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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 21, 2017 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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tonight, banned on board. tablets and laptops banned on the cabin. new intelligence pushing the u.s. and britain to ban anything bigger than a smartphone. the president's personal appeal to republicans fall short and tonight the gop healthcare plan is on life support. can it be saved less than 48 hours until the vote? trump supreme court nominee faces an intense barrage from democrats. police shooting tragedy. officers charged with murder after opening fire on a car killing a 6-year-old boy with autism. grocery store wars. for the first time in decades supermarket prices are going down. how consumers are saving. birthday surprise
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for a big crush on a mega movie star. "nightly news" begins right now. good evening. we learn more today about what's behind those surprise restrictions on passenger electronics on some airline flights. as a major u.s. ally impose its on tighter rules today. american security officials are temporarily banning passengers from bringing devices larger than a smartphone in the cabins of planes traveling to the u.s. from parts of middle east and africa. we learn today it's not in response to a specific threat, but is based on some recent intelligence. how concerned should the traveling public be? miguel almaguer has details. >> reporter: the new security measure affects some 50 u.s. bound flight
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and in most carry on electronic devices after elevated intelligence indicating terror groups continue to target planes, smuggling explosive devices in various consumer items. the ban involves ten airlines in mostly muslim countries in the middle east and africa with direct flights to the u.s. nine overseas airlines will no longer allow passengers to carry on devices larger than a smartphone. laptops, tablets and cameras will now need to be checked. >> you almost never see warning this specific about specific airlines, specific cities and specific devices. it means, to me, the intelligence is very detailed and very concrete. >> reporter: u.s. counterterrorism officials say new intelligence, but not
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a specific threat, is the reason for the change. airlines given four days to implement the new rules. >> the four days is not enough for the bad guys to really develop and build devices. it's enough time for the local authorities and for the airlines to get organized. >> reporter: u.s. officials point to past attempts to hide explosives in shoes, underwear and a laptop. today the uk followed suit announcing a similar ban. for some passengers a major inconvenience. >> if they don't have it, they'll go wild in the flight especially 13-hour flight. >> reporter: tonight new security measures are taking flight changing how some fly into the u.s. to keep the homeland safe. tonight there is no indication how long this temporary ban will remain into effect like countries like canada decide if they will impose these new restrictions. as for safety concerns, experts say all these electronics, many of them with lithium ion batteries being checked into the
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significant threat in the belly of the aircraft. lester. >> thank you. one of president trump's major campaign promises is in major trouble. the gop's repeal and replace of obamacare, something they vowed to do for years, is facing stiff internal resistance in spite a personal appeal from the president. with two days until the vote, republicans are still short of the vote needed for passage. hallie jackson has details. >> reporter: the art of this deal is more about the math and tonight it doesn't add up for the president as much as he might want it to. >> we had a great meeting. i think it will get a winner vote. >> reporter: even after he and his team stormed capitol hill, our analysis shows 27 house republicans oppose it or lean no. at least six of them would have to flip otherwise the bill will fail. a quick death for something republicans spent seven years promising to do. >> thursday is our
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>> reporter: that's why with just 48 hours left, the president's working the room with a warning. not backing the bill could infuriate voters costing lawmakers their jobs. >> is that an implied threat? >> i think it's a political reality. >> reporter: republican congressman mark meadows understands the risk of rejecting it. >> it's a temporary job. i've known that from day one. >> reporter: leaders scramble to make changes overnight. in kentucky, a state donald trump won easily, aaron louis relies on medicaid. >> there's people like me who work full-time. we work hard but can't afford insurance. this program covers us. >> reporter: it gives help to seniors but that's not guaranteed. if the bill passes, a critical victory for a president who wants to win. if not, a stinging slap that could cripple his agenda. >> president trump was
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does best and that is to close the deal. he's all in and we are all in to end this obamacare nightmare. >> reporter: the president will need every tool he has to pass his biggest political test in this administration so far. the strategy for now, a mix of sweet talk and tough talk to try to prove he can be the negotiator in chief, on with a long memory and a lot on the line. lester. thank you. on this very busy day there in washington, the president's nominee for the supreme court, neil gorsuch came under intense questioning at his confirmation hearing and he's proving tough for democrats to rattle. our justice correspondent pete williams has details on that. >> reporter: judge neil gorsuch said he never promised trump or anyone else involved in selecting him that he would vote a certain way on the hot button issue of abortion even though donald trump made
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a point in his campaign. >> i'm pro-life. i will be appointing pro-life judges. >> reporter: he met mr. trump when interviewed for the job. >> did he ever ask you to overrule roe v wade? >> no. >> what would you have done? >> i would have walked out the door. >> reporter: he decline tod to say what he would do if confirmed and it reached the court. >> republican congressman recently said the best thing the president can do for his muslim ban is to make sure he has gorsuch on the supreme court. >> a lot of people say a lot of silly things. he has no idea how i'd rule. >> reporter: though the questions were pointed, even the democrats find it hard to dislike neil gorsuch personally who remained unruffled and confidence. >> neil gorsuch represents a co
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judge who has the vision of donald trump. >> what do you think mr. priebus was talking about? >> he doesn't speak for me, and i don't speak for him. i'm a judge. i'm my own man. >> reporter: as tonight to comment on president trump's criticism of federal judges, gorsuch said he finds it disheartening and demoralizing when anyone attacks the honesty and integrity of judges including the president he was asked,nd he said anyone is anyone. lester. thank you, pete. turning to new shock waves from fbi director james comey's bombshells before congress after he revealed the fbi is investigating links between trump associates and russia. and said the fbi has no information supporting the president's wiretap claims. there's fresh fears inside the gop it could overshadow their agenda. peter alexander with that story. >> reporter: after the
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the fall out. president trump ignoring pointed questions on capitol hill. >> you're under an fbi investigation. >> reporter: even republicans acknowledge the damage that the investigation into the trump campaign possible ties to russia, and unfounded tweets about wiretaps could side track the president's agenda. >> he has a strong case to make but self-inflicted wounds get in the way of republicans trying to do their job. >> reporter: skeptical republicans could back away from the president as he's trying to secure his first legislative win on health care and overshadow the potential confirmation of his supreme court pick. >> there's such suspicion on the part of republicans this opens to widespread criticism of the president on other issues. >> reporter: the president's credibility now in question. the irony while republicans blasted hillary clinton as the fbi revealed e-mails we know trump was the subject of counterintelligence. t
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investigation and this continued narrative that falsely tries to link the trump, the president or the white house into any of it. >> reporter: as the president revels in enthusiastic crowds. >> this place is packed. >> reporter: across the country a political divide. >> i don't trust what he says about russia. >> i have guarded optimism. i'm a republican. >> reporter: a new test for the president's credibility now in question. peter alexander, nbc news, the white house. we turn to a chilling new threat of possible u.s. military action over north korea's nuclear program. tillerson tonight also under fire for his surprising decision to skip a key meeting with european leaders. we get more from andrea mitchell. >> reporter: tonight, north korea warning of
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a pre-exemptive strike from its accelerated nuclear program. on top of a fiery north korean propaganda video portraying their troops blowing up the uss carl vincent. the aircraft carrier on military exercises with south korea. a new response to rex tillerson's tough talk. >> can you say whether you think that's a dangerous escalation? >> no comment. >> reporter: just back from asia now walking into a diplomatic fire storm at home after his surprise decision to go to russia but skip his first nato summit. the military alliance created to defend the west against russia. a snub nato secretary general is sidestepping diplomatically, but experts say will be most welcome by vladmir putin. >> do you want your first trip to europe to be moscow and not to the nato alliance? i think that's a bad message. >> reporter: tillerson was playing damage
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[000:11:58;00] he has insulted nato's most important allies. germany's angela merkel on friday and the british intelligance for wiretapping trump tower and now this. >> there's no substitute to going to brussels to having all the ministers around the table because it's the most powerful and considered the others to be the leader of the group. >> reporter: tillerson meets here tomorrow with nato ministers on a u.s. strategy against isis. that's not likely to take away the sting that european leaders fell from the snub they see against a historic western alliance. lester. thank you. some 11 million people are under threat of severe weather this evening throughout parts of the
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southeast. storms are expected to sweep through packing [000:12:58;00] winds with the risk of hail and isolated tornadoes and the severe threat continues throughout the evening from missouri to south carolina. in a louisiana courtroom today emotional testimony in the trial of an officer charged in the shooting death of a 6-year-old boy with autism. taking the stand, the boy's father who was accused of leading police on a chase before they opened fire in his car with his son inside. jacob has late details. >> reporter: poised body camera footage captured the shooting and the moment officers realize there was a boy in the car. 6-year-old jeremy who is autistic died in the front seat shot four times. his father, chris, was critically wounded. speaking publicly he told the juror officers gave no warning before they opened fire. i had my hands in the air he testified.
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i put my hands out the window. they kept shooting. several witnesses also told the jury he had his hands up, appears to confirm. officer derek stafford said he and his partner acted in self-defense after a two-mile pursuit. >> he negligently and intentionally reversed his vehicle in an attempt to hit the officers. >> reporter: he admitted to drinking that night but told the juror he would never hit an officer and wanted to get his son to a caretaker. the prosecution argues nothing he did that night justified the deadly response. >> derek stafford is on trial. it's a shame they want to put the victim on trial. >> reporter: officer greenhouse will be tried separately and have pleaded not guilty. the trial continues on wednesday. nbc news. still ahead, grocery store wars. why prices are dropping at the supermarket for the first time in five decades. how much can you and your family save? also the dramatic
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remember, that's charmin in there... no wasteful wadding! we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin. 20th century 21st century battle that's bringing down prices at the supermarket for the first time in 50 years. all that competition is proving to be a good thing for consumers. we see how people are saving money. >> reporter: going
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grocery shopping has never been much fun. >> trying to get all the kids into the car, going to the store and >> reporter: the good news is you're paying less when you get there. supermarket prices dropped 1.3% last year. the first decline since 1967. the federal government says prices on many items are falling. ground beef was $3.96 last year. now $3.56. cheddar cheese 5.37, now $4.97 egg prices at costco have plunged. eggs was $3.61. now just 1.79. why? new aggressive online competition from amazon fresh, walmart and boxed offering the convenience of shopping from home, sometimes free delivery and often at a lower price. boxed is offering the bulk prices of costco
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but online. >> we felt like there was another need whether you're that busy mom that just doesn't have the time if you're a city dweller and don't have a car. >> portion wise it's much cheaper, and i can save time. >> reporter: to compete, costco announced a new service to deliver your groceries for $99 a year. what's good for the customer is tough on traditional grocers. >> we're going to see more price wars than ever before. that means smaller margins for the supermarket. >> reporter: if lower prices aren't enough to get you to come in and shop, some grocery stores are rolling out curb side pick up. others are hoping the look, smell and feel will get you coming back for more. nbc, los angeles. we're back in a
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we're back now with an incredible rescue caught on police dash cam. it began with a high michigan trooper pursuing a suspect. a struggle begins. the suspect's brother even pulling up to join in and just when it appeared the suspect was going for the trooper's gun, a pair of good samaritans rushed in to save the day. the suspects face multiple charges. have americans fallen out of love with the tablet? apple announced a new ipad with a cheaper price tag, $329. no big press event, just a press release and experts saying the cheaper model is their way of trying to jump start ipad sales that have fallen off in the last couple of years. labrador retrievers are still the king and queen of the dog house. they are the most
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for your health for years to come. finally, a very special birthday presenom stars to one of his biggest fans. it was her fondest wish, but she still got quite a surprise when it came true. >> reporter: george clooney, mega star, leading man. >> you fascinate me. >> reporter: and for 87-year-old pat adams, big time crush. >> he's a charming man, isn't he? he's a good looking man too. >> reporter: his picture sits by her bed. >> i wake up and there's george smiling at me. >> reporter: her dream, to see him in the flesh. when the staff at her retirement home asked for wishes, pat wished upon a star for a star. on sunday, her wish came true. flowers hand delivered by george clooney. >> the real george clooney. >> the real george clooney.
7:28 pm
i thought this must be a dream. >> reporter: george clooney and wife amal live down the road. him to show up announced. >> someone said george clooney is here. i said you must be pulling my leg. he put his arm around, and i said this gets better by the minute. >> reporter: on pat's birthday card. >> it says, pat i thought you'd like some flowers, with love, george. i thought, oh, the flowers aren't going to last forever but the card will. >> reporter: the visit, 15 minutes that she'll never forget. >> he was absolutely charming, and he can call again any time. >> reporter: and george, if you're listening. >> what would you like for your birthday next year? >> george clooney again. >> reporter: nbc news, london. >> she's adorable and he's a nice guy. that's going to do it for us on this tuesday
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night. i'm lester holt. for all of us here on nbc news, thank you night. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in cutomer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month, for the first year with a two-year agreement.
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it's the only internet with equal upload and download speeds. cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of the download speeds. >> you guys -- you don't care about the mirror ball trophy. you just want to leave with sharna, huh?


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