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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  March 27, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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information we'll bring it to you on air and online. >> thank you. today a woman the secret service has said has been busted for jumping fences at the white house will be in court three times in one week. the big question is whether the court will keep her in jail she scaled the fence at the treasury department. >> wall was arrested tuesday dangling from the white house fence. a day later she pleaded not guilty and the judge ordered her to stay away from the white house. wall was re-arrested friday after they saw her near the park. during her saturday court appearance she was ordered to stay away. 12 hours later the secret service arrested wall near the treasury building. she'll make her third court appearance today. president trump's son-in-law is getting a new role. you can expect to see this story trending on twitter. jared kushner will lead a new office
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streamlining and overhauling the federal government. the senate judiciary committee is set to vote on judge neil gorsuch's hearing. news 4's tracie potts will be live on capitol hill with more on what we can expect on judge gorsuch's nomination. prince george's county, investigating a death just behind ikea. outside the camden college park apartments that are in the same plaza. police say one man was found dead on the scene and another found nearby with a head injury. now police are also investigating a shooting in laurel that left a man dead there. another case in prince george's county involves a teenager who two neighbors desperately tried to save. the 15-year-old was shot right
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landover. >> he was bleeding heavily and, you know, soon after myself and my sister came out and started doing chest compressions and mouth to mouth. >> dennis taylor was found dead in front of his grandmother's house. his family wants to know who pulled the trigger. >> he keep you laughing all the time. that was nothing. his little brother looks up to him, all of that. it's like -- it's terrible. >> dennis taylor attended brook line middle school in d.c. today grief counselors will be at school to help his classmates deal with his death. at 4:32 back to molette green at the live desk now. very serious storms dmoun texas. what's going on, molette. >> that severe storm wreaked havoc across parts of texas. the dallas morning news
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north texas. storms with very large hail left a trail of damage and downed trees. not hearing any reports of injuries. back to you. >> all right. talking about our weather around here, keeping it nice. the cherry blossoms will be at peak bloom for a few more days. that's what the national park says. the best flowers will be around through mid week so you have a couple of days or so. open up our nbc washington app and see where they have better cherry blossoms. search cherry blossoms. 4:33. our time right now. another check on weather and traffic. >> melissa will have a look at your foggy commute in a minute. first, back to sheena and chuck. hey, guys. >> good morning. >> good morning. it's all about the fog. that doig gone northeast win, wedge
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the on shore wind. >> kind of like pea soup out there, chuck. some areas see the visibility at a half mile. if you're in quantico your visibility is half a mile there. some spots not too bad. as we go through the morning that fog is going to stay in the forecast. by 7:00 a.m. we expect the dense fog to be around. chance of a shower as we go through part of your day. temperatures warming up into the 70s. so it is going to be a warmer day today. make sure you have the umbrella with you. use the low beams this morning, you'll need them. you'll be running into thick fog. as far as the radar is concerned, we'll go through showers. >> yes, indeed. rain drops for now are con find mostly to parts of the shenandoah valley. it's moving into the north and northwest side between now and 7:00 or 8:00. be umbrella ready.
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the steadiest of the rainstorms run along i-81 from hagerstown, leray. these are coming eastbound. that chance comes into the d.c. metro in time for the heart of the morning commute. not looking for any heavy rain. any time the wipers are on that slows things down. visibility improves as the wedge of cold air breaks down. in the meantime it is a foggy start to eamon da monday mornin. >> foggy on i-66. 270 same situation. 66 at prince william park way. no problems, just want to warn you it is foggy. many spots. inner loop and outer loop of the belt way overall looking good. southbound 29 near colesville after the beltway we have the crash blocking the left lane. response out there on the scene.
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seabrook and forbes all lanes blocked eastbound. westbound one lane open. because of the house fire overnight. still have crews out there on the scene. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. depending where you live it could take you a little longer to get your tax returns. the delay might actually protect you. it was a post that went viral. the only thing is, it was not true. what we've learned about a dozen girls who disappeared in d.c. and it's the controversy that is sure to be filling up your news feed this morning. the airline under fire for not
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investigators will review surveillance video from inside a cincinnati nightclub that became the scene of a mass shooting on sunday. 27-year-old man was killed. 15 others were injured. at least five people are still in the hospital this morning. police are looking for more than one suspect right now after they say a gun fight broke out inside that crowdedclub. they say the venue has a history of problems. the story about missing teens in the district is still one of the top stories on the nbc washington app. >> a lot of interest in this. an inaccurate viral post claimed that 14 girls had gone missing in the district in just one day. this sparked national attention and it all started after d.c. police shared over two dozen missing person flyers on twitter last week. most of the girls, they have been found. d.c.ay
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record straight about what's really going on. >> we don't have reports of people being kidnapped or snapped on our streets. we have a lot of children and families where children leave home and what we're saying is they're out without the care of an adult guardian or a responsible adult. they're in danger. we need them to come home. >> and mayor bowser unveiled an initiative. we are pulling back the rumor on our nbc washington app. we have information about how you can help find the missing children. go to the app and search the key word missing. we are dealing with some thick fog out there this morning in some places. it should burn off the next few hours, right, sheena? >> mostly around 10:00 a.m. we have a dense fog advisory for much of the area. we could see visibility less than 1/4 mile. that is some thick fog. make sure you have the
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coming up, chuck and i are back with a look at the rain on the radar. >> thank you, sheena. president trump wants his senior lawmakers to have failing health care. and chances are you'll see this on the way in to work. a driver blocking the left lane not letting others
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storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. 4:43 on your monday morning. remember all that mist and fog and drizzle and nastiness that you dealt with all yesterday afternoon? yeah, that's still waiting for you outside the door this morning but it won't last that long. there are two days this week we're in the 70s. let you know which two of those those are likely to be coming up
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up your tax refund. why some of you might have to wait a bit longer to get a check from uncle sam. move over or else. the measure getting the green light for drivers who camp out in the left lane. stay with us, it's 4:44. day two of the annual aipac policy conference. the american israel public affairs committee is the nation's largest pro israel organization. paul ryan and nikki haley are scheduled to speak today. vice president mike pence spoke to the group yesterday and said that president trump is committed to israel's security. >> and while there will undoubtedly have to be compromise, i can assure you all president trump will never compromise the safety and security of the jewish state of israel. >> the vice president reiterated that the president is
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serious consideration of moving the u.s. embasy from tel aviv to jerusalem. one candidate appears to be leading the pack in the gop virginia governor's race. ed gillespie won a straw poll in fairfax county. he took 56%. the gop chairman says no candidate has been elected governor in more than 30 years without carrying the county. 15 before the hour right now. the republican's stinging loss on health care still sending shock waves throughout the party. >> president trump placing the blame on a hard right group of conservative house members. tracie potts is live from the white house. how does this impact the rest of president trump's agenda. >> reporter: it's interesting. he wants to move on to tax reform which could be more
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complicated, could need more democratic support and certainly more of a so lidification of th democratic party. the president is pointing fingers at the conservative freedom caucus and other groups blaming them for his attempt to get rid of obamacare essentially falling apart, blowing up at the last minute at the end of last week. he is going to need them and democrats to get tax reform done. he said that's his next challenge. >> traceie, we know they're supposed to vote on judge neil gorsuch today? >> they are trying to get him out of the committee. are they going to do the so-called nuclear option. can they get him out with 50 instead of 60. chuck schumer said if you can't get him with 60 votes, then you don't need to change the rules, you need to change the nominee.
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coming up over neil gorsuch. >> tracie potts on the hill. thank you. you may have to wait a little longer than expected for your tax return if you live in virginia. this is because state officials need to work to fight against tax refund fraud. according to "the richmond times dispatch" more than 100,000 people will get a letter in the mail asking them to verify their identity. the extra paperwork will help ensure the refunds go to the right people. spokesperson for the taxation department said they caught more than $60 million in fraudulent returns in 2015. a 19-year-old woman from virginia has died and a 17-year-old boy charged with her murder. front royal investigators said they went near randolph make con academy because someone reported a possible hit and run. the victim, 19-year-old girl, had injuries that were not consistent with the kind that
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a crash. they say it looks like there was a fight in the street. while there is an arson investigation going on montgomery county this morning. fire officials believe someone deliberately set a fire in this building which is on lyndon avenue. they say it cost $20,000 in damage and multiple people were displaced. maryland is one step closer to ticketing drivers who slow down traffic. our news 4 wtop reports that the bill that would fine drivers who drive too slowsly in the passing lane has cleared the house. if it's approved it would not apply during rush hour or if the driver was turning from the left lane. as the temperatures warm up, expect to see more bicyclists on the road. starting today arlington county will be enforcing safety rules for both cyclists and drivers. part of the safe bicycling initiative that runs through april 4th. >>
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state spirit. george washington's rye whisky. washington began distilling the rye whisky back at mount vernon in 1797. been there many times. never tried the rye whisky. i'm usually with the kids. i may have to make it an adult trip. >> all right. 47 degrees outside right now. not too shabby i suppose compared to last week. >> right. things will warm up once again. the wedge of cold air that moved back in yesterday that chilled us down, remember how beautiful it was on saturday. 78 degrees? that air mass is going to do its best to come back for later this afternoon and for tomorrow. i think most areas today should get back into the 70s. the lone exceptions to 70 degree weather will be north and east of washington up into northern maryland and southern pennsylvania. the warm air may not get there early engh
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rain. one hidden chance early this morning. dry hours through the late morning and afternoon. dry start there. these rain drops out here through memphis, that is tomorrow afternoon's rain chance so keep the umbrella's handy here for the next day and a half or two. right now a little bit of rain, calbert and st. mary's. eastern vest virginia and frederick county along i-81. that little ripple of rain drops is moving towards the d.c. metro area. here's your rain between now and 7 or 8:00 in the morning. we should be able to dry out once we get the southerly winds. you'll notice the change. we'll go from fog, mist and drizzle. as soon as the south winds returns that will scour that out. a little instability around, i couldn't rule out a passing shower
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rain chances, 40%. two different chances. one first thing this morning and another smaller chance later on in the afternoon. temperature wise, what you see is what you get for now. this is where we spent all of yesterday afternoon in the mid to upper 40s. once we get the south wind back, breaks of sunshine, mid 50s. how about 67 degrees by 1:00. 74 degrees possible by later on this afternoon. again, there is an opportunity for a thunder shower or two. better thunderstorm chances come our way for tomorrow because the warm air is in place. highs once again mid 70s tomorrow. if you need sunshine to start encouraging your april flowers to get going, how about wednesday and thursday? those will be the nicest two days of the week by far. pretty solid chance for a rainout on friday. maybe friday night too. but the weekend, oh, yes, melissa mollet. both days look dry. >> definitely like that. i-270 at 370, wanted to show you a live look here so you can see l
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the camera is looking very similar to that. oregon avenue shut down between nebraska and rittenhouse street. rock creek parkway, left lane getting by because of the bridge work. southbound colesville after the beltway, we have this crash blocking the left lane with police out there on the scene. eastbound 450, we are shut down there between seabrook and forbes. all lanes blocked eastbound in that section. westbound we have one lane open from an earlier house fire. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. some are calling it leggings gate. the backlash one airline is facing after refusing to let a pair of teens board the flight. they say the rules are sexist. it's the first for our community in our neighborhood where whole foods is now opening up its new store. new at 5:00, it could be a break through for people with nut allergies.
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only have to avoid certain kinds.
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stations where you can customize your own smoothie bowl. >> like rice? >> i don't know for sure. >> okay. annual fees, high interest rates and late charges. if you have a credit card you probably don't like any of those. >> no, you probably don't. it turns out though that you might be able to get rid of the charges and it's really simple. all you have to do is ask. today credit is releasing a new survey. it found many people are having good luck getting rid of pesky fees by talking to customer service, that's if you can get through to customer service. the company found that 80% of people who ask to have an annual fee waived or lowered got it. that's a huge number. nearly 90%, almost all of them had late fees that were waived. >> card companies are willing to deal and
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such a competitive marketplace. >> well, experts suggest that calling now before competition among credit cards cools off is probably the best time. so if you like to use the atm to get money, it's getting easier to get your cash. starting today wells fargo customers don't need to have your card. the bank's app will now allow you to withdraw money at the atm using a special code and a pin. sta jpmorgan chase and bank of america are going to make similar charges. this morning united airlines is dealing with the aftermath of not letting two teens wearing leggings on to a flight. the teens did not meet a dress code that was for special pass travelers. some say that dress code isn't fair. >> but united's policy does seem a bit more sexist than other airlines because they restrict
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clothing that women would wear while men are mostly free to go as long as they don't wear flip-flops. >> do you remember last year some guy wore boxers. that went viral on the plane. >> he got aboard? >> yeah. united airlines explained that past travelers, they are typically employees, family, friends are required to abide by a certain dress code. they are considered representatives of the airline. they can't wear flip-flops where other people can. paying customers are welcome to wear the leggings as well according to the airline. much more on the story coming up on the "today" show. i flew and both me and my daughter, 6-year-old, we were both in leggings. the yoga pants are the new genes. >> for a lot of people for whatever reason, you have to know the rules, one. you can't believe that the rules don't apply to you because if you get on the plane and you don't want to do something that they've asked you to do when you
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follow the rules. if you don't agree -- >> if you're flying under a certain category in this case a special title. exactly. stay with us. we have more news for today that you need right now at 5:00 a.m. "news 4 today" starts now. if you're away from your tv, come take a look at this. live picture outside of our studios this morning and the fog that has really blanketed much of the region today. if you're drifg to work this morning, you most likely will need the low beams. give yourself a few extra minutes. fast approaching 5:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gill crest. >> i'm angie goff in for eun yang. let's start off with chuck and sheena. she started talking about pea soup this morning. >> for pea soup, angie? >> hey, at this hour i could eat anything. >> i could eat anything. >> i don't think i'm a fan of pea soup. >> m
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i need them fresh and crunchy. >> well, it's a little pea-like out there. we have a dense fog advisory. quarter mile advisory or less. all of the areas shaded in gray. this includes the district and all major highways. visibility wise, 1/2 a mile. if you're in the district, not too bad. it's been fluctuating. you will see very dense fog. as we go through about 7:00 a.m., some areas could be less than a quarter mile visibility even in the district. keep that in mind even as you head out. we'll start to clear up around 9:00 or 11:00. warmer temperatures this afternoon. make sure you have the umbrella. rain in the forecast. good morning, chuck. >> that's right. we have rain drops on storm team


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