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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 11, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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♪ . and right now a shooting, a wild chase, and all of this happening while a popular casino was partially evacuated. now on news4 today, the dangerous pursuit that played out. a guest from russia. why edward snowden could be shipped back to the u.s. to win favor from president trump. this is a sad one. bye-bye bao bao. the not so little panda getting close to her next adventure. a lot of emotion saying good-bye to her. >> i don't want to talk about it. >> we are going to talk abo
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this saturday morning. i'm david culver. >> i'm angie goff. glad to get your saturday morning started with us. and we wanted to get started with tom kierein. >> let's do it. hey there, tom. >> good morning. we've got a big, bright, full moon flooding the western sky with moonlight. there's the live view from our prince georges county camera. the big moon there gleaming off the potomac river. we will have our temperatures climbing by later this afternoon up into the upper 50s to near 60. right now we don't have anything coming from the clouds. but it's cold. we're down to near freezing. just about everywhere from the mountains to the bay. at the bay wears, it's in the upper 30s to near 40. nearby suburbs are hovering right around freezing. a look at that hour-by-hour big change on the day f
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ahead. and chance of rain for sunday in just a few minutes. >> thank you, tom. new this morning, a man is in jail at the maryland live casino is back open and normal after this wild police chase we followed. a man was shot on division avenue in northeast d.c. just before 10:00 last night. the suspect had jumped into a vehicle and then drove away. police chased the vehicle and somehow this vehicle was involved in a carjacking in d.c. d.c. police have not confirmed the two are connected. we're working on getting more information. the casino was partially evacuated. foreign relations will be on the agenda for president donald trump today. president trump spending the weekend in florida with japanese prime minister shinzo abe. this morning the two leaders will play golf at the president's mar-a-lago resort
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happening tonight. government watch dog groups say it is a conflict of interest for prime minister abe to stay at the president's private resort. however, the white house says the prime minister will be a guest of the president. former nsa contractor edward snowden pushing back against claims that russia may give him up. >> nbc news learned yesterday that russian government is considering offering snowden up as a gift to president trump. snowden responded on twitter saying this is irrefutable evidence that he never cooperated with russian intelligence. he went on to say no country trades away spies. snowden was granted refuge in russia after spilling secrets of america's surveillance program. he is facing federal charges that call for 30 years in prison. speaking of russia, it's the center of a growing controversy involving the president's national secu
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it has to do with a conversation that took place before the president took office. calling for an investigation into whether michael flynn talked about u.s. sanctions during phone calls with russia's ambassador. if so those conversations could have broken the law. a trump administration says flynn has no recollection and can't be certain if he talked about sanctions. a new executive order on immigration could be coming. the president is responding to a federal court decision that refuses to reinstate his travel ban. he's confident he'll win his court battle. press secretary sean spicer said every option is on the table. the senior administration officials tell nbc news they do not plan an emergency appeal to the supreme court. also the federal appeals court that issued the ruling plans to vote on whether to have a larger panel of judges reconsider the decision. in a separate court case, lawyers in the commonwealth are making arguments against the
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in federal court on friday, they argued that it violated the constitution and discriminates against muslims. george washington university law professor is now weighing in. >> the best thing the trump administration can do at this point is to rewrite the order, make it narrower, make it not apply to people with green cards. >> virginia's attorney says this order could impact up to 1,000 people in the state. the democrat says there is fear if they leave the u.s., their visas could be revoked. president obama's former education chief is defending the new education secretary betty devos. arnie duncan tweeted she should be allowed into public school even if folks don't agree with her. demonstrators blocked her from entering in washington. she eventually made it through a back entrance. devos has advocated for charter schools and faced
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lacked experience during her hearing. she said she respects people's protest and is committed to educating children. all right. i guess we have to do it. we can't throw the story out. i'm going to be all right. give me the box. the national zoo is throwing a private farewell event for bao bao today. >> she was born at the zoo as part of a breeding program. we knew this was going to happen. it's all part of the agreement with china. that's where she's going to be sent back to. how the zoo is preparing for what will be an emotional departure. >> reporter: at washington's national zoo, she is the hottest celebrity. >> she is very cute and little. and she loves to eat bamboo. >> reporter: bao bao is the ultimate reality star. born in front of the cameras. her big milestone, captured live on the zoo's panda cam. her first
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her first snow. >> she's kind of our little miracle girl. >> reporter: for the trainer, she acts like a teenager. >> we use the word sassy. she has a lot to say. >> reporter: zoo keeper laurie thompson has been with bao bao from the beginning. she leads her through activities like painting. all voluntary. designed to help stimulate use of bao bao's pseudothumb. something she also uses for holding bamboo. training geared to this moment when the 3-year-old will hop a plane headed to china. part of a long standing agreement. all cubs born in the u.s. move to their native land to take part in a breeding program. >> the goal is to get more pandas out in the wild. perhaps their offspring will. >> reporter: they've taught bao bao by hand signals so there's no worry about a language barrier. >> good girl. >>re
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trainer and plenty of bamboo will be right by her side. until then, crowds will gather to bid farewell. >> bye-bye panda. >> reporter: to the girl who captured our hearts and grew up before our eyes. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, washington. >> going to miss her. metro's starting its next big project today. how the government is using leverage to make a statement on how the agency handles safety. then a deadly shooting and neighbors are on edge this morning. we'll tell you who police are now questioning about what was a very disturbing discovery. it's 6:08.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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montgomery village residents tell us they're on edge and in shock. after a man was shot to death in their neighborhood. police say they were called to the scene yesterday afternoon
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the police found the man lying lifeless. they have not yet released his name. they're interviewing witnesses and detained some from a nearby home but they're not yet calling them suspects. residents expressing their feelings to us. >> yeah, definitely strange. yeah. we're worried. >> we feel very unsecure now. we don't know what to do. i mean, i hope they -- it's just an isolated situation. >> the truth is police just don't know. this is an active investigation. anyone with information should call police. well, if safety is your concern on metro, it's also the reason why federal officials are withholding about $15 million that should go to the transit agency. the federal transit administration says it's holding the money until a new safety oversight commission is formed. the fta has been doing oversight since october of 2015. so far d.c. has passed the measure to move ar
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virginia as well as maryland. once that happens, metro will get the money. do you remember the snow from this past weekend? there's proof on my instagram. tom's tracking a wild weather change. we're talking from snow to the 60s. we'll get to that. from dangerously high winds to major snowstorms in the northeast -- wow -- the next blast of weather that could add several more
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good morning. this saturday morning we're starting off partly cloudy and cold. it's down to near freezing throughout much of the region. although around the bay it's in the low to mid-40s. now 40 degrees at reagan national. hour-by-hour temperatures quickly jumping today into the afternoon we'll hit the 50s. then near 60 degrees by mid-afternoon. even milder weather coming in for tomorrow and chances for rain as well in just a few minutes. >> we'll check in with you then. crews are working and they're quite busy this weekend. they're trying to mix a massive raw sewage spill. wssc posted these pictures of the crews working. they said a 20 inch main broke. this was on thursday at the waste water treatment plant. the commission says the break caused waste water to flow into the creek until c
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a holding basin. we're told the spill is not affecting drinking water. a former virginia national guardsman will spend 11 years behind bars for trying to help isis. mohamed jalo was arrested yesterday. he spoke about a ft. hood style massacre. it was argued he's not a radical extremist. he said it was a mistake of his life and he went on to apologize to the u.s. military. he was a refugee from sierra leone. he said he's sorry if it's made it difficult for other refugees to enter the u.s. sanitize, rinse, and repeat. that's the activity in schools both near and far. hundreds of kids have come down with the flu. and maybe your child is one of them. as erica edwards explains, schools are now taking serious precaution. >> reporter: these kids in
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sigler, oklahoma, spent their time on the court this week instead of the classrooms. the middle and high schools there both closed because of the flu. >> it spreads like crazy. >> reporter: it's the same situation near st. louis, missouri. and in lubbock, texas. >> we had some classes with over 75% of the kids out. >> reporter: 14 states now have widespread flu activity. 20 children have died including 6-year-old eva harris is cleveland, ohio, who had a rare flu-related complication. a popular gym teacher in tulsa, oklahoma, also succumbed to the flu. >> they were hugging mr. smith, the teacher that told us. >> reporter: workers will spend the weekend sanitizing schools. and it's not just the flu virus that's hitting classes hard. >> i just got a phone call from the clinic that his stomach is not feeling well. >> reporter: an elementary school in arlington, virginia,
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when dozens of kids became sick with norovirus. nbc news. well, it feels a bit like spring here in d.c. >> here. but head north. northeast in particular, and it's kind of a winter wonderland up there. just as folks are starting to dig out from a massive mid-week snowstorm, more snow could be on the way. the national weather service forecasting several inches today in new england. by monday there could be an extra 9 to 18 inches throughout that region. incredible. and while wild winds -- take a look at this video. oh, my gosh. that's in wyoming where the winds were strong enough to turn over a tractor-trailer turn over on a patrol car. that was captured by highway patrol dash cam. thankfully the troopers were out of their cars when that ap
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were not hurt. a lot of lucky folks out there. that could have ended much worse. >> horrible. so last night i was telling him, the moon looked spectacular. looked like it had a halo around it. i thought a snow moon was trending this morning. does that -- >> that's a name of a full moon in february. it's our snowiest month usually. not this year. so far anyway. and really no snow here for today even though it's feeling cold enough, feeling wintry cold here at dawn on this saturday. we've got a lot of clouds around live view overlooking northeast washington in the foreground. off on the horizon there, it's prince georges county. and we are starting off there in prince georges county with temperatures around 40 degrees. it's near 40 in washington. right by the bay as well. to our southwest and north and west, it's in the upper 20s to just near 30 degrees. so a cold start there. and we'll see temperatures quickly
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don't have anything coming from the clouds. don't have any snow. don't have any rain anywhere in the vicinity. hour-by-hour temperatures by 10:00 a.m. will be in the mid-40s. then by 2:00, up around 60. we'll be hovering near 60 through the afternoon. so a mild afternoon. then that peekaboo moon again tonight just past full moon. back down to around 50. hour-by-hour timing of some rain tomorrow. 7:00 a.m., all the areas in color. that's where they might get a little bit of sprinkles with light rain north and west. then by 9:00, 10:00 a.m., a few sprinkles in the metro area. during the afternoon, we have a possibility of a few passing light rain showers. but then after that we'll dry out. and temperatures tomorrow even milder, the mid-60s. then morning blustery winds on monday. chilly day with lots of sunshine. temperatures in the upper 40s. cold mornings and chilly afternoons. then look at next weekend. up near 70 againt
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>> just a typical february here in d.c. thanks, tom. a close call and a dangerous trend. the incoming local flight that narrowly missed a drone. one of those things. we're going to tell you about the growing challenge pilots are now facing. z29kvz zstz
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y29kvy ysty
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z29ksz zstz y29ksy ysty i have your first 4 traffic and a look
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number 12 running. this will run february 11 through 28. no blue line trains in service during this time. every 20 minutes on the yellow line, trains run between huntington and mount vernon square. reminder, your arlington cemetery, that station will be closed. but served by buses from pentagon station during sa safetrack surge number 12. on the orange line, normal. same on silver line. have a good morning. a close call at dulles international airport after an incoming flight from paris narrowly missed a drone on landing. >> this was a close call. this happened late thursday afternoon. now we're learning more about how this could have happened. >> reporter: the airfrance
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boeing 777 arriving around 4:30 thursday afternoon. listen as the pilot spots something. >> on the left side just above my head, on the captain's side. less than a hundred feet. >> reporter: a drone flying deep inside the restricted air space. the tower warning other pilots. >> be advised. we just had a report of a drone spotting. just west of waxin. the final approach. >> a drone that high is pretty unusual. >> reporter: he would know. he's been flying his drone for about two years. he's got an faa-license to record aerial images for his real estate company. >> i started taking the video as well. >> reporter: he flies outside of the restricted air space and even then taking precautions
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heads up. >> i always call him before i fly. tell him where i'm going to fly, when i'm going to fly. >> reporter: but still understands the fear from the cockpit. >> definitely shake yous up. if you see a drone a hundred feet above you and you're already at 700 feet. >> reporter: he warned something that small can cause major damage or worse. especially during takeoff or landing. >> most time are work intensive that a pilot has to deal with. that's just a bad time to be losing an engine. >> reporter: here's some interesting numbers according to the faa. they are say there are more than 22,000 registered drones in the u.s. again, those are the registered ones. many more may remain. close calls jumped about 50% from 2015 to 2016. well, if you need a live
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calm. things are quickly warming up. we'll stay dry today. but tom kierein is watching showers that are moving our way. all right. seems like this makes a lot of us cringe. cars speeding past school buses. we'll tell you the risk for students. and the punishment one
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♪ contrary to ancient wisdom... the sun doesn't rise, we do. yet, the more we travel,
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coralling us and controlling us. so, we seek a place where we're given a choice... ...not just to get up, but to rise. ♪
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we come up on 6:30 on this saturday. d.c. police say a man was shot at division avenue just after 10:00 last night. they won't confirm if the shooting is related to a vehicle pursuit that ended at maryland live casino. police tell us they chased a vehicle that was somehow involved in a car jacking in d.c. the casino was partially evacuated until the man was found. president trump will use a round of golf to work on his relationship today. he is spending the day at mar-a-lago with japanese prime minister shinzo abe. the national zoo hosting a private farewell party for bao bao today. the 3-year-old panda will leave forever on february 21st.
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we welcome you back in on this saturday morning. >> we've had a wild weather pattern. now we're looking at a mild day. >> we go from snow earlier this week and now -- talking about mid-60s, tom? >> yeah. indeed. incredible changes. we were in the 70s earlier in the week. then snow on thursday. then cold since then. and now a warming trend for this weekend. got a gorgeous full moon out on the western sky getting low in the western sky right now. that's the february snow moon now beginning to set in the western sky. as the sky is beginning to brighten up on this saturday morning. and a great morning, get out and get a run in. temperatures by 9:00 should be climbing into the low 40s just about everywhere. then a light jacket, noontime mid-50s. during is the middle of the afternoon near 60 degrees and partly sunny. a look at rain chances for tomorrow. that's coming up in just a few
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developing now out of northern california. heavy rain caused this severe flooding. three levees breached which led to washed out roads in water logged neighborhoods. some people were told to shelter in place after it became too dangerous to evacuate. rescuers in the philippines are still combing through collapsed buildings to find survivors. a powerful 6.7 magnitude quake killed six people and injured more than 120 others. you can see some of the aftermath there. the quake hit early friday morning. buildings damaged, power kicked out. nearly 100 aftershocks have already been felt. a lasting legacy. montgomery county lost one of its biggest advocates for child safety this week. emily crown worked there for 36 years. kristen rice looks at the legacy she left behind. >> reporter: it's hard to say how many lives emily crown
6:33 am
we know it's a lot. one car seat at a time, emily was known as the heart and soul of montgomery county child passenger safety seat program and safe kids. at a check in 2012, emily told us how she's just wanted to help parent zblps a lot of times there's just so many little details to look at, that it gives them great peace of mind to come here and know it's done properly. >> reporter: emily led the way installing and checking countless car seats and training others. she understood the need for parents like paulina silverstein to protect their children in every way. >> if anything happened and you didn't do everything that you possibly could that you could control at least, to make sure that your child was safe, i mean, it would be hard to live with that afterwards. >> reporter: emily helped start the county's partnership with fitzgerald auto mall in 1998. jack fitzgerald tells the story of a trash truck and mini van
6:34 am
car seats in the van. the two little boys in it survived. >> stlr people like that that have a calling. and i think emily had a calling. >> reporter: without fail, emily was at fitzgerald's for safety seat checks every month for nearly the past 20 years. >> we're at 47,000 child safety seats that have been checked and emily's been part of every one of those. >> reporter: her office is filled with all the accolades and recognitions, but it's her heart that will be remembered most. >> someone was coming in from out of town and a grandparent needed a car seat installed at the last minute. emily was always able to make it happen. >> and that was kristin wright reporting. a memorial service will be held later today in damascus for emily. it will be at 10:00 a.m. she leaves behind her husband and her son. a new bill being proposed in maryland.
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for drivers who violate state school bus laws. according to our news partners at wtop, introduced a new house bill. it would slap a $250 fine on drivers who pass a stopped school bus for the second time. the second offense would have to happen within 60 days of the first offense in the same county. current state law says drivers must halt for a stopped school bus unless they are on the opposite side of a divided highway. and frank turner wants for drivers to get another message put down your phones and drive. he wants to see an increase to the citations of getting caught using a cell phone while driving. the current fine is anywhere from $75 to $175. turner wants it to go up to $500. data shows an upward trend noting that last year 41,000 drivers
6:36 am
in 2014 that number was closer to 38,000. if you're feeling nauseous, it might be the weather roller coaster we're riding. tom's updating his forecast with another week full of changes and how you can plan ahead. seconds from disaster. how an officer rushed to help when he saw a man trapped in this. and a car about to explode.
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we usually say volcanoes cause destruction. one volcano has created an island in the pacific ocean. you're looking at video from a crew that landed on the island in january. the island is now 12 times its original size. the volcano exploded south of tokyo in 2013. you've got to take a look at this incredible video. this comes to us out of florida where police rescued a driver from a burning car moments before it
6:39 am
police say the 44-year-old crashed his car into a concrete barrier. he was able to get out of the car but couldn't move much farther. dash cam video shows three police officers rushing in -- watch this. that's them dragging him out, pulling him to safety before the car burst into flames. look at that. no word what caused the crash. police say he is expected to make a full recovery. well, check your credit or debit card if you have eaten at arby's lately. the restaurant chain says that malware installed on cash registers may have put more than 450,000 customers at risk. the fast food chain says it's removed that software from its corporate system. arby's says the breach happened during late october and mid-january. right now a live look outside. won't be long before we're back up in the 60s. look at that sunrise. beautiful start to this saturday. we've got tom tracking a warm-up rad how soon in might make its
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this saturday morning starting off cold. our temperatures down to near freezing. suburbs and rural areas mainly west of the 95 corridor. it's near 40 degrees in washington and right near the chesapeake bay. now, quickly jumping, look at our temperatures. much of the region well into the 40s in another few hours. then hitting the 50s during the afternoon. maybe even near 60 right in the
6:43 am
today. even milder tomorrow with some rain. a look at the hour-by-hour timing on that rain in a few minutes. >> sounds good. thanks. time now 6:42. the "today" show is next on nbc 4. >> sheinelle jones, craig melvin joining us from new york. have you cleaned up since hurricane goff was there? >> you beat me to it. i saw you on the third hour with your do it yourself stuff. >> made a mess at the end but it was all fun. >> it was in fun. we liked it. but good to see you guys, nonetheless. >> you too. coming up on this saturday morning here on "today," breaking overnight u.s. intelligence officials tell nbc news that russia is thinking of sending snowden back to the u.s. whoo the contractor is saying about that. pl also ahead this morning, a warning about those winter storms and how they can affect your home. jeff rossen will join us to show
6:44 am
caving in. and celebrating a record on "snl." alec baldwin takes to the stage yet again for his 17th time as host. we'll tell you what you can expect. >> should be pretty funny. >> yeah. >> folks already wrapped around the building. they've been lining up since thursday. >> but my question is rosie o'donnell -- >> no. folks announced yesterday she's not going to be joining the show tonight. we don't know about the future, but she won't be playing steve ban nontonight. >> okay. >> thanks. >> see ya. so there are growing fears among undocumented immigrants now that they might be forced out of the united states. >> gadi schwartz explains how it can tear families apart. >> reporter: a family reunion, but it's only temporary. she was deported this week. the first high-profile
6:45 am
during president trump's administration. >> i thought the united states was supposed to be united. >> reporter: but she says her children can't stay in mexico because it's too violent. >> she's our everything. >> reporter: and in this florida apartment, another mother makes dinner for her children. four were born in the u.s., one was born in mexico. and recently 8-year-old kelly heard a knock on the door. >> i was scared. >> reporter: it was immigration officials with questions for kelly's mother who is undocumented. kelly so traumatized she had a panic attack and was hospitalized. her father has now been detained. she's terrified of losing her mother as well. the fears of separation are traumatizing for the children. >> they're really threatening the health of children by placing them in situations where they're chronically worried about the fear of being separated from their parents. >> reporter: while every day on the southern border families emerge from the brush.
6:46 am
>> she's saying she has to escape the violence in el salvador because once kids become 6, 7, 8 years old they're brought into the violence and gangs and they'll be killed. >> reporter: mothers trying to shield their children who may later find more trauma in the fear of family separation. gadi schwartz, nbc news. >> in an effort to secure the u.s. border, homeland security john kelly is visiting the border with mexico. kelly stops in a town just south of san diego yesterday. he met with homeland security authorities and border patrol agents. president donald trump has a plan to build a wall along that southern border. >> the fact they're tunnelling under it goes to the effect i haveness of not just the wall, the physical barrier that already exists here in san diego, but goes to the effectiveness of the men and women that patrol that wall. >> secretary kelly also
6:47 am
arizona earlier this week. back here at home, montgomery county. the jail there wants a million bucks to upgrade security measures. operates say some of their surveillance cameras are getting hold and are failing. they're about 15 years old. the department of corrections will formally request the money to replace those cameras. the jail holds about 600 inmates a day. leave it to a dog to uncover some illegal cash. a customs canine sniffed out more than $60 milli6$60,000 at international airport. with about $44,000 in undeclared cash. and the traveler to vietnam also had thousands in bills. it's not illegal to travel with that much money, but you have to declare any amount that's over $10,000. >> those dogs are incree.
6:48 am
>> that's right. good day to walk the dogs outside, be outdoors maybe? >> it was so cold last night. and now not so bad this morning already. >> yeah. when you walk the dog, dog may be howling at the moon too. we've got a big, bright, full moon setting in the western sky now. live view from the storm team 4 tower camera on this saturday morning. showing the moon now getting lower in the sky. and we call that the february snow moon. but no snow. we have no snow anywhere in our vicinity. we've got some clouds floating three on this saturday morning. and temperatures are hovering near freezing. our nearby sub sushs. but generally east of the corridor, it's around 40 degrees. right along the 95 corridor. baltimore at 29 degrees. it is near freezing shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia, and the suburbs. temperatures by 10:00, mid to upper 40s. partly sunny during the afternoon soaring into the upper 0s
6:49 am
then we'll have the peekaboo moon this evening. right now nothing on radar. all dry. maybe a sprinkle there around cambridge. otherwise we'll all be dry. then tomorrow 7:00 in the morning these little patches of green, those are some scattered sprinkles as well as into the shenandoah valley and points north and west. by 8:00 a.m., still a few sprinkles around. then more on the afternoon on sunday. so tomorrow is going to be a cloudy day with an occasion nay sprinkle. get out and get some exercise today. enjoy the milder temperatures that are going to be coming back. in the mid-60s with the sprinkles around. then gets breezy and colder on monday. then 20s
6:50 am
tuesday afternoon into the upper 40s again. so it's going to be feeling februarilike at least through the rest of the week but not looking like it. because no snow at all. does not look like it all the way into next weekend. but here comes another warming trend next weekend. a week from today we may be back up near 70 degrees. remaining mild as we get into e the first part of that next week. so amazing, but it will be lovable weather on valentine's day on tuesday. >> yeah. you know a lot of couples are loving that. many are going to be going out to eat. speaking of valentine's day, tom, will you be mine? no, just kidding. it's almost here. if couples are scrambling to find something for their sweethearts or favorite weatherman, we'll share our surprising date ideas that are sure to i
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so you know him lately for playing president donald trump. tonight alec baldwin is going to host "saturday night live" for the 17th time. his first time was in april 1990. he says he enjoys being able to act in a live setting. human being guest ed sheeran also going to be on tonight's show. going to be here on nbc 4. well, look at these dresses. they are made out of chocolate. you could eat them. the delicious dresses
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some were short and eye catching. others were sweeping the floor. look at that. they had other confections. even accessories such as hats or earrings. one designer said he took him five weeks to create one dress. >> they probably need to keep it cool in there too. otherwise it could be scandalous. >> it would not last long on me. so time is running out to plan something special for valentine's day. >> but there's no shortage of options if you're trying to plan ahead. news4's justin finch shares four unexpected ways to celebrate the romantic day. >> one of our luxury one-bedroom suites and a tremendous rose petal turn down. >> reporter: that's just part of the monumental day to remember offering. >> and inside the car we have a terrific basket from dean and
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>> reporter: far moonlight monument tour. a pro photographer comes, too, to capture moments you'll keep forever. dinner for two, breakfast in bed, and late checkout are included. price tag $869. and weathhether celebrating lovd ore new, some say ice skating is the best for you. a couple's skate at the plaza comes in at under $30. >> everyone knows valentine's day equals roses. >> reporter: and perhaps the potomac river crews aboard the spirit of washington, the couples cruise features lunch and dinner options and includes your meal and a champagne toast. plus valentine's cruises are set to sail this weekend. >> if you just can't make it on february 14 for our dinner, we still have an amazing option available with the same valentine's day theme. >> reporter: cruise rates range from $73 to $200
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depending on the time and package you choose. want to keep it cozy? venture to old town. >> old town is fabulous. you've got everything. great places to eat, great places to shop. >> reporter: do dinner or drinks overlooking the potomac or take the trolley for more options. one special day four ways. justin finch, news4. >> good ideas. 6:56 is your time now on this saturday. let's set you off with four things you need to know. in d.c. a man was shot on division avenue just before 10:00 last night. they won't cop firm if the shooting is related to a chase ending at the casino. the casino was partially evacuated until the police arrested the man inside. president trump will play a round of golfwi
6:57 am
as president trump works to boost his diplomacy. nbc news learned the russian government may offer edward snowden up as a gift to e the u.s. snowden was granted refuge in russia after exposing secrets about america's sensitive surveillance programs. the national zoo is hosting a private farewell party for bao bao as an agreement between the national zoo and china. the 3-year-old panda will leave forever on february 21st.
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good morning. nbc news exclusive. from russia with love. officials may send nsa leaker edward snowden back to the u.s. this morning, the reaction to the bombshell report. if at first you don't succeed, president trump may sign a new executive order to get the travel ban enacted after defeats in court. meanwhile, the president saying he was unaware his national security advisor talked to russia before taking


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