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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  June 2, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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restaurants. > > >> at first, many riders had no idea what happened. then they learned a street car ran into them. >> several people have been injured, and we've learned about the cause of the crash. i retweeted chris gordon's reporting from the intersection of 11th and h. had to be scary for the folks on the bus. >> reporter: chris and pat, absolutely. this was a scary incident. i'm here where it happened and people have been worried about an accident like this, ever since street cars began running up and down the h street corridor in northeast, washington. and that's because of the way it's designed. take a look at the tracks. critics say the tracks run too close to parked cars. today it appears that a car pulling out of a parking space may have set off a chain of events, resulting in this accident between the street car and the metro bus. this passenger wore a
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bus. belinda king hobbled off in pain. she says the crash caused her to hit a rail on the same side where she had a total hip replacement. >> when it hit, we just flew and didn't no one come until just now, so we all going to the hospital. >> reporter: dc fire and ems crews received an emergency call at 11:00 a.m., reporting a d.c. street car had hit the back of a metro bus, injuring ten passengers on the bus. >> we called our mass casualty bus, considering the number of people that were involved, and we transported them to local hospitals. >> there was a loud crash. >> johnny bay was standing outside the metro pcs store he manages and saw the accident right across the street. >> so i saw the street car coming up, and i don't think he saw the bus, because he ran straight into the back of it. after that, you saw everybody on the bus go jerki
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big impact, like a slam. a total slam just hit. >> reporter: traffic is back to normal here along h street and the latest word we're getting as far as injuries, none appear to be serious. that's the latest live from northeast, washington. back to you. >> chris gordon, thank you. a pennsylvania man, accused of bringing guns to the trump international hotel downtown made an appearance in federal court this afternoon. police say bryan moles brought an assault rifle, a handgun and ammo to the hotel earlier this week. mark segraves is live now outside of the u.s. district court downtown with the details. mark? >> reporter: yeah, this is the second time that bryan moles has stood before a judge, yesterday a local judge, today a federal judge. that judge released bryan moles until his next court date later this month. this all began when the
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home in edinborough, pennsylvania, with weapons in his car. he was arrested at the trump hotel. that was early in the morning after police had gotten a tip from hotel security and from a caller in pennsylvania saying they were concerned about what moles planned to do once he got here to d.c. we now know from court documents that he told someone he wanted to see president trump and he wanted to bring down big pharmacy. this man is a suspended doctor. he told the judge he's an emergency room doctor, but he was suspended from that job. the judge did release him until his next court date, but ordered moles to undergo psychiatric evaluation and treatment at a veterans hospital. also said that moles has to stay away from the district of columbia until his next court date and he cannot be in possession of any guns. he also has to surrender temporarily all the guns he owns in pennsylvania. moleol
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he's going to leave washington, d.c. today as soon as police release his car that was impounded and he's going to live with a friend, near atlanta, georgia. and that's where he'll go to a va hospital. more coming up at 5:00. that's the latest. mark segraves, news4. >> thank you, mark. chopper4 was flying above the scene of an amtrak train. crews removed the wreckage and the train went on its way. kathie griffin held a news conference today and said she's getting death threats over the photo that shows her posing with the likeness of president trump's bloody, severed head. she also apologized again for doing that. the photo, she says, was motivated by comments trump made about megyn kelly when he referred to blood coming out of her eyes and body.
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philippines say thursday's attack in a tourist resort is not related to terrorism. despite the claims coming out of an islamic state group. 36 people died in manila, but officials say it was an attempt at robbery gone wrong, and terrorists are just trying to take credit for it. president trump is getting the cold shoulder today from some companies after pulling out of the paris climate accord. elon musk quit the president's advisory council. many other companies have also criticized the move. from meddling in the election to nato, vladimir putin is giving his side of the story. he spoke to megyn kelly at a forum in st. petersburg. >> as you may have heard, putin spoke at length about election hacking and once again, strongly denied any involvement in the u.s. election and hacking. kelly pressed putin
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was involved. she said russian fingerprints were all over the attack. but putin mocked that assertion and he even said a young child could be responsible. >> translator: what fingerprints? whose prints? what are you talking about? they can be invented. there are very many specialists that can invent or fix it up. a kid of your s can send it. a 3-year-old could have portrayed such an attack. >> even at that forum, lots of laughs were generated by those comments. >> the president also question president trump's calls to increase nato spending. you can see the entire interview on the
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night with megyn kelly. >> thank you. now to the weather and the weekend is getting off to a pretty start. >> the big question, just how long is that going to last? let's go to meteorologist doug kammerer. still outside? >> if i was able to get to a backyard or festival, that would be perfect. but i'm in storm team4 weather deck. just a gorgeous afternoon. out there now, 82 degrees at the airport. 79 hagerstown. fi 85 for richmond. to the north, only 72, that's cooler, drier air that will make its way down here. you can see a frontal boundary trying to move down, showers associated with that. we'll talk about that coming up and talk about everything else too. a great evening tot.
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going to be a good night for it. continued very warm over the next couple days. and then we're talking about weekend rain chances. sunday, still tracking a couple of showers, maybe a thunderstorm or two. we'll talk about that, and unsettled next week, but not all that bad. a pretty good ten-day forecast. one of the better that we've had for quite sometime. i like to do all my weather hits from out here. it's really that nice. >> we'll see if you feel the same when it's 20 below. >> i would love snow right now. it would be awesome. i love it out here when it snows. >> you just wait for that. thank you. peeking into people's windows in the middle of the night without wearing a single stitch. and police say that's what happened in a quiet, local neighborhood. also first at 4:00, what is this stuff washing up on the shores of some of our most popular beaches and what experts say
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d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton wants the fbi to investigate these fake immigration flyers. they're popping up in the district. and norton thinks someone posted them to intimidate immigrants and their families. the district is a sanctuary city which gives immigrants some protection from deportation. the u.s. immigration and customs enforcement confirms the flyers are fake and mayor bowser is urging people to tear them down. when you head to the beach this summer, keep an eye out for this, mounds of straw-like grass are washing up in ocean city and other beaches up and down the atlantic. >> not only does it look bad,
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something you and your children should stay away from. here's what it looks like. the maryland coastal bays program says it has no idea where this grass is coming from. they say it's dangerous because it could contain hazardous debris and sea life. weekend traffic during the summer can be tough enough around here. first at 4:00, the two projects that could slow you down this weekend. plus, a superhero finally comes to life, a preview of the much fios built its 100% fiber optic network because we knew comes to life, a preview of the much that everyone would need faster internet. so we're introducing fios gigabit connection. it delivers amazing new download speeds up to 940 megs. that's 20x faster and more powerful than most people have. yes, 20 times.
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from penn state to the penitentiary. they were charged with child endangerment for failing to report sex abuse accusations against jerry sandusky and they could all serve between two and 23 months in jail, then get house arrest once they get out. jerry sandusky is serving a 30 to 60-year prison term after being convicted of sexually abusing ten boys. a live look at folks head to the beach for the weekend. but roadwork could slow you down. route 404 leads to rehoboth and dewey beach hot
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have started widening the road, but the project won't be finished until thanksgiving. so plan on some backups as you head to the beach for summer. and if you drive down i-95, we want to alert you to weekend a road project that you'll want to plan around. starting tonight at 10:00, crews will be repairing a hole in the neebsco creek bridge. the hole is the size of a football and the work won't be done until monday morning at 6:00. virginia transportation officials are warning the work could cause extensive delays in both directions. did you notice that we celebrate donut day on the first friday in june? >> i know now. who doesn't love those treats? but the history behind the day my surprise you. it's actual rooted in war. national donut day was launched back in 1938 by a chicago b
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the salvation army volunteers overseas who served donuts to soldiers during world war i and world war ii, it was an effort to boost morale. the woman who did the work was known as the donut girls or donut lassies. we have a list where you can score donut deals. search donuts in the nbc washington app. ♪ ♪ "wonder woman" bursts onto the screen this weekend and proves she doesn't need any help from superman or batman to carry the day. i could watch that clip over and over. wtop entertainment editor jason fraley is joining us live. >> unlike its predecessors, you say this "wonder woman" is a smash. >> absolutely. everybody, get your tickets now. it'sd
4:18 pm
came out for her to get her own mov movie. we've seen badman, spiderman, superman. so it's nice to see her get her movie. they nailed it. it's refreshing to get an origins story, to get a full character here. it starts with her origin on her native island. it head a "game of thrones" feel. but as soon as the pilot enters her orbit, she gets pulls into helping us win world war i, so it's a gritty movie in the trenches. there's goose bump moments when she rises out of the trenches to go across what they say is no-man's land, but she can go there. and starts knocking bullets off with her wrist bands. gal gadot, she's a veteran of the
4:19 pm
miss israel, so she can legitimately kick some butt here. and patty jenkins, the director, gives us great sequences with slow motion at just the right moments, it's not blurry. you can see it like panels out of a comic book, but with a little motion. it's really great. batman, and superman and suicide squad were a bit of flops, but this one, they got a winner here. welcome back to the party, dc. >> i shared jason's review on my facebook page because i loved it so much. if we're not sitting in the theater, what are the music options this weekend? >> lots of options. tonight at 9:30, you can check out lupe fiasco. tomorrow, aretha franklin and lesl lesley odom jr. and then on sunday, c
4:20 pm
chance the rapper fresh off a grammy at gipy lube live. >> and monday, the kennedy center, get a smile on your face there. tell us what's happening. >> monday night, a night of laughter and song to benefit the david lynch foundation, which is teaching medication to vets with ptsd and at-risk kids. but the line-up is going to be awesome. it's jerry seinfeld, jay leno, hugh jackman, we'll be on the red carpet talking to all of them. you can see hugh jackman on monday and "wonder woman" over the weekend. >> jam-packed weekend. jason, thank you. >> i'm jealous you saw "wonder woman" already. >> before he did. >> go see it, it's great. >> i know. one look outside shows us it's going to be a gorgeous start to our weekend. and all things must come to an end. >> doug's trackg which partin
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we are told the pyramids werewhat was that?ombs. nick! [ gun shot ] but the truth is... they're prisons.
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creating jobs now and for the future. across virginia, we're building an economy that works for everyone and dominion energy is helping power the companies that power our economy. i haven't seen people this excited about the weekend in weeks. everybody's buzzing about this weather. >> we're finally getting some stretches of nice weather. >> it's long overdue. >> it is.
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so it's great to look at a weekend that's so nice. going to be hard for me to pull myself away to go see "wonder woman." >> but you'll do it. >> i haven't been this excited about a movie in a long time. i mean the superman movies, just disappointments. out there now, cloud cover, bright blue skies, low humidity, it's another perfect afternoon. 82 degrees, but look at the wind out of the north at 23 miles an hour. winds gusting upwards of 30 miles an hour. we have a couple systems working their way in. 81 in leesburg. 83, fredericksburg. 77, winchester. another nice evening all around. take a look at the radar. nothing to show. no rain here. but we are tracking a little system to the north. let's widen out here. all part of the same area of low pressure. it's been spinning up here for days. it was over the great lakes, gave us the storms earlier. no
4:25 pm
but another piece of energy moving through and another one overnight tonight, which will impact saturday. first off, you can see where the low pressure has the influence. everybody else in the 80s. look at minneapolis. 88 degrees up there. they've got the heat. but much cooler underneath that troth in the east. only 64 in buffalo. we'll get drier tomorrow, but it won't feel much cooler. going for similar temperatures to today. tonight, again, no chance of rain. i mean, a beautiful night if you're out. maybe dinner outdoors, looking perfect for that. but notice what happens tomorrow morning. we have cloud cover in here tomorrow morning through about noon and then it gets out of here. farther to the west, if you're west of the blue ridge, not much in the way of clouds. much your day will be sunny and i think everybody sees a great saturday afternoon. tomorrow, 83 degrees, early clouds and clearing and very
4:26 pm
the day tomorrow. press pretty nice on sunday too. maybe a shower, but most of the day is dry. monday we have rain, high of 79, chance of showers on tuesday, high of 74. a little unsettled again, and wednesday, many areas don't get out of the 60s. a little bit on the cool side. nice weather, we get into a really nice stretch. beach weather this weekend. next weekend, looking really good. we're all about good news here today. did we mention it's friday? >> thank you, doug. the famous faces on the wall of ben's chili bowl have made the wall a washington institution. first at 4:00, which faces are about to be added to the mural? plus, a naked guy caught ♪ about to be added to the mural? plus, a naked guy caught pr oo-tip. get these great smoked ribs. twenty minutes on the grill, they're done. you think he cares if i smoke ribs for six hours?
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the best food at amazing prices, giant. a comedian in tears, now at 4:30, kathie griffin speaks out again over the controversial photo that cost her at least one big job. can she put it behind her, or make it worse? >> slow going on the metro this weekend. the weekend work that could make you late. and the new, yet very familiar faces that will soon adorn one of d.c.'s most famous murals. you're watching news4 at 4:00. in his own words, vladimir putin is responding directly to accusations that russia meddled in our presidential election. blayne alexander is tracking the story
4:30 pm
blayne? >> reporter: as you can imagine, the russian president answered some very direct questions about the ongoing investigation here at home and he certainly had a lot to say. >> reporter: the white house today taking no questions on the ongoing russia investigation. >> we're focused on the president's agenda. >> reporter: but in russia, a defensive vladimir putin addressing it head on. >> translator: it's some sort of hi hysteria. and this hysteria never seems to stop. >> reporter: speaking at a forum moderated by nbc's megyn kelly, the russian president at times, dismissive. other times, sarcastic. >> a 3-year-old can perpetrate such an attack and they present it like this. >> reporter: and ridiculing u.s. intelligence findings that russia did meddle in the 2016 election. >> translator: no facts, just allegations. ep
4:31 pm
is pressuring to drop the sanctions imposed under president obama and as the russian investigation heats up on capitol hill. fired fbi director james comey testifying next week. and a secret meeting with jared kushner and russian ambassador sergei kislyak. >> translator: what is an ambassador supposed to do? that's what he gets paid for, to have meetings. >> reporter: also under suspicion, banker sergey gorkov who refused to answer questions. in st. petersburg, plenty of talk yielding only more questions around the russia investigation here at home. and about the comey hearing, he is expected to testify publicly for several hours before going into a private session later that afternoon. >> thank you, blayne. sthmpt at least one member of president trump's cabinet admits climate change is real. betsy devos was
4:32 pm
eag eagle charter school in southwest when she weighs in. >> oh, i think, however, the climate changes, yes. >> reporter: however, she stopped short of saying the president made the wrong decision. she said by pulling out of the accord, he fulfilled a campaign promise. [ inaudible ] >> devos wouldn't explain her views on how climate change should be taught in schools. well, out of 2,000 words over the course of an hour, this was one of the most talked about lines from the president's speech when he announced his decision to withdraw from that climate change agreement. >> i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris. >> the mayor of pittsburgh said he's personally offended by that line, and today he backed up his
4:33 pm
outrage. mayor bill peduto signed an executive order aimed at slowing climate change. that means pittsburgh joins 80 cities that are promising to abide by the paris agreement. the mayor calls the pittsburgh-paris line nothing more than sloppy research. >> in his mind, pittsburgh is a dirty old town that relies on big coal and big steel to survive. he completely ignores the sacrifices that we made over 30 years in order to get back up on our feet. >> pittsburgh aims to run all of its municipal buildings on renewable energy by 2030. we invite you to weigh in on our nbc washington flash survey. do you want your city or state to sign on to the paris climate agreement? so far, mocst of you are saying yes. alzheimer's is a cruel, destructive disease that now kills more peo
4:34 pm
and prostate cancer combined. since the year 2000, alzheimer's deaths have jumped 89%. every 66 seconds, someone in this country is diagnosed with it. june is alzheimer's and brain awareness month. prince george's county executive baker is helping to raise awareness about the disease and the help that's available. coming up, on news4 your sunday viewpoint, this weekend, baker talks to me about his decision to reveal his own family's struggles with alzheimer's. his wife was diagnosed several years ago. >> i have to admit, i wanted to keep it private. and the kids came and said, we can't advocate for change if we don't tell people what mommy has. and we're not ashamed of mommy. she didn't do anything. this is something and you're in a position where you could help others. that's when we went public and i'm glad we did. it changed our lives and the lives of people in the county and allowed us to do the advocaor
4:35 pm
>> watch my interview and learn the facts about alzheimer's and get details about teens coming together around the world to raise funds and awareness and to honor those who are suffering from alzheimer's like krista baker. all of that on news4 your sunday viewpoint, which airs at 5:30 on sunday morning. >> information is key. new at 4:30, a surveillance camera captured a bizarre attempted robbery in bethesda. we had to blur some of this video, because the suspect is naked. a few weeks ago, the guy tried to get inside a home on newport avenue. he walks around, looking into windows, even tried to open a door. he did run away when he ended up tripping a motion light. if you can help identify the naked man, montgomery county police would love to hear from you. a federal appeals court will hear arguments in the case of a transgender teen in virginia. he sued his high school for the righ u
4:36 pm
the supreme court declined to hear gavin's case against the gloucester county school board. now it's back in appeals court. the case is tentatively scheduled for november. he will graduate this month, but hes says he will keep fightingn behalf of others. the smile project carnival is in town, a four-day affair with rides, painting, health screenings, and much more. the goal is to promote physical wellness through smile and laughter. earlier this morning, a disney star stopped by news4. >> staying active, keeping yourself healthy, no matter what, like me, i'm trying to get more active. i've been doing ballet since i was really young. that's something that i'm always doing. but
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we are working for you to make sure you stay ahead of the delays and closures on metro this weekend. >> i'm melissa mollet with a look at your first 4 traffic. safe track surge 15 still under way. that means we still have these five stations closed. new carrollton, landover, cheverly, deanwood and minnesota avenue on the orange line. silver line, every 16 minutes between wheelie reston east and stadium arm only. blue line running every 16 minutes as well. here's this weekend, yellow line, every 16 between huntington and mt. vernon square only. green line, every 16 minutes. and on the red line, every nine to 18. have a great weekend. see you monday morning for news4 today.
4:41 pm
historic properties, chances are it's nothing like the tour that takes place tomorrow. >> it starts at gadsby's tavern museum, but the tour isn't just about the buildings and the artifacts inside. >> on this tour, we will cover places in alexandria that have to do with women. >> i think the larger focus on women of color is really exciting for this year's tour. i also think that in previous tours we really focused only on past historical figures, but we're doing some modern day historical figures. >> the tour starts at 10:30 in the morning at gadsby's tavern on north royal street, it's free, but limited to about 50 people. it's the beginning of a new era. you're first look at the new faces that will soon appear on one of the most famous murals in washington, including a news4 favorite.
4:42 pm
and we're here live at the eighth annual astronomy monument. after the break, we' fios built its 100% fiber optic network because we knew monument. after the break, we' that everyone would need faster internet. so we're introducing fios gigabit connection. it delivers amazing new download speeds up to 940 megs. that's 20x faster and more powerful than most people have.
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and the really incredible part, is that it's $79.99 a month. and what's even more incredible, is we included tv, hbo and multi-room dvr service, still for $79.99 a month online for one year and only $5 more per month for the second year. get fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo for 1 year and multi-room dvr service for 2 years. all with a 2-year agreement. switch now at the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality,
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burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia that works for everyone. here are 4 things to know this afternoon. there are new questions about the safety on d.c. street cars after one rear
4:45 pm
on h street northeast today. as many as ten people were injured. all are expected to be okay. weekend traffic alert, work to fix the holes on a bridge on i-95 will slow things down this weekend. crews will start closing lanes at 10:00 tonight on the neabsco creek bridge, not far from potomac mills mall. three former penn state officials are going to jail. they will each spend two months in prison. they were charged with failing to alert authorities of the sex allegations against former football coach jerry sandusky. and vladimir putin says even a child could have hacked the u.s. election. right now, megyn kelly is sitting down for a one-on-one with vladimir putin. you'll see that on sunday night with megyn kelly this sunday on nbc4. we're getting our first look at who will be included
4:46 pm
bowl. >> it's a mix of national and local celebrities and a man very dear to us here at nbc4. you know, ben's is a family-owned business and decided to create a new mural in the midst of the bill cosby controversial. today we learned it will include men and women, athletes and entertainers. >> derrick ward has our first look at the mural taking shape. derrick? >> reporter: good evening. we're in ben alleyway, perhaps the most iconic alley in the city. you see prince, of course you see michelle and barack obama. harriet tubman, lighting the way with that raised lantern. muhammad ali. but you come down the alley more. chuck brown, a washington fixture. donnie simpson and russ parr.
4:47 pm
but this is all part of this new mural. the practice has been to change the mural every five years. bill cosby is not back now, but there will be plenty of people to take his place. the artist is going to be back out here later on this evening to add more pictures to it, and eventually some color. we talked to him about what it is that makes these people iconic. what makes this wall iconic and why these folks were chosen. take a listen. this is what the artist had to say. >> the idea of the torch being passed. so it starts with harriet tubman holding a lantern at the very top, and it creates a triangle or a pyramid of some sort that celebrates black excellence, and celebrates our history. it celebrates ben's chili bowl, d.c. >> and as we were saying, down
4:48 pm
now, but there's going to be color added later tonight when the light is right. jim vance. down at the end, dave chappell and dick gregory. this mural and bigger than previous incarnations and there's a lot more to say about the folks who are on this fall. coming up later, we'll talk to the artist and the people here at ben's about how it all came to be and what the future is of it. back to you. >> thank you, derrick. a new tool is helping bring criminals to justice in northern virginia. >> jim and wendy are here to tell us about it. >> hello. it's not the biggest or the strongest, but an eye in the sky is helping police put criminals behind bars. >> the sheriff's department in stafford county is using drones and how one helped in a hi-tech takedown upon. plus, protests today in maryland
4:49 pm
which companies can grow medical marijuana is putting their loved ones in danger. >> we'll hear what maryland's highest court is saying about this issue and how it could up of h up-end this fledgling industry. >> see you at 5:00. >> thanks, guys. now to storm team4 and some star gazing in our forecast. >> meteorologist amelia draper is on the national mall for the national astronomy festival. perfect night for it. >> reporter: yeah. it's beautiful out here. this is the eighth annual astronomy festival by the washington monument, from 6:00 until 11:00. you can see all the details about the event by opening up our nbc washington app and searching astronomy, but the weather could not be better. there's a few clouds in the sky, but as the sun goes down tonight, we'll see plenty of clear skies and the forecast
4:50 pm
going to be dry. but since the sun is still out, i figured i'd talk about looking at the sun through a telescope, why it's so cool to look at the sun through a telescope. it's the only star you can really see the surface. other stars, you can't get a lost detail. and i want to let you know, doug, wendy, i know you guys are going to be the number one takers for these. these allow you to look at the sun safely. you don't ever want to stare directly at the sun. and when the eclipse comes up on august 21st, these will be a must-have. taking a look at the sun through these special lenses. one of our photographers put these on and her reaction was priceless. i have a handful. i'm bringing them back to the station. i have some for your kids. i probably need to get like a hundred more because it's the coolest thing ever. >> that is the coolest thing ever. august 21st is when we have that
4:51 pm
we'll have about 80% totality in our region, but for many of us, it's going to be the first of our lifetime. glad you went down there today. a remember in third grade was the last time there was a huge eclipse down there for me. you remember that? amelia, i don't think you were in third grade when i was in third grade. >> not born yet. >> way to call you out. >> just making sure. all right, let's take a look. a great night for what amelia's doing out there. 82 degrees, dropping through the 70s, 67 by 11:00. it's going to be fairly cool in the suburbs tonight. by 11:00, some of you could be in the 50s, but a great night out and about. 83 degrees in twin brook, 79, leesburg. 81 towards mt. vernon. no rain to talk about, we are dry right now, but the pollen, well, it's up there. grass pollen, i cut mine today. grass pollen, way up there. trees and mold on the moderate side. so if ye
4:52 pm
why. as we look over toward the next couple days, this is what you can expect, pretty nice weekend. 83 tomorrow. 87 on sunday. maybe a shower on sunday. monday, high of 79, but it looks like we'll see a good chance for storms on monday. maybe even some heavy rain on monday. that's something we'll be watching. tuesday, rather unsettled, high of 74. and then just cool on wednesday as we start to clear out. storm system moves out. high only in the upper 60s to around 70. and then most of next week looking pretty good. i don't know if -- so third grade with this eclipse that came through, had the box, you had to make a shoe box and see the eclipse with the box. >> i remember. i do. >> your future was set from an early age. >> you and i were in third grade at the same time. >> i didn't say i was in third, but i remember the eclipse and the box, and i was in elementary school. anyway, thank you,
4:53 pm
want to show you some of the best interviewers in d.c. public schools. they're third and fourth graders at barnard elementary, where they were celebrating career day today. and a shout-out to mrs. leez's third grade class and ms. myers fourth grade class. they asked every question that could possibly be asked of a reporter. and to my young chaperone, morgan glanville, thanks so much, and good luck with your modeling career in new york. but i have to tell you, the park police officer and his horse in the parking lot outside the school stole the show. >> they were the bigger hit. hard to compete with a horse. >> tough to. nbc4 responds is working for you. our consumer team is getting result for people who have hit roadblocks with companies. >> from a home alarm to a brand-new bed, susan hogan is working for you. >> have you e
4:54 pm
breaks days later? la tease bought a bed and after two weeks, the bed framework. she said the wood was rotten. the company told her to take it to their repair warehouse. she did. they weren't able to fix it. she said the company refused to refund her or replace the bed. she reached out on nbc4 responds. after we made some calls, they agreed to send a replacement for her. >> good for her. and for you. you were also able to help a homeowner who was having some problems with his security system. what happened with that? >> absolutely. you know security systems are not cheap. david curtis hired a new company to manage his already installed alarm system, but he says not long after his service began, he noticed a problem. an error message popped up on the key pad, indicating there was a communication failure. so the company confirmed the alarm was working and sent a technician to clear the
4:55 pm
two more times. the fourth time the alarm actually stopped working. frustrated, david tried to cancel his contract, but was told there would be a $650 cancellation fee. so he reached out to nbc4 responds. we contacted the company and they agreed to waive the fee from him and release him from that contract. as you know, nbc4 responds hit another milestone this week. we have now helped our viewers recover or save more than $1.2 million. all that work in just over a year. and if you have a consumer complaint you need help solving, you can reach us at nbc just go slash responds. >> if you need help, she's the one to call. >> abs
4:56 pm
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ross virginia, we're building an economy that works for everyone and dominion energy is helping power the companies that power our economy.
4:58 pm
she's apologized more than once and the original tweet has been deleted. >> but kathie griffin says she's still getting backlash even from the first family. sarah rosario has more on the press conference. >> um, i'm not afraid of donald trump. he's a bully. >> reporter: if a picture is worth a thousand words, embattled comedian kathie griffin has heard that and more from countless people in abhorrent disgust to her holding a fake bloody head in the likeness of president trump. >> i went too far, i made a mistake and i was wrong. >> reporter: while the 56-year-old apologized in response to the outrage. >> that apology absolutely stands. i feel horrible. >> reporter: she says
4:59 pm
backlash from the first family is bullying. >> a sitting president of the united states and his grown children and the first lady are personally, i feel, personally trying to ruin my life forever. >> reporter: president trump tweeting the image was upsetting his children, specifically his 11-year-old son barron. while first lady melania released a statement, saying it was very disturbing. calling into question griffin's mental stability, saying in part, makes you wonder about the mental health of the person who did it. griffin's attorney said she never imagined it would be misinterpreted as a threat of violence. griffin said the image was intended to be a parody to what she says was previous sexist remarks from president trump. >> i've had everybody turn on me. and i just wanted to make people laugh. cnn fired her as co-host of its
5:00 pm
a consequence of a distasteful picture against the commander in chief. news4 at 5:00 starts now. right now at 5:00, safety concerns after a d.c. street car and a bus collide. nearly a dozen people are injured. this is the first major accident for this relatively new street car program. also tonight, the iconic mural at ben's chili bowl gets a major makeover. we'll show it to you and hear from the artist who explains why they chose the faces they did. russian president vladimir putin on sanctions, on the election, and what he's saying today about claims of involvement with president trump. but we begin this evening with the trump hotel guest facing gun charges back in court today. hello, everybody, i'm jim handly. >> and i'm wendy rieger. this time bryan moles appeared before a federal judge. the pennsylvania man is charged with bringing an assault rifle to the hotel earlier this


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