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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 5, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EST

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we were saying this four hours ago. look at the temperature, it's like 24. gone up four degrees. >> tomorrow team 4 meteorologist is here to tell us more about or forecast. >> despite the sunshine, it's chilly again today. we started in the teens and low 20s and we'll warm into the low to mid-40s. but with beautiful sunshine and winds not as strong as they were yesterday, actually pretty light today, it will feel warmer, it's going to be kind of crisp and refreshing out there. a nice winter day which is the season we're still in currently our temperatures are in the mid to upper 20s. 28 in washington, 25 in frederick. now tomorrow, we are going to be warmer than today. and then there is some rain in the forecast on tuesday. we do need the rain, we'll take the rain, and next weekend, there is a chance for more showers. temperatures right now in the 50s, that's kind of the tricky part of the forecast that you'll to want stay tuned for, and also daylight savings time begins next weekend. so, this time next week when you've been sitting in that
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more rough, i think. >> the show will be over though, it'll be 11:00. >> there you go. yeah. yeah. >> we'd be home by now. >> thanks amelia. breaking news right now into the newsroom, this comes out of capital heights, maryland, look at the new images. a person was found dead inside this home. the house on fire on crowd street earlier this morning. working now get an update on the victim. at this point, it is not clear how they died. we will send out an alert on the nbc washington app as soon as we get more details. also wanting to get you caught up on this, staying on top of the developing story, prince george's county police say a man is on the run after apparently robbing someone along kayak avenue then exchanging gunfire with an officer. here's what we know so far. police say just before 9:00 last night, they responded to a call about a fight when they got there, a man told him he had been robbed. officers spotted a guy who matched the description was robbery suspect. they s
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were fired. the officer was not hurt and it's not clear if the man was hit, call police if you have any information about this case. there is also a search going on right now in northern virginia, prince william county police saying that a security guard was stabbed to death at the potomac mills mall in woodbridge, virginia, by a shoplifter. the guard was 44 years old. he was one of two employees who confronted that shoplifter. the other employee was not hurt. police say this is the suspect that they're trying to track down. we have tweeted out the story and picture. his name is jamel carlos kingsbury, if you have any information on this case, please call police. time right now is 10:02, two maryland teens remembered after losing their lives in a car crash. friends and family held this vigil for dez monday cook and colin bepat last night. both were 17 in waldorf. killed on friday afternoon. their carit
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not far from the school. the dad has a plea. >> please, i'm asking you, a lesson, open your eyes and know that tomorrow's not promising. let the grudges go. love each other like there's never a tomorrow. >> a third teen in the car with them had serious injuries. police are still investigating that crash. and we do want to update you now on a story that has one of the district's most prestigious neighborhoods on edge. on friday night, a woman says that she was blindfolded, tied up, and assaulted in her own home by a burglar who has not been caught. the attack happened on california street northwest in the neighborhood. if you look that the map, you can see that it is just within blocks of the homes of ivanka trump and the obamas. and due to how the attack happened, police do not have a description, so they really need your help in solving this case. well the martin luther k
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jr. memorial library downtown, that's now cloegsed for renovations, not expected to reopen until 2020. now for years, that library has served a large number of homeless residents. yesterday advocates rallied outside the library calling for better services for the homeless and for those who live in poverty. washington post reports that the library officials there are working with the d.c. department of human services to offer the homeless alternatives while the library is closed. and this just in, the white house now calling on congress to investigate president trump's wiretap claims. that comes from a statement just released by the press secretary in the last hour. on saturday, the president accused former president barack obama of tapping his phones last year. president trump wants the congressional intelligence committees who are already investigating russia's interference in the election to determine whether the executive branch investigative powers were abused. south carolina senator lindsey graham addressed the president's
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morning. >> i would be very worried if in fact the obama administration was able to obtain a warrant lawfully about trump campaign activity with foreign governments. so, it's my job as the united states senator to get to the bottom of this. i promise you i will. >> a spokesperson for former president obama called the allegations false. a senior u.s. official tells nbc news president trump apparently did not consult with people inside the government before sending his tweets. meanwhile people supporting the president marched for him in rallies in d.c. and across the nation yesterday. people gathered at the washington monument for the march for trump event in north carolina, supporters urged state legislators to work with the white house and some of the rallies featured counterprotesters. four people were arrested in washington state when clashes between supporters and protesters got a little bit rough. president trump's explosive t
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topic on today's "meet the press." chuck todd will have an interview with chuck schumer, also speak with senator marco rubio and former director of national intelligence james clapper. chuck's going to join us for a live preview in just a few minutes right near studio. we take a live look at union station. beautiful sky this morning, but i don't think windbreakers or fleece is going to cut it this morning. >> cold. >> however, we do have a big change, it is on the way, amelia is tracking we're going to be back up into the mid-60s. burgundy and gold make a big move. what the future holds in store for head coach jay gruden
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welcome back. redskins head coach jay gruden, here's going to be sticking around a little bit longer. espn reporting that the skins signed him to a two-year contract extension. that means he's now locked up under contract until 2020. this is a pretty significant move for the organization. it marks the first time that skins owner dan snyder has
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extended the contract for a head coach since he bought the team in 1999. gruden has gone 17-14-1 in the past two years with an nfc title in 2015. also a good offseason for kirk cousins. the skins quarterback. the redskins placed a tag on him meaning he's going to make just about $24 million. >> that's all. >> that's all. and now he and his wife, get this, for all of you so sad about baobao -- >> baby cousins. >> look who announced it. julie cousins posted the picture of their dog, bentley, holding up a sign reading, quote, mom and dad are getting me a human. end quote. the baby is expected in september. >> we'll check in with the dog in label the to see how she feels about the baby. >> you know how that goes. it's freezing this morning by the way, even though it's so beautiful outside. we have a warm-up though that we're tracking that is on the way. amelia's tracking how you can plan for the monday morning commute as well. >> this is a story you've got to
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the top cat at the national zoo. he can outrun almost anything, except the dentist. meet the brave doctor who's not afraid to givthis cat a e y29kwy ysty
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y2abry ysty welcome back. high yesterday, 44 degrees. today, very similar. highs around 43 for your sunda
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the entire day today. very little cloud cover in the forecast. here's the thing, it's going to feel warmer today because e winds are going to be lighter than yesterday. not breezy like it was yesterday. now as we look to the workweek, we start to warm back up, i'll let you know by how much coming up in my full forecast at about 10:18. >> all right. we'll hold you to it. >> five minutes. imagine being so close to a lion you could stroke it's main, you could feel the breathing, look deeply into those giant teeth. >> yes. we'll leave it to the pros. luke, the alpha male at the national zoo had a trip to the dentist. wendy reiger introduces us to the doctor for the king of the judge that will makes him say -- >> ah. >> luke was in fine form recently as he roamed the big cat house at the national zoo. luke is clearly the king of his castle. but the big guy wasn't looking so royal when we found him, congressed out on an
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table earlier. his massive paws kept warm by colorful mitt tens. >> i mean the root of this tooth is about up here where my finger is. >> reporter: this is veterinarian dentist barron hall. doing a regular check-up on luke to make sure his teeth are healthy. >> since they're wild animals and you can't just go and lift their lips. >> reporter: no, you have to knock them out. which is why luke has a team of medical technicians monitoring vital signs and keeping this 400 pound, wild carnivore peacefully asleep. dr. hall is a veterinarian dentist in vienna, virginia, who specializes in exotic animals. he's so rare he's in demand at zoos around the country, and at sanctuaries around the world. he's been in the mouth of some fierce beasts. >> i've worked on black bears, grizzly bears, brown bears. pretty much every cat. i haven't done polar bears, on my bucket list. >>ep
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mouth can make an animal sick, also alpha males, like luke, can have a bad tooth, be in pain, and they instinctively hide it because pain is a sign of weakness and can get them killed in the wild. luke is quite special. he came to the national zoo when he was a year old. >> luke was brought into our facility from a facility in south africa. which means his specific genetic line was not represented in north america at all. >> reporter: that gave breeders a fresh gene pool to expand the lion population in this country. luke proved to be a rock star. >> he's been an outstanding breeding animal for us. he's produced five litters, four of which have all survived. you know, it's been -- he's had a great run for us. >> reporter: luke is now 11, slowing down a bit, although he can live into his 20s. staring into the business end of a lion, one has renewed respect for this king of beast.
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you this -- >> you could extract every tooth in the mouth, the power of their muzzle, still pop your head like a grape if they wanted to. >> reporter: fortunately luke can still bite your head off. he left with teeth intact and a mouth cleaned up and ready to, you know. >> good roar, luke. that was wendy r ereiger there. he provides his services for free. and veterinarians without borders who provides free health care for animals around the world and local animal training. well if you want to see luke at the zoo today, bundle up, that's for sure. >> puffy coat kind of day. >> yes, temperatures in the low 40s for highs today. so that's about five to ten below normal, cold start this morning. right now, everybody for the most part in the mid to upper 20s. look at your neighborhood. attracting temperatures here in washington, right around 28 degrees,
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beautiful sunshine out there. we'll have the sun around for start to finish. very little cloud cover in the forecast, even as we head into the midday and afternoon hours. you can see that here in your hourly planner by 2:00 p.m. for around 40 degrees. and we'll hit the high today of 43 at about 4:00 this afternoon. it's cold again tonight. so if you've been protecting your plants, do it one more night and then after that, we look to warm back up. but by 6:00 p.m., already back in the 30s. the weather though, despite the chill having a low impact on your day, great day to go to round top, unfortunately with the warm weather we had in february, liberty, and white tail already completely closed for the season. you want to get that run in outdoors, few layers probably in the running. gloves are a good idea. heading out and about to run errands. yard work though, still too early. last area tends to be toward the end of the month. as we think about heading back to work and school tomorrow. in fact, exactly what we tw
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think about right now. okay day right now, warmer by pick-up. in the mid-50s. we start off with plenty of sunshine and then clouds increase throughout the day. recess for the kids is looking dry. fast forward to tuesday, this is 8:00 a.m. with future weather. notice we're dry, but the rain back right around the ie 1 corridor, slowing moves east during the day and we will have showers around during the late afternoon and evening hours. future weather kind of anemic with the rain. but high likelihood we get at least some rain on tuesday and we definitely need that rain wednesday then dry and windy. highs around 60, mid-50s on thursday. then after that, unsettled pattern with chances for rain and highs in the 50s and 60s, guys. i will say that for the part of the national security apparatus that i oversaw as dni, there was no such wiretap activity mounted against the president, the president-elect at the time, as a candidate or against his campaign. >> that's the
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national intelligence, james clapper, recently on "meet the press." >> and he says to his knowledge, there was no court order on trump tower surveillance. joining us now, the moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd, i want to talk with you about this the significance of clapper's answer there. >> well, it's significant i'll tell you to me for a couple reasons, number one, there has been speculation, and we've had multiple people claim to us that there was one of these orders, specifically on a server between a russian entity, a bank of some sort and somebody perhaps associated with the trump campaign or the trump operation. that denial is a big deal to a whole bunch of people that have been investigating this russian connection. so that would mean we know they went for him once and got rejected, perhaps a second time, but that is significant that he said that because he, you know, look he's still under his own security clearance right now, and he seems somewhat hesitant
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it, but considering what the president did saturday morning, i understand why some officials may feel the need to be infinitive. >> this is getting deeper. the white house calling on congress to investigate. >> well, it's clear what they're trying to do here. at least muddy up the russia waters, before they'd been trying to distract from russia. this is about muddying it up so that no matter what looks partisan and the whole thing looks like it's done through a partisan lens. and this is the danger of this investigation, i think at some point, some members of congress, and it's going to be -- democrats have called for it, but you're going to see a growing numbers of republicans go get this out of congress's hands, it's in the way. go to an independent commission, bipartisan commission, think of the bob gates, bob graham's, those things with 9/11 commission, something like that because there's now so much politics that's been infused in this that the credibility of the government is on the line here. i think at this point, considering congress's approval ratings, presidents, media, this needs to be in the hands of a
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things, what if there is an indication or evidence that this could be true, what would that mean? >> look this is -- these are part of this is a huge scandal. and this is what makes what the president did on saturday morning -- i mean, it is -- if what he alleged is true, then number one, that would be the biggest scandal since watergate and if what he alleged was not true and he knew that, then that in itself is it's own scandal, not mini here, that is -- we are starting to encroach into banana republic territory when you have one president trying to criminalize another president. right, and when you're in that situation -- that's what happens in other third worlds. this is an uncomfortable place to put our democracy here. i think it's just simply a tweet storm frustrated about whatever, but i think in being the commander in chief, being the president of the united states, there is extra impact that his words matter and
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doesn't -- or he's not concerned about that. >> he's not changing. >> he's not going to change. >> that's the way it is. schumer -- >> rubio, clapper. three hour show packed in one hour. >> squeeze it all in. >> it's like a sail. three hours in one. >> how could you not watch? >> and coming up in just about eight minutes. >> you can see it every sunday at news 4 day. to
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alerts saying i was a sneaky little liar. i didn't know what to do, so my lawyer said, run, jeffy, run! and i started running and running. >> that is snl last night making fun of attorney general jeff sessions. sessions was played by kate mckinnon in a parody that he was sitting eating a box of chocolates meeting fake vladimir putin there. he also discussed his meetings with russia's ambassador. >> yes. >> funny stuff. we have an update on breaking news out of capital heights, maryland. this is new video just into our newsroom a person has been found dead inside this home. the house caught fire on crowd street earlier this morning. we are working to find out how that victim died. the victim's name has not yet been released. we're going to send out an alert on the nbc washington app as soon as we get more details. time rig
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here are the four things you need to know. prince george's county police searching for the man who exchanged gunfire with an officer. happened along kayak avenue on capital heights before 9:00 last night. the officer was not hurt. unclear if the suspect was hit. and there's also a search for this man, jemel carlos kingsbury, police say he's accused of fatally stabbing a security guard. it happened yesterday afternoon at the mall in woodbridge. d.c. police need your help in finding a missing teenager. kha-ronn taylor missing since friday night. any information, contact d.c. police. washington redskins have extended the contract of head coach jay gruden. his contract now runs until 2020. >> yeah, flexibility for the organization, kirk cousins expected to have a baby. >> september. >> yeah. we heard about that this morning as well. amelia, what's the advice, stay inside? >> or bundle up. beautiful sunshine out there. highs in the low 40s and
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60s with some rain around later on tuesday. windy on wednesday after a cold front moves through. and then, there was the chance for showers as we close out the workweek and look to next weekend and we need the rain, guys, at this point. daylight savings time begins. >> that's right. we are going to lose that hour. >> but we're in a drought. we need the rain. >> we need six to nine inches in an month's time. >> unbelievable. >> that's going to do it for news 4 today. thanks for joining us. "meet the press" coming up next. >> wake up tomorrow morning, 4:26, until then, ha a great vesu
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this sunday, connecting the dots between the trump campaign and russia. after telling the senate this -- >> i did not have communications with the russians. >> attorney general jeff sessions concedes he did meet with the russian ambassador. >> i have recused myself in the matters that deal with the trump campaign. >> the growing evidence of the trump-russia connection threatens to consume the opening months of donald trump's presidency. i will talk to republican senator marco rubio, a member of the senate intelligence committee. plus, what happens next? many democrats are calling for sessions to resign. >> the attorney general, the top cop in our country, lied under oath. >> attorney general sessions should resign. >> this morning my interview


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