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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 26, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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i'm scott mcfarland. another white house fence jumping. the secret service coming up what's going to change at the white house, and what is not? our report in minutes. and right now i'm tracking rain, fog, and drizzle. how long this will stick
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slow that commute in my forecast. i'm darcy spencer in landover. a 15-year-old boy gunned down right here in the street. tonight his family's desperate plea for answers. >> announcer: news4 at 11:00 starts now. a white house fence jumper arrested. a suspect arrested near lafayette park. and today a fence jumper arrested at the treasury building next to the white house. the secret service says one woman is responsible for all three. this morning's arrest means the woman has been busted three times in less than a week. news4 i-team's scott mcfarland joining us now. >> her name is marci wahl. she's 38 years old, and a court official tells me she'll be in a courtroom in d.c. tomorrow to face another charge, accused of once again breaching security at the white house. the secret service says marci wahl was
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and a backpack when she scaled the security fence near the treasury building and was taken into custody. according to their arrest reports, they've been seeing a lot of her this week. they arrested wahl this tuesday when they say they found her dangling from the fence after scaling it. a day later she pleaded not guilty, and a judge ordered her to stay away from the white house. according to court records, yesterday she was found there again and charged with contempt for violating the stay-away order. she pleaded not guilty to that crime, and the judge ordered her to stay away again. about 12 hours later, the secret service arrested wahl for the third time. her court appearance set for tomorrow. her series of alleged fence jumpings was just the latest in a longer and growing series of recent fence jumpings. a congressional committee is trying to investigate why. >> the people at the white house that are working to protect the president and the first family have got to be on guard 24 hours. >> reporter: investigators say jonathan tran of california made it over the fence and was on the white house grounds, including the south lawn, for 16 minutes before he was
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he's free from custody and with his family until trial. joe caputo admitted jumping on thanksgiving day 2015, and he was just spared prison time. one former secret service officer tells news4 the release of these accused jumpers sends a bad message that it's somehow okay. both the secret service and the national park service have made public plans to change this white house fence, to raise it higher, to raise the base higher too, to make it more difficult to climb. we checked with those agencies in recent days. neither have changed those plans despite the quick succession of recent fence jumper, and neither has announced a timetable to actually get the work done. as for today's accused early morning fence climber, the secret service checked her bag and found no hazards, no weapons. visitors outside the grounds late tonight saw a secret service vehicle and officers all along pennsylvania avenue. marci wahl is in court tomorrow. erika, there have been so many fence
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congress now intervening too. >> we appreciate you being with us here on a sunday night at 11:00. thank you, sir. >> announcer: and now your storm team4 forecast. >> it was a dreary and chilly days. temperatures 30 degrees cooler than yesterday. right now i'm tracking rain, drizzle and fog on storm team4 radar. take a look at these lieght showers in parts of district, montgomery, prince william county down through stafford county will continue to have drizzle, and i wouldn't be surprised if the national service issues a dense fog advisory tomorrow morning. i think that advisory would be until about 9:00 a.m. take a look at your morning planner. 7:00 a.m., wet roads and some thick fog i think will lead to a slow commute if you do leave early. if you can hold off to 9:00 a.m. when we start to dry out. after that, hazy sunshine and our temperatures soar. by the
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just how warm we get tomorrow and timing out rain chances for the afternoon comes up at about 11:18. >> we'll see you then. meanwhile a 15-year-old boy shot and killed near his landover home. tonight dennis taylor's killer still out there. we brought you the shooting as breaking news last night at 11:00. news4's darcy spencer tonight joins us live from the police department. darcy. >> reporter: erika, this teenager leaves behind parents, grandparents, brothers, and sisters, and all of them tonight are trying to make sense of this tragedy. >> this is real awful. they took my little brother from me. >> reporter: teddy bears and balloons placed where a 15-year-old boy was shot and killed just down the street from his landover home saturday night. brianna gather is his sister. >> my brother was everything, put a smile on everybody's face. >> reporter: he was dennis
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middle school student and friend to many here on columbia place. his nickname, lil chick. linda taylor is his grandmother. >> he was wonderful, fun, nice smile on your face. >> reporter: the shooting happened about 9:40. the shooter and motive are still unknown. >> how are you going to kill a little boy? i grew up with him. that's messed up. >> reporter: neighbors like beau and his sister, a registered nurse, desperately tried to help by calling 911 and performing cpr. >> he was bleeding heavily and, you know, soon after my sister came out and started on chest compressions and mouth to mouth. >> reporter: family and friends want to know why it happened and who pulled the trigger. >> i just want justice. i want to know why you did it and for what reason why. just why? >> reporter: now, police are telling us that this crime does not appear to be random. they did recover a gun at t
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for information in this case. erika, back to you. >> darcy spencer, thank you. meanwhile, president donald trump ready to work with democrats to get his legislative agenda passed. white house chief of staff reince priebus delivered that message today. the chief of staff also went after the gop. he scolded conservative republicans and said trump was disappointed and felt they were disloyal to him during the battle for the failed health care bill. senate minority leader chuck schumer ready to work with republicans but on one condition. schumer told abc this week that democrats will compromise with the gop on improving the health care system if republicans agree to stop trying to repeal the affordable care act. but democrats won't be happy with trump's ideas on global warming. e.p.a. chief scott pruitt said trump will undo an obama regulation that restricts greenhouse gas emissions at coal fired power plants. pruitt told this week that the goal is to bring back coal
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♪ so it started as a peaceful pro-donald trump rally in omaha today but things quickly became tense when a menacing group of mostly masked men disrupted the rally. they carried anti-fascism signs and burned flags. there was some pushing and shoving between the two groups before police got things under control. they arrested eight people at that event. one candidate appears to be leading the pack in the gop virginia governor's race. former rnc chairman ed gillespie won a straw poll in fairfax county. gillespie took 56% of the vote yesterday, outpacing state senator frank wagner and prince william county board chairman cory stewart. the fairfax gop chairman said no candidate has been elected governor in more than 30 years without carrying the county. this contest is expected to be a referendum on the trump presidency. religious and community leadersor
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respond to hate in northern virginia. fairfax county is seeing an increase in hate crimes. the police chief says there were 23 more incidents last year than in 2015. some of them happening near schools. tonight a county schools official said administrators are teaching students to stand up for anybody who is being targeted. >> we're trying to teach the youth that as friends we have real responsibilities to each other to speak up and to do something. >> attorney general mark herring also was at that event and spoke this evening. he said equality and inclusiveness were virginia principles that he intends to protect. a 19-year-old woman from virginia has died, and a 17-year-old has been charged with her murder. front royal investigators say they first went to kerfoot avenue near randolph-macon academy last night because somebody reported a possible hit-and-run. police say the young woman's injuries weren't the kind that you'd get from an accident. they say it looks like there was some kind of a
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street. leah marie adams died on the way to the hospital. she was from front royal. the story about missing teens in the district it still one of the top stories in the nbc washington app tonight. an inaccurate viral post last week claimed that 14 girls had gone missing in the district in one day, sparking national attention. this all started after d.c. police shared over two dozen missing persons flyers on twitter that week. most of the girls have been found. d.c. mayor muriel bowser set the record straight about what's really going on here. >> we don't have an epidemic of people being kidnapped or snatched on our streets but we do have a lot of vulnerable families where children leave home. what we're saying is if they're out without the care of an adult guardian or a responsible adult, they're in danger, and we need them to come home. >> we are sorting facts from rumor on the nbc washington ap
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how you can help find these missing children. you can open the app and search the key word "missing." next on news4, a shoot-out sparking chaos inside a nightclub. people were running for their lives, and tonight the killer is on the loose. think you're getting a tax refund soon? you may want to think again. why people in virginia may have to wait a little longer. and the fashion police are out in full force after united airlines made a very controversial dress code decision. i'll tell you more about it next. the redskins team president tries to clear the air. tonight on "sports final," for the first time he explains the timing and reasons behind firing general manager scott mccloughan. capitals and wizards owner on the format and feedback from fans. plus all the excitement from the final four locker rooms as march madness pares down to its final four. all that and moreig
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you've probably seen this story on your facebook feed this afternoon. a united employee wouldn't let two girls on their flight because they were wearing leggings. model chrissy teigen tweeted, i have flown united before with literally no pants on, just the top of the dress. next time i will wear only je jeans. a sense of sarcasm there. united tweets these girls were past riders, meaning they were friends or relatives of a united employee and that they must follow a dress code because of that. some people unsure where the controversy lies, like sherman for instance. why is everybody
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an employee pass, at least have the conscience to follow the dress code. that's one. still other twitter users felt united stumbled a little bit. take for instance this tweet from darryl. united airlines desperately needs new p.r. they couldn't have handled leggings gate much worse. it was nearly seven hours before united tweeted to customers that they were welcome to wear their leggings on board united flights. you could learn more about the pass travel privilege here. the airline did get a little bit of sympathy from jason and a few others from you. this one from jason. i bet you're glad you don't run the united twitter account today. #leggings gate. a third girl was allowed on the flight because she had extra clothes to put on but decided to stay back at the denver international airport with the others that weren't allowed on. severe weather ripping through the midwest and south tonight,
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storm. a viewer in a dallas suburb shot this video today. last night we told you the area was gearing up for more storms, and today they got them. the system could bring tornadoes, but storm team4 meteorologist amelia draper says the primary threat will be more hail and damaging winds. a shoot-out inside a crowded nightclub leaves one person dead and more than a dozen hurt. now police in cincinnati are asking for witnesses to help them find the shooter. as nbc's dan scheneman reports, that nightclub has a history of gun violence. >> reporter: a night of fun turned into a night of violence at cincinnati's cameo nightclub. >> several local men got into some type of dispute inside the bar, and it escalated into shots being fired from several individuals. as a result, there were 16 people t
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injuries. >> reporter: authorities say 27-year-old obryan spikes was killed. police say the club has a history of problems. the club's owner insists he had plenty of security. >> we work hand in hand with cincinnati police. we keep, you know, four to five detail officers every time we open the club. 15 to 20 security personnel on the inside of the club. a camera system. we try to make sure we have everything in place to make sure, you know, things like this don't occur. >> reporter: so far, no arrests have been made. the mayor has called for prayer. >> this is going to be a long process for us to solve this crime -- crimes, plural, and to heal as a community. >> reporter: while authorities search for the shooters, the victims try to recover. dan scheneman, nbc news. in downtown d.c., protests today over israeli settlements in east jerusalem and the west bank. hundreds of people walked towards the verizon center. the annual apac con
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the pro-israel group lobbies both congress and the executive branch. vice president mike pence addressed attendees tonight. protesters say they're against policies they call pro-israel at all costs. thousands of taxpayers in virginia may have to wait a little longer for their tax refunds. that's so state officials can work to fight against tax refund fraud. according to the "richmond times dispatch," just over 100,000 people will get a letter in the mail asking for them to verify their identities. the extra paperwork is going to help ensure the refunds go to the right people. a spokesperson for the taxation department says they caught more than $60 million in fraudulent returns in 2015. ♪ somber event today to mark 35 years since construction began on the vietnam veterans memorial. the wall, as it's come to be known, as once controversial.
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wasn't right for the location or its subject. now it's one of the national mall's most visited sites. >> no one really anticipated people would leave things at the memorial when the memorial design was unveiled. but, of course, over the last 35 years, items have been left. >> there are more than 58,000 names etched into the wall to honor the service men and women who died in the conflict or whose deaths are attributed to the war. >> announcer: and now your storm team4 forecast. on storm team4 radar, i'm tracking light showers across the area. we're not seeing some light rain, well, we're seeing drizzle and fog right now not an issue, but i think it's going to be a pretty big issue tomorrow morning. take a look here at 4:00 a.m. this is the visibility. where you're seeing a zero, that's not good. that's going to be thick fog in areas like gaithersburg and frederick.
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a.m., thick fog in areas like annapolis, washington, up around baltimore and manassas as well. i would not be surprised in the national weather service issues a dense fog advisory overnight, and that would go until about 8:00, 9:00 a.m. once we get past 8:00 a.m., we start to see any fog lift across the area and break up. then after that, temperatures really soar tomorrow. the morning is going to be completely different from the afternoon. currently we're in the mid-to-upper 40s. 47 in washington and 46 in leesburg. this is still what we're dealing with in the morning hours. it's damp. it's dreary. it's chilly out there. we're dealing with fog and some showers, wet roads as well, potentially slowing down that commute. but once we start to hit 9:00, 10:00 a.m., we see improvements. by lunch time some hazy sunshine starting to develop. look at this. near 70 degrees by tomorrow at noon. a high temperature tomorrow of 76, but unfortunately as we warm, i can't rule out some isolated showers between about 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. but the midday and afternoon hours
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hours tomorrow looking really nice. gorgeous at 7:00. 72 degrees. perfect night to have dinner outside. if you don't have plans for tomorrow night, just plan on taking an extra long walk with the dog. it's going to be really nice and comfortable. but, again, that morning commute could potentially be slow based on the weather. of course chuck and sheena will be in updating the forecast. lunch and recess, though, it's nice. and exercise, as long as you have the nbc washington app and you check the radar, it's nearly perfect to go for a run later in the day tomorrow. 5:00 a.m., though, notice these showers across the area, especially north and west of town in parts of loudoun, fair fox, montgomery and frederick counties, 8:00 a.m., potentially some light rain moving through washington. then look at 9:00, 10:00 a.m., we really are starting to see that drying trend, a mix of clouds and sun. here are the isolated shower chances i was talking about around 3:00 p.m. after that, the sun is out, and it's just gorgeous outside. on tuesday, we start out dry, and then some scattered showers, maybe an
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front. tuesday, 75. after that, we do start to cool down. wednesday, mid-60s, breezy, but plenty of sun on wednesday. cooler on thursday, only near 60. cool on friday, erika, with a chance for some showers. then next weekend, never too soon to think about it, right? low to mid-60s and partly sunny skies. looking pretty nice next weekend. >> spring is making its presence known. thank you, ma'am. still ahead, the final four is set. carol's up next to tell us just how you can't predict the market. how but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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[car[clicking of ignition]rt] uh-- wha-- woof! eeh-- woof! wuh-- [silence] [engine roars to life] [dog howls] ♪ dramatic opera music swells from radio ♪ [howling continues]
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the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. boy, the march madness is just making -- >> people mad. >> yes. the fieftiness comes out in everything. my husband yelling at the screen today. >> so many unexpected things. i can't tell you how well your bracket is doing. i don't even remember now, it's been so lo
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by coaches still alive, and roy williams has all nine of them. >> really? >> north carolina, of course, the favorite now to win it all. tar heels are the only regular heading to phoenix for the final four. it comes after one of the most thrilling games in tournament history. a nail biter down in memphis. tar heels hosting kentucky. final seconds of the game. kentucky down three. monk is hoping to be the hero, and he is. huge three there. no time-outs. people are freaking out. long two. luke may, he hits it with under a second left on the clock. clutch shot for may. north carolina heading to the final four, and they win it 75-73. frank martin and seventh seeded south carolina continuing their improbable tournament run, taking on florida in
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eight. second half, late, s.c. up two off gators turnover. defense closes in. you see the jumper. 12 points for the freshman. south carolina up four late. final seconds. last chance florida. but the gamecocks force another turnover. dwayne notice putting the world on notice. south carolina is heading to their first final four. they beat florida 77-70. the final four is set. is this how your bracket looks? yeah, me neither. but the final four will have north carolina taking on the oregon ducks, while south carolina's magic run continues against gonzaga. first final four trips for south carolina and gonzaga, while oregon will play in their first since 1939. north carolina making back-to-back finals. florida sun for just a few more days. the nationals taking on their complex companions, the astros. gonzalezn
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nats up 1-0. kiss that one good-bye. deep left center. gone. solo shot ties the game up at one. in the fourth, more problems for g.o., allowing two more runs. deep to left with a man on, and that one is gone two. five strikeouts, five runs allowed and five innings for g.o. nats fall. 5-1 the final. now to california for the auto club 400. eight laps to go under caution. kyle larson, denny hamlin and martin truex jr. the top three. last second, hamlin and true ex. a gutsy move by them and it did not pay off. there's a lesson, always stop for gas when you can. larson ands had fresh car passes hamlin. then with two laps to go, it's true exjr. right on
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bumper. but the 78 car doesn't have enough to get by larson. kyle larson will take the checkered at fontana. three straight second-place finishes. not today. kyle larson, congratulations. coming up in "sports final," we're going to hear from ted leonsis who says in the last six weeks he's been called the worst and the best owner in the world. which one ds heoe
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appreciate you joining us. "sports final" is coming up next.
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right now on "sports final." >> we need clarity and for our scouts to continue the good work they were doing. >> the redskins' president explains the dismissal of scott mccloughan. i want to take my uniform off. >> how the end of these college careers toughened the terps. >> it was a progression. i've heard in the last six weeks that i am the worst owner on earth, and i am the best owner. >> fanning the flames of the fans. ted leonsis on critics and


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