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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 2, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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violence on a college campus as a student armed with a large knife kills one and injures three. details on important putin/trump conversation. is the president helping to legitimize north korean leader kim jong-un with a promised meeting. >> tens of thousands hit the streets for may day protests that turn violent. >> lighting up the runway on fashion's big night show stoppers and jaw droppers plus what were some thinking? "early today" starts right now. >> it's still a mystery what some were thinking from last night. good to be with you. i'm frances rivera. >> i'm yasmin vossoughian. a lot to get to. every parent's nightmare a busy campus when a student alleg
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three others at the university of texas. police arrested kendrex white. they say he attacked the victims with a large hunting knife in the middle of a campus plaza leaving students stunned. >> i saw him stab the guy and that's when i realized like this was a real attack and i turned around and ran. >> the young man killed was identified by family as harrison brown, the other three victims are expected to survive. the university canceled classes following the stabbing and encouraged students to call parents. police say white's motive unclear. students said rising tensions may have triggered the incident a dallas paramedic is facing a long recovery but lucky to be alive this morning after he was critically injured when a gunman opened fire on first responders. he was treating a separate gun shot victim when the suspect shot him multiple times. police swarmed the area and massive manhunt
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one officer rushed the emt to the hospital in his squad car. that officer is now called a hero. >> subjected himself to extreme risk of danger and he went in alone and he pulled the paramedic out. >> police robots later found the gunman and another person dead. they believe it started as a dispute between neighbors. overnight the white house announced president trump will hold a call with russian president vladamir putin, the two have spoken a handful of times since mr. trump was sworn in. it's this dire assessment that is worrying so many. >> and so nobody is safe, we're probably not safe over here. if he gets the long range missiles we're not safe either. >> the warning comes despite the president offering praise for kim jong-un, at one point calling the leader a quote smart cookie saying he'd be honored to
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korea as the most urgent foreign policy issue facing his administration. >> if it would be appropriate for me to meet with him, i would absolutely, i would be honored to do it. if it's under the -- again, under the right circumstances. >> press secretary sean spicer defending mr. trump's remarks in the briefing room. take a listen. >> the president clearly as i've said understands the threat that north korea poses so the idea that he is doing everything diplomatically, economically and militarily to consider every way to prevent that threat. >> let's talk now more about this with kelly cobiella in seoul, south korea. kelly, what is north korea making at the president's overtures? >> there has been no sign whatsoever that the north koreans are going to comment on this. no sign that the north cleeians either are open to
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right now. in fact, no u.s. sitting president has ever met with the north korean leader and there is a strong view among many that doing so the standing side by side with the likes of kim jong-un would only benefit kim jong-un, that it would serve to legitimize him on the world stage, even as he continues to consolidate power by any means internally and threaten his non-nuclear neighbors like japan and south korea. not even the president of china has sat down yet with kim jong-un. having said that we did hear from north korea's state media. they accuse the united states of threatening -- bringing the area to the brink of nuclear war after two u.s. bombers flew over the peninsula today. the u.s. military says this is a routine military exercise with japanese and south korean partners, south korea said it's also a deterrence. frances, yasmin.
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kelly, thank you. president trump's remarks on north korea after he made these stunning comments about president andrew jackson and the civil war. >> he was really angry that he saw what was happening with regard to the civil war. he said there's no reason for this. people don't ask that question, but why was there the civil war? why could that one not have been worked out? >> the topic came up in an interview for the oval office where the president has a portrait of jackson hanging as you can see. the problem, president jackson died 16 years before the civil war. he also happened to be a slave owner who signed lnllation which ultimately led to the relocation of native american tribes. the president later doubled down on his comments tweeting jackson who died 16 years before the civil war started saw it coming and was angry, would never have let it happen. a may day demonstration in portland, oregon broke out i
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smoke bombs, molotov cocktails and objects at police. authorities canceled their permits and used gas against the demonstrators they described as anarchists. police ended up making 25 arrests. in cities across the country thousands of others protested peacefully, demonstrations also known as international workers day have focused on improving worker conditions and increasing pay. overseas in france molotov cocktails were thrown in the streets at one point setting police men on firp as crowds protested in full force, pelting police with rocks and other hard items and destroying property five days ahead of their national election. the death toll rising from storms and flooding in the south and midwest with at least 18 people killed. one east texas family is giving thanks after brave citizens jumped in to save their two
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waters. gabe gutierrez has more of this rescue. >> reporter: with the flood waters raging, panic set in. inside this pickup truck the family with two young children. half a dozen good samaritans strangers frantically trying to free them. 4-month-old marshall pulled out unconscious. tom mitchell who shot this video puts the phone in his pocket and starts cpr. >> it was like i've got to do something to save this kid. >> reporter: a woman over his shoulder prays. the baby breathes. rescuers working to resuscitate the boy and his sister. 18-month-old addie strapped in a car seat. the
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their parents, phillip and emily. >> helpless for sure. >> that's the only thing i was worried about. getting my kids out of this vehicle with water in it. >> reporter: they were reunited at the hospital with one of those good samaritans. strangers no more. >> thank god those kids are okay. >> the touch and go. seeing that baby with his head bobbling back like that. heavy rains ahead for the new england area and the midwest. bill karins standing by with a look at the weather. >> we are watching that same storm system that caused all those problems we saw, heading out of the northeast today, no more severe weather, just downpours boston, long island and our friends in virginia beach. the next problem tonight, a new storm system, we industrial river flood warnings in missouri, southern illinois, a section of oklahoma and arkansas. still major flooding on some of the rivers. we're going to get additional rain in this area, late tonight and tomorrow, thunderstorms. we're looking at 1 to 3he
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so flash flooding the concern over the ground and then all of that water goes into the mississippi river this weekend but we're looking at top five flood in a few areas. that's a look at the big weather story of the day. look how chilly it is behind the storm system. 45 degrees with showers in grand rapids, detroit going to be chilly too, same with chicago. then we go to the south. we're still warming it up in the 80s today in texas, louisiana, mississippi. it's already that time of year that the famous kentucky derby is this saturday. the festivities already in full swing. last night the 28th running of the great bed races was held. teams pushed beds through a course. and the most exciting two minutes in sports. coverage begins saturday at 2:30 eastern here on nbc. >> we got our hats and mint juleps ready. thank you. just ahead a wrong way driver crashes into a
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(avo) charmin ultra strong. it cleans better. it's four times stronger and you can use less. enjoy the go with charmin. fashion and flare didn't disappoint on the red carpet. a show stopper you saw. that's rihanna in that three-d design. in a gray, tom brady and gi seals. and that's jaden smith who used recently chopped dread locks. you saw nicki minaj. jayy low and a-rod, stunning all around. questionable too with some of the outfits. >> i got excited when i saw j.lo and a-rod. that's for sure. more fallout from the fox news channel following
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bill o'reilly. after allegations of sexual harassment. another departure. co-president bill shine faces criticism of handling of the scandal. anne thompson has details. >> reporter: roger ailes, bill o'reilly and co-president bill shine, ailes and o'reilly gone. shine resigning mid claims he enabled and covered up some of the alleged abuse, accusations he's denied. new york magazine's gabe sherman broke the story. >> shine really was a continuation of the old fox news culture, so today is a sign that the murdochs are slowly deciding they need to answer critics by turning a page. >> reporter: chairman rupert dock, writing in an e-mail i know bill was respected and liked by everybody at fox news. not everybody. in
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aided and abetted ailes's acts. andrea tan tear ra alleges that shine told her ailes was a powerful man and she needed to let this one go. shine had a powerful advocate, fox star sean hannity, tweeting last week as rumors of shine's demise swirled. i pray that's not true. hanty declined comment. shine's replacement is a woman suzanne scott who has been with fox from the start. >> for years she enforced roger ail ailes' rule and the culture. she comes into this job with women being skeptical of her management. >> a scandal still generating headlines. anne thompson, nbc news, new york. now to video we want to share from dayton e ohio. a wrong way driver going against traffic
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into a tanker full of gasoline. you can see it there, the top of the screen. the smoke. the tanker continues to round the curve and then as you can see just explodes into that massive fireball. the wrong way driver died in the crash and the semi truck driver with minor injuries. police are investigating. >> lucky not more didn't get killed in that. ahead, fireworks that could fly on capitol hill as united airlines ceo testifies about the industry changing dragging incident from weeks ago. you're watching "early today." 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico! goin' up the country. love mom and dad' i'm takin' a nap. dude, you just woke up! ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪
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ohio governor john kasich postponed nine executions until federal appeals court decides where the state should be able to use a controversial drug critics say led to botched executions including one in arkansas just last week. president trump's new secretary of agriculture is rolling back a program championed by michelle obama that required more fruits, veggies and whole grains in school lunches. >> the meals cannot be nutritious if they aren't consumed, if they are put in the trash. >> the losers are the children who will have less healthy meals. >> a warning about the meme invites folks to post a list on facebook so friends can guest which they didn't attend. experts say hackers can determine the first
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question. i did not participate in this because i didn't actually go to a lot of concerts growing up. >> i can't make that list up. good to know if there is that threat out there. thank you. united ceo is scheduled to testify today. just 23 days after the violent removal of a united passenger caused widespread outrage. tracie potts is in d.c. good morning. should we expect fireworks from these hearings? >> reporter: we certainly could. i mean, the lawmakers here want to focus on what to do to improve passenger flying experience, especially after what we saw earlier this year. that video sparking international outrage when dr. david dao was pulled off the plane after refusing to give up his seat. he sustained injuries, he settled with the airline. the focus of today's hearing will be the reaction to that and what congress can do. there are already at least three bills aimed at improving the passenger's flying
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overbooking. >> we've seen other airlines follow suit as well. tracie potts for us. thanks. ahead reveal from jimmy kimmel about his newborn son's open heart surgery. looking for a career with good pay, job security and work-life balance, the sunshine state has some of the best cities for job seekers, miami, orlando, and jacksonville, all the top 10. two others, texas and california also took several top spots. come. explore a place where you can fly on the back of a banshee. walk under floating mountains. and navigate a mystical river. welcome to a world - beyond belief. pandora - the world of avatar. only at the walt disney world resort.
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on friday, april 21, my wife molly gave birth to a boy, baby boy. his name is william. he appeared to be a normal healthy baby until about three hours after he was born. they did an ecocardio gram, a sonogram of the heart. billy was born with a heart disease. on monday morning doctors opened his chest and fixed one of the two defects of his heart. he opened the valve and the operation was a success. it was the longest three hours of my life. this is what he looked like on monday. but this is what he looked like yesterday. >> there is nothing tougher than seeing those little babies with all of those tubes. tough. >> my kids spent a
4:24 am
it's so hard. even if you know they are going to be okay. he went on to thank all of the nurses and doctors that helped. another dad, first time dad to be george clooney. the star revealed his wife wasn't crazy about the idea of naming their kids. she found the perfect gift for the parents-to-be. writing when you send your friend onesies and he thinks they are cuzzi, a first time dad. that's cute. i'm excited to see those. >> and see them as parents, too. how fabulous are they going to be. i guarantee the next gifts are going to be actual koozies. >> i think i remember george clooney saying he didn't want to be a father many years ago. >> things change. when these little people come in your world. you're watching "early today." so it has the bad breath germ-killing power of this...
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now at 4:26, outrage after make shift nooses and ba nnanas were found at a local university. the racist messages and the action they're taking now. getting into the district shouldn't be harder than usual but getting out could be problematic. the closure that could impact your commute. and rolling back another obamacare rule. the change you should have seen at restaurants this week that the fda just delayed. news 4 today starts now. >> shooting. scores! shattenkirk has won the game in overtime. >> whoo! how about those
4:27 am
back if they lost again. really up against the wire there, but they won in pittsburgh in overtime. i'm telling you, trying to give me a heart attack, aaron. >> let's get back to reality here, too. it's still going to be a battle. down 2-1 in the series right now but they are guaranteed at least one more game here in d.c. so hopes are high as a result of that. >> that's right. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilcrist. >> that's right. it's day three of our sugar free week here on news 4. >> how are you feeling? >> i think this morning i was a little bit more disgruntled. woke up in a little bit of a mootd. you? >> anymore different than the regular mood you wake up in? >> no, no, don't close on that. >> i think eun is very proud of her joke. >> i'm just glad you're paying attention and someone is
4:28 am
appreciating. >> someone is always listening. >> 4:27. what do you think, guys? >> aside from watching all of this unfold in front of our eyes, the sugar challenge is not too bad. >> no. we've really dodged a bit of a bullet with all of the chances of severe weather. we are grateful for the miss. >> this morning we're really drying out. 72 degrees in the district right now. look at the wind sustained at 16 miles an hour. breezy as we go through the afternoon. temperatures elsewhere, fairly mild as you start your morning. 68 degrees in dulles. quantico. a few sprinkles around mostly north of the district but the rain has really moved away. four things you need to know though before you head outside. we have that for you. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, sheena. we are indeed a very mild start this morning. you mentioned it, southwesterly winds
4:29 am
four things to know about the weather, number one. breezy may days are around. breezy today and tomorrow. cooler weather is coming in. the pattern has been incredibly warm. showers move in thursday night and we could be facing heavy rain, one to two inches of rain especially friday morning. it looks like it could be on the kind of ugly side. for today after the morning sprinkles, back to sunshine this afternoon. highs today in the upper 60s. upper 70s around town. let's go over to the number one person for traffic, melissa mollet. >> thank you, chuck. southbound route 1 after curtis drive.
4:30 am
this could take time. 66 and 91. one little thing to talk about on 66. outer loop getting by the work zone. this is what i was talking about on 66. westbound between fairfax county parkway and two left lanes are blocked. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. disheartening and despicable. that's how students describe racist messages left around campus. >> today american university will have a meeting in response to this. bananas tied with black nooses were found in several places around campus. they had lettering that appears to reference alpha kappa alpha, a predominantly black sorority. >>


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