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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 4, 2017 9:00am-9:30am EST

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president trump's travel ban executive order. earlier this morning the president tweeted this out. quote, when a country is no longer able to say who can and cannot come in and out, especially for reasons of safety and security, big trouble. the white house hasn't given an explanation why vincent viola dropped out. but according to the military times it was because of a defense department's strict business tie rule. viola is a west point graduate and a billionaire businessman. officials are going to be ready to answer questions about that fire at a lorton waste energy facility. the one that continues to smolder. neighbors are concerned about air quality but can attend a meeting this morning that starts in about 30 minutes at mount vernon high school. welcome back in to news4 today on this saturday morning. i'm david culve
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>> and i'm meagan fitzgerald. tom kierein joins us with a look at the weather. a little chilly out there? >> it sure is. here in northwest d.c., a bit of a wind. and the bright sunshine and blue sky. but temperature here as we look at the storm team 4 temperature here in the news4 washington app, it's only 27 degrees out here. but it feels like 18 even with that bright sun. there's a live view from our tower camera overlooking the area there. warm jacket, hat, sunglasses, warm footwear and gloves needed today as it's going to be cold. upper 20s just about everywhere else. except some of the areas are still in the low and mid-20s. climbing in upper 30s to near 40 to late afternoon. warming trend ahead. a look at that in a few mblts. >> thank you, tom. the new u.s. defense
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japan this morning. it marks his first overseas trip since taking office last month. he spoke at a joint news conference in tokyo yesterday with his counterpart. mattis says the u.s. cannot afford to ignore the destabilizing moves of iran. >> as iran goes, this is the single biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. and i think it is wise to make certain that iran recognizes that what it is doing is getting the attention of a lot of people and we have a responsibility along with the rest of the nations that want to maintain stability to be absolutely clear with iran in this regard. >> mattis went on to say that president trump's administration will remain committed to the defense of japan. house speaker paul ryan is sitting down for an exclusive interview with "meet the press" and discussing the sanctions against iran. he'sso
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nuclear deal and whether or not it should remain in place. take a listen. >> so i think the key is to rigorously maintain this deal. human rights abuses galore. and so those are where i think we also need to ratchet up sanctions. i think what this administration is doing which i agree with is saying we have a new administration and we're going to hold you, iran, to account. this last administration did not do that. this new administration needs to do that and i think that's what you're getting here. >> you can watch the entire interview tomorrow morning at 10:30 on "meet the press" with chuck todd. it airs right here on nbc 4. plans to pick up the phone right now and call the white house's public comment line, you'll be greeted by a recording. it'll ask to send a message online. previous administration, you could leave a voice message. jackie speier has addressed a bill in congress sos
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restore public access. she says the president has an obligation to listen to the american people. >> that's like a king pulling up the moat because he doesn't want his subjects to be able to respond to him or to be heard. >> the reality is that speier's bill has little chance of advancing. we reached out to the white house for comment, we haven't heard back yet. ♪ a number of organizations held a protest outside of trump international hotel tonight. one of the organizations was work for peace. it's the same group that helped organize a protest outside of mike pence's home last month. the group says last night's protest was in response to president trump's recent executive orders on immigration. >> going to bring you this emotional story. tears are still flowing in bowie
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were killed inside a restaurant. shomari stone shows us how the employees and the community are coming together. >> reporter: a candlelight vigil on a cold friday night. >> it's very surreal, sickening to think about. >> reporter: caroline mills is mourning the loss of her managers in bowie. >> very heartbroken this happened. >> reporter: police say a bartender shot and killed the restaurant manager sherwood morgan along with morgan's business partners. kent woo and jason chen. >> they were all very nice people. they put everything they had into this au
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attended church with sherwood morgan. >> brother sherwood was a good friend of mine. >> reporter: sources say the suspect shot and killed the victims in the office. investigators tell us he shot himself when police went to arrest him in silver spring and he survived. >> the suspect, did he ever give any indication he would do something like this? >> no. we were all actually pretty close with him. we would hug him a lot. we were friends with him. a couple days before it happened he gave a shirt to one of the coworkers just because we were all friends. >> reporter: shomari stone, news4. as you prepare to file your taxes, there is a growing scam we need to tell you about. so the irs is warning taxpayers of a w-2 scam. cyber criminals are using e-mails to pose as company executives to trick employees into handing
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information. but experts say you should be suspicious of any e-mail that asks for financial information. even if it's from the boss. >> criminals are going to follow the money. right now there's a huge trove of money available to them in filing false tax returns. >> and experts are also urging companies to issue those w-2s as early as possible. any employees should file early before a scammer can. some muslim families say they are living in fear. we're going to show you how a local police chief is trying to calm concerns with the rollout of the president's immigration order. a military family in burke, virginia, is on their most special mission yet. their son ethan is autistic and has other special needs. but there's something that could really change things for this family. w you can help. ho
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a film. surveillanceideo capturing the high-end theft on camera last night. watch as they're just driven right out of there. police in illinois say several men smashd their way in just before midnight. similar thefts have been happening in that region. police now think an organized theft ring is likely responsible for the rash of stolen luxury cars. some of the cars have turned up abandoned but no arrests have been made. and you may consider getting a flu shot if you haven't gotten one already. the flu is spreading across the country right now. all the states you see there in red are where the flu is widespread. including maryland and virginia. that's according to the centers for disease control. so far at least 15 children have died from the flu nationwide. symptoms include coughing, fever, and body aches. it's recommended that anyone six months and older get the flu vaccine. take you outside for a live look at union station. you can see there's a windy start to this saturday
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forecast with freezing
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sunny and cold on this saturday. a reminder february is still a winter month. that's for sure. american university in the foreground here. on the horizon there is tyson's corner in fairfax county. f
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by noontime should be in the mid-30s. mid-40 by mid to late afternoon. a little bit of a breeze. you do need to layer up. warming trend for the week ahead. a look at that in a few minutes. today a fire is continuing to smolder at a trash facility. this is in lorton, virginia. it's been burning since thursday. now neighbors are a bit worried about all the smoke in the air. >> aimee cho is live with a look at what's being done to calm fears. good morning, aimee. >> reporter: good morning. this is a fire that began in lorton on thursday night and the fire continues to smolder as we speak. i've got some video of what those flames looked like. for some of the neighbors around here, this is a concern. there's a town hall going on right now at mount vernon high school. they have monitors in place to monitor air quality and in addition theen
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saying there should be no concern about air quality because it's ordinary house trash that's burning. no effect to the air quality. that's the very latest. we're live in alexandria. >> all right. thanks. as virginia's elected leaders slam president trump on immigration, muslims say they're dealing with increased violence. >> reporter: one of several friday prayer gatherings packed at the muslim american society's location. outside armed private security guards. >> getting threats, phone calls, letters that are vision. >> reporter: aseel is executive director. he says there are no specific threats to this location. but since the president's executive order which bans travelers from several muslim country, she's heard from family members scared.
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people are bringing their children. we want to make sure our facilities are safe. >> you are part of our community. >> reporter: helping to reassure these fairfax county residents, the police chief. >> i'm here to serve you. >> reporter: for him it's not political. it's rather simple actually. >> i am their chief of police. it's their police department. >> reporter: in neighboring loudoun county, a crowd of non-muslims welcomed to friday prayers with hugs and hand shakes. some holding signs. >> you are welcome here. >> it says patriots protect all religions. >> reporter: inside the adams center, virginia's leaders slamming the president's executive order. >> we are here to send a message to president trump that we will not stand by for an unlawful, unconstitutional, morally repugnant executive order. >> after saying that, the governor stepped o
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impacting virginia's economy. he said two foreign companies planning to visit in the coming weeks have called off their trips citing that executive order. the anticipates more companies to follow suit. thinking of going to india this summer, there are new options for you. air india will soon be flying between new delhi and dulles airport. >> connecting the biggest democracy with the oldest. >> there will be three non-stop round trip flights each week. they're expecting some 30,000 tourists traveling there each year. terry mcauliffe says that will make a $30 million impact in the metro area. flights will begin in july. military family in northern virginia doing all they can to help their son. the 2-year-old has autism and some other challenges. >> his parents believe a service dog could make
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difference. kristin wright shares their story. >> reporter: brittany and dan. high school sweethearts. together forever. senior prom. high school graduation, class of 2002. marriage. the military. moving from place to place serving our country. then came joy. an 8 pound 4.9 ounce baby boy ethan. but with all the good times come hard times too. ethan was born with severe scoliosis. he was missing a rib. >> so he had two vertical tie tanian ribs placed when he was 9 months old. >> that was just the beginning. >> he wasn't pointing or responding to his name. >> reporter: at 21 months, he was diagnosed with autism. now he's almost 3. he love z this therapy swing and loves to play in his own way. ethan doesn't
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his mom understand each other perfectly. >> he's such a happy boy. he really is. >> reporter: a happy boy with some very special needs. >> we pledged to raise $17,000 for ethan to get a service dog placed. >> reporter: ethan's parents are raising money to get a service dog from nonprofit 4 paws 4 ability. the therapy dog would be trained specifically to help ethan with development and communication. >> the hopes are he would want to tell the dog commands and he would want to learn to talk. >> reporter: a dog could soothe ethan when he's upset and his mom says bring him back to the present when he starts to disappear into his own world. so far the family has raised $7,000. they have a ways to go. >> i think everybody wants the world for their children. and, you know, we try everything possible to give that to them. >> reporter: so that ethan can have a better tomorrow. >> go night night.
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reporting. ethan's father is a captain. he is in the air force. so the family has to move around a lot like many military families do. so change is especially hard for ethan. and another reason why the family says the service dog would be so great. the longs set up a donation page. we have a link in the nbc washington app. just search paws for ethan. >> let's hope he gets that. tom kierein in from the cold. how was it out there? >> it is. just a little bit of a breeze and it -- >> it's cold in here too. >> -- cuts right through you. it really does. need to warm up. as we've had certainly this balmy pattern here for much of january. been kind of spoiled into a false sense of spring, early spring. but not today. there's a beautiful blue sky though. live view from our storm team 4 tower camera. looking on the horizon. and temperatures right now are still below freezing. they're in the 20s just about everywhere from the mountains to the bay.
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reagan international now at 29 degrees. all dry on storm team 4 radar. don't have any snow anywhere in our vicinity. we'll stay dry all day long. temperatures by 10:00 should be up near freezing. then during the afternoon, we are hovering up near 40. a little bit of a breeze so windchills may just be in the 20s and 30s much of the day as well. then overnight tonight, not as cold. back down to the mid-30s by 10:00 p.m. if you're going out tonight. still need to layer up and dress for a winter evening. shows a milder trend during the day on sunday. a lot of clouds tomorrow, but a nicer day to get out and get some exercise. need to get in a hike or a bike ride. up around 50 in the afternoon. and then on monday, back to work and school. mid-30s in the morning. afternoon highs, low 50s. tuesday, that's the mildest day here over the next ten days. the record in washington is 64 degrees for tuesday. that was set back in 2008. and we may tie that
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a lot of clouds around tuesday. few sprinkles of light rain. afternoon temperatures in the upper 50s. then it turns chilly. thursday afternoon only low 40s and sunshine. then friday partly cloudy and it gets milder again up near 50. then next saturday may get up to around 60 degrees. then that saturday night might get a few sprinkles of light rain that following sunday into monday. dry again with highs in the 40s. that's the way it looks. >> tom, thank you. it's one of the most popular seasonal treats. the changes coming to the shamrock shake at mcdonald's and how soon you'llnotice a d
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so many of us think about tomorrow, we think about the big games and wings to go with it. you likely will never eat as many chicken wings a as the winner of the wing bowl in philadelphia. oh, gosh. he gobbled down 409 wings in philly yesterday. the all-time record is 444 wings. that happened back in 2015. transitioning you from savory to sweet. this is interesting. i've never had one of these. mcdonald's starting to roll out the shamrock shake at all locations. >> my mom's favorite. and this year there's a twist. the shake will come in five
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flavors. you got the original, chocolate chocolate chip, frappe, hot chocolate, and mocha. each drink has a hint of mint. and there's a fun fact for you. the original shamrock shake was first released in 1970. its sales helped build the first ronald mcdonald house in philly. >> rolling out on tuesday. 9:26 your time now on this saturday. let's get you four things to know before you head out. the white house says the department of justice plans to file an emergency stay on president trump's travel ban executive order. this morning the president tweeting this out. when a country is no longer able to say who can and cannot come in and out especially for reasons of safety and security, big trouble. >> president donald trump's pick for the army secretary has dropped out. the military times reports that vincent viola's business ties led to the decision. >> thick smoke has been spewing into the air over the waste to energy facility. this is in lorton. it all happened after a fire
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the company is using monitors to check air quality. but environmental officials say there is no danger to the public. >> metro has these six stations closed today and tomorrow. metro needs to do more work in the tunnels. free buses will replace orange, blue, and silver line services in downtown d.c. tom, you're saying layer up as we head out? >> yeah. good day for a bowl of hot gumbo. it's going to be staying in the 20s the next couple of hours. then the 30s near 40s this afternoon. layer up. >> all righty. thank you so much for joining us. >> have a great day, everyone 37
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