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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 31, 2017 6:00pm-6:59pm EST

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announcement in prime time tonight. president trump is set to reveal his supreme court pick in just a couple of hours. we'll take a closer look at the front runners. democrats make a bold move and boycott the confirmation votes for key cabinet members. plus the fallout for the president's executive order on immigration. who was involved, who's not and who's caught up in the middle of all of it. news4 at 6:00 starts now. it's been almost a year now since the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. and tonight we may learn the identity of the ninth member of the high court. >> president trump will announce his nominee in a nationwide address. he's still managing the fallout from firing the acting attorney general after she refused to enforce his controversial immigration order. tracie potts is tracking developments at the white house. >> reporter: good evening. let's start with that supreme court pick. they're keeping this onecl
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to the vest but drumming. a lot of anticipation around who it will be. we are told that both have been invited to town for this announcement tonight and that only a handful of people here at the white house actually know who it is. meeting with cyber security experts at the white house, president trump teased tonight's big announcement on the voursup court. >> we'll be announcing a supreme court justice who i think everybody is going to be very, very impressed with. >> reporter: but washington is reacting to the firing of acting attorney general sally yates. yates refused to defend mr. trump's temporary travel ban and questioned whether restricting travel from majority muslim countries is legal. >> for the attorney general to turn around and say i'm not going to uphold this lawful executive order is clearly a dereliction of duty and she should have been removed and she was. >> reporter: democrats applaud yates for standing up to the president. >> she said she would and she
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i admire her. >> he needs to be able to say no to the president. >> i have no confidence that senator sessions will do that. >> reporter: democrats delayed action on sessions today. republicans will try again tomorrow. >> the question is, is he qualified. >> we know that he will uphold and enforce all laws equally. >> reporter: homeland security today asked if the agency got a full briefing before the travel ban went into effect. secretary kelly says he read two drafts. >> we knew it was coming. it wasn't a surprise. >> reporter: still coming from the white house tonight, president trump expected to nominate one of these two appeals judges as the next justice on the u.s. supreme court. top democrats have been invited here along with republicans within the hour to meet the nominee. we know that some won't be here. speaking ryan says he has a conflict but he will be here an hour later for the announcement. top
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they are not coming because they think it's inappropriate. nbc news will offer a special report tonight at 8:00 when the president announces his supreme court nominee. after that we are shifting our prime time line-up. the wall will air at 9:00. this is us will air at 10:00 followed by news4 at 11:00. our cameras were rolling on capitol hill as police arrested several protesters inside the senate office building. this afternoon demonstrators filled the halls to confront republican lawmakers about repealing the affordable care act. the senate had to postpone that vote when democrats staged a boycott. virginia's attorney general is the latest to sue the trump administration over the immigration order. about an hour ago mark herring laid out his case. he says the order violates
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hampers the ability of legal residents to leave and reenter the country. >> this is not an action i take lightly. but it is one that i take with confidence in our legal analysis and in the necessity of intervening to both protect the commonwealth's own sovereign interests and vindicate its residents' civil rights. >> the case will be heard in the eastern district of virginia. on a local college campus muslim students are speaking out against president trump's immigration order, saying they feel tafrrgeted and afraid, thi as supporters say they see it as a way to protect americans. bureau chief julie carey reports from george mason university. >> reporter: muslim students at george mason university joined by students of other fat
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trump administration's travel restriction policy and the halt to refugee admissions. >> we're going to be the generation that breaks walls and builds bridges. >> reporter: today's rally organized by students but on sunday night the university's president weighed in with a letter sharply critical of the travel restriction policy. he writes, make no mistake, other nations with kpeticompeti systems of higher education -- alice butler short is an immigrant herself. she once lived in somalia, one of the seven countries targeted by the restrictions. >> i view it as president trump keeping his promise to protect this country, to protect the people in this country. muslims, buddhists, christians, whoever. that's what he promised. that's what he is doing.
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somewhere. >> reporter: but for these muslim women at george mason the policy has produced fear. they're u.s. citizens now but say the travel restriction wills prevent them from even considering a visit back to iraq. >> i just feel like going there would be a risk. what if i go there and a new decision comes in and i'm not going to be able to come back? >> reporter: the women say they are also heartened by the rallies that began at dozens of airports and now their campus. >> we thank everyone from the bottom of our heart. now some new evidence that republican leaders were kept out of the loop as president trump drafted that controversial order. politico reports senior staffers in the hughes judiciary committee helped draft the order but they never
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committ committee's chairman. president trump's transition. operation forced its own staff to sign those agreements. but it would be unusual to extend that requirement to congressional employees. nbc news has learned that judiciary committee chairman do goodlatte says his staffers volunteered to work on policies. he also said he was not aware of that immigration order. he did not specify whether his staff signed some of those nondisclosure agreements. the search for a suspect after a double shooting in bowe. chopper 4 was over the scene. now investigators are trying to figure out just what happened here and why. jackie bensen is live at urbana place and church road. >> reporter: a search is
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for this brazen crime. police were called here to the intersection of urbana lane and church road around 3:00 this afternoon. they found a disturbing scene. two people who had been shot and an suv riddled with bullet holes. the victims are described by police as an adult and a juvenile. we believe that's a teenager. and their injuries are described thankfully as nonlife threatening. right now it is not clear whether the shooting took place at this intersection or whether the victims may have driven some short distance after being shot. busy annapolis road is not far away. but again a search under way in bowe after a brazen shooting just at the time school buses were getting out and many of them come up and down this street. police are reviewing some surveillance footage to track down a killer. someone shot and killed a young
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station with a history of violence. pat collins is live on the scene. what's happening there? >> reporter: chris, 25, 22, 20, the ages of the young men killed at this gas station. it's become a homicide hot spot. the penn forest bp on walters lane, the door leading to the inside store chained shut. it's an unusual way to do business. but then again, this is an unusual gas station. murder is no stranger here. and yesterday it happened again, all captured by security cameras. the victim, a 20-year-old man. they say it happened around 4:30 in the afternoon. carrington daye came to the station, went into the store, got into some sort of argument. it had
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>> what took place next happened very quickly. we know there were words exchanged. then the suspect pulls out a gun and starts firing. our victim is shot dead inside the gas station. our suspect escaped. >> reporter: two other young men have been gunned down at this gas station. in 201325-year-old delante jackson. in 2015 it was 22-year-old christopher elly. both of those cases have been solved. neighbors say this is a crime hot spot, a dangerous place to be. >> people sell drugs around here and kill, shoot, you know? that's what happens. >> reporter: back to yesterday's murder, police say they don't have a name of the shooting suspect, but they have his picture. and that's a start. doreen, back to you. >> thank you, pat. unexpected fallout.
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executive orders could affect his new hotel in d.c. >> reporter: the first openly gay eagle scout talks about the role he played getting scouting to change its gender identity policy. the search for a bobcat that escaped the national zoo. we'll tell you where ollie was spotted and why it kept some folks indoors. temperatures into the 50s across the area, 56 degrees the l high temperature in d.c., 60 in richmond.
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another century old policy broken by the boy scouts of america. in013 openly gay scouts were allowed to join the organization. two years later, openly gay adult leaders were welcomed. and now a new move to allow transgender boys to join the boy scouts. news4's chris gordon has been following the developments and takes a look at what this means for the future of scouts. >> reporter: two years ago we brought you the story of the first openly gay eagle scout, pascal tessier. he says his older brother was also an eagle scout, but at the t
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sexuality a secret. >> i think it is an absolutelily amazing accomplishment that the boy scouts have concluded to include transgender members into the boy scouts. >> reporter: the boy scouts of america posted this announcement on their website, explaining the change. >> we accept ridegistration in r scouting programs based on the gender identity provides on an individual's application. we'll also continue to work with families to find scouting units that are the best fit for their children. >> reporter: dylan is a former girl scout who quit, wanting to join the boy scouts instead. if you had the opportunity, would you join the boy scouts? >> absolutely. it's a great thing they do. they help the environment. they do all of those eco friendly things. what they're doing is helping the world as well. you know, just includeve
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that's all we're looking for. >> reporter: the national capital area council of the boy scouts of america tells me they see this gender identity policy change as an expansion of their mission, to serve all young people. in bethesda, chris gordon news4. president trump has made his first call to a gold star family. over the weekend a navy seal was killed during a raid on an al qaeda camp in yemen. chief petty officer ryan owens was killed in the fire fight. 14 militants and numerous civilians also died. one of those civilians is an 8-year-old daughter of al qaeda leader leader. a passionate debate about donald trump is
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the british government invited president trump for a state visit. but the executive order that curbs travel for people from seven predominantly muslim countries has sparked protests in several british cities. more than a million and a half people have signed a petition asking them to rescind or downgrade the visit to the u.k. to meet the queen. the british parliament is expected to debate the issue in february. state department officials say the u.s. is deeply concerned with a dramatic increase in violence in the eastern ukraine. the fighting there has killed dozens of crukrainian soldiers d civilians. the violence violated a cease fire agreement between ukrainian forces and russian backed separatists. both sides are blaming each other. >
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hill today trying to block house republican efforts to kill the district's new death with dignity bill. tom sherwood reports, this fight is far from over. >> reporter: the death with dignity bill, it passed the d.c. council last year but only after a long and contentious battle. now city leaders are on capitol hill hoping to stave off a republican move to kill the bill without even hearing from city officials. >> the bottom line is this. the 13 members of the council are elected by the people. >> congress should not swoop in and pick a piece and say no. >> does any other member have an amendment? >> reporter: utah congressman jason chaffetz says he will vote to kill the bill. democrats admit they don't have the house votes but are planning to lobby the senate to
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house efforts. d.c. council member mary cheh wrote the bill. president obama probably saved the district from several over attempts to kill local bills in the past. where is president trump? >> that's one of the big questions. we don't really know. he hasn't shown much interest in the city beyond his hotel and the crime stats. some tell me they think he'll leave it to the congress to do what they want with the city. >> chaffetz suggested people in d.c. should join up with maryland if they want to vote in congress. >> that drives most d.c. citizens crazy. first of all, they want their own government. secondly, no one in maryland, republican or democrat, has ever shown any interest in taking over the district. imagine you're an eastern shore republican, or western
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person, or baltimore democrat, do you want 400,000 new democrats to change the dynamics of your entire state yes, ma'am no, they don't. nobody wants d.c. in maryland. d.c. wants to be its own state. that was not a very good thing for chaffetz to bring up. >> i imagine he wouldn't take too kindly to somebody suggests that utah join up with another state. >> the city is now facing a very conservative republican congress and we just don't quite know where all of that is going to shake out. >> political reality. it's a problem that's gotten a lot of attention from metro leaders in recent months. tonight we know it happened again, raising concerns about safety. more on the impact and how long it will take to complete. plus, an emotional reunion between a firefighter and the chilen hedr
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i can never tell if you're in the up or down part of this roller koes ecosta ea ea ear -- day to day. >> the amazing thing about it was we had snow in parts of the region earlier this morning, well to the north of d.c. boy did it warm up nicely. great day to get out and about. do
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you could see what's happening as you look across towards roslyn there. there's the marriott right there. i had prom dinner at that marriott. that was a long time ago. anyway, out there right now looking pretty good across the area temperature wise. we're on the mild side. 53 in the city. temperatures drop into the 40s. cool, cool and cool. but not cold. we're not going to see any cold temperatures for the next 24 hours or so. 46 gaite gaithersburg. current wind gusts, still gusting in some locations upwards of 20-30 miles an hour. hagerstown at 33. we had a couple of bigger wind gusts earlier but starting to die down as the sun goes down. this was a little snowstorm that came across parts of the mason dixon line and
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new york only 30 degrees today. with that snowfall, boston is picking up 2- impnches. that storm moved to our north. that's why we kept temperatures on the warmer side. tomorrow night, a storm tracking to the south. that will help to cool temperatures a little bit. really a pretty nice wednesday. you'll just need the jacket a little bit more than you did this afternoon. then it gets rather breezy and chilly on thursday. 43, windchills around 35-3 8 on thursday. high of only 41 on friday in the city. many of you north and west will be in the upper 30s. 38 on saturday. high of 36 on sunday. now of course this is super bowl sunday. let's talk a little bit more about this storm. it's a storm we've been watching now for close to a week to two weeks. it's been in our
6:26 pm
forecast. right now looks like light snow to the north, maybe rain to the south. not a huge storm, but something we'll continue to watch. look at this, up to 62 on tuesday, 68 on wednesday with some shower activity associated with that. we'll talk much more about this sunday event and what to expect the next few days. doreen? you didn't know i had my prom dinner at that marriott, did you? >> no, i didn't. thanks, doug. we'll hear about it in the commercial. it's a story you'll see only on news4. how one of president trump's executive orders could have a big impact on his luxury hotel downtown. >> reporter: all this traffic, all these people using one bridge. and now this bridge is set for a major rehab. i'm adam tuss. i'll tell you what it is coming
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now at 6:30, a look at how president trump's executive order on sanctuary cities could impact the trump national hotel here in d.c. and a major rehab project now underway. one of our busiest bridges,
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long the work is going to impact your commute. and the hunt for ollie the bobcat continues. the changes being made to the national zoo to prevent another breakout. first to a story you'll see only on 4. local worker versus eers have the installation of a new generator system at the trump hotel. >> and the president's executive order on sanctuary cities may defund those. >> reporter: the trump hotel is installing a new power system and backup generators. the director of the agency says this is the first time a business associated with the president of the united states has applied for a permit of this type. so he knows there will be added scrutin
6:31 pm
but at the same time it needs to be business as usual. so they're held to the same standards as anyone else. >> reporter: the trump hotel has actually gone above and beyond some other local businesses by applying for the permit. but it's the recent actions of president trump that illustrate how his business dealings could conflict. by signing an executive order threatening to withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities, president trump could defund the very d.c. employees who would be responsible for inspecting the trump hotel's new generators. >> air quality is something that's ashared responsibility with the federal government. and the federal government helps pay for air quality inspections. >> reporter: while the executive order doesn't threaten the hotel's ability to install the generators, if the local funding is pulled from local air quality inspectors, d.
6:32 pm
have to forego the inspections or pay for them from other funds. >> the mayor is doing her best to be as thoughtful about that as would never put people at risk. we'll just have to, i guess, cross that bridge if that bridge ever comes. now a closer look at a controversy that involves diplomats at the state department taking issue with president trump's immigration order. they've been using something called the dissent channel and circulating a memo that says the president's order runs counter to american values. who i s sean spicer blasted them. >> these bureaucrats have a problem with it? they should get with the program or they can go. >> i find that totally stunning. one of the aspects of this dissent channel is that it allows those people who do not agree to voice their views. the strength of our system of democracy is that we respect dissenting views. we do
6:33 pm
authoritarian system where it's kind of you have to agree or get out. >> just about a thousand diplomats have signed that dissent memo. metro is investigating why another train violated the red signal just before 11:00 this morning in alexandria. no passengers were on board. metro says this train stopped a few car lengths beyond the signal, but these red signal violations continue to plague the agency. safety groups worry it could lead to a more serious incident. metro has experienced at least 88 red signal violations in the last seven years. driving slowly in the fast lane could soon cost you big bucks in virginia. the house of delegates has approved legislation that would add a $250 fine for folks who block the left lane. lawmakers hope the fine would encourage drivers to move on over, cutting down on
6:34 pm
rage incidents. this bill still needs approval from the senate. it's a bridge a lot of people cross every day, the key bridge. it's going through a major rehab right now. how's it going to impact your commute? adam tuss is on the bridge to explain. >> reporter: we all want to know how it's going to impact our commute. take a look at the bridge. pretty much looks like this every single night, loaded up. this is work happening underneath all this traffic, but soon there will be work happening up here. 60,000 vehicles a day use the key bridge. 8,000 pedestrians and cyclists. this structure makes a statement with its looks and its function. but the bridge now nearly 100 years old is showing its age. rick kenny is the interim department chief engineer with the district department of transportation. they're handling the rehab of this bridge. >> we have about
6:35 pm
about 2100 linear feet of concrete cracks that are all being addressed with this project. >> reporter: now from a distance, you'd probably never notice it all. but get up close and you can see exactly what's going on. the $20 million project actually started in september but we're just now starting to see more and more scaffolding around the bridge. it will require careful maneu r maneuvering. in the fall, the jersey wall on top of the bridge will be strengthened and the iron fence painted. that will require some off peak lane closures, which drivers can understand. >> we need to be concerned about our bridges. memorial bridge is another case. >> reporter: meg out for a walk with her dog near the bridge today. >> if we need to fix it, we should probably fix it. >> reporter: the work will be around for about the next two years. we're not talking about the bridge in any danger of falling down or anything like that, right? >> there's no risk of the bridge
6:36 pm
repairs. >> reporter: making sure the key bridge has many years left, the goal. the key bridge opened in 1923. up next, the first step in an effort to redevelop an aging mall in northern virginia. we'll take a closer look at the transformation. reunited for the first time in decades. tonight a retired firefighter comes face to face with the brother and sister he pulled to safety nearly 60 years ago. 56 today, 59 leesburg, 60 fredericburg. coldkser
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requesting new state legislation that would shift control of the comm
6:39 pm
this comes just weeks after two liquor board officials were charged in a federal corruption investigation. baker says the move would strengthen over sight of the board. you can see our previous coverage at the nbc washington app. search prince george's county liquor board. alexandria's landmark mall is down to its last few hours of business. it's closing. store owners were told they have to be out by the end of the day. macy's announced plans to close its landmark store a few weeks ago. developers plan to transform the mall into an open air retail and entertainment center, but have yet to announce a start date. a procedubrother and sister our area waited 68 years for the hug we're about to show you. michael and linda hart were just toddlers i
6:40 pm
fire broke out at their home. firefighter stuart newman raced through the flames twice to pull them out. a few weeks ago the siblings decided they wanted the try to find their hero through social media. it worked. >> thank you so much for being there that day. thank you for just doing your job. i hope we can remain friends forever. >> wow. a police officer also helped newman rescue those children. the fire department is now looking for that officer. linda and michael hart say they would love another reyou know i don't know -- reunion. talk about spotted. new clues on where a missing bobcat could be hiding and what some schools are doing as a precaution. a message of love and hope outside a local islamic center.
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chances are you've heard about ollie the bobcat by now. she escaped from her enclosure at the national zoo yesterday. 24 hours later there have been several reported sitings. zoo keepers in northwest d.c. just want her back home where she belongs. meagan fitzgerald joins us live with the latest on the search. >> reporter: they just want her back. you know, there's some hope though. zoo officials tell us they've been receiving tips from people y
6:44 pm
bobcat here in the woodley park area and of course the cleveland park area as well. but so far they've not captured her. >> i'm aware of the bobcat that's loose. >> reporter: lots of people are looking all around for ollie. >> i wish that in its cage rather than roaming the streets of d.c. >> reporter: that's exactly what zoo officials wish too. ollie broke out of the cage through a small hole in the fence around her exhibit on monday morning. zoo officials scoured the area for the cat, but no luck. so today, the exhibit was closed while crews acarefully inspecte the area to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> i'm no too worried. bobcats tend to shy away from big people. >> reporter: some dog owners say even though there isn't an imminent threat, he's still concerned. >> it's kind of alarmed because i have to walk her out,
6:45 pm
>> reporter: and d.c. public school officials were also alarmed and concerned about the safety of their students. they cancelled all outdoor activities at 13 schools in upper northwest. so the playgrounds were empty around lunchtime while the search for ollie continues. >> it's something to watch out for. >> reporter: and we have a complete list of all of the d.c. public schools that are on alert. you can go to our nbc washington facebook page. >> bobcats can survive in this environment. what are the chances they're going to find ollie? >> reporter: well, yeah. that's right. they're indigenous to our area here. zoo keepers have said quite candidly that it's not very likely that they're going to actually catch her but it's possible. they're ready to net her or u
6:46 pm
they're really hoping she'll make her way back to the zoo. >> a source of food, so maybe so. the folks at the islamic community center of laurel get an unexpected show of support today. apparently some superheroes paid a visit last night. the sign reads, dreams save us, dreams lift us up and transform us. until my dream of a world where dignity honor and justice becomes reality, i'll manufacturnever stop fighting ever. doug is back with more about our weather and the changes coming our way. ups and downs. >> boy, were we up today or what? 56 degrees today. what if i told you a week from today we could be 70? >> i'd be happy to hear it.
6:47 pm
>> keep the trend going. >> temperatures today very warm. i predicted a high temperature of 50 today. we got to 56 degrees today. just amazing how warm we were as that clipper system passed to our north. snow over the boarder in pennsylvania. parts of frederick county, washington county all had snow this morning. but then even temperatures there rose above 50 degrees. winds out of the southwest 5 miles an hour. now we have seen some higher gusts back to the west. things are starting to calm as far as the wind is concerned though. right now very warm, average high temperature this time of year is 44. we're at 55 in d.c. bull run coming in at 42 degrees. leesburg coming in around 49 degrees. on the radar, nothing. not going to see any rain or snow in our
6:48 pm
we are watching, though, two systems. here's the one to the north that brought a little bit of snow early towards parts of the hmasn dixon line. new york today, 31 degrees for a high. woe we were 56. that's the difference here with that storm passing just to our north. the next system back towards omaha, nebraska. this one will actually slide to our south. that allows colder temperatures to move on in. and most of us will stay on the dry side from this, may see a sprinkle or two tomorrow, but not expecting much. temperatures will be a little bit cooler. 42 at noon tomorrow after a temperature of 38 at the bus stop. rather cool tomorrow, but not all that bad. actually mild for this time of year. 43 on thursday. we get winds upwards of 15-25 miles per hour on thursday. that's going to make the windchills in the 30s. 41 degrees on friday. a chilly
6:49 pm
28 for a low saturday morning. 38 for a high temperature on saturday. sunday is the day to watch. 36 for a high. computer model is giving us a chance for rain and snow. it's a very weak storm. if we're cold enough, we could still have some problems on the road. we're still five days out from this event. a week from today we could be near 70. it's a week and a day way. 62 next week. 68 on wednesday. chance of showers next week. >> we'll take it. coming up in sports the wizards are going for 15 in a row at verizon. john wall is big part of that. what the head coach told his point guard. lester holt with a look at what's ahead. ahead for us on a busy tuesday, president trump turning his pick for theup
6:50 pm
what we know about the two finalists. details emerge of a mission phone wrogone wrong. a warning about self-medicating for sleep problems when
6:51 pm
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creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy. well, i guess about a month or so ago people were tng
6:53 pm
make some big changes. and here they are charging full steam ahead. >> we knew they could be good this year. scott brooks is great coach. they have the longest active win streak at home in the league, third in franchise history. you know what the longest is? 22 home straight games. >> whoa. >> they have 14 right now. they have a ways to go but they're threatening. wizards opening up a four-game home stand tonight, hosting the knicks. sh t we talked yesterday about how they have that vibe in practice. do you feel it in pregame? >> reporter: they're definitely coming out with a certain attitude. i think we saw that with their all black attire against the celtics. they've been playing great basketball here almost two months. they're going for their 15th straight here at the verizon center. scott brooks tolde
6:54 pm
success is reflective of john wall's success. the four-time all star is coming off tying his career high in assists. he says he's improving and so is his team. >> my game just matured. coach came and toalked to me th day after my surgery and said i'm going to be the leader of the team. >> sometimes you just take it for granted. but what he does is special. not a lot of guards can do that, play at that speed, to be able to take the picture of the floor and be able to deliver on time and on target. >> reporter: like you said, the 14 consecutive wins here at home are the longest in the nba. they're really trying to get to that number 15 mark. >> so much fun to see. we're doing math over here. i'm out of fingers. caps facihe
6:55 pm
a win tonight would be their 13th w in the month of january, which would tie a record from 2010. if practice is any indication, they look to pick up where they left off. >> always feel good after a break. maybe a little more now that i'm getting a little older. but yeah feel good. >> you've still got to stay sharp, have a little bit of workload. you can't just drift through things. i think when you talk about learning things, i think you just learn that. hey, we've got a break. let's deal with it correctly and make sure that we're good. >> he has never played a down for the burgundy and gold by junior galette hoping the third time is the charm. each of his first two seasons in ash burn
6:56 pm
achilles tendon ruptures. he has said he would play for free. over on the nbc at washington app we have our story on falcons head coach dan quinn who has a local connection to maryland. he's number 99 there, a former football team captain and track star at salisbury university. he was asked about his time as a seagull. >> so much of my foundation as a competitor was during that time. and i got to watch other coaches coach who were terrific in that time. that helped me become the coach -- i knew that's what i wanted to do, but seeing so many in different sports was a big factor. it's great to keep up with people who were there then and are still there now. >> he remembers where he came from. the westminster dog show right around the corner. always a fun watch. it's a must see event
6:57 pm
for the first time in 140 year history they're including cats. cats not expected to jump through hoops, we're told. but we're interested to see how this works with the new breeds portion. they're actually going to be i don't think on the floor together. >> in the noncompetition part. >> cats and dogs together at msg february 11th. mass hysteria. >> dog people and cat people together in a divided nation. that's hilarious. every day for five decades a man went to work at the friendship post office in northwest washington. he's back at work today after a special surprise from some members of the community. coworkers and customers honored david gascans with a cake and celebration of his 50-year
6:58 pm
he has no plans to retire yet. he says he's going to keep on working as long as he can. >> why not? he's in great shape. nightly news is coming up next.
6:59 pm
bp gives its offshore teams 24/7 support from onshore experts, so we have extra sets of eyes on our wells every day. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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tonight, president trump's supreme court pick. a primetime announcement. the white house ratcheting up the drama. both finalists summoned to washington. you're fired fall out after the president dismissing the acting attorney general who refused to use his travel ban, which the white house says isn't a travel ban at all. why do they keep using the word? deadly american raid. a member of the famed seal team 6 killed along with an 8-year-old girl. the daughter of a u.s. born al qaeda leader. what happened? wake up call about all those over the counter sleep aids millions are taking to sleep. many misusing them and not knowing it. all the buzz. a boy and his princiin


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