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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  May 30, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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was supposed to be taking care of her. >> kristin wright is outside holy cross hospital in silver spring with the latest on this investigation. kristin, what are you learning? >> reporter: well, jim and wendy, that little girl is still here in the hospital at holy cross, and the more we find out about this sad situation, the more questions there are and the more disturbing it gets. just a little girl, 2 years old, big brown eyes, in a mickey mouse hospital gown, receiving some sort of medical treatment at holy cross. her whole story, a sad mystery. police say a woman brought the toddler to the hospital sunday and told the staff she didn't know who the girl was or her parents. the hospital called police. they aren't saying a lot. but you have to listen closely. >> the girl was with a woman. the woman went to her sister's house and asked the sister to then watch the
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the sister could not get back in touch with her sister to ask what was occurring and then brought the child to the hospital. >> reporter: detectives figured out who the child is and found some family. now they're saying they're identifying the legal guardian. >> the detectives will confirm guardianship and investigate how the child came to be at this woman's home and ensure this child is being taken care of and has the proper care. >> reporter: the national center for missing and exploited children said the 2-year-old was injured when she was brought to the hospital. but police will only say she's receiving medical treatment. so of course we all want to know how this little girl is doing. for privacy reasons, the hospital itself cannot tell us, and neither can the police. jim and wendy, back to you. >> thank you, kristin. new at 5:00, a holiday weekend tragedy in fredericksburg. a 13-year-old girl down in a
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police found her in the pool at the camden hills apartments on wellington lakes drive on saturday afternoon. after they tried cpr, they medevacked her to a hospital in richmond, but the girl died yesterday morning. we're hearing now from an angry homeowner in prince george's county whose home was set on fire in a wild string of events today. this is a story you learned about through an alert on our nbc washington app. wayne gardiner is accused and under arrest after a fire and stand-off with police. the 33-year-old allegedly broke into a prince george's county house, stole a gun, set that house on fire, then hid in some nearby woods. this happened this morning on surratts road in clinton, maryland. our bureau chief tracee wilkins is live on the scene and spoke exclusively to the homeowner today. tracee? >> reporter: yeah, this is bizarre. lots of questions about whether this man set the house on fire as a distraction, as he
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what it is exactly he was trying to do. but the homeowner said he's extraordinarily upset by what was done to his home and shocked to find out what the man was wearing when police caught him. >> they caught him with a pair of my shoes on. >> reporter: what can you say after someone has broken into your house, set it on fire, stole your rifle and your shoes. >> i went to work this morning and got a phone call 45 minutes after i got there. this is where we're at. >> reporter: police say 33-year-old wayne gardiner broke into this home in the 7700 block of surratts road in clinton before 8:00 a.m. neighbors saw him and called police. >> officers moved to the perimeter of the house and he fled into the wood line, armed with a shotgun. >> reporter: but before leaving the house, police say gardiner set it on fire. he was armed and out of sight. making it that much harder for the safety department to put the fire out. >> it was a concern of ours. we wanted to make sure we had
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the wood line, wasn't in the house, and the decision was made to again quickly knock down the fire and then get out. >> reporter: police say gardiner was found hiding in woods near the house and arrested without incident. now this homeowner is trying to figure out what's next for the home he recently refurbished. >> it's trashed. what can i say? it's trashed. >> reporter: just an unbelievable case. as you can see, the homeowner is starting to put the pieces back together again, or at least get this house built up so it won't be bothered by this rain. gardiner has a long criminal history, especially dealing with breaking and entering. i'm tracee wilkins, back to you in the studio. >> thank you, tracee. montgomery county is getting back $25 million in taxpayer funds from a contractor who helped build that silver spring transit center, which opened in 2015. it w
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and about $50 million over budget. the county sued, saying shabby contracting work drove up the costs and put it behind schedule. the lawsuit was settled today. county officials say they are pleased, but the settlement is at least $15 million short of their demands. in what could be the start of a staffing shake-up at the white house, the president's communications director is leaving. michael dubke submitted his resignation after just a few months as communication director. he planned to stay on through the end of the president's first foreign trip, but he'll now remain until there's a transition in place. and the white house is facing more questions about jared kushner. "the washington post" reported kushner tried to establish a back channel for communications with russia during the transition period after the
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today press secretary sean spicer did not deny that report and referred only to a statement by kushner's attorney. >> mr. kushner's volunteered to share with congress what he knows about these meetings and he will do the same if he's contacted and connected with any other inquiry. >> did the president discuss it? >> i'm not going to get into what the president did or didn't discuss. but your question assumes facts that are not substantiated by anything but anonymous sources that are being leaked out. >> sources have told nbc news that scrutiny of kushner does not mean he is suspected of a crime. taking back the streets. neighbors are banding together today after multiple shootings in less than a week. people in the truckston circle neighborhood of west, d.cnorthw, are holding a crime walk. in the past few days, eight people have been shot, one of them was killed. we talked to one neighbor
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ducked for cover when the shots rang out. >> reporter: the crime walk wrapped up moments ago, but this woman has lived in this community for 32 years. she's sick and tired of the gun violence. she says that she hopes that people can work with the police to bring change to the area. >> it makes you feel hopeless. >> reporter: brenda stewart worries as she plants flowers in front of her house. >> it's so dangerous, people are afraid. we can't really sit in our front yards, because you don't know whether a bullet might have your name on it. >> reporter: she's lived near q and first street northwest for 32 years. two shootings happened out here over memorial day weekend. algernon jones was killed and seven others were hurt when shots rang out saturday morning. and yesterday police arrested two men after more than 20 rounds were fired. >> what's it like when you're
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>> it's scary. and the police, i've had police knock on my door and ask me if i saw anything. who's going to be looking out the window? you're going to hit the floor. >> reporter: brenda stewart said she was in the dining room, watching television. she heard the shots fired, she got down low on the ground to protect herself. >> i didn't get up when i heard it. i was afraid. because it was repetitive. it was boom boom boom boom boom. >> reporter: while police investigate the shootings, brenda won't allow the crime to stop her from gardening. >> gardening is very therapeutic. >> you might as well stay where you are and try to be vigilant. >> reporter: brenda says she would like to see cameras -- surveillance cameras -- hold on. siren going by. she would like to see surveillance cameras on light poles around here. we asked the police chief about that, and we'll have that at 6:00 on nbc washington news4. i'm shomari
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>> thanks, shomari. he was a sinister man, a popular reaction to the death of general manuel noriega. noriega suffered a hemorrhage following brain surgery. at one point, he was a key u.s. ally but was forcibly removed by u.s. troops in a 1989 invasion. he served time in the u.s. on drug and money laundering charges. he was currently serving life in prison in panama for crimes committed during his rule. manuel noriega was 83 years old. he registered a 0.0 during the breathalyzer test and still charged with dui. coming up, what we're learning about the arrest of tiger woods and the concerns from local police about drivers who are under the influence of prescription medications and other drugs. and bryce harper waiting to learn his fate after his role in that bench-clearing brawl. we're coming right back on news4 at
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county mother of two is sentenced to prison for her part in an ms-13 murder. ahead you may find surpris narrator: "the time is always right to do what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war.
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progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us.
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head in now to grab the five dollar footlong spicy italian. loaded with salami and pepperoni. for a limited time, the spicy italian footlong is just five dollars. it's a big value for even bigger flavor. only at subway. i'm storm team4 meteorologist tom kierein. getting some sunshine breaking out through a few breaks in the clouds, looking off to the southwest of washington. live view from the storm team4
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fairfax county. farther to the west and southwest, there is a thundershower. this is not a severe storm, but it has hail parameters, some lightning as it moves to the east, getting into amisville, warrenton, then gainesville, bull run and just before 6:00, near manassas. it's a brief downpour, maybe some thunder and lightning, some hail. after that, 8/9:00 p.m., things settle down. we'll be updating in just a few minutes when doug returns. no alcohol in his system. that's just part of the information coming in now from the police report in tiger woods' weekend arrest. we've learned police had to wake him up when they approached his running vehicle prior to arresting him on a
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a breath test and a urine test. he had slow and slurred speech. he changed his story about where he was going and coming from. he said he was taking several prescriptions, including two painkillers. the report notes that woods was cooperative as much as possible. woods's arrest puts a spotlights on the growing issue of drugged driving. it's an issue officers in our area are seeing more often these days, those with drugs instead of alcohol in their system. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey joins us live to tell us what a special dwi squad there is seeing. julie? >> reporter: hey, jim. it will be several hours yet before that special dwi squad hits the road. they were mobilized about a year ago, made up of the officers with the most
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they and their commander will tell you driving under the influence of drugs, just as bad an idea as drinking, then driving. >> wherever impaired drivers go, they will follow. >> reporter: this video created by the fairfax county police department showcases the nine officers whose mission it is to find impaired drivers and get them off the street. about 40 arrests a month. >> they're looking for signs of impairment, whether from alcohol or drugs. and they're looking to get those dangerous drivers off the street. >> reporter: and like officers nationwide, they're finding more drivers under the influence of not just challenge but drugs or a combination of both. a recent nationwide study showed for the first time drivers killed in accidents more often had drugs in their system than just alcohol. but detecting drugged driving and proving it in court can be tougher than drunk driving. >> it's very easy to kwh
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it's from drugs or alcohol. but when people are just over the limit, that's where it's a challenge to really recognize if someone's intoxicated. >> reporter: so the squad is now going through special training. >> in the police department, we started training, starting with our dwi squad on being drug recognition experts. to be able to pick on the more subtle cues of being intoxicated with drugs. >> reporter: the advice to drivers, avoid getting behind the wheel if you're taking any kind of drug, prescription or recreational. he hopes the tiger woods incident underscores the risk. >> it's a reminder to everyone that taking any sort of drug and getting behind the wheel is dangerous and can have a huge impact on your life. >> reporter: the drugged driving cases also more complicated in court, that's because blood tests have to be done to pin down what substances and levels are present. and that mea
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come to court to testify. but fairfax county court size has made adjustments because there's more of these cases. they now have a drugged driving docket so the doctors can come in on just a couple of days a month and testify on a number of cases on the same day. i'm julie carey. back to you. a virginia man accused of leaving the country to join isis is now on trial on federal charges. prosecutors say mohammed quash traveled to syria and iraq to join isis and then spent three months in isis territory before he surrendered to kurdish forces. at the time he was complaining about the difficulties of life in isis, said he made a bad decision. quash drew up in northern virginia and had been a bus driver before he left the united states. and ariana grande will be returning to manchester, england, this weekend. she'll perform a concert on sunday, benefitting the victims of the suicide bombing that oc
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just earlier this month. meanwhile, police have released new pictures of the suspected bomber alman abedi. they're trying to trace his movements in the days before the bombing to figure out who else was involved. intelligence officers are also looking through 13,000 hours of cctv footage, trying to find clues. breaking news now, the pentagon says a test today of new technology to stop intercontinental missiles was a success. military officials say the technology essentially is like hitting a bullet with a bullet. it could combat the missiles north korea is now testing. nbc's janis mackey frayer has our report. >> the pentagon has said this test is not solely about north korea, but pyongyang has long threatened that having a missile capable of reaching the coast of the united states is a goal of its weapons program. so pyongyang is going to be watching this u.s. test very
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closely. the concern with north korea has been the pacing of its testing and apparent successes. and doing so with improving technology. they're using solid fuels, mobile launchers, which means missiles can be launched faster, with little warning and limits the chances of being able to shoot it down. this latest test was controlled by a precision guidance system. kim jong-un supervised the test, said it was a huge success, landed within 23 feet of its intended target. there's no way to verify that, but it does show the regime is making progress. he's ordered the development of more powerful strategic weapons and has warned, there's a big gift package for the yankees. this is all a concern to south korea. their president, moon jae-in, has been in office for only a few weeks. on day one, he vowed that re-engaging with the north was a priority for him. today
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he says dialogue is no longer an option, and he's now pushing for sanctions. still ahead, local businesses getting a boost from a new program. how it's helping entrepreneurs grow and why the district' mayor says it's time to expand it. and doug keeping a close eye on the potential for severe evening storms, and when does
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the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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>> doug said we're getting sunshine. >> we're looking back, thinking, it doesn't look very sunny. >> the road looks sunny. the sky does not. >> scary sunshine. >> we have the low clouds out there. the clouds you're looking at now, take a look at the tower camera, if we can. we're going to go right from here, you can see it there. it really does, you can see it on the cars, the sun glinting off the cars and refracting there. but we do have some sunshine now moving into the area, and we need the sun. if you've had sun today, you have a better chance of seeing some stronger storms. we have not seen any sun from d.c. up to the north and east. and that area not going to see the best chance of storms. is it does look like storms here, but it's just low clouds in the area. up to 70 now with clearing, temperatures through the 60s, stormy around 00
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notice the temperatures, again, where we've seen the clouds, stayed in the 60s. where we've seen the sun, up near 80. 78, fredericksburg, 83 in charlottesville. we're tracking storms and some of these have become quite strong. this through fauquier and rappahannock county, this could be our warning. as we continue to watch what's happening around winchester. i want to zoom in here. this is the strongest storm in through fauquier county, along warrenton. south of 76 is where the storm is. coming in to fauquier, northern culpeper county and just to the east of washington here, this is in rappahannock county. you notice a lot of lightning associated with this, even some hail has been reported here with one of our storm tracks. up towards portions of west virginia, in through frederick county, virginia, north of winchester. this storm has just fired up and this one has a hail at
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too. we could see some of that, all moving to the east. you can see here, look at the clouds. departing the region. as they do, the storms developing. that will be key through the rest of the night. do these storms hold together coming into an area that's been stable today? that's what we'll wait and see around the d.c. area. but we've seen strong storms to the north, even a tornado warning in central pennsylvania. all part of a system that continues to spin. again, tomorrow, another chance for a few storms, although not many. most of us just like today will stay dry. 5:00 today, we have the storms, here they are around 7:00. down towards fredericksburg and then moving out of the region by 10 or 11:00. still showers down to the south, but most of the area starting to clear. and by tomorrow, maybe some cloud cover, maybe some fog early tomorrow morning. then a chance for thunderstorms during the afternoon. but again, at 1:00, not a bad afternoon on your wednesday. any storm impacts today. high winds
5:26 pm
and rain. 79 on thursday, here's something we haven't seen. a couple of nice days in a row, thursday and friday looking really good here. saturday and sunday, a chance of a shower on saturday, chance of showers if not rain on sunday. not a wash-out of a weekend, but something we'll continue to watch. we're back at 5:45. wall street's fearless girls made waves for its feminine statement. and a woman sentenced for her role in a brutal murder. the reaction from family who say the victim was lured to his death.
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creating jobs foreaner, reliour veterans... helping those in need save money on their energy bills. it takes 16,000 dominion energy employees doing the job. and now, dominion energy is investing $15 billion to build and upgrade our electric and natural gas infrastructure... creating jobs now and for the future. across virginia, we're building an economy that works for everyone and dominion energy is helping power the companies that power our economy.
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y2d1iy y16fy
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5:00. now at 5:30, a man stabbed more than 100 times in a local park. a woman involved in that murder now due to spend decades behind bars. this is a case that prosecutors say involved members of that notorious ms-13 gang. this evening we're learning from investigators say led to this brutal crime. news4's chris gordon has details from the courthouse. he's in rockville. >> this murder was ordered. >> reporter: it was a gang hit, according to
5:30 pm
18-year-old christian villagran-morales was lured into this gaithersburg park last june by vanesa alvarado who promised him sex. she belongs to the ms-13 gang. she told him marijuana the day before. her companions asked if he belonged to a gang. he didn't. but for some reason he flashed the sign of the 18th street gang. >> that information was relayed to someone higher up in the ms-13 and his murder was ordered because he flashed a rival gang's sign. bottom line. >> reporter: prosecutors say alvarado brought him into the woods for gang members were hiding. they stabbed him more than 150 times. morales begged hear fior his life. in sentencing vanesa alvarado, the judge said as he was being stabbed, she urged the others to continue. alvarado will spend a good part of the next 40 years in prison.
5:31 pm
satisfied. >> i'm pleased with the decision that the judge has made. so she will pay for what she did to my son. >> reporter: a cousin and his girlfriend found him in the woods after she had been missing for a day. we agreed not to show their faces on camera because they fear revenge from gang members. >> it's a consuming fear. because we know how horrible -- what horrible things these gangs are capable of. >> reporter: reporting from the montgomery county circuit court, chris gordon, news4. prosecutors call it revenge after a robbery and tonight the couple accused of killing sula mon jalo saturday night, are held without bond. ruben ortiz and collette cox are charged. prosecutors say they're
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jalo and some of his friends robbed them. just days after hate-filled flyers turned up in the delray section of alexandria, new knowledge ms a messages are appearing. everyone is welcome here. hate is not welcome here. and no vabegancey for hate are among the messages. the discriminatory flyers were found on saturday. it's not known who put them up. some people are using the situation to teach children to take a stand against hate and some of the signs were created by kids, including one with a series of messages strung between trees along mt. vernon avenue. maryland is planning to launch a new campaign, warning that driving drowsy can be just as dangerous in some cases as driving drunk. maryland is one of four states receiving a $15,000 grant to warn about these dangers. the state plans to focus efforts on educating medical shift workers like nurses and hospital staffers who work irregular
5:33 pm
association says tired drivers contribute to 328,000 crashes each year. proponents of paid sick leave in maryland rallying today against governor larry hogan's veto. the group is called working matters coalition for earned sick days. they're calling on state lawmakers to override that veto when it convenes in january. the bill required businesses with 15 or more employees to provide five paid sick days. hogan calls it bad policy that would kill small businesses. >> what's disturbing about the bill and this veto is that it really erases all the experiences of people trying to take care of themselves and their families. >> governor hogan had proposed his own paid sick leave bill, one that did not
5:34 pm
legislature. he said he would support a common sense measure. in the district, hundreds of small businesses received a big boost over the past year from a program created to connect entrepreneurs with mentors, financing and clients too. today mayor bowser announced she's expanding that program. mark segraves spoke with one small businessman who is going to build portable solar charging devices in anacostia. >> it weighs less than three and a half pounds. and the beautiful thing is, the light intensity is so bright. look how bright that is. >> reporter: ben wells is excited about his new solar charging device he plans to start manufacturing and selling, not just for what it means for its company, but for his community. >> we're going to bring this manufacturing to east of the river so we can create jobs. we're going to hire returning citizens, the hard to hire we want to make an economic
5:35 pm
>> reporter: he said he wouldn't be having the success he is without the help from project 500. >> we helped get his plan together, identify a target market and develop a skill strategy. he'll graduate in the program and we will infuse capital, help him open the facility and think about how do we sell to the other five cities. >> reporter: melissa bradley launched project 500 in partnership with the d.c. government to focus on small businesses in areas of the district with low income and high unemployment. bradley says the program works so well, now mayor bowser is expanding it to larger businesses across the city. and calling the new program ascent 2020. >> we've seen in two years, our unemployment numbers go down. but we've also recognized many washingtonians want to be entrepreneurs and we need to make sure our systems are set up to do that. >> sometimes you need fresh eyes to come in and transform how you do things. project 500 waspf
5:36 pm
helping us scale and identify partners. >> reporter: project 500 and ascent 2020 are opened to small and mid size businesses across the district. go to the nbc washington app and search project 500 to learn more. mark segraves, news4. i'm chris lawrence here at the live desk, where we're working to learn more about a homicide investigation happening right now in hyattsville, on newton street, not far from landover road in the bw parkway. officers found a man dead inside a home. they say he does have signs of trauma. we'll bring you any details as soon as we get them. >> thank you, chris. a new controversy surrounding d.c. schools, what the mayor has to say about a report that hundreds of teachers have quit. and the concerns right now in virginia about a proposal to tapand the s
5:37 pm
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republican leaders are to affordable health care. i'm tom perriello and in congress i voted for obamacare because it was wrong that a million virginians weren't covered while insurance companies held all the power. now i'm running for governor because it's wrong that most virginia incomes haven't gone up in 20 years.
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raise wages and build an economy that works for everyone. and we'll make sure this never happens in virginia. and right now, we have two storms we're looking at. they're not severe yet. one is the bigger one here now coming right into central fauquier county. it is right near warrenton. has a lot of lightning. there's some indication there might be a little bit of circulation aloft, but this is not a warned storm. it's going to beea
5:40 pm
manassas, 6:08. fairfax city itself around 6:23. looks like it will be holding together. expect downpours with thunder and lightning. the one to the north, north of winchester, west of charlestown. it will be near charles town shortly and brunswick around 6:07, buckiestown, and urbana around 6:35. more updates as the storms track through in just a few minutes. a week ago today he was supposed to be graduating from bowie state university. this evening, the ncaap is calling for action to honor second absolute richard collins iii, members of several local naacp chapters will be meeting in prince george's county in the administration building at 6:30. they say they'll be addressing racist flyers that have been sent out and some
5:41 pm
involved nooses. another controversy surrounds d.c. public schools. today mayor muriel bowser dismissed a report by "the washington post" that nearly 200 public schoolteachers have resigned since the first day of school this year. it's unusual to have such a high number of teachers quit before the end of the school year. this report comes days after reports that former school's chancellor kaya henderson gave preferential treatment in the school lottery system to officials close to the mayor. >> over the course of time, we have done just a fantastic job of attracting and retaining young talent. we put an excellent evaluation system in place. our teachers are earning bonuses across our system and if there are any outliers in that at any school, the chancellor will dig deeper into it and make sure that we have everything that we need. >> the new schools
5:42 pm
anwill hold a meeting with reads in anacostia tonight. a group of residents gathered on the steps of the lincoln memorial to push for a stop of what they are calling endless war. they plan to mail a letter to president trump asking them to reduce the military's budget, bring troops home, end sexism in the military. the group's leader said many actions by the u.s. violate the constitution in his opinion and he blamed many in washington for being the quote, real enemy. >> the capital, the white house, the pentagon, it's the lobbyists and the people who profit that endanger the constitution. >> it is worth noting in the most recent white house budget the president has called for a significant increase to our defense spending. it's all the talk on social media. bryce harper's brawl during the nats' game against san francisco. but what kind of discipline could our star outfielder be facing? and credit score
5:43 pm
what does that mean for amer
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5:45 pm
we're going to head back out to the storm center because we have a severe thunderstorm warning out west around fauquier county. >> yeah, guys, we continue to track those storms right now. we've been watching this area down to the south and west. this is the area that saw the sun all day, waiting for the storms to pop and they're doing that now. >> it's amazing the change and time. this storm got going rapidly, has a ton of lightning with it, indication of some hail and damaging winds maybe. >> heads up for that. take
5:46 pm
the storm is down to the south and west of d.c., around warrenton. another one around winchester. but it's this storm here, notice the warning, look at all the lightning right now around warrenton. this thing has blown up and blossomed over the last 15 or 20 minutes. just north of culpeper, along 17 as well. if you're south of warrenton, her in warrenton, make sure you're inside your house. we could see strong winds with this, upwards of 60 miles per hour, hail with this, and incredible lightning and heavy rainfall. fauquier county, prince william county, stafford county, culpeper county, until 6:30 tonight. and rappahannock, it's right here, but moving out of there right now. another storm firing up around the jefferson county area. frederick county virginia, in towards clark county. it's seen a lot of lightning in the last ten minutes, increasin
5:47 pm
northern clark county, cable town, frederick county, maryland. we'll continue to watch all these storms as they continue to develop and move to the east. this is all part of that same line, where we saw severe thunderstorms up to the north and now we're getting them back into our area. not much in behind this. and we expect it clear, but the larger picture here, this is still part of a very large circulation that will be just to the north and west tomorrow. and tom kierein, we've been talking about this, it could lead to a couple more storms during the day tomorrow as well. >> here's the hour by hour timing on your wednesday. so be prepared, maybe tomorrow afternoon around this same time, we might have some thunder showers popping up. looks like a much smaller chance than what we're getting this afternoon. here's the timing on that. this is as of 6:00 a.m. on wednesday. then by 10:00 a.m., sunshine breaks out and we'll have a beautiful day. but as we get in to the latter part of of the afternoon, 3 or 4:00, the clouds close back in, and the colorful
5:48 pm
thundershower. at the bus stop tomorrow, 7:00 a.m., partly cloudy, fog in the rural areas. and a chance of an afternoon shower tomorrow. >> the next ten days, 82 tomorrow, 79 on thursday, 82 on friday. thursday and friday probably the best two days we've seen in quite some time. a very nice thursday and friday. saturday not bad. early showers with a high of 82. sunday, we have 79, but it might not get that warm. showers and cloud cover. i don't think it's a wash-out yet, but it's something we'll continue to watch. next week, a lot of clouds, but temperatures still 82 on monday. cooler weather towards the middle of the week, but at least it's 70s and 80s for the most part right now. we'll continue to track the storms for you coming up next at 6:00. soon misdemeanors like reckless driving could land you in virginia's crime dna database. right now, only people coned
5:49 pm
the richmond times dispatch reports state officials want to expand that. supporters say expanding the database would help solve more crimes. opponents say it's expensive and is an invasion of privacy. well, a lot of you depend on online reviews before you travel or book a restaurant, buy something, yelp, travels onity. if you ever post a review, you need to be careful about what you say. susan hogan is here with more on that. >> that's right. while it's helpful to share your experiences with others, consumer reports says you can get in trouble for it, depending on what you say. tonight at 11:00, we're working for you with what you need to know. so some of the companies fear serious damage from bad feedback. so recently, they were able to include non disparagement clauses in their agreement, that allowed them to threaten customers with penalties over negative reviews.
5:50 pm
who was billed $3,500 penalty after a complaint. a court later ruled they didn't have to pay, but not before their credit took a hit. >> federal law now bars companies from penalizing people for negative reviews, but that does not mean you cannot get in trouble for what you say. tonight at 11:00, what you need to know to avoid those legal troubles and when you write your next review. guys? >> thank you, susan. let's talk credit scores now for american consumers. they're at a record high. the creator of the widely used fico credit score says the average high hit 700 in april. that's the highest in more than a decade. take a look. it comes with some major confusion about credit scores themselves. about half of adults in a recent nerd wallet survey did not realize that a bad score could limit cell phone service options. 41% mistakenly believed carrying
5:51 pm
credit cards could improve a score, and about 11% thought everybody starts with a perfect score. when in fact, good credit is built over time. there may also be confusion over free and proprietary scores. most lenders for mortgage and auto loans use fico scores. in fact, that credit score is used for about 90% of credit decisions. while some of those free reports like vantage score and experian are less likely to be used for lending decisions. they can be a way for you as a consumer to keep track of your finances. so here's what we need to look at there. those two, less importance on the fico score is where it's at. back to you. the scripps national spelling bee is officially under way and it's bigger and badder than ever before. this year, there are 291 spellers. that's a record. they range in age from 6 to 15.
5:52 pm
the words are going to be harder this year. it's an attempt to avoid a tie, like we've seen in the last three years. >> six years old. we are still awaiting word on an expected suspension for our bryce harper after yesterday's base brawl. harper hit by a pitch from the giants' hunter strickland, then charged the mound, threw his helmet and exchanged punches with the san francisco pitcher. both were ejected from the game. for some context, last season, the orioles' manny machado was suspended four games for charging the mound after getting hit by a pitch. >> boys. it's been smooth sailing for the george washington colonials this spring, and the magical season could culminate in a national title this week. news4's carol maloney is here with more on the team riding quite the wave right now. >> yeah, george washington,
5:53 pm
neighborhood, right in the heart of d.c. but one of its most competitive program, traveling up and down the potomac river. gw is a sailing school. now you know. only the fifth season as a varsity sport, we're keeping an eye on this team at nationals this weekend. >> the best part of being a coach is that this is my office. >> reporter: his office, the potomac. not a bad gig for gw sailing head coach billy martin. >> to most people, this looks like vacation. but to us, we have goals. and like any competitive program, we know that we have to put the work in. >> reporter: thanks to that hard work, martin's colonials are making waves. in just the fifth year as a varsity sport, both the co-ed and women's sailing teams earned top ten rankings this evening. and the co-ed squad could be closing in on a national title this week. >> it's a blast because you're out on the water, but
5:54 pm
something competitive. so that combination makes sailing the best sport. >> reporter: part of the secret to sailing success, staying in the moment. while the beautiful scenery could be an easy distraction for any of us, this team keeps its eyes on the prize. >> sometimes it's nice to take a water break and maybe have a granola bar and take a look at nice scenery, but once the whistle blows and the drill is on, these kids turn on like that. >> there are times when i'm out there, where i'm like, this is the best sport in the world. the views are amazing, you're out there, it's beautiful, crisp blue skies. there are sometimes certainly where i have to reel back in and say, we're racing, you can't get carried away with the scenery. >> brendan and the others competing beginning today. it's only the first day, but they are leading on their side of the bracket.
5:55 pm
georgetown also competing. new severe thunderstorm warning for clark county in virginia as well as, should be jefferson county too. surprised they're not included in this warning, but a very strong storm here. another extremely strong storm moving through warrenton, central portions of fauquier next item up for bidding is the "unicorn in rouge." bidding starts at five thousand. do i see six thousand dollars? thank you, madam. seven thousand? do i hear eight thousand? thank you. eight thousand five hundred. advance on eight thousand five hundred. sold to gentleman bidder number 80. "unicorn in rouge" for... eighty-five hundred dollars?!? vanstone auctions? call us with td asap on the td bank app and skip to the front of the line.
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creating jobs foreaner, reliour veterans... helping those in need save money on their energy bills. it takes 16,000 dominion energy employees doing the job. and now, dominion energy is investing $15 billion to build and upgrade our electric and natural gas infrastructure... creating jobs now and for the future. across virginia, we're building an economy that works for everyone and dominion energy is helping power the companies that power our economy.
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the fearless girl statue on manhattan has become a focal point of feminism and controversy. recently an artist tried to make his own statement with an addition on wall street. roseanne colletti from our sister station in new york explains. >> i've got every news media in the world calling me. i did like 20 interviews. i got a lot of hate mail. >> reporter: he said he was making his own statement, not about the girl sculpture, but about the boston financial firm that commissioned and placed it on the iconic bowling green site. >> that's promoting an index fund. it's not from an artist working on her own to make a statement. >> the sculpture of the tiny pony tailed girl became a symbol of women taking on wall street. but the bull's creator has threatened to sue both the city and the company for use of his work without his permission. attorney randy freedburg said there's a leg
5:59 pm
between copyright protection and free speech. >> you the owner of the bull still owns the bull. but if you're putting another work near it, that's protected speech. >> reporter: the company, state street global tells us fearless was created as a reminder to have women in leadership positions, positively contributes to strengthening companies. something the company admits it's working on. tourists snapping photos wouldn't find the pug today. but not the publicity his dog has generated. >> i think it's brilliant. it's in a public place, they should be able to display what they want to play. >> it's an interesting thing what's going on with all this. >> reporter: he said their efforts to settle
6:00 pm
gone nowhere. at this time, the bull's legal charge continues. in lower manhattan, i'm roseanne colletti, news4, new york. now at 6:00, a burglary, a fire and a stand-off with police. tonight we're piecing together the bizarre chain of events and hearing from a victim who watched his home go up in flames. the sound of gunfire fills the air, crime has taken over the streets of this d.c. neighborhood. the impact on long-time residents, whoa tat the police f is planning to do about it. and a prescription for trouble as we learn about the moments leading up to tiger woods's arrest. news4 at 6:00 starts now. but we'll begin with the weather. we have some wild weather, threat of strong storms, right now a tornado warning in clark county, virginia. >> take a look at the conditions in our area right now, cloudy and cool for much of the day. now we're shifting gears as heavy rain starts to move in to rt


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