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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  May 8, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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what to know about the forecast before you get dressed. >> gridlock game changer. the simple ways you can cut down on the time you spend commuting. "news 4 today" starts now. 6:00 on the dot. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilgilcrist. >> i'm eun yang. chopper 4 is up and over trouble spots. we'll check in with melissa mollet. sheena parveen is holding down the fort. not going to feel like may outside, sheena. >> not really. it's pretty chilly in some areas. in the 30s this morning. that's mostly pretty far off to the west in parts of the shenandoah valley and over to higher elevations. four things you need to know. i think you will want the jacket this morning. it is chilly to start your morning. all this week we hav
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temperatures only reaching the 60s. showers late this week. we are watching some weekend rain, too. i'll show you that coming up. 40 in the district, 41 at frederi frederick. i think you'll need the jacket this morning, but sun glare on the roads this morning for your commute. dry through the afternoon. speaking of commute, let's check it with melissa mollet. >> southbound connecticut avenue at jones bridge road, there's a backup. 295 southbound before east capitol getting by. southbound north capitol left lane getting by. army navy drive police are searching for two men through that area. you might hear choppers in the area. fort hunt has a water main break. live look here
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grove road, no problem northbound or southbound. 6:02. developing story in arlington. police are searching for the man you see here. they say he manipulated his way into a bomb's apartment and secti -- a woman's apartment and sexually assaulted her. >> molette green has more on the investigation. molette? >> reporter: good morning. arlington county police say he posed as a maintenance worker to gain entry into one of the units here at the eight tatrium condo. they have a good picture of the man they're looking for. arlington police say this man had an on under armour backpack when he went door to door on a single floor inside the condos until a woman opened up her
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this happened shortly before 10:00 sun morning. in his 20s, 6 feet tall and was wearing a gray sweatshirt. he left on foot. hear now from arlington police. >> this was a brazen attack. he was not only going around knocking on the doors but he was using that ruse knowing somebody would open their doors. it is a clear picture. somebody out there knows who he is and we need them to come forward and report that information. >> reporter: yeah, there are lots of questions remaining about this incident including who he is. molette, thank you. 6:03. the search is on for a
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teenager. police are looking for 13-year-old aziyah johnson. last seen saturday at the 1200 block of sumner road. he's 55'10", 130 pounds. police in maryland are searching for this man, 20-year-old markel williams was last seen at med star saint mary's hospital. he's also known to frequent charles county. if you know where either markel williams or aziyah johnson can be, you are asked to contact police. they're trying to figure out how a man ended up dead in the woods. they were called to killborn drive in fort washington. they have not identified the person they found dead. today a trial is set to get underw
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underway. they're set to stand trial. they were boldt part of the west lan nonhills. they went in and shoved him out of the way in 2016. jury selection will begin in this case this morning. five minutes after this hour. former acting attorney general sally yates heads to capitol hill. she'll speak publicly about former national security advisor michael flynn's contacts with russian ambassador. you may remember yates was fired for refusing to defend the travel ban. the senate is taking a fresh look at health care after the house passed its bill. paul ryan acknowledges the house chamber is likely to make changes. their plan provides sufficient coverage for people with
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pre-existing conditions. frans's president is meeting with his counterpart. >> we've been following his every move. all eyes on the president-elect in france emmanuel macron. earlier he was getting into his vehicle after he left scam pain headquarters. for the first time since being elected president of france he is standing side by side with the man he will replace. french president francoise hollande. he has a busy day, renaming his political movement. overnight we want to know that there was some chaos in the streets of paris. 141 people were arrested with clashes, protesters from both sides. i'm angie goff at the live desk. back to you. both of our playoff teams are still alive. the
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beating the caps saturday and they play again tonight. >> wall! he's a highlight machine. >> and the wizards are killing it out there. tying up the series with another dominant performance. look at the fans. this time it was bradley beal. they went on a run of 26 points. home floor has been big. game five is in boston. a lot to smile about. we can't forget about baseball, you know what i mean? >> no. >> a big series in our area. battle of the belt ways. >> nationals and orioles. starts today in baltimore. the series will shift. if you're waking up, a lot of news on your feed about the yankees/cubs game. it took
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new york to beat the world series champs. they play another -- that's like two baseball games in one. that's the most innings ever for an interleague game. whew! would you go dumpster diving for your child? what one boy accidently trash muched that forced the family to go looking. you'll have to pay the spaces to avoid a fine coming up. you'll need a jacket before you head out this morning. we're talking about temperatures in the 40s. some areas off in the 40s. 47 in the district. plenty of sunshine but you might want the jacket this afternoon, too. coming up, i'll show you how cool it will be, plus, our next big rain chance coming up. assault trial delayed again. you've seen the video of a
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angie goff at the live desk with an update on police ak nift arlington. >> this is just coming in. a lot of people were confused wondering why there were choppers hovering over the pentagon. police are searching for two suspects that took off by foot. just learned that they do have those two suspects in custody. this impacted travel for a while though we know they are reopening army navy drive. more on the case as we get it. for now that's the latest from the live desk. good monday morning. i think you will want a
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before you head outside. beautiful sunshine. don't let it fool you. temperatures running 10 degrees before where it should be. you'll need jacket, long sleeves and sub glasses. we'll talk with how cool it will be. melissa? >> 2 1/2 mile backup southbound on 295. only one right side there getting by this morning. quite a delay. leave early if you possibly can. as angie just said, army navy drive between southeast and fern, lanes are reopening. the beltway and travel times straight ahead. >> melissa, thank you. 6:13. horrible crash in the city of chicago left four dead and several others hurt. neighbors say they woke up to a loud boom and then ran
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it seems the car hit the bus head on. witnesses say passengers in the car were trapped in the back seat as the car caught fire. everyone in the car died. no one on the bus was seriously hurt. bullet holes also littered car windshields there. chicago police believe that shooting was gang related. the family of a texas teenager killed by a police officer is now suing that officer and the ball springs police department. jordan edwards was shot last weekend while riding in a car with his brother and other teenagers as they were leaving a house party. officer roy oliver was sent to the area. oliver fired his rifle multiple times into the
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facing murder charges. university of virginia student's lawsuit over a bloody 2015 arrest has been delayed until next year. you might remember this video that shocked a lot of people around the nation. in 2015 this gentleman was arrested after he tried to get into the bar with a fake i.d. johnson maintains he had a valid i.d. and was not drunk. his attorneys said they need more time to prepare so that trial will not begin until next april. penn state university there are students who did not graduate this past weekend because they face criminal charges. there are 18 fraternity brothers charged in the death of a brother. police
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say they didn't get help. >> the clarion call from his death should be enough is enough. let's stop it and let's try to have something come out of his life and his death. let's make his case stand for something. >> a defense attorney said they never intended to hurt their friend. find out the new charges for some students. texas governor greg abbott signed a controversial new law yesterday. it bans sanctuary cities. it requires them to follow all federal immigration laws and requests to detain kril names. people protested outside of the
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area. dofl course in rest stin. northwestern mutual is the majority owner of the reston golf course. they want to redevelop the 166 acre property but protesters want any potential bidikuindide know they'll keep fighting to save the golf course. >> anyone who wants to redevelop it will go through hearings. we'll have 1,000 people at any public hearings. >> the group is holding a golf tournament on october 3rd to raise money to continue their fight. >> how far would you go for a cell phone? >> what about your child's cell phone? a new jersey father proved he'd go pretty deep. he s
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dumpster diving. can you imagine? the dad combed through this mountain of garbage after the ti te teen apparent live threw his phone away. with some help from crews there they tracked the phone down in a 50 foot high pile of trash. >> if this was real -- >> the phrase team work is perfect for this because everybody worked together to get an outcome. >> what about consequences, can i ask? the teen throws away the phone and he does this work to get it back. >> let it go. it's a cell phone. >> am i missing something here? >> sometimes it's just gone. >> they say they do a handful of searches each year but for like wedding rings. >> heirloom something. >> a
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it would come out of his pockets. >> i'm not digging through the trash. >> have the company wipe out your stuff? >> i don't know. >> what's crazy is the cool air. >> i know, sheena. yes, you need a jacket this morning. it is chilly. look at the beautiful sunrise. absolutely gorgeous. a lot much dry air. temperature 47. feels 4 degrees colder. feeling like 43. at least a light jacket this morning. i think a lot of people will think it's a shock to the system. normally this time of year a bit lower than that. breezy and cool. sunglasses going to stay nice and sunny. if you're heading out this evening, chilly. currently in frederick, 41 degrees. feeling more like the upper 30s. winchester at 36. over the higher elevations, parts of the shend
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freeze warnings, frost advisories. 42 lorton. 43 dulles. if you're exercising, nice and dry. 61 by noon, 63 by afternoon. normal highs, 73. don't expect the 70s to come back. future weather keeping us dry through the first half of the week. then we go through thursday. that's the first big rain chance. friday and into saturday. could be looking at a rainy pattern. let's check the roads. >> taking a look, chopper 4 over the beltway. volume is not too bad as you can see. it is looking a little rough, 295 southbound.
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aga si single file delays. this is not helping out. southbound connecticut avenue at jones bridge, right turn lane there is blocked. beltway looking good. 270 looks okay. so does the top of the beltway. taking a look at 66, no major problems. 95 north quantico to the beltway. remember to listen to wtop 103.35 a.m. coming up, hits on the gridlock game changer. changing your commute to ten minutes earlier can shave off a lot of time. >> details on president barack oba obama's speech. collin ferrell is
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sobriety. >> ellen airs weekdays at 3:00 and then stay
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you're watching news 4 today. trying to get from point a to b has been a nightmare. >> road rage a lot. people just honking. you know. >> we're talking about commuting frustrations. we hear about them from you every day. some of you tell us every day your
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minutes each way. we want to help you out. >> that is painful. news 4's transportation reporter adam tuss has simple things you can do to cut back on the time you spend commuting. >> reporter: everybody wants an easier way to get to work. here's something to think about. what if you started your commute ten minutes earlier? how much of an impact would that have? for some comparison let's go around the region. check out the beltway outer loop at landover right at the crush of 9:00 a.m. ten minutes earlier, easier, rockville pike, and ten minutes earlier, free flowing. connecticut avenue and chevy chase. ten minutes earlier, free flowing. >> you can take charge of the commute by adding ten minutes to it by starting out earlier. >> reporter: how to get motivated to start the commute ten minutes earlier. >> it's setting the
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earlier and also preparing the night before and that ten minutes can make all the difference in the world. >> reporter: one more for good measure. look at the off route to route 7 in tyson, slow going. ten minutes earlier moving right along. it will help take the extra stress on the morning commute away. adam tuss, news 4. take a look at the difference between now and ten minutes ago. this is the beltway at coleville road. 6:15, pretty clear. chopper 4 is showing us a live picture and it is slowing down. prime parking spots off limits to you. plus, arrested again. a high school security official accused of having sex with a student is
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right now at 6:30, a forecast that will make you want to bundle up. we're waking up to temperatures as low as the 30s in places this morning. how long that will last. >> reporter: two parking meters and one is red. this one you have to have permission to park here and not following the rules could cost you. we'll go into it live for you on "news 4 today." the example of jack and bobby kennedy helped guide me in the policy. plus, it's a speech putting former president barack obama into the spotlight. the message he shared that had millions reacting overnight. "news 4 today" starts now. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilcrist. a lot to fill you in on. >> sheena parveen f
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these chilly temperatures. we'll check in wion the forecas >> we're 10 degrees below where we normally are. 47 degrees currently. feels like 43. plenty of sunshine as we go through the day. nice and dry. you might want the long sleeves. 43 dulles, we see the coldest temperatures way off to the west. 42 in lorton. mainly patchy frost. freeze warning this morning. mid 60s and sunny this afternoon. the busy monday morning commute with melissa. >> chopper 4 headed to show us some of those slowdowns on 295 southbound as you're approaching the capitol. now here is what we
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file right lane getting by. at this point this morning it had cleared out of the way. we are seeing pretty good delays. jones bridge right turn lane is still blocked for a disabled vehicle. army navy drive between southeast and fern now has to be opened. water main break. look at your travel times. problems on 295. >> thank you, melissa. capitals have to win the next two games or they are out of the playoffs. game 6 is 7:30 tonight. caps are on the road. if they win they get to play the winner take all game at home. right now police in the district is 15. he was last seen wearing a blu
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arlington police need your help finding this man. he tricked a woman into opening her door at the atrium condominiums. once the door was open, he forced his way inside and sexually assaulted the woman. coming up news 4's molette green has the story. breaking news at 6:33. angie goff at the live desk. >> unusual kind of attack, aaron. a belt buckle attack. this is what we know. it happened early this morning. take a look at your map. in the 5100 block of georgia avenue. two men say that they were attacked by four people using a belt buckle as a weapon. they say these guys tried to rob them. they were unsuccessful. they took off on foot. the victims were treated and they're expected to be okay. >> angie, thank you. 6:33. he was arrested last month and now a high school
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official in momontgomery countyn even more trouble with the law. he allegedly had sex with a 17-year-old student he was ordered to stay away from. he was arrested for the second time on friday after being ordered to stay away from her. he has been on administrative league from his job. >> be careful how you park heading into the office this morning. you could get a $250 ticket for parking at certain meters. >> news 4's justin finch is live with the changes in the central business district. justin, good morning. >> reporter: eun, good morning. the goal is to give more disabled drivers access to streetside parking. if you don't have disabled parking and you land here, you run a high risk of that $250 fine. so
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meter, you need a disabled parking permit or license permit. you can pay with coins, credit cards or smart phones. this affects some 350 red top meters in the central business district. that includes the areas of the capitol, dupont circle, national mall and spots near gw university. admittedly the rules were lax and they're in effect. brace yourself for more. we are live from dupont circle. a traffic alert to warn you about. d street which becomes indiana avenue is going to be closed from third street to 4th street -- it started at 6:00 this morning until 3:00 this afternn.
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because of the around ul washington area law enforcement officer ceremony. former president barack obama took center stage for an award last night. it's the courage award. while he steered clear of partisan attacks, he did urge congress to help the sick and vulnerable. >> it actually doesn't take a lot of courage to aid those who are already powerful, already of already comfortable and influential. it does require -- for the infirm and the sick. >> president obama is the first to sooef it since bush and gerald ford. overhauling obamacare. it is the goal of gop lawmakers.
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take to make it happen. and i think you'll need the jacket this morning. you might even want the long sleeves this afternoon. some areas off to the west in the 30s. the rest of the area in the 40s. a chilly start. coming up, i'll show you how much longer the cool weather will last plus the next big rain chaps. amazon expansion. where you can shop in person for your favorite products. and it is teacher appreciation week. we would love to hear about the educators you love and who made a dmirchs your life. you can send us photos and stories.
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and now your storm team 4 forecast. good monday morning. we're off to a chilly start. i think you want your jacket. 7:00 a.m. upper 40s. by noon, low 60s. this afternoon for your commute, nice and dry. plenty of sunshine. we're in the 30s off to the west in parts of the shenandoah valley and higher elevations. let's check your commute on this monday with melissa mollet. >> chopper 4 over the delays in bound at 295. earlier crash is gone. still have a two mile crash. southbound at connecticut avenue. jones bridge road. disabled truck in the right lane causing some delays. about a 1 mile backup. that's supposed to be there for another hour. eun? >> thank you, melissa. 6:41. the controversial netflix series "13 reasons why" is getting a second
6:42 am
the series focuses on a 16-year-old girl that commits suicide. netflix added the warning to episodes after that. a different kind of firefight sending two volunteer firefighters to court. why they allegedly assaulted one of their own feet from a burning building. a brazen sexual assault in arlington. police want to hear from you. we have details coming up. plus, staying alive, t
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welcome to maxx you. you are whimsical, vibrant, statement making. we see what makes you unique. so we have something for everyone, at a price that's just right for you. maxx you. maxx life. t.j.maxx
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right now at 6:30, attack at home -- 6:45. attack at home. a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman in her apartment. the frightening way he tricked her to let him inside. >> the forecast you need to hear before you leave home. no shipping required. details on a new amazon store where you can shop in person. "news 4 today" starts now. take a good look at the man you see here. arlington county police say he forced his way into a woman ease apartment and sexually assaulted her in the roslyn area. >> it was the lie he used to coax her into opening the
6:46 am
molette green is live with more information. molette, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. police really want to catch this guy. they say he used a rouuse to cay out his attack. take a look. in one shot he is actually carrying an under armour backpack. they say this man posed as a maintenance employee and went door to door inside the atrium condos until a woman opened up her door shortly before 10:00 in the morning. there was a struggle between the two and then police say that woman was sexually assaulted. >> very brazen attack. he was using that ruse knowing someone would open their doors thinking somebody who worked there was on the other end. somebody knows who he is and we need him to comeor
6:47 am
>> police describe this man as being in his 20s, at the time of the attack was wearing a gray sweatshirt with a hood on it. there are lots of questions remaining about safety. if you have any information, you're asking to call arlington county police. back to you. >> all right, molette. thank you. it's 6:47 now. right now police in the district are looking for 13-year-old aziyah johnson. last seen on saturday. he is 5'10", 130 pounds. he was last seen wearing a blue hoodie sweatshirt and blue nike sneakers. 20-year-old markel williams was last seen last wednesday. if you k
6:48 am
williams or aziyay johnson is, call police. authorities are trying to figure out how a man ended up dead in the woods. they were called to kill born drive in fort washington after a neighbor made the discovery. two volunteer firefighters were charged with assault. they're set to stand trial. >> the men are accused of blocking two career firefighters from going into a fire in hyattsville and shoved them out of the way. they say the fight did not significantly delay the response to the house fire. >> 6:48. former acting attorney general sally yates heads to capitol hill. she'll speak publicly about michael flynn's contacts with russia's ambaad
6:49 am
about concerns she had. you might remember yates was fired by the trump administration by refusing to work with the travel ban. house speaker paul ryan acknowledges that the upper chamber is likely to make changes to the bill. house republicans have faced heavy criticism on how their plan affects people with pre-existing conditions. 6:49 now. while you were sleeping emmanuel macron started his first day as president-elect of france. let's check in with angie. >> we just learned his inauguration is going to happen on sun. that was from the outgoing president. that happened this morning and it is the first time
6:50 am
winning the presidency that they appeared side by side. back to you, eun. >> thank you. the wizards and the capitals gave fans a happy weekend. we'll get to the wizards. right now a whole lot of you are thinking about the caps big game. they play in pittsburgh at 7:30. if they lose, they're eliminated. now the wizards. look at them go. they have to win two of the next three to move on. they beat the celtics in two games here. home court has been big. they'll be in boston next wednesday. they dominated the game. good game. baseball's your thing also? we love baseball. you already know it's a battle of the beltway. imagine playing the orioles? they have almost the
6:51 am
record. >> love it. it is 6:51. melissa mollet with the traffic. >> chopper 4 in bound at east capitol street. a little slower than normal. this is because of an earlier cra crash. southbound connecticut avenue at jones bridge, got off the phone with police. they're saying this is the problem, the truck blocking the right lane. it could take a little longer, 7:30 that it will be cleared. army navy drive has reopened between prince george's county and up top 270 is looking good. right now on metro orange and silver line
6:52 am
south at the top of the beltway quite normal. 66 in bound and 95 northbound perhaps a little slower than we usually see this time of day. remember to listen to wtop 103 poi103.5 f.m. nice day. >> a beautiful day setting up for us. this morning it is chilly outside. the first thing you need to do, cool pattern as we go through. t currently 47 degrees. feels like 43. plenty of sunshine outside though. it is going to be a nice day. cool through the afternoon. 43 dulles, 41 frederick. off to the west. parts of the shenandoah valley, temperatures in the mid 30s. freeze warnings, frost advisories. farther to the south and west. that will be the case a
6:53 am
tonight. nice and dry though on the radar. not a lot of clouds away. the pollen will be high. starts to go down into the weekend with the rain chances coming back. dry weather, wednesday, no rain in the forecast until thursday. we have some showers moving in thursday, friday as well. big area of low pressure goes by. saturday evening starts to move away. the second half of the weekend should be looking pretty mostly sunny, cool. look at the rest of the week. 60s, thursday, friday. saturday, rainy and chilly. next week we finally warm back into the 70s. guys? >> thank you, sheena. a group of veterans is working to raise awareness about mental health one step at a time. >> they're using a
6:54 am
journey to change minds about ptsd and suicide among veterans. they walked from camp lejeune to arlington national veteran. nbc 4 is dedicated to providing help for mental health challenges. we have a list of resources on our nbc washington app. to find them search changing minds. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. lower prices at the pump as the cost of crude oil edges lower. national average price of a gallon of gas sinking 5 cents over the past few weeks to $2.42. that price is still 14 cents higher than it was a year ago. drivers in san francisco paying the most and paying the least in tulsa,
6:55 am
gallon. that's your cnbc news business report. i'm landon dowdy. sonic boom could be heard all the way from tampa to cape canaveral. an unmanned shuttle was in orbit for 718 days to conduct a secret mission. another small shuttle will be launched this year. >> it's secret. soon you won't have to wait for the latest page turner. >> amazon is planning to open a bookstore in georgetown. this is according to the washington post. it will be at the corner of m street and thomas jefferson street. if you have the amazon app you can look at reviews and potentially scan the items without having to stop at the county rer. there's no word on when it will open. to read more on the
6:56 am
search a.m. ma stop. here are four things to know this morning. arlington police need to find this man. once the door was open he forced his way in and sexually assaulted her. we'll be keeping you updated on this story in the nbc washington app. emmanuel macron is about to become the president. he won the election yesterday. the capitals are in pittsburgh for game six right now. if they lose, they are out of the playoffs. if they win they'll be back here this wednesday. >> come on, parking at red top meters could cost you $250. going forward those spots are for people with disabilities who have qualified placards or license plates. >> everybody has to pay. southbound 295 at east capitol streets still have the backups.
6:57 am
brand-new crash. >> this morning you're going to need a jacket before you head out. dry the first half of the week. we're watching rain as we go into saturday. >> sheena, thank you. that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll see you in 25 with updates on weather, traffic, breaking news. enjoy your day. >> make it a great monday, everybody.
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narrator:to do time is what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us. wewe got the keys!ys to our new house! ahhh! wooo! this is exciting we've got our own house! yeah! i'm sorry do you like it here maddie?
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i love you too. good morning. what she knows. the former acting attorney general who warned the trump white house about its top officials' ties to russia set to tell her story publicly for the first time. why did the white house try to stop her from testifying? 18 students charged in connection with a pledge's death after an alcohol-fuelled event known as the gauntlet. >> they knew he was in danger. >> this morning, the attorney for the victim's family speaks out. no joke. the fcc now formally looking into stephen colbert's crude rant about president trump. how the controversy has turned into a full-blown investigation and what it could mean for the late night host. and taking on the tab


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