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tv   Today  NBC  March 14, 2017 7:00am-9:58am EDT

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welcome to our special coverage of the ice rain and snow that all of us are dealing with this morning. >> just when you thought winter is over a master nor'easter is barrelling up the east coast. most students are enjoying a snow day and if you do have to work this is why you should slow down. take a look. the roads are slick. it's not easy to get around this morning. >> you can see the closings at the bottom of the tv screen. the federal government is on a three hour delay. the office of personnel management made that call early this morning. d.c. public schools opening on a 2-hour delay today.
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class around 10:45 this morning. >> we have a team of meteorologists and reportings tracking the storm. melissa is watching all the issue on the roads but we begin with where this storm is now. >> good morning. wow, what a night it has been across the area. >> the thing we he have been watching all morning is that rain-snow line. the icy mess and how it's fluctuating. >> the rain-snow line has been a lot more in play than those of us that are snow lovers would have cared for and if you're wondering what is the difference, what changed? well the storm is a lot closer to the coastline. had the storm been about 50 miles further off the coast this would have been a lot more snow through the i-95 corridor but the storm is intensifying now. you cast
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clockwise swirl here. the center of the storm is on top of ocean city maryland now. it's the proximity to the coastline. they're really warm compared to like a january snow event. so ocean temperatures and bay temperatures in the low to mid 40s now so as a result that on shore wind is way above the freezing mark. that brought the rain-snow line farther back to the west and north where it has been all snow which is mostly in the valley, panhandle of west virginia and northern maryland where it's been mostly snow, snow has been piling up 5, 6, 7, 8 inches or more across hagerstown, west virginia, charlestown, all snow, all through this entire event. as you get closer to the city it has been a lot more of a sleet-snow combination and southern maryland this has been all rain and it's coming down in buckets now across much of the
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but we're not done with our slick snow sleet mess any time soon. for more on that let's go to shena. >> but you saw that rain could be seeing some localized flooding developing there just because the rain is on top of each other. one after another not really going anywhere. temperature wise look at these numbers. we still at or below freezing so that's not good with the type of precip we have around now this is making things more stretch rouse out there. you saw all of that rain moving into parts of cal bert county and wet icy roads create hazardous travels. as you go farther west where we have the snow and consistent snow we have
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we have this area of ice showing in the pink through 8:00 a.m. so we don't expect a change in this. a lot of the snow is starting to come to the end from the west we could see more through the area you can see that spin out. we'll see that across the area this morning because of the slick spots across the area. outer loop still had that car spun out in the left lane. all of this pink is showing an icy mess falling from the sky. lots of roads are very slick. belt way is slow even though it isn't really there today. very slow. we have plows out there and salt trucks trying to keep things under control and some folks that have to
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a brand new crash there this morning and reminder, metro running on a saturday schedule today and we'll talk about that in just a minute. >> thank you. >> 7:05. we continue our team coverage of this winter storm with our transportation reporter adam tuss. he is in our storm team 4 by 4 in northern virginia. how are the conditions changing where you are right now? >> well, you said the word, they change, they change fast. melissa showed you this accident southbound 28 at the toll road and this is fresh. emergency crews are out here trying to assist. two cars were involved in this crash and all lanes southbound on 28 which is a super busy road in the morning are now shutdown until they can
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it's not fun to deal with and the conditions change. we did the entire belt way this morning and on the eastern side of the belt way mostly rain. here on the western side and as you get into places like the dulles area more heavy conditions and you might find yourself stuck out here fuzz come out because of a crash like this. we go further where the snow is piling up. >> you've seen about everything since you started early. what are you seeing now. >> good morning. that's right. we have seen a bitf
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it's a lot lighter than before. we had that heavy sleet coming our way and to be honest it feels more like snow. as you can see market street here freshly plowed and falling into this compacted icy snow but beneath me here but these are the conditions that crews are dealing with out here. we have this snow, take a look here, that is very dense and heavy and the plows are coming through and working hard to move that stuff out of the way. it takes several trips to do so and to pick this up and feel it is heavy. plow trucks are telling us it takes them about two hours or so to replenish their salt loads and get back out here and get back to work. you can imagine they made several trips over the past several hours and to many people who are waking up avera
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who are just seeing all of this outside of their doorsteps they're telling us it feels a little less like home. take a listen. >> it takes up three quarters of the drive way so i won have to shovel that much fortunately. >> and that man there, joe, was telling us he woke up this morning, came outside and it was feeling a bit more like buffalo than his hometown and we have seen the heavy sleet turn into snow and the winds are building back up here again. >> justin thanks and how the snow similar pacting the transportation in our area we'll continue to cover that for you with all of our reporters.
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derek ward live in german town. >> what are you dealing with now? >> well, still the wind. as you can see it's picking up and it goes away after awhile too but pretty strong gusts and the precipitation is still coming down. see my snow angel? it's a little less defined than it was earlier it's passable and slushy. you're still going to have to take caution because you have to compromise service and that can be trouble. there's buses on the road too and we're seeing fewer plows. once they put that treatment down the traffic itself aids in clearing the roads. now we're starti t
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little bit more traffic but it takes a couple of hours because this ain't over yet. back to you. >> thank you. your time is 7:10 now. we're watching the airports for you as well where cancellations are starting to pile up. >> >> let's show you how they started off and he where we are right now. most of the cancelled flights right now in our area are out of there and then there's 288 out of dulles. as always a really good idea to
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head out the door and head over to one of the airports. that's the latest. back to you. >> the snow was piling up and we see sleet and icy roads. this will continue to change throughout the day. use the #nbc 4 dc. >> the temperatures have been holding steady right around freezing. that's contributing to this mix we're seeing, right? >> that's right. as we go through the morning those temperatures are making it hard for our roads to thaw. those round temperatures are right at freezing. we have
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basically. we have snow. we have an icy mix and rain which is heavy rain and temperatures in this area are close to freegz as well. the icy mix closer to the district as well and that's going to extend down and that rain is down toward calbert county and st. mary's county and that is heavy rain. i wouldn't be surprise first degree they're seeing flooding issues down there because of how long it's been lasting. icy mix up toward baltimore. we're seeing that extending down south. close to 95. seeing the icy mix and then you have that consistent snowfall off to our west even near 81 so we're seeing a mix like i mentioned of everything but look at those temperatures that are holding steady around
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now we're seeing the heavy snow north and west. reports of sagging power lines, sagging trees, icy mix still continuing near 95. south and east of the district rain but we have icy spots too because of the surface temperatures so we'll be watching this closely as we go through the day today but as we do go through the day it's going to stay cold and windy. we're going to stay around the low 30s and then the mid to upper 30s this afternoon. we'll see left over snow showers through the afternoon. coming up chuck will be back with a closer look at what you can expect. let's check those roads. messy commute. >> quite mes
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we have a couple of different reports there and two different trees down and a couple of intersections there. all of this pink, this radar on top of the roadway showing you what is falling right now on the main roads. an icy mix at this point this morni morning. it's more wet as adam as been telling us this morning. top of the belt way and then here. that's where we have some of the slick spots so just be careful when you're out this morning. 270 here. this guy looks like he is going slowly as he should be when you have to be out. these roads even the main ones are not clear here this morning. you can see a little bit behind there. 37
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but this is not a volume situation. this is just a slow situation because of the weather this morning. 66 inbound, same deal there and 95 north to the belt way as well. when you hop in your car you'll want to listen to 103.5 fm if you need to get in the car and they'll update you there for your drive. >> melissa, thank you. it is 7:15 right now. melissa just showed us some of the other roads in montgomery county. i want to turn now to pete with the montgomery county fire department. >> pete, good morning to you. are you there? >> good morning. >> tell us about the conditions in montgomery county right now. >> we put in place a lot of preparation and it's paid off but it's pretty treacherous. people are sleeping in and most everything is closed so that's a good thing but it's pretty
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report indicated. a lot of mixed precipitation and freezing stuff and it's pretty treacherous. >> we know you would have had all the fire department and rescue teams staffed up and ready to roll in the case. have you had any issued pop up in that way. we have light duty plows and heavy plows for our first responders. so we're ready to go but we haven't had as much action as of yet and that's a good
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we've had some road blockages but no fires or serious wrecks. we did about 3:00 a.m. this morning and help a family deliver their child at their apartment so that was something that started the day off with that group but other than that it's been pretty quite but we're ready and this storm is not over yet and it's pretty bad out. it's still pretty treacheroustr. >> what's the best advice you can give them. make sure that you keep t
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away from any heat source whether it be a space heater or fireplace or whatever and pay attention. and we know that people are going to be inside and entertaining or taking care of business so just be mindful of all of that and take your time. make sure your fire hydrant is clear so in the event we need to use that we can. >> >> he highlighting a lot of things. >> i appreciate the fact that he's also talking about the hazards inside of your house. we keep talking about the roads but make sure that you're taking
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heating your home as well. >> we want to get to david and take a look into fairfax county. >> david is live. good morning. what are you seeing? >> i had my gear packed for skiing. the one thing i'm missing though that i should have brought out this morning, goggles because as justin was telling me earlier we were seeing the sleet coming down. it's coming down pretty hard here. about 15 miles east from where he was. you're about to see some of them coming through here and we give you a look at this. it's interesting
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outside of the area you'll see v-dot handling a lot of the roads. they do 18,000 lane miles. that's like going from here to northern california and back about three times. so this is the closings and cancellations and delays. i notice as we stay out tonight to give you a better idea as to what conditions out here were looking like and most of the flights are cancelled this morning a lot are headed to the northeast. some of the flights going south to atlanta. austin you want to check those. they seem to be on time and possibly delayed but still looking like they're going to take
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so people have decided to step off of the sidewalk on to the street and never a good idea. >> david live for us, we'll check back in with you. >> chuck is here to talk about what is going on out there and it keeps changing really. >> we're 50 miles from a blockbuster snowstorm around here. we are. it was that close but in all fairness the computer models were hinting at this big storm almost a full week ago. we had a 60% chance of snow today posted on the ten day forecast last thursday and
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friday. 32 now at washington. those winds are really going to pick up late this morning and into the afternoon hours. temperatures upper 20s here and that's where it's been all snow and that's where the big winners from a snow perspective have been in and around the city. so as a result it's not the prettiest day going out. if you're trying to go to the snowball fight at dupont circle that starts at 10:00 it's more of a sleet ball fight than anything else. it should be tapering off as mostly light snow. not looking for much additional accumulation dur accumulations during the afternoon hours. central pennsylvania, northern maryland here as this storm that's now centered on top of ocean city as it pulls away the northwest winds behind him will drain the cold air in. that's why i'm confident that we'll end up with sn
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and snow showers throughout the afternoon hours. band of moderate snow closer into the city. it's a mix of freezing rain and sleet and snow. it is all rain and it is raining hard across much of southern maryland right now. that's going to continue here for the next hour or so. >> the blue is all snow and the yellow say mix of sleet and rain. so by noontime today pockets of light to briefly moderate snow coming back on to the i-95 corridor. northwest winds continue and that brings drier air in so that's the reason we're not looking for a lot of additional accumulations. by 8:00 tonight most of that could be done. snowfall totals generally 5 to 8
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by 5:00 today we should be able to make it to the upper 30s to maybe around 40 degrees. by the time you get to tomorrow morning temperatures way down below freezing so expect a hard refreeze overnight tonight and into tomorrow. expect a lot of delays and cancellations of schools and businesses tomorrow too because the refreeze is going to make a major issue out of the wednesday morning commute. tomorrow afternoon hardly warming up at all. cloudy, windy and cold all day tomorrow. the milder weather doesn't return until later in the week. tomorrow low to mid 20s in the morning with a hard refreeze and then during the day, look at the northwest winds, 25 to 35 or 40
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miles per hour. then milder weather on the weekend. sunday will also be on the windy side so those cherry blossoms aren't going to have their best season. >> i guess it's not a great season for drivers here this morning. taking a look right now. right now low hanging tree there on the right side just there by a tractor-trailer as well so it's adding to the problem. there. beltway is okay. it's slow not because of volume but the nasty weather here this morning. east side looked better than the top and the west as you can see here. the pink once again we're talking about ice falling from the sky and the greyish white area that is
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west right side blocked by a crash and you can see that area much more widely cover fwed by snow falling there this morning. >> this weather similar pactiis lot including mother nature. >> the national park service tells news 4 the iconic cherry blossom blooms should start on sunday and last through next week. it was today through friday but the latest winter blast changed everything and put the trees in a fragile state. >> they emerged and they're not as protective as they would be or three days of temperatures in the teens we could be looking at a year where the majority of trees don't reach
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>> anything below 27 degrees can harm the blooms. >> here's a live look at storm team 4 radar there. nice mix of colors showing us we're getting a little bit of everything around the washington region this tuesday morning and there's still much more of that to come. >> as we head into the break we're seeing many of your pictures and videos this morning. thank you for sharing them. tweet us @nbcwashington or share them on our facebook page so we can find out what is going on where you live. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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good morning, everybody. here are your best resources this morning as we wake up to a winter mess. from out to the roads to tracking all the conditions in your neighborhood we start with where the storm is at right now. >> right now it's almost on top of ocean city maryland and moving up the coast and it's going to bring winter weather from philadelphia from new york city and boston. just an ugly stretch of
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a solid to 8 inches all caked in. 7 inches of snow a little while ago. you have a snow report and the picture. send me the amount and my picture on my twitter handle and a message on facebook and use our storm team 4 nbc washington app as well. the winter weather advisory goes until 2:00 this afternoon as do the winter storm warnings farther up to the north and west. that's where snowfall has been maximized for sure. we started to hear quite a bit in the way of power outages as well. now that the winds are increasing power outages maybe more and more of an issue today. if you're going outside today not a good day to be out there for sur
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windy and combinations of rain, sleet snow and mess are likely to continue for most of the day. >> we have snow an icy mix and heavy rain and temperatures still right around freezing. here's a look. this is where we have this heavy rain just moving up to the north and this is one of the most intense pieces of this storm system. so it is growing stronger. we're seeing the icy mix closer to the district that we have been seeing all morning long giving us just a mix of sleet freezing
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where we have an icy mix and steadier snowfall as you look out to the west. right down 81. not good conditions there. we go into 9:00 a.m. this icy area still exists by 10:00 or 11:00 in the morning. snow still but take a look at the temperatures in the 30s and by noon today we'll still see snow showers possible even through the afternoon. let's check the roadways. they're messy out there. >> it is messy and we just keep getting additional problems here this morning. another addition on the beltway. 270 to the outer loop really not pretty here this morning. i'm sure in part because right now that's where we're seeing the moisture falling so again we can show you here on news 4
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today the radar, the pink there this morning showing you the ice falling and then the greyish white showing you where the snow is falling. you can see why things are so slow in specific areas. another problem on the beltway outer loop there, have a brand new crash report there had this morning. 720 at german town road. no doubt very, very slow this morning. they have flipped this camera around and now we're seeing these folks here headed southbound so it seems like you would think oh 270 must be completely clear but this really shows you what you're dealing with outside this morning. yes they have treated the roads, yes they have tried to plow these roads but when things keep falling it's difficult to keep everything clear so right now it's very slow there on 270 this morning. same situations on 95 as far as being slow because people are cautious. southbound at 198 these roads looking better. do have an accident there blocking one lane. >> thank you. and while we're talk about the roads we want to take you back
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>> let's turn to adam who is live in northern virginia in the storm team 4 by 4. you have been traveling up and down the roads all morning long. what are you seeing now? >> listen, this is a tough assignment out here. excuse me while i have a sip of my coffee. it's tough in the storm team four by four as all my colleagues are outside in this. in these conditions outside and it's tough out there because the snow has started to come down in the dulles area. we're right around ash burn right now and this is a typical neighborhood street up here. the eastern side is all rain and you get a little farther out and it gets a little bit worse. now also saw a crash on route 28 south that had just happened. we pulled up on that. that was a tricky situation so
7:36 am
going to find but comebaut here and we'll give you shots from our storm team four by four and what you can see out here the road conditions and what the pavement looks like. take a look at this passenger side camera that shows you what you're dealing with out here and right now the winds have picked up out here in this area so it's getting a little bit tougher to ride around as the sun comes up we're starting to see more kangable conditions but we knew that the rain-snow line would be something to deal with and it has been but out in this area, a little bit north and west of the city it becomes a little bit more tricky to get around. it really all depends where you are. we're going to keep driving around, checking things out. tweet me @adam tuss so i can come check out your neighborhood. please tell me where you are. i'm coming to find all of these different spots to see whaer dealing with. we're on until noon today. we have a lot of ground to cover. back to you. >> chair
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it's not bad enough. >> he's fine. >> thank you joe. >> thanks guys, we'll check in with you very soon. >> all right. a little farther northwest of where adam was where we are into leesburg, virginia. >> justin is mad because he's been standing outside in this weather for hours. you've had wind blowing in your face. what is it like now? >> actually we're getting some relief out here right now. we have seen this heavy sleet transition into a snowy sleety mix. as you can see it's almost gently blowing compared to earlier but in this daylight we're seeing such a different picture of the conditions out here. you can see the skies are very soupy out here. looking like there's more snow to come. you can see there's white just everywhere. the parking lots out here are covered in snow and they have also been plowed. behind
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to clear sidewalks out there and as you can see the snow they're lift as good a very dense, very hea heavy snowy icy mixture which has been a bit of an issue for plows out here working this morning. i want to pick up some and show you. this isn't powder. it doesn't fall through your fingers. it's dense. you can't form a snowball with it either so all the kids that want to go outside, i don't know about that. but it does feel a bit colder out here as well and you think there's more to come out here we're seeing businesses starting to open up. we're seeing people out on the streets. some saying they were expecting a bit more actual snow than what they have here this morning as you can see cars are now making their way out on to route 7. and we know that schools are closed out here. businesses had delayed openings or closures as well. also local bus services are being
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morning. others maybe cancelled throughout the day and so today loudoun county and leesburg there's a nice day to stay in and watch the rest of us here in the snowy cold sleety conditions. back to you in the studio. >> bitter party of one. >> i know. we feel for you though, buddy. >> i guess he's saying the kids should wear helmets for the snowball fights today. >> the kids are going to find a way one way or another. >> derek ward is life for us in german town. >> derek also bundled up with the conditions that keep changing. what have you been seeing in the last 30 minutes? take a look behind me. you can imagine that being pushed by the wid.
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it's interesting. it wakes you up. we saw a jogger a few minutes ago going down the middle of the street here. i hope he is safe. there wasn't a lot of traffic around but shortly after he rounded that bin we saw a snowplow train so i guess he made it out of the way. lots of folks are trying to get out. at least doing something that they can today approximate because people don't want to be in all day. it's dreary but if you step outside and you feel this wind, you get pelted with this ice. there will be incentive to stay inside maybe and find something to do indoors that is warm and dry. again a steady, steady falling of frozen rain and it's actually picking up a bit now with the wind so it looks like we're about to enter another episode of this lovely late winter storm that we are in the midst of right now. back to you. >> thank you de
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ideal conditions for sledding today it is the best chance since last year really. if you want to head to capitol hill to get in on the fun there it is legal. >> i have a feeling people are going to get out and enjoy the snow no matter what. they tweeted this reminder yesterday about sledding on the hill, congress removed the ban last year. it's been a popular spot for people to enjoy their snow days in the backdrop of the capitol dome. just a sight to see. >> 7:41. a live look at the capitol hill this morning. you can see the fall down there as well. it's quite in down dotown washington as we deal with the sleet and rain coming down in particular. >> we'll keep you up to date in the changes in our weather and it's how it's impacting you today. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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>> that's not snow, that's not rain, that's not good. >> it's a little mix of everything. we have seen it all this morning. >> we really have. a major winter storm is baring down on the east coast. >> bitter cold temperatures, high winds, blizzard like conditions are battering areas
7:45 am
jay grey is live in central park now with a look at conditions there. what is it looking like now jay. >> it is a mess and getting worse there. we've seen snow since midnight in the area. now we have sleet mixed in. a few people either walking through, walking their dogs or jogging but nothing like you'd see on a typical morning here. we do see a lot of the snowplows moving through. 1600 working in the city right now. when you look out at the roadways i'm doing that now, empty as well so a lot of people heeding the advice of officials staying home. schools have been cancelled we're under a state of emergency and blizzard warning now and a lot of the businesses did tell their employees either work from home or just stay home and don't get out in all of this. going to see this intensify. four inches of snow or more an hour for several hours over the morning here. that will account for the
7:46 am
accumulations from 12 to 24 independence from lands in some areas. it's going to be a mess for the next couple of days as this system continues it's march up the east coast. boston will be effected. maine eventually. millions of people just dealing what is one final, hopefully, blast from mother nature of winter before we get to spring next week. >> everyone has their fingers crossed for that one. >> for sure. it's not snowing everywhere but it's definitely coming down. >> our sister station in philadelphia is on the jersey shore for us this morning. >> we are on the boardwalk and it's very quite right now. nobody in sight. right now we're experiencing mostly wind and rain. those are the only elements we're seeing not much in the way of snow. the wind has been picking up a few gusts here and there but for the most part it just wet. not like the other areas around where it's m
7:47 am
a lot of areas around covered in a few inches of snow and more. not the kind of thing we're experiencing here in atlantic city. the big concerns in this area will be power outages, flooding, things of that sort when you have the high winds. those are things we'll be keeping an eye on in the jersey shore. now back to you. >> thanks to matt. >> more of the northeast getting slammed with this snow. >> we want to go to jennifer joyce from our partner station wbit in connecticut now to see the conditions there. >> tracking the snowstorm moving through connecticut right now. you can see a plow truck is over there already piling snow high. we're going to show you how much we have. take a look at the ground here. you can see this is a look at the parking lot. this is a area that's untouched. so far we have about 2 inches here in vernon, connecticut. we have hundreds of school closings across the state of connecticut. we're expeg
7:48 am
two feet of snow across the state and there's a statewide travel ban. that means if you don't have to be on the roads, if it's not an emergency you need to stay home and stay off the roads to allow the plows to do their job. back to you. >> thanks to jennifer live in connecticut for us and now back to northern virginia. our bureau reporter is standing by there. >> he's live there in fairfax county this morning. what's wrong? you got a look on your face there buddy. are you all right? >> i just saw you guys talking to adam tuss as he was sitting in this warm storm team 4 by 4 sipping coffee, his sleeves were rolled up. this is what we're dealing with out here. we have this pelting sleet coming down hard. mentioning ski goggles. not a bad idea. but if you can hear this i'm going to tryo
7:49 am
the mic here so you can hear it perhaps coming down. you may be able to hear some of that. it's coming down at times pretty hard. watch out for that. meantime if you are readed down there's downed trees and power lines. and a short time ago the biggest concern is loudoun county toward leesburg. and it's power outages. and some outages going
7:50 am
map a short time ago. most of the outages seem to be focused along the 95 corridor. toward richmond crews were standing by yesterday to help us. conditions here are not ideal. see what we dealt with as we finished up our last live shot. he is lucky to be standing right now. it was a little bit rough. you can check it out on my book page. back to you guys. >> hold on here david and we'll check out the facebook page but i want to know what happened. >> well, i'll tell you a little bit what happened. we had strong gusts of wind coming through and he had everything set up a nice umbrella a light, and those are no
7:51 am
>> oh, man. >> all right. we know sean is work hard out there. thanks to you both. >> be careful out there guys. >> i'll lodge that formal complaint with adam as soon as we're done. >> thank you. please file that for me. >> metro trains are running on a saturday schedule. single tracking will continue on the yellow and blue lines. metro bus service is operating only on selected routes. you have to check for that. vre on an s schedule and marc trains on an r schedule. there are some delays. shena is joining us again. a lot of people were hoping and expecting to have the snow falling and that's a lot easier to deal with than the sleet and cold rain. >> there would be more snow on the ground if it weren't for the rain packing it down. >> for the track of the storm so since the storm track is close tore land it brings
7:52 am
the rain and the warm air. then we'd have more snow and be look at a pretty snow day but we're not seeing that across a lot of the area. we have been dealing with the icy mix this morning. temperatures at the ground at freezing or colder in many locations but we don't have a snow falling. we have an icy mix falling and all of that reported this morning. it's an icy mess. we've seen that fluctuating around i-95 and now we're looking in maryland. look at this heavy rain it looks and that's annapolis and down toward calbert county and this is the rain bands from the storm which is intensifying offshore and as looking to the northeast
7:53 am
away. gaithersburg, toward annapolis again. that's where we have the icy mess kaugz those slippery roadways. so you don't want to be driving out there if you don't have to. down 95. remember the ground temperatures are freezing off to the west and closer to the valley and blue ridge mountains we still see snow falling and expect that. national zoo at 2.7 inches. this is so far. fairfax seeing 2.5 inches s
7:54 am
to the west and up to the north and west of the district. temperatures are still around freezing. these numbers are not budging much and as we go through the day today staying in the 30s. wet and icy roads. still looking at that through much of maryland. snowy and icy heading south otherwise 2 to 5 inches to the west and then farther out to the west and that's where the totals are going up to possibly 5 to 8 by the time the whole thing is over. today we're talking about the school closures but tomorrow delays are more likely because we're going to be dealing with ice in the morning and we'll see a refreezing event. temperatures will get cold. so look at early tomorrow morning. 26 degrees. afternoon high we're talking about 32 so what is around right now will be refreezing aswe
7:55 am
then we'll continue to see the chance for some flurries and some passing snow showers. through the end of the week we start to get back into the 40s by friday. over the weekend though we have a milder air coming on saturday. chance of some showers and then temperatures back into the upper 40s. we go into next week not too bad. now we're going to be right around the 50 s. we'll be back with what you can expect for the rest of the day. >> we have a box struck hetruck side this morning. not slowing things too much. folks are getting around slowly to the right but we do not yet have a tow truck
7:56 am
that's still hanging around this morning. it's still hanging down into the roadway. beltway overall i would say the east side looks a lot better than the west. and you can see where it's going to be worse. that's where we're seeing additional slow downs. the right lane blocked there because of a down tree. there 270 at old hundred road. nobody on the roads here this morning. you can see they did treat this at some point but right now it is recovered 395 you have to stay left. metro, red line delay there is to shady grove also have delays on the orange line. delay there is to new carrolton there this morning. taking a
7:57 am
270 south and the top of the beltway slow because of the weather and not because of any volume this morning. stay off the roads if you can. 66 inbound and 95 northbound. same situation if you have to hop in your car make sure to tune it to 103.5 fm. >> thank you. we are walking you through this major winter storm. 14 days into spring. >> yeah, we know it was coming and now it is here snow and sleet and freezing rain. >> we continue in just a minute. 7:57 now.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
just when you thought winter was over a massive nor'easter is barrelling up the east coast. most students are enjoying a nice snow day. this is what you should be aware of. the roads are slick out there and it's not easy to get around. >> you can see closings at the bottom of your screen now. two big things to update you on the federal government is on a three hour delay today. the office of personnel management made that call early this morning. also d.c. public schools on a two hour
8:01 am
are expected in class this morning. in d.c. >> yeah. >> note that. >> welcome to our storm team 4 special coverage for this day. we have a team of meteorologists and reporters closely tracking the storm we have been seeing a lot of changes throughout the several hours we have been on the air. but we begin with the latest on the storm. good morning. >> good morning. we were watching this storm closely because a lot of areas seeing ice. >> yeah i feel bad for those d.c. school kids that have to go in two hours late. do you know how hard american history is going to be to study when there's snow outside the window. a lot of kids are already out and about taking advantage of the snow out there. >> mary says adults and kids alike starting to get outside and enjoy the picture of their kids in the
8:02 am
tell me how much you have we have a winter weather advisory until 2:00 this afternoon. areas north and west where snowfall amounts have been widespread 6 inches or more. that winter storm warning remains until 2:00 this afternoon. most of the snow that accumulates for now has been north and west but as the storm is starting to pull away from the coast it will eventually bring northwest winds back in so this will end as a period of light snow just about everywhere. temperatures still just at or below the freezing mark across most of the news 4 nation and we'll get a mostly cloudy start to the afternoon
8:03 am
end with a period of snow across the area. for more on that and the impacts let's go over to my buddy. >> we have been watching this all morning long watching it come together and fall apart at times as far as the rain-snow line is concerned this is what we're seeing right now. we have this area of rain trying to work it's way in from the south and we have the snow off to the west. now we look at 9:00 a.m. we still have this area of an icy mix shifting to the east and temperatures still around freezing and the rain changing over to the icy mix. 11:00 this morning all of that starts to change over to snow and this would be the backside of the storm system so that's en
8:04 am
wrap around and we start to see that snow wrapping around so we could see another period of snowfall trying to move through the area temperatures above freezing but a few passing snow showers. these numbers overnight into the 20s. these are actual temperatures not and the feels like temperature. temperatures will be refreezing anything that fell. especially if you're north and west of the district and you saw that snow refreezing on the roads not good. we're talking about more ice for the morning tomorrow. i think that will be causing some delays around the area. speaking of the roadways though let's take a look at what you can expect on the roads this morning not looking too good. don't have a tow on the way. right now everybody having to stay right to get
8:05 am
all the way to the spur. the roads are cleared and now they still have more snow, more ice and more slush on them. remember taking a look right here we're talking about ice falling from the sky an icy mix and then the white and the grey areas more of a snowy mix this morning so that really shows how roads are impacted here now. >> they look okay and have patches of green there but you can see some ice in sections. still have the right lane blocked with the down tree this morning and that patch of snow moving through that area right now you're not seeing anybody right now. there we go.
8:06 am
you can really tell here that things are not quite as clear probably as you might think. going to show you a live picture of this one coming up in a second but 395 north. you have to stay left to get by that crash. 395 slow headed in as well. >> thank you. 8:06 right now. for the first time this morning i want to take you out to gaitersburg. an unexpected accident a service truck has taken out an intersection and this is a major repair job or removal job. this intersection is going to be down for quite sometime. we see at least a half dozen service trucks. we saw the plow that took this out and suffered as much damage as the traffic sig
8:07 am
this is a busy road even today. we're near the onramps to the northbound and southbound lanes of i-270 which is still seeing traffic volume though slow traffic volume. this intersection being knocked out is going to make things much more complicated. they have to remove this traffic signal and do all of this work in what has become a very windy and sleet filled conditions here the winds picked up in the last 10 or 15 minutes and made visibility challenging on the street. not just for drivers but pedestrians in this area. we're also near the train station here. it is still functioning. they're still going southbound today. people are trying to make their way to the train station. getting the 8:00 a.m. trains today. it's going to be difficult for people with the road shutdown. >> what's the weather doing where you are? is that effecting the
8:08 am
not just that there's wind. the winds have picked up. they are beyond normal gusts but the sleet is still coming down. the roads are slick and very passable and everything is moving slower than they should be. >> this is my first live shot. i wasn't really ready for this. we had to break out the winter gear again and we already put it away in storage. i'm live along college park
8:09 am
and it's messy and nasty and miserable because we have the ice and also the wind and it's blowing in your face right now what i'm standing on right now you can't see it but this is a sidewalk here along route 1 and it's not even making an indent here so you can see it's a thick layer of ice here along the sidewalk so if anybody is claiming to get out this morning and do any walking you definitely want to keep that in mind. there could be very slippery conditions going on take a look at the road here. you can see there's build up here along the roadway. we drove from farther north this morning checking out the road conditions you know if you hit your brakes hard you're going to
8:10 am
slide we started seeing people showing up at the 711 this morning but a lot of people not going into work this morning and school is out. this will be a great time to head out. i don't know about making the snow men maybe but it's awfully icy out here for right now. back to you. >> lots of cancellations and delays? >> they're tweeting about what they're trying to do. air travel is just tough this morning. here's a look at the cancellations nearly 500 grounded in and out of there.
8:11 am
some early am flights prepping to depart out of there despite those cancellations. 288 out of dulles. tweeting that it's sleeting out there but their storm team is work on the center runway. that's a pretty picture we're going to share them throughout our coverage. cute dog enjoying the snow. what a cutie. keep them comg.
8:12 am
let's turn it's been lit up all morning and almost not changing. >> it has and it looks like it is trying to change over to a heavy icy mess falling from the sky. take a look at this. this is within a pretty quick change from annapolis to points south. and it's the purple shade and coming in about three quarters. you saw the heavy rain band moving in and it changes the rain over to the icy mix. it's going to be pull agoway from the area soon and icy mix near the district as well.
8:13 am
trying to make its way back in too. now a little bit of a break now. we're starting to see the back edge of the system. still snow to the west of the district and that's what we expect to continue doing until the entire event is over but through the afternoon we could see more snow showers move through as the whole thing starts to come to an end now we're at 31. so big issue out there.
8:14 am
west. speaking of the roads not too good out there me lis sanchts it's important to show how slick it is. so slow downs here. 395. still to have stay left to get by that crash here this morning. >> we are slow and stops and starts here around the beltway. just depends on how the area is in your
8:15 am
top of the beltway. we're seeing these because of the weather. 66 inbound and 95 north. take it easy there as well this morning. remember to listen to 103.5 fm if you have to head out. if not stay inside to enjoy this day for so many people. >> >> thank you. having a great time in the town this morning. >> i don't know if it's a great time. he's covering cold weather so we'll see how it's going david. >> you're a trooper david, you know? >> but take a look at this. this is the umbrella to keep the camera protected. it's all coated with ice. it's been out here for an hour or so. one of the good things is that a lot of this sleet has now
8:16 am
to snow some handle their own street clearing. that's handled by v-dot so within the town they have been moving through several time triesing to keep the roads clear and they have even been using some trash trucks and trash pick up is actually operational here. they put plows on some of the trucks to help clear some of the roads. one of the biggest concerns was of course accidents out there and that's what virginia state police are handling. we just heard from them a short time ago. they have ten currently working right now. they say of those ten two of them have minor injuries with some of those involved. os
8:17 am
so as they go into the day and more cars come on the roads those numbers could go up. as far as power is concerned you could see the lines here and of course the street lights all staying illuminated that's a good thing down toward richmond and parts of king george. working tens of thousands of outages right now that's something they're monitoring right here. they have their storm center and they have views ready to dispatch and right now some of the parts of the common wealth dealing with most of the electricity outages and you can see cars continuing to make their way. it's becoming more popular out here as we're seeing more and more folks get on the
8:18 am
was headed to morning mass. >> how was your walk? >> okay other than dodging the cars in the street and the big plow that came through that was working down around the firehouse down there. >> of course that's something that police are asking that you try to avoid even though the sidewalks are covered try to stay on them. don't go on the street because they look paved and clear. this is what we'll be seeing a lot throughout the day. they're trying to clear that even the starbucks closed this morning as they're trying to get things up and going and at least some what operational throughout the day. >> wait, the starbucks closed? you didn't get your triple venti, extra whip, extra hot, you didn't get that david? >>
8:19 am
>> right, of course. skim but extra whip. >> i did not get it. i'm hoping adam comes by and makes a delivery. >> he'll throw coffee on you. >> we need him to round up coffee for all the reporters out in the field not in a warm truck. >> i'd appreciate it that is so sweet. >> we're also watching conditions with the storm ranger 4. storm ranger is our doppler radar on wheels if you will able to fill in the gaps. >> a lot of snow in boston. >> we'll check back in on conditions on the north. >> pamela has more from our sister station in philadelphia. >> i'm pamela osborne we're set up in reading pennsylvania right in the center of town. take a look at conditions rig
8:20 am
now. i would say the biggest thing we have seen so far this morning is the reduced visibility now you can see few cars on the road this morning. they're asking people to stay at home if possible to allow crews the opportunity to work on this road. now we have been here throughout the morning. we have seen plow trucks make several trips up and down the local roads here but you can see the accumulation on the roads right now so this is going to be an all day job for plows as they try to clean up the city. we're talking about up to 16 inches of snow seeing more snow there. >> we did everything. >> pajamas inside out. the whole treatment. >> i didn't even realize these things work. >> i took the entire tray of ice cubes out of my freezer and put
8:21 am
sure it would all get down there. >> that makes it snow more. >> it's a winter wonder land, eric. of course it worked. and very slippery sidewalk there at his house in clinton this
8:22 am
morning. ask a lot of planes are out of position. 31 in washington. it's getting very windy outside. north winds at 25 miles per hour. and north westerly later on and the next couple of hours here it's going to start to allow the change over back to all snow before it comes to an end and as a result of the increasing wind it's going to be wind chill time to worry about is down near about 10 degrees for our start off time tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon at 6:00 wind chills still only in the teens so it will be ready for the wind, this afternoon tonight and through the day tomorrow. windy and cold for quite some period of time. once we get everything to sl
8:23 am
be able to get temperatures up a little bit. the computer model here is being a little optimistic. we can make 36 or 7 degrees. i don't think we'll make it higher than that. temperatures will stay cold enough where anything that has come down will be a very slow melt down for sure now here is the center of circulation now and the center of the storm and this is the reason that we have so much more sleet and rain than just all snow, the center of the storm is too close. and it's all through the d.c. metro area and right on the coastline there it's drawing a lot of warm air off of the ocean and that's the reason we're getting all the
8:24 am
widespread. 6 to almost 10 inches of snow. our friends also picking up on average 4 to 6 inches of snow. love to see some pictures from there if you have any and across southern maryland where it had been all rain all morning we get that colder northwest wind. that is starting to switch some of this over now to either sleet, freezing rain combination and even down toward fredericksburg this should end with enough snow to perhaps whiten the ground where you don't already have some down. there you can see snow now across much of the area. this is going to continue off and on through most of the daylight areas today and
8:25 am
into tomorrow morning they'll have a tough go at it. a lot of wind and cold the next couple of days. milder by the weekend with highs in the 50s on saturday. let's go back to melissa. >> good morning. see new problem here outerloop at river road. not sure exactly what's in front of the camera here. looks like a car fire. my understanding is this is not a vehicle fire. just have a little bit of something on the lenses or some haze or clouds or something there. is 95 north have a new problem with the left lane being blocked by the crash. right now 66 and 95 overall don't look that bad this morning that's still hanging around. when
8:26 am
an icy mix falling and the greys and the whites that means snow so you can see it is still coming down. that's so hard to keep one this here this morning. this is a better illustration here as you take a look at the beltway. the east side, the south side looking good north and west. a little bit slower for folks need to definitely take it easy. >> cherry blossom bloom is pushed back by a couple of days. the peak bloom should start on sunday and last through next wednesday it was from today through friday and changed that schedule and put the trees in a fragile state is they get a heavy wet snow that sits on them and three days in the teens
8:27 am
even. we could be look at a year where perhaps the majority of the trees don't reach the states. >> they're still pretty though. i would go see them. anything below 27 degrees harms the blooms is. >> we are back with more of our storm team 4 special coverage of this first big winter storm we had in our area. >> stay with us. we'll be right back. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in cutomer
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8:30 am
>> there's a lot of slick roads all across our region right now. >> here are all your best resources this morning as we wake up to a winter mess out there from the slippery roads to tracking conditions in your neighborho neighborhood. we start with chuck and shena and where this storm is now. >> group hug time. >> he's wandering around trying to find it. >> i haven't. >> how did that go? >> like ice fishing. i finally got through this layer of ice to
8:31 am
which is what we're looking for here and i measured a good fair three inches in my front yard. >> really? >> i wish ice fishing and all i found was carpe. >> you should have seen my car from this. hi to use a pick ice and everything. the poor finish on my car is everything. >> i thought you had people for this. >> i have no
8:32 am
>> temperatures should trend above the freezing mark so road chemicals will be very very effective in wearing down the ice so there will be a hard refreeze tonight and windy and cold day coming up for tomorrow. right now temperatures are trending upward a little bit already. leesburg up to 34. washington 31. 35 by the bay there and now storm team 4 show you where the heaviest of the rain and snow is. >> yes, we have a lot of heavy rain that moved into parts of maryland and quickly changed over to an icy mix. look at this dark purple coloring on the radar. that san icy mix falling. it originally moved in as a very heavy rain band and ran into the colder air and now look at it. right near annapolis but
8:33 am
the east. precip rates at over half an inch an hour. that's slowly starting to pull away but we're continuing to see still that icy mix through much of the area surrounding the district and even if you are into areas like montgomery county, prince george's county you're still seeing an ice sis mix here even through charles county. take a look at the snow. the snow is starting to move back to the east. some areas starting to clear up and may be starting to clear up very soon because that snow is on the backside and the storm is starting to pull away from our area. it is getting stronger though. here's a look at future weather, 10:00 a.m. that snow continuing to move through even by noon but then we start to see much more of a break as we go through the afternoon with passing snow showers but cold temperatures and a refreeze as we go thug
8:34 am
speaking of cold and bad roads, melissa, what does it look like out there. >> we're still keeping an eye on this issue. outer loop here at telegraph road. we got this box truck that was on its side the past couple of hours and looks like that should be towed out of here too. so the left side main lane there is are effected by that problem. taking a look elsewhere, near 124 we have wires down and we do have a car spun out on the right side and also police and fire on the scene there. if you have to go out any time soon you may see that falling here this morning. the little pink spots. ice hitting the roadways. 395 inbound. you still h t
8:35 am
sharon. >> all right. melissa. they told me the cafeteria is open. i got excited for a second. >> send us food. >> back to our team of reporters covering this storm for every angle for you. >> more with a crash that had an intersection shutdown. bring us up to date scott, what is going on? >> this intersection is going to be shutdown for quite awhile we're not far from the onramps to i-270 here in gaithersburg. about 45 minutes ago we saw a truck, a large service truck seemed to be a plow of some sort with heavy front end damage and this is what we think he hit. the traffic light near first field road on cloper. in fact it's the traffic light that carries the sign for first field road. the damage is pretty intense but this is going to shutdown this intersection for quite sometime and this is a major intersection, the city of gaithersburg. this road right here is
8:36 am
conduit to i-270 and also to the train station. one of the busiest train stations on the brunswick line which is running this morning. heavy apartment complexes around here. 24 hour coffee shop. this has been a busy road this morning despite the weather conditions. it's no longer a busy road as police try to detour people away from the area. this say major reconstruction job. this traffic light is totalled and it's huge and blocking not only the road but blocking heavy pedestrian areas that will be used tomorrow morning when the buses and trains are running back in full service so keep an eye on it. >> good morning to you. >> good morning. >> tell us what your crews are doing to make sure that the roads are safe and passable today. >> so they are still out
8:37 am
actively working this snow and ice and rain that's still falling so it's important to remember that the roads are not there yet. as this precipitation is still falling it's still going to be quite treacherous out there. the crews are out there and they are plowing where they can. where they have enough to push but beyond that that refreeze and accumulation keeps happening as the snow keeps falling. >> you mentioned the refreeze. we're particularly worried about that tomorrow when even more people will try to get out. what's your plan after this major part of the storm ends today? >> the refreeze is going to be a constant concern because the temperatures are going to stay low so we will have to continually treat that and we'll be battling that for the next few days until the temperature rise above freezing. >> we have seen a different mix of weather depending on where we go. leesburg was hit pretty hard. how are you concentrating your crews at this point?
8:38 am
northern virginia and fairfax, loudoun, we are doing more of a plow job and pushing of the snow. where we have more snow we see more of a slush and a freezing rain type situation so we're doing some different operations there to treat the roads so we're doing a little bit of everything everywhere. that's an important point for drivers too is if you're coming in you could encounter a wide variety of road conditions because things have dumped different things throughout the region. >> >> a lot of governments are closed today or opening late in some cases. the federal government is still going to open late so people will venture out at some point. have you run into any problems yet with needing to close any roads ordeal with any big accidents from v-dot's perspective? >>
8:39 am
some folks do have to get out there. try to help them out a little bit and some of the shoulder lanes and things you might normally use on 66 maybe snow covered and you may see that there but beyond that it's really just a matter of taking it slow. you know your neighborhood streets and lesser travelled roads are still going to have quite a bit of snow on them so it's going to make more effort to get out and take it very, very slow if you have to go. >> and it was leesburg virginia. >> justin is there now where the snow is
8:40 am
>> this is for those of us that live and workout here and this is not. this is a sticky icy snow that's been falling for several hours and when plow trucks move through strips like this it's hard for them to keep one the tenacity of this storm and within an hour or so it's already packed over again so they're asking all drivers in this area to steer clear of the main roads so they can get ahead of the storm and keep these roads clear. at this time we're expecting this to continue for the next several hours. and so far we have seen and that could be in a heavy rain. >> we are going to go now at the live desk. >> more power ou
8:41 am
>> we're seeing the numbers go up especially in southern maryland so let's get to them. most of those are customers 11,000 without lights. most in the charles and st. mary's county area there. dominion virginia reports 6800 without power in northern virginia. 2-thirds of them in king george county and a portion. pepco reporting 3,968 outages. the bulk of those in prince george's county. that is the very latest. back to you now. >> we're seeing your pictures and videos as well. we'd love to see more. continue to tweet us or share th
8:42 am
use the #nbc 4 dc. we'll be right back.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
good morning. we have a blizzard warning in effect right now in this city. and it's real frankly a mess right now. we have snow that's been falling since around midnight. mixed in a bit of sleet at this point and people really heeding the advice of officials. we have seen a few people walking their dogs here in central park. a few jogging as well but for the most part what we're seeing are the snow clouds coming through and trying to clear away and stay ahead of the storm. it's a losing battle. too much snow to get rid of at this point. it's going to keep snowing and we could see accumulations of 12 to 24 inch i
8:46 am
so this is not something to take very lightly at all. >> she brings us this report. >> we are in millford connecticut where the snow for this blizzard is coming down significantly. at 5:00 a.m. there was a statewide travel ban that got started but we are still seeing cars out on the roads despite the advice of the governor and a number of state officials that said it is not going to be safe today to be out on the
8:47 am
visibility extremely low here. 8 to 12 inches but in other parts of the state it could be close tore 2 feet. very hard. very uncomfortable, windy difficult conditions so word to the wise. if you don't have to be out here today, don't. back to you. >> our thanks to leslie in connecticut for us here in our area. the snow is not as intense but still coming down. >> let's go out to fairfax county. the buses and trash collection still running out there? >> it is. the town tweeting out a short time agatha trash collection is going on. in fact if we can show this video you can see some of the trash trucks have actually been fashioned into plow trucks as well. so they're multiuse here as they have been coming through. you can see some of that video coming down in convoys trying to keep some of the town streets clear. it is the town that handles, department of public works that handles the streets within
8:48 am
when you talk about the wider county, fairfax, loudoun those streets are handled by v-dot. they have 18,000 miles to cover. that's the equivalent of going here to northern california and back about three times. that's a lot to cover and they have been working through the night. speaking of working through the night i was just in touch with the folks in the emergency operation center. they say right now they're dealing with a variety of conditions because in some places like herndon you have here more snow, slush on the ground and then in other parts of the county you have more of a wet pavement. we see the buses coming through here and they're still trying to keep up with service and keep folks getting to where they need to go. moving certainly a lot slower than they usually would. the folks at the emergency operation center tell me as far as outages are concerned they
8:49 am
our area which is a lot better than what they are expecting. only has about a couple of outages so so far electricity staying on. it's good for the folks many of you are watching and able to stay warm and stay informed. we're going to continue to monitor it out here. picking up wind wise as you can ee but that sleet we're seeing earlier fortunately it's transitioned back to snow so at least when it comes to not getting hit in the eye it's more pleasant to deal with. we'll send it back to you. >> david it looks like you have been seeing a lot of wind and some slushy roads out there. have you seen anybody coming by? talking to you about their travels? >> you know it's funny most of the people we have been seeing out here are those that are walk and unfortunately they're walking you can see it right here one guy that just crossed over on the street turns around and has to walk on the street because a lot of the sidewalks ar
8:50 am
to clear some of the shopping centers. they're trying to make some progress getting some space but one of the challenges is coming in and out of a shopping center because a lot of the snow built up either from the plows within the center or the plows hitting the street and it's making for a slushy mess to try to get over the humps of snow that have built up and a short time ago i talked to my cousin working the overnight shift as a nurse and she said coming home it was rough. first responders and nurses doctors trying to get to their job. if you don't have to be on the street stay off and let the plow crews do their work. >> thank you. public transit is up and running throughout the areas
8:51 am
schedule with service above and below ground. however safe track, single tracking will continue on the yellow and blue lines . >> what are we seeing here. >> you're saying what in the world is going on. you look at the purple area around annapolis and the rest of southern maryland. that's an icy mix falling. we ran into the colder air and changed over to an icy mix. very hazardous travel here but then off to the west of the district and even around the district now we have snow there and you see the green, that actually is rain fall sog th
8:52 am
different types of precip and we see this icy mess falling. this is pretty heavy precip around a half an inch an hour or more. good thing is it is slowly starting to pull away from annapolis but for the district and surrounding areas we're seeing snow moving back in but still with a bit of an icy mix there. you see the pinks and the purposes and snow with an icy mix there too but the snow is starting to move back into the district. this is really what we have been talking about all morning long and all day yesterday. snow on the backside of this system because it sort of is just wrapping around it with the cold air. the entire system is right off the coast of probably southern delaware at this point and it's continuing to move away and as it moves aaway it takes the heaviest stuff with it and starts to end us the back edge already moving through
8:53 am
we're still looking at icy roadways. mostly in maryland we have seen wet with icy roadways kind of mixed in so the rain has been falling this morning. freezing rain reported. icy spots. slushy on the road and as you go down 95 areas surrounding 95 as you go south. snowy and icy this morning around the district and areas up to the north the snow has continued just off to our west for the most part. we're talking about a refreeze as we
8:54 am
there's the pink. that's the ice. now it starts to pull away from the area. we expect it falling through part of the area as it tries to leave. still expect the snow to be f l falling look at the temperatures starting to climb above freezing and then we go through the overnight hours. look at these numbers. we're looking at the low 20s. especially considering what is falling right now. we expect ice on the roads tomorrow morning. and 8.2 inches. still waiting for the next update to come out and 4.5 and average of
8:55 am
fairfax 2.5 inches of snow. here's what we expect. the snow is leaving. still about 1 to 3 around the district and points south with mostly the icy mix there so hard to get the totals with the ice and as you go farther out to the west the totals get higher but the snow is ending there the 20s in the afternoon but tomorrow is going to be a cold day and into the weekend we start to get mild again. let's check the roads this morning. nod good. >> not good but one thing has gotten better. and be start and stay today. all the grey all the white that snow and over here on the right side of that paint that is
8:56 am
>> we have the virginia governor on the phone with us now. i know you declared a state of emergency in virginia yesterday afternoon the good news is we started pretreating on sunday. we have about 4500 trucks in northern virginia right now so the good news is we're on top of it. i do appreciate it if everybody can stay off of the roads. then tonight we have to lay that salt down. it's going to be black ice throughout northern virginia people could let the plows do their job. we're on top of it and then lay down the salt tonight because it's going to be cold tonight nd
8:57 am
every road passable in 48 hours we will be able to do that. plenty of salt on hand. i just said last week how are we doing with the snow account? he said great news. $250 million left. it's not going to cost us 250 but plenty of resources and very treacherous with black ice out there. snow some 1 to 4 inches right now and 4500 pieces of equipment. >> all right. thank you for joining us this morning. >> a live look outside for you now at some of the roads we're tracking from the storm team 4 by 4. you can see the pavement but still going to be a rough go today. >> stay with us we'll keep you covered and ahead of this storm.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> we have been on the air. on the roads checking conditions for you. >> 9:00 our time now on this tuesday morning. thanks for staying with us for our special winter storm coverage. >
9:01 am
the massive nor'easter. most students are enjoying a snow day. >> listen we know that it is not a snowstorm unless pat collins goes out with his snow stick and we just received word he's heading out there with the storm team 4 snow stick. >> melissa keeping an eye on road and rail issues. start with chuck and shena and a look at where the
9:02 am
>> i put that up on the monitor. made it so much more comfortable. >> it's all about making yourself comfortable isn't it chuck? >> it certainly is. i am not comfortable. >> it's an icy mess and not going to get any better any time soon. the snow, the sleet, the freezing rain, the rain, this will all be tapering off with time but it will stay windy and slippery outside all afternoon. a hard refreeze coming up for tonight. temperatures are in the upper 20s to low and mid 30s now. we'll be back in the low and mid 20s tonight so the good news is the road chemicals are very effective where they are
9:03 am
we probably have a 50 to 60% closure rate coming up tomorrow mainly because of the threat for black ice. if kid versus the day off it's not a bad day to get the plat bottom sled out. if you have the sled with rails on it maybe too sleety for that. but as long as you have a flat bottom sled it will be a good day for using it. go down and enjoy that activity. meanwhile winter storm now moving up off the coast and we have a long way to go. >> we have an icy mess outside and moving back into the district and i think over the next few
9:04 am
start to try to wind back down and a lot of the models are still showing it by noon it's more afternoon and just a passing snow shower. here's what the closer look at the radar looks like. we're still seeing icy mix fall from the sky a half an inch or so an hour. and there's the heavy band of rain that moved in and changed over when it hit the cold air. it's move agoway from the area and still seeing an icy from the area. this is what we have been telling you over the past 24 to 48 hours. we expect that to be bringing in the snow but there is an end to it though so we're starting to see things taper down. that's the trend this is going to be taking as we
9:05 am
heaviest snow north and west even though it's starting to come to an end with the power outages still in place. icy mix near i-95. hazardous travel is still expected. south and east we had that rain with icy spots so as we go through the rest of the day today we are still talking about the ice concern because temperatures will be in the 30s but for the most part they're nudging up a bit. so not causing great conditions on the road. let's check them for a lot of messes out there. >> it's painful here. 66 westbound at 29 gainsville new crash on the right side of the roadway. also two problems on the beltway. outer loop at arena drive spin out there in the left lane and crash there in the right lane this morning taking a look. 95 south that's something that just
9:06 am
remember on the red line we're single tracking and then a situation on the orange line. delays begin to be a problem outside of minnesota avenue. travel times coming up. >> we continue our team coverage now of the winter storm with our transportation reporter. >> he is roving in our storm team 454. >> are conditions improving at all. >> take a look out the windshield here and you can see it's snowing here and we still have some snow covered roads. the plows are out here doing what they can and a lot of neighborhood streets look like this and it's not an easy ride. one of the other things that we have seen is some people walking in the middle of the street because the sidewalks haven't been cleared yet. you have to be careful as people are getting around. that's a different story this morning. for the most par i
9:07 am
sections on the eastern side of the belt way were actually in really good shape because there was just rain over on that side but as you come here west and farther north and west of the city and it's tough to brush the snow off your car. give yourself extra time for sure. and with the cold temperatures coming in tonight they have to clear all of this stuff off so the chemicals can do their job. that's what we will be watching for next. we are continuing to head out and about and track conditions in your neighborhood. i think we'll head over to northern maryland in a few. >> are you seeing more crews, snowplows or any traffic where you are at your travels
9:08 am
people got to stay away. at this time of the morning on a normal tuesday morning this will be jam packed out here with commute commuters. some people walk around in the street be extra careful but everybody staying away and doing a good job to let the plows get out here and do their job and clear the roads for us. we'll check in with him later on in the newscast. now let's check with our bureau reporter. >> look into fairfax county this morning. he's live for us. david what are you seeing? bring us up to speed. >> hi there. we're not too far from where
9:09 am
adam is and we're in the town of herndon. a lot of the plows coming through. he showed you the neighborhoods and side streets ooechbd some of the parking lots. a lot of the snow has built up. >> here is adam tuss right here. >> you wanted a coffee. >> we ordered a coffee. >> it is so warm in here. i haven't felt this warm. >> don't say i never did anything for you. >> did you see this? adam tuss, really kind people here working for me this morning. i got a glimpse of that heat. it felt so good. thanks a lot adam i'll put it in the snow there and it won't melt. the side streets getting on to
9:10 am
streets and the parking lots. i want to show you some video. some of the struggle that some of you might face as you're trying to turn on to the roads. take a look at the video. one of the suvs trying to make its way on to the main road. some folks having to walk on the street because they have no other alternative. three feet around the fire
9:11 am
neighborhood and fire crews and first responders will be thankful if you can help them clear it out. >> it felt so good for that short moment as the four by four just cruised on by. >> listen, david. >> adam tuss for you. >> i got your back. we're going to work something out. revenge would be beautiful here. >> i thought you might throw a snowball but you showed tremendous restraint. >> thank you. >> wow what's happening. >> five hours in. also driving conditions pretty dangerous depending on where you are. >> snowplow crashed into a
9:12 am
scott has more on the clean up effort there. >> we're not far from i-270 here. we saw a large service truck seemed to be a plow of some sort with heavy front end damage and this is what we think he hit. the damage is intense and this is going to shutdown the intersection for quite sometime and this is a major intersection and this road right here is your conduit to i-270 and also to the train station. one of the busiest on the line running this morning there's a 24 hour coffee shop. this has been a busy road this morning despite the weather conditions it's no longer
9:13 am
road this traffic light is totalled and it's huge and blocking not only the road but heavy depossess trijuan areas used tomorrow morning when the buses and trains are running back in full service. we'll keep an eye on it. >> thank you. joining us now on the phone. good morning. >> good morning, how are you? >> i'm doing well. how are you doing? how is the city fairing right now? >> we're doing well. we have all of our teams out of course and plowing streets and get ready to have the city open. we're going to open d.c. government on a two hour delay today. d.c. public schools on a two hour delay and the federal government is on a three hour delay. >>
9:14 am
morning and that's not necessarily the district's perview but there were icy crunchy roads as i came in this morning. what are you seeing that is saying to you it's a good idea to drive into the city for example. >> you probably travel early in the morning and part of the reason why we were here as well. >> tell us about that conversation and what he asked about getting ready for his big first one as president. >> i think they were being proactive about their part in decisions as it relates to federal workers when there's weather. i think most people know that we
9:15 am
get on a call in advance of weather coming in to understand what federal personnel management is going to do with their workers and that really effects transportation and they made the decision to open the federal government on a three hour delay. >> any projections about how long you'll have crews out doing the work that needs to be done to get the roads and sidewalks and such back to a normal condition? >> they'll be out until the job is done. they made good penetration on the main roads and they're all passable and the side roads are passable as well and our goal will be to get them down to black top. keeping in mind we didn't get a lot of snow but the largest
9:16 am
northwest so we'll go up there and work and it's the district's responsibility and we're asking all of them to get out and get the sidewalk in front of their property cleaned up too because that's really important. >> thank you for joining us with an update on how you're doing so far. >> we were looking at the live pictures there and what is falling from the sky at least isn't so bad anymore. >> no it's not so bad anymore and we're talking about the back edge of this whole system starting to swing through. this is different than an hour or so ago and now we're seeing the back edge and
9:17 am
and the storm is now pulling away from us faster so we're seeing things starting to move away. still icy mix around the district but also light snow trying to move in more clearing as you go down 95 but there's a quick back edge to this. you can see it here getting rid of it. now we can cannot rule out another quick shot of snow showers moving in as we go through about noon today. blizzard warnings from the philadelphia area all the way up through new england and the heaviest of the precip is offshore swinging into long island and new york and that's going to stay away from us and moving away
9:18 am
and up to 34 in the district. 24 in many spots so we have been seeing messy roads out there. temperatures are going to stay in the 30s today we still have a shot at snow showers but speaking of the messy roads let's get a check on that. >> take a look here. a brand new problem here with the crash on the right side of the roadway and as we have been telling you here this morning, all of this grey and white is all snow and the pinkish color there is ice. falling from the sky. we have a spin out still in the left lane and outer loop crash right lane there. 66 westbound at gainsville that crash still along the right side of the roadway here this morning. live look beltway at telegraph road looks better than it did
9:19 am
box truck there for quite sometime this morning. things looking much better there now though so that is good news. 270 and the top of the beltway we're slow only because of the weather and not because of any volume situation. 66 into town and 95 northbound. looking good overall. please just be careful though it might look wet and actually be quite slippery this morning. remember to listen to wtop and 103.5 fm when you hop in your car this morning. if you have to drive somewhere. otherwise stay in and have hot chocolate. >> that's right. maybe get ready for a snowball fight. thank you. this late winter storm is dumping snow on parts of the northeast. here's a live look now from times square in new york. it's pretty deserted there. this is video there shot overnight up to 16 inches of snow and sleet are expected in the big apple and that's prompted the national weather service to issue a
9:20 am
it was cancelled just for new york city. >> this weather similar pacting a lot of schedules including the cherry blossoms. >> it's been pushed back by days that is expected by the winter storm it should start on sunday and last through next wednesday. put the trees in a fragile state too. >> so they're not as protective as they would be or three days of temperatures in the teens even. we could be look at a year where perhaps the majority of the trees don't reach the
9:21 am
>> the snow has been piling up particularly in leesburg. justin what's the update? >> good morning, right now you see the snow is falling delicately right now and this is ice and a lot of people this morning are digging themselves out just the way we are right now and we kind of got ourselves stuck here. we are digging ourselves out right now but lots of neighbors are reechg up -- reaching up as well. the plows have been d
9:22 am
but awhile ago it was not. plows are going all over these roads. route 7 was a major focus for the plows out here she realized neither was going to be safe enough so people are waking up and surveying what this storm has done to their homes and communities and trying to see if they're going to wake up and go out or perhaps stay in of course v-dot is advising those because the roads are just not there yet. send help. >> i hope this is keeping you warm though.
9:23 am
>> i'm worried about justin. >> all right. >> people are going to see him and bring him coffee and help him out. >> >> i had a lot of great pictures starting to come in. they picked up six inches of snow. she picked it out of the yard. good thing too because out side of the job a lot of them in ice and getting things clearedup
9:24 am
in freezing rain and sleet and ice and up to only about an inch there. forecast for you with the numbers and forecast for you. so meanwhile out at national airport things are quiting down just a bit. still cold and windy. 34 degrees. winds continued to increase now between 25 and 35 miles per hour. that should allow at least a few degrees above the freezing mark. that will help get the roads in much better shape and they need to keep it coming because overnight tonight temperatures will drop dramatically down into the low 20s so expect a lot of black ice tomorrow. the winter storm now is north moving up the jersey
9:25 am
this could cut back for our friends. the damage is already done here. not expecting a lot of additional communication forward and maybe a flurry filled afternoon. this could be big trouble for the cherry blossoms. a little chance for rain over the weekend. let's go over to a slippery slidedy day on the roads. >> it has been in here as well. taking a look now. you can get by it if you stay to the left. highway crash on the right side of the roadway spin out in the left lane and cra there in the right lane this morning. taking a look at metro red line single tracking between them right now. had a different section single tracking earlier because of a problem outside of minnot
9:26 am
a live look at storm team 4 radar for you here. >> be sure to tweet us at nbc washington and share them on our facebook page and we'll share them for the next few hours. stay with us. we'll be right back.
9:27 am
9:28 am
9:29 am
welcome back to our winter storm coverage. >> it has been a busy morning around here for sure. >> we're all in there. you can see the whole team spread out there. >> shout out to everybody out in the mess for hours on end. trying to make sure that you are safe. we want to check our forecast first. >> yeah, two colds and a warm for the outside reporters. >> everyone is freezing. if you have been outside yet it is cold it is blowing sleet or snow or whatever is falling where you live and it is icy. >> sure is. an ugly day to the outside today and not even a good snowfall as far as a packable snowball making snow but you have to take what you can get in this winter without winter. we have ended up with our biggest winter event here almost on the heels
9:30 am
equinox. current temperatures above freezing in many spots. that's good news for treating the roads. there will be a hard refreeze coming up tonight. that stays through tomorrow as well. expect a lot of wind and with temperatures that road expect a cold start. wind chills early tomorrow morning will be down in the single numbers to around 10 degrees. bitter cold coming for a check on radar let's go to shena. >> more snow flakes flying through the area and even through the district now because we're seeing the back edge of the whole storm system start to move through which means we have clearing off to the
9:31 am
but still in parts of maryland where we have the wintry mix and icy mix. our radar here picking up two different types of mixes on the ground and that's where you see the purple and the pink so it's a combination of a lot of stuff. freezing rain, sleet, snow, rain, and it's all making its way away from the area now. so moving mostly to the north and the northeast and the storm system is pulling offshore and pulling a lot of this with it. closer to the district we have an icy mix near the district. mainly around the beltway near clinton and if you look off to the west, gaithersburg, leesburg, fairfax seeing light snow falling right now but off to the west of that we're seeing a little bit more in the way of clearing. we could be seeing another line of snow trying to develop across 81 rand we do expect a few more snow showers as we go through the afternoon today but all in all the bulk of this moisture is heading up to the north and
9:32 am
this is a lot of heavy precip moving on shore in the form of snow, philadelphia, new york, boston, new england hit with this as it continues up the coastline but it will be pulling away from us and we will be starting to dry out. here's a look at future weather. we still have the chance of snow showers as we go through the afternoon but really breaking up, really drying out and that's when temperatures will really start dropping even by 5:00 p.m. we could see a couple of showers trying to move through. let's look at the roads out there. >> brand new problem here. talking about southbound parkway there. we have activity of some sort involving police there in the left lane so slowing things there just a bit here this morning. taking a look a little bit to the northwest. inner loop ramp to southbound parkway. we have a tree down you'll have to stay all the way left to track and get by that one this
9:33 am
morning. we'll take a look at some travel facts coming up. >> thank you. for those of us that live in the district there's a lot going on today. d.c. schools are open on a 246 hour delay this morning. the d.c. government also on a two hour delay and it's only one of the few school districts that are actually open today. >> if you work for the federal government there is a three hour delay today or you have the option to take unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework. you'll follow them on twitter. a great picture of a couple but there is some metro service if you want to get there.
9:34 am
hour you can go to a snowball fight at dupont circle. the first and probably last battle of the season. if you have a helmet you might want to take that because it's not soft snow. >> i'm a little concerned about that because people are going to want to go out there and play. >> 10:00 is the time for that. all right we want to get back to our team coverage with derek ward in german town. >> you have been out there for hours now. what are conditions like now. >> pretty much the same except that what's blowing now are snow flakes so white, puffy snow flakes so we have the wind and a little bit more snow coming through but nothing to put us here in the first place. you could see there there's no sidewalk. done a good job of clearing the streets and that is going to mean you're going to have snow piled up and lots ofat
9:35 am
that were out earlier trying to get around. and because with these roads being clear people are moving and they have to look out for pedestrians on the street. that's going to be something you want to see all over the region. these sidewalks still have snow on them and later on it will probably be ice. in some jurisdictions you have to clear the sidewalk in front of your home or establishment but in places like this where there's not much of a establishment around the sidewalk here that's going to have to wait for the snow to melt. we did have somebody come by with a snow blower and go over the sidewalks once and that helped a little bit but that's going to be the challenge now. co-existing with the cars out here and still a little bit slick. we're live in german town. back to you. >> derek, thank you. now i want
9:36 am
virginia. >> that's where justin has been toughing it all morning. you have been shoveling. you have been dodging some trucks on the road. justin, what is going on now? >> i have been surviving. i had a moment to make a snowball just to show you how conditions have changed out here. i couldn't get the sleet and snow to bind together to create something solid like that but it's going to be a stinger for the kids. take a look to my left here. lots of snow to the left over here. you can see they have cleaned off some of the road up here. you can see the black top there. progress is being made. well to get in the way v-dot says are people that
9:37 am
streets that have no need to be out there. the thing with keeping streets clear is going to be consistency. over and over again and making sure that the plows hit them as well as that snow melt also bus services here have been cancelled. buses going into the districts have been cancelled and some other buses locally may not until after 10:00 in the morning. so if you ride the bus you want to be aware of that but all in all we are seeing leesburg out here come to grip with the snowfall and decide what they want to do with it. go out, enjoy it. some people though are choosing to stay at home because they just can't get to work. take a listen. >> i know you don't like snow but will you take this over sleet? >> yeah when i woke up i heard the sleet and i called my boss and i said no it's not going to happen because my street hasn't been plow
9:38 am
>> and it's only partially so at this point. if you don't have to be out here just stay off. >> remind me never to get into a snowball fight with you. that's a snow bolder. >> you hit me with that thing i'm calling the cops, okay. >> just goes to show you can make a snowball with this snow. >> we are tracking the roads for you with our team coverage this morning. >> let's turn to adam tuss live in the storm team 4 by 4. have to tell you the twitter response to your klondike bar delivery, #savage. you just pulled up the window and drove off. what is that? >> at this point i don't think david can tell me that there's nothing i have never done for him, right? i'm just here to help all of
9:39 am
get through today and get through what is a challenging day. now let's talk about why we're really out here and that's because of the snow. a lot of this stuff has been a sloppy mess but you come out here to parts of loudoun county and it starts to look beautiful. we're by the executive airport out here. a lot of the roads are starting to look a lot better but this is like a completely rural road out here in loudoun county and it's just absolutely picturesk the way it looks now but for some people you have to get out of your house and your neighborhood. this is the snowfall that you have been dealing with out here and it becomes a little bit of a challenge. especially if you don't have a car that can deal with this so this is why we were talking about this changeable forecast. we have been on the air since 4:00 this morning. all across the region. parts of the beltway were simply just rain and didn't have to deal with much but you start coming out north and west a little bit more and you start to see why this snow could definitely be an issue and it's still
9:40 am
but we are so far beyond what was the cold and the wet snow that was coming down so a changeable forecast and we'll continue to follow it. we're going to make our way across and then go over to maryland. i promise you i am done delivering ice cream cones maybe. maybe. >> at this rate i'll take an ice cream cone. >> listen we're not dropping off. >> now comes a part of the morning a lot of folks have been waiting for. part of the snowstorm a lot have been waiting for. >> you cannot even call it a storm until our pat collins heads out with his trusty snow stick. pat, everybody has been waiting for this moment. give it to us
9:41 am
>> this is the official pat collins snow stick it's the only way to officially measure snow in the city of washington. on one side we have why we even have last year january snow was 17 inches because this is the new revised edition of the stick and in a moment i'll tell you how you can get one of your very own. doing a lot of things to stay warm today. allen is doing this. where did you get this outfit. >> it's handmade actually. i bought the fabric from walmart and sewed it together. >> i'd never guess it was handmade. >> does it work? >> it does. great wind protection. >> what are you doing out here now? >> headed to cvs to get some eggs and make dinner. >> you need eggs, you need
9:42 am
now you have this outfit. what do you call it? >> it's just a robe. just a plain robe. i designed it based off of old monk robes because they often wear them for comfort and flexibility. >> allen and his monk outfit on his way to cvs to get some eggs. let's take a measurement with the snow stick. now i know we didn't get a lot of snow. have to tell you, all winter long people gave me a lot of stuff about not having any snow this winter. i go to the barber shop and they'd say no stick this time pat. i'd go to the grocery store, nothing to measure this year pat. even my own family would tell me, take the stick and put it away is, dad. so today on the edge of spring when we have daylight savings time we got this. it's snow and we're going to measure it. let's
9:43 am
>> it's about 10 minutes to 10:00 and we have -- it's so hard, there you go, about 3 inches. there is a crust of ice on top of the snow. it's almost like ice fishing to get a true measurement but if you press hard you get about 3 inches. now coming up later i'm going to tell you how you can get a stick of your very own. we have a snow stick challenge today. stay tuned. the screen will explode with excitement. now back to you. >> allen is still behind you. is he a jedi. >> oh, watch out allen. >> >> i'm just glad to hear
9:44 am
stick challenge. people have been waiting for this all season. >> exactly. you don't have to have snow to participate this year. i'll tell you what you can do. stick around, 11:00, i'll tell you about the challenge. i'll give you just a little hint right now. at 11:00 we'll tell you how to do it. you can have a pat collins snow stick of your own. >> that's a hot commodity. it's guarded. my family has asked me and i can't get the stick for anyone. >> they only give them one at a time. she gives me one at a time so i can't even think. >> all right. we'll check in to
9:45 am
announce the pat collins snow stick challenge and then we'll have contests and then judge it and then a lucky person is going to get a stick and delivers it himself in person. >> when did we have the guy with the horse. >> that was one of the blizzards and then the lady with the pants that didn't look like pants. >> good times. >> all right. >> well, you know, conditions on a serious note are actually getting worse in new york city this morning. >> at the top of the hour tractor-trailer ban went into effect. no tractor-trailers allowed on the roads at this point. jay is live with the latest. jay, good morning a lot of people are doing that. the snow that started around midnight as this system moved within is giving away
9:46 am
snow right now and whathe national weather service is telling us is that is going to be the case. we'll see sleet and snow and might get rain later this afternoon. going back to snow by this evening so it's going to be a mess if you don't have to be out in this don't get out in it. that's what officials are saying and a lot of people listening to that advice a few joggers today but for the most part it is empty as well. schools have been cancelled a lot of businesses staying stay home today. stay out of all the mess out here and maybe for the next couple of days depending on what happens with the forecast here travel is very difficult. airports with thousands of flights either cancelled or delayed. that number is sure to go up as well. we're under a state of emerge y emergency. wi
9:47 am
next couple of days here. i think at the very least i earned that weather stick. >> you need something, you have been in the worst of the worst so many times over the years. >> we'll check in with you. in the next hour. >> it's not easy for people to get around in the snow and ice. >> live now to continue our team coverage. hi david how is it going out there. >> it's going well and that is an issue here. you can see the sidewalks are covered. it's pushing even more snow on it. what are folks doing? we can show you video of that. folks are walking in the street. they can see pavement and that for them
9:48 am
little bit safer and more solid. when you see the cars that can't see the lining in the roads coming down. and the warning out here is avoid walking on the street, the sidewalk. it's not much of a better option but it keeps you some distance from the cars. we're at 6:30 mass this morning. was it popular? was there a lot of people there? there's only 60 of us there. i have to be outside shoveling snow. i get my exercise in. >> still looking live
9:49 am
some folks doing what this guy was doing. and conditions not ideal for that either. and they have their emergency operation center up and running. they bunked there last night and stayed there through the night and monitoring conditions. they tell me and slush built up on the roads. that's concerning for them as they go into the evening tonight. and as far as outages were concerned there was worry some of the trees might be coming down with the heavier snow as of now. they're not seeing too many people with outages. and they're dealing with tens of thousands of outages. for now back to
9:50 am
>> david, thank you. >> we also have a lot of tools on the snowplows in your area. that's online. you can do that. search plow maps. >> stay with us as we continue this coverage this winter storm is hitting our region. stay with us. we'll be right back.
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
welcome back to our storm team has been watching the storm very closely and it's been doing all kinds of different things this morning over the last few hours. >> and calming down and winding down. back edge moving through. that's right. it was calming down. the heavy precip that is move agoway and the snow has a back edge to it. there you see it on the radar. very clear most of the area and we're seeing clearings off to the west. and i will tell you i am updating our snowfall map. the snowfall we have seen through the area and i will tell you that frederick has seen ten inches of snow and the snow is still falling but it's about to clear out so there's been ten inches through part of the area. otherwise we still have an icy mix here. moswe
9:54 am
district to move away from the area. that's still a bit of an icy mix but we still do have the back edge of the snow. it's all winding down by moving away from us so the storm track is moving it away and offshore and that's taking a lot of the precip with it. right around the district parts of loudoun county and even in parts of montgomery county still seeing snowfall but that is starting to move away and we'll continue watching that. going to be cleared out of the snow shortly but on the backside of the system we could have snow showers moving through and we're seeing more clearing now than an hour ago. and locally our temperatures are in the mid to low 30s now. we still
9:55 am
roadways by 11:00 a.m. and winding down as i have been mentioning. by 2:00 a.m. maybe a couple of passing snow showers maybe a couple of showers with the breezy winds and then refreezing as we go overnight. temperatures dropping into the 20s so whatever is around now on the roads will be refreezing. especially if you saw quite a bit of it today and especially if those roads are not streeted. it's going to be a frig d-day tomorrow and then as far west as you can go in the area that's where we are seeing our most snow covered roads. there you see it. 26 for the morning low tomorrow. 32 for
9:56 am
then a little bit milder. one of our biggest issues here at washington boulevard. so the right side of the boulevard is blocked here this morning. that happened about ten minutes ago. going to be some time completely out of the way. inbound 66. right lane gets by the crash this morning. 270 at german town road we have a lot of water here on the camera lenses. you can see northbound and southbound still have to take it. we aren't seeing a lot of asphalt in that section. beltway looking okay right now. out of the bottom of the belt way according to the radar right here it's still quite slow through there. after 201 still have that around with all lanes still blocked. that's been sticking around. we'll take a look at travel
9:57 am
times as well coming up. >> melissa, thank you. we have much more coverage ahead in the 10:00 hour stay with us. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in cutomer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row.
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falling all around this area. >> here you go. that
10:00 am
now. this is what we're dealing with here. we have this sleet coming down pretty hard. ski goggles and honestly not a bad idea. take out a traffic signal and blocked the entire intersection. this is a high index of messy and nasty and miserable and as i'm walking it's not even making an indent here so you can see it's a thick layer of ice. >> how did that go. >> ice fishing. >> boom, boom. i got to this layer of ice. >> try to get to. >> news 4 begins now with storm team 4. 10:00 on the dot and the nor'easter isn't done with us yet.


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