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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  May 17, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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scene. >> reporter: i have to begin with the warning. we do have cell phone video of this police involved shooting, some people might find it disturbing. it all came to an end at the front door of this rec center, take a look at the bullet holes. their low on the door, the reason for that, the woman at the time was kneeling down. she was kneeling down but she had a serious gun in her hand. this is a semi-automatic pistol police say the woman had at the bald eagle rec center. police say she crashed her car here yesterday and got out and began waving the gun around in the air. it all came to an end at the front door of the rec center. you can see the bullet holes in the door. i counted six. this is how it played out on
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>> oh, my god! she lift the gun. >> reporter: troy scott, he was here. please moved in. >> they shut this whole block down. couldn't go past. >> reporter: did you hear them yell for her to drop the gun? >> yeah. >> reporter: and she didn't, did she? >> no. >> reporter: police chief said the cops had working body cameras. >> the officers did have their body camera activated at the time and we did recover the suspect's weapon which was a black semi-automatic pistol. >> reporter: the suspect has been identified at 41-year-old isabelle duvall she was taken from the scene to a hospital where she died a short time later. they say she's from the winchester, virginia. what brought her here to washington and why did she have that gun and what did she plan to do with it? a lot of questions unanswered, a
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done. live in southwest, pat collins, news4. >> here at the live desk we're seeing traffic backed up for up to three miles in each direction after a deadly wrong way crash on route 50. that is the word we're getting right now from our sister station in baltimore. maryland state police say a car was going westbound on the eastbound lane. it crashed head on into an suv in another car just a couple miles east of the bay bridge. a woman who was driving that car has been killed. she had a baby in the back of the car. the baby has been critically injured. investigators say all eastbound lanes of route 50 will be shut down for an extended period of time. in fact, the traffic backup is so bad that several of the schools nearby are delaying sending the kids home because of that crash. we'll keep on this and update as soon as we get new information. at the live desk, chris lawrence,
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>> more breaking news now. thousands of gallons of water pouring in the streets of northwest d.c. after a water main break buckling streets, just one of the problems from this. the commute is also quite messy out there as drivers try to find another way through this area. news4 mark segraves live in northwest d.c. to tell us how all this is happening. >> reporter: good evening. macarthur boulevard is part of your evening commute, make other arrangements tonight. probably tomorrow morning as well. take a look at this sinkhole here. we're in the 4,500 block of mac arthur boulevard. this is the palisades section which started out as a trickle, a water main break has ended up with this sinkhole here which you see continues to grow. the water main break shut off water to hundreds of people, homes, businesses and schools all in the palisades area along the 4500 block of macarthur boulevard west. thousands of gallons spilled
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pavement and sidewalks trapping some cars. >> i saw that there was a tor rent of water about to carry my girlfriend's car away it looked like so i thought i'd tried to get in and rescue it before she would z-bif me hell when she gets home that i didn't save her car. >> reporter: as this d.c. water truck drived to drive through the weight of the truck was too much worsening this sinkhole. the 30 inch main that broke runs beneath the boulevard under key bridge and services the pentagon which also lost water today. to take a look at some more of the damage that it did here to the sidewalk here along macarthur boulevard. buckling that sidewalk here. it buckled the roadway here and of course this sinkhole continues to grow. you can see crews are here from d.c. water as well as from ft. myers construction who will repair this road. we do have some good news, canal road directly below us which was closed earlier today because
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down there, that has been reopened and that's a great alternate route to get out of downtown d.c. there's no way this road is opening up in time for this evening's rush hour. tomorrow's rush hour is doubtful as well and when water comes back to these areas, we're still waiting to find out. >> what a mess down there. new fallout tonight related to that massive brawl outside the turkish embassy that left 11 people hurt and two people under arrest. check out this video. nbc news is now confirming that the men seen beating the protesters were body guards for turkish president. the case drawing the attention of both the state department and d.c. police now who vow to take action despite some challenges. >> there could be a diplomatic immunity issue but that won't prevent us from doing what we need to do here at the metropolitan police department.
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the turkish embassy. he has the new details for us. >> reporter: well, yesterday evening at this hour sheridan circle was filled with protesters and police. violence broke out here. some of it was captured on a cell phone camera. now you're about to hear from the man who shot that video. this video of protesters being beaten was taken by the executive director of the armenian national committee of america. when he arrived at the protest on sheridan circle he decided to use his phone to record what was happening. >> i witnessed the security detail for president air due won and attacking protesters and taking them out and punching them and kicking them while they were down. >> reporter: 11 protesters were
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the videos will play a big part in the investigation. d.c. police chief peter newsham calls it a beauty attack on petitionful protesters. >> this is not something we can tolerate in our city. >> reporter: he could not confirm if they were the turkish president's body guard. >> we have a good idea of some of the folks that were there on the scene. i'm very comfortable that we will be able to identify most of the assail yents. >> reporter: after meeting with president trump at the white house, president. protesters gathered to demonstrate against repression in turkey that they blame on president ergodan. >> perhaps he's not used to taking criticism. we need to send a message back that that's not appropriate. it's not appropriate in americ
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in washington, d.c. >> reporter: ahead at 6:00, how the u.s. state department and secret service are cooperating with local police in this investigation. reporting live from sheridan circle, chris gordon, news4. >> back here at the live desk with more breaking news. this time in arlington county. we're getting reports that someone has been shot just off interstate 395 south right near the exit to south gleeb road. you can take a look at the live picture there from the camera. the word we're getting is that the police shot someone and that right now they are calling it a helicopter to transport that patient who is been listed in critical condition. we're being told the landing zone for the helicopter is actually going to be drew model school which is an elementary school nearby. we're also being told that at least one police officer has been injured, so one suspect shot, oneol
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in arlington county right near the south gleeb road exit to 395. we'll stay on top of this and push out any alerts as we get them. thank you. >> thrch only on news4. security camera footage inside rockville high school this past march raising some questions about whether the schools have enough security to protect the ki kids. scott macfarlane explains. >> reporter: it was a bomb shell that captured the nation's attention. two teen boys arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in a school bathroom. that case collapsed, prosecutors said they reviewed surveillance video that there was wasn't evidence and they released the boys. news4 has just obtained footage from inside rockville hard. holding hands with a boy. walking through the hallway then walking into the boys room. a second male teenager is following in this footage nearby. the footage does not show what happened inside the bathroom but parents c
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where were the security guards or teachers when these students disappeared for several minutes into the bathroom. >> it's all playing defense, defense, defense. it's never being proactive. they're not monitored. >> reporter: tonight on news4 at 6:00, the new questions our investigators is raising about the effectiveness of the school district. 5,000 security cameras and the security upgrade the county's considering for all schools. major changes, the kids, even the parents would likely notice. back to you. >> thank you. it is may, feels like july out there, doesn't it. >> it feels worse than july in some parts but they found some shade. you're looking at leon and doug under the tree with a lot of company out at a community black party in marlow heights. just how hot is it? >> reporter: it's on the hot side but it's not that bad. >> unless you're standing next to the grill like
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ago. >> reporter: 92 degrees, here we are in marlow heights. we're calling this a block party but this is also backyard weather for us. this is leon's first backyard weather as a member of the news4 team. >> i'm loving it. i'm loving it. check out my handy work. >> reporter: you did this last hour? how did he do? >> good. >> now you're a star. >> reporter: we're right by the food which leon and i have not had any of the food yet. they promise they're saving some for us. we got magic 102.3. we got a bounce house. it could not be better of a day. >> this is awesome. thank you for not letting it rain. s that's a huge accident. a slushy on a hot dog. not a good combination. get him another one. >> i owe you one, bro. >> reporter: i'm going to be doing the weather throughout the afternoon. leon's going to be down here through right on through 7:00. we'll see you guys in just
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minutes. >> thanks. your 401(k) may have taken a bit of a hit today. there were major selloffs at wall street reacted to the latest trump controversies. >> and pushing back against the federal government, what a virginia congressman wants to see happen when it comes to ma
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to take on the "tom insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks... that's what tom perriello is about." progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello... and before and after congress i led non-profits to battle climate change, poverty and president bush's attacks on civil rights. now i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality. because together, we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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>> no politician in history and i say this with great surety has been treated worse or more unfairly. you can't let them get you down. you can't let the critics and the nay sayers get in the way of your dreams. >> president trump once again going aft media today as the white house still reels from controversy surroun
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>> we now have reports of the president asked the former fbi director to drop the investigation into russia ties with the national security advisor michael flynn. comey apparently recorded that request in his notes. notes that he made every time he met with the president reportedly and the president has implied in a tweet that he may have audio recordings of their encounters. >> joining us with what has already been a world win week is mark murray. you've got john mccann likening this to watergate. some democrats have been saying the word impeachment. where does this go from here? >> reporter: that's a great question. what i would actually argue the last weeks of news has probably been the most consequential in the trump presidency and there's been a tremendous amount of ups and downs that we've covered but how long long lasting this stories end up being so you start up with the firing of james comey, the former fbi director who may now e
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hill and might have his memos read from last night's news that he recording that president trump asked him to potentially stop an investigation of trump's former national security advisor michael flynn. then you also have the story about trump sharing information classified information with russians while in the oval office. and i think that you're going to end up hearing congressional committee testimony on this as well. and these stories aren't going to go away any time soon. they're going to be playing out in the weeks and months ahead. >> let me ask you something. trump just complained at this commentment address. if hillary clinton, bill clinton, any barack obama, any democrat had done -- was doing any of this in the first 120 days, would the media be covering it? >> this is my fourth administration since being in washington and politics, i'd argue that every president and every politician goes through the
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impeachment. there was a tremendous amount of news media coverage over that two year period stretch over the whole monica lewinsky story. you end up having barack obama pregnancy, the crash, health care, george w. bush's presidency, particularly the second term that involved the iraq war going south, hurricane katrina. every president gets its tough. what's different here this president 118 days in his administration is complaining about it so explicitly. >> the president and his team about to embark on their first foreign trip. is this a good time for them to be leaving the country or perhaps can things settle while they're away? >> reporter: maybe it's like the commercial, time to get away by southwest airlines. it's not a bad time to leave the country. this is his first trip as president of the united states and these trips are never easy, particularly what's on the agenda for president trump. going to saudi arabia,
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then going to israel and getting involved in the really fraught israeli/palestine politics and conflict. and then going to meet the pope. this is not very easy to pull off and certainly with all the other stories going on at home, i think that it really raises the stakes. >> all right. mark murray. always lovely to talk to you. thanks so much. we invite you to keep it here for the latest coverage from nbc's political team at the white house, on the hill, all ahead on "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. meanwhile let's head into the storm center -- no storms on the horizon but a whole lot of heat out there, amelia. >> we hit a new record high today at dulles, tied the record at dwi marshal. reagan we didn't hit a record. it was hot. that hazy sunshine out there, most of us are going to be completely dry this evening. tomorrow and as we
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in. at this point we're going to send it out to doug, doug, what's it like out there? what's it feeling humid? not humid? >> reporter: no it's feeling awesome out here right now. it's a little bit on the humid side but we're doing pretty good. go this way. we're here in the marlow heights area right here at the community center and we're listening to magic 102.3. they got the party going on right now. just a beautiful afternoon across our region. yes, it is on the warm side and i'm going to throw it back to you in just a second to finish the forecast because we'll talk more about that eat. a lot of fun for us to get out of here. we got a lot of people from the community. a lot of people here use this community center as their focal point whether they're in their teens or their '60s and '70s. this community center feeds about 100 kids every single night, part of the meals program here in the prince george's county area. so speaking of
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my food over there just a second. can i toss back to amelia, guys? i got -- let's go back to amelia. this heat is not going to stick around all that long. it's actually out of here by the weekend. >> yeah, exactly. that's the good news. it lines up right when we have off and we want to be outside enjoying the weather. look at the temperatures right now. upper 80s, low 90s. 89 degrees in the district. storm team 4 radar in the d.c./metro area completely dry and there was a lone shower along the winchester area but that has already fizzled out. just a few clouds out there tonight that would be the same case for your thursday. current temperatures in the mid-atlantic, it's hot, just up and down the eastern seaboard from 90 in new york to 91 in virginia beach, 91 in philly as well as we look to tomorrow 92 degrees. pretty much a carbon copy of toy.
5:22 pm
forecast. people split. look at your ten-day forecast. a little bit of everything. a friday 88. it's still humid. some afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms. not a huge threat for severe weather. plenty of clouds around this weekend. mid-70s for highs. >> thanks amelia. >> oh, this story. two puppies saved by police after their owner tried to strangle them. just ahead we are going to meet the dogs. they're name chance and mia and see how they're doing now that they have a new home. >> plus a military analyst found guilty of leaking military secrets now a free woman. the plans that may bring
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congressman from virginia is trying to get congress to decriminalize marijuana and give states more say in creating their own marijuana laws. tom garret introduced this bill. he wants to remove marijuana from the federal controlled substances list. he says this would also pave the way for industrial hemp growth. garret represents the fifth district in southern virginia. he says his bill would provide a major economic boost to agricultural development in the commonwealth. >> army whistle-blower chelsea manning was freed from a military prison earlier this morning tweeting o
5:26 pm
showing her first steps of freedom. manning has been at the military prison at ft. levin worth for nearly 7 years. she had been sentenced to 35 years for leaking secret military documents to wikileaks. president obama commuted her sentence in his final days in office. manning previously tweeted that she planned to move back to maryland. >> a fire so intense one person has to jump from the second floor to safety. >> and i saw them like trying to get the glass and everything out and i saw the flames going up. >> still ahead the homeowners describe the panic after she was told about an explosion at her house. >> and a man found guilty of trying to strangle two dogs. we find out how they're doing as he goes before a
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i need the phone that's where i happen to be... to be the one that rings. i need not to be missed phone calls... to not be missed. i need seamless handoff... canyon software. from reception, to landline, to mobile. i need one number... not two. i'm always moving forward... because i can't afford to get stuck in the past. comcast business. built for business.
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it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. a police officer from prince george's county was convicted for hitting a suspect with his police cruiser during a pursuit. for the first time we're getting a look at what happened. jose er nan dez was responding to a call for an armed man last summer. one officer was chasing the suspect on foot, hernandez was pursuing him with his
5:30 pm
with his car. no gun was found. hernandez was convicted of second degree assault and state's attorney also said the officer's actions were unwarranted and its important to hold the police accountable. we know hernandez's is facing a maximum of ten years in prison and sentencing and we're expecting authorities to hold a news conference on that conviction any time now. >> she had just gotten to work. suddenly her family was flooding her phone with messages. when the young fairfax county woman finally answered, she learned her home had exploded inside at the time, her brother, her boyfriend, another roommate. northern virginia david culver joins us. he's live at the spring oak court home that's in burke and he spoke with the young woman today earlier didn't you, david? >> reporter: i sure did. her name is jesse. you're going to meet hern
5:31 pm
a moment. as soon as she got word about the home explosion, she rushed here from work and she looked up and she wondered how anyone could have survived this. the three people who were inside all got out alive. for one of those roommates, that meant jumping from that second floor. jesse will likely struggle to remember the details of this day, a blur you could say, from ceiling fans to tvs, the place she's called home since a kid, gone. >> i still can't believe it. this is my house. >> reporter: jesse started her workday early arriving at the preschool where she worked around 6:30. 15 minutes later, this. >> the screams were horrible. young kids screaming and trying to get out. >> reporter: these neighbors heard something, they think might have been the start of the flame. >> it was a really big pop like something exploded. >> it was literally all of a sudden you heard this po
5:32 pm
flooded with missed calls. she finally answered for her dad. he asked who was at her house, emily, joey and justin and he was like there was an explosion and i was like what? so i ran back to my boss and i was like, they can't get a hold of my brother or anybody in the house and there was an explosion. >> reporter: her brother, her boyfriend and another roommate had all managed to escape but the fire left its mark, two of them flown to the burn center, the other taken by ambulance. just a site of the now shelled out home bringing loved ones to their knees while thankful the others were safe. jesse got more tough news. >> i got here and saw the house and i think i knew that the pets didn't make it but i was hoping that they would. >> reporter: any idea how it started? any clue? >> it looks like it was electrical, but i'm not a 100% sure. >> reporter: the chief telling me
5:33 pm
fact, electrical. turned out to be a lamp that was inside that sparked on fire and spread very quickly. most of their belongs looked kind of like that, just charred and no longer usable, jim. >> david, such a sad scene there. thank you so much. >> now to a disturbing story this evening. he admitted to nearly strangling his two puppies while he was high on drugs. tonight, a judge in montgomery county has sentenced the dogs owner for animal cruelty and those dogs now have a second chance at life. kristen wright has new video from the police officers that helped save the dogs. >> reporter: this is what a dog's life should be, but things didn't start out so happy for chance and mia. >> he seemed to be like wanting to be held and he was crying, but nobody could really get their hands on him because he was in an oxygen chamber. >> trying to get himo
5:34 pm
>> reporter: the pit bulls were almost killed by their prior owner two years ago. montgomery county police dash cam video shows officers saving the six week old puppies. james jones was strangling the dogs with his bear hands on a street corner in wheaton. it took several officers and a witness to free chance and mia. jones pleaded guilty to animal cruelty last year. today he was sentenced to six months in jail and five years probation. the maximum sentence on his plea deal. jones esattorney said he was on drugs and had no control. the judge said that's no excuse. >> they've got to deal with this guy, try to save the life of these dogs, not try to extraordinary harm to this man and at the same time expose themselves to harm. >> reporter: two different families adopted chance and mia and now they have puppy play dates. >> he's been with us for two years now. he's very much a part of my
5:35 pm
>> nobody forgot about you. >> reporter: what a dog's life should be, in montgomery county, kristen wright, news4. >> now chance's new owner sara who you just heard from is the wife of one of the montgomery county police officers who saved the puppies life. >> and you can now find love along the w and od trails in louden's count. it will be unveiled officially on harrison street across from the park in leesburg. the word love is made from recycled bicycle parts. they assembled the work this morning. >> the love sculpture that you see around the state of virginia all have specific themes to the area, that they're located in and this one being in proximity to the wod trail reflected cyclist and the community that uses this path. >> the structure's seven feet high. it took the skup
5:36 pm
>> we all had to deal with the hot and humid weather today but several hundreds folks in south d.c. braved all that heat for a good giveway. hour tom sherwood visited the program as we showed you those who are working for you in our community. >> reporter: about 800 families from around metro walking were selected to take part in the food giveaway. parks loaded up with all kinds of household products too. quickly being hauled away and empty carts going back to help someone else. >> you're standing out here in all this heat. >> i got to feed my family. i got to feed my grandkids and children. anything helps. any little thing helps. >> reporter: feed the children and the peps cocorporation sponsored the $250,000 project. kevin barry helped lead the volunteers. >>
5:37 pm
>> no. >> reporter: barry instead was covering the grounds for the national youth baseball academy that supported today's event. the heat wasn't so bad for barry a retired army colonel with tours of duty in korea, iraq and kuwait piloting apache helicopters but now overseeing this operation. >> good participation. it's great participation even on such a hot day. >> senior citizens please to the line over here to the left. >> reporter: participants were giving timed invitations to minimize their wait in the heat. in the district, tom sherwood, news4. >> metro finds a new purpose for one of its old railcars. >> and we're there for the grand opening of a unique project that may be the first of its
5:38 pm
me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam,aught and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting
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and we'll go back out to prince george's county where news4 is throwing an early summer block party. >> it's all cool there with leon harris and he's talking to folks about the valuable services that center provides. hey leon! >> reporter: you can't even smell the horses. you see the horses back here. these are park police. maryland national park police force out here with us and here's the chief stan johnson is
5:41 pm
guys this is more about having fun. this is about your transforming neighborhoods. >> that's correct. seeing how we can help resolve some issues and concerns they might have and have a good time interacting with a community wall the different government agencies here. hopefully the community appreciates the opportunity just to interact. >> reporter: you think they don't? >> i think they do. >> reporter: from what we've seen and heard i think they do. >> it's great having everyone here at the community center. >> reporter: tell me some more about this tni initiative. >> what is it about going out to communities, bringing government resources out there, public safety, health and services, people from the health community, education and just seeing what is the concern from the community and public safety is about getting to the root issues and causes of some of our cripes as opposed to just arresting people. >> and gauging
5:42 pm
when they're this age is most important. >> feel comfortable around law enforcement. realize we're just like the people in the community. we have families, we have children. we want it to be safe for everybody. >> reporter: when you show them someplace with horses like nick and blaze back here and you all are doing such a thorough job of supporting the community, the horses have just fertized the marlow heights community center so the grass is great in a few weeks. back to you in the studio. >> we'll pick it up here at the live desk. if you have the nbc washington app we just pushed out an alert on this story the breaking news in arlington county. we have now learned that a police officer has gone to the hospital as well as a suspect whose in critical condition after a shooting just off 395 near the glebe road exit. the new information that we're learning is that police tried
5:43 pm
pull over a truck on 395. it was a black pickup truck. as they got the truck to pull over, the truck then hit one of the officers, apparently that officer has some serious injuries to the leg and once that officer was hit, the other officers opened fired on that vehicle. you can see the black pickup right there. the suspect again in critical condition. the officer's been injured. we're told they mad vac in a helicopter that landed in an elementary school to take the suspect to the hospital. we'll keep you updated just as soons w ae
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
metro is stepping up its game. tonight there is food to buy, drinks to sip, even flowers to look at along the red line. it's all part of a new effort to make pop up retail shops out of old metro cars. transportation reporter adam tuss is live at the grover station where this is all going down. hey. >> reporter: check it out. we're not in an old metrorail car. this is a juice bar right now. this is what's happened here pop-up kiosks and
5:47 pm
and we've got all types of retail going on. take a look over here for all types of new things to buy and see and you'll find this for the next several weeks. you have never seen this before at a metro station. sliced up, broken apart, this old rail car now home to pop up retail shops here at the grove ner straj more station. juices and jewelry, flowers, food, all coming from local shops who are taking over these spaces as part of a pilot program. >> i bought cheese buns. they're over in kensington market on saturdays and so they're very he delicious. >> three, two, one, cut. >> reporter: a celebration kicking off the event today. robert mojo is the artist and sculpture who literally cut apart and created these spaces. >> once they said they want seven eos b
5:48 pm
subway car, you got it. >> reporter: he says it was tough work but worth it. >> i loved what the cause was about and loved the reason for recycling, saving history, preserving history. >> reporter: while it's fun to have food and drinks, remember no eating or drinking this stuff on the trains themselves. metro's gm says he doesn't worry about the real railcars getting trashed. >> how many starbucks are on top of our stations? people know they can't bring it on. >> reporter: for the next six weeks these pop up markets will be open only on wednesday, thursday and friday nights. if this is all successful this could necessarily expand to other metro stations around this system but this is all part of a bigger plan to actually transform the grove ner station here into a mixed use development. business has been good? business has been good here. wednesday, thursday and friday nights, guys, back to you. >> looks cool. having access to q
5:49 pm
retail stores right around the corner is also important for folks who live in prince george's county and because of that it's become one of the county executives top priorities. our bureau chief out there, tracee wilkins looks into why so many retail ventures in prince george's county have failed, but others are succeeding and what developments are on the horizon. >> i remember landover mall. i remember going there as a kid. >> reporter: for decades landover mall was the example of thriving retail in prince george's county but in the late '90s that changed when it seemed new stores in the county were doomed to fail. >> crimes started rising. we had challenges in the county overall and with not putting investment back into it, watching retail chain but not doing anything about it. >> reporter: residents hope the opening of the boulevard would turn things around, but
5:50 pm
other stores followed. >> there were some unfortunate criminal events that occurred within the first six months of that place opening and it got a lot of publicity and it scared people away. >> reporter: at laurel mall once the center of community life, stores began leaving in the early 2000 and soon only a shell was left. fast-forward to 2017, resurgence with a mall that residents help create down to the stores. >> couple planners reached out a couple weeks ago because fairfax county is interested in doing a model more similar to ours. >> reporter: county officials say they've learned the secret to duplicating this kind of success around the county. it started with the focus on crime. >> you can't have economic development if you have crime. >> it's turned out because of all those things coming together, education, public safety and a real focus on economic development. >> reporter: it's attracting higher paying industry and is leading mard
5:51 pm
rising incomes means successful retail like the wood mor town center and soon a nordstrom rack as well. the counties economic developer say it's easier said than done. >> we are a wealthy county, relatively to the washington, d.c., are much wealthier. >> a sacks or neiman marcus may not be in the county's immediate offer. >> i'm from kentucky. they got a ruth's chris where the median household income is 40,000. there's no excuse why we don't have a ruth chris. >>s things are coming along. >> reporter: while shopping didn't work that a regional medical center will. this is where it's going to be built and when that happens county officials are expecting the median impact in the largo area to jump from 8
5:52 pm
120,000 and they say when that happens, higher end retail will follow. in lar goe, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. >> lee on out in marlow heights with the look at our sweltering forecast. >> he's looking cool, though. >> reporter: it's hot but it's not that hot. the humidity not that much. storm team 4 by 4. 91 degrees, relative humidity now 31%. dew .62, once it gets above 65. so yeah, it's on the hot side but not all that bad. take a look at the spread we got out here. just an amazing day so far. we've been here now for about two hours. the kids have been on the bounce houses. i was just inside playing basketball. we were all just dancing right here from the maryland park police. park police! park police! what happened t
5:53 pm
>> reporter: they're done. he's still dancing over there. see? see? i want to introduce everybody, if you haven't seen her before, the newest member of the storm team 4 team, this is samar theodore. you'll see more of her. this is your first time being with back yufrd weather. >> yes, it is. >> reporter: what do you think? >> i'm having a blast. i just love block party this reminds me of my childhood and an important ingredient is this weather. >> reporter: we'll toss it back to another member of the storm team 4 team right now, i think there's two, amelia and lauren back there. the good news for you, we only had a long sleeve shirt for her today. i feel so bad. it's hot because it's not going to stay this hot. >> tell samar not to be worried.
5:54 pm
i've been here for almost five years now and i only have one storm team 4 shirt. >> reporter: i apologize. my fault. >> temperatures in the upper 80s, low 90s. take a look at your weather headlines. tomorrow a repeat performance. hot and muggy, unusual weather for may. rain and thunderstorms during the second half of your friday are going to coolest down for the weekend and it's going to be a dry weekend both saturday and sunday. we're already starting off the day at 71 degrees, near 90 by lunge time. plenty of sunshine in the forecast. for most of us it's dry from start to finish. the weather vague low impact on the commute, outdoor exercise, recess and dinner out. take a look at the next ten days. a high temperature on friday of 88. mid-70s on saturday and sunday with more clouds and sunshine. not a bad weekend.
5:55 pm
forecastn monday. o "tom went to washington to take on the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks... that's what tom perriello is about." progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello... and before and after congress i led non-profits to battle climate change, poverty and president bush's attacks on civil rights. now i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality. because together, we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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for people living on main street it is deja vu all over again. >> they're dealing with flooding from a water main and sinkhole. here's lowell melter with our story. >> reporter: if it happened any where else in howard county it would have been just another water main break but this one hit where it
5:58 pm
and not a comfortable one to where you're thinking about that hard month here. >> reporter: the flood of water heading down main street brought it all back. at around 4:00 wednesday morning a 12 inch main split open sending a tremendous amount of water on the street and underground causing some of the road to collapse. >> it got under the surface of the road and lifted it up like a blanket and then you have the sinkhole. >> reporter: some of that water made its way into robert reed basement. >> didn't think so that we'd have to go through this all over again. >> reporter: his house was flooded during the huge storm in july of last year that killed two people and all but destroyed downtown and wednesday morning he was yet again dealing with four feet of water in his basement. >> we pumped it out last night. we got our own pumps and pumped it out which took a little while, but
5:59 pm
the residents in the county. >> reporter: next door neighbor going through the same thing lost a brand new boiler in his basement. trying to take it in strides. >> just deal with it as it comes. take it with a smile. news4 at 6:00 starts now. >> the case captured the nation's attention, two rockville high school students both immigrants accused of raping a 14-year-old girl inside a school bathroom. >> prosecutors dropped those charges and admitted they didn't have enough evidence after they got a look at the surveillance video. the i-team has footage from inside the school that day. obviously it doesn't show what happened in the bathroom but appears to give us an idea of what happened beforehand. there's no sign of security and no indication anyone was watching as the students disappeared from public view. >> scott macfarlane tells us the video was raising questions about whether skooz are doing enough
6:00 pm
>> reporter: public schools has 5,000 security cameras and according to multiple sources the footage inside rockville high shows there's no way for school security to actually watch all those cameras. the video from inside shows a nearly empty hallway which makes it easier to see the young girl hand in hand with a taller boy first in the hall then entering the boys bathroom where they disappear for minutes. no security staff is seen. no one trying to intervene or check on them. the two teen boys in this video were charged with rape. that criminal case later clansed. this video does not show what happened inside the bathroom, montgomery county parents say its troubling students could so easily vanish in a boy's room. >> it's a huge problem. >> reporter: security staffers should be seen. >> it's all playing defense, defense, defense. it's never being proactive. they're not monitored. >> repor a


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