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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  May 22, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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the military. this young is exceptional in everything that he's doing and his family is devastated. >> maryland students set up a small memorial in collins's memory at the bus stop where he was killed. maryland's president also held a moment of silence before his graduation. tonight's vigil will be held on bowie state campus. we'll keep you updated. collins's death comes weeks after another investigation on hate-based crimes on the campus. a noose was found hanging in the kitchen of a fraternity. students demonstrated on campus. right now greenbelt police are looking for a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman. the victim says the man entered her home tgh
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open window, said he had a gun and sexually assaulted her. the u.s. holocaust museum was put on lockdown after a sex assault happened. according to our news partners at wtop, it is unknown if the suspect is in custody. president trump is minutes away from arriving in israel. angie goff has the latest on his trip. >> reporter: eun, following it closely. the president is scheduled to touch down less than an hour. now the stop following a big weekend in saudi arabia where he just delivered a major speech on unity. now once in israel the president is expected to attempt to revive the israeli/palestinian peace process, visit two holy sites in jerusalem and the west bank. we know that he will meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu as well as palestinian president mahmoud
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>> while the president is over seas his administration is still under a cloud from the firing of james comey as fbi director. house oversight committee chairman jason chaff fiitz is expected to speak with him today. comey is expected to testify in public before the senate intelligence committee sometime after memorial day. >> today the man accused of stealing an ambulance and leading police on this chase is expected in court. william peccelle stole that ambulance from the prince george's hospital. person is charged with auto theft and malicious destruction of property. more charges could be coming as well. he was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation. d.c. police and the fairfax county firefighters are
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for this man. fairfax county fire said he is a firefighter last seen in the 3600 block in northwest d.c. that was on may 14th. if you have any information, you're asked to contact d.c. police. expect more work today from this busted water main in northwest washington. crews have been working since wednesday to fix it. this is happening on macarthur boulevard. it's been blocked in both directions since about then. so the question is what's taking so long. well, it's a 30 inch cast iron pipe from the 1800s that failed. coming up at 5:00 justin finch will tell you how soon that could be fixed. >> the class of 2020 is taking part in an annual tradition. >> 1,000 students will form the human pyramid with the goalf
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covered in lard. >> by the end of it they're covered in it. the idea here is to replace a white dixie cup with an upper class man's hat. >> they get it done every year. it shows team work. you have to do it together. >> pretty cool. >> 4:34 is our time. >> speaking of team work. >> i'm not 100% sure because i did not go to the naval academy. apparently the person who gets to switch the hat at the top is the person who's going to reach admiral first out of the class. >> it's kind of like catching the bouquet, i guess. >> similar, only a lot messier. >> with many more men, that's for sure. we're looking at a wet morning though. you're going to want to have the umbrella ready. why are you laughing? >> i'm laughing. >> chuck will be laughing in the rain
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let's look at the radar. before you leave -- i think chuck is still laughing. have the umbrella this morning. you're going to really want it over the next few days, look at the rain over the district. wet roads this morning. temperatures not too bad. pretty mild. mid to upper 50s. let's take a closer look at the radar. let's head over to chuck. >> yes, indeed, a cloudy and wet start to the day today. most of today ace rain will be before lunchtime. you may need that umbrella for not just today but the next couple of days. light rain showers over the region. northernmost maryland by hagerstown is rain free. here's future weather to help you plan it out. 7:00 a.m. in the heart of the monday morning commute. rain everywhere. here we are stopped at lunchtime. a little bit of a break in the action north and west of the city. by later on today staying cloudy. the rain should taper back to no
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by later on. current temperatures in the upper 50s to around 60. as you're planning out your day, temperatures gradually once the rain eases up, we should be able to sneak up into the low to mid 70s. >> i have the umbrella. i was listening. all of the routes into town and out of town, you can see how mess any it is. that means busy for me and a little slow for you perhaps. southbound 17th street northwest after constitution, southbound lanes are blocked, northbound unaffect unaffected. that's because of a crash. live look 270 at 121 clarksburg road northbound. southbound you're okay. you can see the sheen on the roads. aaron? >> oh! >> oh, my
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page this morning. that little girl snatched by a sea lion and the hero that jumped in to save her. the final curtain for ring link brothers. how they took their final bow after 100 years. it's official. the popular
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>> whoa! >> oh, my god. >> you saw what happened with this video. come on. this made for scary moments in canada. that girl was rescued moments after a sea lion pulled her into the water by her dress. you're going to see this again and again. a marine expert said the sea lion probably wanted to eat the girl's dress. witnesses said signs said do not feed the animals. >> this is why the experts say don't feed the animals. it gives them a cue that that's what they're going to continue to look for from the humans. did you see the video of the guy 2in china 1234567d isnatche panda a. >> i will pull it up. >> i'm glad she's okay. the big top is coming down.
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& bailey brothers circus is over. >> we want you to know we love you and thank you. thank you for welcoming us into your city, into your town and accepting our brand of joy in this world. we would like you to join -- >> the circus had its final performance last night to a sold out crowd in the nassau county colosseum in new york. they ran for 150 years. many of the people involved were third or fourth generation performers. in recent years the circus was criticized for how it treated the animals but the people involved pushed back against that claim. >> did the animal rights activists eventually put the circus out of business? >> i think the animal rights propaganda played a tremendous roll in it. >> the humane society played millions of dollars togl
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the shows about a year ago. two of our colleagues are celebrating a special anniversary. jim handly and wendy rieder have been on the set for ten years together. sometimes they even call each other on the phone even though they sit next to each other. >> that sounds a little familiar. >> go to nbc washington page with fun for wendy and jim. >> congratulations. >> we lean down. don't make eye contact. >> are you talking to aaron on the phone. >> we had five years last month. >> that's right. five years, big deal. if you are just getting ready to leave for work, make sure to grab the umbrella, sheena. >> yeah, grab the umbrella. you'll need it not just today,
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good morning, everybody. monday off to a cloudy and wet start across all the mid-atlantic and sunshine will be at a premium for the next three to four days. coming up i'll give you the ten day forecast which includes some sunshine for your memorial day weekend. stay with us. going digital. how area taxis are trying to compete with
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first, it's wheels up. how the preddy gets ready to arrive in jerusalem. >> the president is expected to touch down in tel aviv. >> he's expected to face many issues including that he gave russia classified information from israel. >> reporter: the white house not denying that the president made those statements, also not denying that he called the fbi director or former fbi director james comey a nut job, but now secretary of state rex tillerson is saying that the president was trying to emphasize to the russians that our relationship is at a low point saying that they would like to repair it and work together on major issues like clearing isis from the earth. >> edward, the president's budget proposal for 2018 expected to be up veiled tomorrow. what are
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>> reporter: you're looking at a $1.7 trillion budget to be proposed. conservatives will be very happy, moderates not so much. there will be massive cuts in entitlement programs. one of the biggest ones, medicaid. that's going to be slashed according to the washington post by some $800 billion over the next ten years. the congressional budget office said that could mean that 10 million people who currently have those benefits would lose those benefits over the next decade. >> edward lawrence live on capitol hill. thank you. "nbc nightly news" anchor lester holt will be reporting from jerusalem. nightly news follows news 4. mike pence z not receive a warm welcome at.commencement address of notre dame. >> dozens of
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in protest against the trump administration's stance on the administration and lgbt rights. >> the vice president did not comment on the walkout. larry johnson was arrested and charged with first degree murder. he's charged with shooting his 65-year-old neighbor. we're told the incident stemmed from a property line dispute. a 104-year-old woman died after a fire broke out inside her home in manassas. firefighters were called to her house on poe drive. two people were able to get out safely but an elderly woman was found. the red cross assisting the two survivors. still not clear how that fire started. alexandria is moving forward with plans to rename j
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davis highway. they appointed an advisory group to get ideas from the public for a new name. a public hearing and online survey is expected to happen over the summer and then recommendations will be sent to the city manager and city council. the city council will make the final decision on a new name. when was the last time you took a cab in this area? most people would order an uber on your cell phone. d.c. taxis know that. by the end of august traditional meters will be gone. you'll pay on tablets or smartphone. taxi rates will not change. >> that's what a lot of people go to before is the lower rates. >> it's official. wegmans is coming to d.c. that's around our studio. guess who's going
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the cathedral heights location will be the first wegmans in the district. not expected to open until sometime in 2022. i'll still have children in my house. >> i think people from here are going through the woods and we'll all be 100 pounds heavier. >> wegmans experience, all i've heard is how amazing this grocery store is. i can't wait to experience it for myself. >> there you have it. >> chuck, you can tell us about this rain. i know you thought it was a little heavier, wasn't light. wasn't like drizzle. >> where are you going with this? >> i needed the umbrella. >> i didn't need my umbrella. i had it, i brought it in. >> sprinkly. >> when i got here about quarter to 3, it wasn't raining. >> you
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minutes before the show. >> this is how rumors get started. >> 90% of the rain will happen before lunchtime. by and large it's the morning commute that's going to take it on the chin. 66 is wet from the beltway to i-81. i-95 wet from richmond to washington. up to 270. though nothing heavy, everything is at least getting wet at this point in time. future weather carries the steadiest of the rain into the area, right to the heart of the morning commute. between about 7:00 and 9:00 this morning. by the time you get into the afternoon, most of the steadier rain chances pulling away. temperatures because of the cloud cover in the upper 50s this morning. a lot of clouds today will keep temperatures in the low 70s. maybe a few spots might be warmer than that. 100% already raining out there are the chances toy.
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tomorrow. most am tomorrow's rain chance comes in the second part of the day. another pretty solid chance for rain, maybe a rumble of thunder on wednesday. thursday, showery weather. friday and saturday to start your memorial day weekend looks dry. both sunday and memorial day itself, a little chance of a shower. on the whole a pretty nice holiday weekend. right now want to remind you of that work zone we've been talking about this morning. northwest macarthur boulevard, again basically between reservoir and foxhall. we have the lanes blocked. as you've been saying, justin finch will be live out there this morning. this could last through wednesday. taking a look at prince george's county into town, out of town, no
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the beltway. nice and clear. southbound, same situation if you're headed out of town. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. it is that time of year. graduation season. grads may want to take a good look at the apps they use every day. you might throw them on the grill for the graduation party, but be warned the massive hot dog recall that will have you checking your fridge
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you're watching "news 4 today." 4:56 now. health officials are warning about a case of measles that could have exposed people in d.c. and prince george's county. the patient contracted the virus outside the country and contracted symptoms here in the u.s. the patient was treated at national children's center. the doctors posted the information on friday. search measles in our app. in news for your health, hold the fruit juice. the american academy of pediatrics says babies under the age of one should not have it. have guidelines until their parents should wait until 6 months old. new concerns about obesity and dental health have pushed the warning to 1 year old. 4 ounces of juice a day for
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preschoolers. some people said they found metal in their hot dogs. the company is issuing a big recall. do not eat m a nathan's skinles eight beef franks and bring them back. so far three people said they found metal objects in those hot dog packages. thousands of college graduates are ready to take their plunge into the next adventure. you know what that means, getting a job. >> the key to landing one could be your social media accounts. experts say now is the time to tweak it. >> your internship, skills, those type of things. >> the way to get a leg up is to post a video of yourself posting a video of what your
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>> stay with us. "news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. "news 4 today" starts now. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. guess what's back? the rain. we felt it this morning. >> you probably need the wipers on. melissa will have a look at the wet roadways in a minute. let's start with our meteorologists sheena parveen and chuck bell. >> she's going to be complaining about this. look at this. you're saving money on the watering bill and you're saving money on the air conditioning bill. >> i suppose. >> right? >> that's right. >> i'm a glass is half full guy. >> it's also raining outside. you'll have to take a little bit more time on your commute. looking at the rain moving in across parts of 66 heading towards the district. heavier rain around
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and foxhall. we have light rain around the beltway with heavier rain approaching. expect showers by 7:00 a.m. some scattered showers by lunchtime. 67 degrees. by 4:00 p.m., temperatures around 70 degrees and chance of a shower. this looks cloudy but more rain is in the forecast. >> right now downtown still has this problem. take a look here in northwest. southbound 17th street after constitution, the southbound lanes r blocked there because of that crash. 66 and 95 no problems and as you saw on the belt way, we are fine on the beltway. inner loop and outer loop as they have been saying, going to be the rain especially with this morning commute. if you're headed out for a few minutes, looks like you m
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dry. warning for you there. you'll have to use the windshield wipers. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. it is 5:00 a.m. right now. the fbi is joining the investigation into the stabbing death 6 a bowie state graduate. >> he died early saturday morning. now the maryland student who was in custody is being investigated for murder and possibly a hate crime. >> news 4's molette green is live in college park now. molette, why do investigators think this may have been an act of hate? >> reporter: aaron, eun, good morning to you. there are some questionable things police say they found on the internet. that's why university of maryland police have called in the fbi to help determine if this is in fact a hate-based crime. police have already said 22-year-old shawn urbansky is part of a facebook group


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