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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 15, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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now at 11:00, denied again. president trump's executive order on immigration blocked by a federal judge. hear the president's angry reaction in front of a campaign st
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a frigid night tonight means a frigid start tomorrow. and in this bitter cold, firefighters suspended 200 feet to save a man and his dog. we talked to the crew that came to the rescue. >> first up, a lot to catch up from the white house. good evening i'm wendy rieger. >> it is a busy night for president trump. he traveled to michigan, tennessee, to defend the republican plan for replacing the affordable care act. and on fox news, he refused to back down from his claim that former president obama wire attempted trump tower. >> but all of that overshadowed by a federal judge, putting the president's new travel ban on hold. news4's chris lawrence starts us off at the live desk. >> the judge didn't just freeze president trump's new executive order. he ripped it apart calling
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illological and fundamentally flawed. the president wasted no time firing back. >> you don't think this was done by a judge for political reasons, do you? no. this ruling makes us look weak. this is a watered down version of the first one. this is a watered down version. i think question ought to go to the first one and go all the way which is what i wanted to do in the first place. >> the judge in hawaii was the first to issue it but others could come soon. president trump is demanding more controls on the basis of national security. in justice department lawyers argue, it is within his authority to impose that ban. for the first executive order ran into legal trouble, the white house tweaked it. dropping the ban on visa holders, green card holders and immigrants from iraq. but the judge said the intent was the same. to ban people of a certain
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inserting a lot of neutral language and asking everybody to pretend that it didn't happen. >> the judge blocked the most important sections of the order but didn't halt it entirely and the president is determined on take his case all the way to the high court. jim? >> thank you. despite growing skepticism on both sides of the political aisle, president trump is standing by his accusation tonight that president obama wiretapped him last year. trump told tucker carlson that the word wire attempt covers a lot of things. he said he expects new information to come out in the next couple weeks. but frustration is rising on capitol hill. the gop and democratic leaders of the house intelligence committee say they see no evidence of a wiretap. >> are you going to take tweets literally? if you are, then clearly the president was wrong. >> we'll issue a subpoena to get the information. we'll hold up the deputy attorney general's
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until congress is provided with information to finally clear the air. >> lawmakers are also turning up the heat on filibuster director james comey. they want him to either back up trump's claims or say the president is wrong. we have breaking news tonight in prince george's county where a cond over come splex now a crime scene after police found a dead man in the hallway. of a building on campus south tonight. officers say the imagine was shot to death. they don't know if he lived in the building and of course they have no motive. >> turn back to that forecast now. some roads are still a bit tricky out there. a few school districts are offering on a two-hour delay including fairfax ask loud oun counties. when are we going to warm up and melt some of the ice? >> i think we'll start melting it tomorrow. really, friday into part is we'll start to see that. and probably by saturday, most of
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the big deal is the temperatures. look at the high. 33 in washington, 31 at dulles. that was a record high temperature. the coldest it's ever been at dulles. the recorded temperatures, that only goes to the 60s. but 33, that was right behind the 32 set back in 1932. and by the way, the last time we were this cold was after the super storm of '93. a very similar storm. another frigid morning, frozen through. a milder weekend and yeah, we're still tracking another system. d.c. firefighters made an icy rescue today in rock park. a man and his dog stuck in this bitter cold.
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good evening. >> d.c. fire officials say this man is fortunate to be alive. he got lost with his dog. they were walking out here. his dog takes off running. they were here at rock creek park behind me. someone heard him yelling for help and that's when the firefighters responded. they rescued him in the cold weather. >> it was bitter cold. the temperatures hadn't risen above 20 degrees. >> he described how cold it felt while searching for this man in rock creek park. d.c. firefighters shot this cell phone video in the frigid temperatures. >> it took as you while to pinpoint his location as deep in the park he was. >> he leads special squad 2 in the d.c. fire department. he said the trouble started when the man was walking his dog on a trail about a quarter of a mile from 16th street and colorado avenue this afternoon. the dog took off
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slim. the man started after his dog and they both got stuck. >> i had devise a plan. he was probably two hundred feet down on a 60-degree incline. he was holding on to a tree that was keeping him from sliding further down the hill and into rock creek. >> this is essentially how they were able to rescue the man. they used equipment like i have right here. i have on a harness. they would use this to rescue the man and pull him up. >> it took about an hour to had set up a rope system and rescue the dog and his owner one at a time. there were minor injuries. captain kaufman is proud of his team. he said this is why he joined rescue squad two. >> love what i do. wouldn't want to do anything else. >> always great to hear someone who loves his job. i want to say a lot of people are thanking rescue squad two. good job. for the man, d.c. fire ems fi
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name, his identity. right now he is recovering. >> good job for them and you too. drivers to clear the tops of your cars. that snow that fell monday night is now ice and it's dangerous, flying off. three drivers have already suffered eye injuries from falling ice. the cases were reported on i-95 and the beltway. flying ice can cause drivers to swerve and lead to crashes. >> new at 11:00, you don't hear this often. the driver of a snow plow is accused in a hit and run. the police say they saw william sanchez hit a vehicle in the plow and then he took off. police did catch up with him. they said the plow truck he was driving matched the description of the one that was stolen from fairfax county. sanche i
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charges including hit and run and dui. >> they're in and out in just seconds. now more guns could be winding up on our streets after three smash and grab robberies at gun stores in the last week. it has happened in maryland and virginia. most recently yesterday in fredericksburg. federal agents are trying to figure out if they're all related. >> fast and precise. but unable to defeat the the security gate of the gun store. it happened early yesterday morning in fredericksburg, virginia. another security camera shows the burglars' u-haul pulling up to the gun store. >> no more than 90 sxekds then proceeded to run it back into the u-haul vehicle, which then exited the parking lot. >> the spotsylvania county sheriff's office now confirms a break-in at ash tactical firearms. the burgls
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no guns. the crime comes just a week after montgomery the police released these images. 30 womens were taken. these are security camera pictures from a burg clear just last weekend at 50 west gun store in virginia that netted 35 guns. each of these cases, the suspects were in and out in seconds. police from all the law enforcement agencies involved are looking into connections. >> very similar incidents in the region and we are working with local law enforcement agencies as well as atf to identify any suspects. >> the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms predicted there would be a significant increase in gun store robberies last year, but they did not say why. >> an ultimatum today, pass his version of a
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leave or else. the republican governor is in a battle the democratic controlled general assembly. plans from the democrats would require businesses with 15 or more employees to provide paid sick leave. governor hogan's plan would raise it to 50 employees. >> either of these reaches my desk, they are dead on arrival. i will veto them immediately. >> he also called out lawmakers for not acting on his legislative agenda. the governor wants a commitment to keep the marriott hotel headquarters in bethesda. he wants action on a state education fund, ethics reform and redistricting reform. police and protesters greeted attorney general jeff sessions at richmond today. he was there to push a new tough on crime agenda. he said more needs to be done to di
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violence. >> to reduce crime in american, not preside over an increase in crime but to reduce crime. isn't that a good goal? >> protesters outside demanded sessions resign over his failure to tell the senate he met with russia's ambassador during presidential campaign. sessions told reporters today that he never considered the meeting improper, and that he didn't discuss politics or the campaign. >> next at 11:00 -- who needs a panda cam when you have eaglets hatching. one is already here and another is on the way and you can help name them. a cool story. plus, protesters protesting in washington. the big cuts expected to be announced tomorrow in the white house. >> we know they're damaged. we'll have to wait to find out how bad this cold has
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markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence. imagine you're a plane listening to music trying to get some sleep when all of a sudden your head phones explode. it happened to a woman in mid air putting her and her entire plane at risk. the images of her burned face and hands are making headlines all over the world tonight. the unidentified woman was going from china to australia yesterday when the batteries in her head phones caught fire. lithium ion bat become a global safety concern. they suggested that may be what caused the explosion. a researcher explained the danger. >> they all have a flammable solution inside of them. a sol vent that will burn if it
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internal failure of some sort. >> no one else on that flight was hurt. it has caused the recall of hover boards and galaxy note cell phones. attacking government officials for that massive attack on yahoo!. it was one of the largest data hacks ever. it targets white house diplomats, russian journalists. the u.s. asked the russians to arrest the hackers. that's not likely. this hack has no connection to the long running investigation of russia's attempts on influence our presidential election. well, it is the price we pay for a growing economy. the fed confirmed what we knew was coming. ly raise interest rates a quarter point affecting auto loans. it could have the most immediate impact on your credit card
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>> we need economy off this immediate single of low interest rates. what that means for borrowers, that cost is going up. >> the average 200,000 home loan will go up about $3 via year. a group of environmental protection agency workers say they fear the future under their new leadership. soer workers staged a protest in d.c. that came just hours before the epa announced it was reviewing the obama administration's vehicle emission rules. the epa is also among the federal agencies expected to face huge cuts under the white house new budget proposal. i could cost as many as 3,000 jobs. the specifics of that proposal are expected tomorrow. hey, we're watching the eagle cam at the d.c. police academy for you tonight. the second egg cracked which means another eaglet will hatch within the next 24
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hatched around 1:00 this afternoon. its parents, liberty and justice have been living in this oak tree for more than a decade now. you can find a link to it on our website. you can also help pick a name for the new eaglets. >> that was a very frozen fish. well, the bitter blast of cold air caused widespread damage to our beloved cherry blossoms around the park basin. >> the park service says about half those trees were in the puffy white stage of blooming. the french i had overnight temperatures have damaged many of them. this is the first time in the 105-year history of these trees that they will not reach their peak bloom. we'll know in the next 24 hours if some of those buds in the early stages of growth might still
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what do you think? >> well, it will be tough. tonight it will be just about as cold as last night. we did get to 22 and the key threshold is 24. tonight i'm going 23. it is very close. the good news, there are other times of cherry trees. what's the other one? >> there's another type that will bloom in april. so it will still be nice in the tida basin. all right. let's look outside. >> look at us right now. >> i think he said stop talking. 39 degrees. winds out of northwest at 21 miles an hour. the windchills, man, they have been a factor all afternoon. look at the wind gusts. upwards of 30 miles an hour, martinsburg near 30. the winds still
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miles an hour in some locations in virginia. 58 miles an hour earlier. and this is what you get when you add in the sustained winds. the winds normally coming through. that's 18 in leesburg. an incredibly cold night tonight. just know that the extreme cold right through friday morning. tomorrow it will be another extremely cold day for this time of year. hats, gloves, coats, lots of slick spots. give yourself plenty of extra time. on the radar, nothing to show. yes, we saw snow showers, flurries during the day. we won't see that again tomorrow. this was all courtesy of our big area of low pressure. you can still see the spin. look at it way up here. that's just drawing in this cold air straight out of canada. that's why we are seeing the coldest day since the super storm of 19 people in. that was a monster blizzard that moves right up the coast. the temperatures for today. march 15th.
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as far as high temperatures go, look at this. look how cold across the nation. men yamasaki was 32. that was our high today. we had 33. even parts of florida, middle florida, just to the north of orlando. now under freeze warnings overnight. that's the cold air making its way to florida. as far as what we can see tomorrow morning. look at the windchill. the windchills around 10 degrees. between 5 and 15. just know that when you step out. even tomorrow, the windchills staying in the 20s. an streelly cold day. we do start to warm. 30 by noon. by 4:00, the us about stop forecast. look at saturday. 59 degrees. it looks a little better. some areas to the south will hit 60. we'll see a couple of showers during the day but not much. most of the day looks dry. sunday, breezy and cooler. the high temperatures in the 40s. at
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the next ten days for the middle portion of march. >> just like i think i said. you were right. >> coming up, a painful night. the wizards back home after a long stretch. >> announcer: while everyone discusses the future of health care, 18 million americans are already choosing it.... with medicare advantage: a proven public-private partnership, where health outcomes are valued over volume. where early intervention and management
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usually, the wizards. there's no place for this team of they have one of the best records at home in the league. they only lost two this
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year. and they're happy to be back on their home court but tonight was not the return they're hoping for. bradley beal and the wizards holding on. holding to the third spot in the eastern conference. first quarter, hold. on bradley beal had 12 points in the first quarter. the wizards are up 7. second quarter, not something you want to see. here's where john wall goes down. he goes down awkwardly, writhing in painful he sprains his left foot but he would return. he's just fine. third quarter showing everyone it's all good. he finishes on the other end. now it will be the league's three-point sharpshooter in the auto zone. d.c. up 12. the largest lead of the night. but dallas, dominant in the fourth quarter. outscored the wizards, 39-27 in the final minute of the game. the mavericks take this 112-107.
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wizards game. richmond virginia player walker got a surprise. she sneaks up to give her the trophy for the gatorade girls become player of the year. she is coming off her third straight title. >> you don't have any plans this weekend. i hear there's some college basketball going on. the ncaa tournament in full swing tomorrow. they're not facing each other tomorrow. both in orlando and on the eve of the big dance. they are two teams with two different approaches. one is all about having fun. the other is all business. >> high five for high expectations. they're not dancing. >> this is another game. >> trying to tate for granted. just trying enjoy the moment and do what we can to win. >> married keeping it loose
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session on the court. >> he wants us to have fun down here. just being all basketball all day. >> virginia getting a game day feel and showing they don't miss much. >> it is winner go home. it is an opportunity for a lot of people. >> uva is making their fourth straight tournament experience. maryland, it is their third in a row. neighbors would like nothing better than to meet up in the final four. news4 sports. >> thanks. uva squad tips off against unc wilmington at 12:40. finally, some scores for you. george mason because the to loyola 73-58. george washington beats toledo. the colonial there's get either the univeity of chicarsgo
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