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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 18, 2017 9:00am-9:58am EST

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next big challenge for spacex. the daring mission they hope will bring us one step closer to sending humans to mars. a lot of anticipation down there. a lot of excitement. looks like some pretty clear weather as of now. back here at home we welcome you into news4 today. i'm david culver. >> so glad you could join us. i'm angie goff. we did have a cool start to the saturday but things will get glorious. >> let's check in with tom kierein in the weather center. what we thinking? >> it's still pretty chilly. but we've got that sun jumping in a sky with a few clouds floating in it. there's the live view from our storm team 4 tower camera overlooking virginia in the distance. just a few high clouds coming in now on this saturday morning. temperatures, they're beginning to jump. it's already 40 degrees in washington. leesburg up to 43. annapolis up to 44. quite a jump. we were below freezing just a couple of hours ago. hour-by-hour temperatures here as we get into the afternoon. quickly jumping
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noontime. hitting upper 60 stzine. look at how much longer this warm trend will last. that jt a few minutes. >> we'll check in with the events. 9:01, this developing story in manassas. police investigating a deadly stabbing. someone attacked and killed a woman last night around 6:30. this was on forester lane. they say another victim, a man is in the hospital fighting for his life. police say it appears to be domestic related. head of the district, investigating a deadly shooting. you're looking at where this happened. around 9:30 last night. they have not released his name. no one's been arrested in this case. the district's death with dignity law is expected to take effect today despite attempts by republicans to shut down the measure. ended without a joint house and senate measure that would have blocked it. the law allows doctors
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some terminally illen. d.c. now becomes the seventh jurisdiction in the nation with a similar law. president trump hoping a rally today will give him new momentum. he's waking up at his mar-a-lago estate in palm beach, florida. it's the third straight weekend in a row that air force one has taken the president down there. this afternoon he's going to fly to melbourne, florida, to give a speech at the international airport. this is supposed to be similar to one of those campaign events. yesterday the president made a stop in charleston, south carolina, for the unveiling of a new boeing jet. and president trump remained active on his personal twitter account. he said this, he's looking forward to it and a big crowd is expected. an hour before that he tweeted this about his press conference on tuesday. he referenced conservative talk radio show host rush limbaugh and called other
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fake news. the american people. at 9:02, mike pence in germany. he was speaking at the munich security conference this morning and offered clues to u.s. allies as to how the trump administration plans to deal with russia in the aftermath of michael flynn's departure as national security adviser. he said the united states will, quote, hold russia accountable. end quote. even as president trump searches for new common ground with the country. pence also had this message. >> if the past century has taught us anything, it's that peace and prosperity in europe and the north atlantic can never be regarded as achieved. it must be continually maintained through shared commitment. peace only comes through strength. >> the vice president also said the u.s. remains strongly supportive of nato. but that its members must spend more on defense. he'll spend tomorrow and monday in brussels. members of congress being
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morning. news4 learned that the warning comes from the house sergeant at arms. in a memo sent to congressional members, they're to remain in their home districts. does not specify a threat but it is asking them to notify police before staging any sort of public events. it also warns members to be alert if their home address and phone number are public. >> we have occasional periods in our history where congressional offices not just the members but the offices themselves become gathering polices for protests or for even attacks. >> congressional sources tell the news4 i-team scott macfarland that security upgrades are being made at the capital. ready for this? >> i'm ready for this. >> you sure? i don't think you are. >> oh. i thought this is the lottery story. >> this is the one pulling on many
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the last time to catch a glimps >> this one not as exciting as a jackpot because ahere, people. here's the countdown clock. in three days bao bao will jet off from the dulles international airport on a 16-hour direct flight to china where she'd permanently live. and derrick ward is live at the national zoo back on the bao bao beat. >> reporter: you know, like you said i feel attached to this panda. but it's not too sad a thing because bao bao is going back to china to fulfill his -- i guess you can say responsibility to the species. but this is the last weekend to see arguably washington's favorite baby bear bao bao. about four years old the agreement says the pandas do go to china. that is to help keep diversity in the species. because there are only about 1500 of them worldwide. something you need to know. on wednesday when bao bao ships out, the national zoo will be
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closed from 8:00 a.m. until g up and shipping and getting bao bao on his way for that 16-hour flight. and we are told that bao bao's mom now may be -- they expect maybe she will breed once more and then she'll be pretty much at the end of that period of her life. but for now it's a good time to come down. at 10:00 they're going to give bao bao an ice cake decorated with hearts. so a lot of people coming here to say good-bye to washington's favorite baby bear. derrick ward, news4. >> oh, and look how wonderful the weather is out there. >> it's looking nice. thanks, derrick. well, countdown to liftoff. the bold mission about to launch in the ambitious goal that may be a whole lot closer. >> angie promises even if she does win, she'll be here working tomorrow and share that money. see, she's buying breakfast. so generous. we'll tell everyone about the massive jackpot up for grabs today and the odds one lucky winr will have tove
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very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier.
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the head of one of the world's largest technology companies is facing bribery charges. today the samsung chief jae lee arrived in handcuffs in the south korea prosecutors office. he was arrested for his alleged role in a corruption scandal that led to the impeachment of south korea's president. accused of bribing to get favors. the 48-year-old is worth $6.2 billion. >> that's a lot of money. we're continuing the theme with talking about a lot of plun. if there's one thing to be doing this saturday, perhaps go buy a power ball ticket. >> that's right. there was no win for for the drawing on wednesday so it's up to $349 million. there has not been
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since a group of coworkers won last fall. they took home a combined total of more than 420 million bucks. >> lucky office. >> wow. divided by 20, that's still a lot of money. >> yeah. it's starting to warm up out there, you might be able to tell if you went out for a run or walked the dog. as you take a live look at national harbor right now, the sun is shining brightly. tom tracking the best time to get outside while things stay dry. and this morning we're working for you as we're telling you about a growing problem with teens. even involving social media. the small details that you can spot so to prevent your son or daughter from being recruited to a gang. we'll have a live interview just ahead. tht's next. a
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this past week the growing issue of gangs in our region took center stage. this was sparked by the brutal murder of a 15-year-old girl from gaithersburg. now, what you're looking at here is part of an assessment showing recent gang activity. you saw maryland there. montgomery county, prince georges county. now the district northwest and southwest d.c. as we head to northern virginia, you'll widen out and see a much bigger jurisdiction that's covered really several jurisdictions covered when it comes to gang activity. so it's a growing concern. it's one that for now they're
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delving into as we are joined live by the head of the northern virginia regional gang task force. this is mr. jay lenham. we saw you at a press conference earlier this week when it came to addressing this. when we look at this assessment and we see how it's growing, what's the real concern here, jay? >> our concern obviously, we were seeing a marked increase in the recruiting of juveniles. >> -- traveled there in 2013. how is it that they're connecting with folks here and making these calls? >> well, you have to understand a lot of the ga
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are fromsalvador. their leadership is in el salvador and in the los angeles area. so they are constantly in communication with them by phone, social media, all the ways anyone would communicate. >> and when we think about the danger, a lot of people will be watching this and they'll say, okay. this tends to be mostly latino families, immigrant families. if you're not part of that group, why should i be worry snd. >> well, that's not necessarily true. that is the majority of the recruitment. but there are gangs out here that will accept any race or ethnicity. so any parent should be watching what their children are doing. and we know the majority of the kids are doing the right things. it's the minority of those kids and we as parents just have to watch and pick up on the cues or the dangers. >> you advocate social media monitoring. >> yes. absolutely. as a parent you should be monitoring because recruiting goes on there as well. >> what do you think long-term the reality
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harder on these gangs and how do you do that? >> well, we just have to keep working and focusing on it. not only do we adjust this from the enforcement side because we know from law enforcement we can't arrest our way out of this problem. so we have individuals who work through intervention prevention and education as well. and they are focusing on those kids who are at risk who are vulnerable to joining these gangs and trying to prevent that from happening in the first place. my goal would be not to arrest anybody anywhere if we could do that. >> you talk about the education aspect. when i was talking to casa earlier this week they said you're dealing with immigrant families. maybe there could be concerned about coming forward. the reality is there are provisions that may protect people if they have information and can help you out with making an arrest. >> and we want the cooperation. we need it. the police can't do this job ourselves. especially the parents. but we want them to feel safe, to contact us
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information that we need to know prent the gang activity or to stop it. >> the head of the north virginia gang task force. thank you for your time this morning. we appreciate it. your time is now 9:17. angie, back to you. >> thanks. all systems are a go for this morning's spacex launch and the falcon 9 rocket. the mission could bring us one step closer to manned travel -- or man traveling to mars. kerry sand bers takes us behind the scenes at spacex. >> reporter: elon musk and his team of engineers at spacex have a dream of going to mars. and the launch that's set here for saturday morning is a big step to getting there. this morning spacex engineers say they're highly confident but it is roblcket science, after a. a tough reminder of that? last september when one of the spacex rockets blew up on the launch pad caused by a highly technical fueling problem. but elon musk, a real
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his team back at to resupply the international space station. but this weekend's launch of a reusable rocket, one step closer to his grand idea to send humans to mars. but elon musk's dream of getting to mars and colonizing the red planet has a wrinkle. food. in nasa's labs -- >> it is not easy to grow things in space. that's the real challenge we have. >> reporter: -- fiction meets science. so you are growing a potato on what would be mars? >> correct. >> reporter: plants create vital oxygen so astronauts can breathe on a planet which at its closist is 35 million miles from mars. are we really going to mars? >> eventually we are. i think we can get there in the 2030s. >> reporter: that would mean if you have a newborn at home right now, by the time that child is in high school, they'll be launching rockets from here with astronauts, destination mars. kerry sanders,
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>>eath down in florida this morning where we were seeing some of those live pictures. >> pretty much everywhere. we have people chiming in from new york city even saying it's in the 60s here and that's what we're going to see today. >> yeah. we are launching into spring. quickly here. a lot of reports coming up. we're seeing daffodils. sprouts are coming up. even some daffodils blooming. this is certainly early. we're still in mid-february. there's a live view overlooking national harbor on this saturday morning. we've got bright sun pouring down there. just a little bit of a breeze along the river. as we take a look at temperatures, we're into the 40s quickly jumping. what a dramatic warming. reagan national now up to 40 degrees, a bit of a ligh
9:20 am
and hour-by-hour temperatures, we will be near 50 here at 10:00. and then by 2:00, the mid-60s. maybe around 3:00 or so briefly getting into the upper 60s. then it gets cool again by the time 6:00 p.m. rolls around. and then by 10:00, back down to mid-50s. then as we get into the morning hours, tomorrow we'll be in the 40s. we took this picture yesterday in montgomery county. of this is the earliest i can remember. on facebook, twitter, and instagram. we'd love to see them. storm team 4, the outlook. sunday another day with lots of sunshine. then on monday, the mid-40s in the morning for presidents day. a lot of folks have the day off, three-day weekend. up near 60 degrees in the afternoon with lots of sunshine. then on tuesday, w
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afternoond-50s. not a lot of clouds coming in ahead of the warm front that will pass through on wednesday morning. maybe brings us a few sprinkles of rain. sun back wednesday afternoon. then we jump back into the upper 60s. then wednesday afternoon into next saturday, warming up. dry a little bit cooler after that into the first part next weekof.
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i'm melissa mollet with your first 4 traffic. safe track surge number 12 underway on the blue line. no service there. orange and green lines this weekend on a regular weekend schedule. that is good. on the yellow line, every 20 minutes trains will be running between huntington and mount vernon square. only here this weekend. on the red line, trains running every 15 to 24 minutes and on the silver line every 20 between largo town center. now, remember, presidents' day on monday so we do have a special schedule. metro hours 5:00 a.m. to midnight. trains operating on that saturday schedule. have a great weekend. i'll see you monday morning for news4 today. >> we'll see you then. so this couple from richmond, they are really looking toward the future of self-driving cars. it's got a pretty unique yed. >> yes. this couple invented a gadget for you to use while your car
9:25 am
>> reporter: in the self-driving cars of the near future, a smart sun visor will let you connect digitally with both the outside road and people in your car. it's the patented brain child of this husband and wife team. under their company be topnotch. >> we have something for the passengers in the car where they're not driving and can have an exciting ride. >> reporter: this is a prototype of what they will look like. they'll have a device embedded into them much like a cell phone with photo and video cameras and touch screens that offer different camera views. the idea here is in a self-driving car, you're going to have some time on your hands. so one of the fun features of this visor is you can set it up to take a selfie that you can post on social media. >> share with people on facebook, twitter, inra
9:26 am
with other peole pss of the button, the camera view outside like a dash cam but with a polarized view of the road minimizing sun glare. >> if something wrong is going on or you see something suspicious, record it. >> reporter: and press another button, you'll see a view of your rear passengers. the smart sun visors can be powered by the car battery or their own batteries and the unit will be removable. and visors can be added for back seat passengers too. >> they can play games on this and take photos from outside. like, since you're not driving and see that's a nice view, you can click a picture from outside. >> reporter: they hope to expand the concept to existing cars though the driver's camera would be disabled for selfies, games, or social media when in motion. >> heather sullivan there bringing us that unique idea. they're meeting with self-driving car manufacturers. they hope to get the smart
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temperatures sure don't feel like it. tom right now tracking a big warm-up this weekend including how fast. we're going to warm up to the mid-60s. >> as we look outside, we are certainly feeling dry. the same cannot be said as we head out west. you're looking at some of the devastating rains pounding california. we're going to tell you about the dangerous situation for millions as a wall of water floods roads and sinkholes caallow y29kwy ysty
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z29ktz zstz y29kty ysty
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it is 9:30 on this saturday morning. vice president mike pence is in germany. he spoke at the munich security conference this morning and said, quote, the time has come for u.s. allies to boost spending. saying the dangers they all face are growing and changing every day. pence also vowed the united states will, quote, hold russia accountable. d.c.'s controversial death with dignity law takes effect today because congressional republicans were unable to block the measure. the bill allows doctors to provide lethal medicine to terminally ill patients who have six months or less to live. >> come with us. let's go south to florida. a live look right now as we're standing by as spacex plans to launch the falcon 9 rocket. the launch is expected to happen at 10:01 and could take us one step closer to manned travel to mars.
9:31 am
get nice. we're looking forward to that. 'm davd culver. >> and i'm angie goff. because he's so excited how great the weather is going to be, tom could not waste another minute and headed outside on the weather deck to report how it feels out there. >> it's nice in the sun. you can already kind of feel the warmth building here and a sense of spring in the air. here in northwest washington. you can track the latest weather when you're away from your tv on the nbc washington app. there's a look from the tower camera. in the middle distance friendship heights. off in the horizon is montgomery county. all around the region, quickly warming. we're climbing into the 40s just about everywhere. it will continue to jump. we'll be quickly hitting the 60s by noontime. upper 60s mid-afternoon. a terrific springlike day on the way. a look at how much longer this warm pattern willas
9:32 am
changes on the way over the next 's hour..lf right some breaking news in fairfax county. we just got this video into the newsroom from mclean where firefighters are working to put out a two alarm fire. you're looking at this house on turkey run road. the fire is shooting through the roof into the sky. we'll send out an alert on our app as soon as we get more details about this fire. let's bring b you this developing story in district heights, maryland. prince georges police say one was stabbed to death last night. you see a map of the area. police say they do have one person in custody. they've not released any names in this case. but they said the incident appears to be domestic related. right now a brutal storm is causing damage in southern california. take a look at this. this is what that heavy rain and severe storms have created.
9:33 am
that's ts. jane yamamoto shows us why some homeowners are headed to higher ground. >> reporter: dramatic cell phone video of the debris basins filling up just behind homeowner joe graziano's property after his gas meter got sheered off and buried under four feet of rock. >> they evacuated everybody in the neighborhood for fear of explosion. >> you stay snd. >> yeah. i like to stay, yes. >> reporter: while graziano stays, john mccraw left while talking to us about his night. covered in mud. >> that water had to have been 15 feet high. it just destroyed everything i own. >> oh, my god. this is insane. >> reporter: yanna took this cell phone video when the canyon bridge overflowed turning sand canyon into a river of mud. >> but at 4:56 a wall of debris came, hit the bridge, it came over and just started
9:34 am
>> reporter: but it's further up on cyon, rocks, and boulders now fill graziano's front yard. he believes water ruz rushing through his property at 90 miles an hour. >> i knew it was going to be bad. i'm just really thankful that my house didn't get, you know, blown through. >> and that was nbc's jane yamamoto reporting. now, the storm has not only done damage, but it's caused at least one death. los angeles police say a 55-year-old man died when a power line came down on a flooded street in the sherman oaks area. they say that a tree crashed on a car and brought down those lines. the man suffered an electrical shock and later died at the hospital. out in studio city, a 20-foot-wide sinkhole. look at this video here swallowing two cars. surprisingly, though, nobody was hurt. the drivers were able to get away. firefighters had to rescue one woman who narrowly escaped her car. she told the fire crews all of a sudden the ground gave
9:35 am
her air bags deployed and then managed to open a door and climb oo . officials say her car fell down about ten feet. >> wow. that video is stunning right there. let's bring you back closer to home. fairfax county in particular. police there say a dance teacher is charged with having sex with one of his students. police say the girl was just 14 years old. investigators now working to identify more possible victims of the teacher. he is 19-year-old chase peclo. the owner of the adrenaline dance studio called police to report him. and a teacher in falls church is facing charges for allegedly sexually abusing children. jose estrada faces two counts of felony aggravated sexual battery. he taught math at the middle school. and on january 17th, a female student reported the abuse. the school then removed him from his teaching position, placed him on leave. detecti
9:36 am
hear from anyone whose child pleading for information following a valentine's day homicide in greenbelt. last night martin tachanaku's family and friends lit candles and prayed. police say he was gunned down on tuesday on breezewood drive. he was on his way to deliver chocolate and flowers to someone at the time. it was the day before his 21st birthday. >> he didn't even get a chance to even turn 21. an age that all of us look towards and he never got that chance because of -- no one even knows because of what. >> well, police have not made any arrests as of this morning. and the family is working to raise money to send his body back to his home country of cameroon. too many employees calling in sick. it appears to be costing metro money. that b
9:37 am
agency has to pay overtime to umber of sick and unpaid leave days used by workers jumped by 6%. starting march 1st, metro may get changes changing how it approves some employee leave. they hope it will save the agency $2 million a year. keeping teens safe on the road. we'll tell you about the new initiative that could have a big impact on young drivers in our area. and local high-end stores targeted. how thieves are getting away with big scores in the small details you could spot to bring them to justice. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years, we have received 6 times more awards than cable, including the jd power award for highest customer satisfaction for the fourth year in a row.
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very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier. if you've got teens behind the wheel, they may soon have an earlier curfew. in maryland lawmakers are considering a bill that would change the night driving curfew from mdnight where it currently stands and move it up to 10:00. it would be for those under 18. he says it may prevent
9:40 am
like this one. this was in damascus last year. three teens were killed when the 17-year-old driver ran off the road. police think the driver may have been speeding. well, this is something you need to check your kitchen for before making a late breakfast or perhaps even lunch. sargento now expanding the recall of its cheeses. last week announced a recall due to listeria contamination. yesterday they expanded the recall to include seven more products. seven more kinds of cheeses. you can see them right there on the screen. i also tweeted them out earlier this morning. officials say the potential contamination originated from the supplier's facility and no illnesses have been reported. as we look live outside, a beautiful start to the saturday morning. you can see the sun is up. you're going to start to feel some warmth today. we've got tom updating the forecast with the most comfortable times if you want to go for a run, bike ride. you've got some ti
9:41 am
about to go up for auction today. and it's your last weekend with bao bao. unless of course you're heading to china next
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 150 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 40 songs, and jan can upload 180 photos.
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0 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, and. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. good morning for outdoor exercise, today the 9:00 hour already jumping well into the 40s.
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lots of sun duri'll have temper upper 60s by mid-afternoon with lots of sun. so a great day to get out and get in a run, maybe a bike ride, a brisk walk, a terrific day coming up. a look at how much longer this pattern will last in a few minutes. at 9:44, we want to get to the breaking news again. this is out of fairfax county. take a look at this. firefighters working to put out what a is massive and aggressive fire. you can see the flames shooting through the roof of this home on turkey run road. a mess out there that they are trying to get under control. we're working to get updates on this wondering if anybody was injured. we're trying to get those answers and figure out how this started. look for any updates in the nbc washington app. >> thieves targeting stores in d.c. and virginia. women go in with pepper spray, threaten employs and make off with high end
9:45 am
bags. jackie benson has the details. >> chick smiled at me and said have a great day as she sprayed pepper spray in my face. >> reporter: these are the persons of interest in a series of thefts in georgetown. the most recent happened just this week. monday at torrey birch on wisconsin avrn and tuesday at kate spade. during that crime pepper spray was used on a security officer who tried to intervene. >> that is so important that we get information from the public. >> reporter: commander morgan cain of the d.c. police first district station says detectives recently got a tip that resulted in two arrests for similar incidents at city center in downtown d.c. in january police held people at a store and grabbed thousands in pricey goods and run ran. they are believed to hit the gucci store around the corner. police released these surveillance images from the store saying they're
9:46 am
identify this rsonow crimes are to be the work of a different group and are now the a regional effort. >> he's worked with our partners out in virginia, they're having the same issue. >> reporter: the employee from the georgetown store hit in december says she's glad to know something's being done. >> i had really horrible anxiety obviously after that and i didn't feel, like, safe in my store. i know other employees felt the same way. >> reporter: jackie benson, news4. 9:46 is your time right now. monday is presidents' day. and mount vernon is celebrating all weekend long. this afternoon they'll be hosting a 285th birthday cake celebration for george washington. who else? other events will -- according to mount vernon's website admission will be free on monday. he
9:47 am
showed the struggle of the c me some famous pieces of art. >> today it's all going up for auction in falls church. we're shown what's inside the remarkable collection. >> i think about the c symphony, early work and also very dark. >> reporter: what you see when your stare at a merton simpson painting is up to you. but we do know the contemporary artist stood strong for civil rights in life and on canvas. >> the social injustice captured him and he took to it. you can see that in all of his paintings. >> reporter: merton died in 2013 leaving behind an extensive collection. 40 of merton's pieces will go to the highest bidders in falls church saturday. >> the african-american segment of art is really hot. there's a lot of flying emotion right now. >> reporter: the collection includes
9:48 am
series inspired by the harlem riots. >> i think they're generally the representation of the battle of the african-american community in the civil rights movement in the 1960s. >> reporter: not every piece in the collection was created by merton. some were pieces he owned. pieces that were special to him like this one given to him by his dearest mentor. merton was a american of the merging art and social activism group. he was also a well known african and triable art dealer. the lowest starting bid is 100 bucks. the highest, $5,000. kristin wright, news4. >> so you look at that and say, i'd like to learn more. well, this is where we can help you out. if you're interested in checking out of sof m merton simpson's work with the auction starts at 11:00 this morning at quinn's auction gallery.
9:49 am
out more on the nbc washington app. if you don't have plans today, maybe consider the national zoo as a place to go. might be tough for some of us. it's bao bao's last weekend in the u.s. >> that is true. here is the countdown clock to prove it. in three days bao bao will depart from the dulles international airport on the 16-hour direct flight to china. derrick ward is live at the national zoo this morning getting a little sentimental, aren't you? >> reporter: yeah. you might say that. but you might call this se long good-bye. you know, this is indeed the city's most beloved bear cub. all weekend there were events here and online to sort of observe this long good-bye for bao bao. he's been up 24/7 on panda cam. and today there are going to be some special feedings. a heart shaped cake and other treat for him
9:50 am
big day for b with the government of china that the pandas born in the u.s. are sent to china to help keep that species diversified. there are only about 1500 of them remaining in the wild. that's why it's so important to keep the species diversified. she's kept washingtonians happy since her birth. and we talked to some of the folks here who were coming to see bao bao and say good-bye on the last weekend she is here. this brother and sister were among those that came to say good-bye. listen. >> it's big, big, big, big, big. >> the panda is going back to china. >> reporter: and i think the little girl had it right. she is, indeed, very big here at the national zoo. something you might need to know on wednesday the day that bao bao is going to beip
9:51 am
untilno facilitate getting ready for the flight from dulles to china. right now time to say good-bye. we're live at the national zoo. derrick ward, news4. >> keep it together, derrick. it's going to be okay. and hopefully we're going to be able to get the images of bao bao getting on the plane. >> yes. that would be interesting to see. i mean, that flight alone. and for folks who want to get a last glimpse of her, this is a nice day to do it. >> perfect day to do that. play a round of golf, tennis, shoot some hoops outside, maybe go on a hike. . all that. it is wampling up quickly. there's a live look overlooking reston. the dulles tollway from our reston live camera. a lot of sun, just a few high clouds drifting over. temperatures jumping. that is a 20 degree jump here in the last couple of hours. it's leesburg up to 50
9:52 am
46 in gaithersburg. county and fairfax as well. reagan national, one of the cool spots there. but that wind should be shifting a little bit. and even there it should be jumping into the 60s today. terrific day to go on a hike along skyline drive. and our hour-by-hour temperatures. yeah, coming up here at 10:00, near 50. mid-60s at 2:00 p.m. then back down to low 60s by 6:00 p.m. but around 3:00 or 4:00 it may briefly get into the upper 60s. then it'll be getting cool this evening and chilly by 10:00 tomorrow night. back down into the mid-50s. then by dawn sunday, our temperatures should be down into the upper 40s. ten-day outlook. sunshine tomorrow, will be into the mid-60s in the afternoon. another delightful day. then a little bit cooler on presidents' day. 40s in the morning. afternoon highs around 60. nonetheless, still a terrific d
9:53 am
year is just wellbove average. all the rest of the week. now, the coolest day may be on tuesday with some clouds increasing in the afternoon. highs mid-50s. warm front comes in on wednesday morning with some sprinkles of light rain, maybe. then after that, here comes another warm wave. we'll be into the 60s into the afternoon with sunshine on wednesday. thursday, friday, and next saturday afternoon highs maybe near 70. and maybe a few sprinkles saturday morning.
9:54 am
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9:56 am
let's get you back to this breaking news in fairfax county. we've learned that the bulk of this massive fire that started around 8:00 this morning is now out. as of now, firefighters just putting out some small pockets. this is turkey run road. you could see the flames were shooting through the roof. any updates we'll get through this we'll push through the nbc washington app for you. 9:56, let's get you four things to know before you head out today. we'll start with vice president mike pence. he is in germany. it's his first overseas trip since taking office. pence spoke at the munich security conference this morning and said nato members must spend more on defense. a powerful pacific storm has been hammering southern and central california causing flooding and even sinkholes. at least two deaths have been blamed on the storm including one man who was electrocuted by downed power lines.
9:57 am
picture out of florida.tanding prepares to launch its falcon 9 rocket. you're looking at the kennedy space center. the launch is expected to happen in about four minutes and would take us one step closer to man's travel to mars. and no one won, by the way, wednesday's power ball jackpot drawing. tonight the drawing is $349 million. >> i like that. all right. so it's going to be nice if you check out bao bao's last weekend here. >> highs in the 60 s. enjoy. >> that's going to do it for news4 today. >> have a great saturday. live look in florida. bassett is unique in regards to that customability. you've got a thousand different fabrics to pick from. very customizable. you can choose the back,
9:58 am
we couldn't be any happier.
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