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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  March 10, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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it is 6:00 a.m. good morning, everybody i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we'll be filling you in on frustrations so many redskins fans are feeling this morning. it's all over your social media feeds right now. >> and that weather alert causing one school delay. they'll start two hours late today. >> melissa mollet and justin finch have a look at your commute, but first chuck bell in the weather center telling us what it feels like outside right now. >> good morning. yes, indeed. 74 yesterday. we will not make it into the 70s today. in fact, our high temperature for the day is already in the rear-view mirror. temperatures are trend downward from this point forward. already a little light rain and wet snow flakes here out to winchester and light rain now across culpepper and orange counties in virginia. all this is putting the squeeze play here on the d.c. metro area. likely to have some light rain
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that could mix with some wet snow flakes here late morning and into the early afternoon hours and don't stick your tongue out at mother nature, young man. you other eel get a weather whipping. we'll trend back down into the upper 30s and by the time the sun goes down tonight windchills will be in the 20s. that means you need to grab the warm winter coats and your hats and umbrellas and everything to keep your warm and dry for today and the cold is going to have big impacts on your weekend as well. for more on that let's go outside to lauren. >> definitely for your weekend. and it's not that bad out here right now. i hear the birds chirping. they're probably going to be wondering what's going on the next couple of days. temperatures out there right now, 48 here in d.c. we did hit our overnight high just after midnight but you can see back off to the north and west temperatures in the upper 30s and lower 40s. now, rock 'n roll marathon. we've been getting questions about this all week. it is going to feel like teens.
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not dying down until tomorrow afternoon. to single digits outside the beltway. cherry blossoms, it looks like they could be on the damaged side. you'll want to bring that winter wear and have it with you all through next week. the cold is here to stay. we'll see if there are any warmups in that forecast in just a few minutes. overall things are k looing pretty good. a couple of things disappeared off of our system here just a few minutes ago. chopper 4 heading down bw parkway. top of the beltway just showing us what's happening there. bw parkway, a little bit of a slowdown. really it's approaching 100. chopper saw that for us a few minutes ago. taking a look at the bottom of the beltway, everything there is being good here this morning. everyone there behaving themselves. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway not expecting to see too much there. no reports of any major pr
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and outbound both looking quite good. we'll take a look at some travel times coming up in ten minutes. thank you. we continue our team coverage on this storm team 4 wet weather alert day. >> justin, you were talking to some drivers. what are they saying about their commute so far? >> reporter: we spoke with drivers who are surprised by this cold snap. however, we made our way up here to frederick county, not so much as a drop or a snow flake have we seen at this time. one driver told me he was surprised at this from shorts to a hat in just a matter of hours. drivers have a long commute of course into the d.c. area. we spoke with one man who says he is more concerned that his commute -- he's also worried about this cold snap and coming winter storm conditions too. >> i live around
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week and next tuesday is a concern. because, you know, if it wipes out the fruit trees, you know, there's a problem for everybody. so costs are going to go up, where are we going to get the fruit, so i would agrow with people, it's a little bit crazy. >> reporter: that driver there also worried about the impact of this weather on the bottom line and of course fruit crops and all that but the roads so far are looking clear. all drivers we spoke with say they are building more time into their commute to circumvent this coming event. back in to you guys. >> all right. thank you. and how will winter's return impact d.c.'s famous cherry blossoms? that's something we're keeping a close eye on. this is taken yesterday afternoon along the tidal basin. they peak at stage six. right now peak bloom is expected between march 19th and the 22nd. new this morning a fire
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erika gonzalez has the news out of prince george's county from the news room. what happened? >> so the good news here that we can tell you first and foremost is that everybody made it out okay. police were able to get there on the scene and alert the homeowners, get everybody out of there. the damage, however, is pretty impressive. this looks like the back corner of the house maybe. you're looking at i think some type of a porch or something like that. but we can tell you that the house next door to this fire was so intense that it wound up damaging some of the siding on the house next door to it. this is in of course clinton, maryland, as we mentioned before on symposium way. this was about 1:00 in the morning that this happened. the most impressive shots looks like right there on the backside of the house there. but again, everybody making it out okay so good news to report there. back over to you. >> thank you. we need to make a correction. we've learned that one person, a driver is dead and a child has life threatening injuries after ar
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forestville. we'll show you some images from the scene. suitland parkway was shut down for nearly six hours. that road reopened just before 3:00 this morning. the other driver in that crash suffered non life threatening injuries. we reported that driver had been arrested. that was not the case. police tell us that during their investigation of this initial crash, a car hit an unoccupied police cruiser helping to keep the road closed. they say that driver was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. it was one of the darkest days for the prince george's county sheriff's office. two deputies killed in one night. now 15 years later their families are trying to convince the parole board to keep the killer locked up. >> i've had a hard time sleeping, a hard time focusing. what am i going to say? how is this going to play out? >> she wrote her victim impact statement before today's hearing.
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in 2002 her father sergeant james ornot and mcgruder were dilled by james logan. now he's up for parole. >> he needs to stay in prison. he needs to serve the whole consecutive time. he killed not only my dad he killed elizabeth mcgruder so two officers in one night. >> mcgruder's family will also be at the hearing today in maryland. you can hear all that breaking glass. this is surveillance video of the story we broke for you at this time yesterday. we now know dozens of guns were stolen from the united gun shop in rockville. that's on randolph road. police say this all took place in about two minutes in total yesterday morning. today they're looking for two suspects in this case. this weekend vice president mike pence will travel the country on a selling tour. he's going to make
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the republican replacement for the affordable care act to the american people. meanwhile, back here in washington, the bill passed two house panels this week. coming up at 6:30 we'll tell you when you can expect to learn how much this bill will cost taxpayers. all eyes are on the redskins this morning and fans are talking about the future of the team. multiple players leaving on the first day of free agency. the big news though, the general manager scott mcloughan fired. you know there's been tension there. multiple reports citing his past problems with alcohol is part of the issue. he was let go just two years after coming here to washington. he had two years left on his contract. could our wild weather be making you sick? why getting outside in the cold may actually help you stay healthy. but if you do go outside, hold on tight. wild video of a little girl nearly blown away. you want to see this and hear what happened next. and
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get your coffee ready here this morning. may need to have a little bit more irish in your coffee over the weekend as bitter cold weather comes back into the picture. windchills down near 10 degrees by first thing saturday morning and all this cold may lead to our next actual chance for accumulating snow. the extended forecast coming right up. >> plus, sibling rivalry at a whole new level. two virginia kids preparing to go head to hea for ad
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it is going to be a cold weekend for exercise, but that won't stop the rock 'n roll marathon, half marathon and 5k from taking over the streets of d.c. >> 24,000 people signed up for this. there will be rolling road
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too so if you're trying to get around, be sure to check out the route on the nbc washington app. search marathon. those closures start about 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> and last until 3:30. so plan ahead. lauren rickets, i hope people bundle up if they're running outside in this weather. >> 6:00 a.m. that's just early anyway, but now we're talking about windchills single digits and teens tomorrow morning. yes, winds are going to be the main story and as we head into the afternoon, right now the main story weather alert, we've got a little bit of rain and snow on the way. not going to accumulate to much. we had some school delays out here in western maryland. but no alerts around here. of course we're not even seeing a little bit of rain out there right now. just seeing dry conditions. as we continue into the remainder of the afternoon, of course we can expect maybe a little bit of snow, but most of this will be out of here by about lunchtime and then just isolated showers here and there this afternoon. a look at your friday morning commute.
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now, we will see some snow and rain showers. i'm watching visibilities. if you're along i-81 where we're starting to see some rain, maybe a few wet snow flakes mixed. in that's where we'll starting to see lowering visibility. watch as you head out the door for that. i do believe by about 7:00, 8:00 a.m. we'll start to see a little bit of snow and rain around here in the d.c. area, but we are really warm right now. temperatures in the upper 40s and then by the time we get into the afternoon, the winds are picking up. after lunchtime we're talking wind gusts up to 30, 35 miles per hour so that's going to be the main story with windchills in the single digits and teens tonight and tomorrow morning. let's get a check on those roadways. >> a new problem here toll road westbound, we're going to send chopper that way here in just a second. right now, chopper 4 over the top of the beltway here. no major problems there. inner loop or outer loop for the entire stretch really, you can see the beltway looks quite good. taking a look at travel times, 270 south, top
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over to 270. you are nice and clear there. 66 inbound and remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car today. we're getting a new look at the chaos inside a train station in germany as a man attacked seven people with an ax. take a look. someone captured this video on their phone of police running to the scene and victims being treated on the station floor. three victims were seriously injured. the attacker was caught after he jumped from an overpass. police believe the suspect acted alone. take a look at this, just unbelievable site on interstate 17 in phoenix yesterday. sheet metal from a flat bed truck crashed right lu the windshield of an suv. i always have this fear. it's unclear what caused this crash. the driver's injuries are not life threatening. well, the fairfax county spelling bee ishi
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page you'll see that we tried some of the words ourselves. not so great. >> you got one. >> one. >> some of the words we couldn't even pronounce and never even heard of. >> there will be about 70 contestants and as we explain, a unique challenge for two students trying to make it to nationals. >> reporter: you don't get to be the reigning champ of the fairfax county spelling bee -- >> may vi t-- i have the definition? >> reporter: it's almost as big as you are. >> i beat out a couple people. >> reporter: 61 to be exact. he made it to round three of the scripps national bee last year until that you know one darn word. >> it's stuck in my head. >> reporter: this year, he's getting ready to defend his county title. >> the enemy is the dictionary and not the other people. >> reporter: a good outlook
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well, she lives in his house. meet big sister allison. >> i'm hoping to win hopefully and go to the national bee for the first time. >> give her a harder one. >> reporter: having two competitors under run roof can spell trouble. >> i'm going to give her one. >> reporter: but at the end of the day there's one thing they agree on. word for word. >> if i don't make it i'd like for her to win. >> if i don't win i'd rather have him win. >> super compute and smart, that rivalry encouraging you to work harder. the fairfax county spelling bee is this weekend. they'll compete against the best spellers in the country at the scripps national spelling bee. wishing them luck. this is video you have to see. you see the four-year-old girl out of the car, runs to the front
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>> don't touch that door. >> all of a sudden, whoo! >> she flies. >> hang on to that door handle. she takes off right there. this happened wednesday in ohio. the little girl's mother says she was actual lipined between the house and the glass door. she's fine. she laughed about it. >> and everyone's talking about the fact that she didn't drop the cell phone in her other hand. she hung on to it. >> we teach the kids what's important. >> holding on with one hand and the other hand. >> i'm just glad she's okay and you always say, chuck -- >> rocks in the pockets. for kids under 50 pounds and that's good advice, sage advice coming our way for later tonight. >> did you call your own advice sage? >> he's chuck bell. >> yes, i did. >> he can do that. >> here's some oregano
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a very shocking change to the system around here. 74 yesterday and snow in the forecast for today. not a lot of snow. conversational snow today, mostly just a light rain around the area now but already wet snow flakes here across allegheny counties and western maryland. snow showers right along the maryland, pennsylvania border. this is all sagging down in our direction. here's future weather to help you plan that out. here comes what's mostly going to be cold rain in the metro, but by 9:00 an opportunity for a rain/snow combination, so mid-morning up to about lunchtime that rain snow combo getting into the afternoon. it's going to be ferociously windy. winds gusting to 40 miles per hour this afternoon. you could go from sunshine, to snow, to rain, to wind all in about a 15-minute stretch later on this afternoon. that's what these cold northwest winds will do to us. how much snow? not going to be much around here. maybe an inch on the grass up across parts of northern
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otherwise, temperatures, this is as warm as it's going to be all day. windchills below freezing before sunset. grab your winter coat on your way out the door. windchills near 10 tomorrow morning. very cold all weekend long, and when i see you a little bit later we'll talk more about that increasing threat of snow on tuesday. for now let's go over to melissa mollet. >> good morning. so right now chopper 4 on the way to this problem westbound dulles toll road there. another problem in northern virginia that just popped up as well. 66 inbound washington, a crash reported there so you can see those slowdowns as you're headed into town. as you widen out a little bit. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, looking good here. just the tiniest slowdown here up top and that of course is good for us to look at here. 270 southbound from 70 down to the spur. really running on time this morning if you're going pretty much at speed. going to take you 29 minutes southbound and northbound same situation.
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our cars, we listen to wtop sometimes before you head out you might use an app like wayz. we have something cool to tell you about that. >> remember, it's not about the destination. it's about getting there. let's make the most of our time together, shall we? >> do you recognize that voice? one of my favorites actually, that is keith morrison, a correspondent on date line. he's now the voice of wayz until at least next month. tonight it will be a two hours long actually. you can watch him right here on nbc 4 at 9:00 p.m. followed by news4 at 11:00. it's a really cool thing. i love my wayz. it's nice to have a little bit reassured. >> his voice is so distinctive, i feel like something bad is going to happen. >> he's like let's get together, if we can. >> thank you. all right. so our weather is all over the
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you sick? we debunk a few myths about cold weather illnesses and why getting outside could actually help you. >> and big news you'd want to share on facebook.
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y2ahdy ysty well, we all know too well about all these whacky weather changes this time of the year. this has been especially crazy though. can it truly be blamed when you're feeling under the weather? the short answer is no.
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germs are spreading more indoors when the weather is less inviting outdoors. >> the colder weather causes people to go inside and be in closer proximity to each other, but as far as, just becoming sick the weather doesn't affect it. >> there you heard it from the doctors. they also say that you are less likely to get sick if you have a healthy lifestyle. exercise and get enough sleep. different from what my mama told me. i'm just saying. you go outside with a wet head and cold, you get sick. >> my mom told me that too. if you want to get outside to the monuments this weekend, here's an idea. the tower on pennsylvania is back open. it's a part of the old post office building. it's free to visit. nice place to take those out of town guests. right now it's open every thursday through sunday. the newest site along the
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opens to the public this weekend. the visitor's center tells the story before sending guests out to explore the actual locations. the grand opening there in cambridge will have an interactive journey. it shares highlights from her life in maryland. just search harriet tubman in the nbc washington app. the fbi director spotted on capitol hill. get the story behind this exclusive video and why he left lawmakers frustrated. >> big changes for the redskins. gm scot mccloughan is out. two years into a four-year contract. and it's a storm team 4 weather alert day. no rain or snow here in the district just yet. it's well off to the north and west, but changes are coming. if you like winter you're going to like our forec
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we'll let you know how much snow we could
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good morning, everybody. we're in weather alert to get you ready for an enormous change in weather. temperatures in the 70s yesterday afternoon. by 8:00 tonight it's going to feel 50 degrees colder than that. windchills headed into the teens and 20s for your friday night plans and the cold sticks around all weekend. not to mention chances for snow in the forecast after nine days in the 70s. stay with us. all the details are coming up. >> and chuck, it is feeling colder out here as the morning crowds make their way to work and school. we're watching out for that rain and snow mix as forecast to fall in just a few hours. >> plus, health care plan hurdles and coverage changes. we'll tell you when you'll learn how much the affordable care act is going to cost you. it is 6:30 right now. get ready for a cold windy wet y
6:31 am
>> it was 74 yesterday, by the way. we're going to see rain and snow depending on where you live. that's why it is a weather alert day. we're watching conditions here up and down the east coast for you. we begin with chuck bell and lauren rickets in for sheena. what is going on with this weather? >> i know. you did just say 50 degrees colder. i think you put in perspective with that last little tease right there. i don't think people understand how cold it's going to get. >> weather whiplash comes in around the area. 74 yesterday and yes, indeed, that's snow, everybody. snow along the maryland, pennsylvania border. wet snow mixing in with the rain drops. a two-hour delay because of snow showers up many the mountains of maryland right now and here's all of the precipitation. but as temperatures fall from the 40s now into the 30s, by 9:00 or 10:00 this morning what we'll start out as a cold rain will be a rain/snow m
6:32 am
then this afternoon, a howling gale of a northwest wind. winds gusting to near 40 miles per hour at times. you could go from sun to rain to snow to run in about a 15 minute period multiple times this afternoon. so get ready for a wind whipped friday afternoon and a bitter cold weekend ahead. all the details coming up. good morning, melissa. >> taking a look right now at chopper 4 eastbound 66 at washington boulevard, have a report there of a brand new crash. we we are seeing some volume headed into town right there. not seeing an actual problem right now though. westbound toll road, chopper 4 flew over that. we are not seeing any problem through that area and we're not seeing any real slowdowns either so i'm thinking it's probably out of the way. no major issues. you see the very typical slowdown there at the top of the beltway and again, all of this green stuff looks like slime. that is our radar showinger
6:33 am
where you might see some moisture falling right now. take a look at travel times for you coming up. all right. thank you. a look at our top stories this morning. we're monitoring conditions on roads before you head out. in last hour we learned all garrett county public schools in maryland will open two hours late today. one person is dead and a child has life threatening injuries after a crash on the suitland parkway. u.s. park police say a driver hit a cruiser. no one was in that police car and the driver was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. the parkway is now back open. >> oregon is the latest state suing over president trump's revised travel ban. oregon now part of a lawsuit with washington state and minnesota. the suit says the travel ban hurts oregon and forces the state to violate its own laws against discrimination. continuing our coverage of president trump's first 100 days. the rli
6:34 am
two house panels this week. >> but many americans are still wondering how much it will cost taxpayers. erika is gunning us with more information. >> aside from the costs it's also unclear how many americans would potentially lose or gain insurance as a result of the new plan. next week, the bill heads to the budget committee. at the same time we're expecting the congressional budget office to release how much this could cost. the bill goes to the committee and then it hits the house floor. the house speaker defended the pace at which he's trying to pass the bill. >> so the insurers are telling us, if we don't know what's going on come late spring we'll have massive premium increases and pullouts and you'll collapse the individual market. >> so to sell this plan, the president and the vice president are going to hit the road to hold rallies to talk directly to
6:35 am
coming days. back over to you. >> all right. thank you. it's 6:35 right now. another blow to metro riders this morning. the agency has given preliminary approval to raise fares and cut some service to close the budget gap. riders are k looing at an extra 25 cents for the bus and 10 cents more for rush hour rail service, offpeak rail service and daily parking fees also set to increase. from a service perspective that means more time riders will have to wait for a train. a final decision on fare increases and service cuts comes in two weeks. big changes for the redskins after the first day of nfl free agency. hard to keep track of everything. the biggest one though, general manager scot mccloughan fired. >> and megan is live for us at fed ex field to break it all down. >> reporter: yeah, lots of drama, lots of changes. many fans wondering what the future of the team will be, what the season will look like. now, first, perhaps
6:36 am
change here is that the skins have fired general manager scot mcloughan. tensions between the front office and mccloughan have been mounting for some time. on thursday, mccloughan out two years after taking the job. de-sean jackson is going to go to the buccaneers. defensive linebacker chris baker also going to tampa bay and then there's wide receiver pierre garco garcon. he is headed to the 49ers. kirk cousins, he will sign his franchise tag. he was told not to get his hopes up for a trade and of course he's not allowed to negotiate with any other teams so it looks like he's going to be staying. so a lot of changes, a lot of questions out there. people wondering how this is going to impact the team in the nese
6:37 am
thank you. and if you're a redskins fan, a lot of sadness with all these players leaving. take a look at this post. this one is from de-sean jackson showing him right here looking out at the waters of tampa. he is going to tampa bay. back to garcon, saying he had five amazing years playing for the most powerful city in the world. he said he had an amazing time and very passionate about the fans here. he is going to the 49ers. and he also gave a shout out asking for continued support for an organization that meant a lot for him. secret talks on capitol hill. the fbi director has some questions to answer. find out why he was going face to face with lawmakers. >> conditions a bit
6:38 am
>> that's right. severe weather across the midwest and our weather is out of whack as well. 74 yesterday. start looking for the winter coats now. the raincoats and the umbrella. don't stick your tongue out at mother nature, young man. you'll get slapped down ha
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oh, no! >> wow, you can hear it. the strong storm brought some unbelievable hail to parts of missouri. look at the video here. this is baseball sized hail destroying a storm chaser's windshield. >> they're loving that though. there was at least one report of a tornado out there. the national weather service still working to verify that though. >> wow, a lot of damage. we've been monitoring the roads and keeping you updated on conditions on facebook live this morning. >> lauren with a look at what we can expect in the next few hours. >> hey, over the next
6:42 am
we're dry out there right now, but things are about to change. a little bit of rain from winchester to hagerstown. starting to change into a little snow. you can see inside the beltway, maybe a little miss but i'm worried about those low visibilities out there. we're not expecting much snow. again, there could be a little bit many the grassy areas up north and west along i-81 but that is about it. temperatures will continue to fall through the day. winds will be the big story later on this afternoon with windchills in the 20s tonight. single digits and teens. all right. how's it look at that traffic? >> chopper 4 over the american legion bridge right now. things look great here. two problems we were seeing earlier in northern virginia. chopper 4 flew over them and it looks to me like they are out of the way. don't have to worry about those anymore. also look at your travel times and a slowdown on metro straight ahead. >> thank you. bottled water versus soda.
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a storm team 4 weather alert day. rain, wet snow all during your morning commute.
6:46 am
out relatively quickly. >> and we are looking ahead to the potential for the next big storm. deputies killed in the line of duty. the man convicted of murder has a chance to get out early. >> i don't know how this is going to play out. closed door meetings on the hill. the exclusive steps at new secrets exposed. the big announcement you might share on facebook. 14 before the hour. we begin with team coverage on this weather alert day. tracking some rain, even wet snow that could -- you could run into on the roads. >> and this storm is going to stretch all the way up the east coast. we began with justin finch live. what are you seeing? >> good morning. coming to you live from river road right now, the relief here so far is that we've seen traffic build up. the temperatures are dropping out here. but we have not seen m
6:47 am
way of precipitation yet. the roads are dry. take a look and i think right now i may have just seen one or two drops hit our windshield here, but that changeover should happen fully within the next hour or so, but no matter what, we found drivers out here who say they're prepared for anything, no matter how calm it looks out here so far. >> see, i live in brunswick where it's in the mountains a little bit and we get even more snow. so i'm not looking forward to that because i have an hour commute every day. i don't need it to turn into two hours. >> reporter: and driver after driver we found said to build extra time as you go out this morning no matter how it looks out there. a little bit of rain or snow, still build in that extra time and we are seeing more drops to fall. we know there's more to come. back to you. >> all right. thank you. and justin mentioned how cold it is out there this morning and it's the same thing for millions of people all across the country. >> 30 million of us are under a winter weather advisory today.
6:48 am
pictures from -- we'll show you some pictures from new york here. that's what you're seeing here where they're expecting snow. >> this all comes after a very warm winter. nbc's morgan radford has what it's like there. >> reporter: 39 million americans waking up this morning under a winter weather advisory as we expect to see heavy rain and snow pummel nine states throughout the country. that's from the ohio river valley region to the mid plaek a -- mid-atlantic. this is create ago messy commute for those people in the northeast. the bulk of cancellations at the airports right here in new york where we expect to see up to 3, possibly 4 inches of snow today. that snow lingering
6:49 am
12:00 noon. this is the second time this year we've seen snow immediately following up to 61 degree temperatures the day before. yesterday here in central park people were outside running, they were playing in the grass and enjoying the weather. today a little bit of a different story. we're expecting to see below freezing temperatures throughout much of those nine states into this weekend even after that snow has wrapped up. but we will see some of that snow linger into the evening in those areas as late as 5:00, possibly 7:00 p.m. today. back to you. all right. we have more team coverage of this as we monitor active radar as well. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell has more on what we can expect. a pretty dramatic change here in 24 hours. >> felt like the 70s yesterday afternoon. it will feel like the 20s by the time the sun goes down tonight, so about a 50 degree drop in the feels like factor over a 24 hour stretch and we're not looking for a lot of rain or snow today, but just the combination of some r
6:50 am
you can see this all pressing down into the metro area now. already a rain/snow combination. as you plan out your day, the rain and snow combo between 8:00 and 11:00 in the morning. showers ending by lunchtime. breaks of sunshine this afternoon, but once you start to see the sun, the wind is really going to kick up. windchills will be back down in the 20s by as early as about 6:00 or 7:00 this evening so your friday night will be a frigid one and we'll be in the deep freeze all weekend. that part of the forecast coming right up. >> thank you, chuck. and a reminder of the latest weather. it's only as far away as your phone or tablet. be sure to download the nbc washington app for up to the minute forecast. >> it was one of the darkest days for prince george's county sheriff's office. two deputies killed in one night. >> now 15 years later their familys have to convince the parole board to keep the killer locked up. >> i've had a hard time sleeping,
6:51 am
going to say? i don't know how this is going to play out. >> news 4 spent time with jamie arnaud as she wrote her victim impact statement before today's hearing. two deputies were killed by james logan. he was sentenced to 30 years in prison in 2007 but he is now up for parole. >> he need to stay in prison. he needs to serve the whole consecutive time. he killed not only my dad, he killed elizabeth mcgruder. so two officers in one night. >> deputy mcgruder's family will also be at the hearing today. take a look at this surveillance video showing a gun shop burglary. we brought this to you as breaking news yesterday morning. two men dressed in black and armed with crowbars wentz throu -- went through the gun shop. they loaded about 24 handguns and six long guns and took off. t
6:52 am
road in rockville. police are searching for those thieves. how serious was the wi wikileaks leak? >> he discussed malters relating to the alleged wiretapping. comey has been tight lipped with lawmakers about the investigations he's pursuing. oh, baby, this story is getting a whole lot of likes on facebook. >> the social media giant's ceo mark zuckerberg and his wife are expecting baby girl number two. zuckerberg made the announcement in true facebook fashion with a post. >> all right. we want to get you caught up on the morning commute. >> here's melissa mollet in your first 4
6:53 am
northbound/southbound showing us nice clear roadways. 66 looks pretty good right now. chopper 4 was over this earlier as well. eastbound 66 at washington boulevard and that one is gone. you can see overall things here looking pretty good. again, all of this green sort of slime looking stuff, that is radar over our roads showing us where it's raining right now. right now mostly 95 in virginia. beltway here at branch avenue, no major issues there. train malfunction at federal center southwest is a reason for the delay. travel times fine on 270. not bad here at the top of the beltway. 95 north looking pretty good. remember to listen to wtop when you hop in your car. right now chuck bell is up to talk. >> about the weather. yes, indeed. an ugly shift from mother nature coming in the blink of an eye. 74 yesterday and
6:54 am
get through the second half of the morning commute. not expecting a lot of rain or snow, but any time you go from sunshine and 74 to a rain/snow mix that's an ugly change and in the blink of an eye too. so this is all sagging down into the d.a. metro area. the rain/snow mix is running behind a couple of hours. but it will get here eventually so by 8:00, 9:00, rain and a rain/snow combination coming through the area. out of here by early afternoon. i couldn't rule out a passing rain or snow shower during the course of the afternoon. you literally could go from sun to rain to sun to snow in a 20 minute period. our next best chance at getting some accumulating snow comes monday night into tuesday. today falling temperatures, windy and way colder, the monday night, tuesday event, i'm increasingly confident we could get an inch of snow but there are computer models out there.
6:55 am
that are predicting a lot of snow. stay tuned. but the weekend is looking oh so cold. >> good idea just to stay inside this weekend. maybe watch a little ncaa tournament or pretty much anything else you can find on tv because it is going to be bitterly cold. let me show you what's going on. rock 'n roll marathon. we've been getting a lot of inquiries about this. it is going to feel like the teens. you step outside the beltway it's going to feel like the single digits. gusting to up about 25 miles per hour. cherry blossoms there could be some damage. too cold to get a tee time and if you're out and about make sure you're wearing that winter wear. you're not only going to need it today and into this weekend but you'll need it all week and next week. >> talk about that ten-day forecast. >> winter coats are back in fashion. windchills will be in the 20s for your friday night plan. windchills near 10 on saturday
6:56 am
that increasing chance now and some potentially accumulating snow on tuesday. thank you. it is 6:56 right now. here are four things to know before you head out this morning. this weekend vice president mike pence will travel the country on a selling tour. he's going to make the case for the republican replacement for the affordable care act to the american people. an infant is in critical condition this morning and one person is dead from a crash on the suitland parkway. the road was closed for six hours and reopened just before 3:00 this morning. redskins plans are planning amar'e on ashburn. they're planning amar'e after learning three players are leaving the team. >> justin finch has been out on the roads this morning as the winter weather makes a return. >> and there's your ten-day ca
6:57 am
life here. number one thing about the weekend, bundle up. move your clocks ahead one hour and change the batteries in your smoke detectors. >> take a look here at chopper 4 right now. over the top of the beltway, outer loop, no problems there. seems like some folks aren't going to work. i think all of us, we can go home now. >> she said it. >> we're not done yet. >> i gave permission. >> we're on facebook live right now if you want to join us there. have a great weekend. >> make it areat friday, g - okay, we have one more. - can't wait to see what it is. (giggling) - now don't worry, he's totally gonna grow into it.
6:58 am
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good morning. winter's not over yet. 39 million people from the mid-atlantic to new england, bracing for a late-season storm. today, snow coming down, making for a messy commute. and there could be a storm behind it. al isracking it all. no comment. james comey visits lawmakers on capitol hill, to brief them on the wiretapping investigation. >> are there any wiretaps in trump tower? >> this, as the department of justice refuses to say whether or not president trump himself is the subject of an investigation, over possible contacts between his associates and members of the russian government. we're live at the white house. freeway fight. a


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