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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  May 11, 2017 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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they're halfway there. >> d.c. sports fans, we are in mourning together. i'm crushed. two huge losses but for one playoff team it's not over yet. "news 4 today" starts now. >> hope springs eternal. >> weird balance of hope and despair, right? >> it's been like that all morning. >> i know. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm un yaeun yang. thank you for joining us. >> there won't be much sunshine today to cheer you up. it's going to be rain returning to the area. melissa mollet will let us know how that will impact the roads. first though, chuck bell and sheena parveen have the forecast. >> chuck's outside in northwest washington. chuck, what are you seeing? at least it's sunny. >> cloudy skies out here but the
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sunrise at 5:59 this morning. got to love these long daylight hours. bright enough out here and still mostly cloudy. rain drops are not far away though. tower camera shows it. all cloud cover as you're looking east to what would normally be a sunrise. not so much today. upper 50ed across the area now. we are not going to budge much. no, it's not raining where i am now, i promise you i have an umbrella right there on my desk. why is that, sheena? >> well, because you're going to need it in ability, chuck. showers hanging around. rain and thunderstorm activity mostly for the district. washington's big line, it is in the area, fredericksburg. 38 lightning strikes in this line in the past ten minutes. if we zoom in, you see one thunderstorm around fredericksburg, spotsylvania. still raining acros
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front royal, winchester, all of that sliding through. like chuck mentioned, temperatures not budging today. around 60 for a high. upper 50ed this afternoon. keeping your umbrella. coming up we'll take a close look at the timing and into the weekend. we'll check the roads. >> we do have some slowdowns. southbound 95 before 216. still seeing a little bit of a delay southbound there on 95. new hampshire avenue at powder mill, have that crash reported as well. inner loop and outer loop all running this morning. 50 looking good into town and out of town. have that issue outbound. eastbound at 197 and right now that is not really slowing things down even though we have the right lane blocked. lincoln road at hughesville blocked because of the utility work. northbound, southbound don't have any big worries there. we'll talk about travel times
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6:02. we want folks to take a good look at this man's picture, his face here. he is still out there. arlington county police say he posed as a maintenance worker and forced his way into a woman's apartment in roslyn and sexually assaulted her. >> as if this case wasn't scary enough, police are now telling us the suspect went back to the scene of the crime. news 4's megan mcgrath is live in roslyn. megan? >> reporter: well, good mornings. lots of cameras in this building, and that's why they have such a detailed time line. police say that the suspect sexually assaulted a woman and then left the building, made his escape. two minutes later he came back and re-entered the building the second time using the front door. take a look at the surveillance video. he gets inside but why return to the scene of the crime just minutes later? ll
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that he may have been trying to retrieve something he dropped or left behind. next we see him on the elevator. there's a glass wall on the elevator with a view of the street. he seems to panic as he sees police arriving on the scene. he then exits on a different floor, leaves the building undetected. police are also looking into reports if he ever tried to enter unsuccessfully. he was turned away by a door man. lots of surveillance images, some of them very clear of the suspect's face. police are hopeful that someone will recognize him and give him the break they need. >> megan mcgrath live in arlington. thank you. a dangerous man is off the streets and facing charges in not one but two separate murder cases. furl williams you see here is behind bars this morning. police say on may 3rd the 24-year-old approached wayne
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suitland. williams tried to rob pope who fought back and was shot and killed. when police connected williams to that crime, they knew exactly where to find him. he was already in jail for murder montgomery county. he was accused of shooting four people in germantown on april 29th and one person died. police need your help finding this missing teen girl, jasmine dunn. they say the 16-year-old was reported missing on april 19th but was recently seen on tuesday at pipeline plaza in ashburn. call the loudoun county sheriff's office if you know where she might be. on capitol hill the senate intelligence committee is holding a hearing focusing on your safety and security. acting director andrew mccabe will be speaking before the committee. he's filling in for james
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the news. new details around comey's investigation and the russia investigation are coming out in droves. here's what's happened since you went to bed last night. "the wall street journal" now reporting that jim comey was becoming concerned about possible collusion between trump associates and russia. comey briefed congress about requesting more details. comey was fired on tuesday. we're hearing from comey himself. in a letter to his colleagues he wrote, quote, i have long believed a president can fire an fbi director for any reason or for no reason at all. it's done and i'll be fine. quick programming note for you as well. nbc's lester holt will sit down with president trump for an exclusive interview today. you can watch that on nbc nuz. metro has a new watchdog. they've hired their own
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jeff cherrington is only the second person to hold the title in metro's existence. his main job is to uncover corruption, mismanagement and inefficiency. today they'll gather in an executive session. adam tuss will be there. a scare for metro riders after a door opened on the wrong side. no one was hurt. this happened at the rhode island station at the height of the morning rush yesterday. a metro spokesperson says a train operator is already off the job. investigators have also pulled the data from the train as they work to figure out what went wrong. the train itself has been taken to a rail yard for inspection. two seconds in one and the defending champions are going to defend still. they are halfway there.
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conference finals 3 games to 2. >> base hit! base hit! the nats are going to win it! >> you know what, this is pretty nice to read this morning. look at that. your support is what gets us through these tough moments. caps fans, you are the very best. that is the message from the capitals this morning after the penguins bounce them from the playoffs again. feels a little bit like deja vu. >> listen, as dejected as we are, i will always root for the caps. like last year, the caps were the best team in hockey and like last year the penguins knock the caps out in the second round. it just hurts. we stayed up for this game. i did. the caps did not even score a single goal. shut out. very hard to watch. even tougher for the players who were there. look at the
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didn't do it. got some mistake and it costs us. >> big moments. your big player's got to play big and regrettably i don't think we did that tonight. >> look at the whole series altogether. we didn't lose the series tonight, we lost it in the first three games. >> i don't think we gave ourselves a chance and we're going to have to live with that and take full responsibility for that. >> boy, you started out the day with a lot of hope, too. wizards were let down, too. wizards beaten pretty badly by the wizards. base hit! base hit! the nats are going to win it! >> and here's the silver lining. >> hallelujah. >> how about that matt
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last two innings of the game. hello celebration. they walked off. they played the orioles one more time at home tonight. love it. >> wrap this puppy up. >> >> yeah. don't leave your valuables out in your car. now crooks are going after something you're required to keep visible in your car. the breaking warning you need to hear still ahead. good morning, everybody. ten minutes after 6:00 and if it's not raining at your house yet, don't you worry. mother nature totally plans to rain on you today, maybe again tomorrow whenever that may be coming up in a few more minutes. i will bring you back in first 4 traffic and a personal story of my own. why my story may help those of you struggling with infertility. we're saying thank you to the many teachers out there. it is teacher appreciation week. thank you for all that you do.
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good morning, i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. live pictures coming in from new orleans where a confederate monument, a statue has just been hoisted off its base in new orleans. crews arrived hours ago and by that time there was already a crowd, supporters and opponents. this was such a contentious move that officials didn't give advance warning of when this was going to happen and as we mentioned this morning, there was already a crowd of people cheering, some of them chanting take it down. this is the second of four
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confederate era figures that the city council has voted to remove. there was a reporter there from the nbc station in new orleans on the scene that just posted some video on twitter. shared that on my page as well so you can see the exact moment that that was taken down. back over to you. >> erika, thank you. we want to take a moment and say what an incredible joy it's been to watch melissa mollet. so happy for you. >> you're just glowing. you look so fabulous and we're going to have a new baby into the family. >> i know. i claim this baby. >> i know. >> this is our baby. >> as my close friends you guys know a lot about our story and about our journey. many of you have been so lovely and so supportive. of course, we have a biological son. we failed to have a second child. we adopted our second daughter last may and bam, all of a sudden i was pregnant. this is hard to share. it's a story of
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things should be. a story i thought might give somebody else some hope. >> reporter: i never thought we would be doing this so soon after a don'ting you. >> when her birth mother picked us it felt like finding out i was pregnant but for years before barrett there was so much heart ache and sadness. after we had our son we of course thought, oh, it'll be easy, like a lot of people, to have another baby. i had absolutely no concept of what was ahead for us. >> a year into trying we went to see a fertility specialist. >> our diagnosis was common. >> infertility is a diagnosis that is traumatic for people. >> for three years we tried and tried, blood draws, procedures, medicines, shots. my doctors were just fabulous, but it was so hard i think especially on me emotionally because i'd be so hopeful and then so sad and then i'd want to be hopeful again. >> it's supposed to be about hain
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names, what you're going to do with a nursery and all these different great things. instead, we're thinking how are we going to keep this pregnancy going? >> i remember being in the bathroom one day at work trying to work up the courage to give myself a shot in the stomach. i'd be in there crying thinking, come on. you can do this. it was just really, really hard. >> i think we did ivf five times and melissa got pregnant four times. we'd see the heartbeat and then there would be a couple weeks later some sign that something wasn't right. >> miscarriage is a death. other people that suffer miscarriages, my advice to them is do what you need to do emotionally to get through them. there's no blame here. >> each loss was heart shattering, but i still felt like someone was missing from our family. it was hard to give up trying
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i don't regret any of it. it led us to adoption and now we have our little angel bringing us another baby. i know there is no real explanation for this pregnancy now and i really don't care. i don't need one. >> so i couldn't be happier. >> so after losing five pregnancies in all and being blessed with this one here, we really do believe in miracles. we have a longer version in the nfc watchi nbc washington app. we'll have the gender reveal tomorrow which will be so fun. join us on facebook live 7:00 a.m. to talk about all things infertility on nbc washington. i know lots of people have suffered the same way and you guys have been right there with me. >> with you always. thank you for sharing. we know it was so emotional, so powerful. >> i already have received a lot of messages of people saying, oh, my gosh, i remember giving
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so i know it resonates. >> 7:00 a.m., facebook live. >> facebook live. >> soon your house will be over flowing! >> yes. soon we'll be moving into your house. >> can my kids come, too? >> of course. >> college educations for everybody. >> yeah! that's what i'm talking about. >> it is going to be a cloudy stretch around here. hopefully you enjoyed the sunshine yesterday because we are back to cloud cover yesterday morning. there are even rumbles of thunder into northern virginia, shenandoah valley, parts of northern maryland. this ribbon of rain drops with thunderstorms from winchester to frostberg. all coming down towards the i-95 corridor. raining from prince william county parkway. not expecting any severe weather. it is not going to be a severe weather day. future weather carries the chances for rain right here
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now and about 8:30 to 9:00. likely to have quite a bit of rain here during the first half of the afternoon but then after 2:00, 3:00, may try to trend downward just a little bit. on the whole though it's going to be a cloudy and rainy day today. temperatures stuck into the 50ed. hoping to go to the nats and orioles game, that could be postponed. nonetheless, they don't like playing baseball in the rain. rain moves in today, showery tomorrow. first part of saturday looking wet as well. maybe we can get the water works turned off around saturday afternoon. sunday looks great for mother's day, melissa. >> i thought you meant the water works in the studio because people were crying. >> oh, no. >> you mean the ones from the sky. got it. southbound 95 from 216. know major issues on the
6:21 am
new hampshire avenue on powder mill road, still have the crash reported there. 66 and 95, in bound some delays. take a look at this. the radar on our map showing you where it's raining across the region. definitely going to have to work those windshield wipers at some point today. eastbound 150 at 97, all lanes have reopened. travel times coming up at 6:30. intersections to avoid. it's not always traffic that keeps us away from certain roads. still ahead, breaking down the most dangerous crossings in our area. >> first, more construction coming to your commute. up next, the summer. traffic that will break up your routine. >> an on screen mother/daughter on screen. ellen airs every day right here on nbc 4. then be sure to sti around for ck
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life is for the taking, not for taking it easy. asheville. discovery, inside and out.
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welcome back. it's 6:24. all week we've been bringing you gridlock game changers, and today it's really important about heading into the summer. >> all about the construction that will impact you whether you drive or take metro. transportation reporter adam tuss shows us the four things to know about summer construction projects. >> reporter: hey, construction is never easy. take a look here. with that in mind, here are the top four construction projects to watch out for. in the district beach drive has been by far the most disruptive project. the e
6:25 am
replaced, the trail next to it enhanced. the work on the first section of the project has been extended until the fall, meaning that the closure between tilden street and rock creek parkway northwest will last all summer unfortunately. in maryland indian head highway, 210, construction that will impact many drivers. new interchange coming between-by hill and livingston road. >> the governor identified that as a huge project. the traffic expected to grow to over 125,000 vehicles here. get ready for new express lanes on 395. work will pick up significantly in the middle lanes and hov lanes. metro in early july the system changes its hours to a new maintenance schedule, late night service goes away. it closes at 11:30 on week nights and sunday trains will run from
6:26 am
p.m. adam tuss, news 4. if you missed any gridlock game changers, we have ways to improve your commute. >> that was powerful, some of this stuff. if you have a question for adam tuss, he's going to be doing a live chat on twitter tomorrow morning at 8:00 to help solve some of your commuter problems. homes held hostage by renters who refuse to leave. how a loophole in a local law is driving up the prices you pay. plus, taking a stand at graduation. soon to be grads turned their backs when a trump cabinet member takes the stage. what the school is saying this morning still ahead. and grab the umbrella before you step outside. take a look at the radar. it's pretty lit up right now. thunder and showers today. chuck and i have a close look at the timing and w
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weather, we're talking about a disappointing night. we have your storm team 4 forecast and what happened to our playoff teams. >> reporter: whether you walk, drive, or take mass transit in the d.c. area, chances are you might be passing through a dangerous intersection. we'll run down the top four in a live report. plus, cars broken into for parking permits. why your car could be at risk for something you're required to have. "news 4 today" starts now. all right. first that forecast. the rain is on its way here and if you're not seeing it outside your window right now, you will likely see it during your commute at some time. >> melissa mollet will check in on the commute. check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and sheena parveen. get ready for this, right? >> yes. having your umbrella in. it could be around for a few days. >> absolutely right. precious little in the way for sunshine for anybody around here in the news 4 nation. clou
6:31 am
town just yet. there are rain drops out across much of northern virginia. good-bye, sunshine. hello rain chances for today, tomorrow and for saturday as well. not only wet but on the chilly side. we'll be in the 50s the next couple of days. next real chance to get bright sunshine back doesn't come until sunday. there's the rain, frostberg, winchester, warrington. manassas and i-95, all coming our way. your chance of getting rained on today and even 100%. 100% he said, melissa. 100% chance of traffic as well. >> oh, yes, especially here on the beltway. two new problems have just popped up on the beltway. outer loop between new hampshire avenue and 193 and near 202 on the outer loop as well. new hampshire avenue and powder mill still have the crash hanging around here this morning. 66 and 95 starting to get wet. take a look at the radar moving in on 66 and 95 in bound there. eastbound 50 at
6:32 am
have opened. live look beltway at indian head highway no problems. southbound 270 before 109, that crash has cleared. travel times, no major issues. top of the beltway starting to get slow. 66 in bound and 95 northbound. remember to listen to wtop 105.3 f.m. when you hop in your car. 6:32. top stories this morning. no one but -- not one but two playoff heart breakers. the wizards still have a chance to beat the celtics, but they can't lose another game, folks. the capitals, they're out of the playoffs now after a disappointing game 7 loss to the penguins last night. >> ouch. the man behind a sexual assault in roslyn is still on the streets this morning. take a look at the surveillance video. this is his picture. we're learning the suspect returned to the apartment building after sexually assaulting the resident. coming up, news 4's megan mcgrath will explain what police think the man
6:33 am
prosecutors drop charges against the howard county inmate that escaped and was on the run for six days. david watson won't face charges for escape and assault now that he's been recaptured. he will face attempted murder charges on the east shore. he's already facing 100 years for a drive-by shooting in delaware. new details on the firing of fbi director james comey. this is a story that doesn't look like it's going to wind down. erika gonzalez with more. >> reporter: aaron, the white house is defending the decision by saying president trump's confidence in comey had been eroding for months. justice department officials say a memo skrcriticized him in the clinton investigation. he had asked for more resources in the russia investigation. the
6:34 am
denying that. this morning we are hearing from comey who wrote a letter saying, quote, i have long believed that a president can fire an fbi director for any reason or no reason at all. it's done and i'll be fine. end quote. >> thank you. 6:34 right now. it is no secret, driving in the district, it's tough. this morning we're working to get you a better look at some of the most dangerous intersections. >> minnesota avenue at benning road is actually on the top of the list. news 4's justin finch is live with this with the other spots you need to be aware of. justin, good morning. >> reporter: eun, good morning. we do have traffic picking up here as we speak. now in recent years that study counts some ten collisions and 14 injuries here at minnesota and benning which pushes it to the top of this list of dangerous crossings. there are going to be 25 on this list in all. southern avenue southeast is
6:35 am
third is pennsylvania avenue northwest. that's in the freedom plaza area. coming in fourth, 14th and u street northwest. these findings were compiled by the law firm of trombley and singer. they analyze collisions. one researcher says drivers and pedestrians must pay equal attention. out here in the northeast there's lots of agreement on that. >> in some of our cases we are learning as we drill down that the person who was operating the car who hit our client was on a cell phone. >> everyone has a job to do, you know? once we do that we cut down some of these accidents. >> reporter: and that man was walking with ear phones earlier, however, he said he keeps the volume low and always looks out for traffic. if you are involved in a collision, you are on
6:36 am
lawyers can subpoena your phone records. back in to you. >> justin, thank you. there is an upsetting crime popping up in the district. thieves are breaking into cars and taking parking permits. we spoke with a victim in southwest who lives near nats park. she has to park on the street with the parking permit. the crooks are smashing her windows to steal it. >> oh, no. why me? why me? i don't mess with nobody. >> the victim tells us the thieves are selling those permits on the street for up to $200 apiece. police are asking anyone with information on this crime to give them a call. >> walk out. stand up, walk out. we will protect ourselves. >> frustrated students at the university of maryland demand that the school take action after a noose was found inside a frat house on campus. a large
6:37 am
student union to the administration building. they wanted to hold a sit-in at the office of the university president. he has condemned the incident and called it des specific cable. booed by soon to be grads, education secretary betsy devos's commencement appearance didn't go as planned. what the school is saying about the graduation protest coming up. one of new york's most beloved restaurants could be coming to d.c. details about the possible expansion of katz's deli. if you haven't seen the rain yet, well, it's on the way. make sure you have the umbrella before you walk outside. you're going to want it for the next few days. i'll show you a breakdown of the timing, what you can expect today and how long it's expected to last. say thank you to teachers across our area during this teacher appreciation week.
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now your storm team 4 forecast. >> it's a little bit muggy. you know there's rain on the way because of how sticky it feels. not as chilly as the past few mornings. look at the radar with quite a bit of rain. we'll zoom into fredericksburg across 95. winchester at 81. looking at the lightning strikes. walking the dog today, you need one to walk, we have one available. right through the day, have the umbrella. let's check the roads. good morning, melissa mollet. >> good morning, sheena parveen. outer loop at arena drive, you can see the crash blocking two left lanes this morning. we are keeping an eye on that.
6:42 am
see. all the major routes into town and out of town and your travel times coming up. melissa, thank you. pretty soon we may be able to get a taste of pastrami and corned beef from a famous new york deli. >> i can taste it already. this is the same deli featured in the iconic romantic comedy "when harry met sally." katz's deli has been serving up pastra pastrami, corned beef for 129 years. the shop's owner tells our news partners at wtop that the d.c. location would be on his radar if he planned to expand. deli already ships most of its menus throughout the u.s. i would like to order something. >> despite the wonderful years and the gallant comeback. >> disa pointsmeppointment in d sports. we'll fill you in on what went wrong and why it's not all over just yet.
6:43 am
renters. a loophole in a local law may mean the price you pay for your home is going up. the i-team investigation just ahead. >> reporter: he made his escape after the sexual assault, so why come backo the scene t whoa. are you actually about to scratch it rich at mgm national harbor? of course you are. because everyone who plays is an instant winner. so before you win your share of 1.5 million dollars in prizes and free slot play. take these last few seconds to remember what life was like as a normal, everyday person. because in an instant, that all could change. join mlife rewards and play scratch it rich for your share
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right now at
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details in a sex assault in an apartment home. more fallout from the firing of the fbi director. the concerns james comey had days before losing his job. plus, the rain returns. the storms you could see on your ride to work and how your weekend is shaping up. "news 4 today" starts now. 6:46. now back to that top story. the sexual assault that happened inside a roslyn apartment building. this morning we're learning new details about the suspect's movement inside that building before and after that assault. now in a strange twist, the suspect apparently came back into the building after escaping the first time. news 4's megan mcgrath is live on how he got back in and why he returned. megan? >> reporter: well, that's right. he did return just a short time later. police say that he sexually
6:47 am
morning, that he made a clean get away, so why return just two minutes later to the scene? but that's what he did according to police. the second time he went right back into the building through the front door. now there's lots of surveillance video. take a look here. here is the suspect at that front entrance to the atrium condos. he gets inside the building for that second time but why return just minutes after the crime? well, police sources tell news 4 that he may have been trying to retrieve something he dropped or left behind. later on here we see him on the elevator inside the building. there's a glass wall in that elevator. there's a view of the street. he seems to panic as he sees police arriving. he exits on a different floor and then leaves the building undetected. police are also looking into reports that the same person tried to enter other condominium buildings in the area but was n unsuccessful.
6:48 am
man. there are some very, very good surveillance video of the suspect. he came in the first time through the parking garage. the second time through the front door. police are hopeful that someone will recognize the man seen in these images here, give them a call and give them the break they need. back to you guys in the studio. >> megan, thank you. 6:48 now. police say a dangerous man is off the streets and facing charges in not one but two separate murder cases. furl williams is behind bars this morning. police say on may 3rd the 24-year-old approached wayne pope at a gas station in suitland. they tried to rob pope who fought back and was killed. when police connected williams with the crime they knew exactly where to find him. williams was already in jail for murder montgomery county. he was charged with shooting four people in germantown. a 19-year-old died in that case. it is 6:48. right now a leesburg, virginia, family needs your help finding this missing teen
6:49 am
jasmine dunn. take a look at her picture here. the loudoun county sheriff's office says the 16-year-old was reported missing on april 19th but was seen as early as tuesday on pipeline plaza. call the loudoun county sheriff's office if you know where she might be. on capitol hill, the senate intelligence committee holding a hearing on your annual safety and security. agting fbi director andrew mccabe will speak before the committee. he's filling in for former fbi director james comey who was fired on tuesday. new details on comey's termination and the russia investigation are coming out in droves. here's what's happened since you went to bed last night. "the wall street journal" reporting comey was becoming concerned about information showing possible evidence of collusion between trump associates and russia. comey briefed congress about requesting more resources from deputy attorney general rob ro
6:50 am
following that request. the justice department denied that he requested more resources. james comey's firing is likely to play a big part in nbc's lester holt's interview and exclusive with president trump. you can watch that on "nbc nightly news" right after news 4 at 6:00. let's choose to hear one another out. >> those boos you hear, that is how students at the university reacted to education secretary betsy devos's commencement speech yesterday. at one point the school's president paused the ceremony about a minute into her speech to say, quote, if . . behavior continues, your degrees will be mailed to you. devos caused a backlash earlier this year after calling historically black colleges and universities, quote, pioneers of school choice. after hash criticism she said they were borne out of racism. if you're waking up
6:51 am
scores, it's devastating. it hurts bad. >> there were two playoff losses. the big one was the caps, of course. >> i, of course, stayed up to watch this game. they had a chance for revenge against the penguins who won the stanley cup last year. the caps didn't even score one goal. shut out. it was win or go home. guess what, they're going home again. >> insult to injury, the wizards, they have to win two in a row now to move on. they lost to the boston celtics in boston. their next game is at the verizon center. that could be a good thing. that's tomorrow night. >> hey, at least we have the nats. take a look at this. looked like they were going down but they scored five runs in the last two innings and walked off, thank you, matt weider. the battle of the beltway wraps up tonight. look at that celebration. 6:51. now to melissa mollet and traffic. >> we have breaking news on the bottom of the beltway. >> big problem on the bottom of the beltway. outer loop at arena drive. this doesn't show you the
6:52 am
outer loop outer arena. outer loop at new hampshire avenue, that crash is on the shoulder this morning. in bound 66, another big issue. you have to stay right to get by that car fire from earlier. bottom of the beltway, all of those routes into town and out of town are okay. no big problems there. 270 urbana, crash in the left lane. taking a look at the travel times, 270 looking quite good. germantown down to the spur. a little bit slow, no major problems. 66 in bound very slow because of the picture we just showed you and we're tweeting out as well, 95 north quantico to the beltway going to see a little bit of a slowdown. you have to use the windshield wipers. you saw all of that rain on the maps. messy 66 and 95. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. >> i always do,
6:53 am
absolutely. sheena's on wtop right now giving the forecast on the radio. she'll be here with me in just a second. for now though it is a cloudy start here in washington. not any rain inside the beltway just yet, but it's not going to be long now. rain moving in today. not expecting a lot of rain tomorrow, but off and on pockets of drizzle and showers. no sunshine today or tomorrow. not much sunshine on saturday either. most of saturday morning for sure will be rained on. saturday night maybe we can catch a little bit of a break. that's going to be the next opportunity we have for a dry period will be on sunday. right now you can see a line of rain drops extending from winchester, warrington, fredericksburg. this is going to move ever eastward here with time. 100% chance you're going to get rained on today. what about the next few days? let's go over to sheena. >> yes, umbrella all day long. you'll want it around tomorrow. tomorrow looks like a
6:54 am
the higher rain chances come tomorrow evening. for your friday, here's future weather. 8:00 p.m., that's where we start to see some rain. moving up for your saturday morning. that's when we expect the steadiest of the rain starting to improve in the afternoon but still not breaking out the sunshine until sunday. your entire weekend forecast 53 saturday morning, steady rain. some scattered showers saturday but sunday is looking pretty good. much warmer and much warmer temperatures in the ten day, chuck. >> absolutely right. a couple more days, today, tomorrow, saturday stuck in the 50s. 75 is an average high temperature. we get back to about average for sunday and monday. then in the plus territory by tuesday and this weekend may be cloudy and cool but it looks like next weekend will be oh, so summery with temperatures back into the 80s. >> bright spot. we'll take that. thank you. 6:54. news 4 i-team investigation uncovers high dollar payouts and homes held
6:55 am
that figured out how to expose loopholes. >> this involves rentals that go up for sale. >> reporter: the law was designed to keep long-time renters to be forced from keeping out of gentryfying neighborhoods. it gives renters the chance to buy their place first. even when they don't want to or can't afford to buy, they can rake in big bucks by selling those rights. >> i've heard of payments of tens of thousands of dollars. >> buyers and sellers either pay the price or risk losing their sale. >> it felt like extorsion. like the whole thing felt really slimy. >> reporter: we found a whole industry of folks targeting renters for a portion of their payout. >> i would estimate that it's essentially about $100 million a year industry. >> reporter: why experts say it's driving up housing costs for the rest of us. don't miss our investigation on thursday on news 4 at 5:00 and
6:56 am
11:00. jody fleischer, news 4 i-team. here are 4 things to know before heading out the door. a man behind a violent sex assault in roslyn is still on the streets this morning. this is what he looks like. take a good look. learn more about the case in the nbc 4 washington app. more fallout from the firing of fbi director james comey. comey requested more resources. the justice department denied that. the "today" show will have the latest details next. d.c. mayor expected to announce she's pulling back on a proposal that would ban pet chickens and require cat owners to get licenses. news 4 has learned that the mayor has decided the proposal needs more review. a lot of you shaking your heads this morning. look at these faces. says it all. wondering how the caps can lose again. they had a chance for revenge and redemption last night, but it's the pittsburgh penguins moving onto the confere
6:57 am
caps season is over. thanks for a great season. >> thanks, guys. breaks news on the beltway, three mile backup on the outer loop and arena drive. today you want the umbrellas, too. we don't want the rainy traffic commute. we will be seeing that throughout the day. tomorrow, too, into saturday, too. then finally sunshine and we warm up next week. >> i like next week. >> wahoo! >> that is the broadcast this morning. thanks for waking up with us. don't forget, facebook live melissa 7:00. >> infertily. >> howit a
6:58 am
you'busted tail.rd. and impressed the boss. maybe, it's time to be your own. transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it, america.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is done. the first words from james comey on his firing. a late night farewell let tore his staff telling him not to dwell on it. but democrats aren't about to drop it. >> it may well produce impeachment proceedings. >> this morning reaction from sara huckabee sanders and roger stone. and a near easter headed up the coast. heavy rain and flooding on the way. just on time for mother's day. and al is tracking it all. chilly reception.


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