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tv   Today  NBC  May 4, 2017 7:00am-9:58am EDT

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>> good morning. moment of truth. republicans plan to try again to repeal and replace obamacare after repeated false starts. leaders insisting this time they'll get it across the finish line. is president trump on the verge of his biggest victory yet? royal retirement. a surprise announcement from london. 95-year-old prince phillip stepping down from his official duties. could the queen be next? what the palace is saying this morning. widespread and devastating. historic flooding across the south and midwest. evacuations ordered. levies breached. entire buildings washed away. new storms re
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situation even worse. and no apology. >> i have jokes. he has the launch codes. so -- a fair fight. >> reporter: steven come bert dresses his rant about the president expressing only minimal regrets. >> i would change a few that were cruder than they needed to be. >> will that be enough to satisfy his critics. today, thursday, may 4th, 2017. >> good morning. welcome to "today." it's a thursday morning. we have matt on assignment. craig is here. happy for prince phillip. he deserves to retire. who was hoping that announcement was going to be a wedding announcement? a lot of folks were
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harry. >> we'll have to wait for that announcement. we'll have more on what the news is about, but let's start with the somehowdown on capitol hill. a vote happening today on the republican's long promised health care overhaul. this is less than two months after similar bill was scrapped over fears it wouldn't pass. now the house majority leader says things are different. they have the votes. we have in depth coverage this morning. we'll start with kristen welker. >> reporter: good morning. that vote could come in just a few hours. the dramatic developments following a series of false starts after president trump's initial push for health care reform failed. gop leaders insisting they have the votes. the white house more measured calling this a positive development. after a period of flatline, the republican push to repeal and replace obamacare suddenly has a pulse. >> tomorrow we begin the end of obamacare once and for all. >>
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find votes, they'll vote. do they have enough to get it past? the breakthrough coming after key republican leaders met with president trump at the white house wednesday to push a new compromise amendment. the deal would provide 8 billion over five years to reduce payments for living with preexisting conditions resolving concerns the initial bill didn't sufficiently cover that bill. something the president has promised. >> preexisting conditions are in the bill, and i mandate it. >> reporter: but there is still fierce opposition. two powerful groups the american medical association, and aarp, saying the fix could increase prices. democratic house minority leader nancy pelosi taking aim overnight. >> trump care would raise your health cos,
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coverage of millions of americans and undermine a woman's right to choose. >> reporter: still, these could be steps toward a legislative victory for president trump who made overhauling health care a key promise. >> we have to repeal and replace obamacare. >> reporter: mr. trump had an embarrassing defeat in march when the initial effort failed. this morning his fight appears to have new life. the bill hasn't been reviewed publicly. the it's not clear how much it will cost. even if it passes the cost, there will be opposition in the senate. later today president trump will sign a controversial executive order aimed at easing restrictions on political activity by churches and charities. that move is being cheered by conservatives but opponents warn it could lead to discrimination. kristen welker at the white house. let's turn to nicole wallace. here we go again. everything is on the line for republicans. they campaigned on thi
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and replace for seven years now. and they really obviously feel like the political idea is we have to try. >> that's the politics. but to pick off where the story left off. the final breath of life came from putting $8 billion on the table for preexisting conditions. the good news is this shifted the goal post on covering preexisting conditions. that's where the grass roots energy was. people were showing up telling terrifying stories about family members. you had jimmy kimmel talking about his son. that obviously had an affect on the politics. the politics are now do or do for republicans. >> the nonpartisan cbo hasn't scored this legislation. we don't know how many people will lose or gain coverage and we don't know how much it's going to cost. one sixth of the american economy. what's the thinking in not waiting until the cbo can score this? >> it's not very good
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i don't think we should skip over the fact that last time the democrats paid a political price because i think it was nancy pelosi that said we'll read it after we pass it. republicans are taking the same foolish rush to pass something not everybody has read. >> and remember the civics. there are two branches of congress who would like to weigh in. the house could pass it but the senate is another calculation. >> and that's exactly where your point comes in. the shortsightedness of going for the political, spiking the ball in the end zone, of trying to get the votes today in the house, could really sort of bite them in the end when this goes to the senate and they're the more deliberate body and they take a harder look and obviously the cbo will have scored it. if they find holes in the policy, it could blow up in their face. >> you say they have the votes? >> they say they have the v.
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if they do, we're analyzing a political victory because on the stance, they could get tripped up in the senate. the health care vote is not the only thing to watch for on the hill. james comey will be back in the hot seat a day after telling lawmakers he stands by his decision to reopen the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails days before the election. peter alexander has more on that. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. he's welcome a lightning rod for criticism after the role he played in last year's election. this morning james comey is speaking out for the first time in terms we've never heard him before. publicly explaining his decision in last fall's october e-mail surprise. >> everybody who disagrees with me has to come back to october 2nd with me and stare. >> reporter: distress but no regrets.
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it makes me mildly nauseous to think we may have had impact on the election, but it wouldn't change the decision. >> reporter: james comey defending his decision revealing the fbi's discovery of a new batch of hillary clinton e-mails. potentially relevant to a case that was effectively closed. i stared at speak and conceal. speak would be really back. there's an election in 11 days. that would be really bad. concealing in my view would be catastrophic. >> reporter: his candid comments hours after clinton blamed comey's in move in part for costing her the presidency. >> but i was on the way to winning until a combination of jim comey's letter and russian wikileaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were voting for me but not scared off. >> president trump tweeting comey was the best thing that ever happened to clinton, giving her a free passor
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deeds. also revealed the details of that october e-mail surprise. a total of 40,000 clinton e-mails forwarded by her aide to her husband anthony weiner's laptop so they could be printed for the secretary of state. no one has been charged. asked why it was appropriate to comment on the clinton case but not the russia investigation including possible ties to the trump campaign, comey's answer? >> i think i treated both investigations consistency under the same principal. >> reporter: he declined to answer whether the white house is cooperating with its russia investigation. and on the topic of kwewikileak he blasted it as intention porn suggesting the u.s. government is preparing to file criminal charges against the founder of wikileaks. >> one other note, susan rice requested to come and the testify before congress but she's declining. what's that all about? >> reporter: that's exactly
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what president trump is tweeting about. we'll put the tweets on the screen. he wrote susan rice is refusing to testify before a senate sub committee next week on allegations of unmasking trump transition officials. not good. unmasking, to be clear, is the requesting of the identities of names and classified documents. susan rice has repeatedly said she did nothing wrong or improper. this request and we've obtained the letter from her attorney, the request they say she declined because it came only from the top republican on that senate sub committee, lindsey graham. democrats had not joined in. they didn't want it to be a distraction from over witnesses next week, including the acting attorney general. rice is willing to testify to help in congress's russia investigation at the appropriate time in a classified hearing. >we
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peter, thank you. now to the flooding emergency that's playing out across parts of the midwest and south. days of heavy rain leading to evacuations. hundreds of road closures and high water rescues. this morning new storms are not helping that situation. blake mccoy west of st. louis is with us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. right now check this out. major highways and interstates under water. homes and businesses have been evacuated. here in missouri alone at least five deaths have been attributed to this historic flooding. this morning in parts of the midwest and south, torrential rain is adding to already record flooding. this water front cabin no match for arkansas's swollen current river. down river water surging through a levy breach northeast of little rock. officials washing it's a life threatening situation. the black river tent
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national guard troops now on alert. 6400 nearby residents told to seek higher ground. this couple left their house monday. >> it's cold. it's raining. it's bad. i'd like to go home. >> reporter: overnight a new line of severe storms racing across the gulf coast. up to four inches of rain pounding the area around lake charles, louisiana. already hit by dangerous hail as the water continues to rise. this terrifying scene in louisiana as a school bus with kids inside comes precariously close to tipping over. the kids all rescued and okay this morning. everywhere you look, water. all over stories of misery. stacey robinson's basement flooded in 2015. she just had it redone three weeks ago. now it's under water again. >> i haven't had it much sleep. i've set my alarm for every 45
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and check the road to see however it's come up. i'm wanting this rain to stop. i hate this. >> reporter: we have our drone out this morning to give you better perspective of the magnitude of the flooding. this is the merrimack river outside of st. louis swallowing all the low lying areas around it. despite the new rain that we've been getting here, the flood waters are starting to recede. in the next 24 hours folks could be let back in their homes to see the damage left behind. >> yblake, thank you. back to the breaking news from buckingham palace. prince phillip stepping down from his royal duties later this year. >> reporter: good morning. this is a momentous moment. prince phillip, 66 years in the b.
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initially, but he's the person the queen leans on for support and advice and often a good joke. it will raise questions about her role. from august it will be strange to see the queen without him by her side. the palace making the historic announcement this morning. prince phillip, the single most important person in the queen's life, standing down from royal duties. at 95 he will no longer carry out public engagements this year. the queen in full support. >> he's retiring. i think he'll be attending major royal events but no 9:00 to 5:00. >> reporter: this is how the world knows him, a loyal companion, always two steps behind the queen. >> he has been my strength and stay all these years. >> i think the queen is going to be moved and affected. prince phillip has always been by her side. >> reporter: rumors started overnight reporting that a
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was called at buckingham palace this morning for all senior royal staff members. initially the palace refused to reveal what the meeting was about, setting off a fire storm of speculation around the world. media quickly gathering outside buckingham palace. the internet melting down. prince phillip was seen enjoying himself yesterday attending an event at a cricket ground in london. both royals enjoying a day at the zoo last month. prince phillip was in and out of hospital a few times in the past years and royal duties can be physically demanding. the ball las quick to underscore the queen will carrie out her engagements as usual. she has delegated some duties and cut back on travels. and after fighting a heavy cold last christmas, she missed the church service for the first time. >> reporter: the queen will not abdica b
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royal duties. perhaps we'll begin to see more of william, and prince phillip we'll mishis sense of humor. yesterday he told people you're about to witness the world's most experienced clak unveiler. >> i guess it's too much. he has to retire from that. >> reporter: that's right. other news, we're learning about a tragic accident that happened at an auto auction northwest of boston. at least three people were killed. nine others hurt after an suv driven by an auction employee accelerated and plowed through the crowded building. the jeep came to a stop when it slammed into a concrete wall. the driver was a man in his seths. he was unarmed. they are trying to figure out what went wrong. >> reporte a massive phishing attack has millions of users on edge. jo lean kent w
7:17 am
need to know. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. millions of foogl users on high alert after a sophisticated new scam hit their e mi-mail inboxe affect more than just their g mail accounts. an e-mail inviting you to view a google document from a trusted contact. but when you click the phony document, it gives hackers access to your g mail account. phishing is a common tactic. the scammers went a step further sending a worm to your contacts, reproducing itself hundreds of times with one click. chris got the e-mail on his smart phone. >> this has me more on edge. i'm surprised at how many people were affect bed by this, smart people. >> reporter: google says about a million were affected. among the targets, u.s. senate staffers instructed to delete the message and not click on the link.
7:18 am
for those who did click, scammers got e-mail history, including all the personal data sent or received in g mail. they could reset pass words for accounts. >> e-mail is a mess, and it's not getting any better. people are only getting more sophisticated at hacking it. >> reporter: in a statement google added we were able to stop the campaign within approximately one hour. while contact was accessed and used by the campaign, our investigations show that no other data was exposed. experts say although google issued a quick fix, hackers proved there's a new strategy that's effective and lucrative. >> these user names and pass words are being sold all over the dark web. you can package them and buy them and sell them for not that much money. >> reporter: there is no word on exactly who is behind this attack. google says the issue has been fully resolved and users don't need to take any further action. if you did receive the e-mail or you're worried,ou
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google security checkouts and you can always change your password. >> jo kent for us this morning. this is something that happened to you yesterday. >> i got the e-mail. i didn't click on the link. i thought if i look at it, it will infect my computer. >> lots of folks yesterday. let's check on the weather. mr. roker, yesterday orient express. look at you now. you're in front of the eiffel tower. good morning. >> i'm actually in another studio in new york city. i'm really in new york. we got here early this morning. the venice orient express for a story we'll bring you later. the weather here is nice. but in the east back home? not so nice. all that heavy rain that has been affecting and plaguing parts of midwest and the gulf coast is now moving east. we're looking at heavy showers and thunderstorms stretching across the gulf making their way into parts of midwest. again, causing more flooding and then as we
7:20 am
heavy thunderstorms push in. major airport delays from d.c. all the way up to boston. anywhere from three to five inches of rain in some places but widespread one to three inches. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. off to a cool but sunny start. it's dry. you won't need the umbrella for today. 40s and 50s. afternoon highs today up into the mid 60s maybe
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clouds will be increasing during the day. a chance for showers as early as 7:00. rain chances around town probably waiting until about midnight. for tomorrow rain heaviest in the morning. and then showers in the afternoon and chilly weather for the weekend. that's your latest weather. coming up in the next half hour, looking at cooler weather affecting a good part of the country next week. al, thank you. coming up, steven colbert addresses his jokes. why he says there's just within thing he's sorry for. and why facebook is hiring thousands of new workers to review what you see on the social network. first this is "today" on nbc.
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take an extra 20% off a ninja coffee bar and new sandals are just $11.99. you'll get kohl's cash too! kohl's. 7:26 is your time on this thursday, may 4th, 2017. >> developing this morning, several people reported seeing giant presumes of black smoke at vwi marshal airport. we know this was only an emergency drill. chopper 4 flew there and found this charred area on the tarmac. the fire department was training. this morning a d.c. family wants you to be on the lookout for this missing teen girl. she's 15 years old. police say she was last seen tuesday on 45th street in northeast. call d.c. police if you've seen
7:27 am
melissa mollet. right now the beltway no major issues. looking fairly normal. 395 inbound is slow. and 95 northbound is slow. 95 north, the ramp to the outer loop crash and response in the right lane. 270 south, light volume. >> we'll check your forecast next. stay with us.
7:28 am
good morning. bus stop weather for the kids, temperatures in the 40s. a very chilly start. plenty of sunshine early today. clouds later this afternoon. no need for the umbrella today. you'll need it tomorrow. long sleeves and jeans. june glasses this morning. it's cloudy by this morning. tomorrow back into the 70s. a 100% chance o
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especially heavy tomorrow morning. >> today at 4:00, the nbc team looks into a common place complaint travel insurance. >> what you need to know to protect yourself and avoid throwing your money away.
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♪ ♪ >> we're back. 7:30 on this morning, may 4th, 2017. hoda, is that you singing? >> i got another jam i'll sing tomorrow. >> hoda is here. craig is in for matt who on assignment. >> let's get a check on the stories. after years of promises, republican leaders insist that a crucial showdown on their plan to repeal and replace obamacare will happen today. the house set to vote on the bill weeks after their initial attempt collapse over lack of support. late last night house majority leader kevin mrk car thi said they have the
7:31 am
president trump returns to new york for the first time since taking office. he'll attend a black tie dinner. in the meantime he confirmed in a new interview the first lady and their son will move to the white house soon after the school year ends. buckingham palace announced starting in august, 95-year-old prince phillip will no longer carry out public engagement. his wife will maintain a full program with the support and the rest of the family. >> all right. well, we're happy for him. you're 95, go ahead and retire. you're about to be on a smuckers jar. stephen colbert addressing his vulgar jokes aimed at the president. sheinelle is here with more. >> after a hash tag on social media, colbert opened the show and acknowledged some of the language he used was less than
7:32 am
i'm your host, stephen colbert. am i still the host? i'm still the host. >> reporter: late show host stephen colbert firing back after his off color joke about president trump sparked a major backlash. >> the only thing your mouth is good for is being vladimir putin's [ bleep ] pollster. >> reporter: the comments causing an uproar on social media. the hash tag "fire colbert" trending. amid calls for sponsors to drop the show. the white house refusing to weigh in. sean spicer saying i won't dig if i the comments with a response. >> at the end of the monologue, i had a few choice insults -- >> reporter: the host admitting his language was harsh but refusing to back down. >> i don't
7:33 am
i believe he can take care of himself. i have jokes. he has the launch codes. so -- a fair fight. >> reporter: but much of the criticism wasn't that the comments were anti-trump, home phobic. the rant was disgusting and we won't tolerate this anti-lgbtq belai behavior. colbert offering a olive branch. >> i would change a few words that were cruder than they needed to be. i want to say for the record, life is short. and anyone who expresses their love for another person in their own way is, to me, an american hero, and i think we can all agree on that. i hope even the president and i can agree on that. nothing else but that. >> so far it appears no sponsors have dropped the late show despite the hash tag.
7:34 am
first time he addressed the joke. he ignored the controversy on tuesday's show, instead urging viewers to view the monologue from jimmy kimmel talking about his son's heart condition. >> a lot of drama on the late night. >> never a dull day. let's go back to al roker. he is still traveling. he's in paris. yesterday italy. today in front of eiffel tower. tough job, al roker. >> it is. and, in fact, we can't even find a caviar stand anywhere here. so upset. in the meantime, let's talk about some of the cool weather that's going to be afflicting a good chunk of the country. cooler than usual. we've got what we call an omega block. the midsection of the country will stay cool. it will be much warmer west. look at the temperatures that will be west for the next several days. san francisco in the 60s. seattle in the 70s.
7:35 am
over 100 for a couple of days. as you move east, cooler weather coming in for chicago, louisville, washington, boston, and as we head toward the beginning of next week, that cool weather just settles in from portland down to richmond and over to cincinnati. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in our neck of the woods. good morning. we're cool this morning. i think you'll need a light jacket. 55 in the district. mostly sunny skies right now. that will be changing later on today. some areas in the 40s. frederick, 46. manassas, 47 degrees. look the the rain on the southwest. that will move in tomorrow morning. a weather alert for your friday morning commute. heavy rain in the morning hours. more clouds later today. saturday a chance of rain and your weekend looks cooler. >> and that is your latest weather. don't forget, check out our friends at the weather channel
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search. >> it looks a little cloudy. bummer. >> it's a little chilly too. >> al, thank you. coming up in the wake of criticism of mark zuckerberg's new plan to police what you see on facebook. first, these messages. you help ensure that children in the u.s. and around the world are safe, healthy and educated. this red nose day, swing by walgreens and get your noses on to help end child poverty. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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trend on facebook. >> the social media giant says it will hire 3,000 people to monitor content after high profile climrimes were posted online. miguel is with us this morning. >> reporter: good morning. after criticism facebook wasn't doing enough to quickly pull down troubling content, the new jobs will be added over the next year. a job that won't be easy. >> announcing substantial growth and nearly 2 billion users worldwide, this morning facebook says it's hiring 3,000 new employees. screeners scouring the social media platform to prevent the broadcast of videos like these. a live shootout with police in southern california. and the execution of an elderly man in cleveland. the social media provider
7:42 am
in a growing number of instances. dozens of watched as a teenager was sexually assaulted on facebook live while police were never notified. >> for you to do something like that and then to post it on facebook like this is a joke, it's terrible. >> reporter: facebook now promising to do more. to cut the cord of elicit content. mark zuckerberg speaking to investo investors. >> it's clear we have more to do here. we're going to continue building new tools to keep people safe on our platforms. >> reporter: it is a worldwide problem for the largest social media provider on the planet. in thailand a father killed his daughter before taking his own life streaming it live. experts say new screeners will help but won't solve the troubling issue. >> i think there's a signal or a message to users that they're not ignoring that complaint and this issue around live and around video in general. >> repr:
7:43 am
4500 screeners, facebook relies on algorithms to flag items like suicidal posts. zuckerberg says artificial intelligence will soon help more. for now, policing facebook is harder than ever. >> it's hard we'll imagine you can get to a day where you can prevent anything offensive from appearing. >> reporter: this morning facebook hiring a small army of gate keepers to patrol cyber space so images like these are shunned before they're shared. it remains unclear where the 3,000 jobs will be added. whether it will be at home or overseas. facebook does outsource some work, but they point out the vast majority of their users are in different countries. >> thank you. coming up here this morning, what miley cyrus wants you to know about her new music and her fiance
7:44 am
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carson is w carson back in the house. you've got the moment of the day. >> let me wo introduce you, a seven-year-old who had her leg amputated. she wears a prosthetic leg. she got a brand new sports blade made just for her. she loves her new leg because it's pink and it makes her run and dance faster. it turns out her friends love it too. check out this heart warming video. this is the first time she showed off her sports leg at her school. she walked onto the playground cautiously only to be greeted by a sea of smiles. not one, but two hugs. within seconds she takes off running. she's leading the group around the park, already putting that new sports blade to good use. this was shared on twitter. it went viral. let's go through some of the tweets. every person in this office had a tear and smile. another one writing what a star. we can all learn
7:50 am
inclusion. the poster says we've never had such a wonderful reaction to something we've filmed. truly amazing. people touched by her courage and her classmates' heart warming response to that. that is your awesome orange room piece. >> that's the only piece of video you need to see. >> i would watch an entire channel that played that video over and over. >> that's how you treat people who might look a little different. >> carson, thank you. we're in a bit of throwback thursday battle. savannah and i posted these yesterday. >> that's you on the left? >> this is not over. >> kenneth, and just in time for outdoors, a new warning about ticks. they're live in our studio. >> more of matt's epic reunion "the god father" cast as well.
7:51 am
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7:56 is your time on this thursday, may 4th, 2017. good morning. let's check in with melissa mollet and your traffic. good morning. >> good morning. on the beltway we have slowdowns on the outer loop approaching georgia. inner loop approaching the wood row wilson bridge. northbound gw at duke street, crash in the left lane. look at this. inbound 66 one lane blocks with an accident. >> we'll check your forecast next. stay with us.
7:57 am
♪ is, baby, be friends ♪ all with you wan♪a do ♪
7:58 am
if yit's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags.
7:59 am
good morning. a cool start to your thursday. 57 in the district. 46 frederick. 52 manassas. tomorrow heavy rain moving in for the morning commute. you will need an umbrella. more clouds move in late today, and then we see the rain early for a friday weather alert. the weekend cooler with a chance of showers saturday. today at 4:00 the nbc 4 response team looks into travel insurance. what you need to know to protect yourself and avoid throwing your money away.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up trump's big vote. house republicans are feeling confident ahead of a major plan to repeal and replace obamacare. >> do you have the votes? >> we do. >> is the president on the verge of a major victory? we're live at the white house. >> plus tick warning. doctors are sounding the alarm about a boom in the tick population. what you need to know to protect yourself and your family. >> and bittersweet reunion. the cast of happy days gets together to honor erin moran.
8:01 am
i wonder where everybody is from. >> kentucky, texas, the texas, michigan, new york, kentucky, iowa. >> good morning, arizona. >> good, south carolina. >> what are you crazy kids celebrating? >> i'm turning 70 on "today." >> what do you want to meet? >> al. >> he's in paris, but guess who's here? >> what's the weather like in paris? >> it's lovely. >> ask this grandmother to do the splits. 81 and limber. >> can you do it? >> i think so. [ cheering ] >> good morning. it's may 4th, 2017. boy, oh boy. a little bit of a chill out in the plaza.
8:02 am
oh, yeah. very excited to have everybody here. a little bit chilly. matt is on assignment. we have craig here and carson back home. >> it's awesome. i don't know if you saw on the tape, there is a grandmother on the plaza in the open. 81 years old. did the splits. she did it. it was unbelievable. this crowd is mind blowing. there's all kinds of talent here we're unaware of. >> we have a great morning ahead. let's check on the top stories. here's the news at 8:00. i'm kristen welker at the white house where hp say they'll hold a vote on the health care bill overhauling obamacare. the development follows a series of false starts after president trump's initial push for health care reform failed. the breakthrough coming after key republican lawmakers met with president trump at the white house wednesday to push a new compromise amendment that
8:03 am
years to reduce payments for those living with preexisting conditions. that result concerns the initial bill didn't cover that issue. it's something the president has consistently promised. the bill hasn't been reviewed publicly. it's not clear how much it will cost. and even if the bill passes the house, it will still face steep opposition in the senate. meanwhile later today president trump will sign a controversial executive order aimed at easing restrictions on political activity by churches and charities. conservatives are cheering that move saying it will promote religious liberty. opponents say it could lead to discrimination. today president trump heads to new york. he'll meet with the prime minister of australia and speak at an event commemorating a key world war ii battle. >> kristen welker for us from the white house. thank you. new storms are threatening parts of the south and midwest already devastated by flooding. heavy rains washed out roads and forced peopo
8:04 am
homes. in missouri at least five deaths are being blamed on the weather. st. louis virtually cut off from some nearby towns. meanwhile in arkansas, water front cabin was washed away by a swollen river and water surged through a break in the levy putting national guard troops on alert. a line of storms also battered the gulf coast creating dangerous conditions in southern, louisiana. >> in a surprise development, prince phillip will retire from his royal duties this fall. however, his wife, queen elizabeth will maintain a full program of public engagements. on wednesday prince phillip was at a london cricket club. he's 95. he and the queen will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary in november. >> coming up, a warning before you head outside this summer. why you need to be extra concerned about those little
8:05 am
wedding of the century, and how princess dianna's marriage fell apart. >> and it's throwback thursday. we're taking it next level. >> you've both come a long way. >> we're back right after this. ♪ hit it! ♪ ♪ now look what you made me do ♪ ♪ you and me baby it takes two ♪ ♪ bringing new moves to the old school ♪ ♪ time for the whole world to enjoy the view ♪ ♪ we can go left they can go right ♪ ♪ save me a dance for the end of the night ♪ ♪ when i'm with you it's a party ♪ ♪ don't care where we're going ♪ ♪ 1, 2, 3 get loose no♪! ♪ it takes two to make a thing go right ♪ ♪ it takes two to make it out of sight. ♪ heare you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day.
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8:09 am
you'll hear a lot about powassan. we have an nbc medical correspondent. we think this is going to be a particularly bad tick season? why? >> they think it's going to be the worst tick season ever. for most people ticks are about eight out of ten on the gross scale. you try to stay cool and take it off. this year it's worse for a new reason. last year the explosion of the white footed deer population. the ticks are moving west, and we're starting to get into their areas, and there have been warmer winters and summers so they're living longer. >> lime disease we know to be concerned about nichlt what is this powwasan. >> lime disease, april is july is the prime period. the powwassanis
8:10 am
it has more serious consequences. it started to move to the deer the tick population. people will see it more often. >> we have ticks right here. we were provided them. people are looking. the kind that you find on dogs is different than the kind you might find on deer or in the woods. what do you recommend? >> the big thing is the deer tick is the smaller of the tick. dogs get that as well and they can get lime disease. the dog tick is the one they used to get. the deer tick is moving into our areas. when you're in the woods, especially if it's high grass, avoid those areas as much as possible. clothe up as best you can. it sounds nerdy. stick your pants into your socks so it doesn't crawl up your leg. deet works great. when you get back, make sure everyone takes a shower. they can hide. >> i want to talk about removing ticks, but first, who is who? >> these are the deer the ticks,
8:11 am
you can see they're smaller. people say they're the size of a poppy seed. the other, the bigger one is the dog tick. that's the one most people are familiar with. those are easy to find. the other ticks are harder. >> and you have to check your kids, the hair. if you find one, how do you remove it? >> people have all sorts of theories. they burn it with a match, put oil on it. don't that. you'll make the ticknor vous. >> you want to get tweezers. get as close to the skin as possible. grab the head, not the back part. >> this is a little much. >> and pull back as gently and if i we firmly as possible. put soap and water. put it in alcohol. put tape over it so it can't go anywhere. cdc says flush it down
8:12 am
toilet. other sources say don't. >> thank you so much. let's get a check on the weather from al in paris. >> today's weather is brought to you by dove shower foam. it's light. it's different. it's foam. >> wish you guys had had a nice jar of cockroaches and bedbugs. that would have been perfect. let's show you what we have going on around the country. in the southeast we're looking at more heavy rain around the gulf coast and also up into the upper midwest. and that mess is pushing east. and so we are going to be looking at a lot of rain in the southeast anywhere from 2 to 3 in 3 inches of rain through friday. along the east coast, it's going to be a mess from norfolk up to boston. minor urban drainage area flooding and airport delays. that's what's in
8:13 am
here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s right now. there's your forecast for tomorrow. temperatures will be in the 70s. a lot of rain for that morning commute tomorrow. today sunny and cool. >> i couldn't get any caviar, guys, but nice little baguette with a little fromage. >> oh, al. >> and you know what we have here? kix. >> thank you, al. have fun. time for what's trending today. raise your hand if you have a land line phone. wait until we get the shot. do you have a land line? >> i do. >> for the alarm system? >> i
8:14 am
>> i don't know. >> you don't know? >> we have something like a land line, but it's out wi-fi. does that count? >> nope. >> then we don't. >> i know when it rings, i know what it is. it's the wrong number. it's telemarketing. or the alarm company. >> according to national center for health statistics, 50.8% of households are now cell phone only. we've crossed that mark. this is the first time ever that the majority has ditched the land line. >> i think we should have one just because of emergencies, but -- >> friends of ours have a land line. we had dinner last night. and the phone rang often. my kids were like what's that? they were freaked out. it reminded us when we were kids how often the phone rang. >> all the time. it was dinner. >> or it's long distance. remember that? >> you were on your school's basketball team? >> i was a member of the
8:15 am
>> i could see that. >> whether you're shooting hoops or if you're trying to get trash in the can in the office, they discovered the secret to scoring. the key to an accurate shot. the key to an accurate throw, slowly and softly. not sure we could find the smallest trash can. they found even after the object is released, faster throwers are less accurate. slow and softly. >> here we go. basketball. >> take a little off of that. >> come on, guthrie. >> close. got a piece of it. >> none of us? >> someone has to make one. >> the key is crumbling up the paper and making it nice and round. >> the key is putting the basket by a wall. >> can somebody move the basket
8:16 am
we're about to peak in the show. take a breath. it's going downright now. all right. savannah and i have had a blast. we've shown some of our throwback thursday pictures. i posted this one from second grade. now, and then what happened? >> okay, so then i was like i see your offer, hoda, and i raise you this one. >> this is amazing. >> and you raised her. >> yeah. that's my sister on the left. she's adorable. >> you're adorable. >> and i jumped in early this morning. this is from circa 1996. >> you were cute. >> handsome. >> i still rock that vest from time to time. >> what about you, carson? >> i went 1970s. there's my and my sister pregaming before the donny and marie osmond show. i look like i popped one
8:17 am
there. >> after we posted our two, we decided we were going to throw down. it went to a war. we are looking for the most awkward crazy, embarrassing pictures. i was a member a softball team. i remember it well. i got in with this one. by the way, people under that picture were texting the time arson who is the guy who does our ambush makeovers. >> look at the glasses. >> i know. >> i told hoda we're on a full on arms race right now. actually, nicole wallace was like you can't put this on tv, but i'm going to. >> yes. >> what year was that? >> that looks like a mug shot. >> look at that. >> how are you not cast in the breakfast club? >> is that not the worst in. >> i mean, the hair. the face. >> how old are you? >> i think i'm 12
8:18 am
>> can i say, this is like bitchy resting face. >> focussed. >> we wanted our viewers to have fun with us. >> top us. please. >> people have been posting their pictures. >> high school graduation one. >> it's good. >> do it. >> let me get into pop start. we'll start with miley cyrus. she's releasing a new single may 11th. it's unlike anything she's recorded before. the song is called malibu. it's a love ball lod for her fiance on what inspired her. she said they're going to talk about me if i come out of a restaurant together. why not put the power back in my relationship and say this is how i feel. miley said she wrote the song during an uber ride to the voice. happy days, the cast reunited in
8:19 am
honor of erin moran. they all attended the memorial. they said it was a precious gathering, a bittersweet heart felt time. sharing stories about erin. >> alec baldwin made an entrance on the ellen degeneres show on wednesday. have a look. ♪ >> that's so cute. >> dancing all the way onto the set with his adorable three-year-old daughter carmen. she stole the show. aleck talked about having three children under three and the buzz surrounding his famous snl donald trump impression. >> i talked about going to the white house dinner. i'm glad they didn't have me do that whole routine. they tried to keep it a little bit more formal. i can't imagine what it would be li
8:20 am
when we did the show, when i hosted snl this season, we asked him to come. we invited him. we were hoel hopeful, but he di show up. >> ellen has matt lauer on today. two decades ago she made history in coming out. matt asked ellen about that decision and the impact. >> what was the most negative thing that happened 20 years ago after you came out? what do you remember? there were death threats, and that was negative. i look at that as a negative. there was a bomb threat at the studio. i mean, the biggest thing was i lost my career. >> we'll have matt's full conversation with ellen for you tomorrow right here on "today." and matt is a guest today there? >> they interviewed each other. >> should be fascinating. >> thank you, cso
8:21 am
series, diana two decades of her tragic death. >> this morning the wedding and divorce. we're at buckingham palace on a busy morning. >> reporter: good morning. prince philip's announcement will have people looking back on the good and bad times like the spectacular wedding. the royal couple standing on the palace, and a crisis that rocked the royal family. >> people think of -- >> here is the stuff of which fairy tales are made. >> i take thee charles philip george. >> reporter: july 1981, it was called the wedding of the century.
8:22 am
a royal wave from buckingham palace balcony. back then few knew their secret. this was no fairy tale marriage. these pictures are among the first of them together, apparently in love. >> a bit in love. >> reporter: at first they appeared happy. dancing on a tour of australia. children followed. william -- then harry, but within five years, the cracks appeared. diana worrying thin, suffering from bulimia, even self harming. the couple visibly unhappy. the allegations of affairs emerged later. charles with one. there were three of us in this marriage, diana
8:23 am
>> did you love her very much? >> yes, i did. yeah. that's why it's difficult to talk about it, really. >> reporter: ken was her security officer. he's rarely spoken of the time diana told him about hewitt during a tour. >> she said i have something to tell you and decided at that point in some detail to tell me about the state of her marriage, but also to tell me about her relationship with james hewitt. >> reporter: for some years they kept their marital troubles behind closed doors, but by 1992 the rift was clear. finally the truth exploded into public view with a book diana her true story, diana looking sad on public engagements and increasingly under strain. >> i'm supposed to be dragged off in a minute with men in white coats. if it's all right with you, i
8:24 am
nervous break down to a more embarrassing moment. >> reporter: embarrassing phone conversations were leaked between diana and a close friend. he calling her squijy and wondering if he was pregnant. and takes exposing intimate and sometimes crude conversations between camilla and charles. the public split followed a public battle for affection. princess diana saying she'd like to be a queen of people's heart. while the prince of wales claiming his affair with camilla came only after his marriage to die nana had broken down. the divorce was finalized in 1996. diana became simply diana, princess of wales. a year later she was dead. and gained a new title. >> she was the people's princess. >> reporter: there were rumors of other lovers, an art dealer, a rugby player.
8:25 am
has been called the love of her life by friends. the relationship was conducted in secret and ended in 1997. >> the relationship fell apart in the end because as much as diana wanted a normal life of somebody who wasn't a royal, the fame that she had achieved at that point in her life made that impossible. >> reporter: at the end, diana was seeing the son of a loaner who claimed she planned to marry again. we may never know the truth. the couple made trips this summer. in august 1997, they spent a week on a yacht. it was to be the last week of her life. the people's princess would never see england again. tomorrow we'll talk about the legacy that diana left behind. meanwhile the talk here in london just whisper is of the possibility of another royal wedding. harry does seem keen
8:26 am
markl. so savannah, hoda, it may be time to buy a hat. >> great. >> good morning. 8:26 now on this thursday. let's get a check on your traffic with melissa mollet. good morning. right now still slow here inner loop. all the way from 95 up to the american legion bridge. after that things open up. outer loop looking normal. southbound 270 at shady grove, a crash on the left shoulder. southbound 295 after duke ladder in the left lane causing issues. thank you. a check on your forecast after a quick break.
8:27 am
8:28 am
are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®. it's in the cool 50s as you step out this morning. the sunshine won't last all day. clouds increase during the afternoon hours. mostly cloudy by this evening. showers likely to start moving into the d.c. metro. probay
8:29 am
tonight. most of the daylight hours today will be dry. tomorrow is different. rain heaviest in the morning. mild and showery in the afternoon. >> get the latest news and weather any time in the nbc washington app. gery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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and good morning, everybody. it's good morning. it's thursday morning. it is the 4th of may, 2017. another gorgeous day out here. a little bit chilly. a happy crowd. we got a woo woo guy. >> you're like woo woo. >> i love this. >> welcome, everybody. coming up this half hour, more of matt's epic reunion of the god father cast. >> and mother's day is coming up. we're thinking why not get a gift just for you? >> first
8:31 am
day of summer. dr. oz and joy bauer kicked it off last week. thousands of you are getting on board. joy is coming back each week to share a tip. she's in the orange room this morning. one minute tip. >> we have a great question. it comes from true di in florida. she writes i'm getting tired of carrots and pepper sticks. how can i spice up nonstarchy vej gis. >> microwaive -- microwave them. you can also roast any vegetable. lay them on the baking sheet. the trick here is to control the amount of olive oil. you want to mist it versus pouring from a bottle. speaking of the oil mister, you have to make these kale chips. chips that are actually good for you using the oil mister again. you can each as much as you want, and for soup lovers, all you
8:32 am
batch of fresh or frozen vegetables. boil them up with reduced sodium broth, and with this blender, puree so it's creamy and dreamy. and the carrot sticks, you can dunk them. hot sauce, mustard or salsa. all great options. >> that was perfect. right on the button. joy, thank you so much. for the full drop ten "today" plan and to join, head to you the head to our facebook page to chat live with joy. >> right down to the ten seconds. let's check in with al in paris. >> today's weather to brought to you by zales. celebrate your lasting love. >> let's look at your weekend outlook. we'll show you starting with tomorrow. east coast is going to be a
8:33 am
mess. if you're traveling by train, plane, or automobile, it's going to be a mess in the northeast and mid atlantic states. unseasonably mild in the plains. another great day on saturday. cool and damp in the northeast. the ohio river valley and parts of the western plains. and sunday, sunday, very cool and moist in the northeast. lots of sunshine through the gulf coast. southeast and atlantic coasts up into the northern planes. we have some showers making their way through the rockies and wet weather moving into southern california. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. cooler this morning. 53 dulles. quantico 57. later this afternoon more clouds move in. here's a look at the radar. a lot of rain to our west. that gets closer. for your thursday planner, there you see it. overcast skies. 67 by this afternoon. we stay dry. the heavy rain gets here tomorrow morningr
8:34 am
that's why we have a weather alert. the weekend is cooler. chance of rain saturday. get the weather any time you need it with our pals at the weather channel on table. al, thank you. now to more of matt's conversation with the cast of the god father. >> they talked about why they originally thought the movie would be a flop and whether the sequel is better than the original. this morning they reveal the iconic scene that almost happened and their favorite line. >> when's the last time you all got together to talk about this movie? >> 45 years? >> i don't know. >> never? really? >> i don't think so. >> the reunion was worth the wait. pa chi they all share stories from the movie franchise consistently ranked among the best of all time. >> godfather. >> true or false, at one point you were cast as michael?
8:35 am
>> never. listen -- >> we did a test. he had us cast in about four days. >> bob tested for michael. everybody. >> i remember that day. >> they really wanted redford. >> every single actor that ever lived was sitting on 57th street. >> and you get the role. >> that's because the director wanted me. that's who he saw. he had a picture. he wanted michael to be have a sillian. >> once shooting started, james wasn't sure of his performance. >> the first scene i was to awful. i didn't have a grip on anything. i went hole and was shaving. i thought of don rickles. don't ask me why. i came in the next day, i messed up everybody's job. it was don rickles. >> connie was the female in the extraordinary family. i thought she was incredibly loved and not respected. she was a victimized woman. that' a
8:36 am
>> talk about the transformation of michael from clean cut war hero to ruthless member of the family. by the way, i read one time that you don't consider him a gangster. >> i don't think that michael ever considered himself a gangster in the more traditional sense. i think he was sort of part of the circumstances that took place. >> i'm with you now. i'm with you. >> the near death of his father, being handed the mantle. all these things perpetuated michael. >> i never wanted this for you. >> i remember in the dressing room going to marlin after reading the scene. he looked at me and said it's pretty good, huh? yeah. seems good. and that was it. that's the rehearsal. >> brando could be imposing, but they found a unique way
8:37 am
the ice. >> the first day we met him, he made he moon brando on the way home from lunch from a car on second avenue. >> you pulled your pants down on second avenue? >> in a car. bobby is famous for that. >> that became the thing around the set. >> a lot of that. >> it was in fashion at that time. >> but kahne says he nearly chickened out of shooting one of the most memorable scenes. >> take me through briefly the shooting of the scene at the toll booth. spoiler alert for people who don't know. it didn't end well for sonny. >> well, if there weren't girls there, i would have never done it. but there were girls there, so i couldn't back down like the coward i am. >> there were girls there? >> i didn't see that coming. >> i stood there like a moron. >> the part two arrived nearly ee
8:38 am
marking the first of three movies. >> al taught me things that he started, procedures, like i always like to have a reading of a script that i'm going to do or consider. and he started that with me. >> he said a brilliant thing to me early on. he said if people don't know how to rehearse, don't rehearse. sometimes it's more helpful for a movie if you don't rehearse. >> favorite line in the movie in "the god fafather". >> help me out. keep your enemies closer? >> keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. >> al? >> could you go to bob? >> the famous i'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse. >> how about fredda, you broke my heart. >> you broke my heart. you broke my
8:39 am
>> thank you. happy 45th anniversary. >> thank you. >> so a cool. >> so fun to see them. >> i wonder if there was a line after that. >> i bet there was. >> there are guys who do nothing but quote from "the god father". >> al roker. >> you can see all of matt's conversation on in honor of the 45th anniversary, they are releasing the entire trilogy. you are welcome, on blue ray, dvd. >> also we're going to bring mooning back. >> coming up next, does your smart phone make you more likely to get a sunburn? this is "today" on nbc. this su. but first, this is "toda
8:40 am
8:41 am
powell. chuck powell. skin cancer is if most common type of cancer in the u.s.
8:42 am
develop it in their life. >> since may is skin cancer awareness month. we'd like to talk about the five ways you're making yourself more susceptible to sunburn. we have someone here to help us protect ourselves from the harmful uv rays. let's start with the sleeves. >> these sleeves will show you the progression of malignant mel mona. you can see it can occur in a mole that exists or one that is new. there's a slow progression from the a, b, c, d ease of melanoma. look for asymmetry. this one is not symmetrical, and the border is irregular. and the color. there's multiple color. you can see there's a little bit of brown. a healthy mole is usually one color. it's bigger than the size of a pencil eraser. if your mole is getting bigger than that, that's a problem. that's the
8:43 am
and finally e refers to evolving. you can see on the other side of the sleeve this that this mole which was perhaps benign at the bottom is starting to change as you move up her arm, and eventually turning into a many l malignant melanoma. >> there are some things that increase your chance of sunburn. >> one sunburn can increase the risk of cancer. nobody is going to take a reflector out and try to get burned. did you know that an ipad and even an iphone can increase the reflection, indirect sunlight to your skin. an 85% increase in indirect sun expoture exposure by using your ipad. >> the there are warnings on prescriptions, but you say even over the
8:44 am
counter doesn't mean it's safe. things as simple as aleve, advil, things we use in the summer because you're feeling allergies, they can increase the risk for sub bunburn. be careful to check the label and be sure it's not causing you to become sensitive. >> if you had to take it, do you triple the sunscreen? >> more sunscreen. more protection. reapplication. >> even some foods and drinks? >> yes. these foods in particular, are probably the worst culprit when it comes to the sun, and lemons and limes have been shown to cause a photo toxic reaction. we have patients come in with unusual sunburns while they're drinking a margarita, they spill lemon or lime on their skin. it interacts with the sun and causes a localized burn that can leave a scar. >> we used to put lemon in our hair to be blonder. >> you can
8:45 am
that's a hidden place skin cancer occurs. >> drinking it is perfectly fine. it doesn't increase. although celery can increase the risk for sunburns if you eat too much. >> perfumes? colognes? >> scents have musk, lavender, they contain lemon and lime scented products. they work similar to the food. they increase the risk of burning. don't put them on if you're going outside or going for a run. not a good idea during the day when you're in the sun. >> we had the tick segment. i'm putting on repellant, but that's a concern? >> the concern is the layering of sunscreen and bug spray together. it decreases the effectiveness of your sunscreen. you want to reapply your sunscreen and bug spray so it works efficiently. if you put it on and it doesn't work, your skin will be at higher risk. >> doctor, thank you.
8:46 am
>> coming up, mother's day gifts with a personalized touch. first, this is "today" on nbc. but first, this is "today" on nbc. my name is jenny doan i'm a quilter and i'm a mother and i'm a grandmother. 2008 was when all the markets crashed, we lost our retirement. hamilton was losing hope and my husband and i were losing hope. my sister and i we challenged ourselves to help figure out a way to help them. our kids bought us a quilt machine. it was very humble beginnings. we were just this cute little shop, just like everybody else. one day al came in and asked me if i wanted to do tutorials and i was like "sure honey what's a tutorial?" i had not a clue. hi everybody i'm jenny from the missouri star quilt company. youtube gave us the opportunity to really differentiate, we got to a 1,000 subscribers year one and now we're at 300,000 subscribers. we started carrying all the fabrics that mom would use in the tutorials. now we're the world's largest provider of pre-cut quilting fabric. in the beginning we were just shipping 10 orders a day.
8:47 am
opening a business in hamilton kinda sparked things. we've got 14 quilt shops in town, three restaurants, a little hotel, we had over 100,000 people come to hamilton last year. we love jenny. my whole life i've always wanted to own a business. none of that would have been possible without missouri star quilt company. all i have to do is open my door and bake my goods and missouri star does the rest. youtube has enabled my family and i to bring hope to the town and to the people who live here.
8:48 am
we are back with a friendly reminder. mother's day ten days away. if you've not bought a gift, we have great personalized idea. >> we have the style director at "good housekeeping". she has great gifts you can get before mother's day. >> this whole idea is about keepsakes and personalized gifts. the it's not just about the photo in the frame. we're going to talk about some different ideas. these are hand painted silhouettes from a studio. what's neat about this if i'm sure you have a ton of pictures of the babies and kids but probably you're not in them. that's what happens when you're a mom. we instagram stalked
8:49 am
we took pictures of charlie and vail and haley joy. they hand painted these. these are $100 to get framed. they're done in new york. you get a custom silhouette. >> it can be done by mother's day? >> order today. >> they look oddly similar. >> they do. >> we're working with some instagram photos. >> moving on, we like practicality with our gifts as well. there's probably a blank space in every mom's home she wants to fill up, doesn't have the time. everybody out there, help her out. take her phone. this is an app called mix tiles. you can upload the pictures. you can move them around. you can use kid art. these are drawings the kids did and pictures. and say we know you wanted to do that project. if you don't like how we did it, mix it around. >> it gets dull in a room,ou
8:50 am
can change it. >> if you're indecisive like me, it's perfect. the evolution of the photo screen. these are glass and these are metal. when the light hits them, they are extra beautiful. it highlights it. it's a really nice way to showcase your family other than the photo in the frame, and because i work at good housekeeping, they're easier to keep clean. they don't collect dust and yellow take photos. >> this one is curved. >> yes. >> our producers have beautiful families. >> we're going to get you started here. this one is for hoda. and this one is for savannah. look at those. while you look, i'll talk. this is the retro viewer. you can get this at image >> we're looking at pictures of our babies. >> these are customized retro viewers. there's a photographer who worked at view master who took the knowledge and you can
8:51 am
>> you can get this on time? >> yes. order today. you don't want to wit until next week. order this week for those. >> that's $30. >> then you can update them with the slides. >> now there's jewelry. this is from vintage stamp jewels. these start at $24. we have one here for haley joy and vale with the birthdays. you request get them with anything. numbers, names. they start at $24 and up. >> i love that. >> this is so cute. it's like a charm bracelet but one upped. >> this is called the livering locket. basically you customize it. you pick out our locket. it comes with charms that mean something to you and your family. maybe your child loves lipstick. maybe you have three kids. whatever it is. you can fill it. endless charms. that starts at $20 and up. >> that's fun. >> now we're going to talk about
8:52 am
you have pictures but maybe there's a quote, hoda, you're known for your quotes. this one we took from your instagram. maybe you want to do a letter that you wrote to your mom or that your child wrote to her grandmother. my daughter wrote this to my mom. she's five. this is minted $24 and up. >> for the frames? >> it starts at $24 and then more for the frames. >> now we'll talk about the night sky. some people save the newspaper the day their kids were born. this is what the sky looked like the day your child was born. >> i can't handle it. the night sky, you go and $60. you get to see, and they use the european space agency's space based telescopes. these are legit. >> savannah, you and matt will be interested in
8:53 am
these start at $40 and up. >> that's you and matt. >> all i saw was the white thing. >> you could do vale and charlie. the negative space, they use it to great a 3-d printed custom vase. you can get it with your family. >> that's cute. >> and finally, some moms like a little comedy with thundershoei. i run on coffee. if you can't get it customized, this is something every mom will wear and love. >> these were all hits. >> you can get more of these gift ideas on our website. we're back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc. h >> that's what we'veeard. okay h.
8:54 am
♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century.
8:55 am
coming up, paul is here. he directed "snatch". >> also many others. >> he'll be our co-host. >> first your local news and weather. have a great day.
8:56 am
8:56 now on this thursday, may 4th. let's check on your traffic with melissa mollet. good morning. right now still a little slow on the inner loop from 95 up to the american legion bridge. outer loop top of the beltway looks slow near georgia avenue. inbound 66 after nutley again still have a slowdown there because of an
8:57 am
and northbound bw after 32, crash moved to the right shoulder. >> we'll have a check on the forecast when we come back. stay with us. we just moved into this house and didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to tie all that space together. with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. bassett had everything that we needed. fabric combinations marry the rooms together. having someone with bassett has been invaluable. we could've never dreamed up this room without bassett.
8:58 am
well it's a perfect nespresso hold on a second.orge. mmm. ♪ [mel torme sings "comin' home baby"] hey there. want a lift? ♪ where are we going? no don't tell me. let me guess. ♪ have a nice ride. ♪ how far would you go for coffee that's a cup above? i brought you nespresso. nespresso. what else?
8:59 am
good morning. it is a cooler start to your thursday. 58 degrees right now. but those clouds are starting to approach. we have a lot of rain back to our west. that will be here early tomorrow. a weather alert for your friday morning. heavy rain. today we stay dry with increasing clouds. 67 degrees. mid 70s tomorrow with improving conditions. for the weekend, cooler with a chance of rain saturday. thank you. you can get the latest news and weather any time. just open the nbc washington app. now back to "today."
9:00 am
this morning on "today's" take, two big stars. amy schumer and goldie hawn. >> and al roker is giving us an eye full in paris. >> plus a surprise military homecoming that will get you all choked up coming up now. >> from nbc news, this is today's take live from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. look at that crowd. welcome to "today" on this thursday morning. "star wars" day. may the fourth be with you. >> our guest co-host this morning, brandy mal
9:01 am
>> i'm so excited to be here. >> we're going to have a good time. >> it's girl day. >> part three. al is on the orient express. he's in paris now. it looks like something out of a magazine. >> i know. al, you're so lucky. there he is. the man of mystery. >> that's the most interesting man in the world. al roker. where in the world -- >> can we talk to you? can you talk? >> i can talk. i thought it was just a brief thing, so i didn't want to get in the way. >> it can be brief. we just want the to say you're looking dapper today. >> well, thank you very much. that's awfully nice. >> did somebody like a picture? sometimes you get to busy. >> you have to instagram this. >> he's good at a selfie. >> we're going to let you go because you're not talking.
9:02 am
>> i know. this isn't a food baby. i'm pregnant. i'm seven months pregnant. we're so excited. it's our first. >> remember the feeling of the first baby? >> is it the best? >> it's the best. >> it's wild. i thought i knew everything about pregnancy because my sister has two kids, and now i'm like i have no idea what's happening to my body. >> it's funny, the last time we talked you were pregnant but we couldn't the tell. >> now, you want that, and then you get it, and you're like oh, man, what was i wishing? >> i'm so out of breath all the time. these shoes have velcro. i can't have the laces. >> i love that you kept on your compression socks until 20 seconds ago. >> i swear by them. >> maybe i'll have another kid to wear them. >> they say water melon helps. >> really in. >> i don't know. about the water melon and cucumbers. >>
9:03 am
water, elevate them. >> you don't know if you're having a boy or girl? >> we're waiting until i deliver. >> okay. >> do you have a hunch? what does your gut tell you? >> i think i will be a mom. i feel like i'll be the mom of a girl one day, and i thought girl in the beginning, and now i've opinion leaning toward boy. the other day i was with my dad, and he was like i think it's a girl. i don't know. i keep going back and forth. >> i have to warn you, i thought i was having a boy until my daughter was born. and even when she came out, i was like oh, wait, a girl? and we had -- >> why? >> because the way i was carrying. everybody told me the only person that guessed correctly was al roker. >> i need al to rub my baby. >> he can look at you and guess. >> because he can predict the weather, he can also predict the species of a baby. i mean, not the
9:04 am
>> i hope it's a unicorn. >> i know what she's having. it's not the species. it's not like you were having a puppy. okay? i knew -- >> okay. except for i did have a dream when i was pregnant that i was having a kitten. i thought that i can do. all i have to do is change the litter. >> do you have a monitor, al? can you see brandi? >> yes. i can. brandi, can you stand up for a second? >> i want to know what you think. here's the side. >> you're having a girl. >> i'm having a girl? >> you're having a girl. >> okay. now sit down. >> okay, wait. let's write it down. we're going to write it down. although, we should have let al go. i'm not choosing this because al chose mine correctly. i really do think you're having a girl. >> and i'm going to say boy. >> you go against the grain. >> you were right about jenna.
9:05 am
>> the old adage is that the girl takes beauty from the woman. i say it's just the opposite. i say it adds. and you look even more beautiful. you look even more beautiful. >> oh, thank you. >> i think you're having a girl. >> the other day i looked in the mirror, and i was like where are my dimples. they're just squishier. i couldn't find them. >> everything squeezes back in. don't worry about it. >> that's what they say. i don't know, where is this going to go? i've been rubbing the creams on and hoping -- and then i've been checking. i squeeze it and i'm like there's a mark. i know the it's tiger stripes. i know i'm going to earn them. >> not necessarily. >> you don't need to squeeze it. gentle. >> it's interesting you don't want to know the sex, but you're telling people the names? >> well, i told you. >> you maybe don't want to tell the world. no
9:06 am
i'm most excited because my husband, who is mr. amazing thought of the names. >> you call your husband mr. amazing? >> i saw it pop up on her cell phone. >> don't tell anybody the name. don't tell the name. >> i agree, al. >> don't. >> because you get opinions. and you don't want opinions. >> i don't care about anyone's opinions? >> dylan was months and she was like oh, it's going to be calvin. as soon as she found out it was going to be a boy. >> all i know is i told my sister poppy's name, and she didn't quite understand that it was poppy, and not the flower, and she goes wait, you're going to need him, papi? and i'm like one, it's a girl. and two, no, it's like the flower, and now i have to worry about -- >> you're right. >> what the name rhymes with, the song. >> i know. whatever you do, don't name it -- my daughter named her daughter josephine.
9:07 am
grandmother's name, and that will be her name. she's like i'm sorry. i was like no. >> i didn't think much about poppy, and mela does sometimes get in trouble for it, she calls her poopy poppy. >> there's going to be that no matter what. >> that's my girl. >> i love that al is just popping in to give us commentary. this is amazing. >> let's talk about your journey, al. let's talk about you. >> that is the older sister's prerogati prerogative. the older kid's prerogative is to kind of nail the younger sibling. it builds character. >> and now poppy is going to be used to anything. she's ready for the world. yesterday you traveled through italy, and austria aboard the orient express with josh gad? >> yes. it was -- we end up in paris. it was everything i thought it would be. we had a terrific
9:08 am
the new movie with josh gad "murder on the orient express". it's a remake of the older one. the food was spectacular. the scenery was amazing. and the cars from the train are from the 1920s, 30s and 50s. at night everybody had to wear formal wear. we were in the bar car singing. our entire crew -- this was a technological marvel. they've never done a live broadcast from a moving train on the venice orient express. this was a first. we had a very small crew, but they did great stuff. it was magic. >> i can't wait to see the movie. it's a great idea to do this. >> yes. >> and you look to -- >> and we pulled in to paris this morning at 7:25, and we've had just -- a little bit of rain, but it's clearing off now. >> he's li
9:09 am
>> you looked very dapper in the white dinner jacket, too. >> thank you. i felt very james bond. having a drink on a moving train. it was fantastic. i will tell you we lost a couple of our crew members. there's julian next to tracy, and julian, let's just say he came out of his sleeping compartment as he came into the world. and none of us will ever forget it. >> crying? crawling? >> crying? >> i'm just saying. >> too much alcohol. >> he was wearing as much as he came into the world, and we were all -- >> oh. >> i'm sure he likes that known to the whole world. julian's mom, it's all okay. >> i hope he didn't get rug burn. >> julian is from england. nobody will see this. nobody will possibly tweet this or send it to him at all. >> al, bring us --
9:10 am
up now. >> bring us home a croissant. see you later. >> by, kids. we have a feel good story for this thursday. check out this video from a minor league baseball team. kids thought they were getting the chance to throw out the first pitch when they found out the catcher wasn't just any old player. check this out. >> how sweet is that? they had no idea. >> that's their dad, of course. he surprised them from returning from a six-month tour of duty overseas. >> that is so precious. >> your father was in the -- is in the military. >> yeah. he served 40 years in the u.s. army. was a pilot. he still works. he got out of the army. he's now a
9:11 am
he's 67 and he's like i don't golf. what else would i do? >> when you see stories like that, it must make you proud. >> i lived on a military base all my life. every time when someone's parent is gone, all you want to do is be there when their mom or dad arrives. it's such a community thing. >> thank you for your service and thank your dad too. >> coming up, we'll head to paris, france. al is there on a tough assignment living a life of leisure at the eiffel tower.
9:12 am
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back now with more of our today's take. good morning to you. >> yeah. you are our chef. i feel like you can lead the charge for our viewers watching. if you're an amazing cook -- >> maybe a braeflt or lunch or salad. >> we launched the ultimate cookoff. send us our most delicious recipes. you'll have a chance to cook the recipes here. >> you've done it before. what's it like to cook in that kitchen? >> it's the best. you have this entire team prepping everything for you. we want amazing breakfast recipes, salads, dinner. >> it's not just dinners and appetizers. it's all these things. >> i would love a yummy breakfast kcasserole. >> a memory came to me. when i was a little girl,
9:15 am
used to have after easter service, we would have some kind of refreshments or food at a pot luck. there were so many yummy casseroles. i feel like if you know someone at your church, i feel like this is kind of their chance. call them up and say listen. >> log onto into your recipe. >> and it doesn't have to be the prettiest recipe. some of them are so unassuming and delicious. >> and you get to come to new york and hang out with us. >> may the fourth be with you. today is the unofficial celebration of "star wars." may 4th, you get it. >> we wanted to play a game of pop culture trivia. thank goodness we have our expert, al. >> whoa. >> all right, al. you ready? i have a feeling you're going to know these. i have the questions but not the answers. number one the most
9:16 am
wars" film is currently the third highest grossing film ever. what other science fiction film is number one? >> "avenue tatar". >> that's science fiction? >> yeah. >> yes. >> in may of last year a viral woman of a woman -- >> chewbacca mama. >> can i finish the question? >> in may -- all right. viewed over 140 million times. you're right. i'm killing it. go ahead. >> okay, al. which of these actresses has not appeared in a "star wars" film. k key. >> charlize theron. >> charlize theron. >> here we go. every single "star wars" film begins with the same
9:17 am
>> oh, let us go where nobody's gone before. . >> the land before time. >> al? >> a long, long time ago in a galaxy far far away. >> i almost got it. >> there it is. >> i said star trek. >> do i win something? >> your dignity. >> al, go ahead. >> there you go. >> today's weather is brought to you by kay jewelers. for 100 years every kiss begins with kay. >> and let's show you what we have for your weather today. unfortunately it's still messy from the midwest and it will be moving to the east. we have strong storms firing up. they will be bringing in heavy showers and thunderstorms from the great lakes all the way out to the east, and you can see from the gulf coast all the way into the great lakes, strong storms and places where already flooding. they're going to get more rain, and the flood waters are not going to recede that fast. anywhere from
9:18 am
rain from the gulf coast to the upper coast. look for minor and poor delay najs, and the airports will be a mess. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. at home plenty of sunshine out there. temperatures are making their way into the mid and upper 50s after a chilly start earlier this morning. temperatures later on today only up into the mid and upper 60s with increasing numbers of clouds. there's a chance for a few showers later on in the day today. heavy rain likely for the morning commute tomorrow. tomorrow morning will be storm team 4 weather alert mode. and in the weekend more showers on saturday. but on the cool side. all through the weekend with a lot of clouds around. >> and that is your latest weather. >> all right. i'm about to take that thing. >> am i like an annoying child? >> uh-huh. >> it makes a cool
9:19 am
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9:22 am
paul feig directed some of the funniest movies in recent of the funniest movies. including "bridesmaids" and many others. >> now paul is producing "snatched". a mother and daughter get kidnapped in the amazon. >> the family will do whatever it takes to find them. take a look. >> i told her to contact me once she gets to bogaton. there's not much more i can do, sir. >> i imagine you have some kind of squad. maybe like four underground criminals who were tried for a crime they didn't commit and they've been living in the underground helping people. >> sir, were you born in the 70s? >> yeah. >> that sounds like the a team. >> do you have an a-team? >> good morning.
9:23 am
like that, it's easy. >> i was watching it last night. all of a sudden my husband is cracking up. that's how you know it's good. he didn't even have to see it. >> working on the laptop in bed. we're good. >> were you laughing the whole time? you're working with some of the funniest in the business. look at that cast. first of all, goldie hawn has not been in a movie in 15 years. she's been doing wonderful things with our foundation, helping kids. we wanted her back making people laugh. and amy schumer was the one that said i want goldie to play my mom. >> what was it like to work with goldie? >> she's everything you hoped she would be and ten time more. you want her to be your mom. >> exactly. that's good. >> and you get it. so you're known for working with these females in comedies. what is it about these women that you're drawn to? we see they're
9:24 am
what is it for you? >> i find them movie. they're great actors, and there aren't enough roles for these amazing talents to be in. anything can i do to great create these good female roles, that's my favorite thing. >> you were at the met gala. the ball. there you are looking dapper. >> there you go. thank you. >> it was really fun. your head is on a swivel the whole time because you're can assistant -- constantly bumping into people. and all you do is like please don't let me tear somebody's dress. >> and you have your own -- you look very stylish. you have your own line? >> i have a line coming out from j crew, yes, in the fall, that i designed. this is one of them. >> you used to wear only vintage bowling. >> this is true. in the eighty when i was a standup comedian, that was my
9:25 am
style. . >> your style looks pretty great. it's evolved. >> coming up, the three interview questions you need to nail every time. first your local news. "for great skin, you don't have to go to a spa... ...just go to bed." new aveeno®... ...positively radiant® overnight facial. get the benefits of a spa facial... ...overnight. aveeno®. "naturally beautiful results®"
9:26 am
>>. >> good morning. our headlines this morning. police arrested a high school student who they say brought a gun to campus. an 18-year-old is accused of driving a stolen car to the high school on monday. police say there was a police rifle and lowed magazines in the trunk. the gun was stolen from a police cruiser. a d.c. family needs folks to be on the lookout for this missing teenage girl. she's 15 years old. police say she was last seen on tuesday on 45th street on northeast wearing a blue jean jacket. call police if you've seen her.
9:27 am
forecast when we come back. stay with us.
9:28 am
temperatures in the mid to upper 50s with cloud cover. those clouds are going to continue to increase through the day. not much of a rain chance until after the sun goes down. today's high near 67 degrees. for tomorrow cloudy.
9:29 am
heavy rain likely to affect the friday morning commute. stay cool and cloudy all weekend with saturday showers. >> get the latest news and weather any time in the nbc washington app.
9:30 am
there's nothing more there's nothing more nerve wracking than when you to sit down for a job interview. especially when you're asked a question you don't know how to answer. >> we brought in experts to help you so you're not left scrambling like this scene from "the internship". >> you're dropped to the bottom of a blender. what do you do? >> you lay back, enjoy the breeze. >> you're light as a feather -- >> wait. all of it, good. >> like getting an mri. >> once the blender is on, it's on forever. >> i disagree. he sold blenders, and only the best blender in the world only runs 11 hours. when we get out, we'll
9:31 am
off for it. >> we have mike this morning. big deal. ceo of the the bump, the nest, the knot, he has us covered. >> and the author of jury trial strategize to win, cara harris. >> we both worked here for a while, but we haven't had a job interview in a long time. put us to the test. >> people are going to ask something you couldn't have prepared for. they're going to try to throw you off your mark. >> if you could be any animal, what would it be and why? >> i want to say a cat because they're my favorite, but cats are lazy. i'm going to go with my daughter's favorite animal which is an owl, because i think owls are typically wise, protective of those that they love -- >> you're hired. that was good. >> you nailed it. you want to start with this is a test of your
9:32 am
>> i don't know if i'm really an owl, but i'll pretend i am. >> you'll want to pivot the things for why you should be hired. >> you wouldn't have a to the say i'm a cat because i'm lazy. i'm a hunter. you want to hit the things about you, and through the whole thing, smile. they're trying to get to know you. >> don't pick your favorite animal just because it's your favorite. >> and there's strategy in the answers. >> this is a more traditional question. what's your biggest weakness? >> that's hard. >> i should know the answer to this question. >> i think i work too hard, and sometimes that's my flaw. i'm only saying that because that's what you're supposed to say. >> but that's what you should not say. you shouldn't go with the things that's trite. you don't want to say you're a perfectionist or you work too hard. pick an actual weakness. say i'm working on my public speaking skills. i think i could get much better at that. never choo
9:33 am
don't say i wish i had better writing skills and you want to be a journalist. always choose something that you might aspire to that does not have anything to do with the key factor in the job today. >> wait. but she -- what if it's true that she really does work too hard. i know her. >> the issue with working too hard is people are working for balance. they want a well rounded leader. you're trying to drive people too hard -- >> we misunderstood. it's not about the truth. >> sheinelle, you don't have to tell the truth about this one. what is your favorite cheese? what makes it superior to all other cheeses? >> that question is perfect for me. >> would i be crazy if i told you i'm not into cheeses. i like the plain out cracker and cheese, but i'm not like oh, i love that. >> bury me in brie and i'd be ha.
9:34 am
you can make an argument that i'm going to believe. that you can lay out points. >> i'm not getting this job, whatever it is. >> whatever you choose, pepper jack. you can melt it. it's affordable. and you find it from backyard bbqs to the fanciest events. >> i think i'm seeing what you're looking for. >> okay, jenna, the first question you're always asked if in an interview. jenna, tell me about yourself. >> tell me about yourself. well, i'm like what about me? i am a mom of two precocious girls, and i married a great man who always has my back which allows me to work pretty hard. >> okay. do not tell me your life story. when i say tell me about yourself, you want to tell me your story in the context of what the buyer is buying. >> what are you buying here? >> if you're interviewed for a journalism job, tell a story about your writing skills, your ability to problem solve. >> this was fantastic. thank you so much. >> thank you. up next, we want to do this n.
9:35 am
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you haven't you've heard mother's day is ten days away. enough time to find something special that will show mom how much you love her. >> we came up with the ultimate gift guide and all the items will arrive just on time for the big day. >> if you order them today. here to show them to us is senior adviser. >> i like the poppies. >>
9:40 am
>> sand wiwiched with the banne. you can make the banner or buy the banner. say mom, you rule. you're queen for the day. >> everybody loves a good flower. right? husbands take note. >> yes. and these are hand cut paper flowers that last beyond the day. they're from paper honey bee. the artist can only make 100 bouquets. if you like it, order it now. you get to custom order flowers. >> how much are these? >> those are actually, start at around $50 or so. they're beautiful. if you prefer fresh flowers, you can get these. these are modern bouquets. select cities can deliver day of. nationwide, by tomorrow. they're stunning. >> i love it. >> i love a great modern arrangement. >> okay. >> next up from uncommon goods, these are wishing balls. first you pick out mother's
9:41 am
and it's personalized from the kids and the husband. stuff it with a note so she can keep adding her dreams to it. from uncommon goods. >> make a bag. >> from tarten and twine, fabulous punchy prints. pineapples, florals. i keep my makeup in the bag. and by the way -- >> for people that travel, like us, i leave mine in mine and go. >> and i wanted to ask, over 50% of our vendors today are mother-owned businesses. for the mother entrepreneurs, by mom, for mom. >> moms supporting moms. >> and who doesn't want to spread a little sunshine to moms? >> a water melon clutch. >> these are coin purses. they're sweet, and a small trinket trays. moth k
9:42 am
>> reese would call her mama. >> and those start at $18. for the mother who has the green thumb, these are from mackenzie child. they're beautiful morning glory print. i don't know if you want to get them dirty. $45 for the set of three. >> it makes me wish i could garden. >> i don't have a green thumb. i wish. >> maybe you could be an aspiring gardener. >> next up beautifully jewelry sets. wonder woman print. this is from the cuff to the earrings to the bangles. everything for our super hero mom. >> these are spinning necklaces. and it looks like it's in code. but when you spin the necklace, words appear like mom, space, wish, sisters, and it comes in this gorgeous packaging. you don't even need to wrap it. >> let's move on. from etsy, these are hand printed. it has the names of your girls. 's
9:43 am
pictures from you send a photo and a quote. you can say mom i love you, you're special. and to bring mother pampering, these are floral masks infused with floral essences. >> eco friendly. eight in a pack. they're wonderful. from minion rose, cashmere slippers, they're $99 for "today" viewers. cushions of air for our angel moms. >> and finally a bike and a beautiful robe. >> she a beautiful robe. and a bike. she can ride off into the sunset and fegt her to do -- forget her to do list. >> thank you, amy. let's go to paris, france for a check on the weather with al. >> thank you. a beautiful day here. the clouds have parted and now we've got plenty of sunshine. let's show you if you're going to ha
9:44 am
weekend. it could be a washout. starting in the east. heavy rain stretching from the ohio river valley. the heaviest along the northeast coast. texas into the southwest. then on saturday we're looking at more cool damp weather in the northeast and the ohio river valley. great day in the plains down to texas. sunday we are looking at more showers and thunderstorms making their way into the northeast. i shouldn't say thunderstorms but showers. plenty of sunshine along the southeast gulf coast and look for warm weather in the plains. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in our neck of the woods. >> good thursday morning. it is comfortable outside right now. but it's still cool. 58 in the district. 57 dulles and manassas. and we have more clouds starting to move in. but the rain is still pretty far away. all the rain you see here off to the west, some of it is heavy moving in for tomorrow morning's commute. before you leave, aat
9:45 am
heavy rain for the morning drive. improvements in the afternoon. over the weekend we're cooler. chance of showers saturday afternoon. temperatures in the 60s. that is it for our european adventure. i'm coming home to you ladies. tomorrow i resisted doing an outrageous french accent. >> that is outrageous. you sound like pepe la pew. >> up next, we'll catch up with laura linney next. how your clothes smell can say at lot about you. that's why new downy protect and refresh conditions fibers to lock out odors. so clothing odors don't do the talking for you.
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9:50 am
>> laura linney, good morning. >> good morning. >> how would you describe the dinner to someone in a psychological thriller? when i watched it, sometimes i read background info, this time i didn't. i was like what -- what's happening? >> what is going to happen? well, in a nutshell, my character is married to steve who is brothers with richard gere who is married to rebecca hall. t the brothers and wives meet for dinner because there has been a traumatic crisis involving their children. >> your children did something horrible. >> they need to figure out how to handle it. there are varying degrees of desires and sort of fierce opinions about what should be done. >> when i was reading this, i'm a mom, and watching it, but it was based on a book. >> it's based on a novel.
9:51 am
kept thinking which camp would i be in? you can't believe it because it was horrific. >> i would love to say that i would know how i would behave. i'd like to think i would behave, and i think this goes do a lot of behavior that we like to think of ourselves as being a certain type of person, but in the heat of moment, you don't know. you don't know. i've been pickpocketed a few times in new york, and abroad, actually. and i scare myself with my own reaction about how defensive and how potentially violent i can become. if someone grabbed me at one point, and i yelled and screamed and almost -- you know? i almost punched this person. it scared me so much, because i didn't read that that was in me. or that i would instinctively in a primal way respond that way.
9:52 am
i think in certain situations, i would love to say i know how i would behave, but i think it's dangerous, and there's a little hubris in thinking your character is better than you think. >> before you leave, talk to us about your broadway show. i saw it, and you and cynthia nixon are amazing. >> and congratulations. >> there was one part where there was a third second bit. you're laughing and crying. we're hanging on your every word. there was so many emotions. >> it's a wonderful play that hasn't been done for a long time with a remarkable company. and cynthia nixon and i switch off every two days with characters. >> how do you memorize both characters? >> the it was an idea that came to me. i had been cast as regina and remembered cynthia always wanted to play her, and i always wanted to play birdie. men do it all the time, but it's the first time women have done
9:53 am
that we can do anything. >> laura linney, thank you. "the dinner" opens tomorrow. back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month online, for the first year with a two-year agreement. it's the only internet with equal upload and download speeds. cable only offers upload speeds
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try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®. can we thank our momma-to-b >> thank you to brandi for being here. >> oh. >> we had so much fun with you, brandi. good luck. >> we have a special makeover today.
9:56 am
y2c5py y16fy
9:57 am
this is a news 4 "today" news break. good morning. it's 9:57 on this thursday, may 4th. we're working to learn the condition of a woman who was apparently set on fire at a motel. this is video of the scene after d.c. police arrived about 9:00 last night. the motel on 4th street northeast near gal debt universities. witnesses say the man was set on a fire by a man at the hotel.
9:58 am
cameras. he fled the scene. we'll change gears and get a check on the weather. >> good morning. temperatures are still cool. 60. they're rising. we have clouds moving in. you can expect the clouds to be increasing today. the rain is not here yet. it's still off to the west. it will be here tomorrow morning's commute. a weather alert for the heavy rain tomorrow morning. and a cooler weekend. all right. thank you. coming up on news 4 midday, the latest from howard county police concerning the escaped prisoner. see you on midday.
9:59 am
10:00 am
. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee giffor s and hoda kotb. >> hello. welcome to thirsty thursday may 4th. they're saying may the fourth be with you because it's happy "star wars" today. that's "hurricane" by luke cone. >> he's a cool country star which we're going to be grooving on soon. >> are we announcing? >> not yet. >> pretty soon we might be making a trip somewhere where people play country music. okay? and we're very


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