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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 11, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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oh, yeah. winter's back and, boy, are you going to feel it today? storm team 4 tracking bitter cold temperatures and how soon flakes are going to start flying. and forced out in the cold. the dangerous fire that tore through a home leaving more than a dozen rushing to safety. and how to get around today as thousands dash to the finish line. 6:00 on the dot this morning. i'm adam tusk in for david. >> and i'm angie goff. let's just take a moment to admire this gorgeous sunrise behind us. isn't it wonderful in. >> capitol building right there and the clouds. just absolutely gorgeous. but the
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and all those runners waking up early this morning in washington getting ready to take on the rock 'n' roll marathon, they're going to have to layer up for the start, maybe throughout the entire race. >> that's right. temperatures are down into the 20s. so windchills, they are just in the teens on this saturday morning. our windchills are down into the teens in the suburbs and rural areas. reagan national is at 16 degrees. feels like temperatures in the teens all around the region. storm team 4 radar scanning, we don't have any rain or snow or anything falling from the sky this morning. we've got a clear sky right now. and for the marathon, it's going to be cold. got to layer up 8:00 a.m. temperatures still in the 20s with the blustery wind. toward the end of the marathon by late morning, winds gusting around 30 miles an hour with temperatures just around freezing. windchills still
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and 20s. then by 2:00 still some 30 mile-an-hour gusts and windy. temperatures above freezing. just some clouds racing through. we'll have it into the upper 30s by mid-afternoon. winds diminish overnight tonight. look at our chance for snow this coming week. that's coming up in just a few minutes. >> tom, thank you. 6:02 right now. a dozen people including an elderly man forced out of their homes and into the cold by this fire. check out this video we got from d.c. fire officials. the fire erupted after 11:00 last night in northwest d.c. fire officials saying it all started in the basement of the row home and then it spread tloo into all three floors. no word on the cause just yet. it's going to be a chilly one as we mentioned for runners in today's united airlines' rock 'n' roll marathon and half marathon. 20,000 will be out pounding the
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many road closures in effect starting now. the marathon starts at 7:00 this morning along constitution avenues. all roads should we open by about 3:00 this afternoon. runners picked up their race gear last night at the d.c. armory. organizers are working to make sure roads are pretreated for any freezing temperatures out there as well and they want runners to be prepared. >> make sure people are listening to their bodies. make sure they're dressed in layers. continue to drink water and fluids because it's easy to get dehydrated even in cold weather. >> trains don't start running until 7:00 a.m., that's when the race begins. the d.c. streetcar won't open until after the marathon. runners can park at the stadium but you have to reserve parking and free shuttle in advance. along 14th street northwest. another race this time in arlington could also impact your travel around town. the four courts four miler race will
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courthouse and roslin this morning. they'll wrap up by 11:00 this morning mostly impacting the area near wilson boulevard. well, the bitter cold weather is frosting over the chances of a strong cherry blossom peak bloom. the iconic peak bloom attracts people from all over the world, as you know. some of them are already here in the area. but the subfreezing temperatures has forced the parks service to push it back to the 22nd. park officials saying 70% of the cherry blossoms, they've already started to bloom and that's creating a real concern. >> at the stage the cherry blossoms are at right now, just starting to emerge, makes them vulnerable to the cold temperatures. we're going to keep an eye not only on the temperatures. it could lead to loss of blossoms. >> we'll have another update for you soon. the
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tomorrow night. we were supposed to know by december. then pushed back to march. there are new questions if the headquarters are going to move at all. >> of course i'm disappointed. >> reporter: prince georges county bashern is unhappy they are postponing plans to relocate the fbi headquarters. congress must first secure funding. that didn't happen. >> we didn't get a decision here in march. we were anticipating that. the fbi is going to prince georges county. >> reporter: they want to move out of their outdated headquarters in d.c. prince georges has two of the potential sites. virginia has one in springfield. the general services administration also known as gsa says congress needs to secure the funding. >> all we c
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that the things that we said we would do as a county and as a state are done. >> reporter: baker is optimistic. >> we're going to do everything we can to bring that site to prince georges county. >> reporter: the gsa does not give a time frame for a final decision. news4. defense secretary jim mattis is weighing in on the nude photo scandal involving female service members. mattis said that type of behavior will not be excused. female marines said their photographs were shared on social media without their consent. they are now forcing the army and the air force to look at how far the scandal might reach. the marine corps is now asking itself some tough questions. >> i'm not going to lay this off on anybody else, on society or anybody else. this is our problem and i own it. >> we're told jim mattis will hold meetings on the es
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u.s. attorneys from across the country are announcing their resignations. it includes federal prosecutors in new jersey, rhode island, and minnesota. followed the call by jeff sessions for holdovers from the obama administration to step down. the agency says it is to ensure a uniform transition. it's standard protocol for a new president to appoint his own u.s. attorneys. a lot of talk has been on the plan to overhaul the affordable care act. tom price is going to sit down with an exclusive interview with chuck todd on "meet the press" tomorrow. that's coming up at 10:30. good saturday morning to you. it's 6:07. bundle up if you are planning to take out the dog. i know. take a look. let that sink in, okay? windchills are down to the teens. tom is tracking winter's nasty return. and it evaded nasa's top minds for almost a decade. the elusive discovery that required space age detective work. stay with us.
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welcome back. lost and found. nasa tracked down two missing spacecrafts this week. one of which went missing eight years ago. nasa used new radar to track them down. india's space aircraft went missing in 2009. nasa said because it had been lost so long, finding it required extra detective work. the five-foot craft was found orbiting the moon slightly off its original track. nasa also found its own reconnaissance orbiter. people in the memphis area are trying to pick up after this strong storm swept through. powerful thunder and also gusting winds took down trees and a whole lot of power lines. some even trapped a
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it fell down. officials say it sliced through her bedroom and separated her from her husband. how scary is that? several storm victims say they are just lucky to be alive. time right now is 6:11 on this saturday morning. we are waking up to bitter cold, some whipping winds out there. tom is tracking a wild return to winter weather and how you can plan ahead. keeping d.c. safe. the new concerns about more hate crimes and how the district is now planning to stop a rising trend. it's 6:11.
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good morning. a weather alert day due to the freezing cold winds. we'll have windchills throughout the day in the teens this morning and only in the low 20s during the afternoon as winds gust to around 30 miles an hour. so dress for a cold winterlike day here on this march 11th. we'll have some sunshine in and out throughout the day. a look at a potential accumulating snowstorm. that's going to be coming up this early week. i'll show you that. the latest in just a few minutes. >> all right. we're all watching that closely. okay. so a scary yet incredible story. this comes to us out of baltimore. police say a 4-year-old boy will survive after being shot in the chest by his 6-year-old brother. police say the two
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the handgun inside their house and started to play with it. it accidentally went off with a bullet piercing through one of the boys' chests. the boy is now in stable condition as last checked. no word yet if there will be charges filed. a suspected metro fare invader who got a face full of pepper spray now facing charges. a confrontation went down between that suspect and the office. after a struggle, pepper spray was used and the person was arrested yesterday afternoon. the suspect is facing a charge for assault on an officer. hate crimes in the district. new data released show that biased motivated crimes jumped more than half in a year's time spain. news4's mark segraves reports on what could be behind the trend and what is being done now to try to stop it. >> good morning, everybody. >> reporter: inside the historic synagogueay
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a group of community leaders while the number of hate crimes has gone up, that's not a reflection of who d.c. is. >> everyone feels welcomed and is welcomed in our city. we are a place of tolerance and respect. a place where every resident has a pathway to opportunity. >> reporter: but the mayor and chief were candid with the group telling them the number of biased motivated crimes went up from 66 in 2015 to 107 last year. an increase of 62%. as for which groups were being targeted the most, crimes on ethnicity went up 300%. crimes on religion, up 260%. and victims who were attacked because of their gender identity saw an increase of 90%. race was the only category to see a decrease. bowser urged residents to call 911 for police as well as other government support for ha
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>> call 911 and the knowledgeable operators will now how to get you assistance. >> reporter: the majority of hate crimes based on religion were aimed at the jewish community. as for the types -- >> with regards to simple assaults, we had an increase of 19. threats and stalking, increase of 11. and destruction of property, increase of 10. >> reporter: of the 107 hate crimes last year, police made arrests in 36 cases. in the district, mark segraves, news4. a bill that would require maryland companies to offer sick leave is advancing in the state senate. according to the baltimore sun, the senate tweaked the bill a bit making it mandatory for employees with 15 or more employees to offer five days of paid leave. final vote is expected to happen this coming week. snow
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yesterday, but that didn't cause too much trouble on the roadways. hundreds of schools did end up closing after 2 to 4 inches fell across the state. today temperatures are expected to dip well into the 20s. check this out. one moose not interested in skis when it barrelled down a ski run in colorado. can you imagine. you're skiing down the mountain and then you see this? looks like it's fake. a woman and her friends captured this footage on their cell phone. it continues to charge and heads for the trees. no one was hurt there. parks and wildlife officials think it was a female moose who became agitated. >> wow. >> that would be a little bit scary. i mean, you're going pretty fast down the mountain. and the moose is keeping up. whoa. >> holy cow. i had a similar experience on a trail with a deer. yeah. i'd be much more scared with that. >> he just got fed up waiting for the lift. >> that's right. >> i'm out. well, ski l
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wondering if we're going to get hit, tom. >> maybe skiable snow here coming in on monday night into tuesday morning. between now and then it's feeling wintry cold. it's a weather alert day because of some frigid windchills we're going to be having throughout the morning and into the afternoon. there's the capital under a partly cloudy sky. that's the live view from our tower camera this morning. and as we take a look at temperatures, yeah, it's down below freezing. it's in the 20s just about everywhere for the mountains all the way to the bay. reagan national now is at 27 degrees. then when you add in the winds which are now gusting around 20 miles an hour. it only feels like it's in the teens. windchill now in winchester is 10 degrees. it's march 11, for crying out loud. windchills will stay this way saturday through 8:00 a.m. here's the future windchills. it'll stay cold. windchills still in the teens by
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to climb into the low 20s. and then windchills mid-afternoon in the mid-20s. radar right now, we're all dry. we'll stay dry all day long with temperatures in the low 30s by 10:00 a.m. upper 30s by 2:00 to 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. then down to freezing temperatures by 10:00 tonight under a partly cloudy sky. ten-day outlook, milder temperatures on sunday. we'll billie in the 20s on sund. tomorrow is going to be the best day to get some exercise. then as we get into monday, increasing clouds, 20s in the morning. it's going to be a key factor. into the low to mid-40s in the afternoon nap will keep the temperatures above freezing as snow starts to move in on sunday evening initially melting a lot of surfaces then it may
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tuesday when temperatures will be back down to 30. watching tuesday's storm, doesn't look like a major nor'easter. all depends where that storm sets up close enough to the coast. farther away from the coast. right now indications are the snow would change over to a mix of some sleet and rain which could keep some snow totals down. nonetheless, a high-impact event during the day on tuesday. and then windy, cold, flurries and maybe a few snow showers on wednesday with highs just in the upper 30s. and again, temperatures may get back into the upper 30s tuesday afternoon. refreezing wednesday morning. melting again wednesday afternoon. highs in the 40s by next weekend. maybe a few flurries a week from today. that's the way it looks. >> sounds like a cold mix coming. thank you very much, tom. no steering wheel, no gas, and no break. where driverless cars could soon hit the road and why human backups may no longer be needed. stick around for that.
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i'm melissa mollet with your first 4 traffic. some things happening around town this weekend that will cause some road closures. first of all, lots of folks going to be headed down for the rock 'n' roll marathon and half marathon. that, of course, is saturday here. so let's take a look at exactly what we're going to be dealing with. most road closures and detours for this
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3:30 p.m. streets will reopen as runners come through on a rolling basis. constitution avenue and 14th street northwest. if you're headed down by metro, be careful. look at the schedules because of safe track. for that full list of closures, check out the nbc washington app. take a look at this one. on sunday the 2017 st. patrick's day parade is happening downtown. that is sunday, march 12th. parade going to be forming there on the national mall. then that is going to proceed westbound on constitution north avenue from 17th street. we have more closures on the app as well. i'll see you monday morning for news4 today. >> thank you, melissa. testing of a driverless car that does not require a human is in the works in california. for awhile now companies have been testing the self-driving cars in the sate. but current rules require that a human be in the driver's seat just in case.
6:26 am
proposing new rules that would let those cars be tested on roads without a human rider. after a tearful reunion, a little girl is back home with her mother. >> and you don't hear stories like this every day. 7-year-old sahara wandered away from her babysitter in germantown last saturday. sahara is on the autism spectrum and is nonverbal. and it was bitterly cold that day and she wasn't wearing her coat. officer jonathan pruziner was a part of the search team looking for her. he went through specialized training on how to search for people who are on that spectrum. they tend to have an attraction to water and he followed a hunch and found her near a pond. >> i'll go check that out. went up, followed the pipe. and there she was. so just really happy it turned out the way it did. >> so are we. sahara's mom says that her little girl was shaking and even foaming at the mouth m
6:27 am
well, she led hundreds to freedom and risked her life for others. the new tribute now in place to honor the life of harriett tubman. and it is a storm team 4 weather alert today. don't put away your coat and scarves. tom is updating his forecast with freezing temperatures and how soon snow will have an impact in your neighborhood. stay with us.
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time right now, 6:29 on this saturday morning. 14 people not waking up at this home after this fire on new york avenue in northwest d.c. this is video from d.c. fire officials who say that erupted just after 11:00 last night. the three story blaze threatened the neighboring row homes. no word on a cause. the cold weather is likely to take a toll on thousands of runners expected for today's united airlines rock 'n' roll marathon. they will shut down streets this afternoon. the race starts at 7:00 this morning. about 30 minutes from now. two of the three proposed relocation sites for the fbi headquarters is in prince georges county. but the general services administration is waiting for congress to first allocate the funds for the project. oh, yeah. it is a weather
6:31 am
fool you behind us. things are going to change quickly and it's pretty cold outside right now. >> it's very cold. for some it's going to be shockingly cold. we're talking single digits in the windchills. >> we have two big races going on today. everyone's going to have to layer up. >> that's right. it is feeling more like mid-winter here rather than early spring. we do have a gorgeous sunrise underway. sunrise was at 6:25 six minutes ago. sun continuing to climb in a partly cloudy sky as the feels like temperatures, those windchills are down into the teens. just about everywhere. reagan national at 16 degrees. for the marathons today, any outdoor exercise, you need a layer up. 8:00 a.m. temperatures still in the 20s with a blustery wind. winds gusting to maybe 30 miles an hour from 11:00 this morning to around 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon as we get above freezing.
6:32 am
this evening. a new look at potential accumulating snow this coming week. that's in just a few minutes. >> thank you, tom. well, there is a new stop on the harriet tubman underground railroad byway. dedicated to harriet tubman opens today in church creek. it's one of 31 stops along the byway. to her role as a conductor on the underground railroad. her relatives say they are thankful for the new dedication. >> my feelings are, thank you, jesus. we're here. that's my feeling. >> i tell my kids, the grounds you're walking across are the ones she walked across. >> the entry is free. muhammad ali's son was stopped for the second time as he was preparing to take a flight back to florida.
6:33 am
why muhammad ali jr. believes he was profiled. >> reporter: air travel these days comes with a headache for muhammad ali jr. >> they said we can't let you on until you talk to homeland security. >> reporter: the boxing legend's son said earlier friday he was stopped at washington reagan's airport ticket counter as he, his mother, and attorney were heading back to ft. lauderdale. >> they said that my i.d. was expired. >> reporter: but that's not the case according to ali who said he had to answer questions about where he was born. >> i'm out here trying to take care of business and i'm harassed. >> reporter: he had traveled to d.c. to testify before congress thursday in opposition of president donald trump's executive order on immigration. >> i told them i was muhammad ali's son. they asked me what was my religion. >> reporter: ali told lawmakers about being detained for a few hours last month and questioned when he returned from jama
6:34 am
terrorist. you're looking at me because i'm muslim. >> i feel so paranoid going anywhere. i've traveled all over the world over 50 years or more and this has never happened. >> reporter: ali eventually showed his passport and was able to get on the flight when he ran into debbie wasserman shultz. >> we have the department of homeland security that seems to be targeting people based on their religion for screening. and retaliating against people for speaking up about it. i mean, this is trump's america? >> reporter: tsa released a statement saying a call was made to confirm mr. ali's identity which lasted 11 minutes. and his jewelry set off a checkpoint alarm. at no point was he detained according to the tsa. >> that's really bad. that's really bad. i mean, nobody should take this type of abuse. nobody.
6:35 am
>> that was michael spears reporting there. congresswoman wasserman shultz tells nbc news that she plans to address the incident during this upcoming week. palestinian president mahmoud abbas is getting ready to visit the white house. the invitation to visit came during a phone conversation friday. a spokesperson for abbas says he will meet, quote, very soon, end quote, with trump to talk about resuming peace talks. last month president trump met with benjamin netanyahu. israel has not commented on this proposed meeting. a jobs report shows the economy is doing better than expected. out for the first full month of the trump presidents. 235,000 jobs added last month and the unemployment rate fell to 4.7%. president trump is embracing the numbers even though he once called the report one of the biggest hoaxes in modern politics. >>
6:36 am
of nonsense. >> they may have been phony in the past, but it's very real now. >> how about that? president trump credited his approach to taxes and deregulation for the improved jobs report. nbc news business correspondent ali velshi says the numbers would likely be similar even if trump was not in the white house. let's take a live look outside. beautiful sunrise to start off our saturday. but it is cold. then rain and snow, they're on the way. storm team 4 tracking the timing that could make a difference in your neighborhood. ♪ mixing music and comedy. how one artist made unique history and the new way her story is being brought back to life. it's 6:36.
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♪ ♪
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welcome back. a court has ousted south korea's president and now her suppor
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there. the leader was stripped of her powers over a corruption scandal that plunged the country into political turmoil. south korea must now hold an election in the next two months to find a successor. a after the court ruling yesterday, two people died in clashes with police. make sure you don't use a certain kind of cheese. the fda recalling soft raw milk choose from the vulto creamery in new york for listeria concerns. it was distributed mostly in the northeast and mid-atlantic areas including the washington, d.c. area. six people have already gotten six from it. two of them have died. open our app to see full details and a picture of the cheese. if you have any of the recalled products, return them far full refund. well, you thought it was over, but no. winter coming back with a vengeance. tom is watching a major temperature drop. how soon you could see snow right out there on your front lawn it's one
6:40 am
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weathe alert day on this saturday due to frigid windchills. all dry on storm team 4 radar now. sun's coming up but windchills only in the teens. layer up, wear your warmest winter gearou
6:43 am
today. windchills will stay in the teens and 20s throughout the day. a look at a potential snowstorm that may be coming in this week. that's in just a few minutes. stay with us. >> thank you, tom. 6:43 right now. the "today" show is next on nbc 4. >> let's get an update. >> in new york not standing out in the cold. good to see you. >> coming up on "today," we will talk about the reaction to the mass firing of 46 u.s. attorneys. that's as the white house sets off to sell its new health care bill while also directing attention to general mike flynn's role as a foreign agent. also ahead, people in the northeast waking up to that bitter cold snap. then looming behind it, that big nor'easter. and the video we all can't get enough of. this father reacting this morning after this video surfaces. his two toddlers hilariously
6:44 am
interview with the bbc. >> favorite video. >> oh, yeah. hands down. and the guy is unflappable for awhile. >> is that a good thing when you're shoving your kid? >> get out of here! that's like the angie goff household. >> that's exactly what i was going to say. >> it is exact -- this is our life. anyone trying to make a call or take a call in the silent screen where you're like -- >> i just need five minutes. >> we can all relate. >> all right, we'll watch. take care. the u.s. and canada are having discussions over border security. homeland security secretary john kelly paid an official visit to canada on friday. he was there to talk about border issues including asylum seekers slipping into canada and citizens saying they were turned away by u.s. border patrol agents since president trump took office. >> i would just tell you that when someone is stopped at the border and questioned or turned back which is
6:45 am
there's a reason why. what they say to the press is their business. >> despite talks, no immediate solutions were brought up to solve the border issues. austin, texas, has been transformed as thousands of people arrive for south by southwest festival that gets underway. >> this is huge. it's big. alicia reports how it's also playing into some politics. >> reporter: when quintin thomas al ver was ready to hire a new addition to his band, he didn't find a drummer. he made one. >> we built the machines ourselves in our home and wrote the software that controls it. >> reporter: meet dotman, a 12 foot robot to beat whatever it's told to. >> our band has limited space between technology and music. this couldn't be more perfect. >> reporter: this year expect to see more
6:46 am
artificial intelligence are pushing out things like apps. tech are becoming a lifestyle. >> people are fascinated by the possibility and also scared of the possibility. >> it's nice to see what's on the horizon. i think south by southwest will be able to tell me what's coming up. >> reporter: and the festival will dive deeper into how washington can impact the tech and media world. >> at examining the issues of resistance using augmented and virtual reality. that means resistance, counterresistance, organization, and surveillance. >> reporter: it plays into this year's stronger than ever focus on politics. a handful of panels are centered around our president. they even came up with a tech under trump track. >> people want to talk about this stuff. people want more information on how whether you like trump or don't like trump. how the changes in his administration are going to impact their world. >> reporter: a world welcoming new trends, new insights, and
6:47 am
that is south by southwest. reporting in austin, i'm alicia ends. the '60s brought a wealth of hits in music from country to bossnova. >> now at the signature theater a new music looks at the era. barbara harrison introduces us to a voice you may have wanted to forget. >> may i present, mrs. miller. ♪ >> reporter: remember mrs. miller? if you were around in the '60s, you certainly may remember that voice. well, it's back. tony award honored actress and singer debra monk brings mrs. miller back to life on stage proving you can make a good voice sound, well -- t
6:48 am
ear and can sing, then you can sing badly. >> reporter: no one was ever really sure if the grandmother who became an overnight sensation actually knew that she couldn't sing. or how to even describe her voice. >> one of her big hits was downtown. ♪ downtown . she was a warblely soprano feel. ♪ downtown >> reporter: while the beatles were riding high on the charts with songs like "hard day's night." mrs. miller made it up there, too, breaking the top 100. ♪ it's been a hard day's night >> the kids would buy these lps and smoke pot and laugh. she was before tiny tim. she was one of the first ones to really be kind of this type of comedy. and she didn't think she was being
6:49 am
seriously. >> reporter: her music reflected the craziness of the '60s. the new show named after one of her albums, "mrs. miller does her thing" at the signature theater is by playwright james mcplay. >> he wanted to write about this incredible time during the late '60s. >> reporter: the play which he wrote ten years ago tracks some of the major happens of the '60s decade and some of the major moments in the life and career of elva miller. >> you see the recording sessions and you hear her sing all these songs and you also hear her perform on the ed sullivan show and perform at the bob hope. >> reporter: mrs. miller resurrected and remembered in all her off-key glory. >> and that was barbara harrison ep
6:50 am
"mrs. miller does her thing" is running through march 26th. listen, tom. we have the cold out there today and, you know, potentially some big snow on the way. >> a lot of big changes on the way. keep up with all of it with your nbc washington app and we will be refining your forecast here through the weekend. getting a better idea of what may be happening monday and tuesday. nonetheless, still the possibility of accumulating snow then. weather alert day today because of the frigid windchills out there. a few clouds racing through. and the temperatures are all below freezing. it's a subfreezing morning in the 20s from the shenandoah valley to the mountains. reagan national now 27 degrees. feels like temperature with the winds gusting to 20 miles per hour. low to mid-teens much of the region. right around most of maryland and virginia out of the mountains too. wind
6:51 am
the feels like temperature of the forecast here, by 8:00 this morning still windchills in the teens. windchills by 10:00 a.m. just only around 20 degrees in the metro area. and the teens north and west. a look even at noontime, still windchills just in the teens to near 20 degrees. much of the region. then by mid-afternoon the winds start to diminish a bit 2:00 to 4:00. windchills just in the 20s as temperatures climb into the upper 30s. that's going to be by 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 to 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. then back down to near freezing with our temperatures by 10:00 tonight under a partly to mostly cloudy sky. as we go forward here over the next ten days, here are all these up and down changes. we'll be back down into the 20s by dawn sunday. a lot of sunshine tomorrow, best day of the weekend to be out and about. we'll be in the low 40s in the afternoon with a lighter wind. then 20s again on monday morning. but here's the key factor here on potential snow. on mo a
6:52 am
snow arrives, that'll keep the pavement temperatures above freezing. snow falling on monday evening melting on the roads and accumulating on the grass areas. we'll get snow late monday night and into tuesday morning. then it's during the day on tuesday this nor'easter develops just mainly to our east and then north of us bringing in some milder air behind it. so the snow may change over to a mix of some sleet and rain in the afternoon. which is good news that ought to keep some of the totals down. nonetheless, a high impact event here up and down the 95 corridor. temperatures 20s in the morning. maybe a few flurries and snow showers. highs in the 30s in the afternoon then. finally moderating a bit end of the week. sunshine back thursday and friday and into the 40s next weekend. maybe a few flurries that following saturday in the morning changing a week from today. that's the way it looks. >> thank you very much. well, she tried ducking. sheri
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with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. it's perfect for our family.
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this march score the perfect basket. buy 8 participating products in one transaction and get a fandango movie ticket. up to $10 total value. only at my giant. one california deputy couldn't duck away after a fowl follower decided to tag along with her. the deputy was helping with traffic control following an accident when this duck came waddling out of the bushes. it got the nickname
6:56 am
more than 30 minutes until a neighbor came to take it away. go away. are you ready for spring? it's that time again. as we get ready to set our clocks forward an our. we are here to help you beat that last hour of sleep. here are tips from our friends. try to eliminate noise in your bedroom. keep temperatures between 58 and 65 degrees when you're sleeping. try to sleep in complete darkness which may require blackout shades or even an eye mask. >> what do you do for little kids? how do you deal with that? time now is 6:56. here are the four things you need to know on this saturday. more than a dozen people not waking up in a home in new york avenue after this fiery northwest. this is video from d.c. fire officials. the fire broke out after 11:00 last night, threatened some neighboring
6:57 am
no injuries reported. the rock 'n' roll marathon gets under way in a few minutes. it will mean road closures in many spots including downtown and near the monuments. the four courts four miler race will wind its way throughout courthouse roslin this morning. the new harriet tubman visitors center opens in church creek, maryland. each stop helps tell her story. rewind to january. we're feeling more like mid-winter here than early spring. layer up. >> the cold is back. we'll see you again at 8:30.
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good morning. you're fired. 46 u.s. attorneys around the country forced to step down after jeff sessions asks for their immediate resignations friday. so sudden many first learning about it after receiving calls from reporters. it is a reaction from all the leaks frustrating if the new administration? offense and defense. >> this is the time we're going to get it done. >> mike pence set to travel to kentucky in an effort to woo conservatives. meanwhile officials are deflected new questions about when they learn


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