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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  April 24, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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located just across the street has been evacuated. still, there is some progress to report this afternoon. we just got word that the fire, while still burning, is under control. >> what an incredible view from earlier. the fall-out continues right now, the university of maryland tweeting this afternoon, announcing that the campus was closing at 1:00, due to poor air quality. no word on when the campus will re-open. we sent news alerts to your phone around 9:00 this morning. tracee wilkins has been tweeting from the scene and joins us live with what's going on there now. >> reporter: let me show you what's happening here. this is a different view from what we've seen throughout the day. there you can see that the smoke, it appears like it's almost dissipated. that's a very different view when earlier today when dark smoke was billowing from that building and pouring out as firefighters tried to battle the fire
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chopper 4 showed what it looked like from above with what appears to have been a number of floors that collapsed inside of this building, because of the way that it was structured and because it was at one of its most vulnerable points. it was not occupied yet. they were finishing construction. there were crews working inside when the fire started on the fifth and spread to the sixth and up to the roof. none of the sprinklers had been turned off yet and the access to water in that area was limited. it was also very difficult for firefighters to access the building to fight the fire because of how it's structured. they could only fight it from one side. here now from the acting chief, of the prince george's county fire department describing what they were up against. >> we can see, once the fire gets in the void spaces, it's very hard to catch up to it, especially if you don't have access, you know, to get right up and get to the scene of the
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fire. because it started at the top and got into the roof, now the roof and all the air conditioning units were starting to collapse, we couldn't have crews on the top floor, because now, everything you see on that end is collapsed. if there had been any firefighters in that area, it would have been a disaster. >> reporter: prince george's county fire department announcing they will be on the scene here all night long. so although this fire is now under control, they're going to have to watch the hot spots and stay here to make sure they don't have any more issues. now, again, this is a building that was nearing completion of construction. it's called fuse 47. already some students who were looking to living inside of what's considered a mix use building. they were expecting retail on the ground floor and apartments on the upper levels, but now this entire building has been gutted by this fire. coming up on news4 at 5:00, what people here experienced as that fire burn and impacted all of college park and l
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of prince george's county. live in college park, i'm tracee wilkins, back to you in the studio. just a short time ago, we learned the cause of yesterday's apartment fire in ft. washington. investigators say that blaze was accidental. started by an electrical problem. flames gutted the top floor of glen rock landing apartments. residents had very little time to call for help before getting out of that building. one woman tossed her children off a bal ccony, but no one was seriously hurt. what a drenching we got out there today. safe to say all of us are getting rain tonight. >> yes, doug and lauryn are in the storm center to tell us how much more we'll get. >> that rain is going to continue through the rest of the evening hours. and then another piece of the storm works its way in tomorrow. >> and it's been gloomy and cool, average temperature should be around 70
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>> and maybe to 80 or 90 by the end of the week. but right now, it's rain moving in from the south. and we've seen it moving in at times, most of it on the light side. just south of frederick or banner region, fairfax county. we'll continue to see rain the rest of the evening hours. that will affect the evening rush. so if folks are making their way home, maybe give them extra time. look at the numbers. average high this time of year, into the 60. we're at 54 in washington, 58 in hagerstown. 61 up towards state college, and when we're talking about warmer weather, do we have it in the forecast for you. see you in just a minute. other top stories we're tracking for you today. after a 420 marijuana
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proponents staged a smoke-in on capitol hill. several people were arrested. former president obama in chicago today encouraging young people to get involved in their communities. this was his first public appearance since leaving office. he spoke about his days as a community organizer and gave advice on leadership and public service. president trump is calling a pair of polls released over the weekend face news. they show the president with historically low approval ratings, but also holding on to his supporters. 96% of people who voted for trump say they would do it again. it's going to be a busy week up on capitol hill. government funding ends on friday. congress needs to pass a funding bill to avoid a government shutdown. >> and the a
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first of all, timing. the house doesn't go back to work until tomorrow. that means there will only be three full days to hammer out a deal. and that deal appears farther from reach right now than first thought. >> the president's also trying to tie several controversial requests to that funding bill, including money for his border wall and increased military spending. democrat, even some republicans aren't necessarily on board. the president could also gum up the works by introducing a tax reform plan, that would be on wlds, and asking congress to take another stab at a health care bill before his 100 days' mark on saturday. >> finally, keep an eye on how republicans play this all out. no one really wants a shutdown, especially republicans who control both houses of congress. already some are calling for the president to stay out of the process. republican tom reed of new york saying politics should be kept out of the funding bill. >> so we asked if you're concerned about the chance of a
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split between yes, not yet, and not at all. you can weigh in now by adding to our nbc washington facebook page. right now, d.c. police are looking for this teenager who has just been reported as a critical missing person. 16-year-old anthony castro zafala was last seen friday along sheridan street northwest. he's described as hispanic with a light complexion, 5'5", and 180 pounds. brown eyes, black hair. if you know anything about his whereabouts, you should contact police. meanwhile, hollywood's elite making these missing teenage cases a story nationwide. and d.c. leaders say they're thankful. tonight, an inside look at the city's plan to keep our kids home. first at 4:00, the gift each student at a maryland school is going to get thanks to jimmy fallon. >> love that shot. and in wedding season, new etiquette about what y sho
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creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources
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we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy. well, we're heading into wedding season, and like so many other aspects of american life these days, millenials are changing the rules a bit on what to give or get as gifts. many couples about to walk down the aisle this year were born in the
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say cash make the best gifts because they can spend it any way they want. even apply it to the cost of the wedding itself. according to the bank rate, millenials may also set up a honey moon registry. the survey also found the most generous gift-givers live in the northeast where people spend 200 bucks on average compared to 50 to $100 in the rest of the country. more than 20% of those surveyed said they had declined a wedding invitation because they could not afford to go. after the gift, i'll bet not. well, the story took off on the nbc washington facebook page and it only got bigger after jimmy fallon heard about it. [ laughter ] >> here she goes. >> there we go. that's what i'm talking about. >> by now, you probably know that was the
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fields road elementary in gaithersburg. they held a tonight show inspired russian roulette egg game. after fallon put the video on his show, ready whip donated $13,000 to the cause. the school will use it to buy standing desks and stability balls to help the students move while they're learning. they also buy some new speakers to play music during recess. and every child will get a reading book. meanwhile, back in chicago, and back in the spotlight, we'll share the inspiring message today from our forr
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president trump made a very long distance call this morning, to the international space station. he wanted to personally congratulate nasa astronaut peggy whitson, who broke the record today for the most time spent in space for an american, 544 days, and counting. >> on behalf of our nation and frav frankly on behalf of the world, i'd like to congratulate you. that's really something. >> it's an honor for me basically to be representing all the folks at nasa
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space flight possible, and who make me setting this record feasible. >> president trump made the call from the oval office, joined by daughter ivanka trump and nasa astronaut kate rubins who recently returned from the international space station. whitson was the first woman to command the iss, and at age 57, she's also the oldest woman in space, and she's the most experienced female spacewalker. >> i can't wait to see the first steps walking on earth when she's back. that is going to be something. >> for sure. former president obama said he wants to prepare young people for public service. >> he made his first public appearance since leaving office. he spoke to a crowd at the university of chicago about civic engagement, but he didn't mention his successor or offer any thoughts about current events. >> are there ways in which we can knock down some of the barriers that are discouraging young people
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service? and if there are, i want to work with them to knock down those barriers. >> the obama presidential library is planned for the university of chicago. he says he's hoping it will be a place for young people to become more civically engaged. howard university students are making a difference in your community. this weekend, pharmacy, medical, dental, and social work students held a health fair at the central union mission. they do great things there. they helped more than a hundred homeless men received comprehensive health care screenings. the students also helped them sign up for health care, that was the third year for the health fair. job well done. >> very well done. and we're still pretty wet out there. how long before we start to dry out? where's your poncho? >> it's extremely wet,
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we're still in a drought, even though we've had this rainy scenario, and the rain looks to continue for the next 24 hours, maybe longer, off and on. right now, it's steady rain and a nasty day across the region. it's going to continue to be, not just the rain, but very cool temperatures. average high, 69 degrees. right now at 54. look at the numbers tonight. not dropping all that much. we've already dropped from where we were earlier today. 53 at 7:00, down to 52. and showers remaining throughout the rest of the evening hours. much warmer to the north. frederick, 63 degrees. they were the last to see the rain. that temperature will drop as well. manassas as 51 degree, only 52 in culpeper. huntingtown coming in at 55 degrees. here's the rain and again it's everywhere. frederick really starting to see it, the numbers will come down quickly. do have shower activity down to the south. most on the lighter side, but
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fairfax, along 66, through fairfax, over towards d.c., seeing moderate rain now. if we move this up to the north here, you notice where we are seeing some of that heavier rain, into portions of carol county and we continue to see the rain moving through and we will continue to see it. we have a system coming through, but the main area of low pressure, you can see it spinning way down here towards atlanta and it's not moving that quickly. it will move to the north and again tomorrow, more shower activity, 6, 7, 8:00, the rain moves back in and it's here throughout much of the afternoon. more scattered tomorrow than it is today, but at times it will stay on the light to moderate side. we'll continue to watch through tomorrow evening and right through early wednesday morning, we stay with the clouds. the rain moves out. by wednesday, on the dry side, but still wet roadways. watch the afternoon
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see the sunshine. by the time you're heading home on wednesday, looking really good there. road conditions tonight, tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon. wet, wet, and damp. again, i think we'll see some spotty showers tomorrow evening. so maybe not as bad tomorrow night. but still wet through early wednesday morning. highs tomorrow around 60, depending on how much rain we get. temperatures will be held in the 50s in some locations. another wet day. also going to be breezy and cool. another nasty one. winds gusting upwards of 20 miles per hour, making it even nastier. and then look at this, 60 tomorrow, i've got two 90s, and it just so happens they occur on saturday and sunday. open up the pools, everyone, because here comes the warm air by the weekend. >> oh, my goodness, you will need a pool. >> thank you, doug. before our next storm spring hits, make yur you have the nbc wagt
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radar to track rain moving over your neighborhood and that's where we send the breaking weather alerts. for the second time, marijuana advocates handcuffed on capitol hill. but first, the country star helping us to kick off a new season of "the voice" tonight and the judge feeling especiall confident yth fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month onlinefor the first year with a two-year agreement. it's the only internet with equal upload and download speeds. cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of their download speeds.
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♪ ♪ >> this guy's on fire, mark isaiah, one of the 12 singers who will sing tonight live on "the voice." he sang "all time low" last time, tonight's two-hour show begins at 8:00. >> and tonight, shannia twain joins the competition as a key adviser. >> that's a big get. access hollywood got an exclusive interview with her today. liz hernandez, wow, shannia twain is the top selling female country artist of all time. how excited is she about this new role tonight? >> how excited is she, or how excited am i? because i love shannia twain. she'll be joining "the voice" tonight as the key adviser to all four coaches. >>
4:25 pm
be semi- professional. >> is that chris? would you like to meet shannia twain? >> oh, my god. that's shannia twain. >> yes, and shannia has a new album expected later this year. and she gives "voice" fans a glimpse deep into her music past. >> the first concert i ever went to was van halen, i was 15 years old, i was so in love with eddie van halen. the first album i ever bought was michael jackson off the wall. yeah, that was amazing. >> she looks fantastic. now, over the weekend, i sat down with goldie hawn and amy schumer who start in the new comedy "snatch." it literally has it all. amy even wrote in her own skin-bearing surprise. >> in terms of nudity, there's nudity in this movie and it's unearned, and there's no demand r
4:26 pm
but it is in there. >> but it works. >> 100% you? >> yeah. >> i love it. >> that's a nice question. yeah, i would have chosen different breasts. [ laughter ] >> i wouldn't. >> thank you. that's so nice. >> obviously, i had a great time. pat and jim, "snatched" opens may 12th. >> i love that, unearned nudity. and switching gears, on a sad note, investigators have revealed more news about the death of erin moran. what are you hearing? >> two different reports. that the ambulance showed up there, they came to find out it may have been caused due to her aggressive cancer. so the story is still developing as we come across different headlines, but right now, that seems to be the latest. >> all right, and what else do you have tonight on "access"? >> natalie sits down with channing tatum. you know, they're
4:27 pm
quite the sitdown. >> all right. he wasn't dancing around her, was he? >> well, you never know, she may have gotten a lap dance. >> thanks so much. look forward to it, liz, always good to talk to you. first at 4:00, an inside look at what's coming to our kennedy center this fall. >> but first, we'll talk live with our senior political editor. it's a critical week as the
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now at 4:30, rain all over our storm team 4 radar. depending on where you live, you could get up to an inch of rain in your neighborhood tonight. >> and we just learned firefighters will spend the night monitoring that massive fire in prince george's county. it started this morning at a building under construction in college park. no one was injured. >> government funding ends on friday. na means congress needs to pass a funding bill to avoid a government shutdown. democrats are reluctant to get on board with president trump's biggest priority, that border
4:31 pm
arrested after lighting up a marijuana joint on the east side of the capitol. many of those taken into custody were also arrested on thursday when protested tried to hand out free joints on capitol hill. meagan fitzgerald has the story. >> reporter: change starts with us. >> reporter: for less than two hours, demonstrators rallied outside the capitol steps, some giving testimony of how marijuana saved their lives. >> instead of taking ambien to fall sleep and waking up a zombie, i smoked cannibis and felt new again. >> if it doesn't hurt anyone, then there should be no crime. >> reporter: they want marijuana to be legalized across the country, and many are also calling for inmates serving jail sentences to be freed. >> to my pirituality -- >> reporter: but as they started to smoke a joint on
4:32 pm
grounds, they too were taken away to jail. a week from today, thousands are expected to come together to speak out against the immigration policies of the trump administration. today, activists spread the word about the so-called mayday mobilization. immigrants and their supporters will march from dupont circle to lafayette square on may 1st. they tell us the administration is unfairly targeting undocumented immigrants with no criminal records. >> the sleeping giant is awake. we're going to be asking this president that once and for all, him and his administration stop all the harassment, intim additidation of our community. >> elected officials and labor unions will also be taking part at 2:00 in the afternoon next monday. while we continue to see that rain move through your area, just some light s
4:33 pm
and that's what we're going to see as we continue into the overnight. there's some fog in some spots. visibilities are just a little low in some spots. not all throughout the region, and also in some spots, we're seeing more moderate rain, carol county and frederick county, maryland. but all in all, this has been a light rain. we've gotten a little bit more than a tenth of an inch of rain over the last couple hours and through last night, but you can see spotty in nature, and that's the way it's going to be as we continue into the overnight. widen up the picture, we got a lot of moisture down to the south. we're going to have rain through the day tomorrow. i say unfortunately because it's going to be another gloomy day, but this has been official rain. it's cleansing the air of the horrific tree pollen we had last week, and we need it to add a little bit to our rain totals, because we're still in a drought from last year. 54 degrees, we've stayed in the 50s, and we'll continue to be in the
4:34 pm
be careful if you're headed out tonight. we're going to talk about when the rain ends, and if you like summer, you're going to like the forecast on the ten-day, that's coming up in about 15 minutes. >> thank you, lauryn. president trump closing in now on his first 100 days in office this coming saturday. and today the president blasted a pair of recent approval polls as fake news. >> that's despite the fact that those polls had some good news for the president. the polls were conducted by nbc "the wall street journal" and abc and "the washington post." both showed this president with historically low 40% approval rating, but the abc poll also showed 96% of the people who voted for trump said they'd vote for him again. the president sent a tweet this morning, calling them, quote, fake news polls." he did note they contained some positive info, but also reminded people how wrong the polls were about thect
4:35 pm
it will likely be a frenzied week on capitol hill as the president pushes to keep his campaign promises before he hits the 100-day mark. >> and here to talk about is our senior political editor, mark murray. the president is looking for a few more wins. let's talk about health care first. will there be any action this week? >> it's not a really likely outcome. one of the big reasons why, president trump and his administration want to put so many things on the table, whether it's health care, whether it's introducing a new tax legislation, and then keeping the government open, and congress can only do one thing at a time. you have to clear calendars, have to have roll call votes, one chamber following the other chamber. so for president trump to want to have multiple balls in the air when really congress is good at throwing one ball and not two or three, it just can't juggle. >> mark, we also have the government shutdown, another shutdown looming. the president is trying to use this as a bargaining chip to get money fis
4:36 pm
border. how is this all playing on capitol hill? a lot of folks are saying politics shouldn't be involved in that issue. >> that's right. what you end up having is that president trump wants money for his border wall. the problem is, there are republicans, as well as the unified democrats who are against it. republicans from border areas in texas, arizona, and california, aren't in favor of a border wall. the republicans have no margin for error. to pass these pieces of legislation, you need all republicans on board and you have to pick up eight democrats. so the math is very complicated. one other point worth noting, president trump's tweets when he talked about the polls and being wrong, our final poll before the election, had hillary clinton ahead of donald trump by four points. the final result was hillary clinton plus two, so it wasn't that far off. >> and there's also an effort to throw tax reform into the mix? >> yeah, potentially. and so
4:37 pm
team are going to be introducing at least their outline for tax reform on wednesday. of course, to me and to a lot of other people, the big point is going to be what's in the details. and clearly whether republicans have the votes not only to pass this but to be able to get any kind of bipartisan support for it. >> a busy week in our nation's capitol as we countdown to the first 100 days. thanks, mark. a story so many of you have shared on your facebook pages. tonight, news4 is working for you, learning more about d.c.'s plans to find missing teenagers and to try to keep them safe and at home. >> and it's chilly out there right now, folks. if you've been outside, you know what the temperatures are . many of you in
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♪ [doorbell] ♪ ♪ when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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hello, everybody, and welcome back. still seeing the rain across the region. that rain is going to stick around the next 24 to possibly 36 hours. you see the rain from the south and east. that's making things a lot cooler too. temperatures right now only in the 50s. take a look at where the rain is coming in, not rain everywhere, but even when we're not seeing the returns, even some drizzle along southern maryland, culpeper, dealing with moderate rain here and up towards frederick, maryland. we'll continue to see this through the evening rush, as you make your w
4:41 pm
through the morning rush and maybe tomorrow afternoon. breezy, rainy and cool tomorrow. another nasty day, but then here comes the heat. and yeah, we're saying hello to 90. lauryn's back and has you at about 4:46. >> doug, thank you. freezing temperatures that hit last spring took bill toll on honey production in virginia. according to the department of agriculture, honey production in 2016 was down 38,000 pounds compared to the year before. that's a 17% decline. experts tell us the spring freeze knocked out major nectar producing plants just as they were starting to bloom. be bees rely on those to make honey. experts say the decline is not expected to have a big impact on your wallet, because honey production around the country was actually up last year. first on 4, what's coming to the kennedy center this fall
4:42 pm
>> hamilton is what everybody's talking about, but there are other shows that you might want to see coming our way. and for the first time, the sister of a suspected kidnapper comes to her brother's defense.
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it's going to be an exciting and special year for local theater lovers. the kennedy center has released its list of performances for the season. >> one of the most anticipated is the d.c. premiere of hamilton. and news4's barbara harrison is here with a rundown for us. you always get the sneak peek. >> i'm so excited, reading the things that are going to happen, not just the musicals, there's a lot of great stuff coming. this is always an exciting time of year at the kennedy center. we get little bits and brags about what's going to be on the line-up, but this is the day they make it official. today we even got dates for what's to come next year at the kennedy center on the stages there. it looks like you might want to start shopping early for tickets. the 2017-'18 seasons kicks off september 1st with a three-day new play festival, they call it page to stage. this is the 16th year, you might ha
4:46 pm
they bring popular playwrights and plays for you to check out early works. if you love musicals, this is what's coming. some of the big attractions to see. let's have a look. ♪ ♪ >> well, you know you're going to be on your feet in the aisles of the kennedy center with latin beat, the music and the story of emilio and gloria estefan, that's coming this summer season for the 2017 season. it opens in july. the musical version of "the color purple" also coming. let's take a look at that. ♪ gonna hold my head up ♪ gonna put my shoulders back and look you straight in the eye ♪ >> "the color purple" is the 2016 tony
4:47 pm
musical revival. it will open july 31st at the kennedy center. but just a few weeks before that, the one everyone's been waiting for. ♪ ♪ i'm passionate smashing every expectation ♪ ♪ i'm laughing in the face of casualties and sorrow ♪ >> wow, hamilton on the stage of the kennedy center opera house, it opens june 12, 2018, and runs through september 16, so there are a few weeks that you can try to get tickets for. and that's just a little bit of what's ahead in the exciting new season at the kennedy center. >> i will so see it again here, at least one more time. >> i saw it with lin manuel miranda. wasn't he great? >> phenomenal. but i hear the understudies in the second run is just as good. >> fantastic. can't mess up that music. >> now it's in
4:48 pm
song. >> and the other two performances that bwe saw there they look amazing, "the color purple" and the estefan production. >> it will have us dancing in the aisles. >> on our feet. all righty. >> you will be. >> thank you. >> welcome. well, this story is trending on social media. the first of four confederate monuments has been removed from new orleans. officials want to separate the city from the symbols that many see as racist. the liberty place monument was taken down today. it was there to commemorate whites who tried to take down a biracial post civil war government. workers took it down early in the morning hoping to avoid disruption from protesters. crews wore helmets and bulletproof vests because there had been threats. first at 4, the number of anti-semitic incidents has gone up
4:49 pm
last. officials at the anti-defamation league predict when the half-year number comes out after june, it will be higher than the yearly totals of the last two years. the adl logs 37 incidents so far this year. most are characterized at harassment, threats, or vandalism. the recent wave of bomb threats contributed to that increase, we should tell you. the new effort to preserve and teach the history of the holocaust is happening in our area. >> and it's one of the stories we're working on for news4 at 5:00, and wendy has more. >> the holocaust museum is getting donations from all over the world, but they can't all be on display because there are so many. so today the museum dedicated a new research center to house these documents and artifacts, even pictures. mark segraves talked to a survivor about the importance of keeping these items. also tonight, he was found guilty of planning the murder of agn
4:50 pm
and after seven and a half years in prison, he's eligible for parole. the victim's mother is talking to news4, and she says something needs to change in the law. years of planning and norkds finally coming to fru ition at the historical walter reed army hospital. it's getting a new future. a long-time d.c. resident explains what it means for his community. and i feel like i should be doing the weather since i'm sitting here. i think it's going to be raining the next couple days. >> it is. >> and the dew point is going to be high. >> and we'll be reunited. >> we'll be playing musical chairs. barbara left her i.d. >> of course. >> see you in a bit. we'll just toss it to lauryn. a real meteorologist. >> i'm just playing one on tv right now. >> wendy nailed that. she was talking about the dew point and the rain coming, not much more for me to say, except that it's going to feel more
4:51 pm
all right, more rain coming as she explained. it's chilly out there. who's ready for summer? everybody raise their hand, especially after gloomy cool days like this. i think everybody's going to be voting for yes for summer. maybe everybody voting no by the time we get to sunday, because it's going to be hot and humid. you can see the rain pulsing through the area, maybe a few heavy spots out there, but it's weakening a little bit. this area of low pressure down to the south transferring a lot of energy off the coast. what's going to happen, we'll see a lot of these showers weaken as we continue into the overnight. but then it will pick up by tomorrow as that area of low pressure moves to the north and east. but we have rain through the day tomorrow and we have a lot more of it, maybe around an inch is what we'll pick up. any rain is a beneficial rain here in our area. temperatures have been cool. we have been in the 50s. frederick, high of 63. but mostly in the 50s for daytime highs. the rain totals we've gotten
4:52 pm
far, .2, .3, but really not that much. if you're headed out this ev evening, just some scattered showers. heading to work, rain showers coming through. go inside for your exercise. it is going to be wet. if you want to wash the car, plan to do that on wednesday. especially wednesday afternoon. it's going to be nice. as we head into your overnight, again some scattered showers out there. same deal tomorrow morning. there could be a spot or two of moderate rain through tomorrow, but very similar to today. as we continue through tomorrow evening, it will lighten up and start to weaken as this pattern finally begins to break down. we have cloud cover on wednesday morning. we'll have gradual clearing through the day on wednesday. temperatures are going to be right around 60 degrees for tomorrow. thank goodness. and as we continue through the next couple days, thursday and friday, look at that, we're back
4:53 pm
we're at 90 degrees and it's going to be humid, maybe an isolated thunderstorm. >> thank you, lauryn. you might remember these hash tags. find our girls and missing d.c. girls and plray fork did. >> well known people all over the country used them as they shared the pictures of missing local teenagers. but they were talking about an epidemic that didn't actually exist. >> still, it forced the mayor to take some action. aaron gilchrist has the story behind the effort to keep our children home. >> reporter: chris jenner, viola davis, taraji p. henson, hollywood's elite posting about d.c.'s missing kids. even talking about them to tmz. >> we have to look out for all of us. >> reporter: the reality, there was no spike in disappearances. rather d.c. police launched a social media campaign back in march, and that effort sparked an unintended reaction. now city leaders, including the
4:54 pm
services, are coming together, not just to set the record straight, but also to help find missing children. >> we really appreciate all the attention and the spotlight that has been shown on our kids who are missing. certainly we know the response can't be any one particular agency or certainly not even government alone. and definitely not just the metropolitan police department. it is gonna take a community-wide effort. >> news4 was there when local child and family welfare agencies came together to launch mayor bowser's six-point plan to combat the problem. >> whatever recommendations we put into place, we want to make sure there's accountability to that as well. >> our series continues tomorrow on news4 today with a look at how d.c. police try to find children and what they learn from kids that run away. i'm aaron gilchrist, news4. sn we're working for you to help bring kids home. we have an interactive map with
4:55 pm
pictures, just search missing children map on our app. the manhunt is over but the investigation into an apparent kidnapping is just getting started. for the first time, the suspect's family is coming to his defense.
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
a 15-year-old g
4:58 pm
nationwide manhunt, now we're hearing from her accused kidnapper's family for the first time. gabe gutierrez has more on the story. >> reporter: elizabeth thomas is being welcomed home while the sister of her accused kidnapper tells nbc news she talked to her brother three times this weekend. cummins is scheduled to be arraigned on federal kidnapping charges. his sister says he doesn't believe he kidnapped elizabeth. >> i asked him why. the answer he gave me, she wanted to run away, she wanted to leave, and he didn't want her to go alone. so he went with her so he could know that she was safe. >> reporter: the 15-year-old and her former teacher were found more than 2,000 miles away in a remote cabin in northern california, with no electricity or running water. a camping stove, some food, toilet paper, and two beer
4:59 pm
>> she was obviously traumatized by the whole incident, including the takedown, but she seemed to be in good health. >> reporter: daphne quinn says she does not defend or condone what her brother did. he repentant-sounding and i think he would like to get his family back, but i think it just hasn't hit him yet that that's not going to happen. >> reporter: the thomas family lawyer says the 15-year-old is now in a safe location and is being evaluated and treated by mental health experts. news4 at 5:00 starts now. >> right now at 5:00, take a look, storm team 4 keeping track of this rainy forecast. the latest on how much we're going to get and what is coming after this. plus, still developing right now, airfare fire at this building under construction in prince george's county. he's pictures from chopper 4, why it could be several more hours before it's finally out. and for the second time in a
5:00 pm
their message tonight for lawmakers. but first up, we begin tonight with the forecast and radar that is lighting up again tonight. rain and cooler temperatures sticking around for at least the next four hours. it's going to be a wet one, doug kammerer is in the storm system. how long will it stick around? >> probably through the day tomorrow and into tomorrow night too. and we do still need to see the rain. but we don't need to see the nasty conditions. it's not just the rain, it's the rain, the cool temperatures, only in the low 50s. our average high, near 70. we're nowhere near that. looking outside, you see the rain making its way from the south and west. we talked about this last week, how we have low pressure down to the south. that's what's happening, and it's going to meander our way tomorrow, so expecting more showers on tuesday as well. right now, most of this not too heavy. we're getting a little o


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