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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  February 13, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> first we get to chuck and sheena, that wind going to be relentless all day. >> i ei've never seen a school delay because of the wind. >> here's your picture worth a thousand words forecast today. our little guy there hanging on for all he can in the wind and that's the way you're going to look later on today. your thickest windbreaker out for this morning. windchills down in the 20s. make sure you have a hat with tiedowns on it because other wise that thing will be gone in the wind. it's going to be chilly, not all that cold but the wind is going to have quite an impact. winds could gust near 50 miles per hour this morning and could gust up to 60 miles an hour as we get closer to lunchtime. here's sheena with more about the intensity of these winds. >> and we've been talking about the high wind warning. here's a look athe
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expects around the district, most of our counties in maryland expecting very high winds today and we're talking about wind gusts near 60 miles per hour. these are winds that we typically see in a thunderstorm. we do expect it to continue through the afternoon so it's not just this morning. it's going to run through almost the rest of the day. current wind gusts near 26 miles per hour in the district. leesburg near 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts. take a look at martinsburg now up to 45 but these winds will be increasing so make sure you plan accordingly. we also have some issues out there on the roads. good morning. >> several problems on the roadways here this morning. this one is actually one that's starting to get some real delays southbound. southbound near 109. crash on the left side of the roadway, the rest of what i'm talking about this morning, lots of downed trees, lots of downed wires. wyoming avenue at connecticut, downed tree with some lanes blocked there. 66 and
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inner loop and outer loop of the beltway are just fine as well. we'll have a lot more, and i'll talk about travel times coming up in a couple of minutes. we've been tracking all the damage all morning long for you. we've seen quite a bit of it. >> this is what it looks like where a downed power line has knocked out power there. we're live with a look at what it could mean for folks in that area. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we've got some progress to report. there's a do minian virginia power truck on the scene here. still very dark and quiet on this street here but there's progress. we've been waiting for that crew to get here to join up with the v dot cruise so they can work on the power lines and the tree branches that are hanging on those sagging lines. also a power pole caught up in all of that.
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nearby, marshall high school and mcclain high school and several other schools in this vicinity, so that could be the reason for obviously making the call for school to be delayed today. virginia's department of transportation has been on the scene here for quite some sometime so progress to report. there was a crash truck trying to get down this street but of course this area is blocked off. that's the situation here in this part of town this morning. back to you. >> thank you. and we want you to take a look at this video from arlington. high winds took out a power line lighting up a fire at columbia pike and south quin street. those flames sparked in the middle of the street. >> the high winds knocking down trees and branches intooa
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clean up this mess. this is germantown maryland. it's blocking the entrance to two homes. justin finch is staying on top of the issues in montgomery county. the wind has been so strong it ripped off part of an apartment building in southeast washington. look at the scene here. there's debris, wires down, a transformer also brought down. there was no one injured though. the red cross is helping families now that are displaced. and with so many wires down we're keeping an eye on the power outages. >> angie has the number from the live desk. >> good morning. some good news, more people getting their power back on this hour, but we still have a lot of you in the dark. 14,458 dominion customers still without power. pepco it looks like just a little more than 1,000 as you break down the
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novec, just 453 in the dark. moving over to maryland, first energy reporting 1,463 without power. bge looking at 609 and we know that there are more in baltimore and smeco just 22. schools in fairfax county looking at a two-hour delay because of all the debris in the road. one of the most helpful things to have today is the nbc washington app. you can sign up for alerts and we'll send you updates on any big issues happening on the roads and the latest forecast so you can stay ahead of the game. >> and for the second straight week president trump will welcome a foreign leader to the white house. >> he's expected to immediate with canadian prime minister today. they're expected to talk about common interests like jobs, economic growth and trade, but they're also expected to touch on subjects they disagree on like immigration and refugee
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policies. north korea is calling its latest missile test a success. it was launched sunday. south korea has condemned the test and the u.s. military says a launch was no threat to north america. some breaking news now, we are working to find out more about a deadly shooting in d.c. this happened in southeast d.c. right by the ferebee hope rec center. all we know right now is there was a shooting and someone died. we'll let you know when we learn something. take a look at your screen. police are looking for this boy. miguel escobar. he is 14 years old and has been missing since wednesday. escobar was last seen on hol brook terrace. he was wearing a black sweater, khaki pants and red and black shoes. if you have any information about his where abouts call police. >> there are some big changes because of safe track. until february
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line will be shut down between rosland and the pentagon stations. the arlington cemetery station will stay closed but you can hop on a shuttle there from the pentagon. yellow line rush plus trains will run all day between franconia, springfield and green belt. they will also run between mount vernon square and untington. you will have to wait about 8 minutes to catch a green line train. new reports of arrests in northern virginia. what's being done to help people living in fear? >> and did you see it? the battle of the music divas. we'll get you caught up on the grammy awards. >> and i'm chuck bell. weather alert day for you for dangerously high winds this morning. we could still see gusts up to 60-mile-per-hour or more between now and about 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon. then just turning breezy later on. nothing to worry about for tomorrow. we come back in a couple minutes e'll have aw
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whipping winds and a lot of people without power this morning. >> a mess of the roads and trees in a lot of front yards. you can hear the gusts. they're really strong out there. >> yeah, and the wind gusts today are going to be near 60 miles an hour as we go through the afternoon. those are damaging winds we're talking about. more tree limbs down, more power line issues. i think we'll continue to see that as we go through the afternoon because like i've been telling people this morning, those 60-mile-per-hour winds, that's what we typically see in a severe thunderstorm. so that's all damaging. here's a look at the commute. 7:00 a.m., 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts starting to develop. temperatures in the upper 30s.
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40-mile-per-hour wind gusts. dry roads though and through the afternoon. dry roads but still very windy. highs near 50 degrees. we do have the high wind warning through most of the area and that just means winds will continue to gust near 60 miles an hour. let's take a look at the roads with all that wind out there. >> a lot of problems here. birchwood drive, this is a new one here. at galloway we are shut down because of a downed tree. 270 southbound near 109. that crash is gone, still have a little bit of delay southbound as you're headed toward 109 there. taking a look at travel times, 270 south from germantown to the spur, top of the beltway no major problems there. 95 north just fine. more than 100,000 people
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of a break. >> aaron, eun, that number that are being told right now to leave their homes in fact, is growing. officials saying the emergency spillway in the country's tallest dam could still fail at any moment. that number closer to 200,000 people now from several northern california towns that surround the dam. they're being told to evacuate. the national guard ready to move in to help with ground and air support. the main spillway was damaged by severe storms. now, fit fails officials say the damage could be catastrophic. back to you. thank you. wow, if all the snow they had wasn't bad enough, snow again in multiple states. new york is under a winter storm warning as much as 8 inches is supposed to fall there and boston even more, two feet. they're dealing with blizzard co
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closed today. that's a rarity in that part of the country. emergency officials asked people to clear off fire hydrants in case of a fire. a federal judge? washington will hear arguments on whether to stop work on the dakota access pipeline until a legal battle with american indian tribes is resolved. they say that the pipeline threatens drinking water and cultural sites. the developer received permission to lay pipe in north dakota. president trump is taking credit for what he calls the crackdown on criminals. after reports of possible ice arrests in alexandria, a democratic state senator said some are afraid to go to church and school. members of casa went door to door to make sure immigrants knew their rights. >> this one is you don't have to open the door when the police or ice o
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your house. you don't have to open the door. you don't have to sign up anything. you -- you can remain silent. >> ice says the majority of those arrested in raids across the country had criminal convictions. the music word is mourning the loss of a jazz legend today. al jarreau. he was a 7 time grammy winner and one of the few artists to win grammies in three different categories. his biggest single, "we're in the love together" hit the charts in 1981. now, he was slated to play the howard theater here on friday. he was 76 years old. actors, musicians and lovers of jazz and music all over the world pay tribute on social media. many of you
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on our facebook page as well. we'll have more on his life and mu music in our nbc washington app. and his death came as a shock just before the music world came together. >> the big story was adele at the grammies. >> and the grammy goes to t 25, adele. >> adele made history. she took home the three top awards last night. album, record and song of the year. what makes that an even bigger deal, this is the second time she's done this and no other artist has done it twice and she thanked another artist in her ak suspe -- acceptance speech. >> queen b and i adore you, and you move my soul every single day and you have done the last 17 years. >> a lot of people also talking about adele's tribute to george
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the song after there was a technical glitch which is sort of how adele works. >> it's so charming and sweet when it comes from her. she just is very real to me. >> she apologized over and over saying she had to get it right for him. >> eight more days until bao bao leaves the national zoo. she's going to move thousands of miles away to take care of the conservation program in china. a huge party. look at all the crowds who showed up and i attended of course to say good-bye myself. she's grown so much. right? here's what the zoo's director had to say about bao bao's future. >> she's already part of the -- this species survival plan and maybe in two or three years she might become a mom herself and some of her grandchildren may be introduced back into the wild in
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>> just wrap your head around that. >> little baby bao baos everywhere. you can join in the farewell festivities uchl you can follow the zoo on social media or watch the panda camptoonline. something you can join in on, 10:00 and 1:30, the keepers give her a treat. you can watch that on the cam. >> it's like moving for a new job. >> the 18 month old, heel also have to leave before he turns four. >> we're not letting you go anywhere. >> and that big fur coat on this morning, that's what you're going to need. ins laug insulation. had a little thunder shower go through but the atmosphere, the winds are really howling up about 3 or 4,000 feet above the surface and any time you get a convection, a thunderstorm or even daytime heating you have the
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over the atmosphere and you can mix those wind speeds down to the surface and that's what happened last night. a 65-mile-per-hour gust at reagan national. a 73-mile-per-hour gust, dulles 58-mile-per-hour and the high wind warnings there for all the d.c. metro area. that continues until 6:00 tonight and there's a real possibility here, once we get the sun back up that we could have winds gusting to near 60 miles per hour. stay ahead of the weather. have your nbc washington app downloaded and fired up to keep you ahead of the forecast and the weather and you can also find me on facebook and twitter. so weather impacts this morning, problematic. watch out for downed trees and power lines. if you have any unsecured items outside, trash cans make sure
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any downed power lines, stay away from them. treat them as though they have electricity running through them. tomorrow, nothing to worry about. a peek at the weekend, saturday and sunday both look good. saturday mostly in the upper 50s. those howling northwest winds could even have a come of snow showers. i did have a twitter follower send me some pictures of snow flakes on the window here. if you see any of those you can send that to me on twitter. so here's your extended forecast then. for today, windy and in the 40s. tomorrow 53 and sunny. a little chance for showers early in the day on wednesday and better rain chances the farther south you live. top of the hour, a check on these extreme winds. few nor it is time to check on melissa mollet and see if there's any extreme traffic. >> no extreme traffic right now. i do have a problem on the yellow line. delays both
6:21 am
all of the main routes in and out of town everything looking good. no major issues. we'll talk about a couple of little problems we are seeing though. >> wire down across the roadway there. this is our one issue. northbound 295 north of the beltway, one lane is getting by the crash there. that's the only real issue we're seeing right now. that is not weather related from all the wind bringing down trees and wires. wyoming avenue at connecticut avenue there in northwest, still have that downed tree here this morning. as far as travel times we'll take a look at those in just a couple of minutes. >> all right. thank you. it is a special week here at news 4. >> this is our random acts of kindness week and we are paying it forward all week long. we want to hear the ways that you are helping to spread kindness in your community and we are thinking you too. >> we're going to thank the staff, we're going
6:22 am
teachers, we know they'll be excited. here we go. >> all right. that's just a preview, melissa and sheena. please share your stories of kindness on facebook and twitter. >> even the smallest thing, writing a thank you note to somebody, buying lunch for someone, those are little things that can be really important. you can change somebody's day. >> you always brighten my day. >> bad jokes. right? plenty of those for you. >> well, flight concerns. find out what scared passengers enough for them to ask the pilot to get off the plane. >> plus, we've been telling you about trees down across the region. here's a look at chain bridge and canal road. be careful on your way out. more on this
6:23 am
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6:25 right now. would you be brave enough to ask your pilot to get off your plane? >> some scared passengers had to do just that when the pilot was acting strangely. the flight was from austin to san francisco over the weekend. shortly after takeoff they did not feel safe when their pilot started to talk about odd things over the intercom. she talked about her divorce, the election and wasn't even in uniform. >> the captain is late and then she shows up dressed like a civilian and asked us to take a vote to see whether we should have her change in her uniform or fly as is. >> united release this statement which says they replaced the pilot immediately with a new one. the company apologized for what happened and said they hold theirmp
6:26 am
standards. the college basketball player shot. what we're learning about the condition of this star caught in a drive by shooting. >> a large limb comes crashing down in montgomery county in the wake of those high winds overnight. a live report coming up. and coming up i'll show you what you can expect for the rest of the day today with those dangerous winds in place. also chuck has a look at if four things you need to know before you step outside. all
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wild winds, trees down. you may be waking up to a cleanup job outside. >> north korea says it has successfully conducted a test of a new missile. >> and grammy night is over but the reaction is still pouring in.
6:30 am
it is 6:30 right now. it is a busy weather alert morning. >> we normally go straight to weather and traffic but first a live look at some of the wires down in fairfax county. we have a number of power outages and due to those outages all fairfax county public schools will open two hours late. chuck bell is here now with a look at what we can expect in the next few hours. really windy out there. >> dangerously so and it is critically important that you never ever go anywhere near a downed power line. you have to assume that that line is energized and you need to call your power company and report it. number one thing to know about the weather for today, weather alert day. stay ahead of the gusty winds by having our nbc washington app fired up and ready to go. powerful gusts still possible of 50 to 60 miles per hour later today. quieter weather does come back tomorrow and it will be milder
6:31 am
for now though those howling northwest winds have windchills back in the low to mid-20s. bundle up and hang on to your hats and hairpieces today. 40s for highs later on today but it is the wind that will going to impact your day. for more on that let's go to sheena who is outside in it. >> yes, and i will tell you it has died down for a minute out here. it's been very windy all morning as it is everywhere. but through the day today we're talking about those wind gusts increasing potentially close to 60 miles an hour. 38-mile-per-hour wind gusts in pu culpepper. we have the high wind warnings surrounding the district and most of our maryland counties throughout the day today until 6:00 p.m. so with wind gusts close to 60 miles per hour, that's damaging to trees and power lines. that's what we've been showing you all morning long and we will see some more of this as we go through the afternoon. goot
6:32 am
leaves on them, but we have some slowdowns out there on a windy morning. let's check on that with melissa mollet. >> good morning. biggest problem is eastbound 66 just before the beltway. a crash there blocking a lane and we are quite slow as you head inbound. 95 north at fairfax county parkway, that crash is on the shoulder. 295 north of the beltway, one lane gets by that crash. seeing some slowdowns there. one of our biggest problems here because of trees down, wires down, just before cambridge, just the left lane is getting by and it is very slow. we'll have travel times for you coming up. it's 6:32. we have team coverage of the storm damage. we've seen trees and branches knocked down by those strong winds. >> in germantown, debris and damaging cars and blocking front doors and justin is live on the scene now with more. that's a lot of damage,
6:33 am
>> a lot of damage indeed. good morning. neighbors telling us they'repex ectoing crews -- expecting crew come out to clean up some of these limbs. snapping from the base of that tree, we have two vehicles damaged here on the ground. the pickup truck and a toyota sedan out here. neighbors telling us it was a lot worse when it first happened out here yesterday. we also spoke to a neighbor who tells us what happened just moments after that limb came down. take a listen. >> last night i heard the chain saws cutting the tree and so i looked outside and i saw just like all the remains of the tree falling down and i guess the wind was so strong. >> reporter: and you are looking at the results of that initial cleanup job just to get this entire mass of limb out of the way. that again expected to continue. the relief is that no one
6:34 am
also that this neighborhood does have power at this time. back in to you. >> thank you. and wild winds snap power poles like toothpicks overnight. this is in virginia now. we want to show you where we're following the progress to get the electricity back on there. we'll check in with her in just a little bit. >> the numbers are going down hour by hour. dominion virginia power has the most outages, 11,899 on the map now. pepco keeps improving too. just over 1,000 outages right now. first energy has almost 1,500 out in western maryland and even more in west virginia. if you use bge there are about 575 outages. novec has 461. again mostly in fairfax county and in southern maryland
6:35 am
only has about 20 passengers without electricity. fairfax county police say they discovered a woman's remains on saturday. detectives don't think there's any threat to public safety. a missing teen morter and her baby finally home safe after a month long search in fairfax county. she and her son showed up at their springfield home late saturday night. police were worried the pair was in danger. they're still looking for the baby's father though. a towson basketball player is out of the hospital after being shot in a drive by shooting. according to the school, he was shot last night outside of his family's home in philadelphia. davis was in philadelphia for a game. it is unclear when he will return to the court. >> well, did you see it? talk about a wild finish to the virginia/virginia tech men's basketball game. >> virginia came from
6:36 am
tide it up and took it to double overtime. that hasn't happened since 1976. and just seconds to go, virginia tech up 80-78. they missed a final long shot. that was it. virginia tech gets the win. what a game. well, safe track, it's back and it could make for a hefty commute for some of you this morning. the blue line will be shut down between the arlington and pentagon stations. the yellow line rush plus trains will run all day. those will also run between mount vernon and huntington and you'll have to wait 8 minutes to catch a green line. a disturbing discovery where students are supposed to go to school. . and we are kicking off tax
6:37 am
your bank accounts. we'll look at some of the deductions you may miss. >> and i'm storm team 4 chuck bell, it is a weather alert day here at nbc 4. to get you ahead of the curve, it is going to be very windy out there today. stay away from power lines because they might well be energized and fairfax county schools on a to-hour delay because of so many power outages from the county. a look at that at dominion, we're putting our energy to work creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas.
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equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy.
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if you're looking for little ways to simplify life, feeling good about what your family eats is a pretty simple place to start. my name is tammy plumlee, and i raise honest, simple turkey for shady brook farms. as we go through the day todaype
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near 60 miles an hour. current wind gusts are 20 to 40. you can expect a very windy day today. coming up, chuck will have a closer look at that and also your extended ten-day forecast. that's straight ahead. president trump is a step closer to getting his treasury secretary. >> the senate is expected to vote tonight to confirm mnuchin. mnuchin used to head one west bank. he says he worked hard during the financial crisis to assist homeowners with reffrsing so they could stay in their home. snl just scored its highest ratings in six years. >> baldwin hosted the show for a record setting 17 times and of course, he brought back his i impersonation of president trump. >> do you ha
6:42 am
reason we need this ban? >> you see them and it's isis and san bernardino and chicago. i mean, look at chicago. it's hell. they're bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do. >> and melissa mccarthy also came back to play sean spicer. and by now you know adele walked away with the big awards on grammy night but we have more on what happened after the show. take a look at the downed wire with the tree branches on top of it. the story coming up. >> plus, a brand new problem on the beltway. a big slowdown on 66 and travel times coming up.
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so it's no wonder that he has pictures of all the nice people he met here. people like washington, lincoln... jefferson, franklin. ♪ it is a wealther alert day. crews have been working overtime while you were sleeping. >> the cleanup crews are busy too. >> and power problems have delayed some schools. in fairfax county students are getting a late start to their day with a two-hour delay. >> we warned you this storm could bring down some trees and knock out power. >> now it is a reality for thousands across our area. high winds took out a power line here and sparked a fire
6:46 am
columbia pike in south quin street. it is one of several issues we're seeing this morning. >> the wind ripped the roof off of an apartment building. look at the debris here on the road. wires, transformer all brought down there. the red cross now helping families that are displaced. >> we have been tracking all the damage through the morning for you. >> this is what it looks like where a downed power line has knocked out power there. we're live with a look at what's being don . . electricity back on. >> reporter: that virginia dominion power crew is in the area working right now. look, you can see better now that the daylight hours are clicking in. the branches they're hanging on those wires there. there's a big tree branch down there on the ground here in mcclain. that's davis street that you're looking at. the fairfax county police just told me minutes o
6:47 am
virginia dominion power, of course those crews have had to shut down the grid to deenergize those lines and then the work begins to remove those tree branches and fix the power pole as well that is caught up in all of this. fairfax county police telling me, this is an 8 to 10-hour repair here in this community. just spoke to a resident who came out to walk his dog. told me he woke up to find that there was no power in his home. no power throughout this entire residential community here at great falls street and hunting avenue for several blocks here. that's a big impact to the folks many this community. two schools very nearby. that's the latest on this situation here. no power in this community and it could take up to 8 to 10 hours to get it all fixed. back to you. thank you. wasn'ts we saw just
6:48 am
ago have died down just a bit. >> what we can expect through the morning and longer than that, really? >> absolutely right. the wind won't become less of a factor until we get past about 5:00 or 6:00 this evening. also this morning this is one of our weather watchers. those were snow flakes on her windshield early this morning. no accumulations really to speak of because the winds have been really up there. winds are still gusting to over 40-mile-per-hour through much of the valley now and these wind gusts around town are likely to increase once we get to sunup. more about the impact the wind will have on your monday and a check of the ten-day forecast coming up just minutes from now. check the app throughout the morning for an update on this breaking story many the district. someone shot and killed right by the ferebee hope rec center in southeast d.c. we don't know anything about the victim right now or exactly how
6:49 am
we will update you though as soon as we find out. it is 6:48 and developing this morning north korea is calling its latest missile test a success. it traveled 310 miles before it handed in the sea short of japanese waters. south korea has condemned the threat and the u.s. military says the launch was no threat to north america. >> president trump will welcome a foreign leader to the white house today. >> he's expected to meet with canada's prime minister today. they're also expected to talk about subjects that they disagree on like immigration and refugee policies. well, there were some politics mixed in with the grammies last sniegt. >> first we have to talk about adele and beyonce and the moment they shared. >> my idol is queen b and i adore you and i am -- you move
6:50 am
>> lovely. >> adele thanked beyonce in her acce acceptance speech there. adele made grammy histoly becau -- history because she took home three top awards for the second time. no other artist has done that twice. >> you talked about blue ivy r beyonce's daughter, isn't she so cute? she's dressed up like prince, but as we mentioned it's a show that celebrates music, but from actor, a trump dress on the red carpet, moving on to katy perry's declaration of independence. there was not a shortage of political statements. this is prince jackson and she brought in the discussion of the dakota access pipeline. we know that lady
6:51 am
raw moment as we saw a moment ago. adele cursed and restarted her george michael tribute and that brought the crowd to tears and then we also talked about the emotional exchange that she had with beyonce who was the queen of the night. what a poetic performance. back to you. thank you, angie. now we want to check on the roads with melissa mollet. >> good morning. two mile backup right now. eastbound 66 before the beltway so that is really going to slow folks down quite a bit. this slowdown just before the beltway. crashes on the shoulder still quite show thlow this morning. 95 north at fairfax county parkway, a crash on the shoulder this morning. inner loop before indian head highway, we have that crash and the left lane seeing a little bit of a slowdown there. northbound 295 north of
6:52 am
beltway, crash is now on the shoulder. no major issues up top here into our out of town on bw parkway. 270 slow in two spots and then as you approach the spur, no actual problems there right now. a tree across the roadway and for all of the road closures because of that wind that was whipping around the area follow us on twitter. a little slow 270 south. same thing top of the beltway. 66 inbound and 95 northbound also a little slow. remember to listen to wtop when you hop in your car. >> good morning. my buddy is over on wtop giving the forecast right now. we've got to keep you ahead of the curve on a weather alert day. the winds are really up. north wers averagi-- northwest. with so many ever much wind out
6:53 am
the low to mid 20s this morning. find me and like me and follow me on facebook and twitter. current feels like temperatures, it feels like 22 in gaithersburg. winds could gust up to 40 to 50 miles per hour or more. afternoon highs in the 40s but with so much wind out there it's go going to be an ugly day to be outside. couldn't rule out a passing flurry or two but no accumulations are expected. more about the impact from all that wind. here is sheena. >> yeah, the wind is currently gusting anywhere from 20 to 40 miles an hour. some seeing wind gusts over 40 but the high wind warning is going to stay in effect and that means winds could be gusting up to 60 miles an hour. 45-mile-per-hour wind gusts. 26 in the district. 36 leesburg and these winds staying up through the day today.
6:54 am
district and surrounding areas. many of our counties in maryland, that could continue to cause damage to trees and power lines. let's take a look at that ten-day forecast. >> our first little chance for rain this week comes up early on wednesday. mainly for areas south of the city. the coming weekend looks sunny and mild with temperatures in the low to mid-60s both days. >> all right. thank you. well, it's tax week here on news 4 today. >> all this week consumer reporter susan hogan is prepping you with what you need to know before you file your tax returns. >> the last thing you want to do is overpay your taxes. but you might be shelling out more than you need and not even know about it. so here are four of the most overlooked tax deductions. do you volunteer for an organization or charity? you can't deduct the value of your time, but you sure can
6:55 am
detukt out d dedud dededuct out of pocket expenses. did you look for a job in 2016? as long as your job hunting is in the same profession and you itemize you can deduct transportation, food and lodging expenses, costs of printing rez mace and even the site subscription such as linked in. baggage fees. this deduction applies to people self-employed and traveling on business. apply those baggage fees to your deductible travel expenses and one last deduction often overlooked, student loan interest paid by mom and dad as long as the child is no longer claimed as a dependent. the student can deduct up to $2,500 of student loan interest. and you don't even have to itemize and take advantage of this deduction. no matter what you deduct, remember you need to hav
6:56 am
>> even if you pay someone to do your taxes records are key because your accountant or your software program is only as good as what you put into it so even if you know all of the deductions available to you, if you don't have the record to back them up they're not going to help you out. >> you can find more tax deductions on our nbc washington app right now. just search tax deductions. it is now time to hear the four things to know before you head out the door. president trump will meet with canadian prime minister at the white house. they're expected to talk about trade and immigration. >> united states, japan and south korea have requesturgent u are -- urgent taux. >
6:57 am
schools opening two hours late because of widespread power outages. there are thousands of power outages across the region right now especially in northern virginia. and that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes for weather, traffic and any breaking news. enjoy your day. >> make it a great monday, everybody.
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good morning. breaking news, a massive evacuation in northern california. nearly 200,000 people ordered to leave their homes amid fears a spillway at the 12k3 approximate. >> approximate sf approximate. p 7 water that would be coming o can. p lake. while in the northeast, another nasty winter up to two feet of snow effected. thousands of flights cancelled or delayed nationwide. nbc news has learned some of president trump's aids are pressuring him to fire the national security adviser. did


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