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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  May 15, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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chopper 4 over the scene and you can now see this fatal crash. three people killed there overnight. we'll get a live report from the ground. what is closed this morning? here's what's closed likely through the morning rush. in bound suitland parkway between forestville road and suitland road. very bad scene. ultimate pennsylvania avenue, branch avenue, beltway to 295. everything looking pretty open. those routes there right now. that, of course, is going to change as things pick up blaire road closed between nicholson street and mcdonald place. zooming out, beltway looking quite good. other main routes into town and out of town, no big problems. eastbound 66 at 29th near centerville, still have the debris there in the roadway on the red line as well delays both ways there.
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>> good morning chuck and she a sheena. >> a big warmup later this week, chuck. >> no kidding. long days with all of the extra sunshine is going to aid the warmup. beautiful way to get your monday started. back to sun block, short sleeves and sunglasses. will not be needing the jeans and you won't be needing the umbrella. temperatures 48 in front royal, 47 in charlestown, west virginia. 47 in hagerstown. 40s into the city. clinton at 54. so planning out the day then. a cool start but a beautiful sunny and breezy finish today. temperatures low to mid 70s. afternoon high today in the low to mid 70s. winds out of the northwest at 15 to 30 miles per hour. if you like it warmer than that, tomorrow we go back into the 70s and 80s.
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that's the five day forecast and a peek at the weekend which is all that you care about coming up. >> thank you, chuck. more on the breaking news out of prince george's county. >> deadly crash on suitland parkway. happened on southbound suitland parkway in bound at forestville road. justin finch is live. justin? >> aaron, good morning. we do now know this was a fatal crash. three dead and one hurt. we have been watching the u.s. park police survey the two wrecked vehicles right off the corner from where we are off forestville road. the jeep is badly damaged. looking at the aftermath here, this was a fiery, hot impact crash. they say it happened close to 3:30 this morning. we have two vehicles involved, a jeep suv now with heavy front end damage and another vehicle that is burned downow
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frame. they were called to put out the fire and try to save those victims and overhead you can see we still have a very heavy police presence here. these are investigators surv surveying the scene and as a result are closing down lanes of traffic in bound suitland parkway. we now they the investigators can better see the ground and what possibly led up to the investigation and now this crash as well. this is sure to have some kind of impact on your morning commute. justin, thank you. as you head to work today, you will probably hear more about the worldwide cyber attack that has been causing chaos. >> companies are being told to take action. news 4's angie goff is in the newsroom now with a look at what's being done to prevent a spread of this ransomware. >> reporter: eun, experts are telling us that there could be a second attack
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the initial attack got scores of companies. french auto manufacturer renault said one of its plants will not reopen because of it. in china they say more than 29,000 institutions were infected. they say this attack was unprecedented. >> it's not a sophisticated attack. we've seen things much more complicated before. it's a worm to propagate through systems. >> reporter: this morning companies and agencies are being told to update their operating systems immediately. you'll find out more about how you can do that in our nbc washington app. all you have to do is search cyber attack. eun? >> angie, thank you. d.c. police say they removed an arsenal of weapons off the
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housing authorities say saturday an officer tried to question someone near the potomac garden apartments southeast. that person ran into the opt apartments. two police cruisers racing to the area collided near 12th and i street. the officers were not seriously hurt. they arrested three people and seized several guns and more than 200 rounds of ammunition. five minutes after the hour and a man hunt is underway after two women were shot and killed on i-95. this happened early sunday morning near richmond. one of the victims was sharane holland from manassas. she and another woman were in a car with five other people. someone pulled up and started shooting. troopers believe someone targeted these women. they say the suspect's vehicle was a newer model white four door sedan. messages of hope and love to pl
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that's what the students will see as they enter the building today. the community came together for a walk walk event after a noose was found on the school grounds. two juveniles were charged. parents and students tell us they're relieved. >> we were in school and the principal came onto the loud speaker and they read the letter to parents about how they found the noose in the courtyard. >> they captured the suspects climbing the school's roof and hanging that noose. president trump's revised travel ban is headed to another appeals court today. the 9th circuit court of appeals will hear arguments on whether blocking that executive order. it was blocked after a
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hawaii said it was inspired by racism. president trump could name a permanent replacement for james comey before he leaves on a trip on friday. jeff sessions and his deputy interviewed eight candidates. among the people being considered is texas senator john cornin. they're urging them to steer clear. a new weapon test nierd weekend is capable of meeting the u.s. south korea says more analysis is needed here. the u.n. security council is set to meet tomorrow. the white house is calling on all nations to implement far stronger sanctions. 7:00. we know what wizards fans are feeling this morning. >> yeah, we're hoping for no heart break. it's a
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the caps loss still hurts. this is a big challenge. the wizards are on the road in boston and neither team has won on the road so far. love that shot by john wall. >> john wall really saved the season in game six. if they win tonight the wizards move onto the conference finals to face lebron james. if they lose, it's all over. the game starts at 8:00 tonight. >> let's go. come on. >> go, wiz. >> come on gentleman plan your crab feast now, folks. what you need to know about the change to the crabbing season and when it is the best time to buy. plus, homes gutted. breaking news overnight about the investigation. good monday morning. we have quite a bit of sun glare this morning before you head out but the day is going to shape up nicely. clear skies. 55 degrees right now but still breezy outside. we're going to have a bre
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later on this week temperatures really heat up. coming up in a bit i'll show you whattoday's
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> a lot of folks got out to enjoy the beautiful weather we had yesterday. you might say it was a perfect day for a bike ride. how about this one? that's just what 7,000 cyclists did yesterday in downtown d.c. >> riders started their 20 mile journey at west potomac park near the lincoln memorial. they finished around the capitol. as one rider put it, it was a chance to see the city in a new way. breaking news right now in your first four traffic. chopper 4 overhe
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two-car crash here. three people killed overnight. here's what we're talking about as far as your slowdowns this morning. in bound between forestville road and suitland road shut down through the morning rush. talking about alternates coming up. beltway will be quite slow in that area here throughout the morning. good morning, sheena. >> good morning, melissa. talking about sunny skies today, too. this morning sun glare, this afternoon plenty of sunshine. some areas in the 40s or if you need someone to walk he by 8:00 a.m., 57 degrees. new. going to be breezy. upper 6 0s by 6:00 p.m. coming up in a bit, chuck is back with a closer look at how hot it will get later this week straight ahead. >> thank you, sheena.
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>> reporter: we're following developments about the disappearance of a mother and her daughter from virginia. >> angie goff at the live desk. >> reporter: aaron, eun, kier johnson and her little daughter are in extreme danger. they did find the car they were traveling in. they disappeared april 30th while headed to the beach for a walk. they issued an amber alert. they believe they have been kidnapped. 6:14. >> a 64
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several actors took to social media. i loved acting with you, you were a gentleman and a great actor. he played jim jones in a made for tv movie. the family said he died in his sleep from natural causes. oprah winfrey is in hot water. they're accusing her of taking more than her fair share of groundwater while the state is in the middle of a drought. officials say while they have received a lot of rain this year, running out of water is still an issue. >> thousands of wells have been drilled without any monitoring. we have thousands of straws into an aquifer that provides water to the public and we don't know how much water is being taken out. >> oprah's attorneys says they are working with local officials,
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conservation and sustainability. you can see more on the "today" show. if you want maryland's best crabs, you normally have to wait until memorial day. crabbing season is already here. >> break out your bibs, folks. news 4's megan mcgrath went out to the chesapeake bay to tell us why now is the best time to enjoy the crabbing season. i'm here in church ton, maryland, in southern anne arundel county. they're pulling up their crab pots on the chess is a beak pay. because of the warm winter and spring, we are seeing crabs in the area coming out a bit earlier. lots of water men in the area reporting that they're actually out there working the crab pots, working their lines earlier than usual, weeks earlier than they have in previous years because
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crabs. we went out with one early in the morning and he said he's very optimistic. things slowed down a little bit because of the cold weather. he's seen plenty of crabs out there and they're decent size. very optimistic about the season. one thing to keep in mind means a strong, early start does not exactly mean a strong season overall. in fact, there were some numbers out there which indicate that the crab season is going to slow down later in the summer. the dredge reports from the state of maryland show the juvenile crabs are down. that's not good news. there is a bright spot. apparently the spawning age female crabs, they're at the highest level seen during this survey. there's hope there as well. as for the crab season, there are local crabs here in southern anna run thele county and crabbers hope it will be a steady season. on the
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news 4. we have breaking news right now in your first 4 traffic. >> melissa mollet is watching suitland parkway. take a look in prince george's parkway at forestville road. you can see as the chopper zooms in there, the two cars involved in the triple fatal crash. taking a look at the map and what is closed. in bound suitland parkway shut down. talking about the closure through the morning rush. let's go back up to the chopper. brad is in the chopper for us this morning. tell us how delays are looking and what is the best alternate here? >> reporter: well, right now suitland parkway is not accessible at all for pennsylvania avenue. you're going to see increased trach traffic on pennsylvania avenue. this is wr the closure point is. the on point for suitland
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parkway. right now you can use branch avenue route 5 or pennsylvania avenue route 4 and use silver hill road to get back on to suitland parkway. what else is going on? >> we'll check back in with brad around 6:50 this morning. northbound blaire road also shut down there between nicholson street and mcdonald place in northwest washington. southbound between nicholson street and kansas avenue, that is because of another fatal crash here, this one in the district this morning. 50 westbound after the beltway, brand new crash reported this morning. still have the red line delays hanging around outside of the medical center. guys. >> melissa, thank you. i was a little surprised at how cold it was this morning. >> wasn't it nice? >> well, it was nice. >> it was wonderful. >> i prefer the warmth from yesterday. >> here i was driving in, windows open, sun roof open. >> too chilly for me to have all of that. >> too much. >> it was really
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tomorrow, get your long runs in before the heat returns. we will be toasty warm before the week is through. so far two weeks in the month of may are now closed behind us. average temperature 61 degrees. that's a cooler than average may but even more impressive, it's almost three degrees colder than april was. very unusually cool start after a toasty warm april. for those of you, the sheena parveens and the eun yangs of the world, don't you worry. flip-flop weather is coming back. arrive on wednesday. could have both wednesday and thursday 90 degrees or higher. not much of a rain chance after some very beneficial soaking rains over the last two weeks. four things, sunny and breezy. sunny and warm, light wind. back up to 80 degrees
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probably around 90 on wednesday and could be 91 or 2 on thursday. next chance of shower doesn't roll around. right now it's a breezy, cool, warm start. 55 in washington. lots of 40s on the map. there may be one or two 40s left. this is the last of the cool weather. highs in your hometown, frederick maryland, 75. leesburg, 74 this afternoon. for tomorrow, another great day. a cool start in the morning but then a little bit warmer tomorrow afternoon. highs up into the low 80s. here's your five day forecast. 90 wednesday, little chance for a shower on friday. it has your weekend and ten day forecast. metro's new safety track work is changing this week. what you need to know to prepare. running late and no time to walk the dog? no problem. we're working to save you time with a s
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>> all right. let's spin. whoo! >> and a man from germantown, maryland, will get a chance to play wheel of riches today on the ell"the ellen degeneres sh." he's studying to get his master's degree. if he hit the bid he'll be able to pay off the student loeps. there is a $100,000 prize on that wheel. >> watch to see how it all
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if you have a dog you have to leave to go to work or -- you might feel a little guilty about that. >> what if your dog needs to go outside and you're not home? there is an app for that. >> this morning consumer reporter susan hogan shows us how a new app can make your day guilt free. >> reporter: dog lovers, i get it. it's so hard to walk out that door when you have these cute little eyes staring back at you. with one wag of the finger you can get on demand dog walking from your phone. >> the fresh air, the socializing. the, well, doing the business. wag makes owning a dog easier. download the app and within a short period of time -- >> hi, ready to go for a walk. >> reporter: you'll get on demand access to experienced dog handlers and your community. monday through friday from 6:00 a.m. to
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are you on demapped service? >> on demand. >> reporter: wag tells us their walkers are screened and tested on their pet experience and they do background checks. in fact, less than 5% of applicants actually make the cut. >> good job. >> reporter: music to the ears of wag's customers who can follow their dog's walkers and tracks every step of the day. >> i like that you can see when he does his business. that's kind of funny. at first i was walking because you see, george popped here. george did this here. >> reporter: here's something to wag your tail at. download the app. it's $20 and your dog gets 30 minutes of exercise. 6:26 right now. security alert. united airlines sending a warning to pilots and flight attendants worldwide. why the safety in the cockpit has been
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"news 4 today" begins with breaking news. well, if you take the suitland parkway to work, you need to hear about this. >> deadly accident there at forestville road has shut down a portion of that parkway. a live look at the scene right here for you now. three people died in a two-car crash early this morning. we know one person is in the hospital. >> park police are still on the scene investigating this crash. be sure to keep an eye on first four traffic on arp and on twitter on when the roads will be open. . more on that breaking news. melissa mollet has the impact on your first 4 traffic commute. >> big problems here. chop 4
6:31 am
in bound suitland parkway at forestville road, you can see the two vehicles voefd in the triple fatal crash from this morning. taking a look at the actual closure, in bound suitland parkway between forestville road and suitland road going to be closed. when we're talking about alternates. all of these are start to go get busy. very understandable because of that problem. 50 westbound after the beltway crash reported there. travel times and another look from above at this issue coming up. guys? >> good morning, melissa. sun glare this morning. we have plenty of sun in the forecast. beautiful mother's day. >> i am dreading the return of hot weather these last two weeks with the cooler than average temperatures have been oh, a thing of beauty around here. it is a gorgeous cool and breezy morning. you'll step outside this morning and think, wow, that's almost too cool. but enjoy it while you can. cool and
6:32 am
nice day today. back up into the low to mid 70s. our pattern is warmer and dryer all the way through the week. so much warmer that we may be near 90 on both wednesday and thursday. 46 in gaithersburg. 49 in lorton. planning out the day, plan on sunshine and a cooling breeze in the northwest. ten day forecast with sheena coming up. >> thank you, chuck. 6:32. in your top stories this morning, europe's police agency warns that more damage from the worldwide cyber attack may be seen this morning when people head back to work. already there have been 200,000 victims in roughly 150 countries. head to the nbc washington app and search cyber attack to learn how you can protect your computer. this morning students at cross set middle school will be greeted with messages of hope and love to replace a symbol of hate. the community got
6:33 am
chalk the walk. they have suspect conor prout and -- they planted a noose in the courtyard. >> at 8:00 tonight it is another game seven. this time the wizards are playing with the season on the line. they're in boston against the celtics. the winner moves onto the eastern conference final. the loser gets knocked out of the playoffs. so far neither team has won on the road so we're hoping for a good show. >> today's brothers and sisters in blue, we'll remember 234 officers who gave their lives to make their community safer. the national police officer's memorial service begins at 11:00. six brave officers from our area will have their names etched into the wall. molette green has the story of a prince george's county officer. >> reporter: good morning, guys. if you haven't been down here,
6:34 am
mementos in circle judiciary square here. this is growing. officers today remembering how a prince george's detective sacrificed his life to protect his community and colleagues. jakai colton shot and killed during a police ambush right outside police head kaurs. he was out of uniform, off duty when he jumped in. he was among the six area officers to be added today to this memorial, jacai colson. this starts outside of the west capital building. president trump will address the event and then after that there will be a medal of honor ceremony and then the wreath laying that will be right here at judiciary square. we're live this
6:35 am
6:35. the search for a new fbi director is likely to heat up this week. >> but it is the old one who is still causing problems for president trump. the latest nbc news wall street journal poll shows 29% of americans approve of the president's decision to fire james comey while 39% disapprove. all of this coming as lawmakers are putting pressure on the white house to explain exactly why he made the move. news 4's angie goff in the newsroom with more. good morning. >> good morning, eun and aaron. the president's tweets are causing this. he hinted that there could be tapes of his conversation with the former director. now democrats want to subpoena those tapes if, in fact, they do exist. here's virginia senator yesterday on abc news. >> first of all, we have to make sure if they exist they don't
6:36 am
testify about the firing, but according to reports, he is willing to testify in public. now back to you. >> angie, thank you. 6:36. breaking news in fort washington this morning. a house caught fire. looks like there's not much left. look at these images here. this happened on blanchard drive. prince george's county fire tweeted this photo. they say this happened around midnight. they don't know how the fire started. they say no one was hurt. costs a lot of money to replace a fire truck that caught fire in fairfax county. you can see the truck here charred outside the fire station there on edsel road. that truck caught fire just before 1:00 yesterday morning while it was inside the building. nearly a dozen firefighters were hurt. investigators still trying to figure out how the fire
6:37 am
relief before another phase of safetrack begins. >> surge 15 starts tomorrow. it will close five stations on the orange line in maryland and the district and will probably slow down folks it interviewed. today metro will start an escalator replacement at stadium armory. it's installing two brand new escalators. it's happening at the southeast entrance of 19th street. cockpit secrets. the worldwide warnings for united airlines. plus, we are following the breaking news on suitland park way. >> cool 40s and 50s so school kits on the countdown to
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melissa mccarthy does it again on snl. >> plus, a virginia mother and her baby are still missing. new developments that could help bring them home. three people killed, another person now in the hospital after a fiery overnight crash in prince george's county. i'm justin
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narrator:to do time is what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law,
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as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us. breaking news. a deadly accident on one of our busiest routes into work. what happened and the impact now. >> russia's interference. >> the president needs to backoff. >> lawmakers take another step to dig for answers. >> sean, you must know this russia thing looks really bad. >> oh, my
6:46 am
milestone with mccarthy. >> district of columbia! >> a local winning streak for miss u.s.a. developing this morning, there is global chaos after massive ransomware attacks shut down hundreds of thousands of computers. experts are now trying to figure out who is behind this. it's affecting computers that have a microsoft operating system. the virus can spread to an entire network even if just one person clicks on an infected link. cases have been reported in 150 countries and it includes chinese gas stations, japanese broadcasters and german rail ways. now you will know immediately if your computer is infected by a virus. a pop up screen will come up, oops, your important files are encrypted. this includes mp 3s,
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>> analysts say you should not click the check payment or decrypt buttons in the pop-up message. instead you will want to download a microsoft patch. head to the nbc washington app for instructions and a link. angie goff following the new threats from north korea from the live desk. angie? >> aaron, we have new photos from north korea of kim jong-un watching the latest launch. he's observing. and in other photos he's very pleased with how this launch went after they launched the missile. he claims it was capable of reaching the u.s. he says it's a rocket na cthat carry a nuclear warhead. in a statement washington this morning said the white house is calling on all nations to implement far stronger
6:48 am
sanctions. a deadly crash on suitland parkway almost sure to impact your commute. show you where it happened in bound suitland parkway at suitland road. justin finch is live with details. justin, good morning. >> reporter: aaron, good morning. we have been moved up forest hill road. u.s. park police are telling us they plan to remove the remains of those victims soon as well as the wreckage from the roadway there. we do have reports now of four victims total, three have died and one was carried to a nearby hospital. looking now at the after math of this wreck early this morning, there's a jeep suv with front end damage and a second vehicle burped down to the metal framing. this was a violent high end crash that happened close to 3:30 a.m. off forestville road and in bound suitland parkway. the second vehicle somehow caught fire and prince george's county firefighters were called to the scene racing to
6:49 am
you can see here we have a u.s. park police cruiser here to divert traffic. we have reports of three people who died and one is in the hospital. they're working to clear the scene. it could be a matter of time before in bound suitland reopens for traffic. back in to you. >> all right. thank you, justin. democrats are ramping up the pressure to force republicans to back a special prosecutor in the russia investigation. >> while the majority of republicans are not ready to back that, key senate republicans had some tough words for the president as the investigation moves forward. >> the president needs to back off here and let the investigation go forward. we need to call comey and get to the bottom of this. >> senator graham says he does not believe president trump is a target of investigations into whether his campaign or members of his campaign coordinated with are ush shah. he also says he stands by his belief that a special prosecutor is not needed at this time.
6:50 am
and a mother from virginia and her 8-month-old baby are still missing. police in newport news say they found the car they were traveling in but still no sign of them. the two are believed to be in extreme danger at this point. they went missing on april 30th while heading to the beach. police issued an amber alert. police are trying to track down the person who shot and killed two women on i-95. this happened early sunday morning near richmond. one of the victims was shireen holland from manassas. they were in the car when someone pulled up next to them and started shooting into the car. troopers believe someone targeted the women. they're asking the public for help. they say the suspect's vehicle was a newer model white 4 door see dan. >> 6:50. still tracking breaking news in first 4 tra.
6:51 am
>> breaking news in prince george's county. take a look. chopper 4 over the problem, in bound suitland parkway at forestville road. one car has just been pulled from the scene. still have the other car there on the scene from this triple fatal crash. now when you take a look at the math here, in bound suitland parkway still closed. going to be closed between forestville road and suitland road. let's head back up to the chopper and take a look at some of the delays we're seeing. hi, brad. >> reporter: hey, melissa. the problem is pennsylvania avenue. this is where you would take your commute on to suitland parkway into the city. all of the extra traffic that usually takes that route is now backing off to pennsylvania avenue headed towards the beltway. for any alternates, what's going on? >> brad, exactly what you see right there. that's where all the slow is right now riding in on pennsylvania avenue because you can't make that left turn. you can get on to p
6:52 am
avenue, ride it up towards silver hill road and left puts you back on to suitland parkway. continue on the inner loop towards 295 up on i-295 in bound. it's a big mess. this is not the only thing we've got going on. melissa, what else do you have? >> i know. we're talking about a lot of stuff here, jack. as you look at the beltway, no major delays. brand-new crash, inner loop at braddock road, starting to see problems there. crash reported there. in bound 395 at the 14th street bridge, still have the crash in the left lane and that closure on doyle road in northwest washington. another fatal accident there. as far as travel times, looking good on 270 and the top of the beltway very normal. 66 in bound, 95 north same situation there. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. good morning, mr. bell. >> good morning,
6:53 am
day yesterday. yes, indied. a cool and wet pattern that we've been in for the last couple of weeks is quickly coming to an end. it's bringing an ugly day. northeast corridor is going to be an ugly, windy, rainy day. for us, we'll continue with the northwesterly breeze but we will not have to worry about rain today. 55 in washington. winds out of the northwest at 13. plenty of 40s on the map this morning and maybe a few more 40s on the map tomorrow morning before much warmer air moves in middle of the week. hourly temperatures today, we should be in the mid to upper 60s. afternoon highs today near 75 degrees. sheena parveen is talking about the warmup camming our way. >> if you like summer and you want to be here, we're not going to see the rain relief until friday. take a look at our air masses. we have a little bit of a cool one.
6:54 am
afternoon. there is the hot air moving in by wednesday and thursday. record highs, 92. thursday 96 in d.c. as we go into those two days we're going to be close. into the weekend we get the cooler air trying to scoot back in. not going to stay into the 90s. 75 today and 76. keep on rising. 90 wednesday, 92 on thursday and let's take a look at the weekend forecast with the ten day, chuck. >> 90s wednesday, thursday as you mentioned, sheena. little chance for thunderstorms around friday afternoon. highs on friday still toasty warm, mid to upper 80s. as you get into the weekend, a fair amount of clouds around. as of now we're keeping rain chances out of your weekend with afternoon highs with near 80 degrees. >> chuck, thank you. the folks over at "saturday night live" are celebrating after hitting a seven year ratings high this weekend. more than 10 million people tuned in to watch the show saturday night. >> everyone at work will probably be talking about
6:55 am
snl stage this weekend. this is her fifth time on the show. maybe even better than a return as white house press secretary sean spicer. >> okay. first of all, here's trump. he's the biggest one. he's the most beautiful and he wasn't happy with the performance of the fbi director, boom. this guy, comey. >> she is pretty hilarious. >> how about that. >> there you go. 6:55. angie goff at the live desk. breaking news at the fire. >> aaron, we've learned one person confirmed dead in the seven alarm fire in pittsburgh. you can see from this video here that we got, news video, flames shooting out of the building in downtown. this is where thefi
6:56 am
spreading and a huge response. the fire is under control. one firefighter was hurt but is expected to be okay. now back to you. >> thank you, angie. 6:56. here are four things to know before you head out the door this morning. a deadly accident at suit land parkway and forestville road has shut down that portion of the parkway. three people died and one person hurt in a two-car crash. watch for updates on when the road reopens. security experts trying to track down whoever is behind a global cyber attack. 200,000 computers affected in 150 countries. there is another concern about another attack coming today joompt president trump will meet with the crown prince of abu dhabi today. he is still facing questions over his firing of james comey as the fbi director. the "today" show will have the latest on the fallout and some of the contenders to replace comey. for the second year in a row miss district of columbia is
6:57 am
there she is. last year deshanna barber became the first ever military member. first 4 traffic in bound at suitland at forestville road is still shut down. avoid this for some time. melissa, thank you. that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate your waking up with us. "today" show is next. we'll have updates on the traffic, crash and weather, enjoy your day. >> make it a great monday, everybody.
6:58 am
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good morning, breaking overnight. chaos from a massive cyber attack targeting computers all across the globe. new systems being infected as users log on. what you need to know before you power up this morning. tale of the tapes. democrats and republicans demand to know if the white house secretly reported conversations with james comey after that cryptic tweet from president trump as the search for the next fbi director ramps up. at least eight contenders in the mix. a decision possible this week. speaking out. the parents and brother of the penn state student who died in that apparent case of hazing open up in an emotional


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