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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  February 20, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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visiting her on her last day on display. ♪ >> i'm coming to terms with it. i know you've been worried. i'm coming to terms. i know she'll be in a better place. i'm not a complete mess. >> i have a plan. i've been preparing to deal with -- to help you deal with this loss. >> i appreciate it. the whole team is ready for me. >> 6:00 is our time. i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm eun yang. it is presidents' day, so the roads won't be as busy as an average monday. >> first chuck and sheena are providing sunshine to help eun get through the next couple of days. >> she's talking about depression, i know bao bao is going to a better place. >> but it's so far away. >> bao bao will be in a better place.
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>> bao bao needs mama back in china. four things to know about the weather today. presidents' day, hail to the warmth. another day with temperatures more than 15 degrees warmer than average. our final february freeze might already be in the rearview mirror. we have not been below freezing all weekend. i don't see subfreezing temperatures for the entire remainder of the week. there is finally some needed chances for rain coming. it may impact the weekend. we'll detail that coming up. an marching into april. temperatures will stay way above average. it will feel more like april than march for sure. more about today's forecast. let's go over to sheena. >> good morning. we have some mild temperatures. if you have not walked outside just yet, you don't need the heavy coat. 44 degrees is the temperature right now. mild start. by 7:00 a.m., we should be in the upper 40s. a lot of sunshine today and cooperative weather if you have outdoor plans
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presidents' day. if you're grilling out, milder by noon. 60 degrees. going through the afternoon, mid 60s. unseasonably warm but dry. more unseasonably warm weather later this week. we'll talk more about that. chuck will be back in a second. i'm working on a bye-bye bao bao forecast if you are heading to the zoo. let's check the roadways this morning. the chopper is up. >> this new issue happening on southbound bw parkway before 197. three-car crash. one vehicle on the roof. they're going into the woods a bit as well. so we'll keep you updated on this one. right now just the left lane getting by southbound bw parkway before 197. north howard street at north jordan street in alexandria, still closed because of that water main break. access to alexandria hospital from seminary road only. look at the beltway, the map is showing it's red
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the rest of the beltway is looking fine. the camera not showing more. more coming up. today we have our final chance to say good-bye to bao bao, our panda girl is moving to china tomorrow. as chuck bell told you, it will be a beautiful day to go to the national zoo. >> molette green is there at the national zoo with the best times to visit bao bao one last time. molette, good morning. >> good morning to you. the last check of the live panda cam, she was sleeping. but look at this face. look at that. we're saying good-bye to a washington, d.c. celebrity on this international journey she's going to make. today being a holiday, a lot of people are home from school and work. of course this weather is superb. thanks, chuck and sheena. so, it's a great mix. here's what you need to know before you head out. this is the best thing. the panda hou
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10:00 a.m. that is around the same time they'll give her her first ice cake treat. then between 10 and 10:20. then at 1:30, another treat comes. the treat today will be this ice cake in the form of a suitcase. yeah. this is perfect. and, you know this has to happen. we knew this when bao bao was born that around age four, it's part of the conservation program. it's bitter sweet, but we know this is for the betterment of these beautiful animals. a little early, but keepers say this is the best month. for her to travel and not be stressed and get to china. feel good about her next chapter, if you will. lots of folks expected down today.
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today. >> you'll be okay. >> i'm dealing with it molette, thank you. if you want to head outside on this presidents' day holiday, head to a national park. they're all open and free today. government offices, the post office and most banks are closed for the day. 6:05. thousands of people across the country will be marching in protest against president trump today. this is part of the not my presidents' day rallies. some of the biggest are taking place in philadelphia, new york, chicago, dallas, los angeles. the rally here in washington is expected to begin at 2:00 p.m. the protests are against president trump and the policies he's put in place since taking office. >> look at this message on parliament building in london. this as the government is talking about what to do. >> angie has the story from the live desk. >> big debate in the works today on whether to
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invitation to president trump for that state visit. now, it's up for discussion because a petition got almost 2 million signatures. this because trump issue d issu immigration order banning several countries. a counter petition that warding trump's visit was signed by 300,000 people. that will be up for debate as well. the british prime minister, theresa may, was the first foreign leader to visit the white house after the inauguration. and trump the first u.s. president invited for a full state visit to britain within a week of taking office. president trump is expected to unveil his revi t
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any day now. a draft of the order targets the same seven majority muslim countries listed in the original order. iran, iraq, syria, yemen, somalia, sudan and libya. the a.p. reports that the order exempts travel others who already have a visa to travel to the u.s., and it also exempts green card holders and dual citizen holders of the u.s. and those countries. the president still searching for a new national security adviser. he interviewed these people yesterday. reince reince says the person selected will not be forced to keep former national security adviser michael flynn's original team. is it a controversial invite to krshc that has a lot of peoe talking. milo yiannopoulos is scheduled to speak this week. the hunt is on for a man i
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arlington county that police say is armed and dangerous. jason johnson is accused of killing another man at a house party in arlington yesterday. the two had an argument, neighbors say waking up to a swarm of police cars was scary. >> this is an extremely quiet neighborhood. really family oriented. never a disturbance. just really out of character for the neighborhood. >> again, police say the suspect, jason johnson, is considered armed and dangerous. if you see him, call police. this morning, d.c. police are trying to figure out why a 76-year-old woman beat a man to debt with a bat. tomacine bennett is charged with murder of 63-year-old walter clark. on friday, officers found clark inside a closet. he died at the hospital. according to the police report, bennett told officers she hit clark with a bat. there is growing concern this morning for a missing
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take a good look at talisha coles. she went missing last thursday and has not been seen since. then there's another young woman, torri marie gibson, she's been missing since saturday morning. she was last seen at 6th and buchanan streets. she's just 11. she has braces with blue bands on her teeth. we put the pictures and the information on our facebook page so you can share the posts and help spread the word. >> if you're like me, all this warm weather is making you think about baseball, bryce harper, daniel murphy, adam eaton, it's spring training and they're all down in florida. they have some high expectations this year. >> the nat sound that can only mean one thing. the off season is over. baseball is back. opening day is six weeks away.
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full squad workouts are underway for the washington nationals who are ready to rise and shine this spring. a lot of people think you have the team, the tools, have world series as a goal. is that the message? you met with the team, whole squad. what did you say to them? >> i can't tell you everything. >> tell me something no one else knows. >> i did tell them, hey, you know, we're in position to win. we have a lot of competition. a lot to of depth. and that, you know, we come here to win. we won't take any prisoners. we have a long way to go. you can't think about your window. you have to think about what we have to do today, and boom, you plan on what we have to do tomorrow. >> in west palm beach, florida, kara maloney, news 4 sports. >> you can follow carol maloney all week. >> can i say go nats. >> you did, didn't
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>> the panda is not in that nest. >> that would be a story. >> but d.c. could soon a another animal to obsess over after the panda is gone. what could soon be filling the nest, that's coming up. and it's presidents' day, that means a lot of sales, but why this may not be the best time of the year for deals. your storm team 4 forecast. >> that's right. another mild day. current temperatures in the 40s, and even a few spots in the 30s. the outdoor planner for today, no worries for today. cooler tomorrow, but turning mild again later on in the week. the best chance for rain in the next seven days, it may be coming up on thursday. more details on all that, plus sheena has your bye-bye bao bao forecast coming up. and a real life risk. don't break the ice. 'te driver of this car didn prodders, shuckersers,
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you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier.
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it's now 6:15. angie is at the live desk right now. >> following reports of tornados in texas. >> still waiting for the weather service to confirm those reports. we have new video to show you what those severe storms did after ripping through the central part of the state. we know flood advisories are in effect in some parts of the state. trees were snapped, downed power lines. houses on fire. you can see some smoke in the offing there. a lot of houses struck by lightning bolts. crews responding to more than 100 reports of damaged buildings. wind gusts got up to 70 miles per hour in some parts after several tornado watches were issued. there were a handful of minor issues, no fatalities. back to you.
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>> am i glad i'm not out there. oh! >> wow. did you see that? someone with a cell phone caught the moment a cadillac escalade started to sink into lake michigan. >> so the guy behind the wheel here was able to get out safely. this happened on saturday on sturgeon bay, popular spot for ice fishing. the driver said that he had heard from a friend on a snowmobile that the ice was solid. not cadillac solid. >> no. that's an escalade. not a small vehicle. my goodness gracious. no ice to speak of anywhere near us. >> we're loving the warmth around here. i love the warmth. you know who will love the warmth today, eun? >> bao bao. >> bao bao. look at bao bao here. >> look at her. >> bao bao was one year old. look at that little tummy. if you're going to say bao bao today, if you're sayi
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cop ri cooperating. 8:00 a.m., the zoo hopopens. 10:00 a.m., ice cake party. >> looking at this problem on bw parkway, southbound before 197. overturned vehicle, not sure the full scope of things, but they've been looking in the woods right there as well during this investigation. looking at travel times, 270 south is fine. top of the beltway, no worries there. 66 inbound is fine. we'll look at problem on the beltway and the situation on the bw coming up. >> it is 6:17. a terror investigation happening this morning in columbia. >> look at some new video of an explosion there. 26 people hurt here. this is in the colombian capital of bogota. a lot of police officers who we
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there were hurt. the mayor's office said one person was gravely injured. in recent years schools around the country stepped up security for a variety of reasons. but a new nbc news investigation has many parents questioning the tactics officers are using to secure the buildings. >> when he put the handcuffs on, were you scared? >> i was kind of a little scared. but mostly i was mad. because, like, he was holding my hand tightly. >> children as young as first grade, second grade, third grade are seeing police officers in their buildings with bulletproof vests on. they're being policed in the hallways. >> coming up, stephanie goss will talk about how this is an issue. on wednesday, the news 4 iteam will look at whether local school districts have clear rules in place for how schools resource officers patrol the hallways.
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a college football player who once went to school at townsend university is facing rape and assault charges. kevin olson was arrested on sunday. school officials say the alleged incident happened off campus and happened within an existing relationship. uncc says it has suspended olson from all activities. he is the younger brother of carolina panthers player greg olson who is not commenting right now. >> the nba all-star game ended with the western conference beating the east, 192-182. john wahl in the action with 12 points. anthony davis scored 52 points. that's a record. that's one person. now that the all-star game is over, the wizards are back home this friday against the philadelphia 76ers. go
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could soon be parents again. >> we're on eagle watch this morning, this time at the national arboretum. this is the d.c. eagle cam. the american equke eagle founda announced an egg was laid last night before 6:30. mr. president and the first lady are the proud soon to be parents here. could take about 30 days for the egg to be hatched. >> this is a different couple than the couple by the d.c. police headquarters training facility. two different eagle couples having babies. good time to be an eagle, truck. >> i guess it is. great day for anything you want do in the great outdoors. our washington national monument standing proud there. it's a lot of things but it's not cold. temperatures above average each an every month this winter. 2 degrees above average in
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january. now in february, plus 6 degrees again. only 1.4 inches of snow all winter. this is our number 2 least snowy winter on record. only the 1997/'98 winter had less snow than this one. weather impacts for today and tomorrow, nothing to worry about. temperatures way, way above average again for today. only way above average tomorrow. as we head into wednesday, slight chance for a couple showers. no more than a short-lived inconvenience. the next time we have substantial chances for impactful weather will be saturday morning. chances of rain are high on saturday. may even be a rumble or two of thunder. with temperatures in the 60s, it will be more like april showers and storms than february rains. the mild air is bottled up to the south and west. slightly cooler today than yesterday. tomorrow, just slightly cooler than today. no cold air in sight. owe than a
6:22 am
ahead will be dry. there's the five-day forecast. 65 today. 58 tomorrow. back to knnear 70 on wednesday. mid 70s on thursday. showers late in the day on friday. a look at the weekend coming up in a few minutes. let's go over to melissa mollet. >> southbound bw parkway before 197, one vehicle is overturned, another is damaged on the right shoulder. southbound bw you're getting by on the left side of the roadway. we have delays northbound, about a one-mile backup as well. north howard street at north jordan in alexandria. if you're trying to get to alexandria hospital, you have to get there from seminary road because of that water main break. presidents' day means most of you have the day off. and
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sales. >> but the discounts may not be
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♪ ♪
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welcome back. before you hit the stores for all the presidents day sales today, we're working for you by telling you how to spot whether something is really on sale. >> it seems these days that something is always marked down. the consumer non-profit group found perpetual sales are on the rise. kohl's, macy's and sears arth
6:26 am
they lure you in by advertising special low prices that are the same price most of the year. sears disagrees with the finding saying it complies with advertising laws. macy's says prices vary forever each item based on the nature and seasonality of merchandise. kohl's did not respond. there was no winner for the powerball lottery drawing, but there's one good reason to check that ticket. a new report finds gas prices are on the rise, meaning you won't even see those prices much longer. and nice weather on this presidents' day, whether you are out exercising, if you're grilling out, anything you're doing outside, even dinner out. it looks really nice. coming up, chuck will have a closer look at what you can expect for the afternoon, what the temperature will be like wh
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armed and dangerous. murder at a house party. the manhunt for a killer continues. not my president. some people plan on spending the holiday protesting. costly ride from your commute to your spring break vacation. you'll be paying more to hit the roads. 6:30 is your time. good morning. thanks for waking up with us this presidents' day. >> some of you may be making plans to be outdoors after the mild weekend, we're getting your day started with melissa and first 4 traffic. we want to begin with chuck bell and sheena parveen, or shuck as i like to call them together. >> i don't think i like that. >> i don't mind it. >> their together game, i like it. it nice to start off this presidents' day. a lot of people have the day off. >> time to be shucking and driving outside. pleasant day coming your way
6:31 am
minutes of daylight since the winter solstice back at the end of december. we have another hour to go between now and the equinox, about four weeks away. four things to know about the forecast. presidents' day, hail to the warmth. it's here for the remainder of the week. the final february freeze may already be in the rearview mirror. temperatures later today will be jumping out of the 50s into the 60s. 65 down on the national mall. even milder, 6 7 down the road in fredericksburg. let's good over to melissa. >> this is bw parkway southbound before 197. about a mile backup northbound and southbound. you can see this overturned vehicle on the left side of the screen. only getting by to the left on the southbound side of the roadway.
6:32 am
alexandria, we do have a crash there. and in alexandria, north howard at north jordan, we have a water main break. if you're trying to get to alexandria hospital, you can only access the hospital from seminary road. we'll look at bw parkway and travel times straight ahead. now to our top stories. 11 years old and missing. the search continues in the district. holiday protest, the hashtag not my president will be trending today. >> first angie has more on the president's return to the white house today. >> the president will spend most of the day at his home in florida, while he's there he's expected to call the vice president who is overseas meeting with key allies. the president will return to washington later today. president trump will be the focus of several protests across the country and here in d.c. today. it's part of a not my president's day rally. people are protesting
6:33 am
place since taking office. and take a good look at this photo. this is torii marie gibson. she's only 11 years old and has been missing since saturday morning. she was last seen in 6th and buchanan streets. she has braces with blue bands on her teeth. call d.c. police if you have any information. i just posted her picture on facebook and twitter. >> i did share it on my facebook page as well. this morning one man is dead and another is on the run. >> arlington county police are looking for a suspected killer they say is armed and dangerous. jason johnson is accused of killing another man at a house party in arlington yesterday. the two had an argument. johnson is from d.c., but police say he was last seen heading to maryland. if you see him, call arlington county police.
6:34 am
just a couple weeks after moving in, a family has lost their home to a fire in montgomery county. crews were able to put the flames out but the house was a complete loss. this happened yesterday morning on persimmon ridge road. the parents and two children were able to get out. now we're berming e i learning police officer made sure neighboring families got out of the way. >> this is the first house i went to. by the time i left the front porch to knock on that end door, the whole roof was engulfed. it went up quick. >> smoking materials on the porch apparently sparked the fire. neighbor's and friends are raising money for the family through a go fund me page. this fire happened in mclane. look at that dramatic video. all that smoke and flames. the mansion went up in flames over the weekend. this happened saturday morning on turkey run road. firefighters say
6:35 am
inside escaped safely after fire alarms went off. no word on a cause. new this morning, you're likely wasting a lot of money sitting in traffic. it's estimated last year that u.s. drivers spent about $1400 stuck behind the wheel. >> you could end up spending more very soon. justin finch is live this morning with a look at why you might see gas prices going up. justin, good morning. >> good morning. we're looking at 2.59 for regular right now in falls church. if you thought gas was cheaper this time last year, chances are you are right. prices are averaging up right now. with summer around the corner, aaa says that will not change. aaa says the price for regular unleaded is about 2.28 per gallon. the same price for us in the d.c. metro area. gas is up for regular about 50 cents plus per gallon than this time a year ago.
6:36 am
averaging about 2.49 a gallon. that's up from 30 cents or so from this time a year ago. as for what's driving prices, aaa says the switch over to summer blend gas and refinery maintenance is behind that. drivers telling us they're considering their options. >> carpooling a lot more. definitely carpooling more. for sure. with co-workers. i work at a restaurant. definitely going to started doing that. there are also issues we can't account for like refinery incidents at those places where they process that gas. also, too try searching for gas prices near you before you go out and drive. you may find the cheapest price available. live in falls church, justin finch, news 4, back to you. >> thank you. uber investigation. claims of a sexual harassment. the blog post that went viral and the action being taken now. we have you covered for
6:37 am
for the very last time. i'm meteorologist chuck bell a little cooler today than yesterday. but those red arrows out to the west, that means there's warm air coming. we have a check theof y29phy y16fy
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we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy.
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good monday morning on this presidents' day. temperatures off to a mild start. 44 in the district. 49 in dulles. some areas in the upper 30s. it will be a nice day, if you're exercising today, 7:00 a.m., 48
6:41 am
make sure you have the sunglasses. by this afternoon, mid 60s. coming up, a forecast if you're heading to the national zoo to say good-bye to bao bao. >> sheena, thank you. more negative publicity for uber. >> a former engineer says there is systemic sexual harassment at the san francisco ridesharing service. in a blog toast, susan fowler recounts being openly propositioned for sex by her manager on her first day. fowler reported the incident but the manager was not punished. according to fowler, other female employees had a similar encountered with the same manager. if you have dreams of becoming a millionaire you may want to buy a powerball ticket. there's more time. >> wednesday's drawing up to $403 million now. that's after nobody won the jackpot this weekend. but there is someone in maryland who is waking up richer. a $1 million
6:42 am
was sold in sykesville. >> good luck. emergency repair work. we'll tell you about more problems at the washington monument. and a surprise visit to iraq. a new step taken in the war against isis. and controversial speaker. the man who has inspired protests across the country is preparing for a visit to your neighborhood. and breaking news on bw parkbassett is unique in regards to that customability. you've got a thousand different fabrics to pick from. very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier.
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travel ban. >> get them the hell out of here. >> this is going to have a ripple effect. >> a new executive order the trump administration makes its next move. >> polarizing speaker. remember these vile wholent pro at berkeley? the man at the center of that controversy is coming to our area. >> food fears. breaking down the myths and keeping your family safe at the breakfast table. >> baseball is back. and we're in florida. >> met with the team. whole squad. what did you say to them? >> well, you know, i can't tell you everything. welcomeback. president trump will head home to washington later today. >> comes after he spent his third straight weekend at his florida estate. the white house set to unveil a new executive order on his travel ban any day now and new draft memos
6:46 am
speed up deportation hearings for undocumented workers. the president said this is aimed at getting criminals out of the country. >> get the hell out of here. bring them back to where they came from. >> the president also still searching for national security adviser right now. he interviewed four candidates yesterday. new this morning. defense secretary james mattis is in iraq right now. he stepped off the helicopter hours ago for an unannounced visit. mattis getting updates on the fight for western mosul where iraqi forces are trying to push isis out. he also said the u.s. was not in iraq to "seize anybody's oil" referencing a comment from president trump who had said the u.s. should have seized the country's oil back in 2003. it is a controversial invite to cpac. >> a lot to of people are talking about it. breitbart editor milo yiannopoulos is scheduled to speak in maryland this month.
6:47 am
put the campus on lockdown after protests against his speech. and right now the lights are back on at the washington monument. that wasn't the case last night. national park service electricians were called to help turn the lights that illuminate the monument back on. there were no issues with the red aviation lights. this is the third time this year that there have been light issues at the monument. the monument has been closed since august due to elevator problems. it is slated to reopen in 2019. 6:47. this is a day that eun has been dreading. >> i've been preparing myself. i had a chance to say my good-byes last week. it's bao bao's last day at the national zoo today. tomorrow she has to travel to china. this is part of a conservation program. she has to go back and she will live there from now on. she's not coming back. >> we're keeping an eye on the panda cam for you at the national zoo. i guess she's up. she was there a while ago.
6:48 am
let's go to molette green. she's live for us outside the national zoo with more on today's schedule. >> yeah. she's up. she's ready for her fans. just before you guys came to me there were a couple deer behind the gate running. very cute. i wonder if they got a chance to say their first good-bye to bao bao this morning. yes. this is our final chance to say good-bye to our beloved bao bao before her 16-hour flight to china. so you can say good-bye in person. 10:00 a.m. is a good time. that's when the panda habitat opens. keepers will be giving her a treat between 10:00 and 10:20 this morning. another good time for you guys to get here and plan your strategy, yes, it's going to be crowded. 1:30. that's another scheduled treat time. we knew this day would come. eun has been talking a
6:49 am
week. she can't stop talking about it. it's part of the conservation to leave the zoo and head to china. these cubs have do it by age 4. she is 3 1/2, she will be 4 in august. with the great weather, the holiday, all the stars are aligned for our beloved celebrity. you just need to pack your patience. i want to point your attention, there's a sign there that says the national zoo will open at 12:00 p.m. tomorrow, february 21st. they need that morning time, those morning hours to prepare her for her final good-bye tomorrow. so, today is your chance. come on down, pack your patience, take metro. live at the national zoo, i'm molette green. back to you. >> thanks. 6:49. we're seeing a lot of love on social media for bao bao. >> angie what are you seeing? >> bao bao, that will be a main trending topic today and tomorrow and probably well
6:50 am
this hashtag, bye-bye bao bao. people and the zoo sharing their favorite videos. this is the first time she rolled over. it's more adorability when you can hear her. you can hear her screeching. this is important. she's the first panda to survive in eight years. the zoo is putting bao bao's departure up tomorrow on facebook live. also when they present that panda cake you saw them making earlier in the shot, they will do that at 10:00 a.m. that will be on facebook live as well. so, don't forget to post your good ones, sad ones, happy ones. this is graffiti painted in the panda's honor. back to you. >> thank you. that cake is supposed to be shaped like a suitcase. there you go. >> time to go. the nationals have some high hopes this year. the whole team is in florida now working to make those hopes come true. they held their first full squad
6:51 am
workout yesterday. and spring training cams begin this coming weekend. our sports reporter, carol maloney is there to follow the team. keep up with her on twitter. breaking news in first 4 traffic. melissa? >> breaking news continuing. this is because of a problem here. again, on bw parkway. so, the real issue is southbound bw parkway just before 197. a two-mile backup because you're getting by only on the left side. two-mile backup northbound on bw parkway, 95 not a bad thought if you're headed out sometime soon. have two cars there involved. outer loop branch, little river turnpike, outer lane is blocked. queens chapel road at hamilton street, a crash there. looking at 270, 66, 95 through prince george's county, that's fine. north howard street at north jordan, water main repairs there. in alexandria. 270 is looking good. top of the beltway,
6:52 am
easy. 66 northbound and 95 north bound, no problems there. listen to 103.5 fm when you hop in your car this morning. chuck, good morning. preside presidents' day is here. remember presidents' day 1979, the massive presidents' day snowstorm? it will be the complete opposite of that for today. temperatures sailing way above average. our average high is 48 degrees. we should be 15 to 20 degrees above average for today. a little cooler than yesterday by 5, 6 degrees, but not cold at all. milder weather set to return by the middle of the week. future weather shows the sunshine through the day today. during the day tomorrow we will start to get more and more cloud cover by late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. i think any little rain chances hold off until we get closer to the day on wednesday. a bit further look into the week in a second. let's get
6:53 am
parveen. she has her bye-bye bao bao forecast. >> great day to say bye-bye to bao bao. if you are heading out to see bao bao, this is bao bao when she was a year old. what a cuty pie. 8:00, the zoo opens, 50 degrees. 10:00 a.m., ice cake party for bao bao, 55 degrees. by 1:30, another ice cake, 62 degrees. if you're dining, griling out today. lunch time, 61. happy hour, 64. dinner time, upper 50s. look at the temperature trend as we go through this week. we have 65 today. 70s on thursday. that's 25 degrees or more above the normal high of 48 degrees. let's look at that ten-day, chuck. >> here you go. 65 today, 58 tomorrow. near 70 on wednesday. little chance for a shower on wednesday. best chance of the week is on saturday. might have a rumble or two of thunder as we skipar
6:54 am
>> thank you. from peanut allergies for kids to the sugar and gluten in your diet. doreen genzler has a story on food fears. >> major changes on the guidelines to what could be a deadly food allergy. >> one of the most serious food sa allergies out there is to nuts, especially peanuts, and it could be tough on families. >> handling that was very difficult. i never paid attention to ingredients. i would pick stuff up, buy it, go home. i had to really read the ingredients even look for peanut oil. >> peanut allergy is the most concerning allergy, primarily because it's the most fatal or potentially fatal allergy in the united states. by that i mean in terms of all of the food allergies. it's the one most likely to cause severe reactions in the united states. >> reporter: new guidelines on how to handle peanuts
6:55 am
shook up conventional thinking last year. >> the most recent study has looked at introducing peanuts early in order to prevent development of peanut allergy. >> reporter: sasha started slowly with gabriella, and so far so good. >> we started with -- they suggested a teaspoon of peanut butter. we gave her that. she's been having peanut butter cookies, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, we had no reaction. >> speak to your doctor about introducing peanuts safely into your child's diet. they will probably want to run tests and look into other allergies and will ask you about your background as well. >> and you can get more details on peanut allergies by going to the nbc washington app and searching food fears. tomorrow, we'll look at gluten-free diets. is it healthy or just hype? right now, arlington county police are looking for a suspected killer they say is armed and dangerous. jason johnson is
6:56 am
party at a house party in arlington. james mattis is in iraq this morning on an unannounced visit. he said the u.s. is not there to seize anybody's oil. "the today show" will have more on what he's saying about the fight against isis coming up. rallies will take place in washington and across the country today against president trump. it's part of the not my president's day rally. people are protesting against the policies the president put in place since takie inine inin. look for updates on nbc washington app. and president trump will return to washington today after spending the weekend at his florida estate. he spent part of the weekend meeting with candidates for his vacant national security adviser position. and still breaking news here, southbound bw parkway, chopper 4 over the scene just before 197. two mile backup southbound, two mile backup southbound. also a problem on 202 at arena drive. couple problems on the
6:57 am
outer loop ramp to little river turnpi turnpike. today will be nice for presidents' day. look at that. 65, mostly sunny, beautiful weather no matter what you're doing. great weather to have a day off. tomorrow, 58, still unseasonably warm. clouds move in slight chance of a shower on wednesday. look at thursday. 74. the normal high by the way is 48 degrees. >> like mid-april. >> really is. >> i blame sheena. everything was fine until
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. breaking news, violent storms, including a possible tornado ripped through texas overnight. more than 100 homes damaged in an antonio alone. new flooding concerns in california as another massive storm targets that state. president trump searching for a new national security advisor, interviewing four contenders over the weekend and he continues his battle with the media. >> when the media lies to the people, i will never let them get away


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