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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 5, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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breaking rieven right now at 11:00. one person dead after a house fire in arlington. north korea flexing its military might. tonight the question is, how
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it's a sickening case of child sexual abuse. police say this man raped an under age northern virginia girl. we'll tell you where cops caught up to him. breaking news. one person dead after flames ripped through an arlington home. good evening. i am eri i am erika gonzalez. darcy spencer just arrived at the scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we have been able to confirm one fatality. a second victim with life-threatening injuries. the fire taking place at this house on south grant street here in arlington county. fire officials telling us there were boarding conditions inside the house. firefighters had a difficult time getting through the front door and reaching the victims. one person was initially pulled out. then they found the second
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one was pronounced dead. another taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries. we'll now talk to frank mill we. he is a neighbor. he knows the couple who lives in this house. we don't know who died but he'll tell us what he saw. >> basically all i saw was smoke and a lot of fire engines. i never saw flames. but i did see smoke coming out first over here and subsequently over there. after they broke through the windows. it seemed to have changed direction a little bit. but not much more than that. >> reporter: we're not identifying the people who died and who were hurt. but you know the couple who lives here and they've lived here a long time. >> i knew them 34 years, i figure. their children grew up with our son. and -- one child is living
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ireland, another is in germany and another is in richmond. i hope that through some process we'll be able to get through and let them know. >> reporter: how difficult was it for you tonight as a neighbor seeing this happening here? >> oh, it was bad. i mean, i -- i won't lie. i had to go in the house a little bit and had to fight tears because i have known them a very long time. it's -- it's a crushing thing to have seen them, the condition they were when they were brought out. you know. you just don't expect ever to see that. somebody you know. you know. but -- they were nice people. i was especially fond of her. she was a very special person. and -- he was unique too. so -- or is. i don't know which one died. but it was never boring around them. so --
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tonight. we're sorry for the loss of your neighbor. that's the latest. one confirmed fatality. the second with life-threatening injuries on grant street. >> thank you, darcy. new at 11:00, a girl from fa fairfax county is on her way home. a man behind bars accused of raping her. police in tulsa found the suspect and a teen girl at a motel on saturday. officers across the country had been asked to keep an eye out for the girl. once found, she was taken to the hospital and jonathan lewis was arrested. he is 26. police tell us the girl is in good health and that detectives will keep working with her and her family in this case. we want to make sure that you see this picture. prince george's county police say william leach is missing. he is 16 years old and was last seen near the andrews ridge apartment complex after suitland road on friday wearing pink tennis shoes. if you have
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please call police. tracking developments in the korean peninsula. north korea has fired ballistic missiles off its eastern coast. nbc news confirming four missiles travelled about 600 miles before falling into the sea of japan. the move comes as the u.s. and south korea conduct joint military drills in the region. the defense department releasing a statement tonight saying it's fully committed to working with allies in the region to maintain security. new developments surrounding president trump's explosive claims that his predecessor tapped his phones during the presidential campaign. now, nbc news is learning that the fbi director is asking the justice department to publicly reject those allegations. nbc's kasie hunt has the latest in this fast-moving story. >> reporter: president trump demanding congress investigate his explosive claim of wire pp
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a day after he tweeted without offering any evidence, that president obama tapped the phones at trump tower. >> we're just saying let's look into this. if this happened it's the biggiest overreach and scandal. >> reporter: fbi director joeor national intelligence james clapper also denied any intelligence community wire tap. >> i can deny it. >> there is no court order. >> not to my knowledge. >> anything at trump tower. >> no. >> reporter: after a tough week with the white house with tense meetings in the oval office democrats arguing it's all a diversion. >> i think this is just a distraction to distract from this very, very serious interference by a foreign power on our
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>> reporter: diversion or not, experts say the president's unsubstantiated claims could do lasting damage. >> making claims and allegations and accusations that don't have any basis in reality, the more we will be at risk of not having a president who can speak authortatively when the time comes. >> reporter: the senate intelligence committee investigation into russian meddling into the u.s. election continues. >> i'm not going to be a part of a witch hunt or a coverup. >> reporter: vice chairman mark warner says he'll review intelligence at cia headquarters this week. chuck schumer says that might not be good enough. >> the point is we need a special prosecutor to investigate what went on in the trump campaign transition and presidency. >> reporter: for a president in just his second month in office, a troubling controversy that's not going away. >> in the end, it's going to be the truth that will determine what's involved here. and not tweets. but
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>> that was nbc's kasie hunt reporting. meanwhile, a sad day in one of -- in a capitol heights neighborhood. firefighters finding a body inside the charred remains of a home. the fire started after 9:00 this morning on crown street. now we have learned the house did not have working smoke alarms. news4's derek ford spoke with a neighbor who called 911. >> reporter: the single-story wood frame house was still smoldering hours after the fire had been reported. about 9:15 when neighbors realized it was burning. >> i smelled the smoke. so i checked around our house to see if it was inside our house. >> reporter: the fire was at ramirez's neighbor's house next-door. >> it was dark smoke. i could see the flames. >> reporter: she dialed 911. someone was inside. >> i looked through the window. that's where i saw -- i'm not sure if it was a neighbor but they were trying to call somebody inside the house. >> reporter: firefighters were eventually a t
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the house and they found the person dead inside. investigators were trying to determine what started the fire and if the fire was the cause of the death. family and friends began gathering at the scene, overcome by grief, when they realized that the rescue effort had become a recovery effort. a woman and her mother are known to live in the home. authorities have not identified the victim. in capitol heights, derrick ward, news4. >> there is a new place for firefighters to go if they're struggling with the emotional stresses of the job. first of its kind treatment center opening today. it's in upper marlborough but firefighters from all over can take advantage of the services. maryland center, chris van holland thanks the nation's firefighters at a ceremony this afternoon. >> all of us know that every shift you take is a shift that you put your lives at risk for somebody else. >> according to the international association of firefighters, studies show being a firefighter is causing ptsd at rates
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a heads-up tonight if you take metro in virginia. the latest safetrack surge probably affects you. surge 13 runs through april 9th. and tomorrow morning is its first rush-hour test. the surge affects the blue and yellow lines. metro says you could wait as long as 24 minutes for a train even during rush hour. the passengers tell us the wait now will pay off later. >> i think they're doing the best job they can do, actually. >> i would say probably it will help in the long run. i just hope they get it better because i know a lot of kids in the summertime like to be on the trains. >> trains are single-tracking between braddock road and the huntington/van dorn street stations. or other ways to get around head to the nbc washington app and search metro alternatives. we have ideas to help you navigate the changes. next at 11:00. locks of love for a very good cause. dozens of people in our area
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people in need. a scandal shaking the marines to its core. investigators uncovering evidence that shows hundreds of marines may have betrayed the confidence of their fellow troops. >> we are here walking across the bridge. that one way, while the nation is going backwards. >> 50 years after one of the most pivotal moments in civil rights history, leaders say there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. a big weekend deserves a big exclamation point. sports final will deliver. just like alex ovechkin. tag along with the great 8 as he plays pizza guy. >> look at the hair. >> need some conditioner. >> the nats let their hair down. listen in on the lighter moments of spring training. >> i am so proud of him! >> plus a very special basketball game for the wizards and their biggest fan
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all that and more up next on sports final, right after the
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this is the iconic edmond pettis barra pettis bridge. today activists and civil rights leaders recreated the march. some say the fight for civil and voting rights is far from over. shoulder to shoulder marchers crossed the bridge in selma reenacting one of the iconic moments of the civil rights movement. some remembered the first march. >> every year is significant that i can tell the story tha
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had a lot to do with the people to get the right to vote. >> reporter: it was 1965 when african-americans seeking the right to vote intended march across the bridge on the way to montgomery. they were attacked by police. more than a half-century after the voting rights act was signed into law long-time activists say voter i.d. laws mean the right won so many years ago is now under threat. >> we're here walking across the bridge that one way while the nation is going backwards. we can't be polite about this. we can't be casual or cavalier. we have less voting rights today than we had august 6th, 1965. >> reporter: it was a day to honor the past and prepare for the fights of the future. dan shanman. nbc news. >> dr. martin luther king jr. wrote a letter to the "new york times" in 1965. king said, quote, this is selma, alabama, there are more
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in jail with me than there are on the voting rolls. end quote. about a month later was the selma march. for more information on the march open the nbc washington app and search selma. the sikh community in washington state is on edge tonight after a sikh man was shot while working on his car in his suburban seattle driveway friday. local authorities saying the masked gunman told him to, quote, go back to your country. the fbi is now helping local police investigate this as a possible hate crime. >> he just got his gun out and shot at him. >> it appears that, under the circumstances, was the victim of a crime because of his appearance, his ethnicity. his race, and therefore that would make it a hate crime. >> so far, no arrests. india's foreign minister identified the victim as a u.s. national of
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a scandal with the brave woman in the military. investigators looking into reports that marines and veterans circulated nude pictures of their fellow service members on social media. the pictures of more than two dozen women surfaced in early january. the women were allegedly identified by their names, by their ranks, and where they worked. marine corps officials called the actions, quote, demeaning and degrading. lawmakers are calling for an investigation on top of the military investigation. here is something that we haven't seen much of this winter. snow. people in the cincinnati, ohio, area woke up to this light coating this weekend. even though it wasn't much, it did cause some problems for drivers and even caused authorities to temporarily close several major roads and highways. and then take a look at this video. a storm dumping dozens of inches of snow in parts of california! highw
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down nearly 70 miles of an interstate because of all of the snow there. the storm started saturday. when this is all done, the area could have as many as 30 inches of snow on the ground. dozens of people will be going to work or school with a lot less hair tomorrow because they've shaved it all off for a good cause today. check out this scene at the irish pub in northwest d.c. 60 brave people participating in the head shaving fund-raiser. donations going towards child cancer research. we caught up with one woman who had done this twice. >> i think it's a great foundation and cause and a great opportunity. you know, any chance i get to bust beauty standards, i am about it. so why not. >> two local breweries will be porting participating in head shaving events. they'll sewh
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most money for child cancer research. now, your storm team 4 forecast. >> what a wonderful cause there. as we talk about this weekend, it was the coldest weekend we have had since early january. and with our spring, look at what it did to these tulip m magnolias. this was march 2nd. this was today. you can see the cold really took a toll there on the blooms. the cherry blossoms, a little bit heartier. they should be okay. in for another cold night tonight. look at your first weather headline. it's warmer by about 15 degrees. we continue to warm on tuesday. have the umbrella handy with some rain in the forecast. next weekend, very tricky weekend forecast right now. the computer models continue to be all over the place. it is looking like it will be on the cool side with some rain chances. at this point we really need the
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currently we are in the 20s and 30s. 27 in gaithersburg, 33 in washington. clear skies out there. we'll start off with some sunshine tomorrow. partly sunny skies, around 27. we warm up quickly. as we warm up, the clouds move in. mostly cloudy for the midday and afternoon hours. by lunchtime we are near 50. not so bad if you want to go out, grab lunch, get fresh air. 3:00 in the afternoon, the mid 50s. that's the high, 56. at 7:00 p.m. with plenty of clouds in place during the evening hours, they're acting as a blanket. so it won't be able to cool off as much. other factors helping that as well. so 52 degrees tomorrow evening. not that bad for walking the dog. for the most part the weather having a low impact on your monday. the commute looking good. the kids will definitely want the jacket or sweatshirt. outdoor exercise, it will be cold in the morning. hold off until the afternoon hours if you can. dry and crisp
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night. on tuesday, there is rain in the forecast later in the day. stopping at noon, still dry but cloudy. 3:00 p.m. we see showers back to the west. moving towards the evening commute hours. showers moving through the area. the rain is out of here early wednesday. high temperatures on tuesday around 66 degrees. it's also windy tuesday afternoon. breezy throughout the day on wednesday with a high around 60. plenty of sunshine. mid 50s on thursday. and then, erika. next weekend will be in the 40s. chance of showers, and day light savings time begins on sunday. >> when was the last time you wrote in cursive? most of us learned how to do this in school, but now there is an entire generation of students who only know keyboarding and texting. now cursive is making a comeback. this story is being shared a lot on our facebook page. virginia is one of 14 states that require cursive in public schools. supporters say it's faster,
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i am one of those. they also say it's an important life skill especially when you have to sign your name. we have more on this story on our nbc washington app, search "cursive" and we promise the story is in print. like to hear what you have to say about that. next in sports, while the wizards rely on someone new. they'rep to their old tricks your path to retirement may not always be clear. they'rep to their old tricks but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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the market.redict but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. the washington wizards. i wonder if there was just this collective, you know, gasp, right, when bradley beall came down on his ankle. >> it was a scary moment early. it wasn't even the ugliest moment in the game. they went down by double digits. it may come as a surprise to those who turned off the game when they were trailing by
11:26 pm
second largest comeback of the season happened tonight. bogdanovic is becoming a team favorite. hasn't even been two weeks. look at that hug. the man they call bogey comes up huge in the fourth quarter against the magic, knocking down five three-pointers. he finishes with eight of ten from beyond the arc. 27 points in the game for him. full highlights in sports final as the wizards win behind the man they also call bo buckets. congrats to brenda frese and the maryland terrapins. big 10 tournament champions. maryland takes down purdue. maryland's third year in the league, third tournament title. not too shabby. next up, the ncaa tournament selection monday, a week from tomorrow. according to a report from
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skoi redskins linebacker trent murphy faces a four-game suspension for violating the nfl's policy on performance enhancing drugs. he is reportedly appealing his suspension. he comes off a career year with nine sacks. coming up on sports final. kevin shattenkirk, the newest cap, assisting on the backstrom winner last night. he shares with us how the team is razzing him. >> go ahead. >> the captain, alex ovechkin, making the rounds delivering something other than goals. plus, the wizards give back to the community in a meaningful way and why john wall might have a new-found appreciation for the refs. that's a tease. john wall loving the
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so this next video is just adorable. take a look at what this little boy decided to do instead of taking on his wrestling opponent. so this is in columbus, ohio. notice that ponytail bobbing up and down? yeah. this little boy is running from this little girl. she is ke, why is he running? why is he running? his mom posted the video on instagram today. it's gotten several thousand likes and shares to it. >> how old are they. >> teeny, tiny. he is probably thinking she has wicked cooties. get this girl away from me. >> she pinned him. >> boom! >> girl power. i like it. frame it. keep that one! last check of the weather. >> warmer tomorrow. but it is another cold start in the 20s generally across the area. a high of 56.
11:32 pm
on tuesday, some rain later in the day. plenty of dry time as well, though. we'll be windy during the afternoon hours. highs near 70. and then on wednesday we're breezy, plenty of sunshine. highs around 60. next weekend it's a tricky forecast. the computer models have said 70, 30. we're going 40s. >> we'll check back with you on that. in case you were wondering, the cuties in the video from columbus, ohio, were just 4 years old.
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right now, on sports final. >> he takes big shots and he makes big shots. >> bo buckets lives up to his name. >> make me feel bad. >> making plays and another big title for maryland. see how brenda's bunch brought home another title. >> five! >> hitch a ride with the great 8, when he brings pizza to the people. >> pizza is here. >> oh, my god! >> we're through spinning our wheels. let's get this schoen o the road. oh! hi, new guy. you want to go? sports final starts now.


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