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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 28, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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>> we live every day now trying to fight to make things better. and new tonight what led to the tragedy that claimed the lives of three storm chasers in tornado alley. news 4 at 11:00 starts now. we begin tonight with a mother shocked to find second degree burns on her baby daughter's feet. good evening. >> the little girl's baby sitter has been charged with child abuse tonight. b jackie bensen found out why police say this happened. >> reporter: the baby's little feet looked like they had been cooked. police believe 36-year-old mendoza burned the bottom of a 6-month-old baby's feet because she had grown
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the little came after being al by doctors at children's hospital. acting police chief says the baby's injuries are horrific. >> everyone who has been in contact with the child or has seen photos are taken aback by the photographs. >> reporter: she is charged with multiple counts of first degree child abuse and first degree assault. investigators believe the incident happened saturday at the home she shares with her husband and two children ages 9 and 2 years old. we spoke to neighbors who were surprised by the arrest. >> we didn't know she was doing that. >> reporter: police believe she has been baby sitting at her home for some time and want to know if any other parents have had concerns. >> there is a possibility there are other children that could have been injured. the injuries might be like a burn or something that may be explained off but now maybe thinking backt
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something more serious. >> reporter: they can contact the detective who is investigating by downloading our nbc washington app and searching baby sitter abuse. jackie bensen, news 4. new tonight chopper 4 is over the scene of a deadly crash in prince georges county along route 301 at trade zone avenue. police tell us two cars crashed about 7:30 tonight. one of the drivers got out to check the damage and another vehicle came along hitting and killing him. police tell us at least three other people were taken to the hospital. they are going to be okay. route 301 is closed in both directions until further notice as police investigate. now to a story you saw first on 4. days after two rockville high school students were arrested in connection to the rape of a
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public schools launch a safety review of all of its schools especially the cameras that monitor what goes on. the review will continue to the other 24 high schools in the district. the school system tells us officials will be checking the security cameras that are inside and out. >> we will take a look at where they are positioned and do we need to relocate some of them, angle them differently. if there are areas that are blind spots then we want to add cameras in those spaces. >> the high school safety review should be finished by the end of april. the review of middle and elementary schools will be completed by june. the action of a local father being credited with saving lives. his daughter was plotting a deadly attack. police say 18-year-old nicole detailed the plans in her diary to attack the high school next week. her father read that diary and alerted the school and
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police say they found bomb making material in her home and a shotgun she bought legally. a psychologist says there are warning signs that can alert parents. >> if a child or teen suddenly withdraws from a friend and from others and stays in their room for long hours or doesn't come home for long hours, really looking for patterns of change. >> after police learned of the plot the honors student was taken to a hospital for psychological evaluation. she will face felony charges once she is released. turning to our weather tonight a few showers out there on storm team 4 radar. >> gray most of the day. a little bit of sun peeking through. are things going to get better tomorrow? >> i think so. tomorrow we are a little bit
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right now tracking shower activity. some of the showers coming down heavier earlier tracking this shower right here almost gone but right through fairfax. that one gone. now tracking shower activity up around fredrick and moving in towards montgomery county. few more around warrenton. this is a system spinning around our region. behind it not bad tomorrow but then much cooler arillate week. more rain on the way. could be a lot of rain on friday. talking about the weekend. how is that looking? i have your forecast. i'll see you back in ten minutes. storm chasers literally drive right into dangerous situations but it is usually the weather they are worried about, not another car or truck on the road. three storm chasers were killed in a trash while trying to catch up to a tornado in texas. police say one w
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chaser in a black jeep and the suburban's driver was ejected from the truck. both of them died as well as a passenger in the suburban. two of them were contractors for the weather channel which released a statement saying they were beloved members of the weather community. we are saddened by this loss and our deepest sympathies go out to the families and loved ones. the entire storm chaser community has been posting condolences on facebook, twitter, social media as more strong storms continue to push through that area overnight. at the live desk, i'm chris lawrence. her son's cancer fight became a national story and eventually he lost his fight. tomorrow a michigan mother will go to capitol hill to fight cuts to research funding so that other families don't face the loss they did. shomari stone has moren
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story. >> reporter: good evening. tammy gar is concerned about potential budget cuts to national institute of health. her youngest son chad carr died about two years ago and she is here to also honor his legacy. tammy carr misses kissing her 4-year-old son, chad. she holds on to the memory with this cell phone video. >> there is nothing worse than losing a child. i can't imagine anything worse in this world. >> reporter: i met her at a downtown hotel. she tells me chad, the grand son of lloyd carr had a battle with a rare form of pediatric brain cancer. he died november 23, 2015. >> it is terribly sad b
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fight to make things better. >> reporter: she is taking her fight to capitol hill to demand congress reject president trump's budget proposal. she will share chad's story. the national institute of health could face an 18% to 20% cut under the president's proposed budget. >> there is an 18% cut you are basically telling these kids we don't really care. >> reporter: we reached out to the office of management and budget for comment on possible cuts to nih. on november 20 white house press secretary sean spicer was asked specifically about nih funding. >> i think there is an assumption in washington that if you don't spend more on a subject that you are not caring as much. i think there are cost savings that can be achieved so you can focus the dollars that are being allocated towards more effective use of the mission at hand. >> reporter: carr says she won't
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honor her son. >> we are in the united states of america. our kids deserve better than that. >> reporter: tammy and jason started the chad foundation to raise funds for cancer research. if you plan on posting about this they have the #chadtough to raise awareness. i'm shomari stone, news 4. when do we want it? now. >> these protesters don't dig the president's executive order on coal. environmental activists marching outside the white house calling the order an assault on the environment. but president trump called it a new era in energy production. the sweeping order gets rid of six obama era policies on climate change and makes it easier to mine coal on federal lands. tonight the white house says the president is just making good on a campaign
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miners back to work. he signed with miners lined up behind him. >> that is what this is all about, bringing back our jobs, bringing back our dreams and making america wealthy again. >> federal data shows mines have been losing jobs for decades now under both parties. right now there are fewer than 75,000 coal jobs in the u.s. compared to 650,000 renewable energy jobs. pretty soon internet service providers won't need your permission to share your browsing history with marketers. any medical questions you might look for answers to online, online searches, even your private e-mails could be sold to third parties. house of representatives voted to scrap sec privacy rules that prevented that. that vote this afternoon, the senate approved the same resolution last week. so now it goes to
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trump for his signature. nbc 4 iscomcast. comcast is an internet service prover as well as the country's largest cable provider. someone broke into their home, trashed it and stole thousands of dollars in belongings, but a virginia couple tells us the attack on their faith is what hurts them most. they left town for the weekend and when they returned to their apartment they found this mess and the words "f muslims" scribbled on the wall. the couple believe it began as burglary but turned into something more when crooks realized they were in a muslim home. >> this is why we decided to approach the media because this is not okay. we wanted to get the word out there that this cannot become a normal thing. >> family members' green cards were stolen along with more than $25,000 in jewelry. right now police don't have a
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the north carolina artistth atm card. she was found bound and stabbed to death inside a house last week. d.c. police arrested the suspect in our area last night. police say they have pictures using the atm card at several locations. it was used seven times to withdraw a total of $4,000 in the days before and after the death. next at 11:00, a new uber service coming to help commuters in virginia. how much would you pay to avoid standing in line for car pool. a local county that just landed 1,000 new jobs thanks to amazon. a dangerous intersection getting some attention to make
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new tonight a crash scene is part of a murder investigation. somebody opened fire on a car at 15th and alabama. two men were inside the car. the shots hit both of them. the car crashed and one man died. we are told the other guy is expected to be okay. new safety measures are coming to a dangerous montgomery county intersection. the maryland state highway administration today announcing plans to install a new safety signal. it will be at this intersection of beers mill road and turkey branch parkway. two cyclists were killed there last year. it is not clear when the new signal will be installed. new videof
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you about last night. police are loo allegedly posed s target employee and stole more than $45,000 worth of new iphones from the target a couple weeks ago. the video appears to show somebody waiting for the suspect in a volvo. the woman loaded the phones into the trunk and jumped into the back seat. if you recognize her police would like to hear from you. amazon delivering more than packages to virginia. the company will open new warehouse and distribution center. the company expects the project will create more than 1,000 jobs. governor says tonight the commonwealth competed against west virginia for the new facility. uber is getting ready to launch a new service to help virginia commuters get to work faster. it's like a slug line system but it is all done through an app called uber commute. the app would serve areas that don't have slug lines right now.
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commuter so you can access hov lanes. uber says you won't have to stand in line like you would with a normal slug line system. slug lines are free. uber commute would cost you $5 to $10 a trip. >> this is casual car pooling. people who are looking to share a ride with a friend or a neighbor. it's a different experience. >> i think for the most part slugs are thrifty and slug to save money and save time. to pay i'm not sure they would be willing to do that. >> the pilot program will start in a couple of weeks with the focus on alexandria and fairfax. >> pretty cool. >> i doenn't think i would wanto be in a slug line today. >> not if you were caught in a down pour. if you didn't have the umbrella you might have been caught out in the rain. we had showers coming thro
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temperatures not all that ice oh cloud cover. current temperatures at 64 degrees. winds out of the north at 10 miles per hour. the northerly wind will start to cool things. tomorrow looking pretty good. 57 in winchester. 61 cullpepper. rain towards the river area. shower activity around warrenton. you see showers here and northern montgomery county towards leesburg area. bru gathersburg you are ready for rain. damascus very light rain moving down 270 continuing to move to the south and east over the next 20 to 30 minutes or so and hit the district at around 11:45 midnight. this is all part of a system. behind it we are going to see clearing and temperatures will be a little bit cooler. 73 is what we hit today.
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58 in pittsburgh. that is the air we get into tomorrow. upper 50s, low 60s north and west. upper 60s to the south. high of 66 in the city tomorrow. clouds early and sunshine. mostly sunny skies tomorrow. still mild and a bit breezy. winds gusting upwards of 20 miles per hour. a little bit of a breeze out there. a very nice wednesday. out at the bus stop 51 degrees. maybe the jacket early but nice for recess. tomorrow as i mentioned before is one of the days where the jackets go to school but don't come back. breezy at noon and 4:00. temperature around 66. all in all a nice day for the kids at school. as we move on to the next few days high of 59 degrees on thursday. thursday is the first day we see cool air settle in. the clouds settle in, too. friday high of 58 and rain. that is still a spring training game. nationals taking on red sox at
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rainy. are we able to get the rain in? not sure. poncho for 4:00. not the best night for baseball. official opening day monday that looking dry with a high temperature around 62 degrees. another chance of rain tuesday and wednesday. right now i'm tracking friday could see upwards of half an inch to inch of rain. the last couple of weeks we have been in a severe drought so that rain will go a long way. >> good timing. it will get rid of some of the pollen that is making us crazy. >> coming up, what a night for the caps in minnesota. >> seth myers with what is ahead on late night. >> scarlett johansson is my guest tonight. plus host of morning
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> calling it breath taking. >> exhausting really. late night just ended. longest stretch away from verizon center. five games in eight nights. first night on the road everyone is going to be so tired. caps highlights are not for the faint of heart. if blood gets you queasy be ready to look away. alex ovechkin wants more. if you get queasy get
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a high stick. pay back. they go into exchanging fists and it gets ugly. isn't that crazy? he is not looking so great. he gets stitched up and comes back in. ovechkin show started after that. second period on the power play scored 31st goal of the season. here is number two on the night on the power play. can't stop him. 32nd goal of the season. number three hat trick. third goal. 17th hat trick of his career goes to overtime. minnesota native oshy scoring game winner. they come out ahead 5-4 the final. wizards on the west coast visiting lakers. a win and they clenc
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attacks the rim. later in the quarter lakers with it but they turn it over. here come the wizards. right now the wizards lead lakers in the second quarter. late night hoops in l.a. jayson werth and the nats hosting marlins. bottom two entering final season of the contract. crushes this one to left center. check out what happens out there. the fan gets it and has to fight for it. brings him down and of course a second later they have to text about it. marlins go on to beat nationals 4-2 the final. everyone talking about how this is a redskins town. skins head
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first time of free agency. it's our final story. here is jay gruden jokingly being legally required to be here for four more years. >> i think it is a good thing. it is always good to have stability especially with your assistant coach. they have families, too. they want to feel secure. to have dan and bruce is important. hopefully i can make them right by the decision and do the best i can moving forward and continue to build the franchise. >> almost 30 minute interview with him. we have the draft coming up at the end of april. long way to talk about redskins. >> yes
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maybe you saw this on air live earlier. d.c. fire rescued two construction workers stranded up in a disabled lift bucket ten stories high. this happened in the navy yard neighborhood. crews used a ladder bridge to rescue each worker one at a time. no one fortunately was injured. pretty scary moment there. >> i imagine so. nbc is changing the way viewers will watch the 2018 olympic winter games. for the first time ever nbc will offer the olympic coverage live
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both broadcast and streaming content online. nbc's coverage of the 2018 winter olympics begins february 8 next year. opening ceremonies are friday february 9. that is a world wide thing. >>
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jason segel, lilly singh,


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