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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  January 31, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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police think someone was trying to hit the driver. two people have been rushed to the hospital, including a child. >> police say they are still looking for the shooter. four big developments from the white house today. president trump will announce his nominee for the supreme court tonight in a live address at 8:00. the two front runners are thomas hardiman and neil gorsuch. the senate has confirmed transportation secretary elaine chow and the energy committee will move rick perry's nomination to the full senate. democrats have boycotted. president trump finished a minute with cyber security leaders. the president is
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related to cyber security. and more fallout from the president's immigration order. iran's foreign minister has reiterated that his country will no longer issue visas for american citizens. today during a news conference, press secretary sean spicer criticized the media for calling the executive order a travel ban even though the president himself used the word ban in a tweet. college campuses are joining demonstrations against the trump's immigration order. a rally is underway at george mason. >> and julie carey is covering this story. she says they are angry and hurt by the immigration order that impacts migrants from seven majority muslim countries. so they're adding their voices in protest. the rally today was organized by various student
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one muslim student shared a personal story about being subjected to intense questioning by border officials recently when he returned from a trip to caug qatar. >> we're not going to let history repeat itself. we're going to be the swren rati generation that breaks walls and builds bridges. >> this was a totally student run rally but sunday night the university's president sent out a very sharply worded letter critical of the executive order. democrats aren't giving up a fact to block the president's executive order. today virginia senators mark warner and tim kaine cosponsored a bill to rescind the order. in a statement they called it misguided. they also say it amounts to a religious test. also
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cathedral issued a statement saying the order is as un-american as it is un-christian. the dean of the cathedral says the order will fracture families and penalize many innocent people. the fallout over the president's order is being compared to a historic day during the nixon administration. president trump decided to fire acting attorney general sal sally yates. it appears to be the most serious rebellion since the so-called saturday night massacre back in 1973 when both the attorney general and department attorney general resigned instead of following president nixon's orders to fire the watergate special prosecutor. what happens tonight after the president announces his pick for the high court? first, the senate
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committee will hold televised hearings and vote on whether to advance that nominee to the full senate. democrats say they are likely to filibuster that nominee, which means the republicans would need 60 senators to vote to end that filibuster. so they'd have to get some democrats on board or the domination could stall. unless, of course, republicans simply change the rules. if majority leader mitch mcconnell decides to go that route, he would need 50 votes to create the rule change. ironically it was the democrats who instituted this so-called nuclear option four years ago, that end filibusters for all presidential nominees with the notable exception of supreme court justices. changing the rules has consequences when you're not the majority party as democrats are
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nbc 4 is going to be the place to be when the president an noun nou announces this pick. now to storm team 4. what a difference 24 hours can make. the snow is gone and it feels a lot warmer out there but for how long? let's go to chief meteorologist doug kammerer. >> really just amazing. yesterday at this time we were tracking snow showers through our region. right now i'm tracking a storm just to our north. but because it's so far to our north, it's actually brought in some very mild air. we've got snow in through parking lots parts of pennsylvania, new york, boston. look at the temperatures here. 36 pittsburgh, 30 in state college, 56 in d.c. right now, 63 in virginia beach. simply amazing the difference in the temperatures around the mid atlantic right now. we will get cold again as we move through the next
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days. one more nice day tomorrow before that cold air moves in. we're still tracking a chance for snow on bowl sunday. first at 4:00, news4 has learned that metro is investigating another red signal violation. happened just before 11:00 this morning at the braddock road station. the train was not carrying any passengers. metro says the train stopped a few car lengths beyond the red signal. various safety groups have warned metro that red signal violations continue to plague the transit agency and could lead to a more serious incident. police have identified a young man shot and killed at a gas station in forestville. someone shot and killed caring on the day junior at a bp. they say this does not appear to be a random crime. that's the third time in as many years that we have seen a murder
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station. we are learning new details about the deadly mosque shooting in quebec city. he worked at a local blood supply company. on social media he expressed extreme right wing views, speaking out against feminists and foreigners. he faces six counts of first degree murder. it's been more than 24 hours and still no sign of the bobcat that escaped from the national zoo. where they think ollie could be and how the extra precautions are going into effect. speed up or move over. why driving in the wrong lane could get you ticketed. and the end of an era for shoppers. we'll show you what's happening on a
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the sign outside says it all. today is the last day for the landmark mall in alexandria. we spotted a handful of shoppers out there today taking advantage of sales at the few stores that are open. store owners tell us they were given notice to leave by today. over the coming years, that mall will be transformed into an open air retail and entertainment center. no word yet when that will start. donald trump's election has generated a tourism boom in of all places a tiny nation in europe. more americans are visiting slovenia. overnight stays jumped 10%
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year. slovenia is first lady melania trump's home country. there's a bill making its way through the virginia general assembly right now that would increase the fine for driving slowly in the left lane on highways. slow moving drivers are supposed to stay to the right. but right now there's no penalty for that. the bill would make the fine for blocking the fast lane a mandatory $250. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say they hope the penalty will cut down on road rage and encourage more drivers to move over. >> yes, yes and more yes. >> get out of the way. a utility pole going straight through the middle of a man's windshield. what it took to try to save him. still on the run. a live update on the search for that missing bobcat from the national zoo. the concern in the community and the t t
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eat well for less. my giant. a lot of people are still talking about it, the bobcat that is still missing from the national zoo. >> as you would imagine, ollie's disappearance is all over social media. and since the news broke, we have seen everything from funny
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memes to ollie the bobcat twitter accounts. meagan fitzgerald is outside the zoo. anyone spot her? >> reporter: the national zoo tells us they've been receiving calls since yesterday evening into the early morning here from people that say they believe they saw the cat. but so far they are still searching for ollie the bobcat. the search continues for the 25-pound cat last seen yesterday morning at around 7:30. zoo officials say after they received several tips from neighbors, zoo keepers and do police searched the area. meanwhile, d.c. public schools say because ollie is still on the run, outdoor activities at 13 schools have been moved indoors. >> i wish that it was in its cage rather than roaming the streets of d.c. >> i kind of keep my eye out for
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him, i don't know, spots him. >> we're having some technical difficulty there. but if you spot ollie, the folks at the national zoo say there's no threat to people generally, but you should not approach it. meanwhile, there is a case of whooping cough in schools in fairfax county. the county school district says it's just found out that someone has per us sis at hayfield secondary school in the alexandria area. make sure your child's immu immunizations are up to date. whooping cough is a bacterial disease that begins with cold symptoms. it can be treated with antibiotics. nearly 6,000 people were without power in richmond after a man drove his car into a ditch and crashed right
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pole. they had to use the jaws of life to get the man out after the pole went straight through his windshield. he's hurt but he's going to be okay. police still plan to charge the man with reckless driving. take a look at this awful pileup in western pennsylvania. state police say the snowy weather likely played a role in this. tractor trailers are crumpled into each other on interstate 80. 20 different cars and trucks were involved. one person was killed in the crash. another was flown to the hospital. i've got to tell you, doug is certainly earning his money this winter, because it is a radical departure day to day. >> doug, do you feel like you're earning your money or do you want a big snowstorm? >> that would really help me to earn that money. you know, temperatures today really tough to forecast. we went for a high temperature around 50 degrees. chuck bell earlier this morning raised it up to 53.
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just incredible. that coming with a snowstorm just to our north. a mixture of sun and clouds across the area right now. temperatures dropping through the 40s by around 9:00 tonight. it will get cool, by not going to be a cold night tonight. although we did wake up to some cold temperature this is morning. 61 in charlottesville, so a huge temperature spread here across our region. the wind continues to be a factor. we have some breezes, but look at the winds gusting, 40 miles an hour in leesburg, 32 hagerstown, 25 in culpepper. even a wind advisory effect for parts of the pblue ridge. the winds will die a little bit tonight. as we move on through the rest of the evening, no rain or snow as we make our way through the rest of the evening. to the north, it's been
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some snowflakes reported in frederick, hagerstown. now that system that we saw come through is up towards boston. they have a winter weather advisory. just to our north we're looking at snow around state college. but we're staying on the mild side of this storm. we're going to stay on the mild side tomorrow too. average high temperatures around 44 degrees. we'll be around 47 tomorrow. clouds and sun, breezy and school tomorrow. next couple of days, 43 on your thursday, rather breezy conditions. winds pick up again on thursday, 15-25 miles an hour winds maybe gusting to 30. 41 on friday. windchills in the mid 30s on friday. saturday more cold air moves in, even with plenty of sunshine we only hit 38 degrees. saturday looks quite chilly. 36 on sunday. that's the day to watch. this is super bowl sunday here. right now we're going for a
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this storm does not look like a big storm at all. light snow possible to the north, right rain to the south. that's the way it looks right now. could that change? yeah. we're still five days out. but the amount of snow or the amount of how strong the storm is going to be i don't think is going to change all that much. we'll wait and see. could still produce a coating of snow on sunday. look at this. next week we get into the 60s. we could be near 70 degrees next wednesday. talk about earning the money, guys. the amount of roller coaster like temperatures this winter and no snow, yeah, kind of ridiculous. near 70 next week. time is almost up for millions of people. today is the last day to sign up for health insurance even as uncertainty looms over the future of the affordable care act. plus, only on news4, the new trump hotel on pennsylvania avenue may have hit a
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when it comes to an important permit. it may be the indirect result o the presidfen
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changing strategy to compete with amazon prime. the world's larger retailer is now offering free two-day shipping with no member fee. the minimum purchase to qualify is down to $35.
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million items. walmart shoppers who join the shipping pass program will receive a refund. you've got less than eight hours to sign up for the affordable act. >> open enrollment in so-called obamacare ends at midnight. the president and congress are working to repeal the program and replace it. nbc's erica edwards reports some feel whatever comes next will leave people without coverage. >> reporter: in austin, texas, people continue to purchase health insurance plans through the affordable care act's marketplaces. organizers there say signup numbers appear to be down slightly compared to last year. they believe there may be some confusion, with some assuming the aca has already gone away. it has not. >> pretty much everyone's in agreement, people who sign up for health insurance in 2017 will have a contract in place. they will be able to keep
4:25 pm
use their insurance for 2017. >> reporter: on his first day in office, president trump signed an executive order aimed at repealing the healthcare law. if that happens, experts say there would be a lengthy transition period. meanwhile, lawmakers have not reached an agreement about what could replace what's known as obamacare. >> if president trump sticks by his promise that he wants health insurance for everybody, i think it will probably look a lot like obamacare. and if he wants to call it trumpcare, it's fine with me. >> reporter: so far about 11.5 million people nationwide have signed up for coverage in 2017 through the aca public exchanges. >> and we posted a link to the aca website as well as a phone number that you can call to sign up. >> just open the nbc washington app and search affordable care act signup. botox is best known for cosmetic use, but it may do more than that. first at 4:00,
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we're following breaking news. news4 has just learned virginia is going to join that federal court case in the eastern district that's challenging some
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>> the restrictions were enacted friday under an executive order signed by the president. we expect a news conference from attorney general mark haring with details about this. we will monitor that and bring details as we get them. president trump planning a big reveal tonight. he's going to tell the nation who he has picked to replace the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. he's also managing the fallout from firing the acting attorney general last night because she refused to back his controversial travel order. tracie potts is live now at the white house with the latest. >> reporter: we'll talk more about that in just a moment. but first a big announcement tonight. remember president trump had promised to appoint someone to the court hold uphold conservative values. and we are told that the two people who are believed to be on his short list could do just that. we are awaiting that announcement to happen here in just a few hours. we do know that congressional a
4:30 pm
nominee before that announcement. but as it turns out, the democrats who were invited in, sources tell us, will not be coming. some of the democratic leaders will not be coming. meantime, the other thing that washington is talking about today is the firing of sally yates. she was the acting attorney general, essentially the nation's top law enforcement officer. while we wait to see if the senate will confirm jeff sessions. and more on that before this announcement that's expects to happen here in just a few hours. meeting with cyber security experts at the white house, president trump teased tonight's big announcement on the supreme court. >> and we'll see you in a little while. we'll be announcing a supreme court justice who i think everybody is going to be very, very impressed t
4:31 pm
reacting to the firing of acting attorney general sally yates. yates refused to defend mr. trump's temporary travel ban and questioned will restricting travel from majority muslim countries is legal. >> for the attorney general to turn around and say i'm not going to uphold this lawful executive order is clearly a dereliction of duty and she should have been removed and she was. >> reporter: democrats applaud yates for standing up to the president. >> she said she would and she did. i admire her. >> reporter: yates firing united democrats today against jeff sessions. >> i have no confidence that senator sessions will do that. >> reporter: democrats delayed action on sessions today. republicans will try again tomorrow. >> the question is, is he qualified? >> we know that he will uphold and enforce all laws equally. >> reporter: homeland security today asked if the agency got a full briefing before the travel ban went into
4:32 pm
secretary kelly says he read two drafts. >> we knew it was coming. it wasn't a surprise it was coming. >> reporter: still coming from the white house, president trump expected to nominate one of these two appeals judges as the next justice on the u.s. supreme court. still no official word, though. in fact, we're hearing that both of them are in d.c. for tonight's announcement. acting attorney general sally yates lost her job for defying president trump's executive order. a lot of people are calling that ironic given this moment from her own confirmation hearing. >> you have to watch out because people will be asking you to do things you just need to say no about. do you think the attorney general has a responsibility to say no to the president if he asks for something that's improper? >> senator, i believe that the attorney general or the deputy attorney general has an obligation to follow the law and the constitution and to give their independent legal advice to the president.
4:33 pm
attorney general. during his confirmation hearing he also promised to uphold the law as stated without regard to his own political views or those of the president. we have more dueetails now about the current acting attorney general. he was nominated by former president obama in 2013 and he served as the attorney general for virginia's eastern district. he has been a part of the ju justice department for 31 years. he also over saw countless cases on terrorism and immigration. according to the "washington post," boente has not been vocal about his political views. we'll take you live to the white house when the president makes his announcement about the supreme court pick tonight. an nbc special report begins at
4:34 pm
prime time line-up this evening. the wall will air at 9:00 and "this is us" will air at 10:00 instead of "chicago fire." that will be followed by news4 at 11:00. you know driving in our area isn't always fun. sometimes it can feel down right dangerous. where we stand in a nationwide highway safety report card. d.c. gets the highest ranking in our area. they get a green from the advocates for highway and auto safety, although the organization did want some more restrictions on cell phone use. they were less impressed with maryland's road safety, giving it a yellow ranking, which means it needs improvement. it was highways in virginia that got a big red light. the organization claims virginia falls dangerously behind when it comes to highway safety. add k >>
4:35 pm
has begun to accept members based on their gender identity. now membership in the cub scouts and boy scouts will be based on the gender indicated on a boy's application. chris gordon is getting local reaction. >> reporter: we came here to the n national area council of the boy scouts of america. they tell me they are focusing on the boy scouts' decision to admit transgender individuals as an extension of their mission to serve all young people. >> we have taken the opportunity to evaluate and update our approach. i hope you will join with me in embracing the opportunity to bring scouting to more families and children. >> reporter: this comes as welcome news to reverend emma chatten the executive director of the transgender association of greater washington. here they counsel young
4:36 pm
transition. she tells me some may now choose to become boy scouts. >> i'm thrilled because i think that it acknowledges that transboys are real boys. this is a great step forward. >> reporter: ahead, we'll hear from a local high school student who used to be a girl scout but always wanted to be a boy scout. that's coming up at 5:00. it turned out to be a very nice afternoon, a very mild afternoon as some got up to right around 60 degrees. d.c., we topped out in the mid to upper 50s. but it is still going to be a great evening out there. enjoy this last hour of sunlight we have. that sun goes down at 5:29. the temperatures will actually fall into the 30s tonight, but still looking good as we continue to the overnight. 56 here in d.c.
4:37 pm
degrees today. the cool spot in frederick county. they have been stuck in the upper 40s. now as we continue through the rest of the workweek, pretty quiet. we've got a windy day on thursday, but we're also watching this sunday, super bowl sunday. if you have plans you may want to pay attention to that ten-day forecast. we've got the latest in a few minutes. a toxic tool, the government warning for parents and grandparents and the harmful chemicals that young children could be exposed to. why president trump's potential visit to the u.k. could put
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would you be willing to get botox in the name of science? george washington university is recruiting volunteers for a new botox study to help symptoms of social anxiety in the same way it's known to help people suffering from depression. they'll inject the botox into your frown muscles, the win between your eyebrows. social ang vxiety effects approximately 20 million americans. while there is just about nothing that my 10 month old will not stick in her mouth but there's a new warning this afternoon for parents of teething babies.
4:41 pm
pathic teething products contain a toxic chemical as the fda is warning you should not use. susan hogan is here to tell us what parents need to know. >> if you have a kid, a little baby, then you can totally relate to this. because when your babies are teething, you will try just about anything to give them relief. but the fda confirms it found elevated levels of belladonna in certain home owe pathic teething products. belladonna poses an unnecessary risk to infants and children and urges parents not to use these products. belladonna is an extract of the deadly night shade plant. it has hallucinogenic qualities and is toxic in large amounts. the company actually refused to do a recall. the company, however, has
4:42 pm
which prevents new products from enter the market. but the fda says it really wants a recall which would remove all of the products already on the market and also in your home. in a statement hyland tells news4 we are disappointed that the fda continues to use news releases and social media to unnecessarily frighten parents about teething tablets and gel and yet still lacks the data to support its position. to see what products are part of this warning, go right now to our nbc washington app and search teething products. >> you've covered so many recalls. how unusual is it for a company to push back that strongly against the fda? >> very, very -- a lot of companies do this. it is typical. they will push it. but again, these are not regulated. these are like the
4:43 pm
they're not regulated by the fda. but all the fda can do is say this is what we want from you. but they certainly can push back and say no. is d.c.'s new trump hotel getting in the way of itself? only on news4, why the people in charge have an extra headache to deal with all honey nut cheerios gets their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey and real oats. okay that's still honey. huh, there we go. we're back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy. figures. try new very berry cheerios. the taste of real fruit in every bite. so berry good.
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breaking news in montgomery county. a toddler has gone missing in gaithersburg. a mother is telling police she left her child in the car for a few minutes outside the costco on russell avenue. the mom says when she got back to the car, her 2-year-old child was gone. police are now searching that area for the child. in prince george's county police are investigating a deadly accident involving a pedestrian and a dump truck. >> reporter: a jacket stuck under this dump truck evidence investigators will examine as part of this deadly collision on kenilworth avenue. the victim was not in a cross walk when the truck hit him. that truck kept going and turned at
4:47 pm
road. >> a dump truck was coming out of this does here, making a right turn going southbound on kenilworth avenue when he struck the individual walking across the street. he did keep going just a short ways. he was going to get gas. once he got out of the truck he realized he hit someone. so he came immediately right back to the scene. >> reporter: this is the lot where the truck driver pulled out onto kenilworth avenue. the deadly scene serves as a somber reminder to those who work along this stretch of the danger. >> people always in a hurry. nobody following the rules. so that's what happens. >> reporter: police are still looking into the circumstances, but it is possible the pedestrian had come from a nearby convenience store attempting to cross the street here. no word yet on whether charges, if any, will be filed against
4:48 pm
in bladensburg. president trump has signed several executive orders since taking office, including one that could cut funding to so-called sanctuary cities. mark segraves reporting that an executive order could affect the president's own hotel right here in d.c. it's a story you'll see only on 4. >> reporter: the trump international is one of the newest hotels in d.c. in fact, they're still doing construction inside. recently they requested a permit from the d.c. department of energy and environment to put in a boiler system for their power in the building as well as a backup system, a diesel generator in case the first system fails. that's all perfectly normal and actually very standard for any big building, particularly hotels in the nation's capital. but where this one takes a different turn is because this hotel is owned by the president of the united states. and one of his recent executive orders could actually impact
4:49 pm
inside here. you see, the president's executive order on sanctuary cities threatens to defund part of the d.c. department environment's inspection program. the very program that would inspect the power plant they want to build inside. the permit for the generators had been approved and will be installed here at the trump hotel. but the funding for the inspectors comes from right across the street at the environmental protection agency. the question for district leaders is, if trump follows through on his threat to cut funding to d.c. agencies like the department of energy and environment, who will pay for the inspectors who have to monitor the very power plant across the street at the trump hotel? in the district, mark segraves, news4. between work and family, many of us know what it feels like to be burned out. and the same goes for people whose attention to your health could be a life and death situation. >> we're talking about doctors.
4:50 pm
with more. >> why it's a growing problem and what is now being done to help local doctors who are supposed to help you. plus -- >> i've always known that i owe my life to a firefighter. it was a tragedy in our family that might have turned out much worse. >> we've got an emotional reunion 60 years in the making. a local brother and sister still living with terrifying childhood memories of a house fire. now they're finally meeting the man who saved their lives. lauren, the wind sort of died down on us today. >> it did finally. turned out to be a really nice
4:51 pm
temperatures, 50s, 60s in some areas. >> did you call each other? >> we were in the makeup room earlier. same frame of mind. >> you've got some red on your tie there. we're all vibing here. you know, it is more spring-like color definitely. it's feeling more like spring out there right now. temperatures in the low 60s in some spots. the winds are calming. it is going to be a great evening out there as we head into your wednesday. a few more clouds, still temperatures above mild for this time of year. so not bad. then we head into your thursday. we've got some cooler conditions and the winds return. but it is pretty quiet as we continue through this evening. look at these temperatures. feast your eyes on these. almost to that 60 degree mark still in fredericksburg. 56 in washington. leesburg at 55. 50s all around. so enjoy this evening.
4:52 pm
winds are lightening up. then we cool into the 30s during the overnight. again, not bad as we continue into the overnight and dry, thank goodness. there's nothing showing up on the storm team 4 radar right now. we've got some snow in pennsylvania. looking good at seven springs if you're headed out to go skiing. other than that, we're fine here just arnoound our area. as we head into wednesday, it is going to be a little chilly in the morning. temperatures in the upper 30s. as we go through the day, some areas could get to that 50 degree mark by tomorrow afternoon. i think d.c. will stop in the upper 40s only because today we had some sunshine. but i think tomorrow we're going to have just a little bit more cloud cover. maybe a light jacket, sunglasses. even though you're going to have a little bit more cloud cover, always a good idea to protect those eyes. you may need some gloves when you get inur
4:53 pm
morning because it is going to be in the 30s. a little breezy on thursday. temperatures in the low 40s. see how we drop right here? low 40s as well on friday. again a gradual drop in temperatures. 30s for the weekend. saturday, absolutely gorgeous. then we head into sunday. by sunday afternoon if you've got super bowl plans, there is a chance we could have some snow and a little bit of rain to end this. it's a very weak storm coming out of the tennessee valley. snow north, rain south. we'll continue to watch it. look at those temperatures as we head through next week. 60s by mid next week. protests against president trump aren't just happening here in the u.s. they're spilling into streets around the world. but demonstrators don't want to happen and why queen elizabeth could be caught in the middle.
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because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer.
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apparently our president's success is a big betting opportunity overseas. british bookmakers are loving it. they say people are putting in bets that president trump won't last the year or that he'll be impeached or forced to resign within his first term. right now odds are 4-1 that the president will serve two full terms. that could put queen elizabeth in a bit o
4:57 pm
some are questioning whether president trump is deserving of the honor. it's also unusual that an american president would have a visit to the u.k. so soon. for george w. bush, it was 32 months. both presidents bush and obama visited great britain within a couple of months of taking office. people are protesting president trump's plan to visit london. >> they're particularly upset about the executive order that bans travel from seven majority muslim nations. nbc's keir simmons reports from london. >> reporter: opposition gathering in britain, protests in many major cities including many manchester and cardis in london. even on downing street with protesters shouting shame on may. now there is a petition 1.5
4:58 pm
million people have signed so far calling on downing street not to allow president trump to visit the u.k. and meet with the queen. >> our prime minister mrs. may to make it really clear that there is a special relationship. use that special relationship to say that this must stop. the positions that he's taken must be revoked. >> reporter: britain's foreign secretary calling on people not to demonize president trump while calling the executive order on immigration divisive. the news continues now with jim and doreen. news4 at 5:00 starts now. right now at 5:00, counting down to the big announcement. a look at what president trump's possible picks would bring to the supreme court. breaking from tradition, the impact of a historic announcement from the boy scouts that puts an end to a century-old rule. and cat still on
4:59 pm
that missing bobcat prompt changes at local schools. first at 5:00 tonight, two stories break right now. in bowe police are searching for the gunman in a double shooting. police tell us several shots were fired into this suv there. two people including a child were rushed to the hospital. >> news4's jackie bensen is on her way to the scene. more breaking news in montgomery county. chopper 4 live over the costco at russell avenue in gaithersburg. police are searching for a missing child. >> a mother left her 2-year-old girl in the car, ran into the store for a few minutes. when she came back, the child was gone. there's no word on whether the child wandered away oras
5:00 pm
new details about another shooting in prince george's county county. police have identified a man shot and killed at a bp gas station that has seen its share of violence. back in 2013 a man shot and killed at the station in forestville. less than two years later, another deadly shooting at the same bp. and then again around this time yesterday. >> pat kcolilins is live with t latest. >> reporter: a young man murdered here yesterday. in 2015, another young man gunned down here. in 2013, yet another young man killed at this gas station. it has become an all too familiar murder scene. a young man murdered at the penn forest bp station in forestville. it happened around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. the victim identified as carrington daye junior. he had his 2


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