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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  March 29, 2017 4:30am-4:59am EDT

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taking a look at 66 up. d.c. police say another girl has gone missing. let's go to erica gonzalez at the live desk. >> the police put out a picture of osharna pittman, she's 13 years old. she was last seen monday morning, okay? she was seen wearing, that morning, a burgundy shirt, she had on white jeans, silver pumas. her hair is in twists. if you've seen this young lady, please contact d.c. police. from the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. >> thank you. >> several members of the family are missing, now, they live in maryland. a family member called police, apparently, concerned about these four people including a 10-year-old and an 8-year-old. it's not clear when they were last seen. the family is homeless, as we understand
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aberdeen police say it's possible they're split up. its medical sa ramos mendoza is facing charges after apparently burning a 6-month-old baby girl's feet on a tortilla pan. police say she got frustrated with the little girl's crying, this happened saturday. and police believe she's been babysitting for others at her home for quite some time. she's currently jailed without bond. well, 301 in prince george's county now reopen after a deadly crash in upper marlboro. chopper 4 flying over the crash scene last night. police tells that you two drivers of the cars crashed around 7:30. one of the drivers got out to check the damage, and that's when another vehicle came along
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police tell us atest were taken hospital. but they are expected to be okay. police have not said at this point whether anyone will be charged in this deadly crash. now, for a look of what we can expect from the white house today. president trump inspected to launch a commission to address the country's opioid epidemic. sources tell nbc news it will be headed by new jersey governor chris christie. and there are new reports on former trump campaign chairman paul manafort and his banking industry. news4's tracie potts will have more coming up. and her son's cancer fight became a national story. now, a michigan mom will go to capitol hill to cut fights in research funding. she lost her 4-year-old son chad in november 2015. chad is the grandson of michigan
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football coach lloyd oversight committee demanding that congress reject an 18% to 22% cut to the national institute of health. >> when you think about the rare diseases and an 18% cut, you're basically telling these kids, we don't really care. >> white house has argued that the cuts forced the nih to reorganize and focus resources on the highest priority resource. the carr family started the chad foundation to help fund research. you saw it first on news4. montgomery county public schools are reviewing security, after the rape of a 14-year-old girl. parents demanded safety changes that far 14-year-old girl was assaulted in a school bathroom by two classmates. the review will start at rockville high. and then don't all 24 other high schools. the district says officials will be checking the security cameras
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>> we'll take a look at wheresi. and if we need to relocate some of them, angle them differently to provide better visibility. and if there are areas that are blocked then we'll want to add cameras in those spaces as well. >> the high school safety review should be finished by the end of april. the review of elementary and middle schools should be wrapped up by june. police say a maryland teenager methodically planned to kill her classmates at catoctin high school. coming up, we are going to tell you the chilling steps she took to plan the attack and the warning signs her appear noticed that may have saved lives. metro's general manager has to answer the congress about whether repairs have been successful. going before the house oversight committee he'll have to defend whether to return metro to good
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focus on tracknt to railcars. news4's transportation reporter adam tuss for updates through the day. >> the mayor's office says the district's 2018 budget will include funding for the new 59 metro bus route. if the budget is approved that route would serve commuters between the tacoma and federal triangle station. the national abouter recear about to have a new baby cam. we saw a first hole in the elg around 10:19 yesterday morning. right now, that hole is about the size of a dime. experts say it could danger another full day before the eaglet hatches. you can find a link to the live eagle cam in the nbc
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app. just search eagle cam. 4:36, your time right now. let's get another check on weather and traffic. >> we want to check with melissa on the roads but first to sheena and chuck. chuck, it was a damp start. >> sure was. i just want to know are we going to put one of those baby cams on melissa this summer. keep constant track. yes, a little puddle wetness out there this morning. >> some spots, you use the wipers. a little mist. no rain in the area right now. here's a live look outside. you can see a little haziness, we still do have the low clouds in place, otherwise, it's comfortable this morning. 59 degrees right now in the district. as we go towards 8:00 this morning, mid-50s. so, i really don't think you need the jacket, maybe the long sleeves. otherwise by noon. 61 degrees. not as warm as
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d6sunshine, but you don't need are the umbrella until the end of the week. looking good outside. good morning, chuck. >> yeah, no complaints around here, as you mentioned a lot of wet roads early. but with the rain essentially done now things will be improving. a lot of severe weather out across parts of the middle of the country. big severe weather in parts of oklahoma and texas. most is leaving the dallas area towards houston. st. louis, kansas city, dallas, ft. worth, houston, you may have flight delays because of that. unfornttunatel unfortunately, quite a few severe weather. as far as the outdoor planner, roads are wet. this afternoon, sunshine coming back. kind of on the cool but dry side. getting concerned that most of your friday night plans may be lost to rain chances. we'll help you plan that out. and talk more about the weekend coming up in a few more minutes, but now let's go to
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>> is the baby here yet? >> we need it here, shooting down, you can see things getting larger and larger and more uncomfortable. but i'm happy at the moment. northbound and southbound, everything rolling along just fine. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway. also looking quite good. quantico to the beltway, going to take you 17 minutes into town. and out of town, same situation, no major problems here as you're headed southbound on 95 this morning. one more look for you, prince george's county, overall, no major issues. aaron. >> all right, melissa, thank you. it is not the behavior you'd expect from an honor roll student. what we're learning from the maryland high schooler accused of plotting an attack at they are school. they're hailed as heroes for rushing in when others
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rushing out. and a
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check out this rescue yesterday. about 30 minutes south of boston. you can see firefighters here saving an elderly man from his burning apartment. neighbors said the 82-year-old usually has a hard time walking. the elderly man and one firefighter are being treated
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several other firefighters were on the wcet caused that fire. new details this morning out the maryland student accused of planning an attack at her frederick county school. >> news4 learned that the suspect was a lot like other teens. she was on the honor roll. even had a job at a carry-out restaurant. officials sayhole cevario detailed how she would carry out an attack next week. there are warning signs that parents should look for in their children. >> if a child or teen suddenly withdraws from his friends, and from others, and holes up in their room for several hours, or didn't come home for long hours, you're really looking for patterns of change. >> investigators say they found
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bombmaking material in tha she purchased at a dick's sports goods. she will face felony charges when released. police are searching for the woman accused of walking off with thousands of dollars of iphones and they hope video will catch her. this woman posed as a target employee at the store in mt. vernon. she stole more than $40,000 worth of new iphones. new video appears to show somebody waiting for her in a volvo. f you recognize her or that car, police want to hear from you. >> say boo good-bye to the umbrella and hello to the sunglasses. >> hello, aaron, yes, we're going to see nice weather today. the umbrella you won't need until the end of the week. comfortable this morning. chuck and i are back with a forecast coming up. new allegations against president trump's former campaign manager. th
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questions. we know you will do anything for your children, but what about when it comes to cos
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good morning, everybody. it is 4:46 on a wednesday morning. storm 4 team radar scanning the skies looking for rain drops, not finding much other than a few matches of drizzle. more rain between now and the weekend. timing out that next rain chance coming right up. and it's the loan that could impact your credit score that has nothing to do with you. why some parents are rethinking cosigning for their kids's student loans. a day of
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mall turns to murder. wh don't have enough to charge their suspect. plus, one of the most high profile murders in d.c. history heads to the supreme court code. police say kathryn fuller was brutally beaten and gang raped in northeast d.c. seven men were convicted but lawyers argue that prosecutors withhold key evidence. they say that evidence proved someone else carried out the crime. the supreme court will decide whether or not the evidence is significant. if it is, it's up to the district attorney's office to retry the case. the investigation into russia's interference will once again dom nature the day on capitol hill. >> leaders of the senate investigation are expected to meet with the media one day before the public hearing on the issue. news4 tracie potts is live on capitol hill. tracie, this comes as we're learning about former trump campaign manager paul manafort banking history in cyprus. >> right, we
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to cyprus whod millions of dollars that were traced to pau campaign chair. and some of that money traced to a russian oligarch who had very close ties s ts to president vr putin. the money between the two, one source telling us manafort to influence politics in the u.s. manafort in a reply to nbc denies that. but some of the questions were closed after that to the bank. >> when it comes to russia the white house pushing back that it actually tried to block former acting attorney general sally yates who testified in the house investigation into russia. what more do you know about that. >> in a series of letters going back and forth between the intelligence committee. the intelligence
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to hear from her on whether or not they're looking into mike flynn's, the national security adviser's ties to russia. apparently not wanting to testify saying that information was privileged. considered privileged, because he was a client at the time. remember, this bass during the transition. she ended up not testifying. she ended up getting fired. and now the house intelligence committee wants to try to bring her back. the new claire of that committee, devin nunes, has been accused of trying to block her testimony. he cancelled that hearing this week. however, it's possible she may come back. >> tracie potts on the hill. thanks so much. 4 room 49. and president trump won't be the only person skipping this year's white house correspondent dinner. his staff is expected to skip it, too. they said staff won't attend out of solidarity with the president. the association said the event will go on as plan
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home, trashed in full of thousands of worth of belongings but the attack on their space is what hurts the most. the family left town for the weekend, when they returned to their apartment near the metro they found this mess and the words "f muslims" on the walls. and it turned into a hate crime when realized they in a muslim home. >> this is why we decided to approach the media because this is not okay. we wanted to get the word out there that this cannot be normalized. this cannot become a normal thing. >> the green cards were stolen along with $25,000 worth of jewelry. right now, police do not have a suspect. a teenager accused of stabbing two men to death at wheaton mall is no longer favoring murder charges. prosecutors cited insufficient evidence as the reasons why they dropped t
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jackson. police saidurveillance video from westfield wheaton mall shows one teen stabbing one man and chasing after another. state attorney's office said the investigation is still active. right now, new rankings about our community. erika gonzalez at the desk. the maryland highway administration is talking about safety measures that are coming to an intersection that's in maryland. the maryland highway administration announcing the plans to install a new safety signal in rockville. it will be at the intersection of we're mill road and turkey branch parkway. two cyclists were killed there last year. and now erika
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what do you gois i a brand-new e from the robert woods foundation. loudoun county number one, arlington county number two and fairfax for the whole state. what are they relating to? the ranked counties for specifically how long you'll live and what your quality of life is like. in maryland, montgomery county came in first. frederick county, maryland, fourth, calvert county, sixth. prince george's county. they base it on education, transportation, property and other items as well. from the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. >> thank you. 4:52. our time right now. a little bit of a wet start. nothing to complain about today? >> a decent amount of sunshine. i don't want to overpromise and underdeliver. a fair amount
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and a start for tomorrow after needed rain drops arrive on your friday. not everybody wants a rainy friday afternoon and evening but that looks to be what's on the way. for wednesday morning, those skies are partly to mostly cloudy. the biggest factor is going to be that win direction. north breeze averaging 10 miles per hour is going to bring slightly cooler air into place. 74 degrees, but we will be dry. current temperature now 55 in frederick, maryland. 54 in winchester, virginia. 58 by the bay. if you're planning out the rest of the day, temperatures mostly in the 50s through the morning hours. but that north-northwesterly breeze will inhibit much of a warmup. even those skies will get more and more clear with time. temperatures today will only get back up into the low to mid60s. not quite as mild. you'll need the sunglasses for later on today. a
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yesterday across parts of oklahoma and texas. unfortunately reports now of three storm chasers killed in a traffic accident near spur, texas, north west of the dallas area. not a good day for storm chasers. our thoughts and prayers go out to them. and it will be an improving weather picture. here's a look at your whole ten-day forecast. we'll call tell mid60s for highs today. staying in the 50s tomorrow, morning sunshine, and clouds friday afternoon and friday night. that may linger into saturday. look goods for the cherry blossom ten miler. and more rain chances next week. let's go to melissa mollet. sometimes, wet roads cause troubles, i don't know that's the case just yet. >> yeah, not yet. let's keep our fingers crossed here. we do still have one work hanging around. the others have disappeared. rock creek have the left lane getting by the bridge work in each direction. ta
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out of town looking good. the beltway no problems there. and 270, heading southbound out of frederick, you're nice and clear as well. we'll take a look at 95 coming up. it's something that most people can't go to college without gettinging. we're talking about student loans here. a warning for some parents now. why those who have been in your shoes before say they would not cosign for their kids again. also coming up in the 5:00 hour. a big change for chipotle. what could be different about your lunch today. step right up, boys and girls, men and women of
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if you're a parent thinking of cosigning for your kid's student loan, you might want to think again. a new report says most parents don't understand the consequences of those private loans. 35% of parents said they now regret cosigning for the loan. and 57% said they believe their credit scores were negatively impacted. cosigning makes you a co-borrower and can impact your credit score. more now on how families are struggling to get legislation. >> and when your financial aid pack amount comes back with less than you expected consumer reporter susan hogan explains
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>> well, you should appeal to both the financial aid office and also the college admissions office. both offer two types of aid if your fafsa aid came up short appeal to the student aid office. you can send them a letter. colleges are pretty strategic what should go out to each student. however, if your financial status changed since filling out your fafsa, you should at least let them know. contact the admissions office if you received a scholarship especially for merit aid. they may increase the award especially if you tell them you're contemplating between them and another college. there's one word which you should never include in that appeals letters. i'll tell what you that is. and you should also have more strategic moves to make before you increase that financial pack avenue of yours. well tell you all about that comes up on
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now at 5:00 -- what started as a minor accident turned deadly. how things took a quick and dramatic turn. and she put her trust in her to protect her little girl. but she's now accused of intentionally putting her in harm's way. what a local babysit is accused of. and the last time it happened jimmy carter was president, gas cost $1.19 and michael jackson was on top of the charts. the major win that the washington wizards are celebrating this morning. >> beautiful! >> announcer: "news4 today" starts now. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm angie goff in for eun yang. we're going to get to weather and traffic in just a minute. but first, back to that big win for the wizards. >> here's wall. beautiful alley-oop. >> they got there, the wizards are the best team in their


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