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tv   Today  NBC  March 28, 2017 7:00am-9:58am EDT

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should he go? the chairman of the house intelligence committee under fire after admitting he went to the white house. information the dth later said vindicates him. growing calls for devin nun us to step away from the investigation. is he too close to the snvgs. >> a second straight day of damaging storms across the south. more severe weather including large tornadoes possible today. too much? a young boy being screened at the dallas airport with a pat down that went an at length. nearly two minutes. the boy's mother posting that
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and next stop, rokerthon got to a record breaking start at the university of oklahoma. >> the it's a little snowy. >> this morning al's raced more than 1,000 miles north to reach his day two destination. can you guess what he is today march 28th, 2017? live from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome. question where is al roker? >> that's what it sounds like. i went over the clues from monday. my only guess is al is on a college campus up north somewhere. >> hey, guys. we are in the u.p. of michigan at northern
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as we keep rolling rokerthon 3. we are attempting to set a record with almost 1,000 students playing the world's largest game of freeze tag. that's right, the guinness world record for largest freeze tag game in the world's largest wooden dome, the superior dome. it's all coming up. we're going to start tagging people coming up in the next hour. tag, you're it. it's going to be big. the world's largest wooden dome, the world's largest freeze tag game. let's do it. >> he's ready. >> all right, al, thank you. >> let's get to the top story first. growing calls for the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee to recuse himself from the investigation into russian mettling after he had a secret meeting on white house ground. trump was
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overnight. we'll talk about it with lindsey graham, but first with peter. >> reporter: the president venting on twitter. the this morning top democrats are saying the way the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee is running his investigation is a sham. they argue after his latest revelations that he has lost the appearance of impartiality. a striking new demand this morning from the house intelligence committee's top democrat. adam schiff calling on the panel's republican chairman to recuse himself from the russia investigation. arguing he's compromised his credibility. >> i think that given his role in the transition team and the events of the past week, it has too much called into question whether he has the objectivity necessary to have this role.
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congressman not backing down. >> i'm sure the democrats want me to quit because they know i'm effective at getting to the bottom. >> let's hope so. >> reporter: the controversy follows an acknowledgment that he met a secret source on white house grounds to review classified documents. the meeting one day before returning to brief president trump that spies may have picked up communications involving the president and his associates improperly revealing their names. he denies coordinating with the president's aides. >> i could have snuck on to the grounds and nobody would have seen me, but i wasn't trying to hide. >> reporter: he is defending his decision to review it but not in the white house itself, because he says the information had not been given to congress. >> probably at least once a week if not more than that, we have to go to the executive branch in order to read
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intelligence. >> reporter: fellow republicans are standing by nunes. >> whether it's the white house or waffle house, what difference does it make if the information is reliable. devin had to do it this way. >> reporter: the mystery is growing with jared kushner volunteering to testify before senators investigating the russia connection. those senators zeroing in on his meetings last december with a russian ambassador and the head of a substitution state-owned banks sanctioned by the obama administration. a white house aide telling nbc news during the campaign and transition kushner was fulfilling his role with foreign governments and officials. >> reporter: also today the president is expected to reverse president obama's efforts to combat climate change. he will sign an executive order on energy independence in the words of senior administration officials that will also
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administration's clean power plan. that's sought to reduce carbon emissions from power plants. one official described it to us, the best way to protect the environment is to make sure the economy is strong. peter alexander, another busy day at the white house. lindsey graham is a senator. good to see you. good morning. >> good morning. >> you're a straight shooter. shoot straight with me. >> i wish you had a noon show. >> we know. we got that message. >> bear with us here. if you take all the questions about this classified information that congressman nunes received, who you received it from, where he received it, combine that with the questions about what he did with that information after he got it sharing it with the president and the press and not his colleagues on the intel committee, and you add to that the fact that he was an
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to the trump administration, aren't there questions that he should recuse himself from any investigation involving the trump campaign and russia? >> well, i think you put it his objectivity in question at the least. i would suggest the they share the information he was given by this unknown person so they would all know exactly what he's talking about. if he's not willing to the tell the democrats and republicans on the committee who he met with and what he was told, then i think he's lost his ability to lead. the democrats on the committee are becoming prosecutors. one guy last night said on a cable show there was probable cause to believe the russians and the trump campaign collaborated. >> if you go back to your words, he's already put his credibility in question at the least, then doesn't he have to recuse himself? >> i think he has to repair the damage. the house is off track and probably can't get back
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warner doing a great job. but as to whether or not he should step down, i'll leave that to the house leadership. i think most americans want to know who did he meet with and what did he see? >> do you think he received that classified information from someone at the white house? >> i have no idea. i think you should know that and i should know that. i think he owes that to his fellow committee members. if he was given classified information that suggested impropriety about the trump campaign, he needs to share that with his fellow committee members. senator, the suspicion is maybe it's the trump team that orchestrate third down whole thing, that this information, that supposedly vindicates president trump came from the trump administration. do you think it's fishy he went to the white house to get it? >> yeah, i think it's a little bizarre. there's nothing been suggested -- revealed to suggest that the obama administration
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that's not even what nunes is saying. he's saying there's collection outside of russia. the problem he's created is he's gone off on a lark by himself, kind of an inspector investigation trying to find unmasking information about collection incidental with the trump campaign and some foreign agent outside of russia. the only way this thing can be repaired, the tell people who he met with and what he saw and let them look at the same information. >> jared kushner, son-in-law to president trump revealed he met with the head of a russian bank, a bank sanctioned by the u.s. during the transition. does it bother you? >> the bank, yes. the fact he met with the banker, i think he needs to explain himself. >> on health care, if replacing obama care proved to be a 10 in the terms of degree of
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to tax reform, knowing that some democrats and members of the freedom caucus now feel emboldened and a lot of interest groups want a piece of the tax reform pie, what's the degree of difficulty on that? >> the east german job, 9.4. the it's going to be the tough. out of this collapse if this crash and burn in the house, the ashes of a failed republican attempt may spring up true bipartisanship. i hope the moment will arrive where democrats and republicans will work together to replace obama care. >> if what does the east german judge say about the chances of that? >> about 6 .4. there's no other option. >> on that bipartisan note, we have what's going on with judge gorsuch's nomination. the democrats threatening to filibust filibuster. on the otr yo t democrats saying wait a minute, president obama nominated america garland
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even get a hearing. an impartial observer might think you deserve each other. >> well, i voted for sotomayor because i thought they were qualified. i've got no problem with what happened with garland. he was a fine man. we don't put people on the court after the campaign started. we haven't done it for over 100 years. gorsu gorsuch, trump couldn't ve picked a better choice. highly qualified. >> senator with a rare pink panther reference on the program. >> i love that inspector. i wouldn't pick him to do this investigation, though. >> senator, come back and see us often. >> thank you. breaking overnight other news. two miami dade county police ofic
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ambush style shooting. dramatic video shows two men being rushed to the hospital in the back of a pickup truck. they were conducting an undercover gang investigation at an apartment complex when they were shot. they're expected to survive. a search for multiple suspects underway. authorities in maryland say they have headed off the students well developed plan to attack her high school with guns and bombs. and they found out about it from the girl's own father. nbc justice correspondent pete williams has the latest. >> reporter: the sheriff says he's convinced the girl had a serious plan to attack her school. he was spelled out in her diary with which her father happened to read. authorities call it a well developed plan and say the student had been working on it for some time to attack the high school in northwestern high school. >> there's no doubt in our
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there. i've never seen anything like this, to be honest. >> reporter: the authorities say the student had a shotgun ammunition and at her home stockpiled fireworks, and fuses to make pipe bombs. she'd been compiling notes on how her high school handled emergency schools and how a local sheriff conducted himself. last thursday the girl's father discovered the plan when he read her diary and made the decision to report his daughter to the sheriff's office. >> imagine if it were your 18-year-old daughter knowing the ram theifications to go out and the tell the authorities your child is planning on carrying out something like this. you have to weigh into this. >> reporter: the residents praised the girl's father for his decision. >> that's exactly what he should have done, yeah. he was a good dad, really. yeah. you can't let something like that go without taking some ki
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>> reporter: the sheriff says her diary called for the attack on april 5th. she was immediately taken out of class and sent to a local hospital for evaluation. the school says she was struggling with mental health issues. >> this was a student who needed some intervention and help. and i think the silver lining is that she's going to get the help she needs now. >> reporter: once she's released from the hospital she'll face charges. the sheriff says he's not sure whether she had the will to carry out her plan. >> pete, thank you. a high profile fight over fair pay. the u.s. women's hockey team threatening a boycott unless they see progress toward settling a wage dispute. >> reporter: they were hoping for a deal overnight. but there isn't one. the women's ice hockey world championship kicks off this friday in the u.s. but the u.s. team, the current world champs may be
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when the winter olympics kick off in less than a year, the usa women's hockey team will be a metal favorite. right now the team is so angry with the sport's national association they are threatening to boycott this week's world championship tournament. >> we need more visibility and gapes and need to be paid properly. >> reporter: they were expected to vote on monday. but no announcement. the team says they don't get nearly the support the men get flying coach instead of business class, sharing hotel rooms instead of getting their home. the men can practice full-time and travel to games relying on nhl salaries. women don't earn anywhere near that kind of money playing professionally. the captain of the women's team says all they're asking for is a living wage. and equitable benefits. support for the women players is
7:16 am
major league baseball and the nhl. members of the men's hockey team may boycott their own championship in solidarity. >> we support them. we would like to think they can work something out. >> a group of 14 u.s. senators dialled up the pressure with a letter to usa hockey to express their serious concerns. account boycott looming, usa hockey went looking for replacements. at least some of the high school and college players refused. the fight looks a lot like the one the u.s. women's soccer team wijed to get equal pay before the games in 2016. some of the players spoke with matt hear on "today." >> why does it come to a head now? >> i think the timing is right. we've proven our worth. >> now women's hockey is saying the same thing. if no one listens, they don't play. >> in a statement usa hockey says they have increased their level of direct srt
7:17 am
the advancement and growth of girls and women's hockey. they say any claims to the contrary are unfounded. >> and the clock is ticking. >> that's right. just a few days. >> all right. stephanie, thank you. >> al is spending the morning up at northern michigan university on day two of rokerthon 3. first he's tracking the threat of severe weather. >> that's right. it's a good thing we got out yesterday when we did. oklahoma is one of the areas under the gun for some severe weather. let's show you what we've got going on. basically we're talking about a big upper level low with no major steering components to push this thing out. it's going to take its own sweet time as it drops out of the rockies and makes its way to the east. we have a severe storm risk right through thursday starting off with today. we are looking at 15 million people at risk for large hail,
7:18 am
possible, especially in west texas, but you can see the risk extends to oklahoma city. tomorrow is the biggest risk. we may even see the risk upgraded for 19 million people. hail, strong winds and tornadoes. thursday more of the same. 20 million people at risk as it starts to move into the southeast and the central gulf. rainfall amounts for southern oklahoma and northern texas upwards of 5 inches of rain possible. flash flood watches and warnings may have to be issued by thursday. your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
7:19 am
good morning. in it's not racining at your house now, don't be fooled. a pocket of moderately heavy rain here coming in toward the d.c. metro. likely to have steady rain between 8:00 and 11:00 this morning. mid to late morning hours. be ready for that. otherwise a warm day today. highs into the 70s. sun shine for wednesday, thursday, and more rain on friday. >> that is your latest weather coming up we are going to attempt to break the guinness world record for world's largest freeze tag game. even though the it's not freezing outside, it will be freezing in here, baby. and we want you guys at home and in the studio to play along. matt, i expect you constantly tagging savannah. >> done. >> by the way,
7:20 am
sweatshirt, medium. >> yes. thank you very much. i'm going to bring you one, medium. >> by the way, it's not medium. it's small. thank you so much, al. just ahead, a mother's outrage after a lengthy the tsa pat down left her son traumatized. and in the wake of the frightening escalator accident. what you need to consider before stepping onto one casually. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up, what coming up, what adele is saying about her future that has her fans in a frenzy. >> and al is looking to tag his way into a new world record in northern michigan. first your local news and weather on a tuesday morning.
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good morning. it is 7:26 on this tuesday, march 28th. >> in the news this morning we're following a deadly shooting in montgomery village. a police officer shot and killed someone last night. the officer felt threatened while on a call. police say they found a weapon at the scene. you can find updates on the story in the nbc washington app. today we are going to get a first look at some of the things you can get at the ballpark this year. the nationals annual media day begins in a few hours. the team plans to have redesigned spaces for fans. we want to find out how your commute is going. looks like it's
7:27 am
275 southbound, the problem is in the main lanes. local lanes slow. a six mile delay headed southbound. it is quite slow this this morning. in the loop at little river turnpike, a bit of a delay there. a new issue here. river road at piny meeting house rash. >> a check on the forecast is next. ets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. rain down to the south and west in culpeper now. this is pushing toward the d.c. metro area. pockets of moderate to briefly heavy rain likely inside the beltway between 8:00 and 11:00 this morning. be on the lookout for that. temperatures in the 50s to near 60s now. in the 70s
7:29 am
afternoon and back to the 60s with sun shine tomorrow. >> another local news update in about 25 minutes.
7:30 am
♪ back now. 7:30 on a tuesday morning. it's the 28th of march. nice crowd. part of that rolling and rolling spring break. and everyone else joining al roker up at northern michigan university as he takes on his second stop on his rokerthon college tour. wait a minute. >> you're at al roker. >> i'm herb. >> nice to meet you. they're playing my song. >> al is having too much fun. it's only tuesday.
7:31 am
>> we'll check in with him in a moment. let's get a check on the morning headlines. powerful storms in the south on monday damaging hail, high winds and the region is under a threat of severe weather through thursday with large tornadoes possible in west the texas. tension could be high on capitol hill today. house republicans are holding their first meeting nce the vote on their meeting with obamacare. >> the field is set for the women's final four in dallas. next up for the gamecocks, stanford. to the pat down of a young boy at the airport in dallas. this has the tsa under fire. we have the story. jacob, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. th
7:32 am
by the teen's mother has been viewed nearly 5,000 times. her son suffers from a brain discodi disorder that can make him sensitive to touch, the tsa says the patdown was done by the book. >> growing outrage over this video that's gone viral. it shows a tsa agent patting down a teenager last weekend. the two minute clip posted by the mother shows her son standing in a security area while an agent begins what she called aggressively patting down her son. furious about what she describes as an unnecessary and horrifying patdown, williamson blasted the tsa for the way they treated her son writing we have been through hell this morning. i didn't want him give an pat down like
7:33 am
her son suffers from a condition that can cause anxiety in children when they're touched. she said she asked agents to screen him in other ways. it was horrifying, she writes. somehow these power-tripping the tsa agents traumatizing children and doing whatever they feel like without any cause need to be reigned in. the tsa released a statement saying it allows for a at thedown of a teenager passenger. normally the tsa says only a small number of people are selected for pat downs. usually after tripping off a metal detector or image screening machine. williamson said her son set off no alarms. he set off no alarms. he physically did not alarm at all during screening. he passed through the detecter fine. the incident comes three weeks after the tsa put stricter screening procedures in place. procedures
7:34 am
for her child. writing he is still several hours later saying what did i do? i am livid. the mother also complained they were forced to miss their flight. the tsa says the entire thing took 45 minutes including the screening and checking three other bags. >> jacob, thank you. i've gone through that pat down. it usually takes 15 to 20 seconds. >> i think there will be more people looking into what happened. let's go back to al in michigan for a check on the weather. >> "today's" weather is brought to you by nov o nordisk. are you? >> we are now up over the superior dome, the world's largest wooden dome, and i haven't had a chance to do this
7:35 am
very often. so my people. my people. my people. oh, that felt good. you know what else feels good? warm temperatures as we move into spring. let's look and show you there's a big part of the country that's going to see temperatures way above normal. houston today, 84. little rock, 73. that's 9 degrees above average. philadelphia 66 degrees. 13 degrees warmer than usual. into tomorrow new york city, low 60s. columbus, 62. savannah, we always love savannah, 8 8 degrees. and by the time we get into thursday, those the temperatures still pretty warm from melbourne, florida up to cincinnati. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck to the woods. >> rain approaching, mostly south toward
7:36 am
currently. also winchester seeing the rain currently. if you look to the south, we have a lot more of that heading our way. embedded thunderstorms possible. future weather showing it moving in by 10:00 a.m. and clearing out with just a chance for scattered thunderstorms this afternoon. >> check in any time with your friends at the weather channel on cable. coming up in a half hour, the guinness world record attempt at the largest freeze tag game from here at northern michigan university. all these people, freezing. they'll beat the record. yes. >> all right, al. thank you so much. still ahead on trending, how far some people are willing to go to watch their own surgery. >> first, the hidden tardangers escalator. >> in
7:37 am
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7:42 am
something like this has happened. today jeff rossen is in canada with more on this. good morning. >> good morning to you. it's mindless if you're anything like me, you step on the escalator, anywhere you are, you're usually on your phone not paying attention. the typical ride until it's not. without warning, these things can reverse direction as we've seen in hong kong and literally send people flying. would you know what to do? this morning we're about to show you. plus why we're here in canada. a company is developing a new handrail that could make us even safer. this new video is horrifying. this week an escalator at this busy shopping mall in hong kong suddenly reversing direction throwing shoppers down, 18 injured. it happens here at home too. this escalator at a philadelphia hockey game suddenly
7:43 am
sending people flying. this man knocked over the handrail. in washington d.c., dozens piled up at a metro station after their escalator malfunctioned. what can you do to protect yourself? to show us we're here with patrick from ehc global. you manufacture the parts? >> yes. >> reporter: what happens if this reverses direction? >> if you're not holding the handrail, grab it. >> both sides? >> the it's going to stabilize you. >> will the handrail move down with it? >> in many cases, it will, but it will guide you. >> that's the key. you want to keep yourself inside this small narrow chute instead of flying off the side. >> exactly. that's where most injuries happen. >> the danger is more serious than you think. according to cpsc, more than
7:44 am
escalators and sent to the emergency room in 2015. this father of four was killed when his clothing got caught in the escalator's gears. it can happen in an instant. loose clothing getting caught. even feet getting pulled into the steps. >> let's say you were a victim and screaming out in pain. your shoe lace was stuck in the steps. what do i do? >> at the top and bottom is a stop button. prez that immediately. >> come in here. here's the button. an alarm goes off. you hit the button. on the spot, it stops. >> that's what it's meant to do. >> i know myself. i'd be afraid to hit this. >> don't be afraid. this is what's going to prevent further entrapment. >> you could save somebody's life? >> you could. >> the key is avoiding an accident altogether. the company creating this new handrail
7:45 am
inches to hold on, drilling the message in the entire time. what's the right way to ride? >> secure all loose articles of clothing, make sure your shoe laces are tied and no strollers. >> i was guilty of it when i had babies. why not bring the stroller on? >> two hands on the stroller, no hands on the handrail. you want to make sure the wheels of the stroller don't get stuck and cause the baby to fly out of the stroller. you want to use the elevator in this case. >> now you know what to do when your the typical ride goes south. >> reporter: by the way, so many accidents happen right here. the it's the critical moment when you first step on, the first step, kids getting caught between where it's stationary and the first step. they've done one thing to make escalators safer. you've probably seen this in your area, brushes on the
7:46 am
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7:51 am
filters? >> yes. >> are you on the facebook? >> yes. >> facebook users, can you give me the script and not my mug? is that possible. social networking going to be off to another new level. one of the updates is the camera effect you can see i was playing with. it's packed with masks and fraps and all sorts of filters. you were playing with that this morning. there's some good ones here. another feature unveiling today is stories. you'll now see circles at the top of the app where you can scroll through a collection of posts from your family and friends. those stories are only viewable for 24 hours. facebook is calling direct. it's a way to send photos and videos privately to one or several friends at a time, and your friends will be able to replay them and reply, but once the conversation e
7:52 am
won't be visible. stories and direct will start rolling out on facebook today. enjoy. >> carson, thank you very much. coming up what adele says she may never do again and why her fans are not at all happy about this. >> and al is working the crowd at northern michigan university. they're getting ready for new rokerthon 3 world record attempt. the world's largest freeze tag game. after your local news. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me that i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin. trulicity responds when my blood sugar rises.
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♪ ♪ ♪
7:56 am
hi, everybody. good morning. 7:56. i'm angie goff. we want to get to melissa with more on traffic and slowdowns around town. >> 270 southbound, about a six to seven mile backup. headed southbound, we're talking about the main lanes. it's on the left shoulder. doesn't matter. it's caused a bottle neck. it's quite slow. northbound 270 after 109 crash on both shoulders. and then 66 and 95 no major issues. thank you. a check on the forecast is next. stay with us.
7:57 am
7:58 am
y2b7ly ysty
7:59 am
good morning. make sure you have the umbrella today. prince william county about to see it. the red, heavy rain. manassas is going to get it. wood bridge eventually. there's the heaviest of it still off to the south and west. that will be moving in as we go into the next few hours and clearing out and a chance for scattered afternoon thunderstorms. mid 70s today. more news in 25 minutes.
8:00 am
it's it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, step down. that's the call from top democrats as the house chairman faces new criticism over a secret meeting at the white house. >> i think it would be best if he steps aside, let someone else handle this investigation. >> we're live in washington. >> plus for sale? how your e-mails, personal finances and browsing history could be for grabs for anyone willing to pay for it. what you need to know about protecting your privacy. ♪ >> and storming ahead. >> wildcat willie, yeah. >> after a record breaking day at the university of oklahoma,
8:01 am
michigan university to show some wildcat pride. what guinness world record will al help them shatter this morning? >> good morning from new york city. ♪ >> it's my 10th birthday. >> i'm celebrating my sweet 16 in the big apple. >> it's 8:00 on "today." it's a tuesday morning. and it is a rainy one out on our plaza. we have a great crowd. spring break is in full bloom in the
8:02 am
upper peninsula of michigan this morning. he's got a great crowd out there. that looks like country line dancing. how awesome is that? >> hi, al. can you hear us? it's loud here. >> it's like rokerthon here. >> we're getting ready to break the record. >> it's like the yule log. i'm just enjoying watching that. >> we have much more with al over at northern michigan university in a little while. lydia is here taking over today's kitchen to show us how she does family dinner night at her house. we have many generations of this family with
8:03 am
>> very exciting. >> first let's get to the top stories. this morning growing calls from democrats demanding one influential republican step down from an investigation into russia's mettling with the 2016 campaign. all of it as president trump vents on twitter. calling the trump/russia story a hoax. it's setting up a dramatic day in the nation's capital. today a stunning split inside a committee. the top democrat on house intelligence now demanding the top republican recuse himself from leading an investigation leading russian interference in the election. >> i think it would be best if he stepped aside. let someone else handle this investigation. i'm happy to have gotten to this point. >> reporter: the republican chairman facing that new fallout after revealing a secret meeting on white house grounds last tuesday. just one day before he dropped
8:04 am
have scooped up communications involving or about the trump transition team. >> i've been working this for a long time with many different sources and needed a place that i could actually finally go because i knew what i was looking for, and i could actually get access to what i needed to see. >> nunes says he met with that source at a special secure facility next door to the west wing. he wouldn't say who allowed him access. only that it's a member of the intelligence community. >> if i wanted to, i could have snuck onto the grounds late at night, but i wasn't trying to hide. >> the timing of the meeting followed a day later by the briefing to the president almost before anyone else has him in hot water. top democrats in the house and senate demanding he step aside. >> chairman nunes is falling down on the job and seems to be more interested in protecting the president than in seeki
8:05 am
the truth. >> reporter: but paul ryan says he has full confidence in nunes. some fellow republicans giving him backup. >> whether it's the white house or waffle house, what difference does it make if the information is reliable and authentic? >> i'm sure the democrats want me to quit. they know that i'm quite effective. >> reporter: senator lindsey graham this morning. >> he went to the white house and was given information he needs to share it with the fell fellow committee members at the minimum. >> reporter: a plot twist with no ending in sight. >> if this was a movie, you'd turn it off. you wouldn't believe it's believable. >> reporter: the president is working to keep the conversation about his agenda. today the focus is on energy independence. the. >> hallie
8:06 am
thank you. at issue whether any internet providers should be able to sell your personal information. tom costello is on that story. >> reporter: the senate voted last week to block the fcc privacy rules saying it was obama administration overreach. today the house votes. if house republicans vote the same way your internet service provider your internet provider could sell your browsing history. >> reporter: think about everything you search online, booking vacations, private e-mails, tax records, online dating and no one has potentially more information about you than your service provider. last october the fcc ruled internet providers cannot sell your browsing information to advertisersth
8:07 am
consent. but today republicans are voting to block that protection rule. democrats say the it's a huge setback for personal privacy. >> all your private stuff could be available and sold. >> reporter: not so, say republicans who argue internet providers should be allowed to sell your information to advertisers who want to target you. >> the fcc's privacy order makes it increasingly facility for consumers to learn about the latest product offerings from broad band providers. >> reporter: they say google and facebook use personal information for targeted advertising. think about how if you search for a product online, ads for that same product pop up on other sites. >> everybody wants to monetize the internet data. >> reporter: just how much of your personal information could be exposed? >> your surfing habits, your kids, can be tracked and sold to whoever without your knowledge or your consent. >> reporter: an internet prov t
8:08 am
protection rules. privacy advocates say internet providers have more information about you than google or facebook. if you don't want your personal information sold, the tell your internet provider. >> tom, thank you. a bizarre altercation on a college softball field minutes after auburn beat florida on monday night. during the post game handshake, the florida coach nudges auburn's shortstop in the shoulder after she didn't put up her hand. fagan shoved him back, words were exchanged. the two apparently have a history. >> not a lot of good sportsmanship in that shot. coming up next we'll do trending. the story behind what could be the saddest school lunch ever or the best. >> don't judge. >> john travolta and
8:09 am
newton john have big plans to celebrate the anniversary of "grease". >> first, rokerthon 3. >> we're going to try to break the guinness world record for the world's largest freeze tag. it has to go by 15 minutes. once folks are tagged, they have to freeze. we'll get ready to start this thing off. all right. here we go. in three, two, one. all right. and our attempt to set our third begin us world record right here on rokerthon 3, the world's largest freeze tag game is underway. we'll have the details and the results. can we break the record? it's all coming up from northern michigan university in marque e marquette, as the "today" show continues afr
8:10 am
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8:13 am
all right. welcome back. the excitement of rokerthon 3 underway. you're looking at what will hopefully be the world's largest game of freeze tag ever. it is a flcliff hanger. about 10:00 to go until we find out. it's happening at northern michigan university. >> everyone is in the same yellow shirt. it's confusing. >> i feel bad for the group that's going to lose this
8:14 am
>> who is currently holding it, the record? they're dif staevastated. >> time to trend. dylan is with us. >> surgery is a big deal. would you feel any better if you didn't go under? if you were awake for the whole thing? >> no. that's the worst. >> some people apparently want to witness the action. the new york times reporting many patients are now choosing forego answer thee have a to be awake and observe. why are hospitaling seeing more of this? some people are afraid to go under. others are intrigued. also puts doctors in a weird position. they have to make small talk during surgery. how's the weather? scalpel. and then they apparently have to choose their words carefully. they can't be like oops. >> has anyone seen the forceps? >> i'd
8:15 am
teeth cleaned. >> i was awake to have my wisdom teeth pulled. that was the worst experience of my life. >> don't they knock you over? >> it was brutally painful. >> why didn't you go under? >> they asked and i didn't sign the right thing on the paper or something. it was totally my fault. >> i was awake for my c-section. >> would you go back after and watch it? >> no. no way. >> we've had a lot of orthopedic -- i don't want to see that. >> horrible. >> that was fun. we've shown a lot of basketball slam dunks here on trending. this one may be like no other. an atlanta hawks fan was invited on to the court. he put on quite a show. that wasn't enough, that's his reaction. that's just a random fan? >> no. not at all. that's some guy. he's some sort of gymnast
8:16 am
apparently does that for a living probably. because that is too good for just an ordinary fan. but he did delight the crowd. >> that's awesome. like a break dancing thing. >> school cafeteria lunches get kind of a bad wrap. >> i loved them. >> the next story, a high school student in pennsylvania posted this photo. it's gone viral. that's the meal of the day. chicken nuggets in a hot dog bun. the school calls this popcorn chicken po boy sandwich. we were saying that doesn't sound that bad. >> i'm not mad at it. >> if you can't beat them, join them. >> i look at the bun, it's more of like just the plate. >> yeah. i agree. >> it's the vessel holding it. >> i would rather eat chicken parm instead of a sandwich. >> if you could drench it
8:17 am
sauce, maybe -- >> or you could add some tater tots. >> or a milk shake. >> i wanted a milk shake during trending. that is delicious. >> it is delicious. >> stranded on a deserted island, do you take tater tots or chicken nuggets? >> chicken nuggets. >> probably the chicken, but i don't know. >> i feel like you need the protein if you're being realistic. >> what if you saw chickens running around? why didn't i take a tater tot? i got my own chicken nuggets running around. >> are you going to bread and fry them? >> survivor, carson daly. >> pop star, bad news. adele this morning, the singer made an interesting comment last night talking about touring. she's got her new album
8:18 am
adele made a confession. the it sunned fans. she said touring isn't something i'm good at. applause makes me feel a bit vulnerable. i don't know if i will ever tour again. the only reason i've toured is you. i'm not sure touring is any bag. she calls her tour the greatest accomplishment of her career. she said it changed her life. >> we saw her across the street. she was great. >> best concert i saw, and it was just her. >> and the it was a long tour. might be a little cranky tired. >> you didn't get the anesthesia, you missed the box. grease, olivia newton john announced there's talk of a reunion. she said she and john travolta will apprise their roles as danny and sandy.
8:19 am
ideas for the reunion. no word on if it's going to happen. >> what about -- >> no. that's not going to work. >> frenchy was in grease live recently. and franky avalon could be back. david beckham sharing a sweet daddy daughter moment on instagram with his five-year-old daughter, harper. have a look. >> first time riding on your own, harper. >> that's cute, there. the big girl bike on her own. so proud. >> cute until he runs into the tree. thank you carson. >> let's send it back to michigan and mr. roker. how's it going? >> it's going great. we've got just about 4:30 into the
8:20 am
for the world's largest freeze tag game. the record was in 2015 in london. they had about 428 people playing. we'll see if we break the record. let's check out your weather. we have some severe weather to talk about moving across the country. we've got storms pushing in. a severe start to 2017. hail reports so far this year, over 1100 hail reports on average by now, 500. and for wind reports, we have really gone through this over 2400 wind reports so far on average. you get a little less than a thousand on average. a severe weather threat today. 15 million people at risk. it continues tomorrow and into thursday. under four minutes for the freeze tag. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. still dry inside the beltway. thunderstorms now moving just into
8:21 am
western fairfax county. grab your umbrellas on the way out the door. there's more rain where that came from. a pocket of moderate rain between now and 11:00. a few peeks of sun shine early this morning. temperatures from the 50s and 60s now into the low 70s by later this afternoon. it will be a warm one but wet. >> rokerthon 3 is sponsored by netjets, the worldwide leader in private aviation. all right. we are under three minutes for our attempt at the world record for freeze tag. it won't be official until after 15 minutes of play. and the students keep playing until one person is left. as they keep playing, take a look at northern michigan university, a place of superior spirit. ♪
8:22 am
>> a two-hour flight from alaska, the upper peninsula of michigan where i was given the the royal welcome by northern michigan university's mascot. wildcat willie. thank you for having us. this school with about 9,000 students sits on the shore of lake superior in the city of marquette. on average it gets about 170 inches of snow per year. >> we're taking a quick turn here. >> reporter: i got my campus tour from jarod who entered the school's winning submission. i mean, if a guy likes you that much. a lot of cam can puss have a starbuc starbucks. >> the ceo attended her >> reporter: power chilled
8:23 am
of starbucks is class of '75. the university boasts a leading center for the research and treatment of brain tumors. the it's a school that also has a robust fine arts program. >> you made your first plate. >> reporter: wow. that's really disgusting. >> as well as performing arts. >> reporter: it looks like a beautiful day in the u.p. where if you know the right people, sometimes people call me mr. roker but you can call me al. >> really? >> reporter: yeah. ♪ >> reporter: and now this al is all fired up and ready to go break a record. we are 60 feet above the floor of the superior dome. the world's largest wooden dome. and while the it's cold outside, in here the it's going to be freezing. why? because the students of nmu are attempting to break a guinness world rd
8:24 am
largest freeze tag game. the it's going to be ice cold, baby. >> all right. wildcats, are you ready for a little freeze tag? all right. you people are freaking me out over there. i was going to tell you that. do some jumping jacks in place. let's do a little running in place. get the legs up. knees. going to play a little freeze tag, all right? all right. an your marks, get set [ whistle blowing ] >> reporter: got him. got another guy. tag him. get him. that's it. you got him. thanks to my tough love, these guys are shaping up to break the next begin us world record. >> everybody get a good night's sleep. sleep in place frozen tonight. good luck tomorrow. >> reporter: all right. we have hit 15 minutes.
8:25 am
michael to see if, in fact, we have broken the guinness world record for the world's largest freeze tag game. back to you. >> al, the guy in the yellow shirt, i didn't think freezed long enough. >> i saw it from here. [ laughter ] >> reporter: i think we're going to find out coming up. there's a lot of frozen. froz frozen. >> we're going tt t mo of the rokerthon excitement just ahead. first a check at your local news. go ahead, sing us out.
8:26 am
this is a news break. >> good morning. 8:26 on this tuesday march 28th. d.c. police say they've arrested someone for the murder of an artist in northeast d.c. last week. find more information about that in the nbc washington app. right now let's go to melissa with more breaking news in traffic. >> a couple of big problems right now. 95 northbound at fairfax county parkway, right side of the roadway is very slow because of a crash on the right shoulder. outer loop before new hampshire. and take a look here northbound 270 after m.d.
8:27 am
shoulder there.
8:28 am
8:29 am
prince william sign. heavier rain and thunder south of dulles airport. eventually moving up into montgomery county by about 9:00. have your umbrella ready to go.
8:30 am
♪ we're back. 8:35 on a tuesday morning. 28th of march 2017. a great crowd on the plaza. the basketball tournament, the other, the nit, is here in new york. we have folks from ucf down here. we have some cal fans over here. a great basketball morning. coming up, we're happy. look at studio 1 a. morgan freeman, michael kaine and allen arcen. look at them looking dapper. >> that is a lot of acting talent.
8:31 am
famous chef in the family. we have a sneak peek inside an austin sunday supper. first let's go back to al and his rokerthon game of freeze tag at northern michigan university. how's it going? >> okay. well, guys, we are going to find out how we did. we have michael, the guinness world records ajute cdjudicatad. we also have fritz erickson and the student body president tristan, we have been playing for over 15 minutes. what say you? >> al, the mark to beat was 438 people. we did have some deductions, but i can now announce that we had 624. it's a new guinness world record. >> all right. [ cheers and applause ] >> i'd like to welcome you
8:32 am
family. >> reporter: congratulations. you guys did it. we're not done yet. we have a special box here. tristan, if you could hold that for me. we have all the student names in here that took part in this. you have a chance to win $5,000 from the rokerthon pure point financial scholarship. listen up. we're going to pull out a name. listen carefully. meghan crane. come on up. here she comes. meghan crane. the winner of the rokerthon pure point $5,000 scholarship. meghan, hold on. we have a check for you right here. what year are you in, megasnn. >> senior. >> what's your major? >> spor
8:33 am
>> you could probably help some folks out here today. congratulations. >> thank you. >> reporter: that's so terrific. how do you feel about that? >> that looks like an awful lot of fun. would you mind if i draw a name? >> reporter: you have a scholarship? >> i'm willing to give a scholarship of $5,000. >> reporter: go ahead. valerie urban. come on down. here she comes. valerie urban. that's very cool. president fritz matching the rokerthon pure point scholarship. come on over. so valerie, what year are you? >> i'm a junior. >> reporter: what's your major? >> biology with a concentration in
8:34 am
>> reporter: wow. come on over meghan. we have set the record not only -- this is the second day we've given out two $5,000 scholarships. tomorrow we'll try to get another world record. i want to thank everyone here. that's what's going on. okay. back -- oh -- we're going to have more, more coming up after your local news and weather at the -- as the rokerthon continues. >> all right, al. thank you so much. good morning. we have rain moving in some of it is a little on the heavy side approaching fair fax right now. you see the heavy rain here. that's going to be moving in to areas like reston, fair fax. that's the heaviest of it. the rest is pretty light to moderate rain. that will be moving through the rest of the area as we go through the next few hours this afternoon. still the chance for some scattered thunderstorms. mid
8:35 am
mid 60 tomorrow. tomorrow we are going to be back for rokerthon day three. here's your clues. don't knock it until you've tried it. game day fashion. checkerboard overalls and smokey is more than the great mountains as we continue rokerthon setting records at colleges across the country. day three tomorrow. back to you. >> all right. al, thank you. coming up next, some icons and oscar winners. they are here. we'll talk to them about their new new movie. first, this is "today" on nbc. e.
8:36 am
8:37 am
we're back, we're brak with hollywood ejds. they have nearly 400 acting credits and four oscars between
8:38 am
remake -- not a remake, actually. a 1979 george burns comedy "going in style". it's about lifelong friends who attempt a bank heist after all three lose their jobs and pensions. >> i think i may rob a bank. >> what was that? >> i'm thinking of robbing a bank. >> oh. >> i was thinking about buying a ferrari. >> i was drafted by the knicks. good week for everybody. >> morgan, michael, alan, nice to see you. the it's not often i do an introduction that prompts a discussion by the guests. were you going over oscar nominations? >> you said four. i got one, alan got one. someone got two.
8:39 am
i have to oscars. >> are you jealous? >> i am. >> well, make another movie. >> does that mean you're twice as happy as morgan and me? >> no. it's just more stuff to polish. >> i haven't even asked a question yet. does it make me a bad person that i don't have a hard time managing you three guys robbing a bank? i could imagine it. i really can. >> really? >> yeah. >> the situation in the movie, we would rob a bank. >> we already decided we couldn't do it. we do in the movie, we're only acting, but don't tell anybody. >> you saw the script first? >> i don't know if that's true. >> you did. you did. >> i said i don't know if it's true. >> i'm telling you, it's true. >> you don't know if i saw it before you. >> i do know. >> george burns made a movie and
8:40 am
and the script i got was different from the movie. it was much deeper and more -- funnier. >> if it was deeper and funnier -- >> it wasn't funny enough and deep enough. and they rewrote it and showed the script to us, and we did it and then he did it. >> they think it was a big success department. >> can i clear up? so you did see the script first? >> i have no idea. >> don't talk to him. >> talk to us. he's kind of silly. >> he saw the script, obviously, first, because the one that michael and i saw was the one we did. i'm going to smack you. >> we didn't see any other script. >> right. this is the ultimate buddy movie. for this to work you have to appear on screen as if you are lifelong friends. you two have worked together -- >> we are --
8:41 am
[001:40:58;00] >> yes. >> you and michael have worked together, correct? >> in a terrible movie 50 years ago. >> what was it called? >> i'm not going to tell you. >> say it in fa. >> no. i forgot it deliberately. now i'd like to remember it. >> i'll tell you after the show. >> not in public? >> you two have never worked together? >> we met briefly at an award ceremony about 120 years ago. >> something like that. >> it was 1860. >> he says he doesn't like me very much because i stole a part from him. >> i never said -- >> yes, you did. you said -- >> i didn't say i didn't like you. >> what part was it either of you could play? >> they hired him to do the judge on -- >> one of the best scripts i
8:42 am
ever read in >> "burning". >> "bennetts burning". >> but you can't -- >> "going in style" yeah. >> wait a minute. we're in the middle of a very -- we have an argument going on here that's very important. >> they fired me and hired morgan. because i wasn't black enough. >> that's true. true. >> he wasn't black enough. >> they needed really black. >> they had a black guy on there, but he was kind of a bad guy, so it wasn't a good representation for the race? >> it wasn't? >> no, so get this guy. >> i was the only one that got the good reviews when the movie came out, and i wasn't in it. >> you know why? >> because the movie stank.
8:43 am
>> and you weren't >> zach directs this movie -- i'm sorry. you're still going. >> anyway, "going in style". we have to come back to that. "going in style". >> you said -- >> you have an accent. >> i do. >> are you from england? >> no, i'm from london. >> what is the cockney? >> it's -- >> brighten? >> no, it's a country. cockney is born within the sound of a church. if you can hear the bells, you're a cockney. >> i knew that. >> if i said blimey, what did i say?
8:44 am
>> it comes from make god blind me. nation by a lady. now, i'd like to ask you a question. >> let me end on this. >> wait a minute. we have -- >> would you stop that? >> this is your show. you control it. >> thank you, morgan. 84? >> yeah. >> 79? >> i'm still 79, yeah. >> 83? >> i don't remember. >> he is 83. >> is age just a number or is it a stupid saying? >> it's just a number. >> just a number. >> i think it's a number. >> how does it feel? >> i don't know. how does it feel? >> it's just a number until you fall over the pavement for the first time. >> then it's real? [ laughter ] >> if you get an idea of what these guys are like together here on the set, go see this movie, okay? "going in style" starring michael morgan and alan.
8:45 am
this is t i've ever had. just ahead, an invite to dinner. first, this is today on nbc, two oscars, one oscar, one oscar.
8:46 am
8:47 am
correct? we are back with something new and new and special on today's food. family kitchen. we'll go inside the home kitchen of some of the world's most celebrated chefs. first to lydia baidia bastianic. >> every weekend you can find her at home with her family preserving a great tradition. >> sometimes i walk down the street. complete strangers say can i give you a hug? i love it. that's all about food. >> for over 45 years she's cooked up an empire from an emmy winning tv show.
8:48 am
>> you see howea is. >> to restaurants cook books and a product line. >> it's evolved through the support of family into a successful business and career. >> she makes meals for acting legends, acting icons and even the popes. sunday you'll find her at home preparing dinner for four generations of her family. >> all the high moments of our family happen around food. >> sunday tradition dates back to her childhood thanks to her grandmother. >> she had the animals, duck, geese, goats, pig. she had a garden. we made our own olive oil. i got to understand, to taste, to know food growing from the earth. >> she grew up in a former italian territory that became po part of communist yugoslavia
8:49 am
re >> you had to literally escape. so we did as a family back into italy. >> after two years in a refugee camp her family emigrated to the united states when she was 12. her grandmother remained there. >> i felt remorse. i didn't say good-bye. i think from then on i cooked food that brought me back to the courtyard. >> at 24 married with two young kids, she opened a nine seat restaurant in queens. >> we hired a chef. i decided to go in the kitchen, learning the workings of running a commercial kitchen. >> later she opened a flag ship restaurant and became chef. the business of food and family have always gone hand in hand for her family. >> my mother lives with me at 96. she helped me raise my children so i can work.
8:50 am
my kids grew up in the not the job you want to do. >> but it didn't quite work out that way. joe is partners with jeff mario batali, and tonya collaborates with her mother on books and a the tv show. >> the it's an alluring business. >> i wanted to be a post, a priest and a professor. they kept dragging me back. >> one constant always remains, sunday dinner. >> everybody is involved. grandmother, she doesn't get off the hook, 96. >> almost 97, i continue to do my job. i have a lot of help all over. they treat me just like a queenny. >> which you are. >> and this meal is about a lot more than good food. >> the it's a way of telling the children and grandchildren where they come from.
8:51 am
the history of their food. >> how do you like the >> for me, it's the best. >> it doesn't always have to be family. in italian there's a saying, there's always room for an extra chair at the table. [ singing in italian ] >> lidia is here along with the bastianich family. >> good morning. >> it's nice to see you. >> it's great to have you here. chicken and potatoes. tell me about the importance of this dish. >> this dish, i think, goes back to grandmother and her mother. and i think chicken is not expensive. some potatoes on the side, greens and onions, and you have the best meal. this day when they come over to the house, chicken and potatoes. >> grandmother, what did you teach the kids about cooking,
8:52 am
about the kitchen? o fresh things. so we would. >> are you proud of the family? >> i'm very happy to be -- to have this kind of family. i am the luckiest woman, i think, in the world. >> they are too. >> both you and your sister left successful careers to get into the family business. what have you learned from mom? >> a family business is interesting. it's like where your private life melds with personal life. that's a nice way to live when you can make a living doing what you're passionate about. you're fortunate to have that in our family. we'll see what happens. >> no pressure. do you want to go into the family business? >> i'm interested in cooking. >> yeah? >> you'd better look around. >> only reservation is on the weekend.
8:53 am
>> child labor. i think the most score an invitation to sunday dinner at the bastianich house? >> you just have to ask. >> we have it right here, don't we? >> yes. here we are today, and this is one of the favorites of the grand kids. grandmother roasts it up good. >> the question is to get everything caramelized. the it's not about the sauce. the potatoes are nice and caramelized. the special extra trick, a little bit of bacon. >> the part i love is the food brings you together, and the family comes together on sunday. but for the first to talk with their family and to hear about where their family comes from, to get those valuable stories. >> yes. >> that is special. >> i like how lidia said, salt the chicken. >> with authority. >> that's a moment. >> thank you so much. great to see you. >> thank you for having us. >> we're back in a moment.
8:54 am
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get the best. go to we're going to continue to eat with the bastianich family. coming up, john cena -- i'm sorry. did i get you with a mouth full? . >> you do back. >> he's back to co-host the 9:00 hour. rumor willis, richard dreyfus.
8:56 am
i pse guys, not you. cheers, the bastianich family. cheers. >> we're back after your local news. ♪ this is a news 4 today news break. good tuesday morning, everyone. 8:56 on this tuesday march 28th. right now we want to get a check on the morning commute. good morning. again all of this green showing rain across the area. beltway right now pretty slow in most spots.
8:57 am
in part because of the rain. 29 and cherry hill road, a crash reported. 270 looking better than it was earlier. 66 and 95, no problems on the roadways. rain all over the place. a check on the gloomy forecast next.
8:58 am
8:59 am
stay with us. good morning. the rain still moving in right now. we have one big area of thunderstorms moving toward 270 year gaiterburg. you can see the lightning strikes in the red showing us the heavy rain moving north around 20 miles per hour. westminster, around 9:40 you'll see it. >> you can get the latest news and weather any time with our
9:00 am
nbc washington app. this morning john cena as an unbelievable announcement. then the stars are aligning in the studio with alan arkin, richard dreyfus and rumor willis. and a makeover for a family you won't want to miss. >> from nbc news, this is live take of "today." >> welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning, march 28th, 2017. we're with john cena. >> how are we going to fit this stuff in in one hour? >> the it's a lot. >> can i say your name? >> it's not important. some guy here.
9:01 am
>> >> i'm excited. a lot of great stuff going on. >> we were listening to "take me home". al is on the road for rokerthon 3. coming up in a bit, what's up record breaker? he can't hear me. >> yes, ma'am. we'll tell you about it coming up. thank you. >> we have a lot going on today. >> we do. >> but you do, just you. >> here we are. we're in the right environment. >> i saw on radio, you have a big announcement? i feel like america -- >> no, you didn't. >> that means i need a big announcement. >> i won't the tell you what people were guessing. >> just pick one. >> great. okay. fox is coming out with an awesome movie based on a children's book that is very
9:02 am
famous. it's bull in the land, he's a pea peaceful bull. people think he's a fighter because he's big. sound familiar? guess who is ferdinand? this is my big unbelievable announcement, because i'm a bull. >> can we show an exclusive? >> do we have that technology? >> i think we do. >> let's do it. >> oh, no. [ gasping ] baby steps. baby steps. easy does it.
9:03 am
oh, no. [ sneezing ] >> bull in a china shop? what? >> you know what? that is so perfect. what? >> we look ridiculous. >> he loves flowers, and i wanted to give you flowers on behalf of ferdinand. >> i feel like -- >> you feel like i look kind of weird? >> here's the thing. if anybody would have asked me before this movie came out what animal could john cena voice over, bull is 100% what you should be. >> is it because i'm full of bull? is that it? >> really, and the fact that it's a lovable bull. >> that's what i liked. the movie has a tremendous cast. i could go on and on about that. kate mckinnon, gina rodriguez. the list goes on and on.
9:04 am
we have a few surprises. stay tuned. it's a movie about being proud of who you are. >> when you put up the pictures of kate and anthony andersen, it's almost like the characters become the actors. does that make sense? >> it does. >> i asked you this morning if you could voice over an animal, what would it be? >> we guessed a mother rabbit, pretty lashes but a rabbit. >> my go-to is always a the turtle, i think because my grandfather nicknamed me turtle when i was a baby. >> we have a tortoise and the hare coming to theaters soon. until then, i have horns on my head. >> can we collaborate? >> don't take this out of context, but i am horny, officially, right now. and that is in the most
9:05 am
legitimate sense. i know what you were thinking f. i mean i have horns on my head. >> you have horns on your head, and you're the coolest guy. he's so cool. dylan and i were telling him. >> that is ridiculous. that is not true. >> we forget how big you are because you're so cool. >> yeah, i'm what all the kids are talking about on the street. >> they actually are. >> i posted this on instagram not realizing how big it would be. yesterday john made a video for my seven-year-old who begged me to come to work and see him. take a look at this vid joe. >> i know you wanted to come to work today. but don't you know that nobody can see me? >> i thought that's cute. i won't home yesterday. >> nobody can see it. >> they do all that too. i went home. my kid has oatmeal everywhere. he's waiting for me to come home. he's on spring break.
9:06 am
i'm explaining because when you say why does she have aty it's because i wasn't there. check out my son's reaction when i got home. do you know who john cena is? >> yeah. >> who? >> he's a big famous wrestler. he's like 42. >> you said he has big muscles? >> yeah. >> you want to see something? >> yeah. >> here. push play. >> what's up? i know you wanted to come to work today. don't you know that nobody can see me? >> i know. >> he was so -- >> do you think that's the first time you've ever seen him star struck? >> it was a moment for me and him. when you see a kid do things, i've never seen him so star struck, and his laugh -- he was just so -- >> that's really cool. we see at wwe our job is to put
9:07 am
a seeing that is awesome. >> that's so sweet. it's really cool. >> the muscles are on fleek. >> it's the suit. form fitting. >> but it is -- i guess it probably is special. kids you never get a chance to meet. >> we always -- i play fighter guy for a living. we're heed down to werestlemani for a wonderful event, but to know what i am going to do has a positive effect on people own they get happy, it adds a little bit of justification to going out and getting your tail whipped. it was fun to see. thank you. >> you're the lovable bull. it all works together. >> flowers? >> thank you. these seem like a little bit of a regift, but i'll take them. >> we'll be back. >> wait.
9:08 am
are you 42, by the way? >> in a whatever. >> where did he get that information? >> i don't know. he's 42, and i'm thinking that's the most random factor. >> it was a trivia question at the bottom of the oatmeal container. >> and the fact that you're mentioned in the bottom of oatmeal is impressive. a photo of the cast of "the fresh prince of bel air". >> awesome. >> they can all do it. >> he says always amazing to spend an afternoon with my fresh prince family. no word on what brought them together, but can you imagine? just to have even a taste of them again? >> that would be really cool to see. >> reruns are on all the time. if there's nothing on tv, i just put on that.
9:09 am
it just takes would love to see it come back. >> what about olivia newton john saying she and john travolta are thinking about how to celebrate "grease" anniversary next year? >> how would you like to see it? would you want to see hem recreate some of the scenes? what would be the ultimate "grease "celebration? >> i don't know. the it's so great and so memorable. >> classic? >> yeah. you want to see it again, but you're walking into a weird area. >> i was thinking a remake with a cameo. i want to see them again. there's something about the chemistry they have. >> it would be really cool to see them do something. >> that's what i think. >> who didn't want to go to ridelle? are you kidding me? sometimes maybe we should saver the moment in time and leave it alone.
9:10 am
>> the fact that it's turning 45 an w awesome. >> he doesn't know anything about "grease". >> you're doing that thing again. it's my turn to talk thing. i wish we could rewind five seconds ago. >> everyone at home will start to see our cues. >> they're not subtle. >> there you go. >> anyway, we're talking about this amazing dunk at a basketball game. >> have you seen this? this guy is incredible. >> i haven't seen it. >> it's so much fun. it speaks for itself. >> this is a fan. >> this is a fan? >> yeah. it was allowed at halftime. >> wow. >> the butt scoot. this is not over. watch this. and i'm just going to get up now. thank you very much. >> that can't be a random fan. >> he hit a trampoline. watch the boot scoot. that is awesome. >> is that what it's called?
9:11 am
>> that's what i call it. the streets like that. >> that's cool for a random guy to be able to do that. >> i've never tried a boot scoot. >> i have. i'm not that good. >> we'll try it during the commercial break. next, al sets another guinness world record for rokerthon 3. find out what it is. plus rumor willis, richard dreyfus, and alan arkin all coming up after this. importants is to make sure that that enamel stays strong and resilient for a lifetime. the more that we can strengthen and re-harden that tooth surface, the whiter their patients' teeth are going to be. dentists are going to really want to recommend the new pronamel strong and bright. it helps to strengthen and re-harden the enamel. it also has stain lifting action. it's going to give their patients the protection that they need and the whiter teeth that they want. ♪ could bounce back
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it works or it's free. ♪ that's real stuff r there. >> that's during the commercial break. >> your girlfriend told us you don't say no to anything. so we will now have you do pretty much everything. >> that lives forever. you had me twerking and now on my butt. >> can we see who did it better? >> he's a little -- has a little more hop. >> if we put yours on speed mode, it's pretty good. >> you're saying i'm slow. that's -- >> you're chill. >> chill is good. let's check in with al.
9:15 am
he's at northern michigan university. rokerthon 3 is underway. what record did you smash today? >> first of all, watching john do that, all i could think was that commercial, toby. >> no one ever gets the references, al. >> that -- what? >> what? oh. >> it's a commercial for stanley steamer and the dog is rubbing his butt on the rug. >> okay. got it. >> that's exactly how it felt, by the way. >> i guess the it's not good if i have to explain it. some folks got it. we're here at northern michigan university in marquette. we go to run in under the big wildcat this morning with fog and everything. it was fantastic. we had a great time. the goal that we were looking for to break the guinness world record for world's largest freeze tag game. the record was set back in july
9:16 am
of 2015 people. we had 634 people playing freeze tag, and, in fact, we did break the guinness world record for world's largest freeze tag game. so pretty impressive stuff. and now we are going tomorrow for rokerthon 3 for day three. in the meantime, luckily we were not in oklahoma yesterday, because we've got severe weather there today. as you can see, we're looking at strong storms firing up again from texas all the way up into nebraska and later today we have a risk of severe weather stretching from dell ree ya, texas into oklahoma. 15 million people at risk. tomorrow it moves slightly to the east. this is an upper level low that doesn't really have much pushing it out. we've got almost 20 million people at risk. that may get upgraded from
9:17 am
houston to little rock, almost by thursday we have memphis in the bulls eye. 20 million people at risk. hail, strong winds, and possibly tornadoes. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. thunderstorms now. northern montgomery county moving into western howard county. these are all lifting northbound. there's plenty of pockets of light to moderate rain from washington southbound. umbrellas at the ready for sure. temperatures now are in the upper 50s to low and mid 60s. a warm day outside now will turn warmer with a few peeks of sun shine. near 74 for today. sunny and dry tomorrow with highs in the 60s. >> that is your latest weather coming up in the next half hour, a clue to where we're going for day three of rokerthon 3. toby. >> save your voice, i need you
9:18 am
for wrestlia >> thank you, al. coming up next, rumer willis joins the cast of "empire". we'll talk about going head to head with cookie and what it's like working with her mom, demi moore. that's up next. so she only earns double miles on purchases she makes from that airline. what'd you earn double miles on, please? ugh. that's unfortunate. there's a better option. the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, everywhere, every day. not just airline purchases. seems like a no-brainer. what's in your wallet? why do people put why does your tummy go "grumbily, grumbily, grumbily"? no more questions for you! ouph, that milk in your cereal was messing with you, wasn't it? try lactaid, it's real milk without that annoying lactose. good, right? -mmm, yeah.
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9:22 am
>> what's >> relax. i'm just saying hello. from what jamaal told me, i'm surprised all your lion cubs aren't all in rehab. >> don't try me little girl, not today. >> i could try you, but i think i'd rather try lucias today. >> he's not here. >> coming on strong. >> hey, incredible actor, but when you go up against cookie and that character, you got to bring fire. >> do you remember it being that vicious when you were doing it? >> no. it was so funny. i was like the it's a fun scene. it was my first day. it was great. i love everybody, and then i was in l.a. and watched the premier, and hearing how the create reacted to it was so surprising. everyone just like oh, man. i was like all right, cool.
9:23 am
this is >> you know we read that jessie who plays jamaal heard you sing on a -- >> yeah. >> after seeing a video? >> yeah. it was crazy. last time i was doing press for the tour i was on, and they happened to ask me do you want to sing something. i went oh, lord, early in the morning, okay. >> can we hear it or no? ♪ and sniff me out like i was dangerous ♪ ♪ because you're my fella my guy ♪ >> your on tour with your band. >> wow. >> thank you. >> you said it was early in the morning as well? >> i was a little unprepared but they happened to mention do you want to sing an amy wine house song? i was like yeah, of course.
9:24 am
that's what character was based off of. jess si saw this and was like guy, she needs to play this. >> screen, stage, touring musician, your favorite? >> i like them all for different reasons. i'm sure you know this as well. being in front of a live audience, there's something about it. it's just you get the immediate feedback and the energy from the crowd. >> he's an interesting question. audience on broadway and a live audience during a musical performance. >> oh, man, broadway, i feel like it's people don't really get loud or react as much. which i love. when i was on tour, i would tell the crowd, be loud. i like that. i appreciate that as long as no one is being really distracting, trying to steal the show. in general, i love that vibe of the live crowd. >> congratulations. >> thank you.
9:25 am
>> more than a triple "empire" tomorrow night. two oscar winners on the new movie "going in style" after your local news. hey allergy muddlers are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® zyrtec® starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec®. muddle no more®. try rhinocort® allergy spray for powerful nasal allergy relief. customer service!d. ma'am. this isn't a computer... wait. you're real? with discover card, you can talk to a real person in the u.s., like me, anytime. wow. this is a recording. really? no, i'm kidding. 100% u.s.-based customer service. here to help, not to sell. it's my decision ito make beauty last.
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roc® retinol, started visibly reducing the better it works. retinol correxion® from roc. it's 9:26 on this tuesday. some breaking news. d.c. police arrested a man for a murder. the arrest happened last night. the north carolina artist was found bound and stabbed to death in northeast last week. police say they originally arrested a 28-year-old for having outstanding warrants somewhere else. this arrest comes three days after police found her car. we're expecting to learn more information at a news conference in about an hour. a look at the forecast when we
9:27 am
9:28 am
come back. stay with us. >> good morning. still watching the thundershowers along i 70 north of town. no thunder and lightning in or around the city but an opportunity for rumbles of thunder later this afternoon. in the 50s and 60s now. most areas getting into the low
9:29 am
70s. rain chance today stands at even going forward. for tomorrow back to sun shine and dry weather. high tomorrow up to 66. >> chuck, thank you. the latest news and weather
9:30 am
available any time on our nbc washington app. ♪ they are two icons of the big >> ann margaret was kim in "bye bye bird questiibirdie". >> alan arkin is no slouch. he won an oscar in the hit film "little miss sun shine". >> they're teamed up for "going in style" about three friends planning to rob a bank after they lose their jobs. his life is more complicated thanks to the flirtatious annie.
9:31 am
>> i never told you this. i saw you in it was stunning. >> you saw me play? >> sure did. >> what? are you following me? >> no. i was following music. hey, i'll see you at the store, okay? >> see you at the store. >> yep. >> such a flirt. >> do not leave me alone. will not leave me alone. >> in real life too? >> my wife is here, so --. >> you said in the clip see you at the store. we had film. >> i'm going to rat on her. she plays a clerk in the store. >> you're not going to -- >> i'm going to do it to you. >> i'm dying to know what happens. >> don't try those cat routines on me. i'm looking at the vegetables, and she says to me between, what is that over there?
9:32 am
she said what is this was not on camera. that was a still. that wasn't on camera. i said that's an eggplant. she said what's an eggplant? she had never seen an eggplant. >> no. >> yes. >> i know what an eggplant is because i've eaten it, but it's all -- i've never seen it -- >> did you think bacon comes in strips too? >> you've had it. you've had it. >> okay. we've lost control. >> our own wrestlemania here. at 8:00 you came in on hijacked the show. it was a lot of fun. the movie looks like a great ride. any other mem raorable bits abo making the movie? >> that was it.
9:33 am
>> what about the >> i was going to rat on her again. >> no. that w wasn't my fault. >> i'm going to blame you anyway. >> what happened? >> a scene where we have to dance at a party. she tripped me. >> i did not trip -- >> threw me to the ground. the two of us are rolling around on the floor. it was about the most embarrassing moment of her life. >> did she trip you on purpose? >> i think she tripped me on purpose. my lawyer is examining it at this moment. >> are you making noises? >> i'm making the kitty noises. >> she doesn't speak. she does cat -- she likes to do cat noises. >> we don't even need to know what the movie is about, was your chemistry alone -- >> but seriously. >> but seriously, folks.
9:34 am
>> he's constantly giving me -- >> you pooper, you always do. >> what? >> what about the karaoke scene? >> we had no rehearsal. they threw the damn, can i say that? can i go further than that? >> sure. >> we had seen it the night before for the first time. we had to get up and sing. again, another embarrassing moment. i'm going to say this on national television. they tried to destroy us. >> we can't wait to see this movie. quickly, speaking of singing. no, you're good. i'm going to pick up your mike. >>. no. >> i'm so sorry. >> "bye bye birdie". are we going to see you in it?
9:35 am
>> she already did that. >> j-lo is doing a remake. you're the best. >> thank you for being here. coming up a close encounter with another oscar winner, richard dreyfus. we'll tell us about a new series getting a lot of buzz coming up next. and an entrepreneur named sharon. its witnessed 31 crashes, 4 food fights, and the flood of '09. it's your paradise perfected with behr premium plus low odor paint. the best you can buy starting under $25. unbelievable quality. unbeatable prices. only at the home depot. no time for a bath? johnson's head-to-toe cleansing cloths. they're twice as big as regular wipes, so you're done in half the time. and you're off.
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today at olive garden. my doctor says i have skittles pox. are they contagious? i don't think so. contract the rainbow! taste the rainbow! richard dreyfuss richard dreyfus has appeared in iconic films. "jaws" and "close encounters". then he played a high school teacher that changed the lives of his students. now he's playing in "shots fired" tomorrow night we meet his character who is trying to pitch a massive private prison to the city's high rollers.
9:40 am
>> here we have a state of the art hospital o and here we have a farm. this facility will hold one of the best high school, college, and trade schools in this region. [ applause ] >> now, our prisoners will not leave her recriminalized. think will leave her revitalized. >> good morning. thank you for being here. >> good morning. thank you. >> we're just starting to get to know your character in this next episode. we haven't seen you yet. >> yeah. >> but there seems to be more than meets the eye. >> first of all, i play one of the black people in the movie -- no, i don't. >> wait a minute. what? >> i play a white entrepreneur who builds private prisons, and that's all i'm going to tell you about my character.
9:41 am
i will tell you this. when i first met reggie and gina, reggie said that he wanted to make a show that had no villians and no heros, but it was a show about cops shooting kids of both colors, and i thought that would be a good trick, and he's pulled it off. because your sympathies really shift from person to person, and you see a cop who is a black man who is a cop who is a family man who is a black man who is a cop. and you see the pull, and that really does allow for some very different discussion. >> it's very good. it's very compelling. it's interesting. you alluded to what i was going to ask you about. what drew you to this role? how do you decide at this point
9:42 am
in your career, i'll take this project on? no. i like to play interesting characters that you can't cut from the show. i have a friend in l.a. who teaches writers how to spot the scenes that will be cut from the movie. and so i like to play characters who you can't cut out. >> that's smart. >> yeah. >> how you've been around for so long. >> there are very few evil people. i have played some, because there's a little bit of dick cheney in all of us. so this guy that i play is privatizing something, and that's a toxic plague in america right now. we're trying to privatize everything. >> that's a hot topic. >> it is such an honor to have you here. it's like royalty sitting next to us.
9:43 am
you can catch "shots fired" every wednesday night. michigan university. >> coming to you from marquette michigan, home of northern michigan university. we set the record. very exciting. we'll give you a clue in a second where we're going tomorrow. first let's check your weather for today. ve we have the risk of strong storms making their way into parts of kansas. plenty of sun shine. gulf coast looks good. mid atlantic into the northeast. tomorrow severe storms don't move too much. mid and upper mississippi valley. mid atlantic states a little on the chilly side through northern new england. that's what's going on around the country. he's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> rain around right now. the biggest area of thunderstorm activity is right near frederick. leaving parts of montgomery county.
9:44 am
we saw lightning strikes. it will continue to move up north and east. the rest of the area pretty much now seeing that lighter rainfall pretty scattered. we have a chance for thunderstorms this afternoon. mid 70s tomorrow and thursday. friday rain. clear weekend. >> that is your latest weather. clues for tomorrow. day 3, rokerthon 3. don't knock it until you try it. fashion, checkerboard, and smokey is more than the great mountains. we'll see you tomorrow from day 3 of rokerthon 3. drop the mike. only kidding. >> thank you, al. travel safe. up next, a home makeover of a lifeti lifetime. wait until you see how the dreeps of odeserving family cam true wi the ultimate room renovation. tine.
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9:49 am
we learned audrey microcephaly before she was three months old. i noticed my friend's daughter's head was quite a bit larger than audrey's. i called the doctor and made an appointment. we went in and he measured her in the bottom 5th percentile for head circumference. >> a doctor diagnosed her with severe microcephaly. on a one year anniversary trip, ca kara was bitten by a mosquito carrying the mosquito virus. >> we were told she would never walk or talk or things a normal four-year-old would do. >> some of the predictions were proven wrong thanks to her therapist. >> she said i'll have her walking in ten sessions. >> there were still more hurdles like the tara losing her job as
9:50 am
well as their house not being conducive to >> she's heavy and for know carry her up and downstairs to give her a bath has been a little bit challenging. >> and she doesn't sleep in a normal bed. she's in a kricrib. i feel bad. >> after watching an episode of "george to the rescue" the family wrote, and what happened next was a dream come true. >> i was contacted by a producer. the producer said i love you. we have to meet. >> the day when the door well rang. >> it didn't ring. he busted right in. he thought he lived here. >> the door opens up and he's like mccarthy family. it was amazing. >> george quickly got to work making their lives a little bit easier. we dropped in to check out the progre progress. >> it's a beautiful home. >> they have a great home. and we don't just totally come in and tackle the whole home.
9:51 am
we focus on areas of need. this bathroom we had to there was a little shower. it didn't work well. we maximized the space we had. >> from new tile to countertops to more functional spaces the renovations for underway. jor george went to work on a new play room. and a new bedroom with a special new safe bed for audrey. >> she had a crib. time to make the next step to a big girl bed. we got a special bed for her. it's a work in progress. >> and after four weeks, it was time to reveal the finished project. >> oh, my goodness. it's beautiful. >> what joy.
9:52 am
>> you like the big >> look. >> oh, my. >> you love it? >> george from the bottom of my heart, you're officially a part of the family. you know that? >> oh, great hug. i can't take it anymore. >> audrey doesn't speak yet. she does in my dreams so i know she will someday. she'll be the best she can be. and we're there to support her. >> god takes your children to be with you for a reason. she's the most beautiful child ever. >> you can catch full episodes of "george to the rescue" online. and tune in the weekend of april 22nd to see this wonderful family. they are to this date, i think one of my favorite stories.
9:53 am
they're a beautiful family. >> you said itef started. i-been glued to the tv. >> that's really cool. >> we are back in a moment. first this is "today" on nbc. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month, for the first year with a two-year agreement. it's the only internet with equal upload and download speeds. cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of the download speeds. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years. and verizon wireless customers can stream tv on the fios mobile app, data-free.
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get the best. go to can we thank >> can we thank john? >> thank you so much for putting up. i got to skate after this. it's wrestlemania after this, and i have to get ready for that. >> scooting across your heinie like that was adorable. look at that. >> that's how i walk now. >> just like my dog. >> i can't tell you how many times i've heard that. >> wow -- >> yep. >> i don't know where to go from there. we have a commercial.
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> drop the mike. >> sounds like a good plan. 9:57 on tuesday, march 28th. breaking news to report right now this morning. we know that last night d.c. police arrested a man for karina mill's murder. she was found bound and stabbed to death in northeast last week. police say their 28-year-old suspect was originally arrested
9:58 am
for having outstanding warran somewhere else. we'll have more coming up. for now a check on the forecast. we have the rain still moving through. really keep the umbrella around for the rest of the day. another chance of thunderstorms later toda north clarks berg, still seeing heavier rain. thunderstorms activity on the pennsylvania border. that's going to continue to move north. again we have the chance for scattered showers or thunderstorms this morning. we're not out of the woods yet. 74 for a high today. clear out tomorrow and thursday. >> thank you. coming up at 11:00, a live report on a deadly
9:59 am
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flip your thinking about buying your next one. from nbc >> from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live. >> hello. welcome to booze day tuesday. >> that's called touch by little mix. you know who that is? >> i like little mix a lot. >> i know lil' wayne. >> do you like his muse snick. >> no, but i've met him.


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