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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  March 2, 2017 12:37am-1:37am EST

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congress last night. and good news, everybody. he's normal now. [ light laughter ] so our work here is done. when you tune in tomorrow night, this will be a cookiho
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[ laughter ] president trump last night, announced the creation of a department called voice, which will deal specifically with crimes committed against americans by immigrants. not to be confused with "the voice," which deals with crimes against music committed by teenagers. [ light laughter ] former kentucky governor, steve basheer delivered the democratic response to president trump's address to congress last night. and i don't want to say it was dull, but this isn't a photograph. this is a video. [ laughter ] [ applause ] today was ash wednesday, the day when non-catholics say to catholics, "go like this." [ laughter ] oh. so sorry. chocolate maker hershey is reportedly expecting to cut its global workforce by about 15%. that's right.
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for the first time ever, chocolate is giving up people for lent. [ laughter ] when asked by one the people you did this to, what that joke means. a lightning strike today created a hole in the runway at laguardia airport. so now even god is trying to put laguardia out of its misery. [ laughter and applause ] today was world math day. "yay," said a muffled voice from inside a locker. [ laughter ] "hey, let me out to celebrate!" a man in austria yesterday, tried to enter a court with a bag of cockroaches. "get those horrible creatures out of here," said the cockroaches about the lawyers. [ light laughter ] and finally, a new copy machine is being sold that allows people to print customized words and photos on their lattés. and guess who's excited about that?
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ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight. she has a new stand-up special, on netflix "the leather special." she's one of the funniest people on earth, our friend, amy schumer is back on the show. [ cheers and applause ] and also, from "rupaul's drag race" on vh1, rupaul is here, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] and we will have music from panic! at the disco. [ cheers and applause ] a great night. before we get to all that, donald trump addressed congress for the first time as president, last night. it was a restrained performance, which means once again the media salivated over the possibility of a more presidential trump. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] after a chaotic first month in which trump has already dipped to record low approval ratings, last night's speech was a major opportunity for him to potentially reset the narrative. and you can tell it was a momentous occasion, because as sp
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upgraded from its normal sized countdown clock to a special super sized clock that took up almost half the screen. soon wolf blitzer is going to have surgery to get a new head. [ light laughter ] meanwhile, on msnbc, the anticipation was apparently so high, that the anchors were literally analyzing what paul ryan was eating and drinking. >> these guys are so happy. i've been watching, he just slipped a lifesaver into his mouth, the speaker of the house. he's been drinking water. he's doing everything that's available to him. of course water. i think he's having a hell of a time up there. >> seth: that's paul ryan having a hell of a time. "i'm on top of the world! room temperature water for all my friends." [ laughter ] also, he's drinking water, so he must be happy? that's not how you analyze politics. that's how you make sure your cat isn't dying. [ laughter ] "oh good he's drinking water. fever must be gone." and trump himself seemed to be aware of how important this speech was because as he was preparing to make his way to the capiin
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and cameras were able to capture him practicing his speech to himself. >> come on we can do it. all the way. there we go, here we go, here we go. there he is. >> screen or paper? looks like paper. >> he's lipping it. he's doing it. >> he's practicing. >> yeah but he's actually voicing it. [ laughter ] >> no idea he's on television. >> no idea he's on television, and we're under way. >> look at this. you dirty dog. you let them take my picture. >> seth: they're talking like they're watching a gorilla at the zoo. [ laughter ] "oh, look at that. he's using sign language. he loves that tire." [ laughter ] when trump finally got to the capital and took the podium, he was as usual flanked by the vice president and speaker of the house who wore almost identical suits and ties. look at those two, they look like the twins from "the shining." [ laughter ] no, less creepy.
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now, as we know trump has spent the last year and a half lowering the bar when it comes to public speaking. so the fact trump managed to sustain a muted tone, that for any other politician would be considered unremarkable and even a little boring, was itself seen as a huge victory last night. and look, there were plenty of voters who were impressed or reassured by his message as early polls have shown. but as usual, the media obsessed over their favorite topic, his tone. >> easily the most traditional speech he has given in public life. the most speech-like speech. >> the tone, the presidential demeanor. >> a reset in tone. >> a more sober tone. a more presidential tone. >> president trump tonight sounding presidential. >> i feel like tonight donald trump became the president of the united states. >> seth: although i bet some muslims and undocumented immigrants that would tell you he became president back in [ bleep ] january! [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] guys, seriously, do you ha -
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we have been here many times before. for like a year and a half now. did you forget all the other times you said the exact same thing? let's go back to, i don't know, april of last year. >> you've seen tonight a new tone from donald trump. >> we're seeing a different donald trump these days. >> now his team is reaching out to the gop with the promise of a more presidential trump. >> the tone with donald trump tonight was so much more, so much different than i had seen just a couple weeks ago. he didn't call senator ted cruz "liein' ted." >> no nicknames. >> he called him senator cruz. >> you heard donald trump tonight sounding you tell me, more presidential? senator cruz, not liein' ted. did you notice that? >> seth: and maybe lucy really will let me kick the football this time. [ laughter and applause ] the pundit reviews -- the pundit reviews of last night's speech have demonstrated that despite all their tangles with the trump administration, and the relentless abuse they have gotten from trump himself, there are still many
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you can see that just in the words they use to describe his performance. >> last night was a normal moment. >> look at what's a normal moment. >> a memorably normal speech. >> it was a pretty normal sounding speech. > political headline, trump tries on normal. >> seth: that's right. like a pair of pants, trump tried on normal and asked america, "does this make my ass look big?" [ laughter and applause ] now, trump's tone may well have been restrained but the substance of the speech was as divisive as before, from rhetoric about cracking down on immigration to his pledge to repeal obamacare. and you could tell it was divisive, not just from the policies but the faces on democrats. for example, there was liberal justice ilaina kagan, who had a look on her face like she was alone in the woods and heard a twig snap. [ light laughter ] and then there was house minority leader, nancy pelosi. watch her reaction when the camera cuts to her after a trump line on jobs. [ applause ]
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[ laughter ] >> seth: she looks like a mom watching her daughter marry a biker with a face tattoo. [ laughter ] now, trump's speech focused mainly and his method of economic nationalism but provided very few details. for example, rather than explain the specifics of his jobs plan, he told this story about a meeting with harley davidson. >> i just met with officials and workers from a great american company, harley davidson. in fact, they proudly displayed five of their magnificent motorcycles, made in the usa, on the front lawn of the white house. and they wanted me to ride one, and i said, "no thank you." >> seth: of course not. trump can't ride a motorcycle. have you seen what the wind does to his hair? [ laughter ] i'm pretty sure after five minutes on a harley he'd look like michael chiklis. [ laughter ] so despite what you heard from the media about trump's performance, the speech was heavy on empty promises and light on substance.
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democrats to respond. you might think now would be a good time to showcase some young and up and coming talent. a hotshot like cory booker or kirsten gillibrand. so who did they get? >> i'm steve basheer, i was governor of kentucky from 2007 to 2015. now, i'm a private citizen. >> seth: i'm sorry, so the democratic response was delivered by the survivors of a zombie apocalypse, huddled in an abounded diner. seriously, where the hell are you guys? >> i'm here in lexington, kentucky, some 400 miles from washington at a diner with some neighbors. >> seth: "in fact, i was just sitting here minding my own business when the democrats showed up with a camera and said, 'would you like to respond to the president's address to congress tonight?' and i said, 'surely you have someone younger or more exciting.' and they said, 'no, will you just do it?' and i said, 'i'll do it if you pay for my omelet.'" [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ]
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sustain a more moderate tone last night, but he also offered the same empty solutions to nonexistent problems. let's not get fooled again, we've been here with trump before. to many, the speech sounded presidential. but to others, it sounded like a twig snapping in the woods. this has been "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] we'll be right back with more "late night." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ came home. or maybe the day you realized your baby was not a baby anymore. every subaru is built to earn your trust. because we know what you're trusting us with. subaru. kelley blue book's most trusted brand.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. please give it up for the 8g band right over there. [ cheers and applause ] also joining us again tonight, he's a legendary drummer who's played with groundbreaking artists like frank zappa, herbie hancock, and has a new streaming site for unique music performances launching in april, called "live muse tv." vinnie colaiuta is here. thank you so much. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: so i read a news report recently that scientists at the university of limerick at ireland have discovered a new organ in the human body that functions as a part of the digestive track. a new organ in 2017. hearing things like this always gets me to thinking, you know, i'm getting older, and, i sometimes i look around me and don't even recognize the world li
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things are changing every day and not always for the better. [ light laughter ] and when i have those moments, i think, it's just time to take a look and talk about -- [ light laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] how things were just a little bit more simple back in my day. [ light laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: you know, back in my day, they would put the arms of the sweater out for me. [ light laughter ] back in my day, scientists weren't discovering new organs in the human body. no, back then, the only people finding new organs on their body were teenagers. [ light laughter ] and once they found them, they spent a lot of time with them. [ light laughter ] i know i did.
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[ light laughter ] back in my day, people didn't show up to town hall meetings to angrily yell at their congress person. no, if you wanted to disrespect your congress person, you did it the old- fashioned way, by not knowing who the hell they were. [ light laughter ] back in my day, we didn't have casey affleck in "manchester by the sea." we had ben affleck in "gone girl." [ light laughter ] and there was a shower scene in that movie where just for a second you could kind of see his wiener! [ light laughter ] you'd be sitting in the that's right with your best gal, and all of a sudden, you'd say, "hey, that was ben affleck's penis!" [ light laughter ] and it was nice. [ light laughter ] and we liked it. [ light laughter ] but now all you see is the other affleck penis-in-pants, starring in a movie where his brother dies. [ dog barking ] oh, hush up, rusty. it's not a spoiler. it happens in the first five minutes, but then a lot of other people die. [ light laughter ] back in my day, we didn't have people announcing the wrong winner at aw s
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no, sir. back in my day, when we watched awards shows we just sat back and enjoyed the sweet, sweet voice of the wickedly talented adele dazeem. [ light laughter ] back in my day, we didn't have instagram filters. we had brita filters. [ light laughter ] but it was an entirely different thing. [ light laughter ] instead of taking selfies, you were purifying water. [ light laughter ] and you didn't get likes. you got hydrated. [ light laughter ] and instead uploading pictures and tagging your friends, you loaded up pitchers so you could pour it out for your friends. [ light laughter ] maybe times have changed, or maybe that was just a bad comparison. [ light laughter ] ♪ [ light laughter ] back in my day we didn't have a vice president who was kind of a dick. no, sir. back in my day the vice president's name was dick. [ laughter and applause ] dick cheney. [ applause ]
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[ light laughter ] back in my day mcdonald's didn't have all-day breakfast. if you wanted an egg mcmuffin, by golly, you got up early! either that, or you did enough blow the night before to stay till sunrise. oh, that was fun. the clock would hit 6:00 a.m. and you'd burst into the mickey dees shouting about hash browns until the cashier said, "sir, please calm down." but you'd stand your ground and say, "i am a paying customer, and i demand to speak to the grimace!" [ light laughter ] or at least that's what the police report would say. [ light laughter ] [ dog barking ] what's that, rusty? you did a bunch of blow backstage? [ dog repeatedly barking ] [ light laughter ] >> seth: whoa, whoa, whoa! easy, girl! tell me about your screenplay later. [ dog barking ] [ light laughter ] >> seth: back in my day, we didn't have athletes like colin kaepernick taking a knee. we had athletes like tonya harding taking a knee. [ light laughter ]
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to her. well, i'm sorry, everybody. i just have to do that sometimes. this grizzly grouch gotta give me goosey juice. this has been "back in my day." [ cheers and applause ] we'll be back with amy schumer, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ girl's night! girl's night! okay, when did colorful jeans become the hot trend that none of my friends told me about? we got 'em at old navy. you went to old navy without me? yea. you are the worst... ... best friends a girl could ever want! all jeans are up to 50% off, even these rockstar jeans. they are so soft. i'm putting these bad boys on right now. there's a bathroom right there. i do it all the time here. they know me. they know me.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: our first guest tonight is an emmy and peabody award-winning actress and comedian you know from her hit film, "train wreck." and the very popular comedy central series, "inside amy schumer," her latest stand-up special, "amy schumer: the leather special" begins streaming march 7th on netflix. let's take a look. >> so i tweet out this photo of myself, okay? i'm in -- i'm holding coffee, i'm topless in just underwear, and it goes viral. like it was everywhere. every -- every news show, every website. and that's when i learned the word you don't want people to use when a nude photo of you goes viral. "brave?" [ laughter ]
1:02 am
can you imagine you take your clothes off in front of someone for the first time and they're like, "damn, you look mad brave right now." [ laughter ] >> seth: please welcome back to the show our friend amy schumer, everybody. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: how are you? >> i'm so good. everything's perfect in the world. >> seth: oh, that's great. [ laughter ] it's so nice to get you at a time when you're this happy and there's nothing to complain about. >> not a cloud in the sky. [ light laughter ] >> seth: i want to ask -- >> can you -- can you be on "bow watch?" because i did this backstage, and it's, like, kind of -- >> seth: ok, gotcha. >> like, you know what i mean, so. >> seth: "bow watch." >> "bow watch." >> seth: is it lespr
1:03 am
>> exactly. >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] nobody -- nobody watched "bow watch" when it was on. >> they didn't. they missed out. >> seth: it just didn't work. >> it's like "arrested development." they missed it. >> seth: exactly. it was just slow-motion, people tying bows. >> yeah, i don't know why it didn't -- catch more heat. >> seth: yeah, well, who knows. how did you -- i noticed you're wearing leather in the "leather special." is that how you came up with your name for the "leather special?" >> yeah -- i -- well, every comic that i love has had some special where they wear leather and then later they kind of regret it, they look stupid. and i was like, "i haven't done that yet." >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> and i regretted it immediately. >> seth: oh, you did immediately? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> seth: because i was going to say what's the timeline do you think for regret? >> mine was, like, when i took the microphone out of the mic stand. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> i was, like, "mistake. hi, denver." [ laughter ] >> seth: was it a squeaky leather? like, did you ever, like, hear any of your own leather? >> no, i have like a complete thigh gap. >> seth: oh, right. [ laughter ] >> so -- [ laughter ] >> seth: congratulations. [ applause ]
1:04 am
>> i'm frail. >> seth: i know that's life long dream of yours. >> i'm frail. it's hard to sit up. yeah. [ laughter ] >> seth: i have to imagine, because obviously, you know the nights you're shooting a special. >> yeah. >> seth: you have the act. you know how the act works, and the one sort of variable is the audience, obviously on any given night. >> yes, that's true. >> seth: you've shot a lot of specials. [ laughter ] how was this one? did you walk out and know right away this is a good audience? >> well, crowds, you know, city to city, are different. >> seth: sure. >> and denver, they're always awesome. and i got out, you know, before we, right before i went out. and it's a special, it's a big deal for a comic, you know. >> seth: yeah. >> you work so hard. and then my road manager comes over. he's like, "hey, amy, you're going to have a great show. just so you know, there's a large, white sheepdog in the third row. [ laughter ] break a leg, girl." and i was like, "um -- hi, wait, can we just maybe discuss for a second?" >> seth: yeah. >> they were like, "well, he's here with wounded warrior," you know. an organization. >> seth: a fantastic organization. >> seth: yes, that i've done a lot of work with and so it's n
1:05 am
"hi, like, can your dog not --" so i was like, "okay, well the show must go on." so i'm doing -- you know, we tape two shows. the first hour i'm out there, i'm just making eye contact with a sheepdog. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> like -- >> seth: a dog that's famously hard to make eye contact with because of -- [ light laughter ] >> sure. >> seth: inscrutable dogs. >> killer bangs. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> um -- the dog did not last long. >> seth: not really? [ laughter ] >> not once. >> seth: did a lot of, like, checked his dog watch. >> yeah. yeah, he was like, "wrap it up, girl. next. i liked the opener more." [ laughter ] >> seth: we've talked about it before. i find it so endearing, because i have a similar situation. more with my college friends. >> uh-huh. >> seth: but you're super close with your high school friends. >> yes. >> seth: still to this day. >> my friends from -- they're not in high school now, but yes. [ laughter ] but right --/e >> seth: if you're friends with high school -- >> i don't know, may not be. [ laughter ] yeah. yeah, no, my friends -- i mean, even before that, like middle school, we've been friends for --
1:06 am
>> seth: and these are long island friends. >> yes. >> seth: and you guys still -- >> what's up, girls! >> seth: yeah. >> sorry. >> seth: and you still vacation together? >> well, if i don't take them, because, like i'm rich now? >> seth: yeah. [ laughter and applause ] >> if i don't take them, and by the way, you know i know it's going to end soon. i'm spending it like an athlete. >> seth: yeah, right. >> you know, i'm just like -- >> seth: no that's true. >> new rims. >> seth: that's the big thing for athletes -- >> i need a grill. >> seth: --is, like, a crew of people. >> right. so my entourage is my girls from high school, and if i don't take them away on a vacation like twice a year, they're like, "you've changed." you know? [ laughter ] so it's like -- they're like, "where are we going?" they're so corrupt. >> there they are. >> seth: you guys look very happy there.
1:07 am
>> we went to the bahamas. [ laughter ] it's a good crew, right? it's a good crew. >> seth: did you do anything fun in the bahamas? >> i mean, honestly, we drank and, we -- you know. >> seth: that's what you want to hear. >> did other things, but -- [ light laughter ] >> seth: you also have a fantastic out of your friends. you have a fantastic family that you're very close with. >> they're fine. >> seth: they're fine. yeah. [ laughter ] >> no, i'm super close with them. >> seth: and you had a lifetime dream come true. >> i am so excited to announce this. this is-- i've never been more proud of anything in my life. i am going to be on "family feud." >> seth: it's the best. [ cheers and applause ] >> my family lives for "family feud." >> seth: yep. >> we just -- and it's like the one show, because in "jeopardy" you're, like, watching, you're like, "i don't know any of this. like, i'm an idiot." >> seth: absolutely. >> but "family feud", you're like, "hmm," you know. [ laughter ] it's like, and one -- it makes you feel like a genius. and one person always blows it, like one family member, you know. >> seth: yeah. >> like just drops the ball so hard. it will be like some question, like "favorite place to watch a movie." and they're like -- [ makes buzzer sound ]
1:08 am
[ laughter ] and no matter what, the family goes, "good answer, good answer." and even if it's like the dumbest thing. it's heavy. it's like doing it with my family because it's like -- you know, my brother had an answer. we were all just kind of like, "we didn't do good answer, good answer." we were just kind of like, "what's your problem, bro?" [ laughter ] it's dumb. >> seth: this is a photo of your brother giving the bad answer. >> and this is my sister-in-law glaring at him after his bad answer. [ laughter and applause ] >> seth: and uh -- >> i mean, because seriously it's like, you go home with that family. you know, i think they should do a "where are they now" with people -- [ light laughter ] >> seth: right. >> who blew it on "family feud." >> seth: oh, yeah, they'd have to carry it to every family outing the rest of their life. >> right. like even ten years later, i feel like you'd be at thanksgiving, like, "can someone pass the potatoes?" and they'd be like, "why don't you look in the microwave, dave, you idiot!" you know? [ laughter ] it changed the dynamic of my family. it changed it. >> seth: it is also -- you're so right how "jeopardy" is super intimidating, but "family feud", you just have to be smarter than one other family.
1:09 am
>> seth: yeah. >> they were like, "we asked 100 people in a mall." [ laughter ] like, it's people that are just, like, walking around getting free chicken teriyaki samples. [ light laughter ] yeah, so. it was the best day of my life. >> seth: best day and -- you went into it and you made coats. you made jackets. >> yeah, we had jackets made because we don't mess around. >> seth: here's schumer team. >> blam! [ laughter and applause ] >> seth: let's play the food! let's play the feud! >> it says, yeah, "let's play the feud." >> seth: that's great. >> i love that my fam -- everybody was so into it. like, i didn't have to twist anyone's arm. >> seth: that's -- because it would be a bummer to try to sell people on why it would be fun. >> no. >> seth: you need people who are in from the start. >> right. except my sister was so serious about it. you know, we were all like, excited. it's going to be fun. and she's like, "we are wasting time, we could be practicing right now." >> seth: oh, she wanted to practice? >> yeah. she's nuts. >> seth: we -- there's, like, and app on the ipad. i was with my wife's family for the holidays and i downloaded the "family feud" app just so that, you know, we could play something. >> you didn't have to talk to them. et
1:10 am
>> seth: no more conversation. everybody be quiet. >> yes. >> seth: and then only one of you -- you can only talk when i point to you. >> right. just say one word. >> seth: and it was great -- i will say, my wife's family, every one of them was your brother. >> oh, really? >> seth: it's just, like, it was all, all movies and microwaves. >> my family, we didn't do the "good answer," like, i was like, "what's wrong with you?" [ laughter ] like, we were screaming at him. >> seth: and when will it be on? when will is it going to air? do you know? >> it airs in june, but i'm -- i was like, i'm here to promote my netflix special but really i'm already promoting this. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] this is going to be big for you. >> this lives in my heart. this is big. >> seth: yeah. >> a lot of industry watches that show. >> seth: so you mentioned your sister. i know you guys are super close. >> yeah. >> seth: you have that in common. i'm very close with my brother. >> yeah, and i know your brother. i love him. >> seth: your sister just got a dog. is that good news for you? do you like that? >> okay, so i don't know what this is a setup for. [ laughter ] like i feel like you guys know that there's a question and it's supposed to set me up. i genuinely, are you talking about the white sheepdog again?
1:11 am
[ laughter ] >> because honestly, she has two dogs, and she wants to hang out with them way more than me. >> seth: yeah. that's what it was the setup. >> oh. that's the set up. >> seth: yeah. >> okay. that's my bad. [ laughter ] i talked to your producer literally yesterday. it's out of my mind. i'm like, "why are you talking about my sister's dogs?" >> seth: way to roll with it. >> i know. i know. i can't help it, i'm like, "it's disgusting." that's why i get in trouble because i say what i mean. >> seth: yeah. >> oh, i want to say this about my special. >> seth: oh, great. >> i taped it -- [ laughter and applause ] i don't know why i get booked on late night shows. i'm not good at it. >> seth: no, you're fantastic. >> i know. i know. [ light laughter ] i taped my special before the election. >> seth: oh, right. >> so people will be like, i think a little bit like, "what's up?" some people have their minds on the current administration, did you know that? >> seth: yeah, yeah, yeah. some people would say some people are obsessed with it. >> oh, really? >> seth: yeah. can't stop talking about it. >> yeah. full obsession, so, but i taped my special before then, so it's
1:12 am
which is kind of good because it's, like, when i was still feeling, like, some joy. [ laughter ] >> seth: and optimism. >> you know? right. >> seth: you had optimism. >> and like ho -- hope. like i had this thing hope in my body. >> seth: yeah. >> i was like, "what is this?" how's my bow? >> seth: it's great. >> okay, cool. >> seth: i would have told you. >> all right. all right. so yeah, but then, like, some people have complained, who have come to see my show on the road lately. it's like why -- you didn't talk enough about whatever. and i'm like, "well, you know, it's like, barack obama, you're like, this is my dad, and we have this new dad.' and we have, like, this new dad." and, like, it's not really cool with him yet. and, like, i'm not ready to joke about new dad yet. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> you know what i mean. >> seth: you need a little time. >> yeah. >> seth: so you filmed, you weren't super confident about the outcome of the election or anything. you didn't do anything that could get thrown in your face? >> um -- no, i mean. >> seth: okay. that's good, though. >> nothing will stop the people who want to try to throw things at you. >> seth: yeah, exactly. they're not that discerning about what they throw or which face they throw it in. >> no, but they all, like, have their kids on their shoulders and look really sweet, but they're just like very angry at you.
1:13 am
twitter or real life? >> people trolling online. >> seth: yeah, it is funny when people are really mad at you online, and they say the worst things. and you're right, like the picture -- >> it's always -- >> seth: it's either a twitter egg or a guy with like a kid on his shoulder. >> always. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: and he's like proud dad. american. and you're like, "this guy seems great except for the [ bleep ] stuff he just said to me." >> yeah, right. your picture is super sweet. >> seth: yeah, it's always like you're hiking with your wife. you seem like -- >> he's got it all. >> seth: yeah. >> but he's, like, taking time. but you know what, i don't even have anyone in my phone that would ever, like, write mean things to a celebrity. so 'm like, i don't know who these people are. >> seth: yeah. >> i don't know how we started talking about this. did i talk to your producer about that? [ laughter ] >> seth: no that's -- this is -- see again, and i think this is really helpful. sometimes it doesn't have to be a thing we decided. >> yeah. it's organic. [ laughter ] >> seth: it's always great to see you. >> thank you. >> seth: and your bow was great the whole time. >> really? >> seth: and i can't wait -- and so "family feud" premiers on netflix in june? >> no! [ laughter ] "the leather special." the 7th. >> seth: okay, great.
1:14 am
but, really, "family feud." >> seth: "family feud." [ light laughter ] amy schumer, everybody. "the leather special" starts streaming march 7th on netflix. we'll be right back with rupaul! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ (cheering) (vo) they say glory awaits at the finish. but what about the start? (cheering continues) that moment you suck up every doubt, every fear, every reason 'why not' and decide to begin. every start matters. introducing under armour, now at kohl's.
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y29phy y16fy
1:18 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. our next guest is the emmy-award winning host of the hit show "rupaul's drag race." the ninth season premieres friday, march 24th on vh1. please welcome to the show, rupaul, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
1:19 am
>> seth: how are you? >> i'm fantastic. >> seth: i'm so happy to have you here. >> i just love you! >> seth: oh, thank you. >> actually i think i saw you naked at the gym once. >> seth: really? >> yes. really good. >> seth: really? thank you so much. [ cheers ] that is fantastic to hear. >> yeah. >> seth: because i've seen the show, you can be very honest with people. you're an honest person. >> well, the show is a competition reality show, so we have -- and these are kids who have been in the business who are taking it to that next level. so they are looking to me to let them know to break it down! >> seth: yeah. >> so that's what i'm there for. >> seth: well, i feel very honored that i got such a positive down breaking. [ light laughter ] >> yes, seth, you are the winner of this week's challenge. [ light laughter ] >> seth: thank you. >> based upon your shower appearance. [ light laughter ] >> seth: i want to -- you have so many celebrity guests on the show, and lady gaga's coming on. is that -- >> yes! we got lady gaga!
1:20 am
[ cheers and applause ] lady gaga! [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: i'm so glad to see that you are that excited about it. how does something like that come about? >> well, she tweeted me that she wanted to do the show. let me back, back, back. you know, she's a new york girl who got her start here in clubs as i did. and a lot of the kids, you know, know that i was -- you know, i was running around those clubs a long time ago, you know. and she tweeted, and finally we connected, you know, because, as you know with shows, these kind of shows, it's coordinating people's schedules so that they can do it. >> seth: sure. >> and it just worked out. it was shared, you know. >> seth: and you, i've -- we've had guests on this show before where i've talked to them about the fact that they're huge fans of your show. >> hmm. >> seth: and i wonder, are you surprised when different celebrities are fans? >> well, i probably should say, "yes," but, at the same time -- i sound like la toya jackson, because she says, she says "my favorite food is sushi, but at the same time, i don't like fish." [ light laughter ] >> seth: right. s
1:21 am
but no, i'm not surprised, because everybody loves drag. if you're around kids, children in strollers, they love sparkly, shiny things. and anybody in show business knows that we're all in -- you're born naked. and honey, the rest is drag. >> seth: yeah. >> everybody in show business. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: i think that's very true. i want to talk about the evolution of the show because it sort of started as cult hit, but it's evolved into something a lot more mainstream. is that -- what changed, do you think, in the time you've been doing it? >> well, i think that young people change. you know, in marketing, marketing 101, you realize someone turns 18 every single day. they've never heard of bell-bottoms, so what do you do? you sell them bell-bottoms! >> seth: right, yeah. >> you know? and same could be said about with -- happening in politics right now. people are buying some old schlock! we're like, "no, stay away from the bell-bottoms!" [ light laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> you know. but, i think that young people caught up to what we are doing.
1:22 am
commentary on the human existence and trying on different identities, and young people are looking at identities. especially young women are looking at our shows and go, "you know what? i don't want to fit into that sort of, you know, extension, big boobs, sort of that, that ideal of what a feminine woman is." and they're rebelling. and a lot of those young women, young girls, we're talking 13, watch our shows, and they go, "yes!" they are make, to sort of, make fun of identity, and they relate on that level. >> seth: that's fantastic. >> yeah. >> seth: how did your style evolve, your look evolve over time? because it did not start where it is now. >> no, no. i was in a punk rock band years and years ago, and we, we -- to set the social -- this is the reagan '80s. so, as a social commentary, we would dress up in what was called "gender f-word drag." >> seth: okay, got you. >> and it was smeared lipstick and combat boots. it's like, "yeah!" you know.
1:23 am
and, but, even when i was in that style of drag, straight guys would look at me like, "hey, what's up?" [ laughter ] you know, and i thought, "huh, note to self," you know. and then as, and then in new york, as i needed to make a living, i changed from that style of drag into what i like to call "black hooker drag." >> seth: oh, okay. >> which is sort of like a "soul train" dancer, you know? >> seth: sure, of course. >> and i love -- which i love, because all my fashion sense, i live for prostitutes, you know. [ laughter ] that's just the way i am. and that was really successful for me until i went above 14th street and hit the big time. and that's when i do the glamazon drag, which is what i do today, glamazon drag. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: and i -- this is a fantastic photo because, obviously, seeing you here, you're a very tall person. and here you are with nicole richie, and that is -- really speaks volumes, to -- [ laughter ] wh
1:24 am
is it normal to you now? >> no, it's never been normal to me to see myself. it's so amazing to look at this creature. i see a picture of myself, and i go, "that's outrageous! [ light laughter ] that's crazy." and she's a little-bitty thing, nicole richie. but i also tried to wear the tallest heels i could possibly find. the highest hair because, you know, you know, i like to exaggerate it. >> seth: sure. >> but i get surprised when i just see myself out of drag, too, you know? [ laughter ] >> seth: okay, got you. >> "is that me?" you know? >> seth: that's just a thing about you. it has nothing to do with drag. >> no, and i think, just being in these human bodies is such an incredible trip. i never got over the fact that i landed in a human body. so being in a human body, i want to play with all the colors, all the textures, and that's what "drag race" is all about. and i'm so excited. now we've moved to vh1 -- >> seth: yeah. >> which and more people get to watch it now. i had a show, a talk show on
1:25 am
>> seth: look at that. [ cheers and applause ] >> 20 years ago. >> seth: full circle. >> full circle. >> seth: well, i such a huge fan of what you do. you're so good at it. >> you're just saying that. >> seth: no, i truly am. and thank you so much for being here. we really appreciate it. [ cheers and applause ] rupaul, everybody. the 9th season of "rupaul's drag race" premieres friday, march 24th on vh1. we'll be right back with music from panic! at the disco. thank you so much. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ larms) where's the car? it'll be here in three...uh, four minutes. are you kidding me? no, looks like he took a wrong turn. don't worry, this guy's got like a four-star rating, we're good. his name is randy. that's like one of the most trustworthy names! ordering a getaway car with an app? are you randy? that's me! awesome! surprising. what's not surprising? how much money erin saved by switching to geico. everybody comfortable with the air temp? i could go a little cooler. ok.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: tonight's grammy-nominated musical guests are playing a sold out show at new york's madison square garden tomorrow night! here to perform their title track off their number one album "death of a bachelor," give it up for panic! at the disco! ♪
1:31 am
the shadows on my face people have told me i don't look the same ♪ ♪ maybe i lost weight or i'm playing hooky ♪ ♪ with the best of the best pull my heart out my chest so that you can see it too ♪ ♪ i'm walking the long road watching the sky fall the lace in your dress tangles my neck how do i live ♪ ♪ the death of a bachelor woah letting the water fall the death of a bachelor woah seems so fitting for ♪ ♪ happy ever after how
1:32 am
♪ a lifetime of laughter at the expense of the death of a bachelor ♪ ♪ i'm cutting my mind off it feels like my heart is going to burst ♪ ♪ alone at a table for two and i just wanna be served ♪ ♪ and when you think of me am i the best you've ever had ♪ ♪ share one more drink with me smile even though you're sad ♪ ♪ i'm walking the long road watching the sky fall the lace in your dress tangles my neck how do i live ♪ ♪ the death of a bachelor woah letting the water fall the death of a bachelor
1:33 am
♪ happy ever after how could i ask for more ♪ ♪ a lifetime of laughter at the expense of the death of a bachelor ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the death of a bachelor woah letting the water fall the death of a bachelor woah seems so fitting for ♪ ♪ happily er
1:34 am
could i ask for more ♪ ♪ a lifetime of laughter at the expense of the death of a bachelor ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: panic! at the disco, everybody. the album, "death of a bachelor" is out now. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ]
1:35 am
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y25eiy y16fy
1:37 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to amy schumer, rupaul, panic! at the disco, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] vinnie colaiuta and, of course, the 8g band. stay tuned for "carson daly." we'll see you tomorrow! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> carson: hey folks. it's carson daly here. another edition of "last call." thanks for being here. skylark is where we're at in new york. here's what we got tonight. for our spotlight, "time after time" star genesis rodriguez


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