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tv   Today  NBC  May 19, 2017 7:00am-9:58am EDT

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good morning. tr good morning. traveling with baggage terrorism trumpl leaving on an overseas trip today. the president taking on many issues during a news conference. russia's interference in the election. >> there's no collusion. >> reporter: the special prosecutor running that investigation. >> i respect the move, but the entire thing has been a witch hunt. >> reporter: even talk of impeachment. >> i think it's ridiculous. >> as the white house gets closer to naming a new fbi director as early as today. time square horror shows the moment a car crashes into a krou
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crowd, killing one person, injuring others. the man charged with murder telling police he was hoping they would shoot him. >> bill o'reilly pays tribute to the network's founder and claims public hatred killed him. how his death will impact the sexual harassment attacks under the network. >> and pippa middleton becoming a bride. why it's putting another royal couple under the spotlight today, may 19th, 2017. good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday. let's get out back there for one second. there's a great crowd, and a great concert. >> mary
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one fan had their arms up, stronger. >> let us start with our top story on this friday morning. president trump set to embark in his first international trip. a nine-day, five-stop tour. it will be a crucial test abroad for the commander in chief. it comes with controversies here at home. our team will break it down. let's start with peter alexander who is at the white house again this morning. peter, good morning. >> good morning. good friday. president trump said to take off today for that complicated first foreign trip including high stakes meetings with key u.s. allies in the middle east and europe. the president hoping to leave domestic turmoil in his wake. a top senator says the investigation into alleged ties between trump aides and russians appears to h
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criminal investigation. following appointment of a special council of robert mueller who is investigating alle allege contacts between the president trump campaign and russia. >> it's within a witch hunt. there's no collusion i can speak for myself and the russians, zero. >> he fired michael flynn. >> no. no. next question. >> reporter: and this morning signs of a rift between the vice president and the white house. after officials here tonight a new york times report as flat wrong. flynn and his lawyers told trump transition fishofficials weeks before entering the white house that flynn was under investigation. the vice president in early march. >> hearing that story today was the first i heard of it. >> reporter: pence maintains he was
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the administration saying if the white house knew and didn't tell pence, it's malpractice or intentional. and either is unacceptable. flynn's lawyers have yet to honor a subpoena for documents related to russia's interference in the 2016 campaign. mr. trump is standing by husband fo -- his former aide. flynn told loyalists i got a message from the president to stay strong. trump thursday offering an evolving explanation for why he fires the fbi director leading an investigation into his campaign. >> director comey was unpopular with most people. i actually thought when i made that decision and i also got a very strong recommendation, as you know, from the deputy attorney general. >> reporter: one week after the telling lester holt. >> i won't fire him regardless of recommendation. >> reporter: o c
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with all 100 senators. >> he knew that comey was going to be removed prior to him writing his memo. >> reporter: back at the white house, president trump says he is very close to choosing the next fbi director and named former senator joe lieberman as a finalist. this morning is unclear whether he will make the pick announcement before the extended foreign trip today. several lawmakers have said the job should not go to a politician. >> all right. thanks, peter. let's turn to our panel, nicole wallace is with us along with steve kornaki. happy friday. six months of news stacked into a week. >> ground hog day. >> yesterday we were talking and you were saying there's a point when a special prosecutor in some ways could be seen as an opportunity for the white house because it could be a page turner. they could say the s
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prosecutor is doing his work. we won't get involved. now we're going about the people's business, but that didn't happen. >> that's not what the president seems capable of doing. it's what his advisers would like him to do and republicans like marco rubio did on the hill when he was asked about it. it's textbook politics. when it's taken out of your control, turn it into a virtue, but this president seems imcapable of letting things go. >> appointing a special council, good news bad news for the democrats. it ramps up pressure on the white house. if you're on the senate intelligence committee, you wanted a lot of key witnesses to come in and raise their right hand in public hearings and you wanted to drive headlines with that. you have less of an ability to do that. >> i think they were counting on having highly public hearings. a lot of it will play out behind the scenes. at the same time, you have two dates coming up, a special
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and in georgia a few weeks later, both republican seats, if democrats pick it off, things will work in their favor. >> yesterday the president said there was no collusion, and then he added, i can speak for myself. is that an ominous line if you're someone like carter page or roger stone, or other names that have been bantered about potentiallyf connected with th investigation? >> it was a trump line. donald trump walks into every setting thinking about how things affect him. i've been suspicious that loyalty connects him to flynn. he's not known to be loyal. he didn't feel any loyalty to bring people to the administration. it makes it suspicious. >> you know there's no place like home in donald trump taking off on a nine-day five-stop tr
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like the road to get away from something? >> we've seen this with presidents in the past. when they hit real turmoil domestically, it's a good time to have an international trip, and certainly with donald trump, it raises the possibility of changing the story. he's violated a lot of conventions in the white house. let's see what he does overseas. another headline of the week was that roger ailes, the guy who turned fox news into a force and in politics died at the age of 77 yesterday. >> if you were a victim of his alleged sexual harassment, there was nothing redeeming about the man, but if you worked in republican politics over the last two decades, there was no one with more influence. the advice i heard him give to a politician for the presidency was you either hunt or you're hunted. he was just a cut throat sort of relic of an era that defined republican politics for two decades.
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and said he wouldn't have won an election without roger ailes. it's a complicated story. thank you. we're learning more this morning about the driver who is now charged in thursday's scene in times square. surveillance video showing that car slamming into a crowd of pedestrian, killing a young tourist, injuring 22 others. thomas roberts is in times square for us. toms, good morning. >> good morning. 26-year-old richard rojas is the man charged with murder, attempted murder, and aggravated vehicular homicide. he had a psych evaluation after telling police he heard voices to cause this strike. some of the video you're about the to see is graphic. at noon thursday, times square erupted with fear. >> got a car running people over. we have multiple people
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notify everyone. >> reporter: in one of the countries business east areas, a speeding car scene in the surveillance video jumping the curb, plowing down a sea of pedestrians with three and a half blocks until crashing into a traffic pole seen in this slowed down video. >> it wasn't slowing down. >> people were yelging. people got stuck on the car. >> reporter: witnesses captured the scene from the ground. >> go two victim right now. >> reporter: and from the rooftops. 18-year-old alyssa elsman, a tourist from michigan killed. news of her death hitting home. >> she was a thoughtful and really bright very pleasant young lady. every interaction i had with her was positive. >> reporter: her 13-year-old sister alongside her wounded along with nearly two dozen others. the driver fleeing into a panicked crowd was quickly taken
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richard rojas. sources telling nbc he had a dishonorable discharge from the navy and a history of dwi's. he told police he heard voices. testing negative for alcohol, he admitted to smoking marijuana before the incident and tested positive for drugs. police say there is no link to international terrorism in this case, but are looking into whether it was deliberate. after recent advantages in berlin, nice, and london, police are on high alert. >> we know the times we're living in and we know the it's a dangerous moment in history. thank god based on what we know now, there's no indication that there was an act of terror. >> reporter: so we can also report that police are saying that rojas wanted to be shot by police. some would say he was suicidal,
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and be killed by those officers once captured or in capture. one thing we can report is times square is getting back to normal. heavy traffic with folks moving onto work. this investigation is ongoing. they were able to move that vehicle and other parts of that vehicle overnight here in times square. people still remain on edge. back to you. >> thomas roberts for us in times square. thomas, thanks. >> another big story. a major legal victory for julian asawnage. sweetish prosecutors have dropped the sexual assault case that had him held up. he is still not a free man. bill neely in london with the latest. bill, good morning. >> good morning. it's been a 7-year stand off between sweden and julian
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now the case has crumbled. they are dropping the case against the wikileaks founder wanted for rape allegations he's denied. she said he's not being proven innocent or guilty but his evasion of the law had been a factor in her decision to drop the case. he tweeted a picture of himself after the news looking pretty happy. his sweetish lawyer says this is a victory for him. we've won. he's happy and relieved. was he free now? not quite. he's in ecuador's embassy. behind all of this is his fear of attracti of extradition where he could face charges over leaking information. jeff sessions said arresting
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many want him punished harshly. it's not clear the british can extradite him to the u.s. or even that u.s. officials are, in fact, seeking his arrest because of a possible sealed indictment. his sweetish lawyer said he would fly to ecuador if he could to enjoy his political asylum and ironically, earlier this week, chelsea manning, the army private who leaked the secrets was released from prison, but there's no sign that assange will follow her by leaving his room in london. >> a lot of pieces to that puzzle. there's a new controversy surrounding the sudden death of chris cornell. sheinelle has more on the story. >> good morning. the 52-year-old's death has been ruled a suicide by a medical examiner. overnight his family pushed back at that finding. this morning shock and sadness
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front man chris cornell. the medical examiner in detroit said cornell killed himself by hanging after performing at a concert thursday. the family of cornell issued a statement through an attorney refuting inferences that chris knowingly and intelligencely killed himself. the family saying that without toxicology tests completed, they can't be sure what led to his death or if any substances were involved. overnight, tributes pouring in in seattle the space needle went dark for an hour. celebrities sent condolences. elton john tweeting shocked and saddened by the sudden death of chris cornell. the loveliest man. billy idol sad two hear of chris
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cornell. and from a former band member, i love you brother. thank you for your friendship and humor and intellect and singular and unmatched talent. your beautiful voice and self will always be in my heart. god bless you and your family. according to the cornell family's lawyer, he had a prescription for an anti-anxiety drug. in their statement his wife said she spoke to him after the show and he told her he may have taken an extra pill or two. sheinelle, thank you. let's turn to the weather. a lot of folks facing severe storms today. dylan is in for al with the forecast. >> good morning. it is in the same area as we saw yesterday. oklahoma, for example, where we did see really torrential downpou downpours. wind damage was a big issue with trees toppling down onto homes and look at this lightning video. it's hard to capture, but the video did. you c
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filled up the sky. we'll see more of the same type of weather today. we had several reported tornadoes. no reports of significant damage. today we're looking at more tornadoes possible. we have a severe thunderstorm watch in and around st. louis. you can see the lines of storms moving through that area. we also have storms training just to the northwest of san angelo texas producing heavy downpours. we could see flooding. from indianapolis into central texas, we could see large hail, damaging winds, and isolated tornadoes. although, our best chance of tornadoes in this area in orange, south central oklahoma into north central texas where some of the tornadoes could be pretty intense. that's a look at the weather across the country. your forecast is coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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good morning. sunshine for now. temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. a mild start stoto the today. after 4:00 this afternoon, likely to have thunderstorms. keep a weather eye to the sky and keep your app ready to go. we have interactive radar as one of the features on the app. 90 degrees for a high today. chances of getting thunderstorms later today are at 60%. cloudy skies over the weekend and cooler highs saturday and sunday. only in the low 70s. we have breaking news out of prince george's county. about 45 minutes ago, authorities reported an ambulance stolen from prince george's hospital
7:19 am
this pursuit. look at the pictures here. we're following new information as it's happening. we have the latest on this. >> reporter: just remarkable. our crew happened to be there. they were in the area working on another story when this ambulance and about ten police cars just started to go past them. you can see here this is almost like a slow speed chase. we understand that started at about 6:00 this morning with authorities in prince george's county reporting a fire department ambulance was stolen from a hospital. this is balance we understand 8:30 from landover hills decision 830. it was reported stolen. the driver and this is an unoccu unoccupied ambulance, took the ambulance into charles county. authorities there threw spikes down. we're told authoriti
7:20 am
that they deflated the tires on this ambulance. which may be the reason why in this video, a slow speed pursuit. if you can zoom in on the video in justin's tweet that we shared with you this morning, you can actually take a pretty good glimpse of the tires and it doesn't look like there is much there. we have many eyes on this this morning from first 4 traffic, melissa mollet was saying she could see it on tucker road. the latest update that we have now from authorities just coming into the live desk, moments ago, is that this chase is now over and that a suspect is in custody. we understand that the prince george's county police department will handle this investigation. again, this started about 6:00 this morning. we had this as breaking news toward the end of the broadcast on news 4 today. a stealolen ambulance. this is ambulance 830
7:21 am
landover hills station. it was going northbound on rout 210 which is where our crew happened to be working on a different story when this started transpiring before their eyes. justin finch has some incredible video from the scene. we shared it on social media. this started in prince george's county. the suspect, the person behind the wheel took the ambulance into charles county. there were spikes used and the tires were deflated. these were the images. the ambulance not going very fast and about a dozen police cars behind it. the new information just coming in that this case is now over. and a suspect is in custody. there you see the back wheel, what's left, it's not much. a suspect in custody at this time, and prince george's county police handling this investigation. justin finch and irene
7:22 am
scene with these incredible images coming in. a wild start to this friday. >> do we know where the chase finally ended? >> reporter: i understood that this was possibly on tucker road in prince george's county. i don't know if that was the exact end of it. but, again, this was on northbound on rout 210 that we were seeing this happening. it was from prince george's county to charles county and then they did a u turn and came back to prince george's county. >> thank you. as we're continuing to watch this, obviously, as you can see there was a large police response. this definitely could have had an impact on roads with a rush hour commute. even as this wrapping up, there will be police cruisers surrounding this ambulance, possibly blocking a lot of lanes in that area, at least through
7:23 am
>> and there's also an investigation into the driver as to who it is and why they stole it. we'll try to get more information for you as we try to pieces together why this person stole that ambulance from prince george's hospital center and drove it into charles county. >> we're getting information it seems this may have ended in the camp springs area. maybe on allentown road, in that area. we'll try to confirm that for you. if you have business in that area, we would advise you to think about what rout you might take or what different rout you might take to avoid the investigation. police have the person who seems to have stolen the ambulance in custody and they're trying to piece together how and why that happened and likely it will be a police scene in place. >> we're hearing the chase did end in camp spring, maryland. the chase began in prince george's county when this person stole the
7:24 am
george's hospital center. the driver then took it into charles county. authorities put down spikes to stop the ambulance. you can see in the video that the ambulance is basically driving on rims, the pursuit continued back into prince george's county. and police are saying it ended in camp springs. prince george's county police are now going to handle the investigation from here on out. >> a tweet that allentown road at camp springs avenue between brinkley road and branch avenue, all lanes are blocked there for some police activity. so that corroborates where we believe this ended. it's now been blocked off. allentown road at camp springs avenue in the camp springs area as police get a handle on the situation. you can see close up where the tires were blown out on this ambulance. the driver there on rims at this point. it's likely going to be debris to cl u
7:25 am
places it might seem. >> we should let you know the suspect is in custody right now. the suspect is in custody. we were mentioning some of the traffic problems this may have caused. let's check in with melissa mollet to find out the impact. >> the latest update we have is that that ambulance was heading eastbound on allentown. near camp springs avenue just as you're approaching branch avenue. at this point we know they stopped this driver somewhere along this rout here as you're approaching branch avenue. most likely area. everything is all of a sudden turning red. both outbound and inbound. near branch avenue. we do have this slowdown as you're headed inbound, out bond after temple row. likely where everything had to be stopped this morning. >> all right. keep an eye on that. we'll try to check back. we know that area can get busy on a normal day. >> we want to show you the
7:26 am
and irene johnson shot earlier today after they saw this scene unfolding. again, prince george's county police chased this ambulance into charles county after a isn't stole it from prince george's hospital center. you can see the number of police officers slowly following that ambulance as they try to stop the suspect. >> our erika gonzalez has been continuing to gather information from the live desk. >> it's incredible. look at the back tire. you can see the pieces of the wheel shredding off as they keep going down the road. a slow-speed chase with about a dozen cop cars behind it. because what started in prince george's county went to charles county. officials threw spikes down and told us they could see the tires deflated. that's why you can see some of the tire shredding off in the pursuit. and as melissa showed you, it seemed like the driver d
7:27 am
u-turn, if you will, and then wound up in camp springs where we know this chase has ended and a suspect is in custody. thankful this was an unoccupied ambulance. there was no patient in this. but this all started transpiring about 6:00 this morning. we understand this to be an ambulance from the landover hills station. 830, ambulance 830. a very wild morning in prince george's county. this chase that has ended, thankfully nobody inside this ambulance. but just incredible to think. our crews were there for a separate story. happened to be in that scene, and they said we think this is the breaking news. turned their cameras to this and sure enough caught this at the same time that this was going by with those tires deflated, and about a dozen police cars behind it. incredible video from our team
7:28 am
back to you. >> absolutely. erika, thank you for that. obviously a lot of questions still to be answered about this. wondering whether this was an opportunist who needed the vehicle and took off with it, was a patient who wanted to get away from the hospital? a lot of questions to get answers to. >> we know police say a suspect stole an and occupied ambulance from prince george's hospital center. that ambulance belonging to a fire station in landover hills. the suspect drove the ambulance into charles county where then authorities put down spikes in an effort to stop the suspect. that chase ended in prince george's county in camp springs and the suspect is now in police custody. we're following all the developments right here on news 4 and on the app as well. >> we'll remind you there's a large police presence on allentown road at camp springs avenue where they stopped th
7:29 am
ambulance. you might want to try to avoid that area. >> stay with us right here on news 4.
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♪ we're back. 7:30 on a friday morning. 19th of may, 2017. it's a warm day. and it's about to get hot on the plaza. we have the queen of hip hop soul herself, mary j. blige. hoda is back from her trip to bermuda. >> it was hard work. >> was it awesome some. >> it was awesome. riding in a boat with michael douglas? come on. are you saying yes to the people out here? there's a sign that say mimosas with matt. is that a gooded. >> >> yes. >> that's a yes? >> that's a yes. >> let's check on the headlines. things making news on
7:31 am
washington for his first overseas trip since taking office. it's a nine-day agenda. it's packed with stops in the middle east and the vatican and belgium and sicily. thursday the president used a joint news conference to address a number of the controversies facing his administration. an emotional scene in san antonio. emergency personnel lining the streets to pay tribute to a firefighter killed in the line of duty. scott dean was killed battling a fire at a strip maul. an art auction record. a painting from an artist selling for $110.5 million. somebody tweeted out the news saying that's the highest ever price at an auction for art work created post 1980. it's also a record for an american painted. it was purchased by a noted
7:32 am
ten-minute bidding war. the spiegel family bought that painting for 19 grand, and that's what it went for originally. >> when did they buy that? >> that's a pretty good return on your investment. >> what's the percentage? >> i don't know. >> a lot of money. >> it sure is. >> let's get back to the president. he's getting set to leave on his first international trip as president. peter joining us from the white house. >> reporter: good morning. the president reacting to the appointment of a special council taking over the russia investigation. blasting it as a witch hunt. arguing even his own enemies recognize his innocence. "the new york times" is reporting james comey told at least one friend about how he tried to steer clear of the president, including at a ceremony in the white house blue room in january days after the inauguration where mr. trump called him more famous than me before shaking his hand. the times said
7:33 am
issue 6'8" was wearing a dark blue suit saying he tried to blend in. the during a call from trump to comey, comey told the president if he wanted to know details about the investigation, he shouldn't contact him directly but instead follow the proper protocol, going substitute white house councilsel's office. the president going to saudi arabia trying to leave behind unresolved invests in his wake. all right. peter thank you. want to talk about questions being raised in the wake of the death of roger ailes. how will that impact the sexual harassment cases against him and the network he founded? kate snow is here with the latest on that. >> good morning. we know roger ailes' death was accidental linked to a fall last week. a sudden end to a storied but
7:34 am
>> roger ailes was a true american original. >> reporter: overnight the embattled founder of fox news remembered. >> there are few people who will ever have such a profound impact. >> reporter: defended by the talent he propelled to stardom. for better or worse, roger ailes changed the political landscape and media in this nation. >> he merged entertainment and politics into a hybrid. >> reporter: there were allegations he denied. gretchen carlson settled her suit for 20 million. but other harassment suits are still ongoing. and ailes' death may complicate the legal battles. >> the women who brought the suits are likely to win because there's nobody there to say
7:35 am
the fact that he passed away does not mean there's no case left. >> reporter: before fox news, he was a revered political operative. >> i predicted nobody would be elected to high office without learning how to communicate on television. >> reporter: ailes helped elect nixon, reagan and george bush who tweeted he wasn't perfect but he was my friend and i loved him. not sure i would have been president without him. he and the current president were close too. trump even coming to ailes' defense last year. >> it's sad. i've always found him to be a very good person, and a very talented person. look what he's done. >> reporter: this morning we learned ailes' death thursday came after a fall in the bathroom at his mansion last week. the police department says someone called 9-1-1 and said he'd hit his head and there is serious bleeding. the medical examiner s
7:36 am
that head injury. a sudden end for a man who never held back. >> we are going to be living with his legacy for years and decades to come. the world wrestling style of politics is a byproduct of his legacy. >> reporter: reaction to his death not surprisingly has been incredibly polarized. some vilify him. in a statement, his wife called him a patriot who is grateful to live in a country that gave him so much opportunity. >> interesting to see how some of the newspapers are happenedling thhappened happed -- handling it. >> dylan is in for al with a check of the weather>> we talked about the severe storms through texas and parts of the plains today. also i want to point out how much rainfall we could see. heavy rain moving over an area to the north of san angelo. heavy rain through st. louis with another round moving in shortly. flash flood watches for most of the eastern half of kansas stretching into western
7:37 am
of arkansas. there will be heavy pockets rain. three to four inches. isolated higher amounts in missouri into oklahoma. we could see some flash flooding because of that. the severe storms through the middle of country. dealing with snow across the eastern rockies where it's continuing to pile up. the west coast looks good. the it's hot up and down the east coast. we'll be close to 90. here's a peek out your window. >> good morning. it's a warm and humid start. another hot afternoon. 71 in the district right now. 66 gaithersburg. 67 in manassas. mid 80s by lunch. scattered showers and storms tonight. by happy hour, 90. this weekend we'll cool down. mid 70s saturday. low 70s sunday. cloudy with a chance for isolated
7:38 am
any time check out the weather channel on cable for your forecast. coming up, cher gets personal. what she's saying about her career and her relationship with the late sonny bony. >> first we're on the hunt for massive pythons. wait until you see what's been capture sod far right after this. ugh, no bars. oh no, looks like somebody needs a new network. when i got this unlimited plan they told me they were all the same. they're not. verizon has the largest, most-reliable 4g lte network in america. it's basically made for places like this. honey, what if it was just us out here? right. so, i ordered you a car. thank you. you don't want to be out here at night 'cause of the, uh, coyotes. ok, thanks, bud. bye. be nice to have your car for some shelter. bye. when it really, really matters, you need the best network and the best unlimited. just $45 per line for four lines. befi was active.gia, i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy.
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for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear, with claritin-d. then there are moments it become♪ clear, together always was, and always will be, a better way. ♪ with the laughing cow's nine flavorful varieties of creamy cheese, there's no end to what you can discover. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. back at 7:42 with a wild war in the florida everglades. >> ber
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over. a fight is underway to get the pay on this population under control. there are government sponsored hunts. and kerry sanders is in the thick of it. >> reporter: this is a case of nature out of whack. somebody imported a python as a pet but then it got into big so they decided to release it in the everglades. the eggs hatch and now there's an estimated 100,000 snakes out here, and as you're going to see, some of them are huge. >> you sere if a make is moving. >> reporter: we're on the hunt for pythons with dusty crumb, nicknamed the wild man, he recently captured the largest p python in the everglades this
7:44 am
the biggest danger? if he wraps around the man. >> that's a big snake. look at that. that's how we do it in the everglades, son. wild man. >> reporter: what was that like? >> the easiest way to equate it is wrestlemania. a battle between the heavy weights. >> reporter: at 130 pounds with the power to kill an alligator, they pay a dobounty for every snake. >> that i got a pretty good day for a lot of people with that big one. >> reporter: since python hunting season began, 109 snakes killed. >> we're getting close to three football fields of pythons. it's approaching 2 .5 tons. >> reporter: the
7:45 am
here now more urgent than ever. deer, raccoons and birds are disappearing into the bellies of snakes. dozens of sanctioned hunters come from all walks of life. even the lieutenant governor and you've probably noticed at least one of the hunters is barefoot. >> reporter: have you ever stepped on a snake barefoot? >> yeah. the it's like hands on the ground. you can feel them with your feet. >> it makes sense to you to be out here barefoot? >> absolutely. >> reporter: pythons from southeast asia taking over the south florida everglades. 109 of these snakes captured. 100,000 to go. i asked dusty crumb what do you do when you're not out here chasing down snakes. he says he grows and sells orchids. kind of a contradiction to the guy i met.
7:46 am
>> look down at your feet, kerry. just kidding. thank you very much. >> just ahead, the college acceptance video being liked by people all around the world. sheinelle has that story from the orange room right after this. this salad? at panera, a good salad is so much more than a bowl of something green. more than an obligation to be good. more than just something you have on the side. more than just one flavor, or texture, or color. a good clean salad is so much more than green. and with panera catering, more for your event. panera. food as it should be.
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a new company established by metlife to specialize in annuities & life insurance. talk to your advisor about a brighter financial future. [ cheers and applause ] welcome back. 7:50. everybody likes a great college everybody likes a great college acceptance video. sheinelle has a special one. >> there was a time when mark zuckerberg was a high school student. he shared a video of the moment he heard from harvard 15 years ago captured by his proud father. take a look. >> you want me to open this this. >> i don't know. >> does it sound like that? i think it is. >> what does it say? >> put it away for a second.
7:51 am
>> are you serious? >> yeah. >> all right. yes. >> this is one of the newest members of harvard's class of 2006. >> that's not quite how things played out. zuckerberg dropped out of harvard to develop facebook in 2004. identify feeling his father is just as proud. zuckerberg commented. he said i think i still have those pajamas, but i definitely have that t shirt. 15 years later and he's still rocking that look. this will come full circle next thursday when he returns to harvard to give the commencement speech and receive his honorary degree. he'll stream it live on facebook. >> that's one way to go back and get your degree. >> the lessons of life. just ahead, pippa middle ton becoming the bride this we
7:52 am
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it is 7:56. we are following breaking news. a suspect is in custody after an ambulance was stolen from prince george's hospital center. >> this is a live look. this is the aftermath at the intersection of allentown road and allentown way in camp springs. this is near the route 5 overpass. the driver stopped the ambulance with the tires blown out. we want to show you video of the police pursuit. the ambulance was missing a wheel as it was chased down into charles county. it was first reported missing just after 6:00 this morning. >> we're working to find out more about this suspect. we'll send out updates in our app. >> we'll check your weather and traffic right after this. stay with us.
7:57 am
7:58 am
narrator:to do time is what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us.
7:59 am
good morning. 90 degrees for a high. heat and humidity with afternoon thunderstorms. look at the weekend. cooler. 74 saturday. 71 on sunday. let's go over to melissa mollet. >> good morning. allentown road between allentown way and old branch avenue, all lanes blocked because of an earlier police pursuit.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 it's 8:00 on "today." up in the air. president trump set to leave on his first foreign trip today over anz he deals with issues at home. slamming the investigation into his campaign's alleged ties with russia. >> the entire thing has been a witch hunt. >> this as a new fbi director could be named within hours. we're live at the white house. >> plus what happens in vegas. >> girlfriend's guide to. >> fantastic fun. >> natalie and jenna hit up sin city for a look at "magic mike live" with a special tour from channing tatum. >> my name is a bit snon house with stripping, or better or worse. and the
8:01 am
soul, mary j. blige brings her iconic voice for a special concert today, friday, may 19th, 2017. >> all right. who are you excited to hear? >> mary j. blige. >> i found some honeymooners. who are you here to see? >> mary j. blige. >> mary j.'s number one fans. >> where did you come from? >> sharlcharlotte, north caroli. >> those are fans, baby. >> what are you all ready to go? >> ready to party. it's 8:00 on a friday morning. let me change that. it's 8:00 on
8:02 am
morning, and the crowd is in full force here. we have the queen of hip hop soul on our concert stage in just about a half hour. >> this crowd is happening. and again, we had a few hereover night. they are jonesing for the stars. as we start, natalie and jenna are back with an adventure. it involved with las vegas, magic mike, and channing tatum. >> can you imagine those two? >> say no more. >> exactly. we'll get to a check on the morning stories. here's the news at 8:00. good morning. i'm peter alexander at the white house. this afternoon president trump who has no real experience on the world stage leaves for his first foreign trip. visiting israel and some allies in europe. the controversies at home surrounding russia, the appointment of a special
8:03 am
counselor, the firing of james comey have put the white house on its heels. today donald trump taking flight. his first foreign trip as president. but here at home, taking aim at the scandal surrounding possible collusion between his campaign aides and russia. the president huddling with his attorneys at the white house thursday one day after the justice department appointed special prosecutor robert mueller to oversee the fbi's russia investigation. mr. trump's team hoping to prevent any more self inflicted wounds. the president pushing back first dismissing the need for a special prosecutor. >> i respect the move, but it's been a witch hunt. which is no collusion. >> reporter: then denying reports he told james comey to let go of the inquiry into his former national security adviser's possible ties to russia. >> did you urge james comey to cheese or back down the investigation? and also, as y
8:04 am
>> no. no. next question. >> reporter: when it comes to the issue of michael flynn, a source close to the administration says they're concerned about a potential pattern of keeping mike pence in the dark about flynn's wrong doings, saying flynn wasn't aware of any investigation. calling it unacceptable and either mall practice or intentional. as the investigation ramps up, republicans are trying to press ahead. >> people in the country need to know we're busy at work trying to solve their problems. >> reporter: paul ryan looking to move beyond the crisis and onto tax cuts. visibly relieved to address a policy-related question. >> you want to ask about tax reform? go ahead. >> reporter: the russia controversy now threatening to threaten congress, the agenda, and the trump presidency. >> reporter: president trump says he's close to choosing the next fbi
8:05 am
also this morning speculation swirling about a possible shakeup in the west wing. the spotlight on sean spicer, two white house aides say the president is considering having his deputy play a larger role in the day today press briefings. >> peter, thank you. murder and attempted murder charges were filed against a man accused of driving his car into pedestrians in new york's times square. 26-year-old richard rojas hit nearly two dozen people. a tourist from michigan, an 18-year-old was killed, alyssa elsman. the driver underwent psychiatric testing after saying he heard voiced and wanted to be shot by police. he was arrested this month for menacing. officials say the incident was not related to international terrorism. a dean at yale has been
8:06 am
placed on leave because of offensive remarks on her personal yelp account. she had referred to customers at a local restaurant as, quote, white trash and labeled workers at a movie theater barely educated morons. the college leader said he discovered other examples. she apologized last weekend in an e-mail to students. up next, a royal affair. the world's most famous braids maid for pippa middleton getting married tomorrow. we're live with all the details. >> and then cher opening up about the ups and downs of her career, aging, and relationships. >> and one of the most powerful voices in music, mary j. blige live in concert on our plaza. first, these messages.
8:07 am
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8:10 am
at the corner of happy and healthy. roja>> there's a highly anticip event across the pond happening this weekend. >> pippa middleton set hearts on fire when she served as maid of honor for kate's wedding. she's getting married tomorrow. as expected, there will be no shortage of royal guests in attendance. nbc is in england with a look at all the preview. >> reporter: good morning. less than 24 hours until the big day. we're outside of the hometown pub in buckle berry. the party is going to be down the road. we're hearing a scottish theme. last minute preparations underway for the high society wedding of the year. the world first fell for her s
8:11 am
with that show stealing silhouette. she was maid of honor then. tomorrow it's her turn to be the bride. the question on everyone's mind, which dress will get the yes. the details districtly under wraps. the leading contender ruled to be a british designer. >> give me a sense of the style. known for his extravagant creations. >> i imagine even though pippa is likely to be traditional and elegant, there's a nice potential far bit of a twist. >> reporter: james matthews is the huj fund hunk who won her heart. the fitness buffs share a passion for ports and the country side. and that's where the pair will tie the knot. six miles away from the family home, the reception back at the estate and
8:12 am
after dark. no expense spared. guests will dance the night away rain or shine. it may not be a royal wedding, but there's no doubt there this will be a royal affair. the duke and duchess of cambridge will attend. kate, a pint sized princess charlotte and prince george will join their aunt down the isle. a role the middleton sisters known well. seen here at their uncle's wedding, clearly not a fan of a floral crown. despite the reported no ring, no bring rule, meghan markle will be there on prince harry's arm. >> everybody there came to meet meghan. she may be a future princess. >> do you expect we'll see meghan and harry down yonder on that balcony in. >> i think all the signs of their relationship are looking positive.
8:13 am
>> when you're fifth in line to the throne, popping the thrown is not simple. prince harry will have to ask the queen's permission, but it's pippa's big day. a lot of excitement here, especially over that mystery dress. the it's going to be big news over the weekend. you'll have a lot more on that big event tomorrow morning on "today." thank you. >> i want to go to buckleberry. >> i love the name. >> trending now with extra estrogen. we have natalie, sheinelle, dylan, jenna, hoda. >> i think matt just blacked out. surrounded. >> when you're in a shower, do you face away from the shower or toward the shower? >> toward. >> i do forward and then turn for my hair. >> i'm a switcher. >> i do back all the way. >> back? >> and then i spin just when i need to do what i need to do.
8:14 am
>> we had a hotly contested article on, which way do you face in the shower. a lot of people, it's second nature. apparently there are two types of people in the world. there are nozzle facers. i'm not a nozzle facer. i turn my back to the shower. >> why? >> i'm called a back to the water. we surveyed viewers. 45% say they're spinners. 44% face away from the water. that's me. only 12% face the nozzle. >> that can't be right. that can't be right. almost everyone here faces the nozzle. >> we're spinners. >> sometimes i think i'm a nozzle facer. i feel warmer. >> i don't know. >> is there any insight into what this says? >> there's no insight? >> i promise you'll learn nothing. >> you know
8:15 am
registers, leave a penny, take a penny. here's a supersized version. in london they tweeted this photo. he put a pile of 15,000 coins on the ground. he said let's see what happened. he documented everything. all right. the biker you're about to see took a few coins and road by. this group of kids played in the pile. this guy made it rain. threw them up in the air. but look at these guys. they spoil it. they took them in their bag and road off. >> i hope they got a sore back after lugging those around. >> where's the insight in that? >> is there a lesson? >> no. >> okay. let's go for the trifecta. as parents we've all had moments of desperation. you'll willing to do anything to make a baby stop crying, make them get to
8:16 am
>> i like this. it's genius. she uses a mixer. catches a baby bouncer. she puts it on high speed. i don't know the setting. it rocks the baby to sleep. >> i have to say, i have this bouncer at home. this very one. it has a motor on it. i have to say the motor is not a rock and bounce. >> does he like the big bounce? >> i don't know. i never changed the battery, so actually, it's dead right now. but i'm going to try to -- >> if you could make muffins at the same time you're doing it. >> yes. if she could make muffins at all. >> that's true. >> sheinelle, pop star. >> cher talked about her career, life and legacy and opened up about her marriage. she said maybe she should have never been husband and wife.
8:17 am
sonny could be the best person, the funniest most adorable or not. she also got candid about aging saying i don't like getting old. i'm shocked i can still run across the stage at my age. i thought i'd be dead. she's celebrating her 71st birthday. now to kate upton. she's graced the cover of the sports illustrated issue three times. she's now admitting that steven she has insecurities. in an interview she says i'm still not confident in a bathing suit. that's why you eat healthy and work out to feel your best. she said it's not like i always feel my best. everybody has moments where they don't feel confident in a bik i bikini. she says she doesn't even own a scale. she doesn't need a number. she wants to be happy. >> my confidence is shot. >> exactly. finally the beatles. some of the band's memorabilia hit the auction block. strands of the hair sold for
8:18 am
auction site. if you think that's a high price tag, check out what other fans have played over the years. marilyn m justin bieber, over $40,000 for his hair. elv elvis presley's hair sold for $115,000. >> where do they get the hair? >> i don't know. >> what do you mean? >> where do you -- do the artists sell it or do the hair dressers keep it? and by the way, matt lauer's hair would go for a lot. >> it would. >> he has a haircut today. i'm going to go steal his hair. >> get a microscope to find it. all right, sheinelle, thank you. dylan, by the way, the beetlatl that's the group. >> i know. >> let's take a look
8:19 am
that's still affecting the east coast. we have this huge bermuda high. temperatures yesterday broke records up and down the east coast. and we are going to see more of that subtropical air today. washington d.c., 90. we do have a cold front that's going to move in for the weekend. canadian air will replace the subtropical air. we'll drop by 20 degrees into the weekend. 60s and 70s but not extreme heat. speaking of the east coast and the temperatures. we have the preakness stakes on saturday. lots of clouds. temperatures around 69 degrees. much better than the extreme heat. we also have severe storms through the middle of the country. tornadoes are most likely across parts of oklahoma stretching to north central texas. here's a peek out your window. good morning. sunshine and another warm and humid start to the day. mid to upper
8:20 am
weather. by 5:00, there's a risk of stronger thunderstorms around. take your umbrella with you. you're going to need it today. chances of getting rained on stand at at least 60%. near 90 degrees today. highs over the weekend back into the low and mid 70s. no more than an isolated shower chance. no weekend washouts unlike last weekend. that's your latest forecast. dylan, thank you. now these crazy ladies. a girlfriend's guide to fantastic fun series. >> we experienced sleep away camp on thursday morning. today we're taking you to las vegas to check out a new show that's taking the strip by storm. >> i must say, do not worry. we kept it pg. magic mike live is produced and created by channing tatum. we were lucky enough to get behind the scenes access
8:21 am
the man himself on opening weekend. flipping, spinning, dancing. the men of magic mike live do it all, including some things not suitable for morning news. this was based on the movies about a group of exotic dancers which made nearly $300 million at the box office. >> girlfriend's guide to --. >> fantastic fun. >> channing tatum is the creative force behind the movies and now the live show. >> we're girlfriends and reunited. what is this show about and how close is this to the movie? >> i wouldn't say it's close to the movies. you will get everything and things you didn't even know you wanted. >> what do you hope it brings girlfriends? >> we've really worked hard on
8:22 am
my name is a bit synonymous with stripping for better or worse. i'm happy and sort with the way it shaped out. i want to empower women and make something for women. >> channing turned to these women to empower his project. >> girl power. >> i love that it's three women who are sort of a vision behind what this show is. the message is female empowerment, though. how important is that to the audience and what they get out of this? >> i think that that's everything. we're hoping that when women come in this room, that they leave feeling empowered, excited about their lives. >> women are really seeking connection, deep connection, being understood, and so this show has been created around that premise. >> with these guys, what can we ex
8:23 am
personality and charisma. >> before the show started, we were able to meet the dancers and comedian lindsey haley who serves as the show's master of ceremony. >> lindsey? >> this is for my dad. >> this ones is for my dad. i'm crying. you're ruining my fake eyelashes. >> how many of you have your moms here in the audience? >> yes in sn. >> my mom and grandma. >> what did they think? >> they loved it. >> channing is not in the show, but we cajoled him into showing us the moves that made him famous. >>karate. >> then we impressed him with ours. >> golfing. >> or tried to.
8:24 am
>> i'm with that. >> bowling. >> oh. >> come on. >> what is that? >> that's me getting the ball. >> she bowls in very interesting ways. >> with channing getting us in the spirit -- >> do we feel powerful? >> it was time to see "magic like live" for ourselves. >> even becoming part of the show which left us inspired and, yes, empowered. >> give it up for jenna and natalie on the "today" show. >> wait. >> that's all we did. >> you need to clarify what was happening. >> i was on the piano while they sang, and jenna was sayung to. >> i blushed a lot. i'm
8:25 am
was a lot of blushing. >> this is my impersonation of you guys with channing tatum. [ giggling ] . >> spend a little time with him. >> i know this is very perilous, but in the piece you talk about how they hope women will leave that feeling empowered. do you think if men were to go to a female review where the women became scantily clad that people would say we hope the men leave feeling empowered? >> this is a fair point. but the it is a different kind of show. they have the female comedian narrating for the women. >> and it's created by women. they don't get naked. >> not all the way. >> carson called me and asked me the question. so -- >> i think y
8:26 am
>> you do. >> it's debbie downer, though. >> sorry. >> well, my work here is done. >> mary j. blige after your local news. good morning. it's 8:26 on this friday, may 19th. a suspect is now in custody after an ambulance was stolen from prince george's hospital center today. this is a aftermath at allentown and allentown way. we're updating the story in the nbc washington app. let's check on the roads with melissa mollet. good morning. we still have the closure at this moment in time. allentown road shut down between allentown way and old branch avenue. the lanes are blocked because of the earlier police pursuit. beltway looking good. no other big problems into town or out of town. we'll have a look at weather coming up in just a minute.
8:27 am
8:28 am
the stretch of hot humid
8:29 am
thunderstorms. no more than a stray drop or two over the weekend but coolerwet fr -- weather from tomorrow on ward.
8:30 am
♪ it's the 19th of may, 2017, and we are ready for some great music. miss mary j. blige herself. did you hear the mary chant? they're ready for you. >> i did. i'm happy about it. >> is that just how it goes with you? >> that's my fans. >> would you please pan down to her shoes? mary brought her a plus game today. those are smoking. >> thank you. i'm just trying to make it fun. >> before with your concert, we have one last piece of business. let's get a check on the weather from
8:31 am
>> today's weather is brought to you by walgreens. get your red nose today only at walgreens to help end child poverty. nobody was cheering for the weather. let's look at what's going on this weekend. it's actually going to be pretty nice across the northeast. it will drop down to 70 degrees. stormy through the middle of the country. the storms extending through the gulf coast. it spreads east a little bit on sunday affecting ohio and tennessee river valley. heavy rain near the gulf coast. warmer air into the west and finally losing the snow showers in the rockies. here's a peek out your window. good morning. 75 degrees now. plenty of sunshine. later on this morning, once we warm up, it's still going to be humid today. then we'll see more clouds building. thunderstorms to the west and southwest. dry right now. we have scattered thunderstorms later this afternoon. 90 for this afternoon. afternoon st
8:32 am
quite a while that we're in the 90s. mid to low 70s this weekend. cloudy. 70s next week. the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> we are almost ready for mary j. blige. first a little bit about the women behind the soulful voice. it's her voice that's earned mary j. blige the title queen of hip hop soul. she made her mark on the music industry more than 20 years ago with the song "real love". the first of 22 top 10 r&b hits. ♪ >> she has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide. won nine grammys and has
8:33 am
biggest names. now he's on top of the charts with her 13th studio album, strength of the woman. she got another number one single with "sick of it". ♪ when mary j. blige sings, her crowd responds. now she's bringing her soulful voice to our citi concert stage. >> we're so excited. now, here she is, mary j. blige. take it away. ♪ i learned my lesson yes
8:34 am
♪ must have been crazy to think that you love me ♪ ♪ i saw all the signs but i couldn't say nothing ♪ i crossed the lines for you ♪ i can't see myself with nobody but you ♪ tell me what you thinking this is what i wanted ♪ ♪ should have been the one to hold me when i got lonely ♪ ♪ every time i think of the lies you told me made me believe you plus me ♪ ♪ ♪
8:35 am
♪ ♪ ♪ and i just can't deny the fact we don't belong together guess it ain't the real thing ♪ ♪ you plus me was a love lesson ♪ ♪ in too deep without imperfection ♪ ♪ not always good but i stayed on my feet ♪ ♪ you had me should've never questioned ♪ ♪ you plus me was a love lesson ♪ ♪ in too deep without imperfection ♪ ♪ not always good but i stayed on my feet ♪ ♪ou
8:36 am
questioned ♪ ♪ you plus me ♪ you plus me ♪ you plus me ♪ i got to keep on pushing and love myself through the hard times ♪ ♪ i go ttta keep my patience stl a long way to go now ♪ ♪ there's so much to learn ♪ when we trust the love that's deep in us then love will return ♪ ♪ boy this thing was a love lesson ♪ ♪ you plus me was a love lesson ♪ ♪ in too deep without imperfection ♪ ♪ not always good but i stayed on my feet ♪ ♪ not always ♪ you had me should've n
8:37 am
♪ you plus me was a love lesson ♪ ♪ not always good but i stayed on my feet ♪ ♪ you had me should've never questioned ♪ ♪ you plus me ♪ you plus me ♪ you plus me ♪ you plus me ♪ you don't live here anymore ♪ we don't live here anymore thank you. >> mary j. we love you.
8:38 am
started. a lot more music straight ahead. first, this is "today" on nbc. get free delivery -- -- save big on our most popular living room, dining room and bedroom sets. plus save $100 dollars on every $1000 you spend. the memorial day sale at havertys. life looks good.
8:39 am
of providing reliable energy and that'll never change. what is changing, is our name to dominion energy. it's a reflection of our commitment to energy innovation and renewable sources like solar, wind... and cleaner energy like natural gas. and we'll continue to innovate, upgrade technology, protect our environment and serve our communities.
8:40 am
more than a new name, a new way of seeing energy. [ cheers and applause ] jamming out this the reigning queen of hip hop soul, our friend mary j. blige. >> you know, we love having her here. she's just released her 13th studio album called "strength of a woman". and she is going on tour this summer. and i understand tickets go on sale today. >> yes. >> what would you say to people who are going to line up and start buying tickets? what can they expect from an experience of seeing you on tour? >> just expect to do what we do. we celebrate life. we've come through so many lives. life is hard but it's good, and we're coming to celebrate the
8:41 am
>> a lot of the album you say came from getting through some personal stuff, "strength of a woman". tell us about that. >> it's a blessing that i can take all my trials and tribulations. everybody knows what's going on. it's awful. it's a bad thing. i don't want to keep talking about it so much. but it is what it is. and i wouldn't be mary j. blige if i couldn't use my own music as therapy to get through these things. so right now i'm here as well. thank you. >> we saw you burst on to the scene 25 years ago. i don't know if it feels like 25 years, but when you sing a new song and you sing new songs in front of a crowd, is there a special emotion that you go sflu. >> it's a special emotion when my fans hear the new songs and relate and understand. that means we can relate to each other so the energy that's given back and forth, you can't even -- it's amazing. you can't understand what it feels like. >> do you
8:42 am
song? obviously. what are you going to sing right now? >> right now i'm going to sing "the thick of it" that's exactly where i am, in the thick of it right now. ♪ love ain't just black and white ♪ ♪ ain't that simple ♪ it gets hard to tell whose wrong or right ♪ ♪ when it's dark with us i swear i barely see the light ♪ ♪ should i stick it out ♪ are you worth this fight ♪ are we worth this fight
8:43 am
♪ i ain't no quitter babe ♪ and i be damned if all these years i let you diss me babe ♪ ♪ i was there when no one wanted to stay with you baby ♪ ♪ you know i deserve more than this ♪ i do ♪ ♪ so tell me who is gonna love you like i do ♪ ♪ who will you trust sno ♪ i gave you too much ♪ enough is enough ♪ now we're in the thick of it ♪ what a hell of a year ♪ if i make it through hell and i come out alive i got nothing to fear ♪ ♪ no more crying and trying ♪ and bring back this loving when nothing is here ♪ ♪ let me be clear i wasn't perfect ♪ ♪ but this ain't
8:44 am
♪ i'm done with this mess i confess on the stress ♪ ♪ and i know ima look back and call it a blessing because i ain't no quitter babe ♪ ♪ but i be damned if all these years i let you diss me babe ♪ ♪ i was there when no one wanted to stay with you baby ♪ ♪ you know i deserve more than this ♪ ♪ i do ♪ so tell me who who's gonna love you like i do ♪ ♪ who will trust you ♪ i gave you too much ♪ enough is enough ♪ now we're in the thick of it ♪ so tell me who is gonna love you a like i do ♪ ♪ ♪
8:45 am
♪ ♪ so tell me who's gonna love ♪ you like i do ♪ who will you trust ♪ i gave you too much ♪ enough is enough ♪ now we're in the thick of it ♪ so tell me who who's gonna love ♪ ♪ you like i do ♪ who will you trust ♪ i gave you too much ♪ enough is enough ♪ now we're in the thick of it ♪ we're in the thick of it thank you. thank you so much. mary j. blige back with more on a friday morning. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
welcome back to welcome back to "today." we're thrilled mary j. blige is here and making our stage her home. mary is going to do a classic. take it away. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:49 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:50 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:51 am
♪ ♪ >> hear more from mary j. blige and our summer concert artists at >> we're back with much more on a friday morning. first, this is "today," mary day, on nbc.
8:52 am
8:53 am
we >> we cannot get enough mary. that was an awesome concert. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. i'm mean, can we embarrass you for a second? >> why not? >> i want to say we get a lot of big stars here, but very few are as kind and sweet and as appreciative as mary j. blige when she comes. it's always please and thank you. so nice for us. >> thank you so much. >> here you go again. >> i have to say thank you. what if you didn't want me here. thank you. thank you. thank you. >> the song we've been talking act, one of the other songs is "family affair". >> we love that. >> would you give
8:54 am
taste? >> come on. ♪ come on everybody get on up because you know ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> thank you for that. >> the perfect introduction to willie geist to tell us what's coming up on sunday. >> thanks. i get to follow that. mary j. was on every mix time i ever made
8:55 am
"real love" "sweet thing". and the mix tapes went to my future wife. >> my first slow dance goes to mary j. >> no one cares, but i have a show on sunday. my guest is laura linney. tony and oscar nominated. charming, funny. a blast to talk to. a great lineup on sunday. >> that does it for us. the one and only mary j. blige. mary, thank you so much. we're back with much more right after your local news. local ne. >> thank you. ♪ ♪
8:56 am
8:56 is your time on this friday, may 19th, 2017. good morning. we want to check on the roads with melissa mollet and your traffic. inbound 66 at nutley, a new crash. beltway nice light volume. taking a look in prince george's county, allentown road between
8:57 am
closed. look at the video. 4,000 block ofniny avenue, carver s carvcar verses a trash truck. >> stay with us for the weather.
8:58 am
8:59 am
another hot one today. 90 degrees. hot and humid. afternoon scattered thunderstorms in the forecast. if you're heading out this evening, keep that in mind. a cooler weekend. 74 saturday. cloudy, maybe sprinkles. 71 on sunday. 70s into next week. >> we'll have the latest on the stolen ambulance incident on the nbc washington app.
9:00 am
this morning on "today's" take, ellie kemp. then our friday give away could be yours. and it doesn't get sweeter than this. two delicious desserts. one ultimate cookoff, starting right now. from nbc news, this is "today's" take live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> look at that crowd. good morning. welcome to "today" on this freebie friday morning, may 19th, 2017. you know this theme song from "the unbreakable kimmy schmidt". and we have ellie
9:01 am
it's an ear worm. it's good. >> i haven't seen you in so long. >> congratulations in person on your beautiful baby. >> congratulations to you in person. >> babies all over the place, everywhere. >> everybody is doing it. >> well, there's literally -- anyway. this is a big day. season three begins streaming on netflix today. we have a clip? >> yep. >> show a clip. >> it's kimmy schmidt. can i come in? i'm unarmed except for the arms i was born with, and i'm not wearing a wire except in my bra because i need the support, but that's my business. >> okay, but don't try anything funny. >> i wish she hadn't said that. now all i want to do is funny stuff, like go down these stairs? >> ma'am, that bit doesn't work without a
9:02 am
>> so happy it's back. >> thank you. i am happy it's back. it's an june lifting show, a weird j uplifting show. >> it's funny. we're all laughing here. that's a good sign. >> it is. the creators made it funny. i hope that it is what -- it fulfills what we need right now is a kind of cheerfulness. >> i agree. >> do you read the script and chuckle to yourself? >> yes. and there's so many -- the thing about that show is there's so many layers to the jokes. you peel off one layer and it's an onion. >> do you chime in with your own stuff from time to time? you're quick witted and funny. >> that is kind of you. there's no improve on that show. which i appreciate.
9:03 am
they're finely honed jokes. i'd muck it up. >> i feel like this is a good time right now. >> yes. >> you have the show and a beautiful baby. >> yes. >> adorable baby. you want to tell us everything? >> okay. >> mother hood is crazy. >> it's crazy. >> did you know anything going into it and did you just figure it all out? >> you have to. i felt like i was very -- >> that's james. >> have you shown pictures yet? >> i haven't shown a picture. look at that baby boy. thank you. you guys have the right reaction. >> now as someone who looks at -- now that i'm a mom, when i see a photo of any baby, i know even if i think the baby is just so-so, you have to react like that's the cutest thing i've ever seen. because if anyone wasn't have that response when they see a picture of james -- >> it was cut. >> yes. >> that's cutest thing. >> and
9:04 am
>> are those the sock shoes? >> it's part of a onesie. that's my wallet that he's stealing. that's mommy's wallet. he's cute. well, again, i think he's -- >> the best toys are free. a wallet, keys. >> my baby is not interested in actual toys yet. he only wants to tear on paper. >> they do that. and get it everywhere. >> yeah. >> exactly. >> by the way, you had a pretty cool shoot yesterday. have you gone back to your high school since -- >> in st. louis, yes. no, not -- >> as i'm walking back into the school, i went back for a shoot going back to your high school, i was like i didn't have a reason to go back unless we're doing a story, and i've never
9:05 am
taken a sell tfie at my high school. i had a beeper. no one beeped me. people beeped me like boobless. remember that, 80073. >> only with gagsters. >> 143 meant i love you. >> i didn't have a beeper. >> look at the bruises on her knees. have you seen dylan's knees today? she went and played softball with the kids? >> i played softball. sorry. i'm keeping them closed. anyway. stand by. here we go. >> i have a softball jersey. i wasn't number 28, but i had a similar jersey to this. i got to play with the current high school football team, the varsity team. that was my coach. i got to play catch. when i
9:06 am
am hard on my knees. >> that's why you knees are purple this morning? >> yeah. i went right into practice mode. you go right back into it. >> are you throwing a double play? >> you don't mess around. >> are you sore? >> i feel like tomorrow i'm going to be sore. at one point we stopped shooting for a little bit, and then we went back out, and my muscles were -- so i tripped over my own foot and face planted in the dirt. these girls are probably like who is this girl? >> this is yesterday in. >> it was 90 degrees. >> that's the whole team. it was so much fun. we'll have that story in a couple weeks. >> do a tight shot of her knees because we didn't want to zoom up her skirt. no knees. >> thank you. >> we are also doing a shoot on people we admire. and so i've always admired sabion glover.
9:07 am
he answered a call to tap dance. my tap skills are fifth grade level maybe. at the apollo theater. we did -- >> can you capture this moment and realize what you're doing right now? >> unbelievable. >> sheinelle. >> i haven't seen this. >> what? what? >> that's amazing. >> it was crazy. >> that's unbelievable. >> so sheinelle said i didn't take a single picture. you don't need to take a picture. look at what you were doing. >> that's fantastic. that's julliard. >> oh, no. >> to be on stage with sabion, he tapped with all the greats. on the apollo stage. it was out
9:08 am
heaven were giggling and points. >> what's your tap experience? >> kid lessons. i told him i remember groups of steps. that's all i can do. he's like we can work with that. >> congratulations. >> kick ball change? >> kick ball change? >> i thought it was kick ball chain. >> no. >> anyway, kick ball change. >> we want to know secrets from the set. >> okay. >> we're not going to ask you them. >> okay. i pick them and then, and it's not popcorn. it's a lie. your baby is almost one year old. which of your cast mates would you trust to baby
9:09 am
which of them? i can answer more than one? jane krakowski and jon hamm. titus, you're the fun uncle. they have sob supervised. and jane has a baby and knows the deal. you are always a pretty optimistic person, but what was the worst job you ever had? the worst job. i have been so lucky. probably the worst job was i worked at bakery on the upper east side, and everyone was so angry at that bakery. everyone coming in to order cup cakes. because the it's new york and people were frustrated. i'm like you're buying cup cakes. why are you mad? maybe they were mad that they gave into the
9:10 am
i don't know. but that was not nice dealing with that. >> one more? >> i'm going whether we have time or not. what is the best piece of parenting advice you got from tina fey. a good one. okay. she and i talked about a lot of gritty details of poop and so forth, but the best parenting advice. i think when you don't have a baby, you don't realize you might not be sleeping so much. i came to work with a sleepless night. she said you don't realize everyone was up in the night five times with their kid and no one was complaining about it, and now you know, so don't complain. >> welcome to the club. >> get to work. >> exactly. >> coming up, did you sleep with a favorite stuffed animal or blankie when you were a kid? wait until you hear how that could affect you now. it's a surprising study coming up.
9:11 am
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9:14 am
seriously need a you need a microphone for commercial breaks. stream it live. we're back with more of today's take. and our guest host. apparently adults sleeping with stuffed animal is less strange than you think. >> i sleep with my dog. she's like my alive stuffed animal. >> a live animal, yes. >> it's comfort. >> what about you? >> i slept with my stuffed walrus until about two months ago. and then when somebody appropriately saw a stuffed animal in the adult bedroom, a grownup bedroom and put it in james' room they figured it's a stuffed animal, and i let it happen and left him there. i'm like it's time. you have a baby now. >> does he like it? >> i don't know. it's just a stuffed walrus. no. he's sort of ugly.
9:15 am
interested. >> some kids don't like stuffed animals. according to a recent survey, the number of adults sleeping with comfort objects is on the rise. it's growing among millennial, 16% sleep with an object. and apparently if you slept with a stuffed animal when you were a kid, it may lead to more tossing and the turning in bed as an adult because you're used to having comfort. >> i like to hold something. like a pillow. >> exactly. >> do you sleep with something? >> no, but i used to hold my pillow. when we first got married my husband was like you're always holding your pillow. >> i used to, but now it's hot. >> i need my space. you're breathing. can you stop? i can't sleep. anyway, can we talk about mother hood hacks? >> yes. >> kristen bell. >> we haven't done this in a while.
9:16 am
kristen bell had done on an airplane, i didn't really brush up on this. >> you didn't brush up on your kristen bell news? >> she posted an instagram pic of a quick fix for when the diaper was broken on a plane. she used a hair tie. that leads to the question, have you done any hacks? >> i feel like all my hacks are questionable. i don't know. in the heat of the moment, i'll find whatever might work. james love, as i mentioned, toys do not appease him. he loves playing with the skin of your neck. it's painful. >> you let him do it? >> why not? it quiets him down. >> take mommy's neck. >> it works. >> i don't know if that counts as a hack. >> i feel like if you ined
9:17 am
something to go around your neck. >> add extra skin and market it. >> let me know how that works out. >> taking a look at the weather across the country, we're going to see storms today. especially back through the plains with storms across the texas. heavy rain. we also might have to deal with tornadoes later today. not as big of a threat as yesterday. we're still looking at the zone, the dark orange through oklahoma and into texas. otherwise it's large hail, damaging winds, heavy downpours. also the dangerous lightning. this storm will move east through the evening and tomorrow we're going to lose the threat of widespread storms. still a bit unsettled through the midwest. in northwest washington, the sun is out. temperatures climbing. 80 in gaithersburg. 72 in quantico and 76 in arlington. it's going to be a warm day ai
9:18 am
a chance for thunderstorms to develop later this afternoon by 6:00. a risk of isolated stronger storms as well. have your nbc washington app ready to go. over the weekend, temperatures into the 70s and more thunderstorms coming on monday. that's your latest forecast. thank you, dylan. up next tgiff. it's freebie friday. it could be yours right after this. others as big as your face. they're hot and cold. big and bold. thick and ultra thin. but they would never make a sandwich with pasteurized process cheese food. it's only required to contain 51% real cheese. sargento slices are 100% real, natural cheese. they let sandwich lovers fly their muenster, cheddar and gouda flags high.
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9:22 am
the turn any room into a movie theater. let's see who wants one. >> you can watch a movie. you can watch your show. >> which comes out today on netflix. >> and then project your show above your bed? >> perhaps in the bathroom, anywhere you want. >> you can have ellie anywhere you go. >> anywhere. >> i'm sure people would love to have you. >> let's see. >> good morning. >> oh, my goodness. >> wow. >> good morning. >> we have a tablet. would you like it? where are you from? >> wisconsin. >> you can project on the wall and watch anything you want. there you go. >> okay. i'm giving this to you. where are you
9:23 am
>> thank you. >> my daughter's obsessed with you. >> you can watch ellie and blast it on the wall with that thing. >> one more. one more. one more. >> where are you from? >> i am from connecticut. good morning, connecticut. >> hi, connecticut. >> dylan, what about our fans at home? >> we're giving three lucky fans at home the yoga tab 3 pro. visit online to find out how to enter. don't forget to like us. coming up, ellie's co-star, h hit -- titus burgess. he joins us after the break. br out the pino noir. we're back after this. i love you so much, that's why i bought six of you for when you stretch out. i want you to stay this bright blue forever,
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♪ this is a news 4 today newsbreak. good morning. 9:26 on this friday, may 19th. we're learning how police were able to finally end a pursuit after an ambulance was stolen from prince george's hospital center. here's the prince george's county police chief. >> as we are slowing and moving in a way to deny access, he struck a trooper. the trooper turns into the ambulance and the vehicles created a barrier and stopped. and that vehicle is brought to a halt. >> the suspects took the ambulance just after 6:00 this morning from that hospital. he drove into charles county and back into prince george's county before the police stopped him. there were no
9:27 am
we'll look at your forecast when we come back. vo: at dominion, we have a long history of providing reliable energy and that'll never change. what is changing, is our name to dominion energy. it's a reflection of our commitment to energy innovation and renewable sources like solar, wind... and cleaner energy like natural gas. and we'll continue to innovate, upgrade technology, protect our environment and serve our communities. dominion energy. more than a new name, a new way of seeing energy. me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam,aught and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac.
9:28 am
m bring his hate into virginia. how did it become absent-mindedly to snacking? eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. sunny, warm and humids. temperatures near 90 today. may want to take an umbrella. a 60% chance for
9:29 am
some of them could be on the strong side. get the latest news and weather any time in the nbc washington app. another local news update in about 25 minutes.
9:30 am
we have "unbreakable" reunion. we have hit us burgess in the house. >> i've never seen it written out. he believes his boyfriend miky is cheating on him. >> they were laughing and touching arms, and worst of all, you need to sit down for this. i know you're sitting. sit again. miky was wearing the date night outfit he wore on our first date. >> are you sure the other guy is gay? >> everybody is gay. it's the 90s. >> you have to talk to him. >> i know what i saw. >> miky
9:31 am
person would do in this situation. i'm lemonading. >> i love it. >> have you coined the phrase lemonading? is this now a verb? >> it is a verb, but i don't know that i coined it. >> now, this is the video i want america to see. >> this is what we need to be focussed on as a nation. look at this. it's too much. >> you wear that outfit so well. >> thank you. it's one of the most comfortable things i've ever worn. >> did you actually get to smash the window? >> yes. >> was it fun? >> yes, it was fun. i would love to have that in my backyard. >> i heard you did underwater scenes? >> yes, and i do not swim, and that was not fun. >> how did you do them? >> almost drowning is how i did it. first i thought they were joking. she's like no, you're going
9:32 am
i'm like tina, do you like me or not? >> when there's a loose tennis ball, but was there a safety meeting for this? >> i had two gorgeous men over to the side of me. i was kind of okay with it. >> i would have pretended at that point. save me. >> do that take again. >> bring us up to date with what to expect without giving us secrets. when we last saw htitus he was following dion war wick. >> well, nothing ever goes right. he leaves the ship prematurely and literally washes ashore. he comes back to find his relationship is in a very different place than when he left it. you see there he goes lemonading. it follows him in terms of how he deals with his pain and tries to put pieces back together.
9:33 am
pieces back together. life is hard. >> we have to see that video one more time. >> we talked about this. how is titus hip enough to have seen the lemonade video. we don't have cable on the show. >> we're broke, and we don't have cable. we get one channel. >> but also i feel like you saw it at the library and only last week. >> right. i'm sure it was a big thing. you know? >> exactly. >> you went outside on the plaza and people go crazy. they want you to be who they see on the show. >> i know. >> you're not obviously the same man. >> i should just do a blanket apology if you meet me in real life. >> do people do that? >> it's not so much that they orally admit to disappointment, but you can see the excitement level go down in their eyes. >> what do you think they want you to do? >> i don't
9:34 am
i guess just be titus, but that's too much work. >> i would just walk around lemonading. >> right. >> and we love this titus. >> thank you. >> this is the better titus. >> thank you. you're lovely. i feel very comfortable sitting here. don't get any ideas, diva. you belong to me. >> we'll borrow her every now and then. >> season three of "unbreakable" is streaming when? now. on netflix. >> wait? >> watch it now. >> one incredible dessert or two. our viewers are competing in the ultimate cookoff. the sweet smack downright after this. upside down car what's going on here? our insurance company may not have a name your price tool [ shouting ] but we got disses for days! your mother is so lame, she never put any notes in your lunch bag.
9:35 am
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9:38 am
it's our it's our final round of the ultimate cookoff. our viewers have been competing and showing off signature dishes. today it's all about the desserts. they're both from arkansas and both moms of five. we have tiffany here to make her up side down carmel cream banana cup cakes. and diane is making a
9:39 am
cake. ladies, good morning. >> let's start with you. >> sure. you? say the best way to eat a cup cake is upside down. >> i think so. >> the ingredients are basic. start by mixing together the wed ingredients. fold in your dry. scoop it into a greased or paper lined muffin tin and bake them. while they're cool, i made a swiss merang butter cream. and then the nice thing is your frosting does not have to be pretty. >> is it yummy? >> go for it. >> i can't help it. >> and the carmel. >> just give me a spoon. >> i know. dip it in this. this is the funnest part of this whole thing. just mash it upside down. >> it's cute. >> on the plate.
9:40 am
>> i usually make a home maid vanilla bean ice cream. >> seriously? >> i love homemade ice cream. i have a lot of kids to eat it. drizzle on carmel. >> how did you come up with this? >> i wanted to incorporate, this is basically slthree desserts i one. throw on banana slices and there you go. >> it doesn't get any better. dessert day. >> this is amazing. i am thrilled to show you all this super simple dessert. it's made with a chocolate cake mix, sweetened condensed milk, salted carmel, whipped topping, and my favorite candy bars which is a butter finger. once you bake
9:41 am
dish, poke holes about an inch apart all over the cake. >> your kids are older? >> yes, but they still love to cook in the kitchen. that's good. spread the sweetened condensed milk on it. >> what does that do? >> it drizzles in the holes and gets extremely yummy, and then spread it out real good. and then we do the same thing with the carmel. the salted carpaled gets down -- carmel gets down in the holes. and then we put the topping on top. and then my favorite is the crushed butter fingers. you just load it on top. all over it. this cake, my family will do a happy dance and i hope the judges will too. >> you hear that?
9:42 am
she wants you to do the happy dance. >> okay. i don't know. this is really hard. we're torn. i'm loving the cake, and you're loving this. >> i love the texture. >> it sounds like you're indecisive. >> we're choosing between gold and gold. >> i do get that nice pop of texture, so i'm going with that. >> congratulations. >> it's not an easy decision. >> thank you so much. >> here's the thing. first of all, congratulations to both of you. thanks to william sonoma our winner gets a professional nonstick ten-piece cook ware set, and the runner up goes home with a high performance blender. dylan, you do the betheweather
9:43 am
>> and a side of whole milk. let's look at the weather. we'll see a decent weekend up and down the northeast. we're looking at a bigger cooldown. temperatures dropping by about 20 degrees. still pleasant around 70. scattered showers and isolated stronger storms. heavy rain moves in on sunday down across the gulf coast. it starts to finally clear out through the middle of country. and looking at warmer weather to make its way across the coast. good friday morning. temperatures are in the 80s. some areas 80 gaithersburg. 82 in leesburg. we're dry and watching rain to the west and southwest. we have showers and storms in the afternoon forecast. until then near 90 degrees again today. just remember to have your umbrella heading out this afternoon or evening. mid 70s saturday. low 70s on sunday. it will be cloudy.
9:44 am
that's your latest forecast. coming up next, they hit the big screen together on "oceans 11". they are teaming up for a new movie called "war machine". machine." topher is here to tell us about it. standby. hey katy, let me show you how behind schedule we are. yeah. are those the pyrotechnics that are gonna startle me from a distance? yep. and my impractical wardrobe changes, those all set? not even close. oh, this is probably going to shine in your eyes at the worst possible time. perfect. we're looking at a real train wreck here, am i right? wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi® double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back with 1% when you buy, and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double.
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we'll bring you desserts in moment. get this. it was a school play that launched the career of topher gray. he landed the role of erik foreman, one of the funny teens on "that 70s show". from there he recently stars in the film "troops". >> now he's playing wing man to brad pit's character in "war machine". >> i'm sorry. i don't want to start a fight here and please forgive me for speaking for you, sir, but the general didn't hire me to make things quiet. look, you're so good at your job, but that job is basically writing press releases. here's the thing about press releases. nobody reads
9:49 am
>> topher grace, good morning. >> thank you for having me. >> the tell us more about your character. he clearly has a sense of humor. >> he's not really in the military. he's a cpo. he's kind of a civilian when it starts. his lack of knowledge, spoiler alert, you know how it ends, right? the general, so he makes some kind of weird publicity choices for the group, and they wind up paying for that. >> and topher went through boot camp to prepare for this? >> actor boot camp. you get kind of scared as an actor. it's so great you're doing this. it's great to see a friend on this. >> i know. right? >> it's fun for us to watch. >> but as an actor you get scared doing a military thi
9:50 am
out the stuff i should know, but my character is such an idiot, i think the first day i popped my collar because i thought it would look cool. and then the military guy said no, you wouldn't do that. and the director said no, no, he would. >> you had an excuse for anything because -- >> yeah. it was my lack of knowing anything was great. >> top gun? >> just the volleyball scene. >> this film reunites you with brad pit. >> yeah. we wanted to find something together, me and brad. i said you take the lead in this one, and i'll do the lead in the next one. >> you said he was very intimidating because you're to good looking. >> i felt that, he never said anything. >> you could see it in his eyes. >> it's like that poster. he's like our great leader every day, and we all were out in the dessert filming this. we got to know each other. it was a great
9:51 am
>> abu dabi. >> no. it was funner to say before we had to go spend months in the desert there. but it wasn't afghanistan so that was good. it was really -- there's a way being in -- as an actor, when you're really in it, you have to do very little acting, because we're jumping off black hawk helicopters and going through the desert. it was really fun. >> i would imagine as a cast, there probably was not so much to do on the down time except spend time with each other. >> we were three hours outside of the town. there's a place where there's one hotel. we would shoot, and it's really juicy, interesting material. and then we'd come home and sit around this table, cast and
9:52 am
fascinating the movie was and what we shot that day, and we'd go out the next day and inform that. >> cool to be surrounded by it. >> yeah. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> "war machine" premiers in select theaters may 26th. we are back in a moment on nbc.
9:53 am
y2d1gy y16fy
9:54 am
can we thank ellie for being here? >> yes, you can. thank you for having me. thank you for having me. >> can i say here's the thing. i know you showed a picture of your son for the first time. that's kind of a moment. >> i deliberated. i texted my husband and said is this okay to show? he never texted back. sorry, michael. >> america deserves to see
9:55 am
>> enjoy it. >> coming up next, kathie lee and hoda, bermuda babes having more fun in the sun and a special visit from michael douglas. dy to vie for america's cup. >> tap dance. >> i'll tap
9:56 am
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tionary price. get fios gigabit connection for $79.99 a month and we'll give you tv, hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for 2 years all with a 2 year agreement. so act fast. go to 9:57 is your time. good morning to you. a wild morning in and around prince george's county is finally over. a suspect is in custody after taking an ambulance from prince george's hospital center. this happened before 6:00 this morning. he drove the ambulance into charles county and back to prince george's county before police stopped him nearly 90 minutes later.
9:58 am
let's check your forecast. a change. >> yes. a big change. our last day around 90. afternoon thunderstorms. the weekend will be cooler. mostly cloudy. 74 saturday. 71 sunday. isolated chance for a sprinkle. then we go into next week. monday our next rain chance. look at the temperatures. we stay in the 70s all the way into memorial day weekend. so far it does look pretty good. >> all right. thank you. coming up on news 4 midday, a live report on what's next for the suspect in that stolen ambulance incident. we'll see you at 11:00. to take e insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks... that's what tom perriello is about." progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello... and before and after congress i led non-profits to battle climate change, poverty and president bush's attacks on civil rights. now i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality. because together, we really can build
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10:00 am
>> time for the show. let's go get ready. >> what? >> i'm in heaven. hello. >> a swizzle to get us going. >> oh. thank you. >> shall we? >> we shall. >> what's happening? >> i think we're going to have an adventure. >> i think this is what they call heaven. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb soaking up the sun on the beautiful island of bermuda. >> come on. look at us with our hunks


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