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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  May 18, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a beautiful morning out here on the storm team 4 weather deck. sun is up. skies are mostly cloudy. temperatures have remained very mild overnight. we are still in the 70s. 75 right now in washington, 72 in chevy chase and it's going to stay a very mild morning around here. still only 70 now in beverly beach by the bay. forecast for today, sunshine and clouds mixed together. hot and humid. there might be an isolated shower or thunder shower. rain chances are only 30% or less. highs today around 92 degrees. not much of a thunderstorm threat today. our thunderstorm threat goes up a little bit more tomorrow. a high risk of severe weather across parts of oklahoma and kansas. there could be some flights delayed because of that severe weather threat. more about our storm chances tomorrow coming up in a minute. for now, let's go to melissa. >> we'll head to melissa in a second. four things you need to know before you walk
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what you do need before you walk outside. you don't need the light jacket this morning though. we're talking about temperatures in the 70s. 90s again as we go through today. thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. that's going to be pretty important because those thunderstorms are part of a cold front and that's actually going to cool us down for the week end. so today short sleeves. the kids need to be in the shade for recess. it will be a hot one. and also plenty of water if you are exercising, but i think if you're tired of the heat already, you're going to like the cooler weekend changes. speaking of changes, we have changes on the beltway. some slowdowns, melissa. >> we do. a bit of a slowdown. you can see chopper 4 here on outer loop after colesville road. everything on the shoulder. looking better than it was. delays. hearing about a new crash on the beltway. would he'll talk about that in a second. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, where is the beltway crash? looking okay right now but right now we have that new problem at richie marlboro
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270 nor old georgetown, we're going to send the chopper that way. macarthur boulevard between reservoir and foxhall. the water main break. aaron? >> 6:02. developing this morning. the parents of a 6-year-old boy are now left to plan their son's funeral. >> the boy was hit and killed by a car last night on livingston road in southeast d.c. this wasn't too far from a playground. news 4's justin finch is live at the scene with more on how this crash happened. justin? >> reporter: eun, good morning. we are still working to drill down the details of this case but we do know that 6-year-old boy was on livingston road here on southeast close to 8:30. minutes after sunset. it turns out this is a short walk from this here. the oxon run public park and playground here. i want to take you to video. this is the dc police investigation shutting down the 4300 block of livingston road for hours last nig
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it's off busy south capital. there are apartments here and at least two schools nearby. now last night that driver did strike that 6-year-old boy and kept going a short distance we are told and at a second location he did call 911. meantime, that 6-year-old boy was taken to a nearby hospital where he did die a short time later. now at this point no word yet on charges or if speed did play a role in this crash. however, we do know in this area of the park in the nearby schools the speed limit is posted at 15 miles per hour. we're live here in southeast. i'm justin finch. news 4. back in to you. >> justin, thank you. right now the suspect who hit a police officer is lying in a hospital bed seriously hurt. this all started during rush hour last night with a traffic stop on the glebe road of 95. arlington county police stopped a wanted suspect driving a pickup truck. the driver took off hitting a police officer in the process. that's when officers
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shooting at the suspect shattering the front window. the suspect was hit. two officers were also hurt but are expected to be okay. and these are live pictures of crews working to patch up a sinkhole on macarthur boulevard in northwest d.c. that's actually a 30 inch water main broke. massive pipe was installed back in 1860. broke around noon yesterday. news 4's megan mcgrath will have the latest on this coming up. it is 6:04. the firing of james comey as fbi director will be the big talk on capitol hill. the entire senate will have a briefing behind closed doors. this comes one day after rosenstein announced the appointment of former fbi director robert mueller. he will be able to conduct the investigation without consulting leadership at the department of justice. >> news 4 is working for you. here are 4 things to k
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this is a deep dive into his background. mueller ran the fbi for 12 years taking over the agency a week before the 9/11 terror attacks. he is the second longest serving director second only to j. edgar hoover. he was asked to stay on for two more years in 2011 by former president barack obama. he over saw the disbursement of a billion distribution of the takata airbag case. and he also oversaw ray rice's domestic violence case. president trump released a statement saying in part, quote, a thorough investigation will confirm what we already know. there was no collusion between my campaign and any foreign entity. i look forward to this matter concluding quickly. erika gone zal slzalez is a live
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>> reporter: sorry about that mike issue. there we go. this was a jetblue flight that was on its way from dulles to new york. had to make an emergency landing because it hit a bird. this morning we've got new audio for you of the communication between air traffic control and the cockpit. take a listen. >> stable, but we are getting a loud vibration coming from the nose gear. we don't know if there's some kind of debris stuck on the nose gear. in the meantime, would era he running checks. >> reporter: this was late last night. this flight that was supposed to be going to new york from dulles, there were 66 people that were on board this flight. everybody was okay. in fact, people started tweeting out pictures praising the crew talking about howell th well th handled the whole situation. o
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everybody did eventually make it to new york at about 2:30 in the morning. from the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. >> happy ending. 6:07. the school year will be a little longer for some students in our area. they'll end on june 13th instead of june 9th. the school system added two days because they were closed for one snow day and on the day without a woman. school will be released two hours early on june 9th, 12th, 13th. this will give teachers the opportunity to finish up the school year. it will begin after labor day, wednesday, september 6th. here's something to make you feel better about your commute. today the dulles greenway, your money will be going towards a good cause. it connects dulles international airport with leesburg, virginia. they're donating 100% of all tolls collected today to six local charities and the dulles greenway scholarship. last year's drive for charity raised more than
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finding the right diet in your dna. the secret to weight loss could be in your genes. a look at the tests that will tell you the foods you should avoid for the best results. and good morning. it's 6:08. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. going to expect a round of thunderstorms around here in our area. thunderstorms will go from here to the coast line by late friday evening. if you're down at the beach over the weekend, it will be a lot cooler. highs in the 60s. getting the water nice and slow. ocean water 60 degrees. look at our forecast coming right up. plus, lawn care without the headache. there's an app for that. still ahead, how caring for your yard will take just a few swipes.
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to take on the "tom insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks... that's what tom perriello is about." progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello... and before and after congress i led non-profits to battle climate change, poverty and president bush's attacks on civil rights. now i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality. because together, we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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and good morning. it is nice outside. you do not need a jacket this morning. 70 degrees currently. take a look though because as we get closer to lunchtime we are quickly heating up to the mid 80s. 90s again today but we have some changes coming for your weekend. quite a bit cooler. take a look at that forecast. chuck is back in a bit. let's check on the roads with melissa. >> good morning. inner loop after central avenue, we have this crash here in the middle of the roadway blocking one lane. you have police there on the scene, but it is going to definitely start really slowing things down. you can see a little bit of that there on the inner loop lane. top of the beltway, outer loop, still a little slow from the earlier crash. two that have cleared out of the way. we'll take a look at travel times coming up. 6:12. a second person has died from a violent wrong way crash that happened in the middle of the afternoon and grabbed the attention of the maryland'
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governor. this happened yesterday afternoon on eastbound 50 fwleer near annapolis. a woman traveling the wrong way crashed head on into an suv. 22-year-old laura murphy was killed and a baby boy who was in the car was critically injured. the driver of the suv robert goodmore who was trapped in the vehicle for nearly an hour has died as well. the driver of the third car has not been hurt. on facebook the governor gave his deepest condolences. they're trying to get congress to decriminalize marijuana and give states more say in creating their own marijuana laws. tomm garrett introduced this bill. he wants to remove marijuana from the federal controlled substances list. he says this would also pave the way for industrial hemp growth and provide a major economic boost. he represents the fifth
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>> reporter: some news overnight. the lead singer for the band audio slave has died. chris cornell was just 52 years old. this is video from a visit of his to the white house and then later a performance at the kennedy center. he was on tour when he died overnight. it's not clear why. his representative would just say that it was, quote, very sudden and unexpected. from the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. >> erika, thank you. an upcoming netflix documentary is making headlines before it even premiers. "the keepers" is about the 1970s killing of a baltimore nun. yesterday baltimore county police announced dna from a priest's exhumed body does not match dna collected from the scene and the body of katheryn ann susnick. the
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has never been found. "the keepers" comes out on netflix tomorrow. the reason you're not losing the weight may have everything to do with your dna. there's a new test that can help figure out which diet will work best for you. the test is called pathway genomics screenings. it will reveal how you should be working out, what vitamins you really need and possible health risks. it takes the guesswork out of dieting. we did a quick search for you and found one of these dna tests will run you between 250 and $300. >> good luck with that. if you feel stuck in a rutt or need a change in direction in your life, a professional life coach may be an option you want to explore. how can a life coach help? here are four things to learn about what one can do for you. whether you're facing a mid life crisis or figuring out what to do after retirement, a coach can help you tackle some of life's
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based in maryland. >> if there's any magic in coaching it really is that someone has dedicated time to you and only you. >> life coaches help you get out of your own way. they do not give any advice. >> you are listening intently. you are paying attention to energy levels, body language. >> he says the biggest issue that comes up with his clients is career. >> whether it's i've been trying to get this promotion or i need to acquire these skills or i'm getting this feedback and, you know, it's like someone's holding a mirror up to me and i'm not sure if it's accurate or i just don't know what's next for me. >> but life coaching is not the same as therapy. the biggest difference is that coaching is future focused. >> if the past comes up in coaching, and it does, the focus isn't so much on why did this happen, the focus is on this happened, how can it serve to move you forward. >> studies have shown that
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students struggling in school and older ones who want to declare a major to college. >> you have all the answers, you just need someone to help you unlock those answers. >> rob says you should hire a coach who is certified by the international coach federation. if you think this is something that you want to try, the icf is holding free short coaching sessions today at the reston town center from 9:00 until 5:00. walk-ins are welcome. i'll put that information on my facebook page. we dhaul a first date that went totally, totally wrong. >> oh, my. >> there's a guy in texas who is suing a woman he went out with because she was texting during the movie "guardians of the galaxy volume 2." there was a slow spot. >> you saw it already? >> she started testing 15 minutes into the frilm. he told her this was one of her pet peeves.
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almost 20 times. the movie is 2:15. >> but it's "guardians of the galaxy." >> so many times he asked her to step outside. she didn't come back. now he's suing her for the ticket price, $17.31. in his lawsuit he claims she was a threat to his movie experience. she's filed a protective order. >> we want to get to melissa moll mollet. >> two mile backup. crash here, vehicle stopped in the middle of the roadway because of it. we do have response on the scene, but we are seeing some pretty good delays that we don't typically see through this area, especially this time of the morning. inner loop at central avenue. you can see the backups on the map. outer loop top of the beltway had an earlier problem. still a little slow through that area. macarthur boulevard, we'r
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down there for the morning. northbound 95 at prince william parkway, all lanes have just reopened. that is good. still have some delays there on 95 as you're headed in bound. no big issues on 66. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, melissa. nice looking day to be outside today. if you're going to be exercising outdoors, get it done early. cloudy skies. not too terribly hot yet. it won't take long before we're back up into the 80s. yesterday new records set at dulles and bwi marshall airport. today dulles only has a chance of tying or break that record. never say never to mother nature. almost no chance washington or baltimore will get to 96 or 97 degrees. 70 at ragan national. a lot of clouds in the sky. they'll thin out and we'll get more than enough sunshine to
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and 70s. downtown temperatures around 92 degrees. there is a risk of a stray shower or thunder shower or two, but not a big rain chance. rain chances 30% or less. oh, is it going to stay warm here. that line of showers around cincinnati, memphis and st. louis, that is our increasing chance of thunderstorms on your friday afternoon. so you can't find the umbrella today, probably going to get away with it. tomorrow you'll want to know where the umbrella is. future weather, isolated showers bubbling up along the blue ridge and moving along to the i-95 corridor. rain chances not all that impressive. as we get into tomorrow, rain chances get up to 60% by 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 tomorrow afternoon. generally in the 80s. it will be a lot cooler over the weekend. saturday and sunday both highs in the 70s. if you're headed down to the beach, again, temperatures only into the 60s over the
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>> chuck, thank you. leave the lawn care for someone else. does it sound too good to be true? there is an app for that and we'll tell but it next. plus, a warning about those fidget spinners. the latest craze for kids. one mom's message after it took an x-ray to find her child's spinner. >> from one direction to a solo star. today former boy band niall horn will join ellen. >> you can hear him at 3:00 today. that's when you'll catch ellen.
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welcome back, 6:24. we've been telling you about all of the apps to make you -- makeovers, dog walking apps. >> makeovers? >> oh, please. there is one app that will take the stress out of caring for your lawn this summer. consumer reporter susan hogan explains how it works. >> reporter: with this app it literally is like the uber of lawn care. you just
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in your address, and within 24 hours someone shows up and cuts your lawn. you've got weeds. your grass is out of control. and you can't afford a pricey lawn service. so how about your own lawn guru? >> anything that you're looking for in terms of cleaning up or picking up the outside of your house we can probably get you a price for. >> reporter: here's what you do, download the app, look at the address. you then trace your lawn and it automatically calculates the square footage. >> what we're doing, that is actually measuring the sides of the lawn and then we can give you an instant price. >> reporter: who are the lawn gurus that show up? >> all service providers, first they have to pass a background check, carry commercial grade liability insurance and have commercial grade equipment. >> reporter: while we don't want to think about it now, the lawn guru will also come and plow your driveway when the time comes, a long time from
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>> long time. >> long, long. >> now if you want to find out more about lawn guru and the other apps we've shown you this week, there's an app for that too. download the free nbc washington app. >> you can find susan's stories by searching app for that. we want to let you know that there's a live picture here of a water main bit of work that is stretching in into your morning commute. megan mcgrath preparing to bring you the impact of when all of this might be fixed. >> bring her out. bring her out. >> officer acquitted. it is a case of a deadly police shooting of an unarmed blackman. find out what the victim's family plans to do next. and it is nice outside to start your thursday, but it's going to be hot again as we go into the afternoon. another day in the 90s. coming up we'll talk about a cooler weekend forecast and changes in the weather. that's coming next. supta
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for today that playground likely busy on a hot day, and just down the road here a child is
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what happened after the driver took off. >> reporter: drivers listen up. this work on a water main break is going to impact your morning commute. we're working to get answers on when this mess will finally be cleaned up. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. it's going to be another day in the steam belt. temperatures in the 90s. it won't stay that way too long. news on the cooler temperatures arriving on the weekend coming up. "news 4 today" starts now. you heard the warning. get ready for a steamy thursday. >> it is going to be hot and humid before changes could bring rain our way. >> it is our second day of summer-like weather around here, but things will feel very different this weekend. >> it is 6:30 and check out these temperatures right now. already in the mid 70s and a lot of spaces and it's only going to go up from here. we have a team of meteorologists working on your forecast. >> first, let's head to br
6:31 am
breaking news. >> 2 knaand a half mile backup prince george's county. there was a crash in the middle of the roadway. a couple of seconds ago they took it to the shoulder. that's going to help. we'll keep an eye on it and see how things change for you. silver springs, calverton boulevard, a crash there. looking on the beltway, the delay ons the eastern side. that passes through montgomery county on the outer loop of the beltway. 270 looks okay. top of the beltway you can see. very slow. 66 in bound and 95 north have a couple of bumps in the road. no pun intended. we are a little slow. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. good morning, it's a little warm out there. i know there are bugs, sheena, but you survived. >> i did survive the bust, i mean, i think. we'll see what happens tomorrow, but it's getting br
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very comfortable start to the morning. temperatures, 70 in the district. 72 fredericksburg. gaithersburg 70. 68 in leesburg. if you're exercising today, yes, comfortable this morning. lunchtime quickly in the mid 80s. by 5:00 p.m., low 90s. plenty of water. we have that air quality alert, too. if you have respiratory issues, you don't want to be outside exercising today. big changes going into the weekend. the temperatures really start dropping. we'll take a look at the forecast coming up in a bit. >> sheena, thank you. 6:32. here are a look at the top stories this morning. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein will brief the entire senate today on the firing of james comey. this comes as they announced the selection of robert mueller to conduct the russia investigation. he ran the fbi for 12 years. a 6-year-old was hit and kill n
6:33 am
this happened last night in southeast on livingston road. the boy was taken to the hospital and died. the driver originally left the scene but then later called 911 from another location. a second person has died from a violent wrong way crash that grabbed the attention of maryland's governor. this happened yesterday. a woman driving the wrong way crashed head on into an suv. she died and the man she hit has also died. the baby riding in the car with the woman was critically injured. take a look at this scene here. some commuters are going to have to find new routes to work this morning. >> that is water gushing from a 30 inch water main. it burst on macarthur boulevard in northwest d.c. it caused part of the roadway to close. news 4's megan mcgrath is live today. you just got new info? >> reporter: yeah, i got new information here and unfortunately it's not good news for folks who use macarthur boulevard. the crews are
6:34 am
break right now. we are hearing from a worker on the scene that they are waiting for a part to come from alabama. so this may stretch on for white a while he a -- quite a while here. they were still trying to cut away the piece of pipe in the hole. the actual replacement pipe is on the flatbed behind me here but apparently some sort of critical part that they need is on its way from alabama. so this is going to be certainly an issue throughout the commute and in through the day. now this is a 30 inch water main that broke yesterday afternoon. take a look at the water just gushing from the middle of the street here. it was a real mess. this impacting a rather large area. the closure is from reservoir to foxhall road. the site with the hole, that is between q and elliott, but certainly a major commuter route and this is going to be tied up for a while. so if you take
6:35 am
boulevard into town or from downtown out to upper northwest, you're going to want to figure something else out this morning because this is going to be a problem. back to you guys. >> all right. megan, thank you. we also have an update on that big water main fwlaek ellicott city. look at all of the water gushing out of the ground. at this hour, part of main street is still closed as crews patch up the sinkhole that nearly swallowed the parked car. the repairs should be finished by the weekend. breaking news at the live desk. a jury has acquitted a white obamacare police officer who shot and killed an unarmed blackman. this is new video of that officer leaving court. erika gonzales has new information. >> reporter: his family broke out into tears when that verdict was announced. >> we have to go home andhu
6:36 am
his four kids and love on them and explain to them a system that's perpetuated so much injustice, a justice system that's perpetuated so much injustice. >> reporter: there was also protests right after this verdict overnight. they were peaceful, but you can see there were a lot of people out there. people marching. people comforting one another. officer betty jo shelby said she fired on terrance crutcher out of fear last september. crutcher had his hands held up over his head but officer shelby said that she fired because he didn't obey her commands and appeared to reach inside his suv. from the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. >> erika, thank you. a prince george's county police officer could spend up to ten years in prison. this comes as new video shows officer jose hernandez chasing a suspect in his cruiser last june. he ran down the suspect in the car. you see him hitting him there. he did not ne
6:37 am
he is expected to be sentenced in july. apartment assault. he pretended to be a handyman to get to his victim. the new clue that could help catch an attacker. plus, fidget spinner fad. a new warning about this hot totoy and why one kid ended up in the hospital. a lot of things going on this weekend up to and including the marine corp's half marathon. partly to mostly cloudy. race time, temperatures 61 degrees. that's at 7:00 a.m. in
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breaking news in prince george's county. we're talking about the inner loop at central avenue. again, this crash is now on the shoulder. chopper 4 showing us those delays. we're talking about a three mile backup at this point this morning. we'll take a bigger look at the beltway and check on travel
6:41 am
northwest. hi, chuck. >> good morning, melissa. another day, another day in the 90s across most of the d.c. metro. 92 downtown, 85 in annan poe lis. 86 for a high in winchester. sheena is finishing out the ten day forecast. we'll give it to you in a couple more minutes, don't go away. tell me exactly what happened. >> i have a patient who just came in. i don't know how old she is. 10ish. she swallowed in or breathed in part of one of those fidget spinners. she's not having trouble breathing but it's lodged in there. >> you can hear the tense moments from the urge gent care center after a texas mom called to say that part of that fidget spinner was stuck in her throat. >> they were leaving a swim meet when she looked in the rear-view mirror, the mother did, and saw her daughter turning red and pointing at her throat. that little girl swallowed part of the toy. she first went to an urgent care center. when they couldn't help her,
6:42 am
surgeons were able to remove the fidget spinner. the little girl is doing okay. she posted the pictures on facebook to warn other parents about the potential choking hazards. a young child hit and killed. we're live on the scene now with a look at where it happened and where the investigation goes from here. plus, emergency landing. the common danger that sent passengers back to the gate. and if your child goes to school in prince george's county, your school year became a little whoa. are you actually about to scratch it rich at mgm national harbor? of course you are. because everyone who plays is an instant winner. so before you win your share of 1.5 million dollars in prizes
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take these last few seconds to remember what life was like as a normal, everyday person. because in an instant, that all could change. join mlife rewards and play scratch it rich for your share of 1.5 million dollars in prizes and freeplay®. this is monumental.
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to take on the "tom insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks... that's what tom perriello is about." progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello... and before and after congress i led non-profits to battle climate change, poverty and president bush's attacks on civil rights. now i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality. because together, we really can build a virginia that works for everyone. in full compliance with the law. >> special counsel takeover. a familiar face takes charge of the investigation into the russian involvement in u.s. politics. >> we have to take the politics as best we can out of it. tragedy near a playground. a 6-year-old hit and killed.
6:46 am
accident that may lead to more trouble with police. shots fired on one of our busiest roads. >> what i explained to myself, oh, it's just a motorcycle back firing under the window. >> how it led to a police shooting. the vibration has increased. definitely we are going back to dulles. >> dulles emergency. the scare in the air and the heroes celebrated on social media. 6:46. first those headlines on several developments concerning the trump administration this morning. >> let's start on capitol hill. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein will brief the entire senate on the firing of james comey. this will be a closed door briefing. senate leaders wanted to give leaders a chance to ask questions about the circumstances behind the tiring. another bombshell from "the new york times." according to their report, former national security adviser michael flynn told the trump
6:47 am
inauguration that he was under federal investigation. >> and there is a new man in charge of the russia investigation. former fbi director robert mueller will serve as special counsel. erika gonzalez is in the newsroom with more on that. erika? >> reporter: well, robert mueller is a man used to taking over high profile cases. you may remember his name a few years ago. he oversaw the investigation into the nfl's handling of the ray rice domestic violence incident. mueller will have subpoena power and he can bring charges and he can prosecute. his appointment is being praised by both republicans and democrats this morning. for democrats especially, this is what they've been wanting for months. >> this is someone, it's the kind of person that we wanted that had served in different administrations, that had the respect of so many people. >> president trump released a statement after the announcement. it reads in part, quote, a thorough investigation will confirm what we already know, there was no col
6:48 am
entity. i look forward to this matter concluding quickly, end quote. mueller will be able to conduct the investigation without consulting leadership at the department of justice. back over to you. >> erika, thank you. we're following a developing story in the district right now. a child is dead after being hit in a car -- by a car in southeast. >> little boy is 6 years old. this happened last night on livingston road southeast, not far mr. a playground. news 4's justin finch is live there now with more on what led to this tragic crash. justin? >> reporter: aaron, we spoke to a teacher a short time ago who was worried the 6-year-old could be one of his students. after all, the odds here are frightening. there are schools nearby several apartment complexes, too, and just across the street here oxon run park which is just off of livingston park where the child was struck. i want to take you to video of this investigation going on last night. traffic was shut down for
6:49 am
and evidence. this all happened 8:30 wednesday night, just after sunset. that 6-year-old boy was struck by a passing car on the 4300 block of livingston road here in southeast. we are told the driver did not immediately stop. instead, went to a second location where he did call 911. that 6-year-old was then rushed to a hospital where he did die a short time later. the driver has been interviewed. we are told is cooperating with police. just a short time ago we did speak with a mother who says her heart now goes out to the victim's family. >> it must be devastating to lose a child. i mean, it's hard on any parent. >> reporter: now police have not yet announced any charges for that driver. it's also unclear what that child was doing in the street or if speed played a role in this accident. we're live here in southeast. i'm justin finch. news 4. back in to you. >> justin, thank you. 6:50 your time now.
6:50 am
assault suspect running from the crime scene. if you look very closely here at what's pretty quick. you can see the man running down what appears to be an alley and then jump up and over something, a wall there, we believe. this video was taken on wilson boulevard which is right around the corner from the atrium condominiums where the assault happened on may 7th. >> here's video from that day. the suspect tricked the woman from opening her front door by claiming he was maintenance. then forced his way in and sexually assaulted her. take another look at his face because the suspect is still on the loose this morning. police say if you recognize the man, call arlington county police. right now the suspect who hit a police officer is lying in a hospital bed seriously hurt. it all started during rush hour last night with a traffic stop on the glebe road ramp on 395. arlington county police stopped a wanted suspect driving a pickup truck. investigators say the driver took off hitting a police officer in the process.
6:51 am
shooting at the suspect shattering the front windows. the suspect was hit. two officers were also hurt but they're expected to be okay. high praise this morning on social media for the crew of a jetblue plane forced to make an emergency landing after hitting a bird. one passenger even called them heroes. this happened last night on a flight headed to new york from dulles airport. that plane returned to dulles after a strike that caused an oil spill. 66 people aboard that flight. everybody was okay. they made it to jfk on a different plane. if you plan on heading to dulles, the dulles greenway charity drive is underway. all money will go to local charities and a scholarship program. nbc 4 is a sponsor of this effort. >> summer vacation will have to wait a little bit longer for some students in our area. prince george's county will end the school year on june 13th instead of june 9th. the school system added those two days because they were
6:52 am
without a woman. we're told this will give teachers the opportunity to finish up year end tasks. the school year will begin after labor day on wednesday, september 6th. end of the school year talking about that already. >> 6:52 right now. breaking news on the beltway. >> breaking news right now, guys. in first 4 traffic if we can take a look at chopper, you will see what we're talking about here this morning. this is a three mile backup there. the crash is out of the way, but we are still slow there through prince george's county. another problem in prince george's. livingston road between oxon hill road and washington, have a lane blocked there. they're saying an incident. we'll tweet more information once we get it from first 4 traffic. 66 in bound from fairfax parkway going 15 miles an hour. inner loop and oute
6:53 am
beltway, rest of it is looking pretty normal. southbound here on 270 through montgomery county is a little bit slow. reservoir and foxhal shut down. take canal. hearing in my ear we have a brand new problem on 270. we'll tweet about that. calverton boulevard still have that crash hanging around. 270 north could get worse as this crash starts causing additional problems. top of the beltway, 66 in bound, 95 north, same situation. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. good morning, sheena. have you recovered from the mosquito bites? >> i have a couple. i should be good tomorrow. next time i'll wear bug spray before i go outside. anywho, cool temperatures in some spots. pretty mild. your commute though, you want the air on as we go through the afternoon. sunglasses.
6:54 am
recess, stay in the shade. the kids want to stay out of the sub. going to be a hot one. dinner out, warm and dry. here's a look at the temperatures, 70 in the district, 68 leesburg and clinton. if you're walking the dog, bo is here for adoption. look at the temperatures today though. by 6:00 p.m., 92 degrees. future weather keeping most of us dry but a few isolated thunderstorms are possible. better rain chances as we go into tomorrow. let's take a look at that forecast with chuck bell. good morning, chuck. >> yes, indeed, rain chances go up very quickly as we get into the afternoon hours of your friday. for today, as you mentioned, sheena, not much of a threat for severe weather or thunderstorms. our rain chance today barely 20 or 30%. if you're traveling today, there's a high risk of severe weather across oklahoma, kansas and north texas. you're flying towards kansas city or dallas, look out. all of that push of moisture comes with a slight chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon.
6:55 am
you plan that out. 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, mostly cloudy. by 4:00 thunderstorms in the shenandoah valley. thunderstorms likely right here inside the beltway. temperatures tomorrow because of the rain chances upper 80s. back to you, sheena. >> for the ten day, we are talking about the cooldown after the showers and storms tomorrow. that's saturday, sunday weather looking quite a bit different. mid 70s both days. looking pretty dry. sheena, thank you. it is 6:56. four things to know before you head out the door this morning. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein will brief the entire senate on the firing of fbi director james comey. this comes a day after he appointed robert mueller as special counsel in the russia investigation. the "today" show will have all the latest details coming up. the parents of a 6-year-old boy are now planning his funeral. the boy was hit and killed by a car last night on livingston road in southeast d.c. near a
6:56 am
charges are filed in this case. a stretch macarthur boulevard in northwest washington is closed. the massive pipe which was installed back in 1860 burst around noon yesterday. follow news 4's megan mcgrath for developments. a jury found a police officer in tulsa, oklahoma, not guilty of manslaughter. after the verdict there were peaceful protests. three mile backup chopper 4 showing you inner loop approaching central avenue. 270 southbound at shady grove brand-new crash causing delays there southbound. another hot one today, melissa. you'll want the air on in the car. 92 degrees today. maybe an isolated thunderstorm. rain tomorrow in the afternoon after a hot day. then we cool down for the weekend. mid 70s. big change going into the weekend. >> sheena, thank you. that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. h
6:57 am
thank you for being with us. until then, enjoy ♪ [doorbell] ♪ ♪ when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪
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good morning. breaking overnight. a report that president trump's transition team was told michael flynn was under federal investigation but the president hired him anyway. this as the justice department named a special prosecutor to look into the alleged ties to russia. with the white house blind sided. temperatures set to soar into the 90s from texas to maine. record highs likely in new york, boston and philadelphia as a new outbreak of severe weather targets millions in the plains days after devastating tornadoes. >> surprise loss, chris cornell dies


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