocking the right lane. this came out as a crash. we were sending chopper 4 and right now it sounds like a broken down vehicle and we aren't seeing too much of a slowdown. 95 north in springfield, wanted to show this picture again. this has cleared out quite nicely after that earlier crash this morning. central avenue at enterprise road now functioning traffic lights there. all of these look typical. no major worries. 270 here southbound after 70 you see a slowdown and then things open back up all the way down. i'll see you with travel times in ten minutes. thank you. 6:02 right now. we turn to president trump's first 100 days and protesters once again taking to the streets over the prent
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there have been large demonstrations across the country including right here in d.c. late monday a shakeup at the department of justice. >> the acting attorney general sally yates defied orders to enforce the president's executive order on immigration and he wasted no time in firing her and appointing someone who would. justin finch is live outside the department of justice with a live look at the new man in charge now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. sally yates is out and about 9:00 last night dana boente was sworn in as acting attorney general quickly committing his department to enforcing that immigration policy. now, dana boente is a name that many may already know having served as eastern virginia u.s. attorney. appointed to that post by president obama back in 2015. and in that time he led a corruption probe of former virginia governor whose conviction was later overturned
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boente has 32 years with the justice department where he served under republicans and democrats. now, boente's not likely to hold that top spot for long. instead, holding it for alabama senator jeff sessions until he gets the green light. sessions is up for committee vote today and may clinch senate confirmation later this week. boente has earned accolades on both sides of the aisle and back out live, including former attorney general who has also said that he's reliable on the record. back in to you. >> all right. thank you. the firing of course has blown up on line. tens of thousands of people are calling it the monday night massacre. it's a reference to a similar situation back when president nixon was in charge. we're following the conversation and we'll break it down at 6:30. tonight, we find out who president trump will nominate to fill the supreme court. there are two people on his short
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thomas hardiman from pittsburgh and neil gorsuch from denver. both are federal appeals court judges nominated to their current positions by george w. bush. five minutes after the hour and we're learning about a meeting at the security council to talk about iran. >> more on what's going on? >> i just got this. it's an urgent meeting that you mentioned. as officials reviewing a report of a missile test done by iran. which if true, by the way it could violate the u.s. security resolution, they say. white house press secretary says he could have more information later. it's a story we'll continue to follow closely. >> back to you. >> in prince george's county now police are on the lookout for a an
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inside a gas station. >> those are the cries from heart broken family members who showed up to that station on walters lane last night. police hope surveillance cameras may have captured what happened. this is the second homicide at that gas station in a little more than a year. police don't think they're connected. this morning carraway is facing 100 years in prison. he pleaded guilty yesterday. he admitted to recording, directing and engaging with sex acts with at least 12 students while he worked as an aide. police arrested him last year of abuncle of one of the victims found a naked picture on the child's cell phone. this 15-year-old girl is missing from germantown. this is christina edwards. montgomery county police say they're worried about
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they say christina could be many the district now. if you see her, call police. if you plan to head to alexandria's landmark tomorrow you may find the doors closed. store owners told news 4 that they were told to leave by today. for many years the iconic mall has mostly sat empty with only a few stores open. once all the stores are out the mall will transform into an open air retail and entertainment center. here's a look at what that might look like. the howard hughes corporation says it does not know just when work will begin. a wild bob cat is on the run from the national zoo. it could be gone for good. we'll show you a picture. this is the bob cat. she escaped her enclosure yesterday. very likely she is wandering the woods around rock creek park. zoo officials discovered a hole in the mesh fencing around her exhibit. they're hoping that she'll come back on her own.
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maybe. but until then a part of the exhibit is closed. the zoo keepers say if you do see olily, don't try to get close. fairly small, 25 pounds but still it is a wild animal. >> she might be enjoying her life of freedom. >> these accounts are indigenous to this area so she could be wandering around and she'll probably be fine. but why not go back? heat and free food. the cost of your commute could be going up again. how much metro plans to raise prices and how one of its own employees is fighting back. and some big news from the boy scouts. it's changing its membership rules for the first time in 100 years. who can now join a troop near you. and we're getting you ready for your commute. a look at the roads an
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getting the images from just an awful pileup in western pennsylvania. state police saying weather likely played a role in
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each other. this is on interstate 80. 20 different cars and trucks involved here. we know one person was killed in this huge crash. another person had to be flown to the hospital. >> wow. sheena is now tracking the weather in your neighborhood. a really cold start to our day again. >> it is. you'll want the warmest jacket this morning. scarf, the gloves, maybe the warm hat but this afternoon we're going to be milder. 33 degrees in the district. feels like 24 though and across the entire area it's feeling below freezing. south wind at 13 miles per hour. that will turn west today. it will be a breezy day and that wind will be warming us up. so for your tuesday commute. dry roads, upper 20s. it will be cold but at least it will be dry. by lunchtime 46 degrees. by your evening commute still looking nice and dry. here's a look at the radar, a few light snow showers trying to move north of the district. we'll watch those but we are watching an incident on the bel
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here again. this is the inner loop, the ramp near eastbound 66. you can see this disabled vehicle not really fully on the shoulder as he should be this morning. maybe he just cannot get there. so hopefully help on the way. hoping nothing happens with that person sitting right there. again, inner loop near i-66. travel times in maryland, no problem on 270. top of the beltway starting to get a little bit slow. totally normal for this time of day. 95 northbound still a little bit slow from that earlier crash there near springfield parkway. crash is gone, delays still hanging around just a little bit. thank you. angie is live at the live desk now. >> a home threatened in a mud slide. when's going on? >> we just got new video to show you. three homes in the
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hills area hit pretty hard. the l.a. fire department we know working from the air. also on the ground overnight into this morning just to ensure safety. it's hard to kind of differentiate what you're looking at there, but basically this is what happened. the backyard of one of the houses slid downhill, went across the street and then landed in the yard of two other homes. now, it did not seep into the house, so we know it did take out a lot of power lines, buried a car, a gas leak followed. hundreds without power this morning but the good news is that no one was hurt. >> thank you. a vigil is growing for the people killed in that shooting inside a mosque in quebec. canadian prime minister was one of more than a thousand to visit the site overnight. the candles and signs honoring the six people shot and killed while praying. a 27-year-old man is now facing six counts of murder and five counts of attempted murder for that mass shooting.
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only shooter, they believe. they say a second person they detained is not a suspect anymore. a man accused of a deadly shooting at a florida airport told a court he is not guilty. 26-year-old santiago denied all 22 federal charges against him. ten of those charges could send him to death row. security is back to normal at reagan national airport after an officer's gun accidently went off. airport's authority police say the gun fired near the exit lane of terminal b and c yesterday afternoon. no one was hurt. it's not clear why that officer's gun was fired. if you see this man, d.c. police say they need you to call them. that is because this is a newly released surveillance photo of the man they think kidnapped a georgetown student. the student was not hurt and eventually released last thursday, but police say the student was forced into a car at 34th and
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they say the man tried to get the student to take out cash from the atm. it's believed the suspect was driving this silver colored vehicle. news for your health now, today is the last day to sign up for health insurance through the affordable care act marketplaces but a lot of folks are still confused about the deadline since the future of the aca is still up in the air. >> everyone's in agreement people who sign up for health insurance in 2017 will have a contract in place and be able to keep and use their insurance for 2017. >> you have until midnight to sign up for health insurance through the aca exchanges. president trump has vowed to replace the aca so millions of americans are not left without coverage. tonight is a good night to watch the wizards. the team is going forits 15th straight win at home. did you hear me? they are on a roll. they won 11 of their last 13 games. tonight
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they have not lost to the knicks so far this season. go wiz. you see that john wall? go washington. on fire. >> fire. >> yeah. >> spell that. >> fiya. all right. ten people will begin a marathon contest to win a new car today at the washington auto show. >> they will have to stay in constant contact with the car until february 5th at noon. this is video from last year's hands on contest. the concentration. the winner will drive off in a redesigned 2017 tucson. if there's more than one person left standing the winner will be decided by a random key drawing. so constant contact. >> i don't know about the guys leaning on the car. >> that's allowed. but the thing is one false move -- >> what i don't like and i'm sure it's good for everyone down there, there are bathroom breaks and all es
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constant time with it for all time. >> you should. that would sharpen this contest right up. >> so we're up one degree in the last two hours. that's awesome. >> and we'll be up quite a few more degrees later on today. we stayed in the 30s yesterday and really depending on what time you went outside you either got this kind of a picture, bright sthieunshine, or 15 minu after i took that one i took this one here looking northwest through logan circle and those were snow squalls coming in and then minutes after this picture i posted it on my facebook yesterday. it was dogs and i walking in the snow showers across northwest washington. for today, really it's mostly just cloudy. a lot of this snow is not quite reaching the ground. if you get a picture of snow flakes this morning send it to me on twitter. but these things are really racing on out of here. no advisories for any winter weather at all. the main issue will be a few flurries around early th
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little chance for some flurries out of here before 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. later this afternoon we'll get more sunshine back and as a result it will be a much milder afternoon. we'll be breezy at times. there is a wind advisory in the southern parts of the valley. southwest winds could gust 30 to maybe 40 miles per hour at times. so as you're planning out the day, a lot of clouds this morning. more and more sunshine as the day goes along. temperatures easily jumping -- look at that. how about 51 degrees at 3:00 this afternoon? that would be a 12 degree improvement over our 3:00 temperature yesterday. so considerably nicer. yeah. how much do you pay me for 12 extra degrees? >> 12 extra cents. >> the check is in the mail. clouds thickening back up second half of the day tomorrow. not much of a rain chance but i could rule out a sprinkle or two tomorrow evening. 50s today. upper 40s tomorrow with a lot of clouds around. then turning colder but dry, thursday, friday and saturday. rd
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weather threat late sunday. more about that coming up at 6:51. it is time for traffic. here's melissa. she'll give you traffic for free. >> i will. usually it's not the greatest news so i can't exactly charge for it. taking a look here at chopper 4, looking at inbound 66. no major problems there right now. you can see everything there really looking pretty good. travel times are okay there. same thing on 95 northbound. we do have a new problem here. we do have that new crash. taking a look at the beltway inner loop and outer loop of the beltway rolling along okay. 270 slow southbound here until about germantown. then we open back up here. looking pretty typical really overall. no massive problems there when you're looking at 270 this morning and we'll take a look at travel times coming up. thank you. whooping cough warning. a case of this contagious illness reported in a local school district. how to
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the next to bring it home. >> if you need to make your business work around your family you can do that. >> making money from home. two local moms share tips on how to bring in extra cash and how their business can help your kids get readfor school y
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6:23 and all this weekews 4 today is showing you ways you can make money on the side. >> we found four local moms behind two booming businesses. finding success by
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problem, dressing your child. we're joined now with how they turned a predicament into profit. >> well, when a former d.c. teacher couldn't find clothes her daughter wanted to wear she decided to make them. >> we had yet another request for purple ninjas. >> they are the moms behind princess awesome, a line of dresses featuring dinosaurs, cars, pirates and dragons, things you usually find in the boys' section. it proved popular with other parents. their kick starter campaign raised $215,000 after a girl power website shared it on facebook. >> within five hours of them posting we were fully funded. >> in reston, va var, they'irgi watched their child's line go tenfold. their key to success, having a powerful message.
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there is no definition of what they can and cannot do. it's what you love. >> and some more tips that they shared, one they say get a partner because a partner will hold you accountable and you are a team together. two, market to your target audience. we talked about the social media. they said they would not exist without it. >> the fact they raised $215,000 through kick starter, that's incredible. >> and the big boost when it was shared on facebook and there are a lot of resources. one in particular is called her corner and this is an organization that is 100% dedicated to helping women grow their business. there are some more tips and we have put them in the nbc washington app. all you have to do is search moms making money. >> the idea of networking whether it's social media or finding an organization to help you connect to people. >> and really targeting the people, for instance, beca
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tech related, they have found that marketing to the communities at universities and education, that is where they are getting a lot of their clients and a lot of their customers from. and word spreads really fast online. you know that. thank you. still ahead this morning d.c. versus the gop. how the republican held congress could change local law making in the district. >> where metro riders stand on a proposal to raise fares and cut service. plus, another check on your tuesday morning commute. flurries many the forecast for parts of our area and how they're impacting the roads. we're back at 6:30 with y
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right now at 6:30, monday night massacre, the u.s. top attorney fired by president trump and it's bringing back memories of water gate. we'll explain why. plus, snow flurries and sunshine. a bit of a mixed bag for your tuesday forecast. we'll tell you how to be prepared. >> and the amount you pay to take the train could be going up. how you can join the fight to stop the changes.
6:30 am
>> good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> some of you could be waking up to snow on your windshields for the second day in a row now. >> right now those flurries are causing allegheny county schools and mineral county schools in west virginia to open two hours late, but the roads aren't too bad for most of us this morning. melissa will have the details on that. >> but first chuck bell and sheena parveen has your forecast. >> don't worry, we're not looking at accumulating snow but north and west of the district we had a little bit of light snowfall but not bad this morning. >> the panic button will not need to be pushed. >> that's how we control the weather, by the way. outside we do have an awful lot showing up on radar this morning. most of it not quite reaching the ground, but there could be a snow flake or two spotted here from northwest washington in through montgomery
6:31 am
those light snow flakes and snow showers are moving eastbound very rapidly, so the four things you need to know, flurries to the north side of washington this morning turning briefly milder. back up into the 50s today. nice and cold as we get to the weekend. cold air in place, friday, saturday could leave a little rain snow threat coming up late in the day on sunday. we'll be keeping you posted on that. for now, chopper 4 is flying through some snow flakes there this morning. >> just talked to the pilot there saying that they're about 1,200 feet so you are seeing those snow flakes fall. so overall things looking pretty good there this morning. wayne road, new crash here this morning. 66 and 95 not looking so bad, bottom of the beltway all of those routes in and out of town looking normal. no incidents there and 270 at montrose road just fine. we'll take a look at travel times coming up in ten minutes. coming up on 6:32 and
6:32 am
of the white house this morning. the key information you need to know. >> first tonight at 8:00 president trump will announce his nomination for the supreme court. two people are on his short list. thomas hardiman from pittsburgh and neil gorsuch from denver. both are federal appeals court judges. if confirmed by the senate the nomination would fill the seat left vacant since the death of justice scalia. >> and president trump fired the acting attorney general sally yates after she told attorneys not to defend the controversial immigration order. she was immediately replaced by day that boente, the u.s. attorney for the eastern district of virginia. angie has more on why this is being called the monday night massacre. >> three words, monday night massacre. we're trending within an hour on twitter. political reporters, commentators using this term referring to the firing of a special prosecutor in 1973
6:33 am
then president nixon. nixon making the decision because cox would not obey nixon's order to stop investigating water gate. that was called saturday night massacre. although it's part of the executive branch many are pointing out there's a reason by tradition that the justice department operates free from influence from the white house. congress reviews the laws passed by the district, but for the first time in decades the house committee that oversees d.c. has plans to exercise its power more aggressively. the washington post reporting that the committee will adopt a plan today to do broad reviews of actions passed by d.c. lawmakers. this comes as the committee's chairman says he will block the assisted suicide measure. more delays could be coming to metro but it will have nothing to do with fixing the rails. >> we're live at the station with how it might cost you more for those delays. what are we talking about here?
6:34 am
yeah, some passengers this morning tell me they are torn. they know the system needs improvement and in the long run that helps them out, but they're conflicted about paying more. i want you to take a look at what metro is proposing to close its $290 million budget gap. fare increases on rails during rush and nonrush hours. we're talking 10 to 25 cents respectively. a hike of 25 cents on the bus and this proposal also includes service cuts on both bus and rail. there was a packed meeting last night. people came in, poured in there to a hearing to give metro their feedback on all of this. and this morning passengers that we've been talking to tell me they are just not totally on board. >> if it was dependable and reliable, then you could justify but it keeps raising its prices and it's broken down and the elevators don't work and escalators
6:35 am
>> reporter: now, metro still wants to hear from you. you have time to give your feedback online up until february 6th. they're going to meet again and talk about this budget plan, try to finalize it and if it is approved we're talking about seeing these changes take effect in july. that is the latest live from the metro station. >> all right. thank you. a man is dead, his body found inside an apartment building in arlington county and now police are trying to figure out what happened. somebody called police to his apartment yesterday afternoon. officers found the 57-year-old dead inside. they say his death is suspicious, but they're not giving any more details than that. they interviewed two witnesses. police say there is no threat to the public. there's a case of whooping cough at a school in fairfax county. the county school district says it just found out that someone has the disease at hayfield's secondary
6:36 am
the district sent out an e-mail asking to make sure that your child's immunizations are up to date. school leaders also suggest monitoring your kids for signs of the illness. it is a bacterial disease that begins with cold symptoms. it can be treated with antibiotics. >> leaders opening membership up to more kids for the first time in a century. who can now join the troops. >> a bob cat on the run. she's escaped from her enclosure at the international zoo. why zoo keepers are not actively looking for her. >> and amazon may be here to help. how you can rely on a
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house guest. look at this. an idaho family had quite the surprise when they woke up to find a moose in the
6:40 am
look at the size of this thing. a full grown moose. they say he fell through a window and into the basement on friday. officers tried to coax the moose up the stairs and out the front door, but it charged several times. officers ultimately had to tranquilize the moose and carry it up the stairs and on to the street. earned their keep that day. >> just like to check out a different space every now and then. >> bullwinkle made himself right at home. hey, it's nice and warm in here. >> that's pretty good, chuck. >> i do what i can. that was my whole childhood impersonating cartoon characters' voices. a couple snow flakes race across the northern side of the news 4 nation. just trace amounts. i had one twitter follower send in a quick little picture. later today, winds will increase from the southwest. could have some
6:41 am
miles an hour in the valley. temperatures in the teens and 20s for feels like factors early this morning. winter coats are required. your hat and your scarf as well. daily grade, turned out to be a very good afternoon. high near 53. ten-day forecast coming right hup. big problems here and we are sending chopper 4 to see exactly what's going on there from above. kennel worth avenue between dec decatur and we have a fatal pedestrian accident and chopper should be there in the area shortly. a crash on the left shoulder. travel times right now, 270 not so bad. top of the beltway pretty slow from 95 over to 270. inbound is okay. an update on this fatal accident coming up. thank you. filling the final seat on the supreme court. today president trump will announhi
6:42 am
we'll tell you who's on his short list. plus, the end of an era for a virginia mall. stores told to pack up and get out. what will take matheir place. and why teasing could
6:43 am
6:44 am
right now
6:45 am
president trump says you're fired. the acting attorney general out of a job after refusing to defend an executive action. details on the virginia man set to take her place. an effort to become more inclusive creating big changes for boy scouts. who can now join troops across the country. a bob cat on the run from the international zoo. why workers aren't actively searching for this big cat. and ordering your morning coffee just became even easier. the new digital barista that will get your order right every time. >> double upside down half decalf and cream in a grande cup. we begin right now with breaking news. a deadly crash in prince george's county. >> angie? >> just got this from police. prince george's fire department on the scene right now on that fatal crash you mentioned.
6:46 am
pedestrian incident. it is in the 4,200 block of kennel worth avenue and we're being told to avoid the area. also getting word that we have a bird's eye view for you. chopper 4 arriving to the scene for you right now. can we go to that video? looks like kennel worth avenue, they are saying to avoid the area, but what we can tell is that one lane of traffic on the right is able to get by the accident scene. at this point we have a reporter headed to the scene to gather more information. stay with news 4 for updates. back to you. new video showing the chaotic scene in columbus, ohio. this is where police used pepper spray to break up a crowd of anti trump demonstrators. protesters wouldn't move when officers asked them to get off the street. it was one of several
6:47 am
response to president trump's immigration order. >> it's also having ripple effects at the department of justice. >> sally yates is now out after she told attorneys not to defend the order but a man is in charge this morning who says he will defend it. justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning and he has virginia ties. it's dana boente's first full day as acting attorney general and unlike his predecessor he is planning to enforce that controversial white house immigration executive order. looking now at video, boente takes over the justice department after three decades of service there. most recently as u.s. attorney for the eastern virginia district which covers parts of our area. now, president obama named him to that post back in 2015 and some may recall that he led that
6:48 am
go governor's conviction was overturned by the supreme court. jeff sessions is up for committee vote today and could gain senate approval within the week. back live in his 30 plus years career boente has served under republican and democratic white houses and he's earned respect on both sides of the aisle. back in to you. >> justin finch live for us. thank you, sir. president trump is slamming democrats over the confirmation process. he tweeted just a few minutes ago saying quote, when will the democrats give us the attorney general and rest of cabinet? they should be ashamed of themselves. no wonder d.c. doesn't work. we'll find out who president trump will nominate to fill the supreme court. it's been a key issue since the death of justice scalia. first on the short list is thomas hardiman. he is a gun rights supporter. he also works with donald trump's sister who is a
6:49 am
next the neil gorsuch. he's taken a position against assisted suicide. his position on abortion is not clear. after the nomination the senate must confirm the president's candidate. prime minister among more than a thousand people honoring the victims of a mass shooting. you're looking at video from a growing vigil in quebec city. six people were killed inside a mosque there the other night. 17 other people were hurt as well. two people were detained here. now police believe only one was the shooter. they charged 27-year-old alexandre bissonnette with six counts of murder and five counts of attempted murder. he will appear in court next month. the boy scouts of america say they are adapting to changing communities. the group will now allow transgender children who identify as boys to enroll in boys only programs. the enrollment will be based on the gender that's put on the
6:50 am
relied on the gender listed on the child's birth certificate. >> bullying is an issue at schools and now we know it can have an impact on student's grades. researchers found kids who were bullied were more likely to have poor grades, feel less intel jentd and dislike school. once the bullying started to subside children had fewer academic problems. a wild bob cat is probably roaming the woods around rock creek park. >> have you seen her? she escaped her enclosure at the national zoo yesterday. a hole was discovered in the mesh fencing around her exhibit. the zoo is hoping she will come back on her own for food and shelter. until then a small part of the great cats exhibit is closed. keepers say if you do see her don't try to get close. it is a wild animal. bobcats are indigenous to this area and that she will probably be fine if she doesn't go back to the zoo. >> shma
6:51 am
>> she might find out that things are very different on one side of the fence than the other. on one side you're given food and water and on the other side you've got to track that down yourself. >> the grass isn't always greener. >> the forecast is getting better today? >> the grass is a little whiter on some sides of the fence here early this morning. northbound there, some fuzzy bottomed clouds north of the city this morning. they are leaving a few snow flakes around. proof is in the picture. thank you for this picture from frederick county, maryland this morning. it's not a lot but it is enough to put just a fresh little coating of some snow on the ground from upper montgomery county. it's not going to be much and it's not going to last long. those snow flakes are racing on out of here. we should be completely void of any snow flakes by 8:00 or 9:00. maybe a few lingering snow showers, but for most of the
6:52 am
later today. a bit of a gusty southwesterly wind. windchills down in the teens and 20s this morning. have your winter coat ready to go, but it will be full of sunshine by later today. breezy at times with temperatures running well above average today. forecasting 53 in washington. 57 down the road in fredericksburg. as we get into the weekend, colder air will be making a bit of a comeback and that could lead to another chance of winter weather. for more on that let's go over to sheena parveen. >> those temperatures will be dropping off so we do expect it to be feeling more like winter outside. so today, that west wind is going to help to warm us up but after that we're going to get cooler and that's going to help to bring in that next chance of rain and snow showers. today 53 degrees. tomorrow down to 49. normal high is 44. closer to that as we go into thursday and friday closer to 40 degrees. take a look at future weather tomorrow afternoon. there is a chance we could see an isolated shower.
6:53 am
dry friday, dry saturday. look at sunday though. one computer model at least showing a chance for some late rain and snow showers. more details as we get closer. >> don't start planning snowman names just yet. there's your whole ten-day forecast. just a nice mild day today. this will be the mildest of the next ten days so get outside and enjoy it. there's that rain snow chance late sunday. next week looks like it will be rainy and on the mild side. let's go over to melissa in traffic. >> new problem here. chopper 4 over the scene. southbound kennel worth shut down between decatur and northbound. this is a fatal pedestrian accident. this investigation could take some time. take baltimore avenue instead if you have to head out through that area. bottom of the beltway, all of these routes look typical this morning. you can see inbound there on 5 as you're hitting 301, a little bit slow there this morning. no major
6:54 am
earlier problems, 95 northbound here as you're approaching the beltway. that is looking better than it was this morning. we had pretty slow spots for some time. 270 here at montrose road. that is a little bit slow. main and local lanes, this is why. outer loop, crash on the left shoulder. top of the beltway, looking pretty good. >> all right. thank you. don't expect to go shopping at alexandria's landmark mall. that's because store owners told us they have to close up shop by today. the iconic mall has sat mostly vacant with very little business in resen years but once the mall is closed for good that mall is expected to get a massive facelift. it will transform into an open air retail and entertainment r center. it's not quite sure when that work will get started. starbucks customers will be able to order
6:55 am
of coffee by using their voice. they'll be able to use a starbucks reorder skill on alexa devices to place their usual order and send it to the starbucks location. the feature is expected to roll out in phases nationwide through the summer, so when you want your upside down with extra foam, all that good stuff -- >> i don't even know what that means. good morning, guys. i sure know what that is. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. walmart in the latest on the free shipping wars with amazon. this is the first major move by the head of who used to run that was bought by walmart last year.
6:56 am
coming up on 6:56 here. four things you need to know. you have until monday to tell metro what you think about proposed hikes and service cuts. >> president trump announces his nomination for the supreme court at 8:00 tonight. the two people on the short list, thomas hardiman from pittsburgh and neil gorsuch from denver. the president also fired the acting attorney general. this comes after sally yates told justice department lawyers not to defend the president's controversial immigration order. dana boente, the former u.s. attorney for the eastern district of virginia will lead the department until jeff sessions is confirmed. more details on this story coming up on the "today" show. breaking news right now, we know someone is dead in a pedestrian crash. take a look. this is chopper 4 over the scene right now. prince george's county fire has shut down the road in one direction and only one lane is
6:57 am
getting by. we're on the way to the scene. be sure to follow on twitter for new details and updates. and we'll also have more information on this of course in the next cut-in at 7:27. southbound kenil worth shut down. >> a few flurries out there this morning quickly coming to an end. back to sunshine, a bit on the breezy side but 53 mild degrees. >> we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes. enjoy your day.
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good morning, you're fired. president trump gives the acting attorney general the boot for refusing to defend his controversial immigration order. the senate minority leader taking to the floor to implore trump to repeal t ban. former president obama also weighing in for the first time. his message to protestors as demonstrations rage again overnight. supreme choice, trump's nomination for the supreme court said to be revealed today. guaranteed to ignite an immediate battle with democratic lawmakers on capitol hill. historic move t boy scouts reverse a century old


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