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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 12, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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"news 4 today" starts now. >> freezing cold temperatures, a winter storm on the way, what happened to spring. storm team 4 tracking how you can plan for what could be our only big snowstorm this winter. >> up in flames, a family now homeless, the danger as firefighters rushed to the cold to put out an inferno. >> violent start this sunday morning, danger on the roads and what police are uncovering about several deadly crashes overnight, 10:00 hour here on news 4 today, hope you're having a good start here, daylight saving time, i'm adam tuss. >> i'm angie goff. hoping for a nice, relaxed sunday. we have a whole lot going on. >> busy over the next couple of days with a storm headed our way. tom kierein here to tell us more about that. >> i want to emphasize that we will be fine tuning this forecast, storm team 4 throughout the rest ofth
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morning and throughout the day on monday as we get closer to the likelihood of accumulating snow coming in on monday night. you need to keep coming back and checking back with us as we will be refining the forecast. winter storm watch, this area in blue, northern virginia, metro area, 7:00 monday evening to 2:00 p.m. tuesday, five inches or more is possible, even likely. some roads impassable, some power outages tuesday afternoon because of strong gusty winds. and for the rest of the day, though, a great day to get out and get exercise, increasing sunshine into the low and mid-40s midafternoon. and back down to the 30s later on this evening. i'm back in just a few minutes. coming up this half hour, a look at the first look at totals expected and as well as the new timing. stay with us. >> thank you very much, tom. we're following a developing story out of bladensburg, where fire crews were working on the scene of a house fire this morning. prince george's county fire officials say flames broke out in the basement of this home on decatur street around
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the home, he's now at the hospital in critical condition. investigators trying to figure out what sparked that fire. a riverdale family is without a home after this massive fire broke out. riverdale fire officials posted this video of the flames tearing through the house. prince george's county fire officials telling news 4 that the fire started before 11:00 last night when the temperatures were well below freezing. the house is on oliver street. it is not far from the riverdale house museum. they're trying to pin point the cause of the fire. developing this morn out of prince george's county, deadly crash in bladensburg that killed one man. you see how this vehicle flipped on its side, near a building, it happened early this morning on lawrence street near kenworth avenue. county police say the passenger died and the man driving was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. a cause of that crash is still being determined. prince george's county police also sent to a crash in capitol heights. the car's windshield here completely smashed out.
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there and what may have caused that wreck. and yet another crash, this time in prince william county, has killed two people. police say two cars collided on prince william county parkway near i-95 late last night close to wood bridge middle school. they say two men died and a third flown to the hospital, with life threatening injuries. no identities have been released. well, if you need a little pick me up to get you through today it likely because you didn't get enough sleep. >> yes, this spring forward makes us all get a little less shut eye. that can be bad if you have to drive out there. derrick ward live on the parkway to tell us why the time shift could create some danger on the roads. >> it is all about the amount of sleep you get and aaa says that now for the next five to six days you're more likely to have crashes because more people are getting less sleep. there are more crashes because less sleep is a factor. they
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things and the statistics show around this time of year, when daylight saving time starts, people have more trouble keeping their eyes open on the road. three out of ten people that they surveyed said they have driven while tired and had a hard time keeping their eyes open. may have shut them for a minute or two. as you know, moving at a highway speed that can be a dangerous thing. what they're advising people to do, make sure they get right amount of sleep. if you don't have enough sleep, it is almost like driving drunk. who wants to be on the road with people under those conditions, especially when you're just trying to get to work. so, get some sleep, daylight saving time has started. and you're safer if you do. live in laurel, back to you. >> thank you very much, derrick. time now is 10:04. president trump is praising the secret service now for catching the person who jumped the white house fence friday night. he's been identified as 26-year-old jonathan tran. he wasn't stopped until he reached the south grounds of the white house. and authorities found two cans of mace on
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laptop, a book written by the president, and a letter he had written to president trump. it is the first known security breach at the white house since president trump took office. and the news 4 i-team has been following the struggles the secret service had with the white house. the agency plans to begin raising it in the next year or two. those plans were first revealed in a 2015 i-team report. they include a in tallnew talle and the use of spikes. chuck todd will have an exclusive interview with health and human services secretary tom price. they're going to talk about the republican plan replace the affordable care act and the effort to sell it to some skeptical republicans. chuck will be here in ten minutes to join us for a live preview. winter is back. and a major nor'easter coming our way taking shape. tom is closely tracking how much snow we could all see in our neighborhoods. winter weather is taking a toll to our west. the
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slick roads and temperatures nine pe low.
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♪ we are family sad news this weekend as the world learns of the sudden death of sister sledge member joanie sledge. the popular late '70s r&b band recorded that hit "we are family." the band's publicist says she was found dead in her home on friday, 60 years old and had not been ill. sledge leaves behind an adult son and her sisters. at 10:08, the 46th annual st. patrick's parade will glide down constitution avenue today. >> the parade kicks off at noon today, but it currently has multiple street closures along the national mall. things start at 7th street and constitution avenue and westbound to 17th street. everything should be back open by 3:00 this afternoon. if you've never been to the
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missing out on. it is a lot of fun. it features traditional pipe bands, irish dancers, floats. i need to work on my irish. st. paddy's day is officially on friday. snow continues to pile up in spots across the country. this is what it looks like west of us. western north dakota, where winter weather advisory is still in effect this hour. the state was hit by several inches of snow, and another storm is on the way with up to 6 inches expected. it will be really frigid too with a windchill that could reach to 9 below. >> we're going to get some of that here. plan ahead for a major snowstorm heading our way over the next couple of days. tom closely tracking the timing that you're going to want to watch out for and when the snow might delay your plans. it is one of the best views of d.c., that has been off limits for a while. the attraction giving the washington monument some competition.
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welcome back. it is the highest view you can get of the district right now and it is back open to the public. >> we're not talking about the washington monument. that's still closed. tom sherwood shows us where you can find an even better view. >> the lincoln memorial, the smithsonian castle, and, of course, the capital dome. >> this is one of the coolest places in washington, probably one of the least snoen known as >> he shows off the extraordinary views from the
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clock tower on pennsylvania avenue. it dates back to 1899 and is part of the old post office building that is now the trump hotel. but the tower is operated by the park service, closed while the hotel was built and quietly reopened with an entrance off 12th street. the now frosted glass elevator makes it harder to see the hotel below. the tourists like this couple who are lucky enough to know about it or find out about it are super impressed. >> how did you hear about the post office tower here? >> a friend of mine who used to live here recommended coming up to the tower. >> what do you think when you see washington from this view? >> incredible. the history and the buildings, you don't get that back home. >> it is beautiful from any view. it is just a beautiful place. >> reporter: the tower stands just over 300 feet tall, with 360 degree views of the city. the washington monument at 555 feet is closed for repairs until 2019. >> i think it is great we can come up here. i heard the highest point in washington you can go right now. >> reporter: how did you know about this?
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it hasn't been advertised. >> my dad knew about it. >> fathers know everything. >> he does, though. >> reporter: would you recommend this? >> yeah. it is cool. i like it. >> reporter: right now it is only open thursdays through sundays. >> free tour, no ticket required, no reservations. >> reporter: he first worked here as a ranger in 1984. >> a spot a little bit near and dear to my heart. >> reporter: he says you're missing something if you don't go. tom sherwood, news 4. >> tom is up there on a nice day. things are going to change pretty drastically if you go up there in the coming days. >> flags flapping away in the wind. that's one of the big concerns come tuesday. >> yeah. and snow lovers, they're doing their happy dance. now they're going, hey, snow, hey, snow. >> pajamas inside out thing. >> maybe that's it. yeah. look at the winter storm watch zone, does include the metro
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areas, areas in blue, northern virginia, most of maryland, panhandle of west virginia. it is in effect from 7:00 p.m. on monday all the way until 2:00 p.m. on tuesday. and doesn't look like the bulk of the accumulating snow will likely be late on monday night after midnight. and we could get 5 inches or more in much of the region. some roads may be impassable, don't get plowed and also power outages due to strong gusts of wind on tuesday afternoon. today, good day to get out and get kwer siexercise, lots of su mid-40s. sunset today an hour later. at 7:12 this evening. all clear now on storm team 4 radar. and the storm is now in the northern plains, the area of low pressure way up here in the dakotas, spreading snow there. tracking down, way to our south, and then forming another coastal area of low pressure. this is is going to be late monday night into tuesday morning, right off our coast, then it tracks just off the atlantic seaboard and just right up toward maybe cape cod and near boston.
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tuesday night for them. for us, here is the hour by hour timing, the area in green is rain, it may start off with rain, southern maryland. 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. after that, it encounters the cold air, draws cold air into it, changing to snow. this area in lavender, potential snow zone. look at this, covers all the way from panhandle of west virginia, northern virginia, all of maryland, and as well as the district from 10:00 p.m. to midnight. and after midnight that we'll start to see some milder air pushing in the area in yellow and orange. that's moderate to heavy rain that may come up in the area in pink is sleet, so we may get a mix of rain and sleet and wet snow in the metro area. this is as of 3:00 a.m. on tuesday. that would keep the totals down here. but stays all snow here in the lavender zone for the rest of the storm. then as it pulls off to the north and east, draws cold air back in, switching it back over to snow. looks like right in the metro area by around down on tuesday morning. and then by later in the morning, a lot of this will begin to taper off,
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over. so the first look at totals expected and we will be refining this, important you keep checking back with us, amelia draper will be here this afternoon, this evening. then tomorrow morning, sheena parveen and chuck bell will have an updated look as well. and doug cameron and i back tomorrow afternoon. stay with us. it looks like 5 to 10 inches of dark blue zone north and west of us. highest amount up near the pennsylvania border, northeastern maryland. because of the rain mix, may stay under 5 inches in the immediate metro area an maybe an inch or so before that changeover to rain. a slushy heavy wet snow as well. as i mentioned, with winds picking up on tuesday afternoon, we may have scattered power outages, but temperatures may get above freezing tuesday afternoon. melting of the snow, then refreezing on wednesday morning. so likely a lot of schools, most schools closed on tuesday. maybe delays wednesday morning because of the refreeze. maybe a few passing snow showers, windy and cold on we
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stays colder than average on thursday, friday, next weekend, light wintry mix on saturday. mild after that as we go to the first part of the next week. >> i firmly believe that nobody will be worse off financially in the process that we're going through understanding that they'll have choices that they can select the kind of coverage that they want for themselves and for their family, not the government forcing them to buy. >> well, that's health and human services secretary tom price on "meet the press." he's one of the high profiled republicans pushing the plan to replace the affordable care act. >> but so far it is being met with skepticism by some conservatives and democrats are staunchly opposed to it. joining us now to break it all down is "meet the press" moderator chuck todd, who had not one, but two health and human services secretaries on the show today. now, secretary price there saying we strongly support this, but the president even previously tweeted out this was
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>> it depends how you view this bill. as a political document, it is about trying to unite the republican party, this is the last best chance they have to fulfilling a promise. as a policy document, this has a long way to go. as a policy document, free market conservatives, small government conservatives say wait a minute, it looks like obamacare light. and then moderates, republicans, john kasich, who you'll hear from on the show also governor of ohio, whoa, you're taking away too many benefits here. as a policy document, it feels like it has no chance of uniting even the republican party. but they're trying to make a political argument by saying if we don't do this, the damage to the party is even worse than -- so doing nothing is worse than doing something. the question is going to be what is going to win. what part of the debate. politics or politics. >> that's interesting. president, 50 days in, it feels longer than that. 50 days. how do you think he's
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far? >> i think he's still trying to figure out washington. so clear. i think there say lot of political mistakes that he's made that maybe they're growing pains or maybe they're a sign of problems to come. these little things, like going after democrats so harshly, i think he's going to regret that, not trying to figure out how to work with the other side early in -- the one time you might have a honeymoon and not having that, i think health care, leading with health care, was a mistake. he'll look back and wish he had led with infrastructure. what is the first thing you do when you're a president, give the public goodies. the first thing you're going to do is take away a goody. that is politically problematic both sides and makes governing that much harder. >> one thing he'll probably look back at and not regret is tweeting. >> he's not wrong about that. he is who he is. that's what got him there, why should he change now? >> the house i
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committee looking ahead to tomorrow, they have put out that deadline for the administration to provide some kind of evidence in that one tweet where he accused the former president of wiretapping trump tower. what do you expect from that? >> i don't expect anything public, that's for sure. we know that all of the telligence committee, they know the answer to this. fbi director james comey has gone and briefed them multiple times. the question is, are we at a point where our distrust in government institutions is so bad that things that are normally do belong in the classified department need to be made public. the downside of making something like that public is once you make an investigation into a specific person or entity public, to some people they're guilty until proven innocent. and so the argument to keeping it classified and unknown but which, of course, leads to conspiracy theory is that it protects those that you're investigating in case they turn out to be innocent. that's their challenge here. that's what makes it so difficult. >> gotcha. "meet the press" coming up in ten minutes. you can watch it here on
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chuck, thanks for stopping by. we're back after this.
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well, today we find out who is the top student speller in fairfax county. close to 70 elementary and middle school champs will compete in the fairfax county spelling bee. >> no pressure. but only one can go to the nationals. as aimee cho explains, there is a unique challenge for two students trying to win that top spot. >> reporter: you don't get to be the reigning champ -
10:25 am
>> reporter: the fairfax county spelling bee. >> the definition? >> reporter: unless you know most of the words of a dictionary. >> may i have the part of speech? >> reporter: that is almost as big as you are. >> i beat out a couple of people. not a couple people. quite a few. >> reporter: 61 to be exact. he made it to round three of the scripps national bee last year until that one darn word. >> amaryllis. it is stuck in my head. >> reporter: this year, eric is getting ready to defend his county title. >> the enemy is the dictionary and not the other people. >> reporter: a good outlook considering one of those people, well, she lives in his house. >> e-n-t -- >> reporter: meet big sister allison. >> i'm hoping to win hopefully and go to the national bee for first time. >> innocuous. edelweiss. >> give her a harder one. >> reporter: having two competitors under one roof can
10:26 am
spell trouble. but at the end of the day -- >> darn it. >> reporter: there is one thing they agree on. >> okay, eric, it's on. >> reporter: word for word. >> if i don't make it, i would like for her to win more than anybody else. >> if i don't win, i would like for him to win than anybody else. >> reporter: words of encouragement. >> congratulations. >> reporter: for these spelling siblings. in fairfax, aimee cho, news 4. here is the four things to know, a riverdale family's home was destroyed overnight in a massive fire. fire officials posted this video. no word on what may have caused it. prince george's county police investigating a fatal wreck in bladensburg. one man died after the vehicle he was in flipped over. the driver was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. 26-year-old jonathan tran has been identified as the man who scaled the white house fence on friday. authorities say he had no criminal history and was
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several roads near the national mall are shut down for the st. patrick's day parade. this is route along constitution avenue. st. paddy's day, if you're wondering, it on friday. tom, storm team 4, real busy over the next couple of days. >> we will be fine tuning the forecast this afternoon, this evening and on monday. so keep coming back and stay informed. >> and remember to download the nbc washington app, great place to get your information. >> "meet the press" coming up next, wake up with us tomorrow morning. have a great sunday.
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this sunday, repeal, replace and revolt. the republican health care plan. >> this is the closest we will ever get. >> supported by president trump. >> we must act now to save americans from the imploding obamacare disaster. >> but attacked on one side by conservates. >> this is just obamacare with a different label. >> on other side, by republican moderates. >> pulling the rug out from these vulnerable populations is not really the direction we want to go. >> and on all sides by democrats. >> robinhood in reverse. >> this morning i'll talk to hhs secretary tom price who oversees the overhaul, kathleen sebelius, the former hhs secretary who oversaw obamacare imem


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