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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 1, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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$4.19. 4/19 is the date of the oklahoma bombing. we know he had $10,000 of cash in his hotel room, when police went to his room. he told police and he told his friend that he had come here, that he wanted to meet president trump, he was going to stay here. he referred to himself as a refugee intent on bringing down big pharmaceutical companies. this all began yesterday morning at the trump hotel. >> this is bryan moles, checking in at home. >> reporter: 43-year-old bryan moles was arrested 1:00 a.m. wednesday after d.c. police and secret service knocked on his hotel room door in the trump hotel. moles had just checked into the trump hotel and had told the parking attendant he had guns in his car. that's when hotel security notified secret service. at about the same time, pennsylvania state police received a tip that moles was driving from his home in edinborough, pennsylvania, to washington, d.c., with guns in his car. that person told police they were concerned about moles'
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when police and secret service knocked on moles's hotel room door, he told them he had guns in his car. that's when he was arrested on gun charges. according to the police report, he had a glock handgun, an ak-15 assault rifle and 90 rounds of ammunition. now, moles also told police he had ammunition inside his hotel room. he also told them that he was self-medicating on marijuana inside his hotel room because he sferds from post-traumatic stress disorder. he served 14 years, he's a decorated navy veteran, he's a doctor in pennsylvania. so to get you caught up with what's going on in the courtroom, his attorney argued that there's no reason to hold him until his next hearing, because he's a law abiding citizen who mistakenly came into the district of columbia, with guns that are legal in his home state. but the prosecutors say, no, that they are concerned that he was acting suspiciously and he poses, in their words, a grave danger to the public if he is
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the federal prosecutors were citing federal law and had not presented that case work to the judge in advance for him to be prepared. so he told the federal prosecutors he's going to hold this case until the end of his docket this evening and take a recess to review the law and then he will come back and rule on whether or not bryan moles will be released on his own recognizance or whether he'll be held without judge until tomorrow afternoon before a federal judge. that's the very latest. >> thank you, mark. we shall overcome. that was the message at the national museum for african american history and culture today. staff and guests standing together after the discovery of a noose inside there. news4's kristin wright is gathering reaction, including from a passer who says he's not letting this shake his faith. kristin? >> reporter: that's right. people who work over at the national museum of the american indian came over here to
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you know what, we stand united with you. ♪ ♪ we shall overcome >> reporter: a spontaneous moment of unity outside the national museum of african american history and culture. founding director lonnie bunch came out and spoke to supporters. >> and what i love is look at the faces. it's america at its best. unbelievably diverse, it's a group of people that help us remember what america can be. >> reporter: bunch says these are some of the museum's most difficult times. a noose was found on the floor of a gallery on segregation wednesday. it was in front of a display on the kkk. the museum said it has cameras in that area, but won't comment on what images they may or may not have. reverend lewis from atlanta said the discovery of the noose is a remind t
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trying to suggest that we're not equal to other american citizens because of our color. that's tragic. >> reporter: but he's not sitting down. >> that we really need to, in protest of this, rise above it. and let the people know who would try to do this, that we're not going back there. ♪ ♪ >> we will put our arms around each other, that we will love each other, and that we will not be separated. >> reporter: there is extra security at the museum today. now, our chris lawrence continues our coverage now with a closer look at some of the other unfortunate incidents involving nooses in our area recently. chris? >> yeah, unfortunate is right. this isn't the first time a noose has popped up at a place that symbolizes tolerance or education. back at the end of april, someone hung a noose inside the fi kappa fraternity house at the university of maryland. then just four days later, bananas tied to nooses were
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campus and that coincided with the same day the first black woman took over as student government president. no one has been arrested in either of those cases. then on may 11th, in anne arundel county, a teacher found a noose hanging from a light fixture at crofton middle school. police arrested someone in that crime. just last friday, someone left a noose hanging on a free near the hirshhorn museum and skuculptur garden. and just yesterday, that incident was the fifth in a little more than a month. people reacting to the news that a noose was found hanging inside the national museum of african american history and culture. >> thank you, chris. well, right now, environmental activists and progressive groups are holding a climate change rally outside the white house in lafayette park. late this afternoon, president trump annou
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withdrawing the u.s. from the paris climate accord. he said he wants to look for a better deal. but as blayne alexander reports, more than 200 countries have already agreed to this deal. blayne? >> reporter: yeah, wendy, and already a number of european leaders have said this deal cannot be renegotiated. as you may imagine, reaction has been coming in very quickly to this news. perhaps most notably from former president barack obama, he's the one who negotiated that deal. his statement came through before president trump had even finished his speech. remember, this is a global agreement. up until this point, only two countries declined to participate. we're talking about syria and nicaragua, and now the united states is adding its name to the list. no deal, president trump announcing today, the u.s. will pull out of the paris climate accord, the global agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions. >> so we're getting out. but we will
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and we will see if we can make a deal that's fair. >> reporter: the move fulfills a campaign promise while ending a major obama deal. >> it is time to put youngstown, ohio, detroit, michigan, and pittsburgh, pennsylvania, before paris, france. it is time to make america great again. thank you. >> reporter: it's an issue that has divided even his closest advisers. outside the white house, more than two dozen major companies joining environmental groups and others, saying, continue the agreement. >> we all share the air. you can't build a border wall against carbon dioxide emissions. >> reporter: 22 republican senators urging a decision to leave. >> i do know this, it would be a huge job loss for america. >> reporter: but on the morning of his major announcement, the president tweeted about the very thing his white house is trying to
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this as nbc news has learned that investigators are looking into whether president trump himself met with russian ambassador sergei kislyak, a central figure in the investigation. and a date for the highly anticipated testimony of former fbi director james comey is now set, one week from today. and comey will speak publicly in open session for about three hours or so, before continuing that hearing behind closed doors. now, he is expected to talk about his interactions with president trump, but he's not expected to go into the investigation itself. either way, leon, a lot of people looking forward to hearing what he has to say. back to you. >> that's for sure. all right, blayne alexander, thanks for that. new reaction to the report that two russian compounds in the u.s. may be returned to the russian government. one is on maryland's eastern shore, the other, long island. we sent chopper4 to take a look at that maryland property. youoo
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back in december, president obama said the compounds were used for spying. the properties were seized. now "the washington post" reports that trump's administration is considering a plan to allow russia to re-occupy the properties without giving anything in return. the top democrat on the house intelligence committee told nbc news today that he would be horrified if the properties are returned without concessions from moscow. adding to the intrigue, the russian embassy sent a tweet ten days ago, threatening unspecified counter measures if the property is not returned to moscow's control. and vladimir putin made an interesting reversal today when he hinted that private russian hackers may have been involved in the cyber attacks during our presidential campaign. he had previously denied any russian role at all. nbc's megyn kelly is in russia, and she will ask putin about the shift in an exclusive one-on-one interview. you can see her reporting on the
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megyn kelly, that's this sunday here on nbc4. we're following two developing stories. first in the philippines, reports of gunfire and sploge explosions at a hotel in manila. now we're learning the motive may have been robbery. local police are saying they have reviewed surveillance video. and it shows a lone gunman going into the hotel and burning gambling tables. police say the suspect didn't shoot anyone and even appeared to let some people pass him. there were injuries caused by smoke and a stampede. police are still looking for the suspect, he may still be in the hotel. and police say a little girl who was found alone at night has been identified by her parents. she was discovered last night on 14th street in northwest, between harbor street and columbia road. police have not released any more information and they haven't said if charges will be filed in this case. still ahead, fake flyers showing up in d.c.
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deportation. tonight the mayor's message to undocumented immigrants, as police think about who is behind this. and the deadly responrespon deadly nightclub shooting in orlando through the eyes of the police officers. and a woman comes here on her lunch break, notices a woman dragged out of a car unconscious. ahead, you'll hear why her co-workers are calling her a hero. and of course a beautiful evening across our region, right here at the herndon festival, a beautiful night across the area. and the rides, finally open here, and trust me, just about all of them, already packed here. we'll talk much more in about 10 to 15 minutes with more on your weather and what to expecthis upcot mi
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a 2-year agreement. switch now at she was out on her lunch break when a car pulls up and an unconscious woman is dragged out and dumped. and then she put to use some of her training that she thought she would never need. >> i'm in hr and payroll. i'm like, why do i need cpr? but i did it. and i remembered what to do. >> reporter: all of this unfolding on richmond
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the alexandria section of fairfax county. tonight only on news4, david culver explains the bizarre incident that could have had a very deadly ending. >> reporter: hi, wendy. great work. wendy irving doesn't like all the attention, yet co-workers, filling her office with balloons, flowers, and a sign, calling her a hero. >> you thought it was important to share that it's not all bad. there are still genuinely good people out here. >> reporter: lou ann told us about what wendy did during her lunch break. at this route one shopping center. she noticed a car speeding through. this is where wendy was eating her lunch when she noticed the car drop off the woman unconscious. toward that planet fitness. she rushed into help. >> there was no pulse. so i immediately started doing the chest compressions,
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wasn't moving. it wasn't looking good. so i just kept doing it, and then she choked. and i was like, oh my god, oh my god. >> reporter: first responders told her she saved the woman's life. wendy told us, she almost didn't take that cpr training a year and a half ago. >> when i took cpr, i said i don't know why i'm taking this, because i'm never gonna use it. if i see somebody, i'll walk right past them. >> wow. >> i know. and yesterday i just reacted. >> reporter: lou ann also works with her, she's on the safety council committee. >> i said, i told you, you would use it some day. she was so glad that she took the course. >> reporter: the department's director most impressed that wendy put aside her own physical challenges to help someone else. >> she jumped right in. >> reporter: wendy
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life saver, back at work a few hours later. >> talk about quick thinking. here at the live desk, police are calling the deaths of two me people in anne arundel county. lesley smith and linda mckenzie lived in a house boat together. they were found dead in their car, which was in a ditch in shady side, around scott town road and nick road. neighbors had called police after they started hearing arguing and gun shots. now, it's still not clear if the argument had anything to do with the shooting. police say they do have several leads and are continuing to look into this case. i'm chris lawrence. back to you. we're gathering reaction to the fake immigration flyers that have been popping up in parts of the district. mayor bowser says they're meant to scare and divide the city. take a look at her tweet from earlier today. she maintains d.c. is a sanctuary city and urged
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residents to tear the flyers down. news4's chris gordon is in southwest, d.c., a neighborhood that's been plastered with the flyers. >> reporter: these flyers are fake, because they are not authorized by i.c.e. or the d.c. government. they contain a phone number urging people to call and report undocumented immigrants so they can be deported. i dialed that number just short time ago, and i got a recorded message that sounded like it was from i.c.e., but i.c.e. is disavowing these flyers. >> it's hurtful to see this. >> reporter: carlos said his parents are immigrants and he's worried about the message on the flyers posted all around his southwest neighborhood. >> whoever is doing this, should be ashamed of themselves. and they're causing concern for these illegal immigrants. >> reporter: the phony flyer are glued onto light poles and power boxes. they are entitled u.s. immigration and customs enforcement, using the words
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them could result in a prison sentence of five years. d.c. mayor muriel bowser immediately called the flyers fake, she said they are meant to scare and divide the city. >> we know over the last year, year and a half that we've just seen the type of rhetoric that incites hate. >> reporter: i.c.e. says, any person who actively incites panic or fear of law enforcement is doing a disservice to the community. many people who work in southwest, washington, are relieved to learn the flyers were not distributed by i.c.e. >> since it's fake, obviously people are trying to spread some kind of warning or hate around the neighborhood and i feel like that's not okay. >> reporter: now, in
6:20 pm
park, maryland, the acting police chief put out an e-mail to residents, saying, if you find fake flyers, tear them down. because takoma park has no interest in deporting immigrants. that's the latest, back to you. >> thank you, chris. dramatic new video from the night of the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando. police body cameras captured the chaotic scene as the first responders arrived to what is now the worst mass shooting in american history. we do want to warn you, some of the video can be disturbing. here's a report by nbc's sarah dallof. >> units have just arrived. >> back up. watch out for crossfire. >> stay at that door for cover. >> reporter: raw fear. and heartbreak. >> keep walking, keep walking, keep walking. >> reporter: in the early morning hours of june 12th, 2016. >> i got someone shot back here. i need some help. >> reporter: as recorded by law enforcement body cameras. they show a nightclub
6:21 pm
through a shattered window near the front door. and shout commands at gunman omar mateen, who had taken survivors hostage. >> keep going, keep going. >> reporter: outside, people hurried to safety as law enforcement assisted an injured officer whose kevlar helmet was hit with a bullet. >> i got you, i got you. >> reporter: after a three-hour stand-off, mateen was killed. >> terrorism in orlando. >> reporter: the owners of pulse nightclub now plan to turn the site into a permanent memorial, a tribute to the 49 victims and the first responders who rushed into the line of fire. sarah dallof, nbc news. an investigation is under way about a missing veteran's body, discovered in the parking lot of a va medical center. why his sister is saying the ag f
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i'm adam tuss in chopper4. take a look at this road that you take to the beach, a major construction project. when is it narrator: "the time is always right to do what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us.
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it was a deliciously beautiful day today and of course doug found his way outside to herndon which is his homeland, he went to school there, g
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of backyard weather. >> he's two out of three. twice he's been out when the weather was great. one time it was really hot. >> and you were there too. >> it's not just sunny, the humidity levels are low. we've been waiting, we deserve a day like this. tomorrow, very similar, breezy during the afternoon hours. as we look to the weekend, the forecast improving. mainly dry, not only saturday, but most the day on sunday as well. still on the warm side too. temperatures in the 80s and some rain at times in the forecast next week, but not super unsettled. currently temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. 83 right now in washington, 81 for those of you in leesburg. we're dry tonight and tomorrow, with plenty of sunshine. you will notice a breeze in the
6:26 pm
friday night and saturday morning. if you're north of the beltway, especially in frederick, carroll county and washington county, i can't rule out an isolated shower, but this mainly looks to impact baltimore early saturday morning, and for everybody, it's dry by the mid-morning hours. if you're headed to the beach, it's looking really nice. the water temperature up to a steamy 65 degrees. a little bit cooler on saturday, 68 with a mix of clouds and sun. it's going to be very windy at the beaches on sunday. so if you're trying to figure when to get the boat out, i would not commerecommend doing sunday. 70 for a high on sunday, with plenty of clouds around. as we take a look at the next ten days here, high on saturday of 80, mid 80s on sunday. maybe late-day showers and thunderstorms on sunday. but most of the day, i think will be dry. more so in the early evening and
6:27 pm
monday. highs in the mid 80s and also feeling muggy on monday. tuesday, maybe lingering showers, but it's cloudy and cool. mid 70s. and then after that, a beautiful stretch of weather. as nice as it is out there this evening. and doug, lucky one tonight in herndon. not only your hometown, the weather is beautiful -- we're playing the carnival games now. and they're off! >> that's right, i'm concentrating, amelia. i can't talk right now. i've got my man steven next to me. how old are you? he's 7 and i got molly to my left. i'm number ten. how am i doing? number 10! no. i thought this was rigged. i thought we talked about it. oh, no! nicely done down
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oh, that's what i get. i'm going to give you that, big guy. you always win here at the herndon festival. just a great weekend to come on down. take a look at the forecast over the next couple days. really just perfect, probably one of the better four-day weekends we've seen down here at the herndon festival. 85 tomorrow, 80 degrees on saturday. sunday, 86. it will be a little bit warm on sunday. good chance of afternoon thunderstorms too. that's something we'll watch for as we move through the afternoon. now again, if you want me to come to your backyard, this is one of our backyard weather, just go to my facebook page, and you can see me in your backyard. we'll be doing this all summer long. you guys know i love this. you've at least done one of these with me. wendy, it's your turn. >> i would love to. i wish someone would let me. >> there's more coming, buddy. >> thanks, doug. >> that's the truth. they probably
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bring leon again. >> it's a deal. coming up, a veteran is found dead in a parking lot of the va medical center in the district and the i-team has details on the hours that led up to this discovery and the investigation that is now under way. the crime spree created fr ea
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just weeks after a major shake-up at the va medical center, in the district there's been another incident. this time it involves the death of a veteran. >> we've learned the feds are investigating how a patient died in a parking lot outside the medical center, yet might have gone unnoticed there for more than a day. scott macfarlane is breaking the story and has the developments. >> good evening. the d.c. va medical is one of america's largest and busiest. it just had a major house cleaning. new leaders were rushed in. they are days into the job and now the new leaders face new questions. monday, may 15th, the sister of a veteran from northeast, d.c., said her brother went for treatment on irving street but never returned home. she said the family was worried and called them to see it they could search. called the next day and the next night. just before evening on tuesday, more t
6:33 pm
searching in the parking lot herself. according to this d.c. police report, she found him, slumped over, unconscious in his car in the parking lot at the medical center. speaking to us off-camera inside her home, the veteran's sister called the failure to find her brother before he died, unacceptable. >> we're still in the process of investigating the timeline that you speak of. >> reporter: larry connell is the new acting director. >> i met with the veteran's sister that evening, expressed our condolences on that and reached out to her to see if she needed anything. >> reporter: we've learned investigators with the u.s. house committee on veterans fairs are investigating the death too. the committee chairman said i'm absolutely outraged that a veteran who served our nation died alone, in his car. this creates new scrutiny for connell who was brought in to clean up a scandal.
6:34 pm
over, this facility was not to my standards. >> reporter: there was significant supply shortages which forced by yop siz to be canceled and required staff to borrow blood for dialysis. they found expired supplies and dirty conditions in what are supposed to be 18 sterile storage areas. >> there were dust bunnies and dirt. >> no question about it. there's not now. >> reporter: he said the supply shortages have been fixed. >> i'm not going to say that the va medical center is perfect. no hospital is perfect. that's a high volume operation over there. >> reporter: james preston is a local army veteran who received cancer treatments at the center. he said, though he's been satisfied with his care, other veterans are frustrated. they could care less about being short on supplies. as far as their concerned, go to cvs, get what i need and bring it back. >> reporter: the staff shake-up is still under way, not only w
6:35 pm
the medical director reassigned, you but the agency has brought in three new high ranking officials to oversee the center. >> 98 patients, 2,000 employees. internal agency investigators say their review of the facility is still under way, and in the meantime, we're told the d.c. medical examiner is investigating the cause of that veteran's death in the parking lot. >> the previous medical director that was there when all of this mess was occurring, he was reassigned? where does he go? >> he was moved to va headquarters in washington, d.c., he's been given a high ranking position there. he's across town at headquarters. >> interesting. this is our first look at the full supreme court now that associate justice neil gorsuch is on the bench. the nine justices came together for their first formal photo session. you can see justice gorsuch is in the back row on t
6:36 pm
right. the senate confirmed him in april to fill the seat of justice antonin scalia who died 14 months earlier. the open seat sparked a fiercely partisan battle because republicans refused to consider president obama's nominee, which was judge merrick garland. the surviving d.c. sniper could get a new trial. prince william county may prosecute lee boyd malvo for shooting and killing a man pumping gas in manassas. the prosecutor originally opted to not try him because the duo was sentenced for other murders. but last week, a judge ordered he must be resentenced because the life sentence imposed when he was a teen were unconstitutional. we have big changes on a popular route to the beach. we're taking a closer look as we learn what's being done to keep traffic moving even when an ac
6:37 pm
student thought she'd never had the opportunity to walk in. i'm tracee
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, you need it asap. i'll take care of that. don't just bank. bank human™. a live look at the bay bridge where people are already getting a head start on their weekend. many have packed up the car and heading to the beaches right now. if you've done that drive during the summer months, you know it can be a nightmare. well, it's about to get worse. route 404 is getting wider, but all the construction that is now causing delays. adaum tuss is up in chopper4 to show us what's happening. >> flying high tonight in chopper4 to give you a bird's eye view of a road that you take to the beach probably quite often. take a look. this is route 404, the road to rehoboth beach or dewey beach. you can see the construction happening here all along the side of the road. and this goes on for miles.
6:40 pm
show you what's going on. for the longest time, 404 has been one lane in each direction. but what's going on, they're actually doubling the capacity of the road. you can see how a whole new section is coming here. and this is not only because of the capacity issues here and the cars that are on here, but it's because of safety concerns upon they want to put a median down the middle to further protect things. in the long run, this should help improve the commute. this work has an incentive to get finished early. it's been going on for some time, but should finish by thanksgiving. we talked today with the head of the maryland state highway administration about it. >> that's a roadway that skeacas about 17,000 cars a day. but in the summer it peaks to about 20,000 cars a day. we had some real safety challenges with people that were crossing the
6:41 pm
impactful crashes. >> reporter: looking at 404 tonight as the traffic is making its way, you can see all the construction happening. the maryland state highway administration also said they have more rapid response teams out, tow trucks that can help clear a clash if you get into an incident. that's a new strategy coming up this year as well. back to you. >> we are four days into a disturbing 100-day period, the most deadly time of the year for teenagers when they are behind the wheel. triple-a says the number of deadly car accidents involving teens skyrockets between memorial day and labor day. distracting driving is among the top reasons. passengers being the top distraction, followed by sell phones. speeding and no seat belts are also factors. triple-a said 16 and 17-year-old drivers are three times more likely to be involved in a deadly crash.
6:42 pm
across the stage at graduation, the incredible story of a local student who defied the odds after a devastating accident. and high anxiety on a national stage. it's down to 15 at the spelling bee, and there's a maryland
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia that works for everyone. this is how it started, in a hospital bed. then to a wheelchair. next she was walking and at one point, she was running across that stage at her graduation. it has been a tough year for diamond frazier after a car crash nearly derailed her senior year, but she was determined to
6:45 pm
student's comeback story. >> reporter: when we met diamond in january, she'd been in this wheelchair for months. >> i'm ready to start walking again. >> reporter: the honor student and student government officer at wise high school was spending senior year in home school and didn't know when she would walk again. >> my friends asked me when i'm coming back to school. >> reporter: last november, her and her parents were involved in a hit and run crash. diamond was thrown from the car to the other side of the road. after numerous surgeries, the whole chair became her home. >> it's hard for a 17-year-old to have to experience all of this. >> wow, look at you! >> reporter: for a new weeks now, diamond's been standing on her own two feet. it took a lot of therapy and hard work, but today she graduates high school. >> really, really, really excited that i can walk across the stage. >> she wanted to be in school. she didn't want to be
6:46 pm
struggle for her. when she came back, it was beautiful. >> reporter: she's my baby again. she's back. >> reporter: for her mom, the walk to wise high school's graduation is bittersweet. police have still not captured the hit and run driver who crashed into the family's car and fled the scene. although the driver left the vehicle at the scene. maryland state police can't prove who was behind the wheel. but today -- >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: -- it's all about this moment. >> diamond bailey frazier. >> reporter: a victory so sweet. >> diamond! >> reporter: diamond decided to run across the stage. >> i was just so happy. i'm so happy for her. >> reporter: diamond will be attending frostburg state university next year on full scholarship. in college park, i'm tracee wilkins. news4. thousands of spellers have been eliminated, but 11-year-old saketh sundar is one of only 15 left standing in the scr
6:47 pm
>> dacryocyst, dacryocy d-a-c-r-y-o-c-y-s d-a-c-r-y-o-c-y-s-t. >> correct. >> i feel ecstatic because i never expected for this to happen pi thought i would get out in round six or round seven. a and this happening is amazing. if i had got some different words, i probably couldn't be here, but i just got lucky. >> he's cute. >> smart as a whip and humble too. of course you knew what dacryocyst is. >> i was just talking about it the other day. >> of course. it's defined as a dilated pouch within the eye. sundar advanced to the primetime showdown tonight at gaylord national resort. >> he was cute as he can be and smart, smart, smart. >> very well spoken. >> all right, amelia, how beautiful or scrumptious, can
6:48 pm
you spell scrumptious? >> how about beautiful? >> we'll stick with beautiful. >> it's gorgeous. tomorrow we'll have highs in the 80s once again. we're still in the 80s now. take a look at your temperatures. the district coming in at 82. twin brook coming in at 85 degrees. beautiful blue skies. but with the dry weather today and the rain we've had over the last few days, you can see a lot of pollen in the air. trees coming in moderate, grasses are high, even though the season is starting to wind down, but they're still high today and mold, due to all of the rain, very high. as we take a look at tomorrow, beautiful sunshine, more pollen in the air and breezy as well. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, 64 degrees. lunch time, warmed up nicely. 4:00, mid 80s. high of 84. friday evening looking fabulous. 7:00, 79 degrees. it's going to be breezy during the second half of the day, and you'll notice then as you're getting
6:49 pm
commute, no issues, weather wise. recess is warm, outdoors. exercise, beautiful, perfection. went for an awesome run this morning. it's going to be great again tomorrow. dinner out on your friday night. frederick, leesburg, can't rule out an isolated shower, but for most of us, it's looking dry. you can download the app and see if there's any rain falling. take a look at the next ten days saturday, high of 80. on sunday, start with sun, clouds increase throughout the day. and maybe some scattered, late-day showers and thunderstorms around on sunday. again that high of 86 degrees. but there's a far better chance for rain and thunderstorms around on monday, especially during the second half of the day. 85 at that point, so the weekend really looking pretty nice, but then it's cool on tuesday, mid 70s with a chance for showers and after that, a really nice stretch of weather. wednesday, high of 78, partly su
6:50 pm
on friday, and next weekend, guys, looking just as nice as this weekend. plenty of sunshine and low 80s in the forecast. >> thanks, amelia. coming up in sports, the trilogy we've been waiting all season to see. >> and we'll get you ready for the t ralph nohirtham: being a pediatrician has taught me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam, and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia. head in now to grab the five dollar footlong spicy italian. loaded with salami and pepperoni. for a limited time, the spicy italian footlong is just five dollars. it's a big value for even bigger flavor. only at subway.
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> don't get overly excited w,
6:53 pm
right now. looking good. took the giants to the wood shed. >> gotta love the last couple days if you're a nats' fan. the last time the nationals swept the giants in san francisco, they were the montreal expos, that was may of 2003. last night, max scherzer virtually unhittable in the final game of the series. he pitched his first complete game since may of last year. scherzer has been sizzling on the mound. his last two starts, dominant. he pitched 17 2/3 innings, one out away from back to back complete games. he struck out 11 last night against the giants. the game before that, the nats' aced 13. in two games, two runs and eight hits. both wins for scherzer. pitching tomorrow, steven strasburg, coming off a career high 15 strikeouts in his last start. the
6:54 pm
nba finals with the cavs and warriors. keep your eye out for nats players to be there. but tonight, the third finals nba meeting and both teams ready for the trilogy. >> we know each other very well. wea we've added some pieces along the way and we'll see what this series holds. >> i don't want to feel what i felt last year. and i'm going to do everything in my power to, you know, attack every game with that kind of perspective. but we obviously have been through a championship success story, where we know what it takes to win. so got to feel both of those experiences to put us in the best position to win this series. on the ice, penguins out to a 2-0 series lead in the stanley cup final. painful to hear, caps fans, i know. the penguins scored three goals in less than four minutes to start the third period in game two. th
6:55 pm
4-1 win. predators will hope to bounce back on home ice. game three, saturday night, in nashville. preds have lost just once at home this postseason. gotta say, there must be something about the catfish out there. to the french open, world number one andy murray taking on martin klizan. skip to the third, gets his racket on this, klizan thought he had murray, but andy showing off why he's ranked number one. murray takes the third set, 6-2. in the fourth, in the far court, klizan running up, but murray with the stretch. andy murray heads to the third round. american john isner also a winner today. last weekend was a big one for the university of maryland. both men's and women's la crosse teams taking home national titles. this weekend, the terps' baseball team hop
6:56 pm
maryland beginning play in the ncaa tournament, tomorrow against west virginia. terps are the three-seed in the w winston-salem regional. it's the third time in four seasons maryland has made the tournament. but after missing out last year, they're ready to get back and make some noise. >> it's special to me. last year was tough not making the regional. we have a different group of guys this year and played really well this year. we think we deserve to be in. it's really special. we have veterans who have been there before, some seniors who have been there two or 33 timth times. i can take a lot from them, in slowing things down and getting used to the atmosphere. it's really special. indians and a's for day baseball. and a slight problem in the sixth. the sprinklers turned on in the outfield, not something you really see every day. might have been one of those
6:57 pm
either way, pretty funny. cooling off everyone that got caught in it. who do you think, golden state or cleveland? >> as a man born and raised in akron, ohio, blocks away from lebron james' home, you know where i'm going, with the cavs. >> anyone else? >> you know i don't follow this. [ laughter ] >> i'm going for golden state. >> amelia and i are going to be looking at the sky. >> i'm going with my heart, not the head. >> if merriam-webster cannot explain president trump's bizarre covfefe tweet, but that's not stopping people from taking a stab to it. >> a scrabble-like game defines it as the amount of reporting when auto correct fails you at 3:00 a.m. >> there you go. >> the president's tweet spread like wildfire on social media,
6:58 pm
prompting jokes from everyone from jimmy kimmel to hillary clinton. >> you know how funny she is. "nightly news" is next. see you back here vo: at dominion, we have a long history of providing reliable energy and that'll never change. what is changing, is our name to dominion energy. it's a reflection of our commitment to energy innovation and renewable sources like solar, wind... and cleaner energy like natural gas. and we'll continue to innovate, upgrade technology, protect our environment and serve our communities.
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breaking news tonight, president trump says he's pulling america out of a landmark agreement regarding climate change saying it's hurting the economy. cheered by supporters and condemned around the world, some american cities vowing to fight. putin's admission, what he's saying for the first time about russian hackers in the u.s. election. eye-opening comments before an exclusive interview with n news. powerful words from basketball super star lebron james speaking out after a racist message left at his home. 100 deadliest days, a startling warning about teen driving this summer. why is this particular moment so dangerous. inspiring america, a life-changing mission by a nasa rocket scientists that invented one of the most popular toys of all time.


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